Welcome to the New Look

Let's start by saying this: no matter how you feel about the design, I like it less than you.  But we'll get a site we're comfortable with by the time the important stuff starts happening for the Chicago Bears.

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  • Time will tell.

  • In reply to iamndmurff:

    Murph, that you.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah it's me MB. I used a different sign in name then the name to comment with. Apparently I couldn't keep it like it was. You one sharp Mutha MB

  • In reply to iamndmurff:

    Naw Murph, just putting 2 and 2 together.

    Besides no threading, this isn't all that bad.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wait till people start to comment on other people's comments..then it will get tricky

  • In reply to Bears85Grogan23:


    i hear ya.


    Gonna miss the peaks and valleys made by the replies on the old site.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I just got told that I am commenting too fast.. wth..

  • Nor I. We'll get it better. You guys just need to make sure you're voicing your specific issues. You are the largest, most consistent group of users of this network and your voices matter.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Take Jeff at his word. Hit us up with your thoughts at staff@chicagonow.com.

  • In reply to ChicagoNow Staff:

    1. Threaded posts
    2. Threaded posts
    3. Threaded posts
    4. Threaded posts
    5. Threaded posts
    6. Threaded posts
    7. Threaded posts


  • In reply to ChicagoNow Staff:

    Dear Chicago Now Staff - I wanted to personally thank you for fucking up a perfectly serviceable blog format and changing one of the more interesting aspects of the blog that encouraged interaction. Also, it was very kind of you to literally jam the rest of these horseshit blogs down my throat by having them take up half of the page.

    I mean, do you guys actually read Milkin It or 4 brown whores? Well, no one else does either. FIX THIS BEFORE FREE AGENCY STARTS.

  • Not that bad I guess

  • Then there's this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/30/best-beers-america_n_887706.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl1%7Csec3_lnk2%7C74553

  • Whole thing has a sort of Blog Nuclear Winter feel to it...fitting, I suppose, given the DeSmith/Goodell detente dance...

  • In reply to Sdwat52:

    Let's try this again... slowwwwwweeeerrrrrr I guess. What the fuck does that mean anyway... how do they know how fast I'm typing!?!?!?! Are they virusing me!?!?

    Anyway, looks like we have an SDWat sighting! Welcome SD, how's things?

  • I feel weird. Hell, I might just start using my facebook to get on here, I think that is why they added facebook was to attract a lot more people. It's not like everyone here doesn't know what I look like anyways.

  • Jeff, will make your page more cooler looking or is this how it is setup to look? Before we changed you had a pretty cool layout of graphics.

  • "Well looky what we have here." -Biff Tannen

    found my way.

  • It's better than nothing. Glad it's up and running so quickly.

  • this is gay. wake me up when the season starts or when the fucking ad-wizard that came up with this new blog format idea admits he sucks at his job and begs for forgiveness.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    why the fuck would i want to post anything to facebook that i blog here? have you ever read the inane bullshit that comes out of peoples mouths on Facebook/Chicago Bears.com during the game?

    Top 5 worst comments ever made in the history of fucking everything regarding Facebook and bullshit fans facebooking during the game:

    1. Cutler is a pussy and is the worst qb the Bears have ever had.
    2. Urlacher is so over the hill. Why do we keep him around.
    3. Hester is no Josh Cribbs.
    4. Who the fuck is Pisa Tinoisamoa?
    6. I think Greg Olsin (spelling you whore) is cute!! xoxoxoxo

    So no Chicago Now, i don't want to post this to Facebook and stop fucking asking.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    #6 was very funny. Oh, and change your fucking handle please, it's freaking me out.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    testing testing 1...2...agreed - what's worse, espn posts or facebook? hmmm that's tough. And it does take longer for something to post...tick tock tick tock tick tock...

  • Dang, finally.

    - Set up dummy email account. Check.
    - Decided on somewhat new handle. Check.
    - Searched 4 sweet new Bears avatar. Galloping Ghost. Check.
    - Appropriately worked up over new lame layout. Check.

    Actually, aesthetically, it's not bad. But I guess they never heard of the term phrase "form AND function". Reading from bottom up - Bizarro World. Reply/comments - we'll see. No more embedded links - tragic.

    Adding "recent posts" "related posts" for reference, nice touch. Putting more blogs that we can raid during the lock-out? might be fun. Is that hot chick with milk still on chicagonow?

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Has to be 85

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    And you must be MB30SD! My powers of deduction are phenomenal.

    Yeah, it's me 85bears4ever, but decided since there is already another 85 here before me, and a now celebrity (superman), that I would change my handle a bit, but not too much.

    I was already gonna change my avatar for the new season, but decided I should prob wait for, you know, a new season.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    I actually meant SHE has to be... I knew it was you, cause, you know, I'm a genius.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No, I'm a dude! not a she - I feel emasculated. Although in the dummy email I made myself a 50 year old women so I wouldn't get spammed with viagra ads - only menopause and douche ads I suppose.

    No threading, No embedding, last-first - me no likey. When I'm sufficiently bored, I'm sending an official complaint to that link below, which ironically I have to cut and paste into my browser.

    I wonder if DaCoach will still be giving free mustache rides in this brave new world...

  • Jesus, no embedded links... really 'The Ryans'? You guys do this shit in your mom's basement after you finish your homework. I know, I know, that was just mean and uncalled for. I keeed I keeeed.

    In all seriousness CN, if you guys want to see a 'full-on' completely correct and bad ass blog/commenting format, check out Disgus (get it? hee hee). They even have real-time updating with a feature that tells you how many new posts have appeared while you're reading down in the thread. Like... OMG!!! How, like, awesome is that?

    Now I know this won't actually show up as a linked link (and why would it), but you can cut and paste it (courtesy of the ryans): http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/jun/29/dog-fatally-mauled-at-carlsbad-beach/

    Ps. That was a dog????

  • Now, if only we had some football to comment on!

  • 1. I don't like scrolling.
    2. Replies are garbage.
    3. The text is for geriatrics.
    4. Haven't even attempted the view via the mobile phone on the shitter, but I can assume it sucks worse than the view on my pc.
    5. Half the page is shit I don't care about, and if were the largest consistently

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Fuck this shit and the shitty comment button.

    5. If we are the most consistent posters, I'd assume we can pledge all to click on one shitty blog a day in order to get this stupid layout changed. Chicago Now, you're low on content that is readable, don't make half my screen suffer to promote junk.
    6. I think I just threw up in my mouth... Don't make me register at SBN.

  • A new blog.......a new season......superbowl here we come. Go Bears! It is good to be back.

  • In reply to #16 Bears Fan:


  • In reply to #16 Bears Fan:


  • This comment code is absolutely retarded.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    And by retarded, I mean that it is incoherent and ugly. It is like commenting for the mouthbreathers on CNN forums, only without ANY nesting at all.
    Is this seriously not self-evident to the CN technical staff? I cannot STAND this. Who the hell reads upwards?

  • @MikeBrown

    Can't believe I just had to do that even though they put a little link as to who I'm replying to. Sadly, we're prob now gonna have to do this too

    @#16 Bears - go bears!



    Aha! No wonder we have a lock-out - someone handed out Atlas Shrugged to the Owners last season.

    P.S. lame.

  • I'm sure we'll get used to it, and we'll survive, but this just plain sucks.

    You're killing the post popular blog on your site you stupid Chicago Now Fucknuts!

  • Let's do a little new format vs. old format shall we?

    O.F.: Threaded Reply's
    N.F.: Nope.

    Game Opening Devin Hester Return. 6 points, Old Format.

    O.F.: Time of day on posts.
    N.F.: Time passed, since.

    Extra Point, Robbie Gould, 1 point, Old Format.

    O.F.: Top to bottom.
    N.F.: Upside fucking down. WTF?

    51 Yard Robbie Gould Field goal in December. 3 points, Old Format.

    O.F.: Bears Colors
    N.F.: White and fucking red.

    QB-decapitating Peppers Sack and Lance Briggs high-step to the end zone fumble return touchdown. 6 points, Old Format.

    O.F.: Everything was in-house.
    N.F.: I have to register with some Japanese anime company to use an avatar.

    Brian Urlacher, Bench Pressed into the endzone by Paea for a 2 point conversion while Robbie Gould enjoys a sideline-congratulatory-post-51-yard-FG blowjob. 2 Points, Old Format (6 points Gould).

    O.F.: Pretty much a whole page to view comments.
    N.F.: 56.792%

    97 yard, post scramble, Jay Cutler bomb to Earl Bennett, who laterals to Matt Forte, who gets a block from Johnny Knox and a streaking Bear Jew. 6 points, Old Format.

    O.F.: Big avatars.
    N.F.: Smally shitty little framed avatars.

    Extra Point, Robbie Gould using his newly-felated semi, 1 point, Old Format.

    Game called when the N.F. realizes it has joined the dark side, admits the errors of it's ways, and rejoins forces with the O.F. Who politely kick their ass again, just because they can.

    N.F. laughed off the face of the e-arth.

    You wanna know how I feel, Chicago Now. Suck it. That's how I feel.

  • Actual quote I got in an email from a student:

    "Math isn't my worste subject,..."

    Yeah, No shit?

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    Yeah I'll go with Doc's points. It's all very white, very sparse, and the most-recent-post-first is not cool, ditto losing the threads. The Avatars are too small also. Feels more like a KC Chiefs page with the color scheme too. The whole Gravatar thing is bizarre. And where are all these IrishSweetness dudes at? Pistol duel at dawn mang ....

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Irish, can you go with The-Irish Sweetness or, Da-Irish Sweetness, or Da Real Irish Sweetnes?. Something along those lines? Irish Bears fan is two steps above #16 Bears Fan. It's like #14 Bears fan.

    How bout, Thairish Sweetness?

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    I know Doc, I know. It was a handle from the Chicago Tribune blog a few years ago, and I'm not quite sure what the deal is with that and how an old trib account is on gravatar which I never joined. Damn. Now what the hell is milkin it and where is it? We didn't go flaming breast-feeders did we?

  • Ok. First off, I forgot my old email address and almost got pissed that I can't talk as much as I want on here. Seriously.. you limiting us from make this blog better and you made it worse. I am ok with the setup, just don't stop me from posting what I want and how much I want.

    Ohh.. A huge problem with your "reply to "... HOW DO I KNOW WHICH ONE OF MY EIGHT POST THEY COMMENTED TO?!

    I will only come back here to read and talk but you need to fix this before newer and older people leave because we can't say what we want or know what everyone is saying.

  • Jeff, do I have to create an account with someone else to get my picture on here or will they bring that soon?

    I could have sworn they said they would bring that back in their nice short message.

  • In reply to Bears85Sweetness23:

    Erik, you have to register your avatar with gravatar.com. Lame, but easy.

  • Reverse the fucking order!!!!

    How many damn books do you read from the bottom up?


  • Wow, you broke the blog the same way they broke the NFL. Fitting......and sad all at the same time. Damn Shame.

  • Jeff, I don't blame you, I know you're trying your best to represent the integrity of the blog and have our best interests at heart. I think this is a little drastic just to get rid of "first" posts. I also would perfer not to have blogs I have no interest in taking up half the damn page.

  • Wow. I wish Lulzsec would reform just to DDOS ChicagoNow.

    This. Is. Awful.

  • Hello?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hi gp!

  • I just watched Gruden break down Tyrell Pryor, and I gotta say I see some possibilities for this kid in the league. I think we should grab him in the supplemental draft. In reality, giving up a 4th round pick of the potential this kid brings (because he's humbled now in light of recent events and has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove) is huge. He could run a 4.3 40, and we have time to develop him. I'm just tired of seeing other teams take flyer on a kid that we were to conservative to consider and have it really pay off. Just sayin'.

  • I'm impartial to the change. I do like the old comment order tho.

  • Doc, you did get your new blog post, old blog link back.

    Maybe we should just calls it even?

    Oez noooooooooooooez!

  • Hey look! Milkin it is one of the blogs being jammed down our throats on the right. Sweet!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ha Ha MB, Milkinit indeed!

    And didn't a group of you guys raid an unsuspecting women's fashion blog or something? I think Irish of all ppl was the first - classic.

    We want football! We want football!

    We want embedding, threads, and firsts!

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    And I'm sorry, but she's terrible. Milkin it that is..

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wouldn't know. I think I checked out her blog one time when everyone else invaded her, and I laughed more at our comments than her article on the royal wedding or something.

    It was comforting to see that Da Coach offers free mustache rides regardless of blogs - he's equal opportunity.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/high-gloss-and-sauce/2011/06/21/gwillikers-is-commenter-gwill-getting-his-own-blog/

    We have cn royalty amoungus. Speaking of blog raiding 85

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    ...my girl's left breast.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Very nice Gwill. I guess that's a field goal for the new format.

    By the way, what's her right one look like?

  • In reply to gwill:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    @MB, yeah it's a B cup.

    @Doc, her right breast is slightly bigger and has a bit more of an overhang, here's an illustration:


    ...just a small difference from the left one...

  • Chicago Now staff, would you get on the fucking stick and fix this? Is it fair to say we hate this format as much as the Puke and Piss Packers? Yes.

  • Hey Jeff, when's your contract up with Chicago Now?

    We'll buy your t-shirts if you break free. Promise.

  • Hey Jeff, when's your contract up with Chicago Now?

    We'll buy your t-shirts if you break free. Promise.

  • Good to see some things don't change.

  • In reply to DocNitty34:


  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    Jeff's off to the other Football land, Doc!

    K - I'm done bitching about this format, at least here I am. Gonna send a proper complaint to the right ppl - post it to their electro-walls like Martin Luther. Now, on to football...

    I read a veeerrry interesting debate on espn NFC North blog "Calling Canton: Peppers, Allen and Sacks"


    which discusses the chances of Peppers or Mullet getting into the HOF. I won't rehash the entire argument or stats, but a few things popped out.

    Hall Of Famers (Careers During Sack Era)
    Rank Player Sacks
    1 Bruce Smith 200
    2 Reggie White 198
    3 Richard Dent 137.5
    3 John Randle 137.5
    5 Lawrence Taylor 132.5
    6 Ricky Jackson 128
    7 Derrick Thomas 126.5
    8 Andre Tippett 100
    9 Howie Long 84
    * Sacks became official in 1982 season.

    Peppers is entering his 10th season and already has 89 sacks, while Allen is entering his 8th and boasts 83, which bode well for their HOF chances. HOWEVER, Kevin Green racked up 160 sacks, while Chris Doleman tallied 150.5, (not to mention Dent himself was rejected for years) and neither are in Canton. At the other spectrum, Long only had 84 sacks, so obviously sacks aren't the be-all end-all criteria for the Hall.

    If Peppers reaches around 150 sacks, and think he'll be a shoe-in because he is not purely a pass rusher, but great run tackler, turn-over machine, not to mention FG blocker and all this while being at least double-teamed and schemed against.

    Allen, I'm not so sure. While he projects to accumulate just as many (or more) sacks than Peppers, he may be perceived more as a sack specialist as opposed to "game changer" like Peppers. And if that's the case, he may suffer the fate of Dent or even Green (Keep in mind that this is now a pass happy league with more sack opportunities, which the HOF judges shall surely consider).

    In addition, Allen will prob retire around the same time as some other great pass rushers:

    Peppers' Career Span: Sacks Since 2002
    Player Years Sacks
    1. Dwight Freeney 2002-10 94
    2. Jason Taylor 2002-10 93
    3. Julius Peppers 2002-10 89
    4. John Abraham 2002-10 85
    5. Jared Allen 2004-10 83
    Source: Pro-Football-Reference

    Anyhow, I thought the debate was pretty interesting, and I thought I would share with my DBB bros. What'd u guys think?

  • test

  • Does anyone ever read this way? Literally, change just that and this blog is liveable and change the way we reply to comments.

  • I like reverse chronological order, it gives people more incentive to reply to a post. Most times by the time I get here there are 200 comments and I know nobody is going to read mine anyways so I don't bother.

    Yes, the threaded replies need to come back, but reverse-chronological makes sense to me.

  • In reply to Perno:

    Although I must say that the lack of a logo is stupid.

  • In reply to Perno:

    Glad someone likes reading up rather than down.

  • http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/06/30/florida.macho.man.autopsy/index.html?&hpt=hp_c2

    Heart Disease... OHHHH YEEAHHH!

    Oh, and one more thing CN, how about a "remember my email" or "remember me" checkbox option. I really have to type in my entire junk email address every time I log in? Really?

  • Macho Man never felt a thing! OH YEAHHHHHHHH

  • http://video.aol.com/aolvideo/aol-sports/dana-white-ufc-132-pre-fight-interview/1033056991001

    For Saturday night... FABER! And I hope Bader breaks Otriz' fucking jaw and we never have to hear from that asshole again. btw, for the president of a huge company in the media, Dana White comes off as about as classy as glenn beck. Yesh.

  • My gripe echoes many others. Don't care for the "Last Post first" concept.

  • Wow, just fucking wow: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2011/07/01/lah.japan.cg.video.star.cnn?&hpt=hp_c2

    Soylent Green here we come!

  • I had to post on Jenny's blog... any other takers?

    will, you're the guest commenter celebrity... come on over.

  • WTF! it said im posting comments to quickly and said slow down. Fuckin A what the fuck is the bullshit.

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    This is FRESNO by the way, since these jackwagons swept my original handle. shit man, gonna make a new account now.

  • who do I email to fuckin bitch about this awful format?

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    Grizzly559 and others, send your thoughts to staff@chicagonow.com or directly to me at jgreenfield@tribune.com. Or both if you prefer.

    I can tell everyone this: Threaded comments in chronological order just as they were before will return as soon as we possibly can get them back. I don't have a timetable but it's our highest priority, I promise you.

    Jimmy Greenfield
    ChicagoNow Community Manager

  • In reply to ChicagoNow Staff:

    @ Jimmy Greenfield

    Jimmy, weren't you the bearded gnome that randomly posted once during last season? I know you got abused a bit, it was done with love.

    Pretty simple formula to getting this place better mang. Do us a favor and personally take the following to ‘The Ryans’:

    1. Threaded comments
    2. Top to bottom
    3. Ease back on the advertising (a lot)
    4. Remember me sign in option
    5. Time of post AS WELL AS time since post
    6. I can only assume that the big strip of whitespace on the left is for more advertising? If so, don’t.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Fres is right.... 6. Linked links.

    I assume that is more of a fixed functionalityrather than a depricated feature.

    It's posting fres it just doesn't show up every time

  • This is Fresno. New handle so yup.

  • Will the real Fres please step forward!

  • How do I get a picture?

  • In reply to DHESTER23:

    go to gravatar.com

  • btw, if my avatar is too small, here's the pic: http://blogs.suntimes.com/bears/bear-d.jpg

    God DAMN I miss Mike Brown.

    ...Sup Fres, welcome to the new world order mang.

  • http://blogs.suntimes.com/bears/2009/02/safety_course_plotting_a_futur.html

  • Okay, shitter-test #1 went terribly.

    Oddly, the site takes LONGER to load, which is incredible, considering how long the last one took.

    But the real pisser, is when some one posts a decently long comment... as many of us are apt to do, I have to scroll up to the top of the comment. Scroll down as I read it, and then scroll up, through the entire comment again, to read the next comment.

    When I encounter a long post, I end up reading the end accidentally before the beginning. I cant help it... I see words, and I read them.

    What I can help is refusing to EVER click on any of the nonsense to the right. Ever. Ever.


    I promise to boycott every agency that advertises here, and this means you Liberty Mutual and Progressive. By the way Progressive, your shitty commercials had already brought you into boycott-land...

    I hope all of you have the pleasure of reading this post from the bottom up.


    ChicagoNow for asshole of the year.

    My two favorite blogs (Bulls Confidential and DBB) were housed on the same friggin' server... Why were they the favorite? 1) They weren't on SBN, and the comments were incredibly well done... Now... I hate them both.

    In other news, Omaha might flood or have a nuclear meltdown, or make my balls stick to my leg so bad from the humidity that they permanently graft together like fat people and leather sofas.

    Also, football could be worse off see: NBA.

    I'm so angry.

    MikeBrownhadaPosse - Freddy's in Shadow Lake, they have Vienna Beef dogs. Go check it. Delicious.

    Fuck you ChicagoNow. For ChicagoForever.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    WIWG - yeah, I keep meaning to stop there. We moved to Bellevue next to Offutt until we move to Virginia (next week), as our other house sold too damn fast. So, when the levee breaks next to the base, we're going to have a real issue.
    The wife and I went to Espana up in Benson - I turned down a job today that would've gotten me a trip to Barcelona with a great company so I spent an hour dinner kicking myself in the nuts.

    Anyway, it sounds like CN clearly understands how shitty this comment code is. I won't vent on it much more b/c it is clear how unanimous the distaste for it is.
    As for COOKIE at LT...Irish, if he's a bust at G, he is just a flat out bust now. He went from wow against Jared Allen to getting destroyed on a weekly basis by 3-4 OLB rushers. He looks serviceable against the bigger guys but he cannot get low.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    WTF? What went down here? I smell action .... don't tell me there was shit went down because Doc went off at the CN staff?

    Anyhoo, Mike, would you rather see World Wide Webb at LT than say CW? How about the rest of you? I'd say fatboy has trouble getting down there too, and he definitely gets owned by the speed rushers. I think if CW could handle a guy like Jared Allen once, he could do it again - maybe there's something we don't know about (or the Bears!) and that back problem is here to stay ? Did he lose his mojo?

  • WTF? I'm IrishBearsFan now? When did that happen? That was a Chicago Trib tag back in the day ... WTF? Wally? Wally, you there man? I'm Sweetness ! SWEEEET ! Oh mang, I feel violated .....

  • Irish..the same thing happened to me. Had to figure out what my old email address was and all that.. crazy man

  • Yup, not having the choice of automatic log is lame...another point that shall be filed into my complaint.


    We don't need incentive to post - The DBB is pretty self motivated. Look, there are already 90 comments and it's the off-season and there's literally NO football - not to mention a lot of the regs haven't even made the switch and the rest HATE these new changes.

    I've read plenty of long threads on DBB ranging from Rex Ryan's foot fetish, to the global economic markets, so unless CN is trying to kill that unique dynamic, they should (and apparently will) bring back the normal chronological order and threads.

    Incentive? You wanna give us real incentive - show some hot naked Honey Bears on the right instead of lame blogs lol

  • This is going to seem sacrilegious, but do we really want Kreutz back?

    The Sun Times has an interesting article on that very question.


    Arguments for...

    1) It's a shortened season, therefore depriving replacements of time in the system.

    2) We already seem a little thin depth-wise with Oline, and who knows what Jerry fuckhead will do in FA.

    3) Olin, according to the article, is healthy for once and, again according to the article, performed well towards the end of the season (could have fooled me)

    4) Are we really for Garza or even Edwin WIlliams at center?

    5) He's fuckn Olin! Seeing him in another uniform will suck.

    However, he may want too much:

    "The Baltimore Ravens lured Matt Birk away from the Minnesota Vikings with a three-year $12 million contract, half of which was guaranteed. But there were concerns about Birk’s health because of hernia and hip injuries.

    That probably won’t be enough for Kreutz. "

    Keep in mind that if we do get 2 OLinemen in FA (cross fingers), he may end up being the weak link or lose his job to Garza or even Edwin WIlliams, so we'll be paying him good money to be a Desmond Clarke.

    Hopefully, Kreutz asks for reasonable mula so that we can have enough left over to go after high caliber FAs.

    If not, prepare yourself to be seeing him in a SF uniform...

  • IMO, the tread has been gone from the O.K. tire for at least 2-3 seasons.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


    So if not Kreutz, Garza or Edwin Williams at center? That seems a bit scary.

    Say what we will about the line, but I think we can all agree that the line improved dramatically when Garza came back at RG, but maybe he wasn't the main factor? Right around the same time he came back, Smith bitch-slapped Martz and reminded him that there's such a thing as a running game, Webb (a 7th rounder) got a little more experience, and even Kruetz seemed a smidgen healthier.

    Still, a lot of "experts" point out that Garza really helped out Webb, esp with the blitz recognitions and scheme protections, so I'm not all that sure I'm ready to leave Webb out there without a babysitter. However, if Webb moves to left tackle, maybe that won't even matter.

  • In reply to 4ever85:

    Man, if Webb goes to LT I think it's all over for Cutler. Chris Williams was a first rounder for a reason, and surely the man has got to be a better LT than the 7th round pick ? I saw absolutely nothing from Webb last year to think he should even be in this league, never mind giving him the blind side of the Franchise to protect. Williams is no guard either, isn't he the logical LT until we draft another one? Then all we have to do is figure out who to plug in at guard between Levi Horn, Asiata, Louis and Garza. I guess Kreutz is like Oprah and will relinquish his seat when he feels like it.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I agree Irish, on PAPER C.Williams should be a LT and we shouldn't have to worry about that, but the fact that they moved him to gaurd, and LG to boot (they usually get help from Center) does not inspire confidence. I actually think they're gonna let Carimi, Williams, and Webb duke it out for LT, and the two who lose will duke it out for RT, and the loser of that will play LG - with Kruetz and Garza pretty much manning the C and RG respectively.

    But I have a gut feeling that we are going sign at least ONE G, so C.Williams might be the odd man out and once and for all settling the debate on whether he was a bust or not.

    Horn is a very interesting (and humongous) wild-card, while Asiata, Louis and Ed.Williams are servicable back-ups who hopefully will raise their games.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Irish, you have your doubts and they are valid. I still think Webb is going to be better than you think..

    Who was that qb taken in the 6th round again that has more superbowls that Manning?

    Draft picks are very tricky.

  • @ will

    Nice. I'm a D-cup kind of guy myself, but as long as they have good amount of perk it's good. Nice illustration btw.

    Crown, nice comment on the milk blog. My god, that dude is a monumental dbag. fucking nerd. And I was just trying to help Jenn out with that crowd (as in lack of) problem she has over there. Oh well, every good deed as they say...

  • Football?


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    so links dont work apparently either MB?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    So links dont work either MB?

  • I dont want to sound like a winey lil bitch but fuck man! alot of ppls names are getting fucked up. Our handles are everything on here. We all recognize eachothers handles. Im not Fres no more and I feel like a piece of my inner blogger has died.

  • geez I replied to certain posts and it isnt even showing. IM FLUSTERD right about now. C atch yall in the AM with a smile on my face hopefully. Thall shall not abuse thy laptop.

  • Well. We'll see if they've ramped up the censorship on this new joke of a site. I may have taken it a bit too far on the Milkin' It blog. Had to have your back, MB.

  • Thanks Doc.

    I felt a little like a troll, but I was just trying to get some funny back and forth going... that didn't happen. That Jack guy is a classic non sense of humor douche.

  • WOW Doc.

    I just went and actually read your post. uhhhh... wow. Just wow.

  • In 1814 we took a little trip, along with Col. Jackson down the mighty Mississip. We took a little bacon and we took a little beans, and we fought the bloody British in the town of New Orleans.

  • This blog has become as useless as the Stork, as impotent as Josh Bullocks and as frustrating as Cookie.. Fuck off ChicagoNow. If I performed this way in my job i'd be in a ditch with a bullet in my head from some south african private security firm.

    FIX THE FUCKING BLOG BEFORE WE PICK UP CLABO, FLOYD and LEBER in free agency. When i bust my bears nut over our new christmas presents i don't want to sully it by posting it on this shit show of a fuckall.

    Greenfield - fix the site or kill me now. A talented IT guy would've gotten drunk at lunch and still fixed the issues by the time he left the office today.

    Oh...and i won't be posting this to facebook...or visiting Chicago Paranormal and Spiritual. OH MY FUCKING GOD.

  • Funny stuff, MB and Doc. That Milkin' it woman is out to lunch. That Jack reminds me of the smarmy douchebag that sucks up to all the girls of easy virtue but doesn't have the balls to outright hit on them. What a wimpy bastard!

    That has to be one of the lamest blogs I've ever been on. That woman's husband must really be a milquetoast panytwaist.

  • I went to far. I see that now.

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    You puled a Trac, Doc?

    I think it's hard to kid around too much on blogs or the internet in general because it's all about context, tone, and there's only so many emoticons.
    here should be a sarcastic one, so ppl won't take stuff seriously.

  • In reply to DocNitty34:

    Taken to the woodshed, I see. I'm too lazy to post on other blogs. Jeff's got a point. Not to mention it seems right in character that the douche bucket that writes that blog had to rag on Jeff/CN.

    Oh well. Point taken.

  • I think I figured out the reasoning behind the upside down set up. Notice when you scroll down far enough, you lose the ads on the right side. To ensure their advertisers and patrons maximum exposure, they need us to scroll up, and spend time at the top.

    Which is to say, Bullshit.

  • Well put, Doc. Not to argue with ya but I don't think you went too far. That blog is beyond lame. She's lucky to get any traffic, even the unwanted kind.

  • So Doc....I don't need to tell you that I'm catching shit for your behavior right?

    Boys, remember something. We're like the fire department around these parts. When one of you goes around ChiNow and asks like a douche bag, it reflects poorly on all of us. I'm really proud of this group we've built. Don't make not proud. Please.

    Now I will stare at Maria Sharapova for two hours.

  • What did I miss?

  • In reply to Joseph:


    nothing interesting.

    And I thought you were going to change your handle??

  • I think the second half of the sentence was the bomb. It was a little harsh. I very much appreciated the back up though doc... I will never turn down one of my boys having my back.

    I apologize for bringing you down and starting the mess. Like I told her, I was just trying to be a bit tongue in cheek and get a little back and forth going, because two people posting (one of them the blog owner) does not a blog make.

    Unfortunately, they are obviously a little too uptight over there, and that Jack guy.... well Canada, you NAILED it right on the head with your perfect analysis of him below, what a fucking sycophant doormat – I hate people of average IQ trying to be smart/cute. (Happy belated Canada day btw!)

    I don’t know, it was certainly a bit too strong, but why didn’t she just delete the offending post and move on?

    And Jeff… Jimmy and the ryans have MUCH more important things to be doing with this broken blog than playing fucking mall cop man. When you fuck with sacred ground, you’re bound to get some restless natives. You should tell that chick to fucking stop being a whiney little bitch, delete the post and move on. And tell CN to stop being so fucking uptight and fix the fucking blog before they want to go all Mao Tse-tung-style China on us – this isn’t the fucking cultural revolution (I know, but it sounded funny).

    Here’s a great analogy/story for you… sometimes we go to dinner at the golf club thingy where my parents in law are members. The food is fucking expensive, but terrible. It’s pretty much consistently 2 to 2.5 stars out of 5. I went in there with a baseball cap (my bears one of course) once, and the head asshole tells me I can’t wear it because they need to maintain a certain level of class in the dining room. I told him he should be MUCH more worried about the level and scope of his menu than one customer wearing a fucking baseball cap once. Asshole. I flat out refuse to go to that shithole now.

    That's my $.02.

    oh, and i'll never go to that shithole of a blog again... she can enjoy the witty banter with all of her 2 regular posters from now on - rule #1 honey.... any traffic is good traffic. Tool.

  • I missed the whole damn thing.

    On another note, I will be busy as f-ck this weekend getting ready to move, so I'll probably be reading, not posting, and catch up in a few weeks.

  • @mbp

    Good luck my man.

  • @MBP

    I just finished moving stuff for a girl I'm seeing - pain in the ass! And she doesn't even have a lot of shit like most girls - and her stuff is almost all Ikea, which is nice on the back.

    Still - moving is a pain in the ass. On a side note, she said her cousin's boyfriend would help me, but I never met the dude and felt weird moving stuff with a stranger. I actually said, "Nah, we'll manage."

    She asked me if that's a guy thing, to only move stuff only with pals, and I couldn't help but think of that Seinfeld episode with Keith Hernandez...anyhow, got 'er done.

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