The 2011 Chicago Bears Schedule

The Games
Week One: Sunday September 11 - Falcons

Week Two: Sunday September 18 - @ New Orleans

Week Three: Sunday September 25 - Packers

Week Four: Sunday October 2 - Panthers

Week Five: Monday October 10 - @ Detroit  

Week Six: Sunday October 16 - Vikings (primetime)

Week Seven: Sunday October 23 -  @ Tampa Bay (in London, England*)

Week Eight: Sunday October 30 - BYE

Week Nine: Monday November 7 - @ Philadelphia

Week Ten: Sunday November 13 - Lions

Week Eleven: Sunday November 20 - Chargers

Week Twelve: Sunday November 27 - @ Raiders

Week Thirteen: Sunday December 4 - Chiefs

Week Fourteen: Sunday December 11 - @ Broncos

Week Fifteen: Sunday December 18 - Seahawks

Week Sixteen: Sunday December 25 - at Green Bay (primetime)

Week Seventeen: Sunday January 1 - at Minnesota

*If the lockout is not ended by August 1st, this game will by played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.


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  • We have a tough schedule boys. The AFC West is not the pushover it used to be.

  • FIRST! to say First. and its been a long time bitches!

  • seconds please!..I think we have a tough schedule but...10-6 has strong possibilities.

  • I don't think Jesus or Santa mind a Christmas day game, but I don't like a New Year's day game. That's my College Football day, even though it has been bastardized the last few years.

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