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  • Bring it on! That won't save those sorry bastards.


  • Peanut just took that bitch away from him. That's mine.

  • Heard a Viking fan call Dan Patrick today, all Giddy about "How they gonna defend Moss, Rice, Harvin..." yada, yada, tada, blah, blah, blah.

    Easy, boy. The Queens went after Moss because they are now concerned about getting Rice back AT ALL this season.

    And Percy Harvin?
    Isn't he still the poster child for Excedrine?

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    Viking fan:


  • New thread.

  • Man, Peanut has been really good for a long time. I dare say the best corner in Bears history?

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    Hmmm. You may have a case there. You could put Leslie Frazier against him. Frazier was an island before Revis was in the 46 scheme.

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    Sorry, Irish. #77 is the only HoF to play corner for Chicago.

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    Granted, I'm biased because he and I went to the same high school.

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    Thanks for posting this, Jeff. A Browns fan (I live in Ohio now) and I were talking yesterday, and he seemed very surprised that I wasn't shitting my pants because the Queens got Moss back. I explained to him how, by and large, Peanut has owned Moss, and how the Bears tended to match up very well against Moss. Sure, he has big games now and then, but he hasn't killed the Bears the way Purple Jesus has.

    Unfortunately, as Irish rightly points out, just because the Bears aren't afraid of Moss doesn't mean that he didn't make the Queens better--especially against other teams. That trade probably added 2-3 wins to Minnesota's potentially 8-8 season (I've been predicting since August that the Queens finish #3 in the NFC North).

    And Doc, guys like Peanut are what make the franchise so great, despite the obvious mismanagement on every level that happens more often than not. He's a class act, tough as nails, keeps his head down, and does great things off the field. Every time the local news here shows the mugshot of another Cincinnati Bungle, or I hear about some jag who gets dinged for DUI, or a dipshit like Haynesworth gets paid millions of dollars to bitch and moan, I look at guys like Payton, Zorich (admittedly, a bit of a disappointment on and off the field, but still--local kid did a lot of good), Peanut, Mike Brown, Shaun Gayle, etc., and I feel a lot better about the NFL.

  • Minimum wage would be fine with me. Best job on the planet man.
    "What do you do ?"
    "I'm a Chicago Bear."

  • And Minny just got a lot better, no doubt.

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