The Official 'Bear Down' of DaBearsBlog

Because it's a tradition round here...


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  • simply awesome

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    Chills down the spine..

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    The pride and joy of Illinois,
    Chicago Bears! Bear Down!

    The Ghost is Bearing down for his 69th season. Here's hoping it's a good one!

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    Hear here!

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    Guess I'm the only one who thinks that shit is creepy. Bet he's wearing tights. Yeah, I know... I'm a Philistine.

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    Man MB, I had no idea he might be wearing tights.So he may be a creepy dude singing an awesome song!

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    See that Murph. When a dude wears tights, it changes everything doesn't it?

    Yes, great song.

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    Very "fitting" MB, yes, very "fitting" indeed.

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  • Boys...just got back from coaching my sons flag football and I got to say I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! since Wednesday I have been slowly simmering for tomorrow and I am hungry for some BBQ'd wild game known as LION MEAT!!!!


    If this makes you have to change your underwear, it's ok, I understand.

  • Even if the Queens get Jackson, by the time he's able to play it most likely will be too late for him to help them salvage the season. I can easily see them start the season 1-6 with or without him.

  • Sd, thanks for posting... you'll be hearing from my attorney.

  • Well, i am reporting from St.Paul Minnesota in the heart of Viking country after a disappointing first loss by the Vikings. I watched the game at a house party and needless to say the people there were not very happy. I have decided that the Vikings didn't play a particularly bad game against the reigning world champs and i think they are going to do much better than the 6-10 bullshit people are throwing out there.

    I will be watching Sunday's game from Alary's pub so thanks to the guy on the blog that threw that one out there. My brother in law is up here in Minny and came back with the same answer. Apparently there are something like 40 flat screens and the bar attracts huge Bears crowds on Sundays. My wife's sister went on the bar's website and noticed that the bar also takes great pride in their scantily clad waitstaff and you can see all of their bikini clad photos on the bar website.

    I am looking forward to the 14 point victory that we lay down on the lions tomorrow. There is no doubt we will be victorious. I won't be disheartened by a slim victory as long as various parts of the team's game gets stronger week by week. I have a feeling that we are going to come out and strike early on special teams and that Hester is going to have a big game including a deep ball coming his way.

    Looking forward to our big 3 LB's bringing the heat on the rook Jahvid Best. Jahvid, welcome to the pros mang, you are about to get the shit beat out of you. I predict Pisa makes him fumble or die, i don't know which yet.

    Pressure on Stafford will result in some bad passes by the youngster and here's to the DB's getting a pick tomorrow.

    Cutler will throw for about 250 with 2Td's and 1 INT. Forte will run for at least 80 yards and Taylor will have some good contributions on some screen passes.

    How do i know this? Simply common sense. We have Mike Martz at OC, 2 fucking awesome running backs, 2 WR's that can take it to the house on every play, 23 tight ends that could start or play a ton on every team in the league, JULIUS PEPPERS, Lach, Briggsy, Pisa the fucking hawaiian assassin, a mostly healthy Tommie, some new safety with a huge wang that loves to run straight into dudes to watch them die, a do or die mentality, the best kick and punt returners in the game today and Jay Cutler the fucking gunslinger himself. Here is a pre-emptive "fuck you, you fucking hack sportswriters who dared say the Lions would beat the Bears". Thank you and good night. I'm off to get sauced with my brother in law somewhere in Minneapolis. I will make sure to talk incredible amounts of shit to every terd i see wearing a Vikings hat because that is what they do here in Minnesoooda, recycle shit and wears Vikings apparell to every god damn place they go.

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    Oh, and try not to get jummped by a pack of angry purple vaginas.

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    MB..I think these are up in Minny and "Brett Girl" is all over them:

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    I hear you abouit MinnieHaha, Johnny. The Queens didn't lose to K.C. or Buffalo. They lost to the reigning Super Bowl Champs IN New Orleans and, sadly, their defense held one of the most formidable offenses in the game to 14 points IN THE SUPERDOME. It WAS encouraging to see Pierre Thomas tear up the Williams Sisters in crunch time.

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    quote from Michael Lombardi:
    "I am excited to see the Lions, especially on offense. They can move the ball on anyone, and Jahvid Best should run wild in Chicago. The Bears had better hope the Lions defensive line gets tired during the game, because initially they will struggle to block them for an entire game."

    Jahvid Best will die today. Stafford as well.

  • Funny, as, hell:

    Oh, and it's all about the Baconator!:

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    You gotta love that white girl rappin strong on the Wendy's training video. And to think I've busted my rear end all my life to make a buck. I should have been an ad man.

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  • Very nice SD. Personally, I use Simple Green

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    Oh, and Simple Green

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    They're behind all to going green hysteria MB. They started it.

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    All is calm on Christmas Eve. Nearly here boys. It's been a loooong wait ... but football's back. Win lose or draw, we'll be back for more.

    Expecting :

    1. a statement performance from Child Support.
    2. a stuttering Bear offense with flashes of brilliance.
    3. Lance Louis to do an admirable job in his mauling sessin with a boy named Suh.
    4. Izzy to have a monster whilst the Lions are having a nightmare containing Butters and Chili.
    5. Shabba - dabba - DOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Bear down my beautiful Bears and enjoy the game gents !!

  • Rapenburger's mask was sick. Urlacher's was kinda gee.

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    MB..was that gee or glee?

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    Whichever you'd like Lobo.

  • Chicago -7 over Detroit
    San Diego -4.5 over Kansas City
    Cleveland +3 over Tampa Bay

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    this one won't count, augie. throw it on the last post.

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    Jeff, you are going to be busting ass on Saturday nights this season

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    Yeah the site is a bit more of a job than it used to be but I'm embracing it.

  • Sd. seen that before pretty intense! why was BU's a cube?

  • and now... for something completely different:

  • MB..this is for your bro:

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    What did I do to deserve that Lobo? Jebus Clistopher. (no offense to anyone)

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    And this one's for you lobo:


    True Words.

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    I said this last year... you can tell Da Coach still loves his Bears, although Lovie and JA and Teddy have done their best to destroy that.

    He's looking old man. Getting old sucks ass.

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    Maybe Da Coach will come in and control operations for us (like The Tuna in Miami) before I die. He has a pretty good feel for putting pieces in the right place. Same 'ol story though, he'd want too much power for our upper management to accept.

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    You may have forgotten his time in NO. He had total control and totally fucked it up. I love the coach but ...

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    A lot of people seem to forget that.

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    Jeff, Sheridan's lines from that link are changed to Saturdays. I haven't found a way to ever see his previous days lines. Tomorrow it will update again in the morning when he posts it and show new ones again. I see 2 that have changed from Friday to Saturday out of the ones that I know of. You might just have to write Friday's lines in the post you write for the picks.

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    Make that 7 changed including the over/under

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    A stat to help me sleep well on a restless Bearsmas eve:

    .700: Bears

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    If our overall winning percentage isn't .700 then it's totally meaningless to me. All that tells me is that we probably get weak opening day opponents.

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    damn Trac, you could take the fun out of a blowjob

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    No worries Johnny, Detwoit will not be making a run for the Lombardi trophy this year.

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    And some of those wins were against the PORTSMOUTH SPARTANS and the ROCK ISLAND INDEPENDENTS.

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    Complete Fight Song lyrics:

    Bear Down, Chicago Bears
    Make every play, clear the way to victory!

    Bear Down, Chicago Bears
    Put up a fight with a might so fearlessly!

    We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation
    With your T-formation

    Bear Down, Chicago Bears
    And let them know why you're wearing the crown!

    You're the pride and joy of Illinois,
    Chicago Bears, Bear Down!!

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    I have the definitive instrumental version of BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS, in my music library and now I have added "Fuzzy"'s vocal rendition, thank you, Blogfather.

    Wish I could track down the pop choral version Wally Phillips used to play on WGN radio.

    You know, folks, old "Fuzzy" up there sounds JUST like the guy who used to sing the MIGHTY MOUSE theme song:

    "Mr. Trouble never hangs around,
    when he hears this mighty sound...

    That means that Mighty Mouse, is on the way!

    Yes sir, when their is a wrong to right,
    Mighty Mouse will join the fight!

    On the sea or on the land,
    He gets the situation well in hand.

    For tho' we are in danger , we never despair,
    for we know when there is danger his there,
    On the land, on the sea, in the airrrrrrr!!''

    Oh, we're not worryin' at all,
    We're just listining for this call.


    That means that Mighty Mouse is on the waaaaaay!"

    Hope the Bears handle the lions like Mighty Mouse used handle "Oil Can Harry".

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thank you for that. Headed up for the game in about 6 hours. Somehow found myself with United Club tickets. Gonna be a great day no question. BEAR THE F DOWN!!!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thank you for that. I'm headed up to the game in about 6 hours. I somehow found myself with United Club tickets. BEAR THE F DOWN !!!!!

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    So, are we using ATDHE, Justin, or Veetle today?

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    Veetle from ATDHE I find is the best End

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Only if you're not ready MB.

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