Things to Watch For Against Arizona

Mike Florio refers to the third preseason game as the "least unimportant" and that's actually a more positive view than I hold.  None of it matters.  Not one quarter.  Not one play.  Not one substitution.  The trick is not getting hurt and possibly - just possibly - developing the kind of rapport that comes from practicing together for the summer.  Still there are things for us to take a look at in the confidence-building department.

THE SECONDARY.  If Derek Anderson completes more than 60% of his passes against your secondary in a street game, you need to fire everybody.  Coaches, corner backs, Old Style vendors in the end zone.  The Cardinals are looking into the barrel of a 4-12 season due to the complete lack of a viable, professional quarterback and the Bears can not be responsible for instilling confidence in the position.

CHRIS WILLIAMS.  No sacks.  For the sake of Week One confidence, no sacks.  If this means the Bears throw some help to the left side, do it.  No sacks.

THE SECOND RECEIVER OPTION.  It has become clear that Mike Martz and Jay Cutler are impressed with Johnny Knox's speed and route running but I'm still wondering who is going to be making the big first-down catches over the middle.  I'm hoping that answer is a combination of Devin Aromashodu and Greg Olsen.

KICKOFF COVERAGE.  I know everyone has been clutching at their knickers about Dave Toub's units this offseason but I am not ready to start doubting the best special teams coach in the league.  The third preseason game - if nothing else - is the week we start seeing who the coaches think will be the ten guys running down the field with Robbie Gould half-a-dozen times a game.  A couple nice holds inside the thirty will put all that to rest.

HEALTH.  Get off the field in one piece.  No hamstring pulls.  No slight sprains.  No "may not be available for the regular season openers".  Just get off the damn field and start preparing for the Detroit Lions.


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  • The Cardinals offensive line has been less than impressive so far
    and the Bears need to se it continues to be so.

  • I get to see them LIVE this , for a change, because a local station carries the Cards' pre-season games. Local radio, too.

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    u should took the 2 hour drive to Tempe and watch our bears play. I went to the san diego game and sat 16 rows behind the bears bench. Preseason ticks are cheap

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    Pretty sure the game is in chi, Frez.

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    oh shit, my bad Tuctown!.. Norcal what part of Cali you at?

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    Sorry Frez, I'm on and off here randomly, sorry for late response. I'm currently in Oakland.

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    The one play that has stuck with me through thus far...
    has been Kellen Davis, after an absolutely awful game 1, destroying an OLB on Matt Forte's 89 yd touchdown. KD, if you keep backing your shit up in game 3, this is your year. I know you are a beast, the coaches want you to be a beast. "Kill" somebody on a ST play and solidify your spot on the roster.

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  • In reply to Grizzly559:

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    fresno, how did you drive there, i thought you were coming off of a DUI? just askin, not being a dick

  • Health is by far the biggest concern. Other than that, I'd like to see some protection for our QB and heavy pressure on theirs. Get some more work done on the ground. Generate a turnover or two and get the starters off the field!

    Go Bears!

  • Yeah, the 07-09 Bears would let a mediocre QB like Anderson hit 60-70% of his passes for 250+. We're likely to get a glimpse here of whether 2010 will be any different.

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    good point

  • Keep Urlacher off the sidelines so he doesn't strain that other calf holding his pads.

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    Beras have announced that Urlacher will not play.

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    WTF! i swear that guy is over the hill and falling

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    1st round draft pick next year, I think should be a new MLB, 2nd round OL, 3 round DB

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    I just think Urlacher is now Urlacher anymore. Hate to say it but he just isnt there no more.

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    I know Al. I garauntee he doesn't play in the fourth preseason game either. I was just saying he might strain his other calf watching the game.

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    Top things from last year that I forgot to metion.

    Last year the top passer in ten of our games was our own Qb. Which I thought was reassuring.

    Here are the qb's that passed for over 250 yards against us. Hold your breath on some.

    Seneca Wallace
    261 Yds (SEA)

    Matthew Stafford(now this is why everyone thinks we will lose our first game)
    296 Yds (DET)

    Brett Favre
    392 Yds (MIN)

    Brett Favre
    321 Yds (MIN)

    Carson Palmer ( the five touchdown passes is unacceptable)
    20/24, 233 YDS, 5 TD

    Kurt Warner(once again five td's in a game from passing cannot happen)
    22/32, 261 YDS, 5 TD

    Daunte Culpepper(he doesn't play in the nfl anymore)
    23/34, 262 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT

    Joe Flacco
    21/29, 234 YDS, 4 TD

    Derek Anderson
    6/17, 76 YDS, 2 INT
    Last time Anderson played us he didn't do to good but I would really be willing to bet he is going to play way different tonight. Mr.Larry and Mr.Doucet will be hungry saturday night

    Aaron Rodgers
    16/24, 180 YDS
    17/28, 184 YDS, 1 TD

    Another cool note, Rodgers has looked great against other teams but he had really low numbers agaist the Bear's both times. Now imagine having Pepper's get to him.

    I know everyone remembers these numbers and L's last year but nothing has changed in our secondary and we have to really hope that the front four is the problem and not old players, crappy players, or ill maganement of our secondary. Bottom line, Anderson should not throw over 100 yards passing.

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    You meant hold our *noses* on some, yes?

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    Speaking of Joe... watching the game as we speak.

    Few observations for those who can

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    Yeh, I watched the ones. Those offenses are on fire man, but they've been doing it for a while together. We'll take time to get with it. Like watching Rodgers and Manning the other day. They just look over at a receiver pre-snap and there's this telepathy going on, a silent, motionless audible hidden in a glance. We're another year or two and a big, talented receiver away from a clockwork offense. If we can keep Jay Christopher alive that long ...

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    Oh, yeah... and a real oline.... and some real safties... and a new MLB... and soe depth at key spots... and... and... and...

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    Did you guys see Rexy fumbling around the end zone in the redskins game? lol funny

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    big difference in 2010...

    Peppers will kill:

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    Crown, any words for us regarding the 3rd game of pre-season...against the Cardinals... Maybe something like "They aren't who we think they are"?

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    Good story.

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    Poor guy. I'd have no problem with the Bears' giving him a spin.

  • We have to show something this week. Against SD it was "they are SB contenders and they blitzed all game". Against OAK it was "they are much improved and will surprise a lot of teams". This week it should be "we finally got our mojo working". If not, there's going to be some major hand-wringing in Bears land.

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    Exactly Canada. We need to at least see that we aren't still sheite on all sides of the ball. Time to pull it together and have at least one Quarter where we look like the fucking fudge packers did last night... go# damn it!

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    Just like lovie huh?

    THAT is why the motherfucking Jets (yes the jets)are going to kick some ass this year. And if they don't, you know what... I bet the guys that didn't fucking perform will get shitcanned, not given huge new fucking contracts forever.

    Jebus H Christopher, and we wonder why, with the coaches and management that we have, we have become a mediocre fucking football team. God damn it, just pisses me the fuck off. And I hope it does you too.

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    I don

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    "I'll cut you right here on the fuckin field."
    "You'll never play for me."
    Westerhof's a piece of work.

    Just watched eps 1& 3 of Hard Knocks. Some memorable moments for me :

    * 12 feet in a yard. Where do they get these guys?

    * Broadway's daughter : oh my god it's like sooo starting to rain

    * Broadway's shorts pulled up to his nipples. What is it with old guys and hiking up their shorts like that?

    Random thoughts :

    * Rex Ryan won't live very long

    * Mike Westerhof's parents didn't love him very much

    * The Jets won't win a superbowl with coaches who mistake cursing for teaching and using abuse as a motivational tool. This is 2010 not 1960.

    * Seeing Sanchez say this was his team yada yada and then seeing Schottenheimer telling him to say it was funny. Sanchez is a tush.

    * Let Darelle sit there for a year and lose all that money. Let him sit and ponder the meaning of a contract. Let him sit there next year not playing football thinking about it too, all alone on Revis Island.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Irish is 100% spot on.

    Watching Hard Knocks, these Jet coaches bring out the whip and the threats of 'somebody else wants your job' all the time. Like a jockey who beats his horse until blood, it will eventually backfire. Especially since the staff are loaded at the top with the all nepotism crew.

    I feel bad for Mark Carrier coaching there, somebody should get him back to the Bears after we clean house and disinfect the Lovie stank.

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    I think eventually is the key word gents. Just remember that these guys aren't rocket scientist and the stick is what they are used to. There's no more carrot left to use after you're getting paid to play a game. We think, man, I would tell that guy to go fuck himself there

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    Still not expecting to win this though, our second string sucks. I don't want to see Cutler in there too long, just use the backup QBs as cannon fodder and give Tice some time to work out some different lineups. Any of you guys really care what our record is in pre-season? I'd just like to get a good look at the guys on the fringe. Has Freddie Barnes played yet?

  • It would be nice going into the regular season with some questions answered in a positive manner. I know less today than I did at the end of the season last year.

  • I will be watching the 1st team for sacks allowed, red zone efficiency, and 1st down totals. On D I would like to see collapsed pockets and at least 2 turnovers. But the score doesn't matter. GB just beat the silly out of the Colts like 59-24, even if the pack is better they aren't that much better than the Colts so scores and records mean squat.

  • I'd like to see us, oh I don't know, go down by four scores and then come back without any help whatsoever from our QB. Don't really care much as to who wins. Both offense and defense will be in their vanilla mode. Tice will be tweaking the line and working guys out, Marinelli won't be rushing the QBs too much so he can have a look at his secondary so the Arizona QBs will have a good game. Apart from straying healthy ... who cares?

  • Not to mention you don't have to go to a sports bar to watch the games. I still think we will be competitive. Hopefully the players take it upon themselves to be motivated. I'm guessing Martz, Tice and Marinelli could get you fired up. Lovie, not so much.

  • My concern:

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Interesting Lobo, very interesting. My fears exactly were that Garza and Kreutz are done. Louis and Asiata might not be quite ready but nobody is until they've played some. After seeing Beekman at center we still need Olin - but if Garza is toast then second string him NOW.

  • Seeing JC carried out on a stretcher because of no protection..CRICKEY!!!!

  • I'm interested to see how Alex Brown does against the Chargers tonight on ABC.

  • Very nice SD. Like how you've stepped up your game since the preseason.

    I had some Courvoisier in my gold plated hot tub and am much calmer now.

  • Why does that sound so familiar SD? Hm...... hope, mediocrity, no worries? Where have I heard that before?

  • Let's give this kid a chance:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I read that article too MB. Chances in life aren't necessarily limited to football. Everyone of us have made a mess of things in our past. Sometimes instead of saying I can't do something because......, do something else. There may be something else going on here.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    By the guys own admission in the article, it came across to me that he was never up front about the situation. It would have been a whole lot better if he explained the situation to his suitors instead of waiting for them to find out on their own without understanding what really took place.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Artoo posted this half way up the thread. I'd give him a try-out. So to speak. He's ready for a chance. Let's be caring, sharing Bears ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Whoops. sorry '85. Didn't see.

    Trac, I think you missed this part of the article "At this year's NFL combine, in March, Washington finished with a 6.3 national grade, projecting him as a possible second-round talent. Then the whispers started. In team interviews, he had been up-front about his record. "No big deal," he says he was told by league gatekeepers."

    I got the feeling he's always been very up front about his past. Anyway, he sounds like a beast and he most certainly deserves a shot. He's not really a sex offender.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    His agent thought that he might go in the late 2 or 3 round. They were for sure he was going to be drafted because he had a higher grade than others. Really messed up that no on did.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I would definitely give a guy a chance for who he is now and what kind of an investment to my team he would be. My only point was it's better to be totally above board on the front end for obvious reasons. He did make the statement that people would stop coming around because they had obviously found out about his record. Looks like he's now getting the chance he's hoped for regardless if anyone signs him.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey, I was at the SD game this preseason too too Fresno. Man there were a lot of Bear's fans there - who left disappointed...Anyhow, things I'm looking for:

    1) Consistency (in a good way). Who r the starting Safeties again? Manning, oh no, Wright, Oh no, Chris Harris - now flip them, and then flip them again... Is that really gonna be our O-line? They're good in pass protection, then not the run. Now, they're good at the run, but not pass protection. Williams shuts down Allen last year, then gives up monster sacks to a no name in the preseason... What's our starting D-line? Anderson can't play the run, Adams can't pass rush - Toeina is a beast, oh, maybe not...Our Nickle Cbs? Everyone who can play is "too small", and everyone who is big enough, can't play, unless you move Manning to Nickle...again... Too many questions so late in the pre-season. The FudgePackers aren't entertaining these questions.

    And here are my draft picks for next year (The same as I wanted for this year):

    1)LT (if Williams sucks)

    Trade 5-7 to get another 3rd rounder and use it for either:

    A DT (IF Harris under performs again)
    Or a S (If the other Harris under performs)
    Or a CB or WR (If all those projects don't pan out)

    We have a collection of "redshirts" and "projects" that can fill out the rest of our roster.

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    let me ask y'all a question: could you name anyone in the secondary when the Panthers went to the Super Bowl? either. but they did have Julius Peppers right?

    yea...thought so.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Hahahahaha... there's a few missing pieces to that stream of logic FQ. But again, I can only hope you're right my man.

    There's a difference between guys that are average, serviceable, and do their jobs right consistently... and the group of miscreants who are rotated in and out and over almost every game. The Ghost will most certainly have an impact, whether it

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and the few pieces of logic are? lol

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    just all the millions of other variable and mitigating factors that that team had and didn't have. It's pretty rough comparing our team and theirs based on just one player, no?

    That would be like saying a Ford Mustang and a Chevy Corvette are going to perform the same on different tracks, with different weather conditions, using different drivers... just because they both used Pirelli P-zero tires. right?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Anyone know any radio stations that will broadcast this game in case FQ's streaming link from SD game doesn't work?

    Any help or links would be great.

  • In reply to bnjrmyn:

    Doesn't do that?

  • In reply to bnjrmyn: has a link during all the games for audio

  • Pretzel flavor M&Ms. Gross.

  • I'm going to the game tonight. Section 134 row 7. I will have my Pringles T-shirt on. Look for me on the tee-vee!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That's why we're gonna take the damn field GP! Sick seats! Have a blast bro and sharpie #27 on the back of that bad boy.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Dez has silently but smoothly transitioned into the H-back spot. I'm thinking he's gonna flourish there since he can block and catch. Hard not to root for such a consummate pro; same sort of affinity for AB. Makes me wonder whether a combo of Dez and Louis could have filled Manu's supposed role.

    Anyone know if Pringles or Manu are playing?

    Has Manu even got on the practice field yet? Makes me wonder if Bears brass really knew what was going on with his knee. I want to see dis freagin guy already?

    And we let em off the hook!

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    Say what Minnifuckingsoada and cheeseland? Thought so... batches!

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