Free Agency: Day One Thread

Players are free to sign with teams as of 12:01 AM ET.  I'll stay out of the way and let you guys discuss the goings on, joining in up here should the Bears make a big splash. 

3/4 9:00 pm
The Bears are rumored to be negotiating with Antrel Rolle's agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

3/5 12:15 am
The Bears are reportedly coming out swinging for Julius Peppers.  The Seahawks and Eagles have withdrawn from the derby.

3/5 12:25 am
Bears out of Antrel Rolle race.

3/5 12:47 am
The Bears are now the leader in the clubhouse for Julius Peppers.  I'm a bit surprised.


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  • Firstest !

  • In your face Lobo !

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    lol...nice Irish

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    RT @Adam_Schefter: Chargers traded cornerback Antonio Cromartie to Jets for a 2011 third-round pick that could turn to a second.

    well i'll say this Bear faithful....if we get to the playoffs, we will have earned it

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Peppers and Taylor to visit Friday

    Tweet from Michael Lombardi: Peppers on his way to Chicago, not to visit the campus, but to sign many first visits do not result in a signing?Bears won this one

  • In reply to scabbyeggs:

    taylor too? holy shit!!!! now i'm excited...

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Yeah, I'm not a big twitter guy, but it's a wonderful day to have it around.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Looks like Manumaleuna will be visiting tomorrow too. Damn, the Bears are some busy little bees so far.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Manumaleuna, Peppers, and Chet Taylor! Good job, Jerry! God damn. Get 'em inked.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Jebus - it's like Reuters on here ... God bless D'interweb.

  • In reply to scabbyeggs:

    No way ! For real ? If I was seventeen I'd have a boner right now ... please baby Jebus Please ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    idk where y'all are getting that Redskins talk from, but i take solace in these two things:

    RT @vxmcclure23: Lovie Smith just touched down in Charlotte to meet with Julius Peppers and his agent, Carl Carey. Smith will fly back to Chicago with them.

    RT @vxmcclure23: Defensive end Julius Peppers has agreed to visit the Chicago Bears on Friday, according to agent Carl Carey. The Bears are the front-runner.

    looks like we'll have Pep, but i hope we'll sign Rolle too (if we have a chance too). damn what a difference the defense makes w/ those two moves. now onto O-Lineman....

  • Prediction : No Peppers, but we sign a big bag of ball shavings and a midget receiver. Angelo tells us we're set, and Lovie reminds us that a season is really just four quarters. The bag of ball shavings requests a trade after 24 hours in Halas hall, but not before recording the nature of Angelo and Phillip's love for each other on a mobile phone. Something like that.

    Hopes :

    * Atogwe, Rolle or Sharper at FS.

    * Chester T at HB (or Leon Washington)

    * Trade Olsen for a pick to combine with the third and draft a pass-rusher - Pierre-Paul, Owens at DT... OR grab Brandon Marshall.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Patience Irish, patience. I predict Rolle is signed first.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Speaking of Lobo, where is he? He's normally all over the place. Haven't heard from MB lately either.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    They'll go big, they have too. We can ride that wave till most of them bust out due to inept coaching, but Lovie Inc. knows their asses are on the line and they have nothing else.

  • LOL !

    I didn't read any of that troll shit whatsoever. First blog I've ignored in a long time. It's okay MB you can come out now ! Don't worry about being a scratched record Doc - get your message out there. They hear us in the end whether they like it or not.

    Why all the Olsen rumors now from Rosenhaus ? He's miffed with Martz all of a sudden ... or he's been getting ripped apart on blogs like this one ? Cutler was totally reading the web this year. You could see him a little more deflated each week, you could almost tell which site he'd been reading from the expressions on his face after throwing a pick. Keep the faith, Jay.

    Everyone is expecting the Bears to be the big movers in FA, but you just feel a premature ejaculation
    in the offing ... here's to a surprise like last year's.....

  • The importance of the whole coaching search was mostly overrated earlier this offseason, it's these next few days and hours that are going to be the difference between 6-10 and 10-6. Even Lovie knows this free agency period is more crucial to him keeping his job than hiring any of his old buddies could have been. No matter who is coaching this team, it's obvious the Bears need help practically EVERYWHERE.

  • No, its not what Suckatansky said. I think he read too much into Jeffs comments. He'll come around.

  • The Jests just signed Cromartie. Glad he's not going to the queens or fudgeheads even though I'm not a fan of his.

  • Redskins close to deal with Peppers

    It comes as a bummer but things could change.

  • Hey Boys and Girls................

    Not much to say after SCREAMING TO THE HILLS that we need
    Two Gaurds- O-line
    Saftey- D-Backs
    DE- D-Line
    New Coaching Staff NOW!

    So I will wait in the wings to see how this Clown Car runs out of the tent.

    This just reminds me of all the FA's that we have talked about and how the Bears Management (the partygoers's they are) with all the hoopla- but right in front of their eyes all FA say so-long..farewell to the BEARS!!!

  • retweet from Brad Biggs:

    Hmm ... RT@ddockett Just talked 2 Antrel Rolle! I already know what's about 2 happen, man I'm speechless I'm going to Bed.

  • Obviously the backup to Jay has to be a Ram. I think Bulger fits that bill. How about Warner ending up a Ram after they draft Suh ... ?

    Ah there's Lobo now .... warming up the clown car in anticipation of some brutal signings...... scrrrrreeeeeeeech!

  • It seems as though DT Cornelius Griffin was released to day and Charles Grant is about to be released from the saints as well. Grant could really provide good depth at DE behind Alex Brown and whoever else may be starting next season, and Griffin's been pretty reliable inside throughout his career

  • Peppers to visit Bears today!

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas: you have a line on that? more info?

  • It's 11:01 pm in Chi-Town. I hope Cinderella doesn't get the galss slipper shove up her @!#$@!#!@@!#$!

    Please Baby favorite of all the jebuses mind you..bless JA and Bears Management with some Intelligence for the next few hours if not days. not inintelligence..."Doh"

  • J..agree with
    #1 yes
    #2 yes
    #3-should be a guard
    #4 yes
    #5-another gaurd

  • Well, thank you sir.

  • J..Wolf first

  • BAM...looks like Rolle's out.. DAMN

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Ah. Dockett thought Rolle was mad not to go to the Bears ... fkit, get Sharper and draft the biggest stud FS next year.

  • If I look to the northern sky, I can see Rod Marinelli's boner. This will be a day we remember for a long time I reckon.

  • Agree with Ghost...PLEASE JERRY get them inked A.S.A.P.!!!!

    Scabb... it's not Rod's rod I have to worry about.. if they really do this I may pass out from my blood flowing to my rod!!!!!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    I feel like a puppy with three pricks !

  • RT @RealDeal91: Pepp let's roll brother I'm bout to go lift right now let's gooooooooooo !!!!!!!!

    Tommie's optimistic

  • yooooooooooooooo the Bears finally made me proud on my b-day weekend (it's on Saturday). dammit JA & LS....good shit. now get them inked, in uniforms, and onward to Bourbonnais.

  • If Taylor is signed my picks to leave would be Jones and Peterson. A lot of stuff has been floating around the last several days so I'm not quite sure, but is AP a free agent? Is he already done with the Bears? Taylor is gonna need his jersey number.

  • And what about Darren Sharper? Has anyone heard anything about him?

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost..Have heard nor seen anything on sharper.....since rolle is gone..I think I may pass out if we get sharper too!!!!!!!!!!

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