Because Albert in Tuscon Said I Have To

I am now going to write a list of thoughts I am either having or forcing myself to have about the Chicago Bears.

  • I've read a ton about the possibility of trading Alex Brown for Rob Sims but it just doesn't hold water for me.  Rob Sims is a middle of the road interior lineman and I'm not ready to sell the heart and soul of our defense for another quarter yard per carry.  If you're going to trade AB, and you should not, you must get something game-altering in return.
  • I like that PFT is obsessed with the release of the 2010 schedule because so am I.  To fans like myself, the release of the schedule is when I plan my fall and winter.  If the Bears get to play the Bills in Toronto, I'll be organizing a Take Over Toronto thing that everybody need be involved with.
  • The problem with the Lovie Smith era in Chicago is he forces fans to expect too much from limited talents like Israel Idonije.  Remember the expectations he built for Danieal Manning at safety and Devin Hester at wideout?  If they trade Alex Brown, can Izzy handle that pressure?
  • If Nathan Vasher is successful in San Diego I'm going to be really pissed off about it.  Just saying.
  • Quietly Kahlil Bell got inked to a one-year deal.  I think the kid's got pro ability.


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  • Why yes, I will have a 1st. Thanks for asking.

  • Well let's see.

    1. Yes. Have these guys ever heard of depth? Positions of strength? What if Anderson disappears again. Maybe Brown isn't great but he is very good or at least on the high end of good. You don't trade good to very good for mediocre dammit.

    2. Give us the schedule. Give us anything you got for news. Football withdrawal is painful this time of year and there is only one medicine. News, news and more news. And siging a FS and dos guardidos (yes I know that is not real Spanish) would really, really help.

    3. What do the 3 names in here have in common? Israel Idonije, Danieal Manning and Devin Hester. They keep getting moved to different positions. How long does it take for these guys to figure out where someone is most effective at on the field and let them develop into that one position. Keep Brown and let Izzy stay where he was last year. If it ain't broke, keep your fucking hands off of it and fix something that is.

    4. You mean like Jones and Harris and Benson and others. Yeah this should nail down the last few Lovie supporters to acknowledge that these guys have no idea what the hell they are doing with the talent that they have if VAsher lights it up in SD. If JA has trouble picking the talent and Lovie has trouble coaching them then how the hell are we supposed to win?

    5. Love it. Three potentially bad ass RB's and maybe we can find a way to use the little guy too.

    My friends who are fans of other NFC North teams are definitely impressed with what we have done but they are not understanding the talk about trading Olsen or Brown and why we won't fork over a little cash to fix the FS and O-line problems or at least get some veterans in there but they are thrilled at the thought of us leaving those holes wide open. Don't do it JA. Just don't fucking do it.

    Bear it all the way down. Make a move JA. We are pretty damn close. A couple little pieces and you may have a playoff berth and job still.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Somebody suggested previously that the Bears, as a Billion dollar organization, cannot be short of cash already. I never understood this. ALL businesses, and the Bears are nothing more than a business to people like Ted Phillips, have budgets. My fear from day one was that Jerry spent all his pocket money in the same sweet shop. What was more devastating this year .. the OL or the secondary ? Both were piss poor and both have been neglected thus far ... Manu is a TE and does help, but he's not a lineman. $130 Million and we haven't addressed the key needs areas. Nothing is more key than our O-line, nothing in football is more key. That's your foundation. Not a dickie bird. I'll hold off on the free safety talk because I pray we're waiting for Atogwe to become a UFA. Unfortunately, management has said we're set at receiver which IMHO is a @#$#% travesty - we're preparing to fail. Again.

    Last season it was very trendy to quote Einstein's definition of insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" (ironic - since that's exactly what he did by ignoring quantum mechanics in his search for the unifying theory of everything). What has Angelo addressed in that which was crippling us ? Nothing. Right defensive end was not a 'key need'. Bettering our pass rush was, yes. But it was not as devastating as the black hole in the center of the secondary, or the revolving doors on the O-line. We caused mayhem for Aaron Rodgers and Ben Rapethisburger. When we wanted to we could get it on, and this was linked to Tommie and if he decided to turn up that week. There are many, many ways of getting a pass rush going. Julius Peppers is one of them. But at the exclusion of guards/safeties/6'4 receivers ? It better not be Jerry, it better not be ...

    It was Brown or Harris ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    +1,000,000 Irish.

    Thanks for saying this again. I was starting to sound like a broken record (and/or BF). Smoke and mirrors. No guards, no DBs, but we did get a 6th TE. Sweet.

    Well said. Oh, and good posts about Slapshot last string. 100 points.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Random thought that was never fully discussed in the aftermath of so much weirdness from Halas Hall ...

    What the clucking bell did we hire Shane Day for ? A quality control coach for the 49ers ? This guy stapled the playbooks together & did the photocopying etc. for the 49ers. No exaggeration, I'm not belittling his job, I would have loved his job. Xerox boy. Great.

    But we hired him to coach a potential future HOFer and gunslinger, Jay Cutler ? A pro-bowler in his third season ? This was the most head scratching signing ever. Explain it to me please .. does the QB coach get your coffee and give you relief. Is it a Greek/Spartan thing ?

    How many defensive lines has Shane Day faced in the NFL by the way ?

    WTF is Shane Day doing for the Bears ? Who will mentor Jay as a QB ? Mike Martz ? How good a QB was he ? Jay is the senior QB on the team! Pay McMahon some shekels and have him come and coach up Jay whenever possible. If it was good enough for Steve Young it'll be good enough for the kid from Santa Claus.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Jimmy Mac for QB coach. Fuck yeah.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I think people are forgetting the enormous impact that pass rush has on the secondary. Pass rush makes the secondary all kinds of better because it reduces the amount of time they need to cover and they open up all kinds of turnover opportunities from the quarterback throwing under duress. It takes very rare corners and safeties who are elite enough to be able to make good things happen in the absence of a pass rush - and this year especially, we ain't getting any of those. So it DOES make sense that the Bears are focusing on the D line, and hopefully Orange J. will make a huge difference there.

    Problem is, they are making a terrible mistake in choosing Tommie Harris over Alex Brown. If we stipulate that one of the two had to go for money reasons (like that article said), you are getting rid of the proven performer, the high motor guy, the durable guy, and the stand up locker room guy - and you're sticking with the opposite in every single category, Butter Harris. Proven performer? Proven in one early season, inconsistent since. High motor guy? Nah. Durable? Hah! Stand up locker room guy? I think not.

    Alex Brown and Peppers on the outside, there would have been a dang good twosome. Now we're crossing fingers and saying prayers, that Anderson/Izzy will be able to do ANYTHING good - and chances are they won't. I say that because we've already watched and watched and watched Anderson and while there WAS some improvement at the end of last season, for the most part the jury is IN. And I love Izzy but he seems to be at best a rotating in role player, not an every down guy, particularly now that you're looking at him outside. Just a very risky move counting on these guys.

    Add to this equation the fact that you could DEFINITELY get something of value for Butter. And he's more expensive than Alex. HE'S the guy to move, not Alex Brown.

    Bad decision #45 on this still-nascent season!

    Oh well. More to come I'm sure.

    Ima miss you, Alex. You were a GREAT BEAR.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Do you think we'll be okay in the secondary even if we get the pass rush going heavy and often, Phil ? My concern is if we don't. We need Peppers AND Harris to show up together, and even then I don't trust our safeties. I don't know why, but I feel that they'll address the safety position in FA. Even Lovie said he's not happy with what they have, so it must be bad.

    Tommie said he wasn't right last year. We'll see week one.

    And Alex hasn't gone anywhere folks ....

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    I would say I hate to state the obvious, but that is simply not true. 0.25 yards per carry IS game altering, Jeff. That's 7 or 8 yards per game. If you don't think that changes drives and the potential to change the entire complexion of a game, then you and Ron Turner have a lot in common. Yeah, I said it.

    Alex Brown has not performed. The whole defense has. If he is the heart and soul of a terrible defense, then I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Were you sad when Bryan Cox left too?

    I'm not sure Sims would actually give us 0.25 yards per carry, but it was your argument, not mine.

  • In reply to mikebdot:

    I concur. It seems like this town has a "DeRosa" like man-love for Alex Brown. A 'good clubhouse guy' and good fodder for the media, but an average joe on the field. Too much love for too little production. Let's move on.

  • In reply to mikebdot:

    If it's Tommie or Alex for keeping then I've got to go with the big guy and trust he wasn't lying last year when he said he wasn't back to operational levels. He just found Jebus remember, lying ain't cool if you're Christian or otherwise. We'll know really soon if Tommie is back, and if he is then he's worth two Alex Browns and with Peppers in tow ... sit back and enjoy the ride Bear fans ... in Tommie we trust ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I really don't get how this has become a question between Tommie vs. Alex.

    Shit, I'd straight up CUT tommie if it made cap sense. He's been terrible ever since he's signed that piece of shit contract that isn't worth the paper it was printed on. Well, not to the fans anyway.

  • In reply to mikebdot:

    I like you Mikeb, you tell it like it fucking is... hell you can come over to my house and fuck my sister.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You live with your sister? AND you have the keys to her chastity belt? That's fucked up.

  • In reply to mikebdot:

    Where do you live MB ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Hey Mr. Angelo, the Packers are giving Nick Collins $14 million this year. The Packers. If we don't get Atogwe, at least find five or six for Sharper ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Right you are, Murph. Flag on me for illegal procedure.I should have done some research on that "answer".

    Turns out Hull was the SIXTEENTH pick of that draft! YIKES!

    Which leads us to another listed category: "Players WE didn't need". With that pick, the Bears COULD have had Charlie Sanders, Elvin Bethea, Art Shell (All Hall-Of-Famers) and some mildly successful QB named Ken Stabler. Want worse? The Bears passed on all of these guys not once, but TWICE!

    Unsuccessful coaches for 200, Alex:

    "Fans knew we were in trouble when they relaized that, even
    as head coach, I was still the best guard on the team".

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Bottom Line is that our management needs to go after this year...

  • In reply to Grizzly559:


  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Phil, while I understand, and agree with, your POV that a really strong d-line can greatly help a decent defensive backfield become a really good DBackfield... here are some things I know about our situation:

    1. We really don't know how good of a d-line we have yet. A lot of our hopes and dreams are just that at this point, hopes that peppers and Harris show up 100% fixed 100% of the time, and that the others in rotation can step up and make a difference. It seems like the ghost pepper will find new motivation and will be a full-time terror, and maybe butter has spoken to his savior in the offseason and he

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Actually Bogfather, I THOUGHT I was saying the exact OPPOSITE as
    I am content to let the QB call the plays.

    Still, I DO feel like I got my name in lights, thank you!

    To quote Brooks Hadlin (James Whitmore in THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION) when I saw my name in Da Blog email this morning:

    "I damn near soiled myself."

    As to the subjects cited on this HISTORICALLY named (Well, at least for ME!) thread:

    Seems to me the Bears went the "Rob Sims" route of collecting nondescript offensive lineman last year. How'd THAT work out, anyway?
    I'll take Alex Brown, thank you.

    Yes, NFL, to paraphrase Keyshawn Johnson, "JUST THROW US THE DAM SCHEDULE" already so you can have something else for fans to discuss besides the abject stupidy of Ben Roethlisberger.
    Bears vs. Bills in Toronto? Sorry 'bout that, Buffalo faithful.
    I hope Bills' management uses some kind of lube when they do that to you.

    So the latest charge against Lovie is "Raising Unrealistic Expectations", Blogfather? I have another movie quote for that one, from the jury foreman in orignal THE PRODUCERS:

    "We find the defendant(s) INCREDIBLY guilty".

    I mean, I LOVE Izzy, but NOT as a replacement for Alex Brown, thank you.

    If Nathan Vasher is successful in San Diego I will not be "pissed",
    I will be STUNNED. I don't see how playing for Ron Rivera can make up for the fact that Vasher can A) No longer cover and B) No longer tackle. That's a fatal combination whether you're playing Cover-2, Cover-3, Man-to-Man or whatever.

    Signed Khalil Bell? DING! I felt we should have seen a LOT MORE of him last season, ESPECIALLY now that it has become known how banged up Matt Forte was.

    In closing, I will add this moment to the other great accomplishments in my life so far such as..

    Passing the qualification test for JEOPARDY and, er, um...damn! That's it. That the list.

    AND...those cheapskates at JEOPARDY didn't even give the 5 of us who passed that afternoon (out of the 200 who showed up) as much as a t-shirt, a pen or a coffee mug that said "I PASSED THE JEOPARDY TEST". And no, they've never called.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Forgotski - we signed Bell and ...where's Jamar Williams signature please ? Sign the boy like you mean it and then lock him in a gym ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Offensive Line Grade D
    Backfield Grade B
    Wide Receivers Grade C
    Secondary Grade D
    Defensive Line Grade A
    Linebackers Grade B
    Special Teams Grade A

    Overage all grade C+. Look for another 9 - 7 team this year boys unless we get some oline and secondary help soon.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    And one injury at any position away from a crippling disadvantage in what will probably be the most competitive division in the NFL next year.

    It looks like the Rams will take Stafford now because he was awesome against an invisible defense in an empty stadium. Mr. Suh is coming gentlemen, he'll have help and for two games a year we have no answer to that offensively. Jay will be on the run all year long and looking for big targets to offload on. Go out and put Calvin Johnson in a Bear uniform Jerry. With the likely pass rush on this year (nicer to have Alex around) the secondary is about on a par with the receivers for me in terms of need. We're a big body away from a half decent corps of receivers. Trying to use fast, unpolished receivers (Hester/Knox) in combination with Bennett and Shabba and a new playbook ... it just screams out for a guy who can go up and get the jump ball when it all goes tits up (and with our likely pissy line that will happen a lot with Cutler forcing it). Olsen/Davis, Shabba ... two high percentage target options on the jump ball ... and that's it. We're happy with that ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Hmm. It strikes me that we could easily do BEARS JEOPARDY,no?

    Alex Trebek: "Here are today's BEARS' JEOPARDY catagories, players.


    'Unsuccessful Head Coaches' ...
    'Stupid High Draft Picks'....
    'Players WE didn't need'...
    'Games we pissed away'...
    'Quarterbacks who could only start for the Bears'
    'Other Positions Bobby Douglass could have excelled at'.

    Albert In Tucson: "I'll take 'Stupid High Draft Picks' for 200, Alex".

    Alex Trebek: "The answer is...'I was O.J. Simpson's blocking back before the Bears used a high 2nd round pick to draft me and unsuccessfully tried to make me a tight end'. "

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    +1. Nice work Z

  • In reply to mikemuadib: in Pandora "I see you" and you shine like the bright star you are.... love it..

    and Blogfather

    1. I am afraid these guys are going to try to get rid of AB...why? who knows..all I know just get someone with the same drive.talent and passion ...I liked the idea of the O-line..why? because we suck on the O-line we need I a *cussing* rant again.YES.

    2. +1 I need to get my fix NOW!!! Tell me who,what,where and when!!!

    3.(my Dad says this all the time)As useless as a tit on a bull! and it fits here.. follow you buddy to Indy and get the *cuss* out of Chicago!!!

    4. I was pissed when we let him go at first.

    5. Interesting what the Management is Proud of and the hoopla and then the Meat and Potatoes we say nothing.. JA you suck too!

    I'm out..done ranting thanks for the new thread Jeff.

  • is third MoTHaFUCkA!

  • 1. Hope to god that the Bears play on Thanksgiving!
    2. Alex Brown please dont leave.
    3. Nathan Vasher will do good is SD cause Rivera know how to use him
    4.Izzy is A GOOD BACKUP, starter? maybe not
    5.Kahlil Bell will be a good third RB....but who cares, cause we got two of the best RBs in the game.
    6. Lovie I still hate you and you cant suck my DICK!

  • OTAs begin....

  • i was thinking the SAME THING a/b vasher Jeff. if that shit happens, that's a further indictment on Lovie; but something tells me he's going to suck ass while being Cromartie's shell out in sunny SD (at least they can stay classy....or go fuck themselves). :-)

  • * Sims is a bum. As we need at least a guard, a guard/center and a tackle, that would basically be our draft. We need to be active in the lineman market given that we know Angelo is going to draft a @#$% Defensive tackle because he was the best player on the board, but not this bum. If we get a third for Alex, do it. Justin Smiley please.

    * Schedule ? I'd rather know who's going to be on the team before I worry about who we play. I don't care who we play. Never have. It's the Packers and the Queens twice a year (although after Detroit draft Suh we're going to need about twelve guards to keep him off Cutler).

    * Izzy is my main man. I don't think anyone is going to be saying at the end of next season ... "Y'know, if only we had Alex this season..." If we fix the offensive line and add a decent receiver then it doesn't matter what happens on defense anyway. Cutler. To. Shabba. All day baby. Let's see what Marinelli has done with this bunch before we throw in the red flag. There's a possibility Harris will be awesome again and if that happens in tandem with a healthy Peppers then any healthy Bear at LE will do.

    * Vasher was a pro-bowler and NFL record holder for a short time. If he suddenly becomes 'uninjured' looks good and and starts in SD, then we're all going to Toronto .. to watch the mushroom cloud form over Halas Hall.

    * Kahlil Bell signed. Good. Rather see Michael Bell signed, but you can't have it all. It would be excellent to have people blocking for him though ....

    And as it was the the last post on the other blog, there was a little message for all you angry Bear fans out here. It's the off-season, and as with humans in general, it all has the complexion of a fucked season, tempers are frayed at the goings on in the front office and the world around us. Peter Finch urges you to get up out of your chair and go to the window ...

  • He meant that if the Rams take Bradford that means they're not taking Suh, which leaves him available for the Lions at #2.

  • Sims isn't enough for AB. If it lands us Atogwe, then I support the move. But, taking away the essence of the team for an average guard doesn't make sense. AB does a lot of intangibles that never make the stat sheet. He blocks, deflects and gets his hands on or around the skin all the time. He is gap disciplined and is strong against the run. He forces QBs to move outside the pocket and throw on the run. Even if he doesn't get the sack, he makes it difficult for an offense.

    I don't think Izzy is quick enough to be an effective pressure end. He is no doubt stronger and bigger than AB, I just don't know if he has the requisite speed to cause mayhem at DE. Looking forward to Melton and Gilbert contributing, if Lovie doesn't hide them on the bench. We will see if Lovie and Maranara's raging boner for Anderson is deserved this year. Last time I saw him, he couldn't shed a tackle and was atrocious on run stopping.

    Glad we signed Bell to a 1 year; also glad he is not our backup RB.

    Haven't been to Toronto since I was on a camp trip in 7th grade. Some of the counselors gave us there IDs so we could get into the strip clubs. When we found a place that finally let us in, my rich friend threw his dad's credit card down for us to get lobster dinners. Then the same kid got a lap dance and jizzed in his pants (reminds me of Andy Samberg's genius digital short) 30 seconds after she started doing her thing. The funny thing was, she wasn't even grinding on him, she just started bending down a little bit and touched his shoulder. We gave him shit for a while. Epic trip.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    100 points!

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Jeeze, what a day.

    A terrible thing happened with Alex Brown. I applaud him for twittering or tweeting or whatever that classy farewell. By doing that he probably ended any chance the Bears had of getting anything of value for him...perhaps a small jab as he exits stage right, perhaps not. At any rate, damn Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo, and anyone else involved in this decision.

    With coaching decisions like this brace yourself for another 7-9 season, or worse.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    The ghost makes his return. Welcome back ghost.

    +1 on the last two sentences for sure.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I'd also like to simply state that I will miss the hell out of Alex Brown.

    Good luck Izzy Idonije. You're going to need it.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:


  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    You see, that doesn't make sense. Why make someone start that did not start last year? I like Idonije but I don't know if he can handle it. Plus, I am hoping the Tommie Harris and Julius Peppers can hide or make whoever is on the other side good.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Teams like to insert new starters here and there after bringing players up in the org. Just the nature of the beast. I'm hoping to see if any of our picks last year will step it up on the field.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Once again, I like Trac. Emotions are lame.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    I'm just hoping to see last year's picks ...

  • AB says goodbye to fans in a classy way prior to the Bears having the class to release the guy:

    Angelo is a tool. He's waiting for a call for a 4th rounder from a team that will never come, and leaving AB and his agent hanging out there without the ability to talk to anybody until right before the draft, and then they will quietly give the guy the shaft.

  • Ahem, back to football.

  • Man, AB even gave us one last 'Bear Down.'

    How much you wanna bet he ends up on a team that beats us next year when he blocks a Robbie Gould field goal as time expires...

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    +100. I forgot for a second that AB is a great FG blocker.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Blocking field goals = Izzy too!

  • Something I haven't heard anyone mention is the fact that there is a slim(probably more like 1 in a Million) possibility that Brown re-signs with the Bears for much less than the 5 Mill he was scheduled to get.

  • We should all get to see how average this Sims guy really is seeing we may have to suit up against him twice a year.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Sims, meet Butter and Chili ...

  • I will agree Murph, But J-Mac was definitely not coaching material..

  • Or they get Gerald McCoy, it's all bad ...

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