Marinelli: Par For the Couse

The Rod Marinelli hiring equates to one thing and one thing only: arrogance.  By promoting a coach from the staff of one of the worst defenses in the history of this organization, Lovie Smith has announced that the troubles of the 2009 campaign were not his own.  He is passing the buck of recent failures.  He has operated with the mix of stubborness and delusion that has come to define his tenure with the Chicago Bears.  This is not an unintelligent decision by a coach who has lost his way.  This is a deliberate, calculated maneuver by an individual desperate to stand behind media microphones for his "I told you so" moment.

Marinelli certainly earned a promotion, didn't he?  The rush defense was one of the league's ten worst and defensive line was about as intimidating as a pigeon on the yard at Riker's Island.  (With the definitive exception of Alex Brown, a man whose motor and intensity should be an inspiration to the other ten men on that side of the ball.)  I don't have the kind of job that takes place in an office and requires slacks but I can't imagine this is how promotions work.

The Bears offense struggled with turnovers from the quarterback and run blocking from the offensive line.  For those two issues - both specific player issues - the offensive coordinator was fired and a new system has been instituted.  The Bears defense - in scheme, play-calling and performance - was a disaster.  For those issues, a member of the staff has been rewarded.  Say this paragraph aloud and you'll be calling DirecTV to cancel before sundown. 

Lovie has his chance.  Sixteen games (most likely).  He's decided if he's going down swinging, he's going down with his friends at his side.  I just wish his friends were better football coaches.   



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  • FIRST!!

  • Does it really matter with these morons.?

    This blog again is the only intersting and/or matters for this up coming season!

    Thanks Blogfather... Carry the flag for us and we will be with you.

  • We should all brace ourselves for 'NELLIBALL!

    [referring to NBA coach Don Nelson...high scoring games, no effort AT ALL spent on defense]

    /hell, "Ron" even rhymes with "Don"

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Oh mistake...his name is "Rod"
    ...what a dick

    I guess the bright side is that Nelliball 2010 couldn't possibly worse than Nelliball 2009.

    It's like how a head coach who loses all his games can only improve.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Oh wait...his name is "Rod." (what a dick?)

    On the bright side, Nelliball 2010 can't possibly be worse than Nelliball 2009. It's the bright side, like how a head coach who loses all his games, can at worst, only match his previous ineptitude.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Still don't understand how Marinelli is considered some defensive guru when he oversaw arguably the worst Defense in the history of the NFL. The media hype these guys get is staggering once you see through it.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    As a joking aside, how bad would it be if when this staff gets canned, Babich goes somewhere and we find out the guy was actually good without Lovie running the show?

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Stupid is as stupid does. This team is run by a bunch of trust fund babies that could care less about our post season chances as long as they get to cash their checks on the 1st of every month. Having said that, even with the best of intentions, there is nobody running the show with an ounce of football integrity in this sorry organization. Get your juicers out gentlemen because for the next two years at least we had better learn how to make lemonade out of lemons. I'll paint any car for 99 dollars and 99 cents........righttttt.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Earl Shieb would do it for $39.95

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    with no ups and with no extra's........righttttt

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    when is this HOF announcement? Much more of a dramatic build up than the DC BS. I hate the Vikes with a passion but how is Michael Irvin in the HOF but Cris Carter keeps getting passed up?

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    2 minute warning

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    All-time greats Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith led a class of seven into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

    The NFL's career receiving and rushing leaders were joined in the Hall by John Randle, Russ Grimm, Rickey Jackson, Floyd Little and Dick LeBeau. Little and LeBeau were elected as senior committee nominees.

    Da Bears don't get Da respect. Football news just keeps sucking.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Anyone think Emmitt Smith would be in the HOF without that line ? Just wonderin'....

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Well one more time do we as "BEAR FANS" get bent over and ride'n hard and put away wet. DAMN Dent should be IN!!!! the HOF, it just seems to suck being a fan lately....

    BEAR DOWN!!!

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Jeff: what exactly does couse mean?

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    These are lines from
    NEIL HAYES Sun-Times Feb 6th

    ''It's about understanding who your personnel is,'' former Kansas City coach Herm Edwards said when asked about the importance of play calling. ''That you've called plays before doesn't make you successful.

    1. gee look at this season and LDL showed how he can't even find his ass even if his hands were glued to it.. he couldn't even by a FU@!!$#ING a vowel from Vanna White.. he would throw the challenge falg and then as Pat Sajack for a time out. DUH!!

    Who are the players? This isn't a video game. These are human beings. You see them every day in practice. You know their skill level and their opponents and you have to look at the game plans and say,

    2. The only word in these sentence's is WHO? as in Cover Who? LDL understands that. Now he has his minions and everything will be o.k. yeah for the other team we are playing. DUH!

    'I'd like to do this, but we can't against these guys.' You can't be stubborn.''

    3. Stubborn.. Well we all know what this word, another in it's place is Limp Dick Lovie. WOW!

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Here's more from the article..and shit How does Babich feel now?...

    ''Rod is among the best defensive coaches in the NFL and will be an excellent defensive coordinator for us,'' Smith said in a statement released by the team. ''We considered outside possibilities, but I didn't feel our defense would benefit the same way it will with Rod in the coordinator role. From the first day I became head coach of the Chicago Bears, I envisioned Rod as our defensive coordinator.

    No... Lovie you invisioned dualing banjos in the background and inviting every FU!@$#!$#Ing Relative/Friend (St. Louis/Tampa)you could get so you can get this:

    here is the article all:,CST-SPT-bear06.article

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Look at that quote, it's just more bullshit.

    If Perry Fewell had accepted the DC job, there is no way Marinelli would be coordinating anything but this broke-ass defensive line.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Although the stench of bullshit coming out of Halas Hall lately has been particuarly strong, I can't really blame Lovie for wanting to do it "his way" with "his guys". But like Jeff said, I only wish "his guys" were better football coaches. The point Jeff makes about Lovie just waiting for his "I told you so" moment is fine with me as long as the Bears give us a season to remember, and in a good way.

    This whole coaching hire debacle has been a disaster from the start. First, Teddy Phillips comes out and stands in front of the Chicago media and fans and tells us "Things are going to change! Heads are going to roll!" as to give fans an impression that this decision is actually about winning. Next, Jerry Angelo, a bit more laid back in his evaluation tells us, "Yes things are going to change. Lovie and I are going to bring in guys who can bring a new attitude and energy." Not quite the 'head rolling' speech Teddy gave us, but still hope for change. Finally Lovie comes out with his chest out and says, "Things are not going to change. This is MY show and I'm running the way I want to with the guys I trust, whether JA and Teddy like it or not."

    Now, I learned about employee empowerment in school, and how it can make an organization more effective and efficient. But for JA to allow Lovie to make every call in regards to the coaching staff is a dangerous leap of faith for JA. Teddy has made it clear that it's basically playoffs or bust for Lovie and JA, and for JA to let Lovie make every call in regards to his staff is certainly a dangerous proposition. The best way for JA to protect himself from further embarrassment and to protect his own job is to find some legitimate talent to help Lovie's guys run their system. Lovie has shown he will not change his scheme based on the players he has available, so JA needs to provide him the talent to fit the scheme or they're in serious trouble. Yes, getting Urlacher and Pisa back on the field should help the defense, but the Bears still need to get Tommie Harris back to his disruptive ways and they still need to find a free safety to get this unit back where it was in '06. What JA does this offseason in terms of acquiring talent is 10x more important in my opinion to any kind of coaching hire they could have made. If Angelo can find difference makers to plug in on the line and in the secondary, Lovie just may be able to say "I told you so" at the end of the season.

  • We definitely don't have the personnel to run a 3-4.

    We barely have the personnel to run a 4-3.

  • Lovie refuses to acknowledge that his SCHEME is stupid. His 'give receivers 8 yard cushions on 3rd and 8' scheme is just downright retarded. He really thinks that he's a good coach and it's everyone else's fault when the team struggles.

    Not firing him was a huge mistake. But I think our offense will improve definitely. But our defense...oh brother. We may have to win in shootouts all year.

  • I'll take Dent, Sharpe and Carter over Randle, Grimm and Jackson. Anyone know what 1st timers are in the running next year?

  • I guess the committee is blase' about Richard Dent because SO MANY defensive players who are named SUPER BOWL MVP !!!!!!!! Granted, Dexter Jackson DISAPPEARED within 2 seasons but Dent did not and has the resume' to support induction. I have no problem with John Randle or Ricky Jackson, but their place in the HOF line is BEHIND Richard Dent!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Why is the HOF messing with Richard Dent? Dude was a beast and he belongs in the HOF. Ricky Jackson? Good but please.. Voters don't know greatness and Dent was Great. On to The Soup Can Game. Colts master genius Manning will destroy Vilma and crew. Vilma from "The U" vs "THE BRAIN"? Please! Manning is like Sun Tzu...every battle is won before it's ever fought. Too much prep time for Peyton and not nearly enough for SPayton. News flash! Manning's head has grow another 2inches in circumference due to pre game film session while in Miami. Requires new enlarged globemaster dome-helmet for game. Final Score 46-23 COLTS..

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    So do we get a new line coach ? Is Rod supposed to coach the line AND be a DC ? I guess we give him a chance. He knows what he's talking about. The rush defense wasn't his fault last year. He lost three of his best players byt the end of the first half of the first game of the season. His starting under tackle was gone before the season started. Harris was not close to being healthy this year, but played anyway. Hillenmeyer gave away a lot of weight and talent/ability in filling in for Brian. Can't lay too much on Marinelli there. We had bad luck with injuries last year, can't always blame that on someone, it happens. We just need to call up Darren Sharper and we'll be fine. And hey, Peyton manning was a ducheyne in the Super Bowl. When it came down to the business end, both Favre and Manning were more like Sexy Rexy. The future looks blue and orange. Life is good ....

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Oh, and if Marinelli's promotion is ruffling feathers and confusing - somebody explain Olsen's promotion this year to me in a rational manner.

  • It behooves me to correct your use of behoove. I believe you were going for "baffles".

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