Response to the Press Conference

It was the press conference that made a 7-9 season worse.

Three individuals spoke today at Halas Hall.  Ted Phillips, the ringmaster of Chicago's most popular circus, embarrassed himself with a stunning lack of football knowledge and blind fan pandering.  Jerry Angelo actually believed that "new energy" from new coaches would elevate a 7-9 disaster to a Super Bowl contender.  Lovie Smith sounded exactly like Lovie Smith always does: arrogant, stubborn, boring. 

Some things became infinitely clear. (1) Nobody in this organization understands that 2006 happened three years ago and three years in a generation in the NFL.  (2) Jerry all-but-confirmed that the last two games of this season saved the job of Lovie Smith.  That's right, kids.  Allowing thirty points in a half and needing a fourth-quarter rally to beat one of the worst teams in the league kept a head coach in his job.  Mediocrity defined.  (3) It is 2010 or bust for all three of these guys.  And all three of them know it.  (4) Kudos to the writers for pushing Lovie into answering questions about the specific deficiencies of his defense.  (5)  It is impossible to listen to a head coach tell us we don't need "a complete overhaul" after Ted just told us about the major changes being made.  If changing both coordinators is not a complete overhaul, then this is all bullshit and why waste time with the press conference?  
It just doesn't add up.  Any of it.  And not one person today made the case for the retaining of Lovie Smith as the head coach of the Chicago Bears.          


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  • For the life of me, I can't see next year being worth watching. We miss the playoffs, remain a 2nd tier defense, and then clean house. So why invest in next year, other than to see if Cutler gets better?

    I think I'm taking next year totally off. And given the CBA issues, I may not pay attention to another down of pro football til the next presidential election gets into high gear.

    This is a worthless organization, run by bean-counters. Fuck them.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    'Fans' who only want to stick around when the winning is good make me puke. The Packers look good, go support them ...

  • The players may have wanted Lovie back...but why did they wait to the last two games of the season to show it? That frustrates me.

  • good recap Jeff, you just left out that Jerry apparantly had a very annoting hanger that took the first 2 minutes he was up there to clear away.

  • It is good to hear that they are going to actually go look for a DC to hire, when you think about it they haven't done that since Rivera was fired.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    they may, they may not. the next head coach is going to want to bring in his own staff. ted p acted as if the bears missing the playoffs next year means a new coach and gm for sure. i believe that. i also don't think he's on the firing line. the owning family knows what they're in store for next year.

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    I want to know who has the final say on the hiring of these coordinators?

    If it is Lovie, I expect them to hire Mike Martz and Rod Marinelli. If it is Jerry I expect to see Charlie Weis and Rod Marinelli. If it is Ted Phillips I expect him to hire Mary Poppins as the OC (we will be the first team in history to use the umbrella formation, we can even have it amended into our fight song) and Elmer Fudd as our DC. This will be a great idea for the bean-counter. Imagine not having to pay any salary at all for imaginary fucking coaches.

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    it's lovie's decision, and he said he's going outside the organization and that marinelli will remain d line coach

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    I suspect Angelo was the guy in the room who was pushing to have Lovie shitcanned, because he set Lovie up last offseason.

    I want Dave Taub or Charlie Wies as our next OC, and I want a 3-4 minded DC to come into town and turn our D into an attack machine.

    Fuck the impotent cover 2 philosopy.

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  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I can't groove on Lovie's attitude being the reason we sucked this year, MB. part of it maybe. Offensive line was a huge part, roster choices are on Angelo. A lack of receivers for Cutler(Angelo) didn't help, combined with Turner's inability to adapt to Cutler and call designed roll-outs etc. whilst dialling up insanity. Before the first half of football of the season had ended, we'd lost the heart of our defense, an outside linebacker and our nose tackle. All for the season. Lovie has made a lot of poor decisions, but he played the guys he had on offense (except for DA, but DA was down that starting list) and got little out of them. Not too much he could do about losing Brian, Pisa and Dusty. You won't be as good with backups. He's not a great coach, but he's not the sole reason we sucked either.

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    trying to see the bright side, and still love my Bears. Hard to do but Im sticking with it. If they hire Martz, look out. Spread it out, awesome young QB with versatile back and a bunch of speed WRs... wow. We just need to upgrade this oline and go try to score 30 a game. Fun, fun season no matter how it goes. Martz has stronger personality than Lovie by MILES. That's why Samurai Mike had to fire him. He'll run this team, no doubt.

  • In reply to animal:

    Nice to hear somebody loves their Bears. As for Martz, he threw Cutler under the bus earlier in the season and Cutler clearly has the power now ... no chance. No one's mentioned Nick Saban, what's the deal there ?

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    One thing about this years in the NFL...nothing really made much sense...

    Who could have guessed Denver with Orton would do as well as they did ini the beginning of the season? Who would have thought that a team that looked to be a Superbowl contender on paper, The NY Giants, would suck as bad as they did this season. Who woould have thought the Bengals would come out of nowhere and look like a true NFl calibar team? I could go on and on but the fact reamains that this season in the NFL has been very strange.

    The fact that Lovie is STILL the Bears head coach is just another mind boggling item to add to the "strange" list. There is still hope...there is always hope for next season even with Lovie, but it seems so paper thin right now I could cry.

    BEAR DOWN gang...let us hope together that things somehow get better before they get any worse.

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    Well what a treat, now you guys in Chicago get the pleasure of watching the Lions for 16 games! Martz and Marinelli, now there's a one-two punch from a paraplegic, maybe Rod will even hire his idiot son-in-law and another reporter can get fired for calling him on it. Lovie's BFF Club strikes again!

    The Chicago Bears are officially dead or waiting to be reincarnated. The McCaskey Cubs can fuck themselves, and since I hold no loyalty to this sick parody, I can and will root for the Packers (yeah I fucking said it.). Sorry guys.

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    I think they will go with Kyle Shannahan at OC if they can get him away from Houston, he has a good mix of plays and would jump at the chance to get to call all the play on offense; if not him then very possibly Martz since he is probably on Lovie's friends and family plan, although it would make what Lovie said in the press conference about being a running team total BS.
    And for DC I have no idea.... Romeo Crennel, he is decent at DC I think just bad as a HC, kind of like Lovie! Most really good DC candidates are probably going to want to flip this team into a 3-4 team with ogun and andersons contracts coming up 4 or 5 startable LBs on the roster and several juicy NTs on the FA market; and Lovie is too much in love with his scheme to hire someone who would get rid of it, hell he fired a guy just because he changed out of the cover two at half time!

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Kyle goes where daddy goes. D.C.

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    Mike Martz's offense basically involves 35 7-step drops per game. If there were an 11 step drop, he'd call that too. He nearly got Bulger and Kitna killed, and basically is too arrogant to run the ball (think Mike Leach w/o the pirate fetish). Jay Cutler will be done by game 6 if that clown comes here. I'm hoping for the guy from USC, who coached Cutler in Denver. Please no Martz. I'd actually rather see Marinelli as the D-coordinator.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    WOW Jeff!!! you were busy today... I was out all day and get back to all of you guys and HOLY SHIT!!!

    All of you have been busy punching those keys on the board and staying on top of everything. Thanks again all for keeping me in the circle of what is really going on with the 2010 NCB (Neutered Chicago Bears)To bad we could not be punching TP/JA/and LDl and his minions Pink Slip.

    Remember my earlier thread about the pit in my stomach... well folks it came up and I am choking on it as we speak.

    And by the way did any one get a Thank You or a Kiss for the FU!@#!@$ING we got? I sure and the hell didn't.

    Well Jeff your Post of the "2010 Nuetered Bears" are correct. SHIT!!

    I will root for our Bears 2010 but boy it will hurt like hell!

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I expect Martz and Perry Fewell.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I hope you're wrong.

    Who do you want to see?

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Perry Ferrell from Jane's Addiction would be interesting.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hahahaha... I've been thinking the same thing every time that guy's name is mentioned. Perry wouldn't be too good I'm afraid, but maybe better than lovie.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Things to expect next year:

    Daniel Manning playing Nickel back
    Urlacher unable to shed a block
    Butter Harris going soft during camp
    Harris and Adams unable to keep said OGs off Urlacher
    Urlacher playing like a pussy
    Briggs having another Pro Bowl year
    Roach at Strong Side
    Kreutz gone
    Frank-O gone
    Williams and Saffer at tackles
    Garza back
    Forte running better (sophomore slump over)
    McKie gone
    Shabba-Dabba as the 1WR
    Some bottom of the barrel FA WR come to camp, aka the 'new Booker or Lloyd' - challenge nobody, fight Rashied Davis for a job
    Knox hurt his hamstring in camp
    Gaines make no gains in weight. Becomes the 'poor man's Mark Anderson'
    Anderson take Wale's spot at end
    3rd round draft pick selects a OG

    Martz devise some fucked up plays, that do NOT involve Hester on the reverse.

    Martz decide he's going to 'Faulk Up' Matt Forte, and run a bunch of sets that have Matt wide out.

    Bennett get marginally better.

    Pisa retire from injuries.

    4th round pick on a safety.

    The only reason to watch will be if they can get blocking and actually show sets that trick the other teams, they may score alot of points. The D is going to be awful.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I'm not that pissed because this is what I thought was going to happen all along. All this does is sprinkle the off-season with a bunch of ifs.

    if the new OC is good and;
    if the new DC is good and;
    if the QB coach is good and'
    if the OL coach is good and;
    if Tommie is back to close to normal (as he says) and;
    if 54 recovers and;
    if Culter takes better care of the ball and;
    if we find a FS and;
    if the OL gels and;
    if the DL can get after the passer and;
    if my farts smelled like flowers I'd change my name to Channel #5

  • In reply to jdawg:

    It's Chanel No.5. And it doesn't smell like flowers.

    Channel 5 is where Brad Palmer's chrome dome shows up.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Reporter : What do you wear in bed Marilyn ?

    Marilyn Monroe : Chanel No.5

  • In reply to jdawg:

    My God, I was absolutely SICK this morning at the seesaw - first trepidatious euphoria getting ready to explode as they announce that the Bears have called a press conference... to complete sock-in-the-gut despair when they said Adam Schefter was reporting that Lovie would be back...

    I guess I appreciate the obvious candor of the McCaskeys - all but posting on their web site that "this decision was about money, nothing more, nothing less, sorry Bear fans, that's the sorry truth" - and while that will cause a gigantic "NO DUH" out of many of the posters here, I have been a strong supporter of the other side, the "Bears spend money now" side. Well, for today, and much more dishearteningly, for all of next year, I WAS DEAD WRONG. Much like Terrell Owens had 25 million reasons to stay alive, Virginia et. al. had 5.5 million reasons to make this asinine, so-short-sighted decision.

    This was almost disturbing in its bald coldness - a complete NO CONFIDENCE vote on the head coach by requiring him to fire virtually everyone under him while retaining him for one more lame duck year, all to save $5.5MM (or $11MM if we get Mr. Loveless & Leaderless for 2011).

    And although I believe it was almost all about money, I also think that the Chicago Bears management can be thought of as a rotting 3 legged stool, and two of those rotting legs pitched in to save the one that is more termite hole than wood - so that the owner of said stool wouldn't do the right thing and pitch the whole rotten chair in the dumpster where it belongs. Wish I could present a better metaphor but they done struck me dumb. Hey Jerry and Ted, I guess it's one for all and all for one, huh? To save your sorry asses we get to pass on Bill Cowher, that's it, right?


  • In reply to jdawg:

    Some players like Lovie because they stink and they know he doesn't seem to mind.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    No way. He's not a guy you want to get on the wrong side of apparently. He's a behind-closed-doors kinda guy, not an egotistical look-how-mad-I-can-get. Read Wale and Dez' blogs and you can see they genuinely respect the guy ... if we brought in some shape thrower who rubbed the players up the wrong way you could have a mutiny on your hands. The reason we played well the last two games is ...

    1. The re-jigged O-line gave Jay more than 0.2s to throw the ball (although he's best outside the pocket anyway)
    2. Shabb-dabba-doo !
    3. (maybe)He grew a pair and was blatantly changing called plays to ones that worked (a la Jim McMahon)

    ... not because the players suddenly decided to play well. Suggesting that they didn't want to win all season ... well I mean who would say something like that ? I don't think anyone has said that on here....

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Let's see, if there is a 60% (generous, I admit) chance for each question above to be "yes", we get (0.6) to the 11th power, translating to a 0.3628% chance of success.

    Sounds about right.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Martz doesn't wait long, gets out his kneepads, applies lipstick...

  • In reply to jdawg:

    I have been a Bears fan my entire life. I was raised that way. As a new poster I feel like I am about ready to over step my bounds but:

    Some of you guys are fucking morons! Have you ever played football? I am a former football coach at the high school level. I know the high school level isn't the NFL but it is a lot more coaching experience than most of you have ever had. Lovie Smith is doing his job. He is being let down by a poor GM, and lack of player execution. Angelo hasn't given Lovie the players he needs, primary o-linemen. Look at his drafting records.

    I have been reading your blogs for sometime now just shaking my head. I feel your negativity is the one thing I wish Phillips and the organization could change but the can't because their are too many assholes out there thinking they know what's best. People who have less football knowledge than they care to think are a big reason I am embarrassed to be a Bears fan, not the 7-9 record. Many of you are the type of people who boo Jay Cutler when he throws 5 picks but wipe his ass when he throws 4 TDs. It's disgusting. Boo him or support him, stop jumping ships.

    Have faith and enjoy your team. If any of you followed through on your negative thoughts you would do more than boo the team the end result would be Solider Field having an attendance of 2,500 every game. I doubt any of you have the balls to stop following the Bears or attending their games. You would rather bitch about how their aren't as good in real life as they are in Madden.

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    Since I'm on a roll...

    Reason, consider your bounds overstepped.

    You're of course entitled to your thoughts, and to share them here. But being a high school football coach doesn't make you much of an authority here either bud. For what it's worth, I've played at the college level and have coached LBs and Safties at the high school level for a decent team in SD, AND have never and would never booed my team under any circumstances.

    Not sure why being a high school coach makes you fucking blind to the ridiculous show that is lovie smith and his crew? What are you seeing that all of us aren't man

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh, and my dad can beat up your dad

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Fair enough dude, but I'd rather watch a football game than a circle jerk.

  • In reply to number1ninja:

    That's my point Ninja. I live in SD and this year it would be supremely easy to throw on a powder blue shirt and go down to the Murph (now Qualcomm) and cheer my heart out for the Chargers... but they ain't MY team, and while I hope they do good things, when it comes down to it I don

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I see your point. However, should a true fan of the Bears support this perversion that is sure to have Halas spinning in his grave, or do we walk away and follow somebody else for a while until they get their shit together? Ultimately, I guess I am still a fan because I can't help caring about this travesty, but how much can I legitimize this garbage and not be spitting on Papa Bear's grave?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Now *that's* a fan. Nice one MB. I hope the Chargers win it all. Have to stop those Cowpokes ...

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    as for the primary o-lineman Lovie's GM has never gotten him: how about J. Tait, R. Brown, F. Miller, M. Columbo, R. Garza, M. Gandy, C. Williams, J. Beekman, K. Schaeffer, O. Pace?

    Are we going to play the selective memory game now?

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Williams had a bad back and was a reach. He only showed up to play when he was finally put in at LT. He stank all year and was a penalty machine. Beekman wasn't much better than Omiyale, and this is our future center. Pace might have been primo in days of yore, but we got better when he wasn't on the field.

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    Viva- How many of those work out for the Bears? How many of them were contributors this season? In the selective memory game consider yourself a winner!

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    So you say that "Angelo hasn't given Lovie the players he needs, primary o-lineman," I list 10 players who were "given" to Lovie, most of whom have made an impact, and yet you still will not concede the point, which is that your statement was not exactly accurate.

    I will at least thank you for making me the winner in the game I made up to demonstrate your ignorance.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Did you see these guys play this year ? Honestly ? Angelo's idea of bolstering the offensive line, his genius gift to the Chicago Bears, to build a wall of stone around Jay Cutler was .... Orlando Pace and Frank Omiyale. Pace has had smaller ends running through his legs all season long, that side of the line(with Omiyale in place)were revolving doors on every single play. So their 'impact' on the Bears was to stall the running and passing games. Great, thanks Jerry.

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    the packers will be better than us next year.

    so will the vikes.

    be happy, and go away.

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    No shocker here. Hopefully the OC and DC are capable. Also, I hope the DC runs whatever he sees fit. At this point, Lovie has to know his leash is ultra short. I'm guessing our FA signings will be meager and JA will get the greatest Free Safety from the Midwest Barber College Association and we will be good to go.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    Forte didn't have a sophmore slump gents. i said it early on that he didn't have the burst and was running like a pussy. here is why:

    I fucking knew it but we are too stubborn to go get a real HEALTHY running back to finish the remaining 85% of the season. what a bunch of fucking bullshit.

  • In reply to 1ReasonableFan:

    Reasonable - you're right about fans hating on their own team, makes me want to puke. Wanting your team to lose is just un-natural. But we come on here and bitch and moan and call people names because we need to share our passion and frustration with people who won't think we're weird for feeling that way about a football team. Some are Angelo haters,Philips haters, Lovie haters, Turner haters, or combinations of all the above. It's hard not to be one of the above. Put me top of the 'Greg Olsen relocation fund' if you want. No biggie. I think apart from PortugeseBear, I'm one of the only non-Americans on here. I sacrificed my weekends to play football in the cold and the wet, getting up at 5.00 on Sunday mornings to trek across Dublin on 4 different buses, meaning no Saturday nights out. The lowest level of organised football in the whole world perhaps. Everyone on here knows more than me, they grew up with this shit. But do I need to be a coach to recognise Lovie's Lovie-isms ? If I was a coach, could I explain why Lovie turned the greatest return man of all time into a second-rate receiver ? Could I figure out why Orlando Pace was at LT, or why Lovie persisted for so long with a line that could not block ? Because only Lovie has the answers. I have news for you reasonable, there are a lot of dumb coaches in the NFL. There are a lot of dumb people in the NFL period. They're football players. And being a coach in high school does not necessarily make someone an authority on football. Doesn't even mean you could play. It means you could shout "get your hands off your thighs son, keep your hands up !" and raise your voice at kids. So even as a dumb ass on here, we figured out things were rotten in Denmark before a lot of people.

    Are we not entitled to share our questions, our hopes, thoughts ? I don't think anyone on here rags on Cutler big time. I can't remember what week I stopped making excuses for him, but it was around the beginning of the fourth quarter of the season. I think I even ragged on him one week, after the defense wasn't to blame, the O-line hadn't been terrible etc. He just threw bullshit passes Jamarcus Russell would be laughed off for throwing. He had us fucking worried for a minute. After giving up what we gave up in draft picks, we're allowed to expect. I've been waiting 25 years for another super bowl. For what it's worth, I have a man crush on Jay Cutler, because one day I know he'll raise a Lombardi in the air, for me, and I'll cry, and I'll remember April 2nd 2009.

    Our 'negative thoughts' targeted and discussed solutions for the Bears' problems all year long. Wanting to see your beloved Bears do their best and getting angry when you see what's been going on ... that's natural. Lovie has been let down by both his GM and players, yes, you're absolutely correct. You can throw in Turner and Philips on top of that, but yes, you're right. He's been let down. And Lovie let US down. He said trust him, and we did.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Exactly Jeff.

    Here let me put it into terms that should bring the concept viscerally home to you.

    How would you like it if you could find a boss that:

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Dear Fans,

    I am the HC of the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler is my QB. I am the HC of the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler is my QB. I am the HC of the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler is my QB. I am the HC of the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler is my QB. I am the HC of the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler is my QB.


    Lovie Smith

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    GREAT point DMBand. Why hasn't the press picked up on that yet?

    Jeff - havent' heard the press confederence yet. Hope to tonight. How did the media press Lovie on the defense.

    Classic - they get rid of the OC, in effect get rid of the DC, and Lovie says "no need for a major overhaul".

    Which means "no need to fire me."

  • In reply to BillW:

    Read the transcripts of all three pressers on the website. Don't listen. I tried listening to Philips and it was like swallowing small shards of glass, I had to switch it off ...

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Can someone else explain to me how Mike Martz's spread offense is going to work in chicago when its fucking 30 below in a blizzard?

    Sure it worked great with 2, maybe 3 future HOF players in a dome on turf.. but for fucks sake thats not the case here.

  • Don't feed the troll.

  • To be honest, I'd take a far worse losing record if they gave their all, played with fire, and came up short. But these fuckers didn't even TRY half the season, and once again a small fish takes the axe for the real problem, and the people who OWN the stupid thing and make their livelihood from it don't seem to care. That's a giant Fuck You to the fans, and at that point the line between loyalty and stupidity is somewhere far off in the distance. They don't have to be great, but I'll come back when they actually give a shit.

  • Quit blaming the cover 2 for the defensive troubles. The Bears reall don't play it that much. Blame it on two things. (1)Getting rid of Ron Rivera (who was most responsible for getting to the Superbowl) and (2) Lovis Smith has always been a "play NOT to lose" coach. He will hire a YES man for the defense because he believes he knows what he's doing. It will be same old, same old.
    Next year the Bears will get off the bus, running. I only hope the bus keeps running and rtolls over Lovie. That's the way to improve the team. Then, throw Phillips and Angelo under the same bus.

  • In reply to BigBobinSC:

    Lovie will hire a YES man all the way. I definitely agree.

    Lovie is too damn stubborn to CHANGE! Regardless of how often they actually run the Cover 2, the entire Bears defensive scheme, call it what you will, is outdated. We do not have the players to adequately run Lovie's amazing defense form 8 years ago.

    We need a DC who brings in his own ideas and a system that our players can work in. If they can't, get new players who can.

  • Doc, i'm talking about the regime's insistence that nothing was wrong and that we were somehow crazy to question why Matt was falling down from hand tackles and the innuendo of a tackle. Guys playing through injury is what football is all about. i just don't like it when it is our running back and it affects his ability to run like a back.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I absolutely agree - I think either Doc or Ghost was the first to point out that it looked like Forte's knee was hurting him way more than he let on. I'm glad he's tough enough to want to be out there, and by mid-season we didn't have any options (that we knew about - ahem, Kahlil Bell, ahem)...HOWEVER, the sun-is-always-shining bullshit about him being healthy smelled like manure right away.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I was fortunate enough to have listened to Hub Harkush this afternoon on WSCR. While he thought the press conference was a disaster and the three speakers embarrassed themselves and the team, I think he did a pretty good job of divining why the McCaskey family were forced to make a lousy financial decision now in order to prevent a greater one later.

    Essentially, he said that new NFL owners (led by Jerry Jones) want to do things in a new way. In a few months, the current free agency rules will expire. In 2011, the players union's current contract will expire.

    The owners will lock out the players and destroy the union rather than sign a new one. A no brainer for them.

    Here are the other things they want: no salary caps, no salary floors and no revenue sharing. Hello, $200 million 5 year contracts for first round draft quarterbacks for those who can afford it. A fifth round no name for $10 million for those who can't. Good? I don't know. Diamonds in the rough do actually show up sometimes.

    In addition they are pursuing a legal remedy at the Supreme Court to have themselves declared immune from antitrust laws. NFL becomes not what the fans want but the owners want.

    Hub didn't have time to explain what effect this would have on the Chicago Bears and the other teams still run by the original owners families (or the public-owned Packers) but the implications are clear. Consider this: the "new" owners are the very rich who bought NFL teams while the "old" owners are rich only because they own NFL teams.

    I want to thank Hub for these insights. I don't like them but as a Bears' fan, it does make sense which is more I can say about a lot of other "informed" comments I have heard or read.

  • In reply to Westerner:

    Hub Arkush and insight are oil and water. What happened to the big new head coach he had the 'inside information' on a few weeks ago ? BS merchant and scandal jockey.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Man everytime i hear this crap from Lovie i wanna run a rusty ice pick through my skull. How long must we endure this guys stupidity i mean really. "We will stick with the scheme"!? Like minded coaches!? what has to happen b4 we realize Lovie has no fuckin clue. Seriously, everyone is taking the fall for this idiot. If this does not prove that Ron Rivera should still be here i don't know what will. After he was fired our D-fense has sucked and every year love conjures up this big change that will change things and its fails Miserably everytime, and still we listen to this dude. My god i feel like iim on that roller coaster ride that you hate that you get on once it starts then some asshole in the front says again again and the guy controlling the damn thing starts it all over again. damnit i want off.
    Sign pissed beyond the Seventh Circle of hell

  • That's the shit I'm talking about Doc, support the team, not the doo-shaynes in suits ! Turncoats are scumbags.

    I do believe they truly love Lovie because he commands respect. That's a good thing - how many teams in the NFL are behind their coach. How many Broncos would go to war for Josh McDaniels ? The Cover 2 worked well enough to get us to the super bowl, and like Lovie says, everybody runs the cover 2. We had no Tommie this year really, and no skills at the safety position, so it can't possibly work under those circumstances. We need to play better, not point at schemes. Regardless of the management, let's look forward to next year, and what we might achieve in spite of them. Just like every year .... Bear Down !

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