Lovie Smith Returning, Neutered

The Chicago Bears will hold a press conference tomorrow and announce that Lovie Smith is returning as the head coach in 2010.  According to the report from PFT, it is expected that Ron Turner will be fired as offensive coordinator and that Rod Marinelli will assume the defensive play-calling duties.  

What does this mean?  It means that the Bears organization has decided that the men who called the plays on both offense and defense did not deserve to return in those positions next season.  At the same time, they're arguing the man in charge of everything has earned another shot.  Does it make any sense at all?  Of course not.  
Let's wait and here what Jerry Angelo says at tomorrow's press conference.  But right now this seems like a 100% monetary decision.    


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  • hopefully it will be Weis as OC, but Marinelli as DC, God help us!

  • Yeah...I'm uncomfortable with Marinelli at DC. The D-Line needs enough work as it is. Why not get another DC in? Eh? I'll tell you why, because a successful Defensive Coordinator will not have the same strategy and philosophy as Lovie Smith!

    This is 100% money, in-house decision.

    But I think we have to back it, for now.

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    Why do you have to back a decision you don't like? Because the Bears made it? The Bears make lots of moronic decisions and if people continue to support those decisions blindly, they will NEVER be held accountable.

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    Per Brad Biggs this morning: "Smith back, but it's uncertain who made crucial call.", which is just why the Bears are set-up the way they are. No stationary target to take the heat for repeated ham-handed decisions.

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    It was probably the old lady.

    She values loyalty. Her profits this year were good. She sees no urgency.

    The only way she gets a toothpick in her craw is to have NBC and ESPN give the Bears the scheduling shaft. No MNF, so Sunday night games. Everything kicks off at noon. That would piss her off.

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    Viva, you usually have good points, and I understand the 3 OCs in 2 seasons argument, but:

    - You have seriously got to be kiddin

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    Whoops, typo. Tom "I'll fucking kill you" Cable

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    Well, here we go. Third story down: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/blog/

    "The Bears have fired offensive coordinator Ron Turner, as well as offensive line coach Harry Hiestand, quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton and tight ends coach Rob Boras, according to a league source.

    The Bears will keep receivers coach Darryl Drake and running backs coach Tim Spencer. Drake's receivers were the most criticized group coming into the 2009 season, but performed much better than expected. Spencer had to deal with Matt Forte running on a bad knee and inconsistent play from the offensive line.

    Also, sources differ on the role that assistant Rod Marinelli will play. While one league source expected Marinelli to become defensive coordinator -- and he is believed to have discussed the post with head coach Lovie Smith on Monday -- it appears the Bears will look elsewhere to fill the position."

    My take... good on all of it! Just wish smith was going with them. I guess a full miracle was too much to ask for.

    Just please, please, PLEASE Bears... don't fuck these hirings up. Get good Coordinators and proven position coaches. Please.

    What a let down. Bummer. One more year of Jumbotron Lovie. Someone NEEDS to get these bears hitting in camp and practice though... please!

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    OK I'll just throw out this question...What about Ditka for next year? Is he too old for the HC spot? Not good enough? Would he be even intrested? At the very least he'd bring back a set of balls to the coaching staff and tell it how it is attitude.

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    I meant next, next year not 2010 but 2011

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    I wasn't kidding when I stated in my original post, "I am not an RT fan, far from it." The point I was making is that if this is a make or break year for Lovie, then the smart move would have been to retain RT, so that the O can continue to develop. I would have been alot happier had they both been let go, now we have a higher hurdle to climb next year.

  • Jeff I posted this just a few minutes ago on the previous thread you had and did not know of this new thread..HOLY SHIT!! I cannot believe it. WOW enjoy

    O.K...O.K. I won't throw the baby out with the bathwater yet. But Jdawg.. We have seen how LDL surrounds himself with his minny me's.. JA will have to swoop down and put the Hammer on the Lovehammer. I am not sure he has the BALLS to do that. I am thinking when they check into Halas Hall each morning they place their balls in jars and then place them on shelves throught the halls. Either that or they place them in a jumping Ball pit something like at McD's and then at the end of the day they all jump in and try to find their own balls...problem is most all are neutered...so they never had balls to begin with.

    Jeff's new thread "YOUR 2010 NEUTERED BEARS" sorry jeff didn't mean to step on your toes brother.

    hope you feel better soon..
    P.S. Your Flu may also be a sign of what is coming up in the next few days at Halas Hall. intersting similarities FEVER,COLD SHAKES,BONES ACHE and every ORIFICE is about to let go!!!!!

  • God dammit Lobo, I look away for a damn second and you've got first ! Man.

  • Ah, third, cool, I don't feel so bad now. God damn you LALaw ..

  • I'm hoping that given a day to consider Smith will refuse Jerry's terms and force the Bears to fire him. This is classic mom and pop Bears. It's one thing to make a mistake in giving Smith a contract extension, it's another to compound that mistake by sticking down the wrong path.
    How can they justify allowing Smith to have 3 offensive coordinators, and 4 defensive coordinators in 7 seasons?? Absurd.
    And how much faith can you have in his next OC hire? Terry Shea part II!! Ugh....

  • In reply to alott96:

    Totally agree! Smith has proven that he can not hire personnel. He can not bring in talent. He can not manage games. All of that is pretty much indisputable, yet he gets to stay coach? Wow, what a lame organization.

  • Irish, chilling and accepting Lovie again is going to land us exactly where we were this season I

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    More Lovie. I'm not cool with it, but I'll be chillin' with it, rooting for the guys in spite of the whole box of tools that 'guide' them. Interesting that La Canfora doesn't even mention Lovie in his list of coaches on the hot seat. Just mentions Turner under his list of assistant coaches in trouble. He has his oars in everywhere that guy, he's a digger. Forget Lovie, Jerry Banjo, and all the other muppets - if we get us a good lanky receiver, a smackmouth safety and a guard that makes people go backwards ... freak things out with a Ricky Williams signing, something like that, I'd go to war with those guys. There's all kinds of running backs up for grabs this year. Brian will be back, maybe Pisa, Tommie looks to be getting back to himself, Williams is exciting (and a free agent). We need a new MLB - Hillen-normal doesn't make the grade of Chicago Bear middle linebacker. He can go play for Detroit and play first string there, but he's not good enough to back up the biggest position on the team. We found that out big time. Hitting three strawberries in the Minnesota game doesn't get him a pass either. A stopped watch is still correct twice a day, but we can't accept potentially serviceable stop-gaps at the position of middle linebacker. Shit, or get off the pot.

    Chill with this MB. Don't stop drinking the kool aid just because Lovie's hangin' around the pool cock-blocking you. Enjoy the team going forward. Cutler looked like Luke Piethrower against the Vikes (Lions games don't count for anything other than marking the passage of time). We have a Devin that can play the fucking position. If we go and pull Brandon Rideau out of Burger King then it's happy days, no more picks lost. If somebody bitch-slaps Olsen and shows him how to play football, who knows ? Drink it up, stay with the positives. Some shit we can change. Receivers on the field that Cutler likes - fixable. Can we find another dude to block ? We improved from being awful, to being one guard away from apparent normality. Fixable - as long as a guy that has played the position is picking the guy coming in, or has a say - Angelo foils us again ? Pass rush - give Marinelli another year with those guys, he's getting there. DL - solid, generally. Linebackers ? Briggs, Pisa, Lac, Williams ? Surely will be a top 5 crew. They ARE a top 5 crew. Secondary ? Any dependable veteran will do while the kids develop. The presence of Hester hinders the Bears passing game, it doesn't contribute, but Lovie has shown reluctance to admit mistakes and change things back to when they were working, so he's not going back to what he does best. Who are we prepared to trade though ? That's the key. Who are we prepared to give up ?

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    Luke Piethrower ? Don't ask ....

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    Come on folks,did this really suprise anybody? They owe Lovie a ton of money. They beat the Queens,and the Loins to finish the season.

    Yes this season sucked in so many ways that it boggles my mind. My main concern about Lovie and his staff is they hand jobs to players rather than having them earn them.

    Pace,Olsen, Hester,Kreutz,and Tommie Harris to name a few.The guys in the locker room love the Lovester for what ever reason.

    One thing can be said our boys did not lay down and die the last couple of games like some other teams(how would we like to be a Denver fan right now)BWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    It could be worse we could be looking at Josh Mc Daniels next year.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    I'm with you on the giving away of jobs, daddy. This training camp should be all about earning starting jobs through effort and passion...not resting on past accomplishments.

    GO BEARS!!

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    This whole thing terrifies me. DAMN I wish we'd lost that Detroit game.

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Winning these last two games will set back this team for at least 2 years.

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    With the cheap@ss McCaskey's its all about the money. We will suck again next year. I hope they bring an outsider for both OC and DC and not another Lovie Smith yes man. Actually at this point Im hoping for a strike shortened season so i suffer less.

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    I'm hoping there is an ounce of football sense left at Halas Hall headquarters.

    What is it for Lovie now?3 OC's and 3 DC's since 2003.

    Wake the fuck up everyone.this team has gone to the playoffs only 3 times this past decade.

    5 times the past 20 years.As long the $$$ flow the subpar product ala Lovie Smith's country club will be playing on Lake Shore Drive

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  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Yeah - this is horrible but predicted. 11M is just too much to eat, plus what it would take to land Cower. Cower looks like he's just going to go back to the booth and wait for the job.

    Whomever used Wiki to find that Maranelli hasn't been a DC since 1973, thank you. My god, it's going to be awful. He's going to be Lovehammer's toady boy. No Buffalo DC for us, he might threaten Lovie or scare him. Lovie doesn't want another Chico up at the whiteboard, anybody who might make him look bad.

    The big announcement will be Martz.

    Cutler can't be pleased. If I was JC, I would be pushing hard for them to go get two guards anda legit 1WR in free agency. Cut Vasher and cut Urlacher to make room under the cap.

    Ugh. I dunno if I will be able to watch Bears football next year. It's going to be awful - again.

    All I have to look forward to is Mike Martz recognizing that Hester is a part time wideout, and getting him back to PR duties. We have a great special teams coach.

    Bolquin or Marshall, but Marshall isn't a UFA so forget it. Sigh.

    Another year of Shabba-Dabba, Knox and Bennett, with Forte and Olsen and maybe Dezzy Clark's old bones.

    Pisa is probably not coming back.


    7-9 or 8-8, and shout out to your fudge packin lurkers out there: Your team is going to own us next year too.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    gpldan - olsen had 612yds, Hester 757, Bennett 717, Knox 527 and DA emerged as a decent target. I'm not too worried about WR but wouldn't mind another big body. no one under 6'2. I think Olsen will improve dramatically in this off season as well as Hester, Bennett, Knox and DA. Even Jay is excited about how it is developing but you know he would like to see another big stud in there too. I feel Pisa will be back unless he is too injured.
    I am concerned if Marinelli gets to be DC. It is a complex game and i feel like if we don't bring in someone creative and innovative then teams will continue to work our cover 2 debacle of a defense. I wouldn't mind Martz as OC because he could do alot with the receivers we have. The only drawback to having Martz as the OC is that his offense requires precision route running and sharp cutting. Easy to do on astroturf, not so easy in the fucking disaster that is Soldier Field *PARK DISTRICT CARED FOR* turf.

    I remember back in 8th grade when we played there for a city championship game and they had the audacity to paint the dirt green.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Martz would have Cutty throwing for 4800 yds per year and would turn Forte into Marshall Faulk. IF we brought in Chester Taylor and Martz we would shit ourselves with glee at the result.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    How would you like like to be a Detroit fan,we suck and still beat them easily. We have some hope,they and a few others in the league have none.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    It's this mentality that the organization has instilled in fans....it's called a LOSER's mentality

    Fuck the Lions.We pay this team so much and if there is a chance to get better they should pursue this chance.

    Of course that is IF they are COMMITTED to winning.

    The Bears unfortunately are committed to the $$$.

    Fuck the Bears organization.No door will hit my ass on the way out..because there is no door in this hole of illusion and false hope.

  • In reply to johnkos:

    I am with you. They do not care about winning. It is worse than the Raiders

  • In reply to Sactown:

    At least the Raiders and Redskins care about winning above all else. Sure, they're run by incompetent boobs, but those boobs are doing everything they think is right to WIN. I have a far greater problem with trying and failing than I have with lying about trying and failing.

  • In reply to Sactown:

    A brand new QB goes into a brand new system along with 3 new O-linemen, 1 new starter @ TE, and an unproven WR corps.

    There is not an OC in the world who could have done a better job this year. I am not a RT fan, far from it, but the reality of this game is what it is. The most consistent teams in this league are the ones that are the most cohesive. Penalties and turnovers killed this Offense more then anything else. I know most of you hate the bubble screen, but when your o-line is out schemed and your QB has very little time to get the ball out of his hands - there are not many passing options on the table.

    The unit as a whole has improved greatly over the course of the year. The o-line was picking up blitzes, and have started to mature (after many substitutions etc...). Of all the coaches that deserved a redemption it was Turner. Of all the coaches that should have been saved if Lovie job were safe would be Turners. The o did improve each quarter of the season. So the cohesion we started to see at the end of this season is for naught.

    Is Lovie calling the shot on Turner or is it Jerry, because this is flat out dereliction?

    And who's choice is it on Marinelli?

    Jeff, please do not let up until we know who is responsible for those decisions.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    although i can agree w/ some of this, whoever's decision it was to NOT play aromashadou earlier should've been fired. ultimately, since the offense rests on the OC's shoulders, then it's his fault...plain and simple. o and the nature of the game is to have cohesion coming out of OTAs and TC, not the end of the season (hell why else are you getting paid)? turner was running a college-style offense in a pro-style game; excuse my spanish, but no bueno senor.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Agree on Shabba - Dabba. He should have seen the field as soon as he came back healthy.

    There is not a team in this league who's firing on all cylinders coming out of camp. You know this. Now we are going to have to find an OC, who will know that his HC is on the hot seat to come in and turn the O around, all the while knowing that he has one year to do it. This is setting ourselves up for failure. My point is this, if they are going to gamble on Lovie this year, then it would be in our best interest to also gamble on Turner. It sucks, but it is true. Lets say we bring in a new OC this year, the team tanks, Lovie gets fired next year, and we are on Cower alert, we hiore Cower, and he says - I want my own guy at OC, so now we have a new OC??? This is non-sensicle.

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  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Waffle, I hope you are right about Martz cause I bet thats who the bald guy from big sandy picks. I just don't have any faith in a guy who has not done anything of note since 2003. I don't like his overall demenor, he's convinced he's the smartest guy in every room he walks in. I could see him clashing big time with Cutler. He has a tendency to get his qb's killed and with our line that seems like a real possibility. after we suck next year we're going to have another new oc to go along with our new head coach, and it would be nice to have our franchise player in one piece. And for the record mr waffle, i was never ready to send Cutler packing, i only said he needed to prove himself, which he has not done yet in my eyes. 26 picks is totally unacceptable, i really hope he carriers the momentem of the final two games into next season.


  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Stache you make good points. Jim Miller made a good point that Cutler doesn't respect Turner and probably needed a coach that could stand up to him and coach him the fuck up. Cutty is a young guy and the Bears assumed he was already a 10yr veteran. He needs an OC that he can believe in even if they butt heads. At the very least he needs a QB coach that he can learn from. 26 picks is definitely unacceptable and Jay knows this. You saw him decrease his bad decisions and increase his good ones as the season progressed so i am pretty confident that we will see even more good things and less bad things from him in the future.
    In the meantime maybe we should probably play Omiyale at the position he was meant to play in the first place...OT and not try to Hester him again. Time to coach up LL and get that young scrapper on the field.
    Tim Shaw is Bobby Bouchet, our very own Waterboy killer.



  • In reply to Sactown:

    F $ C K !!

  • In reply to johnkos:

    Spawn - sorry, turnovers didn't have jack shit to do with the blowouts to the Ravens, Bengals, and Cardinals. Every single one of those games was a drubbing the likes of which I have not seen as a fan in the last twenty years.
    The Defense flat out rolled over and asked for a belly rub in those three games and the Offense curled up and cried.
    I don't HAVE to root for this team next year, and if Lovie is HC again, I won't. I don't have to let this ownership take a steaming turd on my doorstep and ring the doorbell.
    And Martz can take his prissy haircut and shove it up his own butt.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I can't argue with the games where we were trashed. The D needs work, especially in the secondary. But, the Falcons, 49'ers, and Packers games were very winnable...That would have left us 10-6 and in the hunt, if not in.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    by the way Gould was 24/28 this year on field goals and i think 2 of those were blocked. that little geek is a total stud.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    pro-bowl snub year after year if you ask me. he's one of the most consistent kickers of the game (and young as hell too). he'll be here for a LONG time

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I continue to stand by my characterization of Robbie as the best player on the Bears.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    i asked my buddy Bobby why the 49er's sucked under Martz and he simply gave 1 name and hung up... O'Sullivan.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It's official and what I predicted. Wrong is the lamb. Marinelli to DC and Cullen to D line coach. So we are relying on the Lions coaching rejects to turn it around. Marinelli has done nothing to deserve the bump. No accountability for the head offices mismanagement. Maybe the City of Chicago and Daley are running the Chicago Bears. Joke.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    any word on OC?

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    guess these retarded ass owners are throwing away next season so they could POSSIBLY get Da Chin next season. wow. how funny is this shit?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    i wish our owners had owners to answer to

  • In reply to johnkos:

    At least the Oakland Raiders organization WANTS to win it all in the NFL. They may have a dysfunctional ownership, but at least they care enough to do whatever it is they think is necessary to find a way to win. The Bears? Not so much. They try to find one or may two "star" players who can sell jerseys and gear, and hope that they can be "close" all the way to the end of the regular season so they can keep the fools drunk, happy and attending the games.

  • In reply to johnkos:

    I'd rather keep Turner than hire Mike fucking Martz. The guy has not done anything since his glory days in st. louis. Detroit blew when he was there and so did san fran. Fuck. I really hope we don't hire this bag of monkey shit.

    I had a dream last night that promptly at 2pm today as the press waited for Love hammer to walk to the podium, they were surprised by Angelo instead announcing that they were parting ways with the bald guy from big sandy and they would be having Cowher and Shannahan in for interviews in the next week....then in walked in a dancing midget followed by jennifer annison naked carrying a tray of chicken wings, and i knew it was a dream...

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    come on man, Turner is the Mike Green of OC's. Ask Warner what it is like to have a coach that actually puts together game plans that work and are aggressive. Martz sucked in Detroit because it is fucking DETROIT. San Fran is another story. I'm consulting with my Cali buddies to find out why he didn't succeed there.
    Stache - at one point you wanted Cutler rode out of town on a rail. i know you're peeeced but anything besides Terry Shea, Crowton or Turner Redux would be better...

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Aniston's tits sag. Probably a tip off right there.

  • In reply to johnkos:

    In 2 years, the Lions will have a better record than the Bears. Write it down.

  • In reply to johnkos:

    Fucken a man... I was really hoping for a miracle. What a joke.

    At least it seems Biggs thinks we could seek a new DC from outside the org, and...

    "Few expect Turner to remain. He and quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton could be ousted as the team looks to reshape the offense around Cutler and the young corps of wide receivers that made strides.

    There hasn't been a significant change to the offensive staff since Turner replaced Terry Shea after the 2004 season, bringing line coach Harry Hiestand with him. Since, Smith has replaced six defensive position coaches and coordinators Ron Rivera and Bob Babich."

    So could be new OC, new DC (not marinelli), new QB coach, and maybe oline coach. If smith is indeed back, the only other thing I would say is new LB coach and DB coach and we should be better (how could we be any worse) if we make the off season pick ups we've all been talking about.

    Fucken a man.

  • In reply to johnkos:

    from Mr. Haugh:

    "Trib's Vaughn McClure reporting Hiestand, Pep Hamilton and Boras also out and Drake and Spencer will return to Bears staff"

  • In reply to johnkos:

    We r not getting Cowher next year either. They are too cheap to pay him. The mcCaskeys have never hired a big name head coach. Look at the history. Halas hired Ditka. Who we had since then?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    It's all about the money. We just owe him to much at this point if the Bears bought out his contract. It makes sense but of course it's disappointing. Lovie needs to go. Let's hope that the person who replaces Ron Turner knows how to use Cutler to his full potential. Let's hope our O-line shows up next year to protect him, let's hope the agressive Bears defense we all remember shows up, and let's hope our WR corps is healthy. Yeah, that's a lot of hope but we have to start somewhere.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I heard that sound too, Bears-4-Ever.

    Cha-ching! $11 million saved.

    The rationale being grasped by the higher ups is this:
    Lovie, by his own admission, was OVERWHELMED by the twin responsibilities of Head Coach AND defensive coordinator, soooo they use Ron Turner as a sacrificial lamb, relieve Lovie of the defensive play-calling duties and PRESTO!
    All better, boys & girls!

    Yep, Virginia and her boys have this team POISED to to return to the HALCYON DAYS of 9-7 and being eliminated from playoff contention in week 16 instead of week 12 or 13.

    I know I'll sleep better now.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Marinelli has held the title of assistant head coach and defensive line coach for four different teams including college and NFL. Of course had a stint as the head coach with the lions. Did he call defensive plays in Detroit or anywhere else for that matter? The last time he was a defensive coordinator was 1973-1975. Hasn't been one since. (Curtesy of Wikipedia)

    Did our defensive line improve at all this year from last year? I hope he is not running our defense next year and I don't think he will be.

    If Lovie comes back, and week 5 our record is 1-4.....media and fans will boo him out of Chicago, and we will be left with a bad situation and another long year in a bad way.

    Lovie shouldn't come back unless he is pretty sure he can take the team to the playoffs. If I was him....I would ask for 6 of that 11 million and walk.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    You guys need to step back from the ledge. If you have been Bear fans for any length of time, this should be no surprise to you. The suprise was their getting JC...that's not the norm. Lovie's going to come back with a playoffs or bust mandate. Cowher is still going to be around next year if Lovie effs up. Don't be surprised if Martz is hired as OC. We have enough talent on this team to make a run in the playoffs if one MAJOR thing is corrected...TURNOVERS!!! Both getting and giving up. Both sides of the ball have to get back to basics. Blocking, running, and some semblance of ball control on the O side, and takeaways, tackling, and HITTING on the D side. Quit sounding like the sniveling BiQueens fan boys, man up, and be the Bear fans that you can be!!!


  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I gotta ask,would anybody in their right mind walk away from 5 million dollars,never gonna happen. Would you say,well you guys signed a contract for 11 mil,i will take half and run.... I dont think so.

  • I have rooted for the Bears since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I read every article, every comment on DaBlog, and was first in line to buy a Jay Cutler jersey this year to replace my beloved Mike Brown #30. If I cannot find the game on TV, I go to the bar or find a streaming link. I am going to Chicago in 5 weeks for Valentines Day, partially so I can pick up some Bears gear that's unavailable where I live.

    However, and I say this with no small amount of sincerity...if Lovie Smith is back next year, I am going to root for the Cleveland Browns until he is gone.
    At least they went out and got a winner in the front office. At least they showed they give a semblance of a shit about what the fans think.
    Virginia, prove there is a Santa Claus. Fire Lovie.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Not a chance. This was never going to happen, despite all of our intentions.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    This is the exact reasoning that made me a Packers fan years and years ago. The Bears do NOT care about winning. They only care about making money. In my humble opinion, that is unacceptable and I consider it a complete waste of time to cheer for a team that isn't consistently attempting to put a quality product on the field. Lovie Smith = Yuck.

  • You know why they are called the Green Bay Packers? Cause they like having their shit packed! or maybe u are a ViQueen, either way ur the only fag here.

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