Chud Passes

Dan Pompei is reporting that Rob Chudzinski is passing on the opportunity to run the Chicago Bears offense for a season:

Chudzinski finished the season as the assistant head coach and tight
ends coach of the Chargers. His contract is expiring, and it is
believed the Chargers want him back. Chudzinski also could be drawing
interest from other teams.

If Chudzinski and the Bears
had come to terms, he would have been given control of the Bears'
offensive game-planning and play-calling. In San Diego, head coach Norv
Turner is the man most responsible for the Chargers' offense. The team
also has an offensive coordinator in Clarence Shelmon.

appeared to be a strong candidate because he has experience as a
coordinator, having worked in that capacity for the University of Miami
and for the Cleveland Browns. Chudzinski had spectacular success at
Miami and for his first year with the Browns.


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  • Seeing "if you don't belong in the Lovie buddy system you are probably getting the shaft first"...well I think the writing is on the wall for every offensive coordinator.

    Hallas hall is running out of spinning wheels.

  • I'm sure one of the HallasHall cocksucking reporters will have an article tomorrow stating that the Bears didn't really want the Chud.

  • In reply to johnkos:

    Larry Mayer must get tired on being on his knees.

  • Only the raiders prevent the chicago bears from being the official laughing stock of the nfl.

  • on to the next one....

    @ Al: no no sir...still have the Lions, Bills, & a few others. everybody sees that it's going to be 2011 until something happens

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I'm sorry budy but the Lions are poised to finish ahead of the Chicago Bears in 2010. They have a good young quarterback, a great wide reciever, and another top 10 draft pick. Not to mention they have a solid head coach and a legit offensive coordinator to mold the young talent.
    The Bills have a much better defense then the Bears have, and Gailey is a offensive mind who knows what the hell he is doing on offense.
    The Bears have been publically rejected now at least 3 times for top coordinator jobs. No one decent will come here, and Cutler is in the process of going through 3 offenses in 3 years that will lead to 4 in 4 years.

  • In reply to alott96:

    c'mon man...the fucking lions? That is silly. Even without a coach we have the talent to beat the Lions.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    lol wrong answer dude. The lions are improving while things are getting worse for us. AL took the words right out of my mouth. Our offense is gonna be bad for a loonnngg time. Hopefully we just get someone who runs the west coast offense. Then even if there is turnover in the staff. We can just implement the best available who runst the WCO.

  • In reply to alott96:

    The Lovie experiment continues. Nobody wants to come to Bears with Hammer still in place. Bears should have fired him with the 2 years left on his deal. Open up and swallow the contract Ginny. Seattle did it with Morra. Nobody wants to admit that it's inherently more difficult to fire Lovie than say Morra/ Jauron. It's the world we live in now. It's fact. Want proof. When the Jets had Hermie Edwards(total dope who was unable to manage clock)he finished the 05 season 4-12. Did the Jets gun his sorry ass? Hell no. Following the end of the season, the Jets made the highly unusual move of trading a coach

  • In reply to alott96:

    Yep, it seems we're a carefully placed chicken bone away from the Bears being sold. Once her highness becomes an ex-parrot pining for fjiords, inheritance tax would force a sale of the Chicago Bears ...

    From a coach Zamboni post on CB.COM :

    No. Virginia doesn't own ANY shares. 20% of the shares are owned by two silent partners you never hear about, Patrick Ryan and Andrew McKenna. The remaining 80% the Chicago Bears shares are held in a Trust, the percentages are divided between the Halas heirs, which currently allows them to receive salaries, dividends, etc. from the yearly profits of the Bears. She only has voting rights to all those shares as executor of the Trust, which gives her majority control of the board and thus the team. When she dies, the Trust ends, and those shares will be disbursed equally to the Halas grandkids (13 ways I believe, giving each grandchild 6.15% ownership in the Chicago Bears), BUT they will have to pay a 50% inheritance tax on the value of those shares, which may force the McCaskey kids to sell their shares since the tax bill will be around $400 MILLION dollars.

  • brace yourselves for a huge fucking news flash:
    NOBODY wants to coach our Bears because
    1. Lovie blames his assistants and fires them and
    b. Lovie is a lame duck coach so any job here is one year only


    That said, I don't really give a fuck if we pull 10 wins and make the show next year.

  • Again, how obviously flawed was the Bears plan. Can't really blame the guy one bit for passing.

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