And So We Wait...

I hate this day, this morning.  I wake up, check all the paper sites.  ProFootballTalk.  ESPN.  There's nothing and it gets worse. 

I have nothing to say about the Chicago Bears.  
Does it really matter to you, any of you, who the Bears hire for their two vacant coordinator positions?  Would Tom Clements or Zampese or Tice or anyone inspire you into this long, tortuous offseason, Bourbonnais and the start of the 2010 regular season?  Would Perry Fewell have mattered?  (I'd list others but apparently the Bears had a lot of eggs in that basket.)  
Lovie Smith is not Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden.  He's not going to step into the background and allow other men to take over the play-for-play football decisions.  So hiring an exciting coordinator - even if the choices were Bills Walsh and Belichick - would be nothing more than material for media men and chum in the ocean for a shark-like fan base.  The Bears, schematically, will look look in 2010 the way they looked in 2009.  They won't switch to a 3-4 or blitz on every down.  They won't go spread option inside the red zone.  They'll do what they've done but they'll try and do it better.
And so the lame duck head coach and lame duck general manager will usher in a lame duck season for lame duck fans.  They could make it happen, win 9 or 10 games, make the postseason and save their jobs.  They could also start 0-4 and play to empty houses for the duration of a limited run.
What the Bears will need is another coup if they hope to generate the kind of excitement they did a year ago.  A Cutler Coup Redux.  A tall order for an organization that is running quite short in the credibility department.      


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  • Good post Jeff. Sad, but true.

  • I remember a Jim Rome show circa 2004, where the topic was, who is the better MLB and all-time greatest: Urlacher or Ray Lewis.

    Yeah, nobody has the debate anymore, do they?

    A bunch of Jersey Shore types called, along with Chicagoans, to make their case for Mr. Shitass Child Support. The Jersey types because he was white, the Chicagoans were just homers. The argument was, he could drop back better, and was just as fast. His leadership skills were equal. Natch.

    Uh-huh. Even before his bad back, he couldn't shed a fucking run block to save his life, he just had Ted Washington and Keith Traylor keeping OL off him. That was all that was.

    As I read this today:,0,5107233.story

    I was reminded that as all these coaching prospects come in and look at this roster, and they all KNOW that Angelo won't spend what needs to be spent in FA, they are all avoiding Chicago because of it.

    The only chance we have, is for Phillips and Angelo to make it known to all who come here: We saved money on not firing Lovie, we intend to spend a LOT of money in FA this offseason to bring this team up to speed while JC is in his prime. A LOT of money, and we don't give a fuck about the lockout and the CBA. We're in it to win it next year.

    And then, Santa Claus and the martians will invade the Earth and Mad Max will become the new head waiter at Ditka's.

  • The silence about the Bears in the media along with the silence from Halas Hall says it all for 2010. Unless the players show up like they did vs. Minnesota, next year will be a bust. I use the Minnesota game as an example, because it seemed to me the players played their hearts out in that game, even though the team is hurting in key positions.

    We'll need that kind of gut check EVERY game next year to have any hope at all for a decent season.

  • Ladies, where shall I start.
    1)Be patient.
    2)Cancel your Sunday ticket subscriptions.
    3)Find another hobby. Not one that will replace your love of football, but one that will help you through the long season next year.

    I notice every couple of weeks our topic goes full circle. We went from firing Lovie to debating who the new hires should be and now we're back to harping on firing Lovie. Sadly nothing will change until our boys take the field again and until then, I offer these two words of encouragement, "Bear Down".

  • So much for the "Lovie to Tennessee" school of thought.

    The 4-Letter is reporting that Tennessee has hired La.Tech coach, Chris Dooley as their new head coach. He is the son of long time Georgia coach, Vince Dooley.

  • Doc, wants wrong we you, you're supposed to be a Bear fan. Cold showers only.

  • Don't worry Doc, you've been absolved of all wrong doing. You're all good man.

  • Jeff, please retract your last piece post haste!

    We were obviously all critically wrong about Halas Hall looking like a,

  • Mike Tice hired as O line coach. Okay... As for OC?

  • yeah, I'm good with this... as long as he doesn't go near the HC or OC jobs.

    Anything would be an improvement over last year, so he's got a good shot at being a hero in 2010.

  • The Tice hire is actually a good move. I just wish it mattered. With Lovie on board this season is a total lost cause before it even starts.
    Having said that I like that it gives the Bears an option for a mid-season replacement for Lovie Smith. I completely disagree with MB30SD, I think Tice is a much better HC then Smith.

  • In reply to alott96:

    Al, with all due respect, my left testicle is a better HC than Lovie.

  • In reply to alott96:

    To be honest, I don't really care who coaches the various parts of the team as long as they know what they're doing. I don't care who says 'run left' or 'run right' as long as the ball goes 4.3 yards in that direction and someone's knee squashes a Packers' nut. As long as an OC uses Jay's strengths I'm cool. I just want done with anything that smacks of West-Coast offense. If the roster is strong then it doesn't make a whole lot of bones then it's much of a muchness as to who calls the plays. Give us a roster !

  • I'm good with Tice as O-Line coach as long as it takes him out of the OC competition.

    BTW, he was 32-33 as head coach of the Queens.

    2001: 0-1
    2002: 6-10
    2003: 9-7
    2004: 8-8
    2005: 9-7

    He was 1-1 in the post season in 2004. Beating the Pakers IN Green Bay (after going 0-2 in the regular season that year) and then lost at Philly.

  • You might notice that 9-7, 8-8, 9-7 in consecutive seasons with 1 playoff appearance were NOT enough to coinvince the Vikings to retain Tice as head coach


    WE get consecutive seasons of 7-9, 9-7 and 7-9 with NO playoff appearances and Lovie gets a pass.

    Now class, let's compare and contrast THOSE two management philosophies.

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