Starting Orlando Pace?

Vaughn McClure reported this morning that Orlando Pace was warming up for practice and the Sun-Times reiterated the point by proclaiming that "Left tackle Orlando Pace (groin) practiced on a limited basis but is expected to start."  
If Lovie Smith starts Pace at left tackle on Sunday, he should be fired before kickoff.  Chris Williams is the future at the position and the organization must be given time to evaluate him against three consecutive playoff-caliber opponents.  Lovie's choice of Pace would be another example of a delusion coach's desperate attempt to cling to the pipe dream of an unreachable postseason.  He must be stopped.  And Jerry Angelo must step in and stop him.


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  • Wow. Just another move in a series of stubborn, pig-headed decisions by our faithful leader.

    Youre 100% right on Jeff...this is like some kind of sick fucking joke. The more reps Williams gets at his position for the future, the better.

  • sonofabitch jeff (lol). putting my last post on here (sorry guys & gal):

    after reading Hester23TD's article, i came out of it w/ 2 things:

    1) Either the McCaskeys are noticing these things and will fix them (which i'm 80% laughing at)
    2) Cutler's career will be killed in the good ol' Navy Blue & Pantone Orange

    ron turner's gone. that's a fact. but what about the QB coach (as Sweetness said)? what about the O-Line? if i'm the McCaskey's i'm knocking down Charlie Weiss' door...RIGHT NOW!!! know why? who was Tom Brady before Weiss got a hold of him? Why has Jimmy Claussen thrown for only 3 picks this season (albeit against terrible comp, but picks are picks; also, 2 of those picks were "up for grabs" balls). Lastly, and my most important point:

    Name a NE all-pro/pro-bowl receiver during the "dynasty" era.

    the defense rests

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    D911GQF1 - you will be missed. the despair of the season is even starting to wear on me and i was just overheard telling a co-worker that "we were going to fucking kill" the Packers. I don't even know if i believe it or not but we will see. All i know is that i won't boo.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    o it's worn on me, but the fact that next year is on the horizon in 3 weeks is a reason to keep hope alive (hey...we did sign cutty right)?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Look, if I have learned one thing fixing peoples computers for over 15 years it is this "you can't fix stupid."

    I have tried and it just never works. Surely even Loveless Smith can't fuck this up. Pace's injury and the death of the season coming together in one game was a perfect cop-out for this team at LT, it was the perfect way for Pace himself to quietly exit stage left. It would be beyond dumb to put that poor old man out there again, let him fade away with dignity; nothing can be gained by marching him out there again.. are you going to let him deal with Suggs and Allen part 2 also, because he might just get hurt for good then. Chris Williams needs to go to Pace and say "hey man if you need the money, I'll give you some money but you in no shape to go out there."

    Surely this is just one of those we'll really confuse the Packers by not letting them know who we are starting at LT things.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    it's sad to say but i think that if the Bears end up 8-8 i will actually be happy. not because we fucked up a chance to go to the playoffs but happy that we are not 5 years from being good...more like 2 years.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    After the article I posted in the previous thread about Cutler and our offensive system, there is a comment that seems to sum things up, and just the fact of how true it is made me facepalm the most:

    "I think, in about 25 of the offenses in the league, Cutler would put up great numbers.

    Unfortunately, he's in one of the other 7."

    There are some pretty huge indictments of Ron Turner here too:

    "Offensive coordinator Ron Turner managed to combine the protection leakage of wide sets with the inflexible non-production of a quick-screen-only offense. It was mind-blowing."

    But after all this, I have to wonder, much like we wondered with Bob Babich as defensive coordinator, if Lovie or maybe even someone higher isn't at least partially the reason why we consistently have an offensive scheme that makes every quarterback look horrible more often than not.

  • Jeff... I do not even know how to respond to this.

    I mean...shit does Lovie think he is untouchable to fire!!??? or he knows that he is not going to get fired and is going to tank the living shit out of the Bears. Angelo sits by spanking his monkey and agreeing... WTF!!!!

    I believe now that he is the reincarnate of the Captian of the Titanic... ALL AHEAD FULL!!!!!!!!!

  • Just more proof that Lovie is a giant bag of dicks

  • In reply to dchaage:

    Senor Smith esta un bolso grande de penes.

  • In reply to dchaage:

    Protection leakage. Sounds like Lovie in Depends.

  • In reply to dchaage:

    Charlie Weiss is also a bag of Dicks, with a pronounced front butt. Keep him far away from da Bearss. He will fail worse than his gastrobypass surgery.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Mustache, I think that's actually a FUP.

    I'm with you, no on Weis.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Vaughan McClure is not the most reliable Bears beat writer.

    By Jeff Dickerson:

    As most expected, the Bears will not change up their starting tackles for Sunday's game against the Packers.

    According to a league source, Chris Williams will remain at left tackle while Kevin Shaffer will make his second straight start at right tackle.

    Orlando pace is listed as questionable with groin injury. Pace is improving and may dress in a backup role Sunday.

    It doesn't look good for Devin Hester, who has missed the week of practice with a calf strain and is listed as questionable.

  • In reply to Shady:

  • In reply to Shady:

    How long is Pace under contract? I thought I heard his fat ass say he was going to be back next year, never thought I'd say this, but I miss John Taint.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Just wait until you start missing John St. Clair.

  • In reply to Shady:

    why the hell did we even let him go? piss-poor Bears management i tell ya

  • In reply to Shady:

    Gents, this is our fucking super bowl. BIYP!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Lovie needs the right personnel to run the 2 -- he doesn't have it. Two of the cornerstones of the SB def. were drafted before Angelo: Mike Brown and 54. Angelo did draft Tommie, Alex Brown, Peanut, Vasher, Briggs, who were all good, but we need strength up the middle to make it work. Maybe after the losing record we've had since the SB Angelo will smack Love's hand out of the personnel cookie jar.

    Man, If the McK's aren't going to open the vaults to bring in new leadership they better be ready to pay for some FAs. We can be fixed, but its going to take some cash.

  • In reply to Shady:

    The right personnel? How long does he need to accumulate it?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Right now Pace is better than Williams. This is a last ditch effort for Lovehammer to make good on his # 1 goal that he set when he got here. He wants to win this game and he's going to do everything that he possibly can to do it.

    Its a sad state of affairs, i'll honestly be more pissed off at the team if they win than if they lose this week. Cause if they win it more or less proves that they have the talent/ability to beat a good team, and they should have been fucking doing that since week 1. Don't get me wrong, I'll be rooting my gum chewing balls off for this team on sunday, but a victory proves 1 thing, and that is that this team is an underachieving bunch of baloon knots.

    Bear out with your ball hair out

  • In reply to dchaage:

    and angelo must be the one to stop him? let's pick this apart a bit before we jump to conclusions here.

    so you don't think angelo is the one calling this shot? it was anglelo's bright idea to pay decent money to horrible OL players, pace being the marquee name of the group, and angelo [like smith] is trying to prove he should still have a job.

    this smacks of "hey, lovie, how about you play pace this weekend. if we get a decent game out of him against the packers, well that'll look good."

    everyone knows pace is awful, so there's no downside to him playing bad this sunday. if chris williams starts and plays well, it could prove signing pace an unnecessary move. angelo would look really bad.

    just a tandem trying to save their necks. i think angelo is behind this one, but lovie should have been fired after the 49ers game. hopefully they both go.

  • In reply to dchaage:

    Hey guys looked under the phrase " Stupid is as Stupid does" and seen the family album of the McC's next to it.

    Then looked under "Circle Jerk' and low and behold the picture's of TP, JA, LS, BB and of course the hand that wipes it clean RT.

  • In reply to dchaage:

    If Pace actually starts, Lovie is an idiot. If we lose and he starts any more games Lovie is beyond an idiot. That was the #1 thing that Jauron used to do that made me crazy. Once the season is lost he would keep trotting out the best players "for the integrity of the game." Fuck that bullshit, find out what you've got on the roster.

    Go Bears!

  • That tub of lard is coasting on the years when Belli-Cheat was cheating and getting away with it. Brady looks average now (decidedly average), because film-gate was exposed. No more filming the opponent practices and scheming the D calls.

    Wanny coasted into Chicago riding the breaking wind of Jimmy Johnson's asshole. Don't make the same mistake twice.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Glad you said that Mac, I've always been slightly mystified when I hear people talk about Brady/Manning in relation to being GOAT type QBs. Just never felt it. I see robots in systems ...... those guys never made me go "Wow!" and reach for the rewind the way Montana or McMahon would ...

  • Williams looked like devin hester trying to do long division pass blocking at left tackle. And that was against the rams. I think right now, pace is better than williams. I agree we need to get a look at him now that the season is toast, but love muscle is trying save his own ass by beating the packers and finishing the year strong, so he's not worried about developing anyone.

    And Weiss's man fupa is significant because he probably won't last more than 2 more years before he has massive grabber, or eats all of the italian beef in chicago leaving nothing for me.

  • Jeff I guess now you understand why I want the Bears to lose out.Winning some of these games will create false hope.Seriously,people cannot deny the stupidity of the coaching staff and the GM.

    Angelo and Smith have to go.They cannot make the Bears better.

  • Just a little reminder....the teams the Bears have beaten this season

    Pitts 6-7
    Seattle 5-7
    Det 2-10
    Cle 2-11
    StL. 1-11

    Combined Total 16-46.

  • Of course though, Orlando starting would really not be surprising at all. And no, the Bears won't fire Lovie.

    Really, Williams should be starting the rest of the year at left tackle...Adams should be starting at one DE spot...Gilbert should be getting some serious reps at DT...Aroma should be getting some serious reps at receiver (and not being thrown bubble screens, take advantage of his big body in the red zone you idiots).

    Maybe we really do want the Bears to lose out. It might just be this bad after all.

  • JohnKos, don't forget the Vikings' opponents' record.

    Vikings have beaten the Browns, Lions (x2), 49ers, Packers (x2), Rams, Ravens, Seahawks, and Bears. The combined record of all those teams is 34-63. Whenever they have been up against a quality team they fold, hardcore. Whenever Narcissus gets sacked hard he looks dazed and seems to lose some of his ability.

    Since the Bears have been so disappointing this season, aside from rooting for the Saints, Colts, 49ers, and Giants to end the season well, I will spend my time debunking crackpot Vikings myths...such as that team is good.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost of Halas,the Vikings aren't better at this.They've only defeated Green Bay twice and lost to Arizona of the teams above 0.500.The record of the teams they've beat is 48-73 or something.

    The Vikings will get creamed in the playoffs though I'd have to say if the Bengals beat them today they might even lose the division.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost of Halas,the Vikings aren't better at this.They've only defeated Green Bay twice and lost to Arizona of the teams above 0.500.The record of the teams they've beat is 48-73 or something.

    The Vikings will get creamed in the playoffs though I'd have to say if the Bengals beat them today they might even lose the division.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I respectfully disagree with Da Mustache, I thought Williams was at least not terrible at left tackle last week. Given that it was against the Rams, that's hardly a RINGING endorsement but, frankly, I was expecting a career day from Chris Long and even though he did have 1 sack, he was hardly dominant. Here's another left-handed compliment: I think Williams was definitely an improvement at LT over Pace who HAS proven to be wholly inadequate any way you slice it.

    Bottom line; Putting Orlando Pace back in on the left side at this point in time is downright CRIMNINAL and falls under the heading of "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". Shame on Lovie.

    Didn't someone define insanity (or maybe was just stupidity) as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"?

    We get Bengals-Vikings locally on Fox so I will, in spite of what I just posted, go to my local pub and watch, er, endure, the game.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I haven't seen Williams do a damn thing right, ever, but haven't seen every game so I'll cut him a pass. Garza is the only lineman not on my sh1tlist. Don't miss number one on the sh1tlist, Greg Olsen, our boy Roy's film room on Olsen.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Hey all you Bear malcontents, why not become a Packer fan until your owners actually beat the odds and put together a decent team? Look at all the upsides, you all hate the Bears Owners and the teams they field, you spend all your free time in Wisconsin anyway, and you'd be supporting a team on the rise. Quit all your endless whining and enjoy a Monday morning for a change.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Angelo? Out. Lovie? Out. Turner? Might be the only guy that knows what he's doing. Cutler? Unfortunately, we're stuck with the "interceptee cum laude". Team reminds one of the old Wirtz Hawks. Might need some new generation, like the passing of the baton to Rocky. Only question is, "who's the Bear's Rocky??"

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Brandon Marshall. 21 receptions. From Kyle Orton. Must ... has got to be ... a Chicago Bear next year. Marshall, that is. This I demand.

    And now a song .....

    Stoopid coaches, stoopid coaches, and they're all made of tic-ky-tac, stoopid coaches, stoopid coaches, and they all sound all the same ....

  • Why would you even start him? he gets beat everytime around the corner, he is to slow. WOW Lovie really? once again you have proven us that you are a fucken retard. Jeff you are right, we should be starting Williams at that position. Now is the time to see what we have and evaluate the personel we got. FUCKING LOVIE again you have pissed me off.

  • fuck lovie. If Pace starts...
    I need some help. I am not getting the game up here in the frozen north= I listed to it on the site and follow the gamecast on ESPN. I need you guys to post right away who is starting at LT, PLEASE
    If it is pace, time to sight in my rifle to a longer range...

  • In reply to animal:

    No Direct TV in Alaska?

  • In reply to animal:

    Dear Lovie,

    You have said that you'd play the guys that gave us the best chance to win on Sundays.

    Is it too much to ask that you look in the mirror and ask yourself if you and your staff gives us the best chance to win? If the answer is no, than don't you owe it to us to just walk away from your contract?

    Be a man of your word, Lovie.

    Bear Down.

  • listen to it, I meant.

    Im going to prefer to get excited about next year, and hope to see more good things from the future: Chris Williams, Jamar, Roach, Bowman, Afalava... the young WR core. Man, nobody talks about how Earl the Pearl Bennett looks like a go-to, bonafide, 80 catch possession demon. Bennett and Knox are the best WRs we have had here together in YEARS and we are just scratching the surface of their potential. Yet all we can talk about is Aramadouchebag.

  • Last time I looked, Pace was thrown around like a rag doll on the field. If he is better than Williams now, then [deity of your choice] help us all. And if Williams is that bad, he should have never been drafted. But I guess if Cutler gets a season-ending injury during the game, having former All-Pro Pace out there is more defensible from a (legal?) stand point.

    The Pace signing in the offseason is somewhat defensible by Angelo considering Williams was a question mark...but Gaines Adams? Is Angelo trying to sabotage the team before getting fired or something?

    Even with Cutler, last year's Bears were better than this years team. And that's just fu*king horrible.


  • Can't argue with anything he said ....

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