St. Louis at Chicago Preview

I was fired up at the start of last week's game in Minnesota.  I doubt I'll be able to repeat that performance.  I'd like to see the Bears win this week.  Win big, if possible.  Not because I think it will reaffirm some belief in the folks running the show but because I don't believe this roster is one of the league's cellar dwellers.  I think some pieces are in place.  I think those pieces need to be nurtured, developed and other words that mean the same thing.  I don't think that's going to happen with these guys.

St. Louis Rams

Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?
  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • They're playing the Rams.

What reason is there to watch the Chicago Bears this week?

  • Chris Williams at left tackle.
  • Devin Aromashodu and Jay Cutler.
  • Jarron Gilbert on the field?
  • What else is there to do on Sunday afternoons?

Chicago Bears 24, St. Louis Rams 14


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  • Firstness !

  • What preview ?

  • Hey coach ! If Michael McCaskey was a sexual position ......

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    One word: Chestdump

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    Fuck you right in the beard!

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    The Denver Broncos' Barrel Man died.

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    Ghost - Pisa's injury is extremely serious. some athletes can never play again if they have mircro-fracture surgery. I have officially thrown in the towel on Hillenmeyer. I need my linebackers to be aggressive and violent. HH is kind of like Mike Green was to me. makes plays sometimes, rarely gets truly embarassed until he gets embarassed when it counts. i hate to say it but he is kind of like Mike Brown on the Chiefs. He doesn't fuck up, until he fucks up on an ESPN TD highlight. People give HH a pass all of the time and it has to stop. I am very interested to see what Cato does. The only reason he is not tearing it up this year was because he broke his forearm and was released very early. I hope Pisa can come back from this because he brought the heat this year but also has a history of injuries. Either way, things will shaken up this offseason and i'm sure we will have our sights on some young linebackers either way. Go Bears!

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    i just read my post and it appears that i either have A.D.D or am drunk already! i rambled like a drunk Joe Biden.

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    Bill, Absolutely Positively DO NOT GIVE UP THOSE TICKETS! You will live to regret it. Instead, if you're outraged about committing money toward next year, sell the whole season to a ticket broker - they'll buy them I'm sure. You can't give up! My dad dropped his seats from 4 to 2 in 1982 - too many years of struggling to find people to take the seats. Three short years after that they were Super Bowl winners. Parents died and the kids (us) were left with the tickets. Two of us had moved away, and when the PSL's hit, my brother and sister gave up the tickets - ones that had been in the family since the 40's. I'm not sure how much they regret it but I sure do - even from down here I'd be making it up to Chicago at least once a season to watch the greatest team on Earth. DON'T GIVE UP - AND DON'T GIVE THEM UP!!!

    Regarding TJ, we've had this argument many times, that decision was really one they had to make - TJ forced the issue - it was either him or Benson (an ultimatum made by him) and the Bears had the high draft pick invested in Benson and he was far from being determined a bust at that point. JA promised TJ that if TJ wanted at the end of 2006, he'd support TJ moving to another team.

    In retrospect, it was obviously a horrible decision, just not a bad one at the time given TJ's ultimatum.

    I'm one who isn't convinced that our LB corps are going to be that great next year. The guys they drafted to be the heirs apparent to the starters don't seem all that good, Pisa's a question mark and my belief is BU's done as a great linebacker even if the checks will keep getting cashed for a few years.

    The only thing we don't know is that unknown we have about everyone - we understand that the coaching sucks SOOOOO bad, it's impossible to evaluate these guys! Now we know our defensive coach sucks too! (Thanks Lovie)

    I'd take Fisher in a heartbeat, Shanahan too.


    LET'S GO!!!

    Bear down Virginia, be a man! Despite all the horrible Virginia bashing that goes on here, you are a true Bear fan and a direct descendant of THE GREAT ONE! I've said it before here, if anyone doubts Virginia's love of football and the Bears, just read her old man's book, Halas by Halas. Anyone who has the balls to fire her own son - HAS BALLS.

    Go Bears!

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    First time on the blog for Animal since it moved. One word: Cower. Im done.

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    54 has a second career coming off the edge as a rusher in the 4-3

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    No he doesn't. His bad back insures he can't lever against nearly anybody.

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    Welcome back Animal.

    I'm with Ghost, HH should have his place on the team. Smart and mean, I like him.

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    as long as his place doesn't have the words "starting Middle or Strong side linebacker" next to his name then i will accept him being on the team, i'd rather have athletes that can make an impact.

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    Hunter smart? Yes. Mean? No. He was banging that cute anchorwoman on Channel 2 for awhile. He's a ladies man, but mean? Ray Lewis would spit on him.

    His career here is over. He made Jim Morrissey, the previous overachiever at LB, look qualified. I like guys who come out of smaller college divisions and make it on pure moxie, but that needs to stop after awhile.

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    Chestdump. Aw coach, thanks, that brightened up my morning, I'm in tears. Of course, it's a chestdump. I was blind, but now I can see. I'd be all for using some kind of tranquiliser to extend the period of sleep for full aromatic impact, and make sure the dump was more liquid in texture.

    Speaking of chestdumps, I'm with Mac - Hunter Hillenmeyer is a cylon. He may *look* like a Bear's linebacker, but that's just the pretty jersey. One more Cylon for the airlock. He's not even a good backup. I will never forget LeSean McCoy's TD against the Bears and Hillenmeyer's impression of a gyrating spastic in the gap. The image is unshakeable. In the players almanac, there's one word beside his name. "Meh."

  • he'd be the upright in the elevator position. Sounds great, until your own love gunk ends up all over your brand new shoes.

  • As long as we are gonna go with the "pieces in place" Wanny theory, i think that this Bears team is like starting a chess match with half your back row missing. Lots of pawns,not much else,very hard if not impossibe to win.

    This is the season from Hell that nobody saw coming,but it could be worse,we could be Rams,or Loins fans,check their records over the past three years. Or we could be Tiger Woods,so much for the Pre-Nup. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! But i digress......

    We need GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYERS for starters.Lovie aint going nowhere unless we loose out.We should win 2 Rams,Loins and maybe 3 if we man-up against the Pack.

    Personally i would like to see this whole team get blown-up. I am tired of the nonsense from Harris and Urlacher, Fuck the drama,it is sickening. Alot of this crap reminds me of highschool. Silly stupid garbage.

    Get me more GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!!!

  • couldn't agree more with the chess analogy, save cutler. trade urlacher and harris for whatever you can get. i'm tired of looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for harris, and urlacher is fading quickly.

    we are on the brink of turning into the raiders. they are 60-95 since 2000, with three playoff appearances including a superbowl loss. Their 2000-2002 season were impressive, followed by just horrible, abysmal failure. the bears are 68-87 during the same period with three playoff appearances and a nice superbowl loss under Jauron and Lovie.

    after the 2005 and 2006 seasons this team, regardless of a 9-7 season, has just been awful. it's pretty easy to see this team being stuck in the bog for the next couple seasons, so i'm 100% in favor of firing lovie, firing angelo [he's had some decent drafts, but the state of the o line and some of the contracts he's handed out are just unacceptable], trading dead weight for picks, and playing for 2011.

    harris is inconsistent at best and has reaped full advantage of having lovie as a coach. maybe he's better with a disciplinarian coach, but is it worth the gamble considering the past few years? i don't think so. get a third round pick.

    urlacher is good in coverage. he also has arthritis of the back. he had a decent season in 2008, in 2007 he was invisible. he's declining, get a 3rd round pick if possible.

    vasher is horrible. cut him if you can't trade for anything.

    this team is disgusting. i sincerely hope the rams embarrass the bears at soldier field. the seats need to get a little hotter for the front office.

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    the raiders are a great analogy to what's happened to this team.

  • Urlacher had one of his best seasons in 2007, Monday night football, Arizona do you watch the games? He basically took that game over single-handedly, he had better numbers that season than all but one of the guys that went to the pro bowl; it made the voting committee look like a joke that he didn't go. 2008 he struggled, and admitted he was injured and unable to get into great shape prior to the season. This year he gets hurt in game one and the wheels come off our entire defense. It has become quite apparant that he was the heart and soul of that defense and is the real francise player here, and hell yes he is frustrated with the resullts of the trade; the Bears rolled the dice on Cutler and it came up snake-eyes who wouldn't be.

  • I think if we lose to St Louis, Lovie could be done.

    But think about it, he finally has our drafted LT at LT, our FA run blocking RT at RT; but it took injuries and until too late in the seaon to get them there. So even if we destroy the Rams and maybe even finish strong because of increased Oline play, wouldn't that make him look just as bad if not worse for possibly being able to salvage the season if he hadn't been so stubborn in allowing the leagues worst Oline to go out there every week for 11 weeks. So maybe he should be gone either way.

  • UrlacherFTW,
    The Arizona game was in the 06 season, not 07. Bears went 7-9 in 07, and Urlacher didn't do much. I agree he may be the "heart and soul" of the defense, but that's still not saying much. Where was the D in 07 or 08, when Urlacher was playing? It's not like he carried the team to winning seasons. He had a lot of help in 05 and 06 when the Bears were loaded.
    Jeff, does it really matter if Cutler and Aromashodu click since the competition is the RAMS? I'm afraid I won't be making any judgments about this team or the players based on this game. They beat down the Browns, but were they as good as the score indicated? No, they just found a team worse than them. Same thing this week. Now if Cutler and Aromashodu click against the Pack or Vikings or at Baltimore, then I'll take something positive from it. My mom could hit my grandma for a TD against the Rams.

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    In 07 there was 3 qbs and Peterson started at rb a few games, they still managed 7 wins. Last year they had a winning record at least. What were the major defensive roster differences from 06 - 08? Tank Johnson... Chris Harris?

  • I'll probably find something better to do this weekend. Enough is enough. Win, lose, who cares?

    Start up Bohemian Rhapsody, because nothing really matters...

  • I'm with you Jeff on not ever rooting against the Bears, but this game has me torn. I have never wanted a Bears team to lose but this most likely would spell the end of Lovie's time in Chicago and if not I believe there would be a revolt against this team from the fans and management knows it. What meaning does beating a shitty 1-10 have anyways? Then we're going to have to hear Lovie talk about how he knew they were a good football team and that game proves what he thought.

    I'm really tired of Urlacher and Harris, but if I had to keep one I would probably keep Tommie just because I have seen the difference he makes when he's in (mostly against the run) . Urlacher's a little bitch who instead of traveling with the team hangs out with reporters and bitches about teammates. I'm tired of his antics. Get a coach/GM in here who can evaluate talent.

  • I just had a premonition that Aroshamadu (if he gets a chance) will have 100+ and a TD. If this happens, Lovie and Ron should be water boarded until they explain why this kid hasn't received a chance on this undermanned receiving core.

    Payne is starting over D. Manning in what the papers suggest is part of the evaluation for next year phase. Sweeet. Not a big move but, if Lovie feels comfortable playing guys on the bench and assessing talent for next year, I'm afraid that is not a good sign for him getting fired. If Lovie was really feeling the pressure, he would play his core guys that have failed like a broken record to attempt to prove that he's had the right guys in the right scheme on the field. If he starts playing rookies and practice squad players (which is what I want), I think his job is secure with the front office. If starters are still getting the majority of playing time, including guys like Wale (who should be gone after this year), then Lovie is still trying to prove his formula works to save his ass.

    I think the McCaskeys are feigning interest in these top coaches to quiet down the media and fans. Unfortunately, I don't think we get any of these great football minds which will delay this team from getting back to where it should be.

  • This is the FIRST Sunday this season I will not be heading to my nearest local Pub to imbibe spirits during the Bears game. I've opted to go hang out with my old man...figured something positive should come out of this. Why am I not watching, you ask? Because as we have all noted, this game is about as meaningless as a exhibition game. If we win, great, if we lose, its a flat out embarassment. Either way, enjoy fella's...

    I'll watch again when we get back into some divisional games...

  • Wildly off topic, but PFT has a great article about Thomas Jones (my personal favorite Bear of the Super Bowl run).

    In it, the author opines that with a $3 million payout coming his way next season, his 32 years of age, and Leon Washington waiting in the wings, Jones might be available during the offseason.

    Bears, snatch him up! Get him. He was the best Halfback since Neal Anderson, and perhaps the best one since Sweetness himself. He's worth another stint. Make Forte fight for his job.

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    hear hear i was so pissed when they lrt him go i immediatly started wacthing jets games. and this may be dumb but what ever happened to two back sets and making the d decide who had the ball

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    Ghost nice thread!......watched the game and my son expressed to me "Hey Dad wasn't he on our team at one time"?

    This is from the article G talks about

    The Bears, after three seasons, traded Jones to the Jets for a flip-flopping of second-round draft picks, thanks to the decision to elevate Cedric Benson, the fifth overall pick in 2005. Three seasons later, it's obvious that New York got the better of that one -- especially since Benson was cut by the Bears after only one more season. (And the Bengals continue to say "thank you" for that.)

    Nice... JA and the DIPSHITS that we call Bears Management. Why again are we unable to work with talent? But yet we send them to other teams and they flourish!

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    Was it reported somewhere that Roma will actually get some playing time???

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    Former Bears castoffs who have had some success with other teams:

    Thomas Jones
    Cedric Benson
    Bernard Berrian
    Chris Harris
    Justin Gage
    Tank Johnson
    Offensive tackle from Jauron era who started elsewhere? Colombo maybe?

    Now name the players who came to the Bears and had success:

    Thomas Jones

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    Adam Archuleta.

    Obviously not, but Ogunleye has been pretty solid.

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    Family discussion to take place over the holidays - do we sell our seat licenses? I'm getting to the point where I have no desire to go to any cold weather games that mean nothing. I love a good Autumn dat at Soldier Field no matter how the season is going - but that translates to about 2 games a year. I've been going regularly since 1976 (and many years if my Dad or Uncle couln't make it in the 60s. I'm ready to give it up.

    My two sons and my daughter might be persuaded to buy the tickets next year - they go to most of the games now anyway on my dime - but if they say no, I'm selling the PSLs.

    That said - if they SHOCK me and make a major announcement about a new coach (and dare I dream - a new GM) then I'm still in.

    But if it's Lovie next year (or some other promoted defensive coordinator, it's over. another defensive

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    We need more fans like yourself BillW, time to make a stance. Maybe then upper management can pull their collective heads out of their asses!

  • In reply to BillW:

    One of the all time Fuck-ups in Bear history was shit-canning Thomas Jones. I was so pissed off.The guy is and was a Football player. Ran hard,could catch and run, and he was an excellant blocker.All to keep that Fuck- Stick Cedric Benson.

    Why did somebody have to bring up that trade? It still pisses me off. Damn.

  • In reply to BillW:

    I have to take SOME issue with your list, bearsfanatic.

    Thomas Jones - No argument here. This is no-brainer. Should have kept him and dumped Cedric then but you KNOW the Bears and first round picks. They NEVER dump them before 3 years.

    Cedric Benson - The guy was a marshmellow here and never, EVER ran FOR the Bears the way he ran against them. Broke his leg on the Best run he ever had for the bears.

    Bernard Berrian - He was not, is not and will never be a #1 guy. The Vikings overpaid for him and even THEY admit he's not a #1 guy. Plus, he has constantly had hamstring issuess. The problem with not re-signing Berrian was that they didn't do a lot of good with the money the didn't spend on him.

    Chris Harris -OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! Again, no argument on this one which is as bad or WORSE than Thomas Jones because they dumped Harris in favor of Adam "I was signed by the Redskins and promptl;y benched" Archulet'em. What part of "benched" didn't the Bears understand?

    Justin Gage - Always liked him when I saw him but, as I recal,l he kept getting dinged and couldn't stay on the field long enough to really show his stuff.

    Tank Johnson- This guy was a train wreck and was so good the defensively challenged (at the time) Cowboys dumped him after the Bears did.

    Marc Columbo - I have to give the Bears the benefit of the doubt on this one. I mean, how long were they supposed to wait for the guy to get healthy? He's been, adequate in Dallas but, surprise, he's on the shelf with an injury once again.

  • In reply to BillW:

    What reason to watch the Bears this week? Simply because they are our team. Win lose or tie, I can't not watch. I cannot hope they lose ever, I just can't. That said, I won't be as depressed after a loss if it happens because it will be one more nail in the coffin the Lovie and Wrong Turner show. Losing to what is arguably the worst team in the NFL this year could be the last straw it takes for the organization to do something desperately needed.

    Things to watch: Can Chris Williams even remember how to play at the position we drafted him for? Can Cutler survive another game in this gauntlet of a season? I am interested in seeing what aroma can do if Jay is given any time to throw to him.

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    Damn right. And now that Oregon State is done with their O-Line maybe we could borrow them for the rest of the year.

  • In reply to mikev:

    Hahahahaha... watching that game I thought the exact same thing Mike.

    Screw borrowing, how about taking them for next year. Also, Blount my very well be a huge punk but he's a friggin beast.

  • In reply to mikev:

    Keep them Bill. For all of us.

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:


    Dont sell man...they will turn it around and you will really regret it. The story I often tell is the following:

    I had close friend who had season tickets to the Blackhawks for the last 20 years.. He has held on to them during some of the worst hockey EVER. 2 years ago, he asked them if he could move a few rows up at now add'l cost as some tickets had become available. The hawks declined his request and he was pissed because he had been a true fan through thick and thin...

    1 year later, the Hawks went to Western Conference finals. My friend is so upset about this to this day, he can barely watch the team he loves so much...

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    to clarify, because they did not let him move up at no cost, he did not renew his tickets. Kind of an important part of the story I left out...

  • In reply to mikev:

    The probelm with dumping the PSLs - done is done. If I sell the PSLs to make a stand, then one day they improve, I'm out. That's why it's such a difficult decision. I saw my SB in 85 - went to the championship game with my Dad and we hugged in the fallign snow as Wilbur Marshall returned the fumble and we knew it was on to SBXX.

    Had a similar expereince with my oldest son in the game with NO in 2006. Snow fallign again - we hugged and I saw tears in his eyes (he was 25!) but I knew he was thinking of the story of me and MY dad in 85.

    The Bears are more than a sports team - as lame as it sounds to people who can't see it, it's an emotional committment.

  • In reply to mikev:

    This makes perfect sense to me...,0,6671947.column

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    my only beef w/ Fisher is that he tends to play TOO CONSERVATIVE. will he let Jay play? or will he shackle him like he did "Air McNair" and Vince Young (early in his career)

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    CanadaBear - if I remember right, they eventually offered refunds to all STHs that year, but after a fight. I remember standing in a line at a downtown bank to get my check. Maybe I owe a think you to your sister.

    My grandfather was a Bears fan too. Went to the same church as Papa Bear. My uncle went to that church too. I learned "Bear Down Chicago Bears" before I learned "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

  • In reply to BillW:

    I just had tickets for that game and one other that year. Never had season tickets. Glad to hear you got a refund. That just pissed me off to no end when they said they were going to keep the dough and apply it to next year's tickets. I'm not as cheap as I used to be but that still is a crock of shit. It was just one more slap in the face to the people that supported the team. Oh well.

    Nothing like holding a grudge. That was only about 20 years ago!! I always tell people I have Irish alzheimers, the only thing I can remember are my grudges. WOO-HOO!

    Hope we smoke 'em Sunday.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to BillW:

    dump all salaries 54 and 91 gone vasher cut,pace into retirement home mckie cut babich patch,punk hamilton fired turner love bus and angelo all sent to hell In a handbasket!!

  • In reply to pankster:

    The bears will win because they have to. Every working stiff that follows the bears often have few bright spots in thier day to day lives and as superficial as football is, a bears victory always gives us us a bounce in our step and some how helps us to forget for a brief moment the hurdles we face in our day to day lives. So hears to our fighting spirit as bear fans.
    Bear down Chicago bears, bear down.

  • In reply to pankster:
    Very interesting podcast in the middle of the page with Cutler and Ditka.

  • In reply to pankster:

    I'd like to think that the Bears will win because they have to, but so far that has not been the case. There have been a number of "must win" games in the past few weeks and they did not win any of them.

    I do think Da Bears will win. Not because they have to, but because the Lambs really suck.

    Bear down Chicago Bears.

    BTW. Sometimes when I see your posts I think, hey I didn't write that, only to realize, no, I didn't.

  • In reply to pankster:

    I know things are a little rough this year but think about this linebacking corps for next year.

    Urlacher, Briggs, Pisa, Cato, Roach, Williams

    That is one badass fucking linebacking corps.

  • In reply to pankster:

    Also, DA must get in the game. he has had some impressive catches this year and i don't want him to be the next Justin Gage on someone elses team.

  • In reply to pankster:

    and another thing...

    I'm getting fucking sophmore in highschool style drunk tomorrow for the game

  • In reply to pankster:

    No Hillenmeyer, Johnny? The singular presense on defense busting his ass out there on 120 yards of hell?

    I don't know if Cato June and Tinoisamoa can co-exist either. Have you seen June's number? It's 59...that's Pisa's number. I hate to say it, but I wonder if the Bears have given up on Pisa. Perhaps his undisclosed knee injury was more serious than any of us have been told.

  • In reply to pankster:

    Hopefully the Bears can win this game. I think they have a shot as long as Jay Cutler doesn't throw 3 INT's. Not sure if that's possible. We have to get the ball out of this guy's hands. Give the ball to Forte and count your money and try to keep from throwing 30 picks this year.

    Kyle Orton

  • In reply to mikev:

    Thank God for you, Bill. You are what it is all about.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Ghost, you are absolutely right. We should pick up Thomas Jones any way we can if he comes available. Not really correct, but at least moderate one of the dumbest mistakes this team has made.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    I just placed a modest wager on the Bears to cover the spread. JC to Aroma all day long...

    Bears 30 Rams 17

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    haha, i just took the other side

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Albert, true enough on Berrian and Tank. I wanted them to release Berrian, but that was with the assumption they would get a better receiver. That hasn't happened in my opinion. I guess my issue with Benson is WHY did he do nothing for the Bears and then now he's a stud for Cinci? The guy obviously has all of the physical tools. It seems to me he had a sense of entitlement because of a coddling coach, so he didn't produce. Once he got canned, it's produce somewhere or be out of the league, so now he's showing his stuff. To me, Lovie is to blame for allowing these guys to just show up and not be in shape or produce the way they're capable of producing. Tommie Harris comes to mind on the current squad.
    As far as Gage and Colombo go, is it just me, or have the Bears always had issues with injuries more than a lot of teams? How many hamstrings have been pulled in the Lovie era alone? How many players have lingering injuries to the point where we don't know if they're still affected or if they are just lazy. Again, the Tommie situation comes to mind. It just seems like some teams always get their players to produce, including backups (New England, Indy, Pittsburgh, etc.) while the Bears don't.
    Or I could just be extra cranky because I'm going to boycott watching the Bears this weekend for the first time.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    They didn't release Berrian, they let him test the market, as they should have; and they wouldn't match the money Minn offered him, which they shouldn't have.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    DAMN...Bill you are making a grown man cry...

    As my father did with me and now I do with my son we all bleed that NAVY & BURNT ORANGE....even though my son has never been at a game at Soldier Field he knows that that is where Gladitors fight for the NAVY & BURNT ORANGE he has heard about the proud history of this franchise.

    and to see the Incompetence and Disheartening of the name CHICAGO BEARS at this time strikes all of us to the core.

    By Jeff's post and all these comments each of us feel the sameway and to see this team piss this away....well it just hurts.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    That's an awesome story BillW, thanks for sharing. I wish my dad was a bigger Bears fan and had that history with his pops. However, I was told that I was conceived after the Bears beat the Vikings on Monday Night Football many moons ago. So, I guess I owe the Bears my life. Thanks team.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Funny you should say that...

    My brother in Springfield says that his son was concieved after Super Bowl XX. I kind of believe him. My nephew was born the first week of November 1986. Strange how that works.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Sign the petition

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    It just never occurs to me to boycott watching the Bears for a couple of reasons..

    1) You can't post intelligently here unless you see exactly HOW the train wrecked that week for yourself.

    2) Win or lose, the food where I go watch is good and the waitresses are cute.

    Did he say "Train wreck"?

    That reminds me, I gotta get the trains set up this weekend so we can put the Christmas tree up.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    The other side of this coin is my story. I had 5 tickets to a game during the strike season. The game was cancelled. You had to pay for the games in the Spring. When I tried to get my money back they said they were going to hang onto the money and put it towards tickets for next year. I wasn't happy with that answer. My sister is an attorney in Chicago and does not like football. She started hounding them in November and it took her until March to get my money back. She was so persistent that when she went to the office to get the check, there were people's heads popping up over the cubicles to see who this woman was. I'm guessing I'm one of the very few that actually received a refund. Since then I've bought a cheap ass, knock-off Bears sweatshirt at a flea market for $5 and that's the only money I've directly contributed to the McCheapsky's coffers. I love the team, hate the ownership.

    I still can't root for the Bears to lose. There are no guarantees that Lovie or staff will be fired if they lose, so why root for a loss? It's like rooting for them to lose to get a higher draft pick (remember when we had draft picks?). What a lousy strategy that is. No guarantees there either (especially with JA at the helm).

    With #54's, Tommie's and Nate's contracts they are virtually untradeable, so that's not an option. We're basically screwed unless they make some shrewd moves in Free Agency and actually have a good draft. What are the chances of that?

    I can't imagine we'll bring back Thomas Jones. JA would be admitting his mistake. Not much history of him doing that.

    You can't blame Cedrunk on Lovie. Cedrunk was an idiot from the moment he was drafted. Then he held out, acted like he was the Big Man on Campus, cried because the D took shots at him, when Jones was traded he came into camp way overweight and out of shape and then the alcohol related stuff. He was a fucking train wreck. He never would have gotten his shit together until he was kicked out the door. Oh well.

    Other than that, I"m still going to watch the game Sunday and pull like hell for the team. Pathetic!

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    with pretty much all hope lost this season, hoping Orton and the Broncos get a higher draft pick has (some) appeal.

    Plus it would embarrass Angelo/Lovie.

    The only win I would be impressed with the remainder of the season would be against Favre and Minnesota.

    (Even the chance of beating Green Bay doesn't have the appeal anymore considering the Bears already lost to them during Game 1. Who cares? GB is mediocre, and the Bears are slightly worse than mediocre right now)

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Johnny. Knox.
    Seriously, I'm betting at least a kickoff/punt return. At least. Anddd, cutler needs to hook up with him more. He's got amazing speed. Could make big plays. (Oh, that's right Cutler can't get over Olsen. What was I thinking.)

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I'm just guessing that he plays more this week. I think the coaches will throw Jay a bone and try to appease him by letting his guy play. If they don't change anything with the WRs soon, I think Jay is going to be more vocal about his disappointments. Besides the o and d lines, I think the receiver position is the most lacking. We still need a big and physical receiver. A guy that won't quit on routes, a guy that will go up for a ball, a guy that will fight for the ball in the air. I'm almost done with the Hester WR experiment. Knox and Bennett are realistically #3s. Besides stockpiling linemen, I want a WR bad.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Right, bearsfanatic. And cheif among all of the former Bears having success is Thomas Jones. As PFT stated, he is quietly putting together a great career. I think he has nearly 9,000 rushing yards. Forte has been good in the past, and I'm not ready to drop him...but this sophmore slump is FRIGHTENINGLY similar to A-Train. Perhaps Thomas Jones could revive the fire in him. The bottom line is he is a tough and dependable back who did nothing but work his ass off for this organizaiton...and Halas Hall rewarded him with a trade to the Jets...

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Was a huge TJ fan too Ghost. I was dumbfounded when they let him go and kept that schlump POS Benson. What a joke, and a classic JA/Lovie maneuver.

    Great call. I

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