Notes on a Pointless Victory

  • All the Bears proved yesterday is that they are not the Rams.  They're not the Browns or Chiefs or Lions either.  They are a middle of the road team. 
  • They won't say it but I have to believe Jay Cutler injured his hand worse than he was letting on yesterday.  Otherwise that fourth quarter give-up drive is just about the worst coaching I've ever seen on a football field.
  • Was it me or did it seem Chris Williams got beat a lot yesterday?
  • The guards played well, albeit against the Rams.  It seemed the Garza and Omiyale were all over the field.
  • I think Jamar Williams is the keeper of this second group of linebackers.
  • This win should be no means quell the hunger at Halas Hall for a new head coach.  To quote Steve Rosenbloom, "Then again, when you consider that the Bears' three wins in the last
    two months have come against teams that entered Sunday with a combined
    record of 3-29, the Tour still might have legs."
  • Khalil Bell looks like a faster, shiftier version of Matt Forte.
  • Adewale Ogunleye seems to get pumped up for these games against terrible teams.  Maybe he'll grace us with his presence next week?
  • Dan Pompei breaks down the safety play: "Kevin Payne and Al Afalava
    gave the Bears solid play at safety, Payne coming off the bench to
    start at strong safety for the first time this season and Afalava
    playing a true free safety for the first time in his life."  Does anyone believe the coaching staff has any clue what's happening at this position?
  • I really like the combination of Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett at wide receiver but watching last night's game should have the Bears salivating to acquire Anquan Boldin.  Boldin is the big, physical target that Cutler's been dreaming about.
  • Remember when we were all singing Brad Maynard's praises?  What the hell was that yesterday?
  • Retire the receiver screen.
  • On the fake field goal: really?  Is that even a play call?  Who drew it up?  It makes no functional sense to have a tight end cross the formation and receive a flip in defensive traffic.  It also makes no sense to risk failing on that play and give a dying team hope.  This coaching staff simply makes no sense.


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  • Chris williams liked to got cutler killed on many occasions he will not due and cutler says he will be fine the problem still is ron turner has a fucking job! His ass needs to be unemployed and beggin for fuckin change! Where the hell was cato? Gaines burger? we need to hope GB gets dismantled this evening to even have a shot next week Bear Down!

  • Brad macho man maynard probably is soaking his foot in ice and probably is feeking like Deeds with that damn club foot!

  • I thought Chris Williams was not bad. He got beat on that sack by Long, but was supposedly owed help on that play. An improvement over Emanual Lewis's big and tall brother. This kid should not be moved ANYMORE; let him learn to be Cutler's blindside for the long future. Don't shuffle him to death like you have done to the safety positions. I don't know who is who in the damn secondary anymore. I still think Afalava is going to be very good for years to come.

    Your right Jeff, Ogunleye only plays well versus bad teams and when his contract is about to expire. He's chasing paper right now. If he has a great last quarter of the season and the Bears re-sign him I give up. He's money-hungry, that's all.

    Forte is just another guy on the street now. I was in denial about it earlier in the year, but after faking out every fantasy football owner and Bears fan in the country, he has come back to reality and his 2nd round pick status. Trade Urlacher and/or Harris to Carolina for one of their banger running backs. Bell looks quicker, but can't be the solution. The Bears must address this position in FA.

    YES JEFF. Retire the receiver screen for ever. Think about your damn personnel at WR Wrong. You have undersized receivers for fuck sake. You think Knox is going to block and open the whole for Bennett or Arosh? Will Hester blow up his corner to open the sideline for Knox or Bennett? Hell no.

    Jamar Williams was a bright spot. He looked like a professional linebacker and played with tenacity.

    No comment on the fake field goal besides it smelled like an act of desperation from a coach whose trying to keep his job.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    You think Carolina will trade one of their awesome RBs for a couple washed up has-beens? Dream on.

  • In reply to Perno:

    A man can dream Perno. A man can also dream that when he blogs about the Bears, he doesn't have to look at a picture of a man making the most awkward pose he has ever seen in a bowling alley. What are you doing in that pic bro?

  • In reply to Perno:

    "They are a middle of the road team. "

    Too true Jeff.
    And stuff in the middle of the road keeps getting run over.

    More good news!

    With he Steelers now at 6-6, the Bears have not beaten a team with a winning record all season

  • In reply to Albertintucson: bout that. Same as the Vikings.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Trading away Urlacher would be stupid. Unless you are getting a solid Mike and a player or pick in return, what would you gain, another spot to fill at a time when we already have too many spots and not enough draft picks to fill em. Tommie, possibly but then who is your three technique, Izzy?

    Look we are screwed for most of next year without a value gaining trade, like a player for a player and a pick, or a player for two picks. Hester may have some value left, and we wouldn't miss him; to me Hester to Ari for Boldin helps both teams and doesn't hurt us at all; Hester never gets the bonuses for receiving at Ari and could be stuck in the slot and help them with a return threat; we get an actual WR who can go up and get a jump ball. Win-Win.

    I thought Williams played well, his allowed sack was a missed assignment by either Omi or the RB, Schaeffer looked much better at RT than he did at LT also; of course, it was the Rams. But we let Cle put Cutler on his back a few times. This game he was actually safer staying in the pocket.

    To me I learned that Pace being at LT this whole time had everything to do with the name on the back of his Jersey and nothing to do with talent. I learned that not only is Forte having a sophmore slump but he is now putting the ball on the ground with some consistency which is my least favorite attribute in a RB. And that Urlacher was basically justified in everything he said, play good D, run the ball, don't throw interceptions in the red zone = win.

    Perno at this point in the season every single RB is playing hurt. It has something to do with 11 angry men trying to kill you 20-30 times a week, every week.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Guys.. What the FU@!$#@$!@# are you talking about?

    What a GREAT GAME!!!
    Bears 45 Rams 0 by HALF

    JC Passing 575 yards
    Double Duece 208 rushing 153 passing
    Urlacher looked like his old self 25 tackles and 10 SACKS!! WOW!!

    Oh Shit!! That's right my son and I played Madden 10 yesterday..

    Thanks FOX network for not showing it in the southwest. YEAH!!!

    And obviously by Jeff's Post and all of the comments I did not miss much.

    And our GRAND PUBBA-- LDL

  • In reply to nicholsra:
  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Do you want more interesting?Here is a hot news:
    The NFL Draft will ask its competition committee to review concerns regarding clinching playoff teams choosing to rest starters at the end of the season, according to a report on
    The issue is receiving renewed attention after the Indianapolis Colts chose to pull their starters from Sunday's loss to the New York Jets. Entering the game, the Colts, now 14-1, were undefeated but had clinched home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs. Meanwhile, the Jets, now 8-7, were still fighting for a playoff spot.
    After the Colts pulled Peyton Manning and other first-stringers, the Jets rallied for a 29-15 win, improving their chances in the playoff race.
    "This is an issue that we have reviewed in the past," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello was quoted as saying in an article to which the AP also contributed. "The position of the competition committee, and affirmed by the clubs, when it was reviewed in 2005 was that 'a team that has clinched its division title has earned the right to rest its starters for the postseason, and that preparing for the postseason is just as important as protecting some other team's playoff opportunity.' That is the current policy."

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Jarron Gilbert got in for 3 plays. Gaines Adams didn't suit up. Did Lance Louis play? Arosh played but sparingly. If we're going to talk about evaluating, then evaluate.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    They are who we thought they were!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    And we let em off the hook!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    If I missed it above my bad but I heard this morning on ESPN that Charlie Weis is very interested in Bears Off Cord job. Since he's on the UNEMPLOYMENT line, he's putting his feelers out there for all to check. Turner will love seeing this tonight on TV. I say sign him asap and show Turner the door.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Nice piece of info, Ghost. I, for one, did not realize the Vikings 10-2 mark was built on the carcasses of also rans.

    gpldan, The Cowbums in the playoffs? As Lee Corso would say "Not so fast , my friend". Wins in Decmber come hard for the Cowpokes and their remaining schedule is as follows: Chargers, AT The Saints, AT The 'Skins and Eagles. Not a gimme in the bunch.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Wait a minute, Ghost. The PACKERS have a winning record.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Speaking of the vikes, did anyone see the replay of their LB (E.J. Henderson, I think), getting his knee destroyed? I don't like the Vikes but I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Snapped his femur in half:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yep, after completely throwing Pete Carol under the bus to the press, Weis also said he'd love the Chicago OC job. Nice job Fat-Chuck, throw two coaches under the same bus in the same press conference all at once

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Too bad the Redskins lost

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    First up. Charlie Weis. Anybody who has that little respect for their own body and health cannot be let run my Bears. Don't hire sick people. That's my first requirement from a coach - don't be just about to drop dead when we hire you. M'kay ?

    Earl Bennett used to pique my interest because he knew Cutler. Earl Bennett ? Meh. We let Brandon Rideau go. I won't let that go. It's because of guys like Bennett, and worse still, a guy we haven't even seen - Iglesias - that we let Rideau walk out the door. All 6'3 of him. Think Cutler doesn't need any of that? Think he isn't salivating looking around the league at these go up and get it guys ? Cutler has two fast guys, but they're midgets, that's okay if your name is DeSean Jackson, but these guys need to improve as receivers. Football being a game of inches is also vertically true. Marshall or Vinnie Jackson in FA please.

    Wasn't GB's O-line as bad as ours a couple of weeks ago ? Why do they suddenly not suck ? Why can't we do that ?

    I'll take Henderson's leg bust. Tough Cookies. Life is hard. I don't care how we beat the Vikings - and we DO beat the Vikings by the way. Packers D looks as good as they did week one, but there's payback a comin' and it will be collected in full. We're not finished sacking the sh1t out of Aaron Rodgers. Season might be over (don't tell Lovie!) but that doesn't mean we haven't got IOUs for pain. Can't understand fans rooting for their team to get beat, starts about this time every year and it's just mystifying. Besides, the more they lose, the better Denvers picks get - now who wants that ?

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Does anybody watch the postgame press conferences? If you did you will have noticed that the last two weeks Cutler has done it well dressed with his hair washed and combed. Before he always emerged in a sweat-covered T-Shirt and an orange ballcap.

    I think something is kicking in for this kid. He's acting more mature. Perhaps the Bears are telling him to change his immature image...or perhaps Donovan McNabb's words of wisdom are kicking in. Whatever it is, I think I like it. He's starting to become a real leader. I already can't wait until next year!

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    All of the players who are question marks should have been played. I'm sick of this team drafting players or trading for players who don't help the team. Bennett didn't play at all last year, Iglesias hasn't played this year, and Adams barely plays. If these guys can't contribute in meaningful ways, why did we draft/trade for them?!?! Don't get me started on free agent pickups.
    Who cares about the win? Even this team's wins are indictments on how bad the coaching staff is. A 17-9 "win" over the Rams at Soldier Field is embarrassing. I don't expect another win this season. If we can't cover the spread at home against the Rams, I'm not confident we'll even beat Detroit on the road.
    At least the Vikings got pummeled. Here's hoping that team doesn't make it to the Super Bowl.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    The Vikes got a wake up call, in a game not many are talking about - but was the most telling game of the season yesterday.

    The Vikes sure as hell do not want to see the Cards in the playoffs. The Saints will probably get the Cowboys at home, and the Vikes may get the Eagles. But if they win, they could see the Cards.

    Say what you will, but the Cards could repeat that unlikely performance last year, just wander into the playoffs and then go on a run. If Warner is throwing, then it's not a team you want to mess with.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Cutty played like a little Orton clone. Exactly what he didn't want to do, but now I think he gets it. Until we get a top wideout we are stuck with Hester and Knox as deep threats. I think with more first team work, Shabba-Doo is a good big target. He caught that ball headed out of bounds, he just couldn't get his feet down. That ball would have sailed clean over Hester and Knox can't dream of jumping that high.

    I like Shabba-Doo.

    Williams got beat by Howie Long clone over there, but it's clear he bounced him out and the chipper was not where he was expected to be. Other than that, he made hungry Howie clone look bad.

    Forte needed Kevin jones so very bad this season. the season came apart at the wheels when jones and Pisa got injured.

    The Pack is going to come to town, and wipe their asses with the bears jerseys. 30-10 next week, and then the Lovie bitching can resume in earnest.

    I thought Kevin Payne played well, has talent, but is poorly coached. I think benching him was really a sign that the secondary coaches suck at teaching and wanted to cover up their own problems. You can call me Al Afalfa has some good instincts.

    Hunter sucks. If you DVR the game, count how many times Stehpen Jackson ran around or over him. Just sucks donkey balls. Horrible. We keep him in there to make the calls, and maybe his ribs hurt like hell and he is a gutter - but he still sucks out there. Can Cato June play Mike?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I agree Mac, HH is killing us. I heard Jamar Williams has played some mike, if we get this June guy in for Williams and moved Williams inside I'd be happy. Slow motion intensifies the horror and suckiness of Hunter Hillenmeyer. Not to mention that name - a fat spoilt kid with glasses, halitosis, acne and no true friends. That is not a cool name for a linebacker. Now Cato June ....

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I found myself more enamored by Narcissus, Fumblin' Adrian, and "Business in front, Party in back" Jared Allen getting manhandled by the Cardinals.

    I was also more enamored with the Giants winning and beating the hated Jones' Cowboys, Steelers getting upset by Oakland, proving once again this season that they are just as overrated this season as they were last season, the Colts showing the world that Vince Young is INDEED a mortal man, the Saints putting the Redskins back in their place, and the Dolphins fucking up the Belichick Pats.

    All of that meant more to me than the Bears victory yesterday. Even in victory those assholes are pathetic. From top to bottom.

    But out of this godawful shitty mess emerges a ray of light and hope. Cue Charlie Weis.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I think Forte is playing hurt this year (hammy), he'll come out and say it next year around training camp...mark my words. That being said, Jeff you're right. A couple times I was like "Oh man, it looks like Forte got his burst back!!! Oh wait that's Bell..." haha

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