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  • Nice try,

  • I really don't believe you'll get your wish, Jeff, because these "sources" will scrabble away like the spotlighted cockroaches they are when the heat gets turned up. I've been listening to what Moon has been saying and he says his two sources are higher up than JA. I'm thinking he's got some moles on the Board of Directors. I don't think anyone that high up in the actual organ-i-zation would be spilling anything. The B of D are a different leg of the chain of command.

    Shanahan, IMHO, is the guy. One, because he is an offensive guy. Offensive guys with talent and vision are much harder to find than defensive guys. And, the Bears need an offensive guy to shape and mold this franchise QB. Two, because he's dealt with JC before and knows what needs to be done to return him to the right track. and 3...he's a local guy who knows what the Bears mean to Chicago and the fans, and understands that if he can win it all with them he's set for life in this town.

  • I agree with your reasoning, Spawn and I'm also a Shanny guy. But do we have any idea who gets to make this call?

  • First fire Smith and Angelo. Brilliant Jeff, although I still want to know what credentials Angelo had making him deserving of our GM spot? This is fucking Chicago, like I think Al said in an earlier post, I don't want to have to fucking Wikipedia a new coach or GM. This is the direction the papers need to be going. Where the fuck is Phillips? Does anyone in the McCaskey family have their hand in the football operations? Who the fuck is evaluating Angelo? This is where the media needs to start pouring it on. Enough of Cutler is ruined, fire lovie and angelo. We want real fucking answers. Our upper management reminds me of Mel Brook's Producers. The Bears stay on the front of the back page just because they are so fucking bad.

    And Jeff, I'm out of town this weekend. Otherwise I'd meet you at Rossi's and buy you beers for being a true Bears fan through and through and for keepin me entertained.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:


    I love your passion, but you are wrong about Angelo. Here is my argument to retain him:

    1. He has had success in the draft - and he has had failure. These are not foolproof propositions. There is not a GM in this game who has not whiffed.

    2. He has had success in FA - and he has had his failures. Name me a team who has not.

    3. He has made it his mission to reward from within, hence the contracts of Briggs, Urlacher, Hester, Vashar, Peanut, Harris...have all added a degree of character to a locker room that will always have some 4th - 7th rounders who know if given the chance to succeed will be rewarded. This has not always worked, but not because JA paid them. That Locker Room is not inspired. The team is not motivated. The GM is not the motivator of a team.

    4. He has made remarkable and meaningful trades (Wale, BA, JC, Johnny Knox, and some not so remarkable ones (yet anyway) Gaines Adams).

    5. When his first offensive coordinator (Terry Shea) wanted a QB familiar with his system, he got him Johnathan Quinn (the guy who "knew " his system.) He provided the guy his coach wanted and his coach was remarkably brutal.

    6. His head coach has the final say on all of his staff. So when his HC does not renew a contract of the only DC (Chico) who would routinely and effectively unleash the Dobermans, he let him walk away to make room Babich Patch.

    7. Lovie Smith determines who is staff is and the style of football they play. Lovie Smith is responsible for letting Angelo know what prototype player he needs at each position, and Angelo is responsible for directing his scouts to find them. Do you realize that we have (had) the most athletic MLB in the league playing in a system that is very demanding for a MLB, and even he is not good enough to play in that system? What should that tell us of the system. It fucking blows. If the most athletic person at a position can not do everything required of the position then it is a waste of talent.

    8. How many times do you think Angelo provided the right person, but the wrong coaching interfered with their development?

    9. I have said this a million times, Lovie Smith peaked as a DC in St Louis, and he looked great every Sunday, because his offense routinely put 30+ points on the board.

    10. JA is better then anything we had in the Wanny Era, the proof of which you can see in the Rick Mirer trade. We gave up the 4th pick in the draft for that jackass.

    11. JA's greatest faults is the fact that he hired Lovie Smith, and he honored Thomas Jones trade demand. But I would rather stick with him, because I know the lessons he has learned along the way will be remembered.

    Bear Down!

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Nice post. Interesting. Supports a stay of execution for Angelo with good reasons. But can he fire the guy he hired ?

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    In 2005 Jeff Davis wrote a book with the title "Papa Bear: the Life and Legacy of George Halas."

    On page 468, he described his efforts to plan his estate, Halas senior gave up absolute control of the Chicago Bears Football Club by forming an S Corporation (notable features, less than 100 shareholders and the shareholders pay the income taxes) while he retained a little less than 50% and his two children, George junior (Mugsy) and Virginia McCaskey, having a tad less than 20% each with the rest going to others.

    On page 474, Davis describes what happened to his estate when Mugsy died. Mugsy's 20% share was distributed in trust to his two children with his first wife (the mother) as trustee. Halas senior then set up 13 trusts of his (nearly) half share of the Bears for each of his grandchildren (2 Halas's and 11 McCaskey's) with himself as trustee and his daughter Virginia as successor trustee.

    When Halas senior died, Virginia McCaskey became the controlling force of the team because she was both a 20% owner and the fiduciary trustee of the another 50%. That's why she is considered she is considered the "owner" of the Bears.

    Does she have freedom of action? Not by her 20% ownership and not by her fiduciary responsibility to deliver dividends to the trusts established by her father. Failure to do so could lead to some nasty lawsuits. Perhaps not by her children (or perhaps so) but certainly by her niece and nephew and there is bad blood between the cousins.

    Some or all this may have changed but knowing that trusts are trusts and are set up to avoid all kinds of nonsense, it's hard to see how.

  • In reply to Westerner:

    When Ed McCaskey died, his 'shares' got spread out and Virginia and Michael lost their majority share over the others. Angelo gets full GM powers. Bang. Piss poor football.

  • In reply to Westerner:

    Mugs Halas's kids no longer have their stock. The McCaskeys sold a 20% share of the team to Pat Ryan and Andy McKenna in order to raise the cash to settle with Mugs' family. Virginia controls roughly 70% of the stock. As for the comment below, Ed McCaskey never owned a share of stock.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    seriously...stop being such a meatball...

    there is a board of trustees no one has ultimate say so or a controlling stock amount to be ultimate decision maker...virginia is as close as you're goign to get and she is hands off and will ratify the decisions of the board when they have a majority decision...

    which is why you get conflicting reports from "high ranking" officials i.e McCaskey kids about if lovie is going to stay or go...they arent agreeing on the issue of lovie's employment...Angelo, in spite of his rant sunday isnt the one who can make decisions about the coaching staff...

    the chicago have done their job...which is to report the bears are a clusterf*ck of cousins and kids with agendas all trying to obtain the seat of power...

    after the season is over...a decision will be made...and quickly...

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Find me another team that acts that way, justin. There are none. I can go to every team in this league - outside of the publicly owned Packers - and find an accountable individual. Boards of trustees can't run a sports franchise. It's ludicrous.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Exactly. Everybody's pointing the finger at someone else, it's farcical. Angelo calling out the defense when directly asked about the 'upgrades' to the offensive line was the last straw for me. McCaskey and Angelo are bumming each other, I'm telling you ...

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    You're right, Jeff. One of these lap dog reporters needs to take this story possibility head on and come up with some answers as to who is the man behind the curtain. It certainly wont be the guys who were late to the bandwagon on the Ron Turner thing. His 'nice guy, accessable to the media' shtick kept him around longer than it should have and for that the press needs to atone.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    from rosenblog....

    Two of the most important roles of a front office involve making quality decisions and selling hope. There is little hope the Bears

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Funny line from Rosey, 'Stache. David Haugh has some fun skewering
    Brad Childress today. I chuckled out loud at the Michelangelo reference.,0,3686419.column

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Part of the reason fingers are pointing is there's enough blame to go around, but I think more of the blame has to go on Angelo's shoulders. If you look at the player moves and draft history its pretty damning.

    Sure Lovie doesn't look like much of a coach right now, but when he had Olin, a healthy Tommie, 54, Mike Brown things were pretty good. Angelo only drafted one of those guys, who is the only underachieving head case of the bunch.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    actually a lot of franchises have a board or are owned by multiple people...

    even the cubs...previously were owned by the Tribune Company and they had a board that decided things...even now...rickets has other partial oweners (his kids i do believe) that will contribute their thoughts when it comes to decisions like personel coaches etc can make the argument whether thats effective or not and thats'll get no arguement from me...but we as fans need to divorce ourselves from the love of our teams and look at things calmly and logically...most corp/businesses are not controlled by one single individual...there is usually a board who has ultimate say...they hire presidents, ceo and cfo's but all decisions are decided by some sort of board ...why should a football team be different...

    we see how poorly one crazed man in charge of everything has worked out for Oakland and Washington...

    id really not like to have that happen here

    i dont mind the structure that the bears have now if they would put actual football people in them...phillips had never been a pres before, angelo never a gm, lovie never a coach etc etc...

    at some point somewhere in the chain of command you need football people to make the football decisions...

    thats something the mcCaskeys should do and quickly...its something to bulls need to learn too garpax is terrible

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    and though i would be ok to see angelo moved...i wouldnt be upset if he

    i dont blame him for benson...he was forced to take the BPA in a bad draft...the drafts didnt get really stupid until Lovie got his money and started exerting more control...

    the buzins, okwos, wolfe's were all AFTER lovie got his money...

    before that though angelo was great...he drafted adequately

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Here's how we tell the McCheapskys to Fire Phillips, Angelo, Lovie & Turner:
    1) Monday night don't go into the game until the second quarter and leave after the third quarter.
    2) Tons of signs for national tv to fire Angelo, Lovie & Turner.
    3) Don't spend one cent at the stadium, no programs no food, NOTHING AT ALL!
    4) Instead of booing chants of "goodbye Angelo" "goodbye Lovie" or "Shanahan"!

  • In reply to clyder1:

    Your first point - that sounds like half the fans between the thirties for most games. I hope there are a lot of no-shows.

  • Fellas:

    Long time reader of the column, I enjoy the comments very much. Born and raised 10 min. from Halas Hall, now in NC due to work.

    Here's my take:

    Lovie, while he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed and has done plenty of things to make us scratch our heads, is not the problem. It's Angelo.

    Here's what I think Lovie would love to say when interviewed, but being the "good soldier" to Angelo he never would.

    It would go something like this:

    Member of the media: "Lovie, how come your team sucks so much now?"

    Lovie: "Why do we suck? You try winning with the pack of buffoons we've gotten in here since 2006!" "Why don't you ask the asshole upstairs who instead of getting us some O - Lineman under the age of 65 drafted dickheads like Benson, Bauzin, and Okwo. The prick who then traded Thomas Jones and Chris Harris for a box of cracker jacks and some cigarettes. The Joker who let Mike Brown, Justin Gage, Brandon McGowan and Benard Berrian walk away. Yes, ask the fucker who's making me coach a bunch of high school players why we suck!

  • To answer your question, "yes Santa Claus, there really is a Virginia."

  • Jeff-

    Nice job on the call out. Lets hope someone is listening. I think ultimately, It has to be Ted Phillips...He is the PRESIDENT AND CEO. Look at any corporation in America...the final decision comes from this person. Although he maintains he is the business man, this is a business decision, make no mistake about that.

  • I'm pretty sure from what I've been able to piece together that Mike McCaskey (Chmn of the Board) still runs the show. Ted Phillips was brought in as President to work with Mayor Daley to revamp Soldier Field because Daley despises McCaskey...and vice versa. Once that was done, he is pretty much the CFO with the mantle of President. Angelo, you may remember, was the result of an executive search for a GM. His expertise is in scouting, and his claim to fame is some device that the scouts use for evaluating players...the specifics escape me right now. I think Angelo answers directly to McCaskey, and he is the one that will pull the trigger if it is going to be pulled.

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    Sounds like you read my blog, "BEARS BUNKER MENTALITY NOTHING NEW". Thanks. Michael McCaskey IS the man in charge at Halas Hall, but his mother, Virginia, obviously has the final say on major decisions. I doubt the McCaskeys will resurface, unless it's to announce they are replacing Jerry Angelo, and even then, they'll probably leave the announcemnt to Ted Phillips and not allow Michael to blow his cover. Michael has lost any credibility he had and remains a lightning rod for controversy.

  • Pretty sure this guy is calling the shots

  • Hard to argue with that, 'stache!!!

  • I was at Rossi's friday night. Curiously free of the requisite bike messengers who used to hang out there.

    I got a few commemorative Bears pint glasses with Payton and Dent on them. Ah, 1985. It might be time to tape the B over the C on my Cutler jersey. Maybe I'll give it "one more year".

  • Back when they were good, the Bears DID have a football "czar", it was Jim Finks. Finks built the early 80's team, then got tired of Mikey's meddling and went to New Orleans. Fast forward to now and has McCaskey learned his lesson and is he willing to have a football guy in charge of the total operation?? Bring Shanahan in as coach, and in 4(?)years at the MOST Angelo is gone. Then Shanahan can be the guy. Works for me.

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    Ooops... should have read ahead. Seconded most vehemently!!

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    But Wikipedia and the Chicago Bears site agree that it was Halas' decision to hire Ditka that drove Finks out, NOT Mikey.

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    This tells you how this damn Organization runs with it's minions and the coaches.

    Tom Waddle a couple of weeks ago had expressed about coaching staff for athletes on the bears coaching staff while he was with them. He basically expressed that at no time did he have a coach that talked about the mental state and coaching you up. I beleive he said he was basically coached by a lineman coach. I think he slipped when he said it but it was a flipn't comment on the bears and their coaching philosophies

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    We should clone Tom Waddle ...

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    I can't believe the question is even being asked. Michael McCaskey *is* the Chicago Bears. I doubt Ginnie can even open her dentures without pissing herself these days. Ted Phillips the accountant and everyone below him are employees. And I'd say Michael McCaskey could give a fiddler's toss what any of us think. Nothing has changed since the old man died. I don't know why anyone expect things to change ? Why should they change ?

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    My best guess is some type of astrologer must be in charge.

    I know most of us think Gaines Adams is a bust so far, but his palm shows a very strong life line.

  • Mustache..hey damnit..dont bad mouth BOZO. hahahahahaha

    I put it out on the earlier thread.. How about Shanny as GM and "Da Chin as coach. is this douable? can they work together?

  • I heard a discusion on ESPN 1000 yesterday between Jeff Dickerson and Tom Waddle. Basically they all agree that we're headed for a new coach but the Dickerson made the case that they'll hire a second tier guy. Amongst the names he listed were Russ Grimm, Mike Himerdinger (OC-TN), Leslie Frasier, and Ron Rivera. I thought at the begining of the year that Rivera was the most likely replacement for Smith if Jerry makes the next hire. But with the way that Cutler has melted down this season I think all bets are off.
    Personally I'm in the Shanny camp too, but at this point I'd accept Rivera provided he got a great OC.

  • In reply to alott96:

    Russ Grimm ! Smells like a Bear to me. Old school hog. Build the great wall of China around Cutler and let him settle down and get that HOF career going ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    But do we want Angelo's second choice for coach when he was hiring the last time ? Lovie beat him out ! He wanted Nick Saban but Saban wanted GM powers too ...

  • In reply to alott96:

    Who can name a coach other than the ole man who ever amounted to anything coaching the Bears. Thats right, there's only one on the list. So... what makes you think the Bears will pull the trigger on a game changer. It's kinda like giving the car keys to Stevie Wonder. Just think about it, one coach since I started following the bears in 1977.

    The Bears blew their wad when they aquired Cutler and traded away the crown jewels for a cubic zarconian.

  • We had one of the best ever, but Halas drove Jim Finks away by hiring Ditka without consulting him.

  • Allow me to set the record straight. It was Mugs Halas, George's son and the heir apparent, who hired Finks. When Mugs died in 1979, Halas took a more active role and instead of conferring with Finks, he used Jerry Vainisi as a go-between, putting Finks in a very awkward situation. Vainsi was under Finks. When Halas died, Ed McCaskey urged Finks to stay on and teach Michael the ropes. Finks declined and became President of the Chicago Cubs the year they won the division in 1984. Finks took no credit for that, unlike Michael McCaskey following the Bears Super Bowl Championship. Vainisi became GM when Finks left, but Michael was unable to coexist with him. So, he fired Vainisi, Ditka's only ally in the front office. That left McCaskey and Personnel Director Bill Tobin calling the shots. Ditka's days were numbered and McCaskey fired him at the first opportunity. The Bears organization has never recovered.

  • In reply to BradPalmer:

    Brad..Wow thanks for the insight. And I agree with you the Bears have never recovered.

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