Mullin: "There will not be a change at the top"

Thanks to Al In WI for pointing me in the direction of this horrible, horrible article...

John Mullin, formerly of the Trib and now of CSNChicago, is reporting that Lovie Smith will not be fired at the end of this season, "due in some measure to the looming prospect of a strike/lockout".  While not ruling out coaching changes on both sides of the ball, Mullin goes on to say:

Don't look for any announcement one way or the other, by the way.
Organizations typically do not issue statements that nothing is
happening. But this is the first time that I've been able to find
something close to "statement" on Smith's future, which is now all but
certain to be coaching the 2010 Chicago Bears.

This is the simplest opinion I've ever had to write.

Bullshit.  Plain, old American, Chicago Bears bullshit.  Not John's reporting (which I'm glad to know is still available) but the rationale.  If the Bears decide to keep Lovie Smith, while firing all of his assistants, the decision is about money.  How can an organization attempt to convince its fans that they dislike a team's offense and defense but have confidence in the head man?  They can't.

But the Chicago Bears will certainly try. 


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  • In a word: Wow.

    It could be done. You never know.

    Papa Bear we miss you! I'm sure you're disappointed in the once proud franchise known as the Bears!
    Virginia, are you sleeeeeepppppppiiinnnnng?
    Of course you are!

  • In reply to clyder1:

    The Bears are still a proud organization. Arrogant, stubborn, bull headed and stupid also.

  • In reply to clyder1:

    Ginnie coughs up what, around $40 million, to placate 'the fans' ? No fargin way. All the changing coaches talk just gives me blue balls. My kingdom for a big receiver and a couple of good linemen ...

  • I refuse to believe this article.

  • When this lock-out is over I hope the following rules are in effect, the second of which will ensure that an overpaid and underperforming HC does not fuck us for the remaining years on his contract (I hope like hell Cliff Stien is re-evaluating Lovie's contract - I mean where is the breach loophole?):

    1. Slotted Draft Pay Scale (like NBA)
    2. Coaches, like players, have voidable contracts if they do not make the team better.

  • im not surprised at all. but i am however very very upset and disgusted with the bears management. What do they see that we dont?

  • You can also listen to John describe and defend his article @

  • In reply to alott96:

    Oh man Mullin is such a Bears cock sucker.Listening to him on this interview is like listening a brainwashed journalist that covers up his bases.

  • In reply to alott96:

    So naturally, the Bears won't make the playoffs next year and we will be searching for a new coach. And it won't be one of the big boys available this year. Excellent!

  • In reply to alott96:

    Why does this news come as a shock to anyone? This is just Bears ownership doing what it has done for decades.

    1985, the Bears had no more won the Super Bowl and management started to fuck with the team. That was a team that should have won at least one more S.B. if not two.

    Now Bears go to Super Bowl, lose and management fucks with team. Now we wont sniff the fucking playoffs for probably 5 or more years.

    Football in Chicago,has become part of the entertainment buisness,with big money ruling.They covered their asses with PSL's and luxury boxes for rich guys that will buy them up regardless if the team sucks.

    Why is it that the United Center is full every nite to watch that cluster-fuck of a basketball team play? It's the Chicago entertainment dollar.Money talks and bullshit walks my freinds.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    What does all this remind me of the Jack Pardee era?

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    That's right. The Bears sucked back then too.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    He just wrote the worst thing about the organization he could write.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    They can't fire Lovie because that would be an idictment on Angelo. I say, just fire Angelo and bring a bonified GM in here and let him decide what to do with Lovie Smith since Angelo and the Bears don't have the balls to do it. How sad for the Bear diehards if there's no change made at the top on down. I've had it UP TO HERE with this whole McCaskey INC. facade that's been taking place.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    I'm curious, what does the possibility of labor (or labour for our friends across the pond) unrest have to do with Lovie Smith's retention as head coach? Mullin just accepts that answer because it's complex and carries the implication that it needs no clarification.

    The two "highly placed" members of the Bears organization simply give that as a reason and Mullin as an idiot mainstream media member questions not! Would it NOT be a better idea for the Bears to invest in Bill Cowher to help ride out the storm and emerge powerful and victorious on the other side?


    Instead, the Bears are setting themselves up for an EVEN LONGER losing streak. The retention of Lovie Smith will not, NOT, improve this team. So we ride the wave of labor unrest with mediocre management on and off the field and emerge weaker than we were before. Perhaps I'm just rambling and making no sense, but it makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

    Thanks Moon for your spot-on journalism. Ass.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    It's not politics. It's money.

    And Virginia loves her that money. She knows all of us will be back next year. She knows her cold bone hands have a tight firm grip on Chicago's collective sack.

    She would need to write Lovie a check for 10-11M. Then go back into her purse for another 35-40 to get Cower all set up. And Cower is going to want Angelo to go to the bus station, so then she has to give severance to him. What's that? Another 10?

    That just ballooned into a $60M dollar decision.

    We had a decade of suckage, with a freak Rexy season in there based on a weak schedule.

    Get ready for more suckage. Cutler is very sad he came here.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    from this point on we need an emblem on all fans and team jerseys.
    with the initials WAF

    stands for WE ARE FUCKED

  • Sorry, but anyone surprised by this bit of "news" hasn't been paying close enough attention to how this ownership has been operating since Jim Finks threw up his hands in disgust and fled to New Orleans.

    We CAN all now be certain that the stunning, out-of-character, hope-generating, optimism-fueling, blockbuster deal for Jay Cutler was an ANOMALY and NOT a change in management's basic (and crippling) mindset.

    As for moving the game's starting time on less than 2 days notice...

    If I am a fan with a ticket, my polite response is as follows:

    "Fuck you very much and gimme my money back you bunch of flaming ass-holes."

    I thought the NFL had limits about how late in the process a game time could be changed?

    Let me see if I have this right. They are moving the game time because some weather wonk(s) is/are predicting exactly when it's going to snow?

    Well, OF COURSE! By all means! After all THOSE weather guys are NEVER wrong!

    We used to have a weather forecaster here in Tucson who periodically wrapped up his segments with the following:

    "All forecasts are GAURANTEED...subject to changes in the weather."

  • Am I wrong or is there nothing like a good snowstorm to induce a team with nothing to play for to tuck it's tail between it's legs, roll over and play dead?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Al the tuck and roll over to play dead has been our mantra for sometime now, the other is bend over. and this team does not dissappoint on either count.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Listen bears fan, nothing is in stone if we lose these next 2 (which we will) then some how lose to detroit...that should seal his fate and angelo.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    so they stay...this will be interesting because they have to win now. so we will see how jerry works this off season.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I think Virginia wants Lovie back for one more year just to be sure Jim Zorn will be available in 2011. She knows he'll work cheap and and he likes Tonka toys just like her son Mikey. Word is, they're building a huge sand box behind Halas Hall for the next coaching staff that is chosen to come be a part of McCaskey INC.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    This news does not surprise me however, it is still disappointing that the family is still being that loyal to someone who has lost his team and still have faith in a person who fails more times with player decisions then being right in the evaluation of players. I'll say it once again, Lovie Smith lost this team last season at the game in Minnesota and the players know that he is the in facto head coach until the owners decide to make a change. The players show no heart and have no true desire to play for a coach that they do not believe in. I also still do not understand what a C.P.A. with no football knowledge is running this team. Many changes still need to be made and unfortunately we are stuck with the status quo until the end of 2010 apparently and maybe a bit longer with the pending lock-out looming.

  • Forget Rodger's knee. Our only concern the rest of the year should be keeping Cutler alive back there and sane until we can hopefully get him a O-line, a true #1 WR and a new coach or OC but preferably both. Damn Lovie better not get another free pass. We went to the big dance once in spite of him, could we do it again? And anyone that even says the words WR bubble screen at Halas Hall should be immediately fined and kicked.

    Bear Down! I guess.

  • Time for a massive boycott if Lovie Smith and Angelo are retained


    There is a big movement to Fire Angelo and Lovie with a huge billboard ad!!!

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