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Mark Anderson?  Really?
I'm not going to read any column that begins "If Mark Anderson wants to be a part of the Bears' future, he can make a strong case over the last two games."  Mark Anderson has seen more than enough snaps over the past few seasons to make it very clear that he is not a viable starting defensive end in the league.  If we're going to reach for reasons to care about Monday night's game, Mark Anderson is not going to be it.

The Favre-to-Minnesota Timeline - According to Reports
Childress woos Favre.  Childress chauffeurs Favre to team facility.  Favre plays brilliantly inside the system, thriving behind the brilliant run game.  Favre beats San Francisco on a last-second heave.  Favre begins audibling out of called runs.  Childress starts getting mad.  Favre tries to throw a late touchdown pass to run up the score against the Packers.  Childress gets really mad.  Favre, being a weathered old man, begins slipping physically.  Favre's touchdown-to-interception ration begins to flip.  The run game and offensive line start slipping.  Childress getting reallllllly mad.  The Vikings lose two out of three, both in primetime.  Childress tries to take Favre out of the Panthers game.  Favre refuses.  Steam begins pouring out of Childress' ears.  Favre calls out coach to the media.  Childress handles it really well while clearly simmering.

The question is, what's next?  A disastrous performance Monday night could go a long way toward sinking the Viking season.  Do the Bears have it in them?

The Outdated Cover-2
Mike Mulligan questions whether the Cover-2 is outdated in the Sun-Times, drawing some interesting commentary from Alex Brown.  The problem with the Cover-2 is not the system itself but Lovie Smith's failure to adapt it as the game changes around him.  He plays soft corners on third-and-seven, basically granting offenses first downs.  He uses the same series of predictable blitz packages on the same predictable downs.  But the main problem with the Bears' pass defense is the complete lack of a pass rush.  The Cover-2 has never been successful without a premier pass rusher on the roster, preferably two.  The Bears have none.  Alex Brown is a hell of a defensive end, and I'd love him to play here til his career's over, but he's not a premier pass rusher.

Chicago Update
The Reverend and I will be at Rossi's on North State at 3:00 for the Broncos v. Eagles game.  Stop by and have a beer.  We're not leaving until they ask us to.


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  • 1st!! Because it feels right!

  • Tommie who? We have such bigger problems. Like who to replace him with. We have to have guys that can get to the QB and can collapse the pocket and disrupt plays or our never adapted Cover Who doesn't work. Hopefully we won't be running it next season.

    Good to see the organization getting knocked by players even if they aren't trying to. Obviously Kreutz was but he is part of the problem and needs to be put out to pasture. Warrior and a bad ass Bear but no longer.

    Vikings season comes apart or another nail in Lovie's coaching career coffin? Choices, choices. Don't worry, Minnesota will choke in the playoffs. They are going whether they win this game or not. I am at the point where before and after the game I am glad that they lost but still can not cheer against them while they are playing. I can't. I wonder if I will be mad if they win after the game. No wonder I'm so fucked up.

    And that has raised $5374 in a little over a week and have put up a billboard calling for the firing of Phillips on down. I guess a bunch of local TV stations were there to cover it and they did an interview this morning on The Score. The guy that owns the billboard space donated it for this so it might be there the rest of the season or longer. They are trying to get to $7500 total before Dec. 28th and buy a full page ad in either the Sun or Trib saying the same thing. Our Boy Roy is staging a protest 3 days a week for a few hours a day at Halas. Good stuff!! At least someone is bearing down even if the team is paying like gerbils!!

    Gerbil Down!! Just not the same huh? Happy Holidays!!

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    I meant Mark who but the statement still stands

  • Viva,

    Reasons I think you're wrong for wanting to keep Angelo:
    1. Letting Thomas Jones go. Angelo didn't honor Lovie's decision on this, this WAS Angelo's decision. He drafted the expensive and mentally unstable Benson (which I'm not going to get into)which he felt he had to get on the field. In all Lovie's comments regarding this, it sounded like he wanted the Jones/Benson combo back for another year, but was playing the politician and backing Angelo.
    2. Over-paying for Vasher after one good season.
    3. Over-paying for T. Harris after knowing of his knee problems
    4. Letting Colombo, Gage, and Chris Harris, Mark Bradley go
    5. Dan Bazuin and Mike Okwo
    6. Michael Haynes
    7. Angelo didn't pick Urlacher, he was drafted the year before Angelo was hired (if that's what BA stands for in your post.)
    8. Yes, all GMs swing and miss with picks and free agency, but Angelo has had too many whiffs on the offensive side of the ball. Particularly, lets look at the WR position since he's been here: David Terrel (1st), Bobby Wade, Airese Curry, Iglesias, Marty Booker, Mushin Muhammed, Brandon Lloyd, Rashied Davis to name a few. This guys has proven over and over he knows nothing about offense.
    9. Thinking Orlando Pace had football left and could protect Cutler's blind side.
    9. Paying D. Hester wide receiver money when no other team would.
    10. Paying Darwin Walker
    11. I wouldn't consider the Wale trade remarkable. Knox came as a compensatory pick w/ the Cutler trade. Good job in taking a chance and picking speed. I said I wouldn't fully judge Gaine some weight Adams until next year, but right now it looks as though Jerry got hosed. There goes the only viable pick we had. Wale's been serviceable since coming but we took on his big ass contract. He had one great numbers year when he played on opposite ends as Jason Taylor. This is far from remarkable trading.
    12. Giving Lovie full reigns to get rid of the best defensive coordinator since Ryan (Rivera) and bring in his buddies. GMs do have say so when it comes to coaching personnel, coaches don't have full control over their staff. The GM has to sign off on these decisions.
    13. I don't care about the atmosphere in the locker room or if guys are good character guys. Winning makes a good locker room and losing makes a bad one. I care if they are talented, healthy, and can play. And are you calling Urlacher a good locker room guy after his destructive comments this year? He is the furthest from a positive leader type in the locker room. Alex Brown is a positive leader, and I'll give you that Briggs has become a leader but mostly by setting a precedent with his play on the field.
    14. Rewarding from within is a great concept if it works. But when you make the wrong money decisions in rewarding your own, look what happens. Vasher can't even play safety for fuck sake.

    I'll stop there. This guy went to the U for god's sake.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    1. Thomas Jones made the trade request. Angelo honored his request, not Lovie's.
    2 & 3. He paid them for stellar performance. They have not performed at the same level, but that is not Angelo's fault.
    4. Columbo was told he would never play again after the injury he sustained. The kid has more heart then anything else, and it blows he got away. I did not agree with JA when the Harris trade was made - I think he over valued D. Manning. Big Mistake. Lovie never got anything out of Gage and Bradley - (Bradley was just released from KC, incidentally.)
    5 and 6. These are system guys that could not be developed. Is it JA's of Lovie's job to develop these players.
    7. I was speaking of the trade JA made for Branden Abayedenjo.
    8. Here are some guys on the offensive side of the ball that have proven themselves: Tait, Rueben Brown, Fred Miller (before he became a turnstile), Robbie Gould, Mushin, Des, Thomas Jones, Bernard Berrian. Here are guys that Lovie never got anything out of: Cedric, Gandy, Gage, Wade, and here are some guys that the jury is still out on: Olsen, C. Williams, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Iglesias, Earl Bennett, Matt Forte, Kevin Schaeffer, Omiyale(returns not good so far).
    9. JA swung (at least he tried) and missed.
    Your second 9. Everyone on this site wanted Virginia to pony up when Hester threatened to walk out of camp. JA came through. I believe Hester should have been left on special teams because of the need for us to win field position battles. He is misused and the staff probably has more to do with this then JA.
    10. You can thank Tank and the injury prone DD for this one. I would have liked to see them stick with the Toe.
    11. I overstated that trade. Wale was servicable early.
    12. Lovie must approve of all of his coaches, and when you said, "the GM has to sign off on these decisions, " you reminded me of one of Angelo's brilliant moves in his tenure here. He demoted Lovie to DC, and he demoted Babich Patch to Linebacker Coach, (not in title), but his fingerprints are all over that decision. I grant you that I am speculating here a bit, but why else would Lovie be calling the plays this year if Angelo did not flex his muscle and let Lovie know that it was a sink or swim year for him? I'm telling you that Lovie was given an ultimatum this year at the onset of the season. He knows what is coming.
    13. Chemistry matters. You know this. Winning does solve most things, but when guys lay it on the line for each other they build more chemistry. There is no longer any blood sweat and tears in that locker room, and the HC is the guy who has to bring that to the table. As far as Urlacher comments are concerned, the real issue is what happened afterward. Lovie, like he does every Sunday from the sideline, played the role of an ostrich when he was asked about them.

    14. Vasher had a fluke year - and the BT mistook it for the status quo. My guess now that his guarenteed money is over he will be jettisoned at the end of the year.

    Oh. I had no idea he went to the U. That changes everything. Just kidding.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    We'll have to agree to disagree, but good banter Viva.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Stache is gonna be PO'd. Hey. Is Stache PO'd?

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    O.K. yes I agree with the Football thread, but you have to admit that having a little bit of fun with it makes this year a little easier to take. Because at this given time laughter is the best medicine for this abysmal season.

    We watched a coaching philosophy(if that's what you can call it) destroy a franchise rich in heritage and bring it to as Al said "A PUNCHLINE" nationally!!

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I take that back...this is not just a coaching philoshpy at this time it is an organizational philoshpy and as long as "Canary Sweater Boy" you know who I mean, is the captain of this TITANIC...

    This is what we will get.

    I do beleive humility w/payed ads and pressure from the fans can help. But until they break this course we WILL hit that iceberg and SINK!!! I do beleive we have not hit rock bottom yet. But there is hope we can keep going in this direction and watch this year become the one we cling too in the future because the next five will be worse.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I started the season with reasonable football thoughts, but the way it has gone i can't help but resort to chuckles. I get it, plenty of places to joke about Childress' creepy disposition and love for big white vans. I'll be glad to stick to the bears in here.

    Gaines Adams better start and get the majority of snaps the rest of the way. O goon is gone and so is the one year wonder, so lets see what he and the almighty pool hopper can do. I wanna get a look at DJ Moore while were at it. Give him a whirl at nickel, he couldn't be worse than graham has been.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    'Stache - I absolutely agree. If these guys suck worse than the band of underachievers that are starting, now is the time to find out.
    For the record, Corey Graham SUCKS. (no one seems to argue this one any more?)

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    What I have a hard time figuring out is how other teams are able to adjust on their deficiencies from earlier in the year while this year's Bears can get blown out by the Bengals a bazillion to one and every game afterwords looks worse (even if the score differential isn't as much).

    Two examples:
    1. Green Bay had Aaron Rodgers running for his life earlier in the year, yet they are now a playoff team.

    2. Carolina (of all teams) was able to stop Adrien Peterson for 12 rushes and 35 yards and beat Old Man Favre.

    The Bears have 5 wins against mostly crappy teams. If the schedule had been tougher, this team would have been as bad as Cleveland (2 wins).

    Hell, even Tampa Bay beat Seattle at Seattle this past weekend.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    I'm a fan Mustache.

    Jeff I understand you had to take some action, but yeah... in the end boys will be boys.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    That's more like it Crown. Giving any more credence to Angelo is akin to the victim mentality of protecting the abuser. Jerry's had his hands in the kinders' pants for too long. It's time to call Childline. And Angelo shouldn't have given in to TJ - he just called his bluff. The arrogance and ego of the man let one of the top rushers in the NFL walk just on pride. If we keep Ced and TJ we don't draft Forte and nab some primo lineman - who would we have got ? Oher, Britten, who was left ? Someone better than a 90 year old Pace or Frank Omiyale anyway. I'd add to the list too ...

    714. Not addressing the safety position in the off-season. Drafting afalava/moore doesn't count. Long term projects. Brian Dawkins changed the locker room mentality in Denver and is playing out of his skin. Sharper ditto. Naw, Steltz, Kevin Payne and a rookie, that'll do.

    715. Not addressing the wide receiver position in FA. Allowing Brandon Rideau to leave - ostensibly to protect the future brilliance of Juaquin Iglesias and Rashied Davis the special teams maestro. Who fumbled a kickoff return on Sunday - the most veteran and tallest of our receivers who scored 3 TDs from the first 4 passes thrown to him. Not required.

    716. Allowing the GOAT return man, the ridiculous one, to become ... well, ridiculous in its originally intended meaning. And letting people like Rashied Davis fumble kicks returns and piss away our field position and TD totals.

    717. Failure to address the MLB position. I asked before the season what would happen if Urlacher went down ? HH blows and is not a LB nevermind a MLB. Urlacher put on muscle this offseason and HH gives up 35-40lbs to Urlacher.

    717. General navel gazing come draft day. Piss poor drafting. Not getting into it. A couple of diamonds in the coal, but basically a shed full of coal.

    718. Failure to address the MLB position AFTER Urlacher goes down. Who needs to go out and grab a ten time probowler off the street when you've got the might of Hunter Hillenmeyer on your bench. Sounds like a fat german kid who eats tar.

    719. Being a smug prick generally who has failed entirely. Getting us to a Superbowl only to beaten by turtlehead manning is like renting a room with Rihanna, snapping her knicker elastic against her skin and then walking out on her.

    720. Having carnal knowledge of Ted Phillips and/or Virginia McCaskey on a regular basis.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Irish, THAT shit was funny. Well done lad!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    #720 is TRUE - I just know it. Angelo & Phillips, up a tree ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    How could I forget ...

    721. Greg fucking Olsen. He's the third triplet. Any advances on a third rounder ?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    lol at the "fat german kid who eats tar"

    Well played, Irish.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Agrred, that line is classic Irish!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The weather should be garbage for Father Time and the AP with fumblitis. If the D can get 4 TO's out of them and we only have 2 then maybe we squeak this one out. Lovie's fate has to be sealed by now. If you can't evaluate this season by now, you shouldn't be evaluating NFL seasons. Oh that's right JA, TP and the McDouche's shouldn't be.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Actually to watch Favre get pulled from the game if they are down 1 and then they lose and he blows his shit on the sideline at the coach from the white van might make up for a lot of this painful season.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Before I forget, gang. Merry Christmas to all, especially you and yours, Jeff.

    Thanks for providing this space to vent and attempt to be humorous.

    Hope Santa leaves something better in our stockings than the Bears did this year.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    On Januuary 4th, 2010, the Chicago Bears will usher in a new Head Coach. Who will it be?
    A. Mike Shanahan
    B. Bill Cower
    C. Tony Dungy
    D. Jim Harbaugh
    E. Other

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    I would love to see B as HC and D as OC. You guys pick the DC (any chance the saints want to give us theirs)

    Happy Christmachannukahhfestivuskwanza everyone. It's been a blast. Can't wait for the off season and next year!

    Oh, and while I won't cheer for a loss, I don't think a win get's me excited at all, unless Farve goes out... for good finally. Not injured mortally or anything, just a sucking chest wound or maybe just a really bad turf piggy toe. Buh bye douchebag!

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    It's B.

    I think the Cower negotiations have been going on Top Secret-like in a bunker outside Joliet.

    I lived in Denver during the Shanny years. You guys don't remember, but I remember the Brian Griese years, the keep pushing Terrell Davis out there even though after his leg went, he was shot years, the years when ALL FOUR DLs, minus Trevor Pryce, were traded EVERY YEAR - as Shanny tried and tried to develop a pass rush.

    And, of course, his Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis trade. And keeping John Lynch back there even though he was not the same player anymore.

    I don't think you guys will be happy with Shanny. I really really don't.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Merry Christmas everyone - have a safe and kick-ass Bears holiday...I'll spend tomorrow shoveling out from under this blizzard (in eastern Nebraska) so wish me luck.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Ouch MBP, but that's what a white Christmas is all about right?

    Here in San Diego it's going to be 72 and sunny today and tomorrow. I'm going to surf today and tomorrow for all of you snowed in brothers. Stay strong!

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Say it ain't SO-maha? I made the move from Chicago to Tucson and now Omaha. I thought I'd be able to get a decent Italian Beef, but no luck. Looks like I'm ordering delivery from Malnotti's again this year.

    I'll tell you one thing - the piles of snow make 3rd story swan dives much less prone to demise... So, no more Bears-caused suicide attempts from this guy. Keep the snow coming!

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    You got it, Kentuck!
    Other team's coaching staffs see problems and CORRECT them, or AT LEAST try something different.
    The Bears? They just do the same thing over and over and over and expect a different result which, as has been pointed out periodically on this blog, Einstein said was a definition of INSANITY.

    BTW, the problem in Minne-Ha-Ha isn't the 35 YARDS from AP,
    it's the TWELVE carries.

    Apparently, Narcissus' checking off from run to pass so often of late is what has Coach Chili all bent out of shape and wanting to give him the hook.

    Naturally, today, they both downplayed the apparent SCHIZM (!) and said all was well.

    WGN News ran Chili's sly attempt to blame the media at his Wednesday presser:

    "People want to shine a microscope on it".


    Say what!?

    Shine a what?


    Way to go you clever Wordsmith, Brad Childress.

    THAT line brings us back to Mr. Lincoln's
    "Better to remain silent..." advice.
    Whoops. Too late to heed that one.

    I suggest you stop getting public speaking hints from Mike Tyson.

    OK, Brad, pay attention now.
    It's EITHER "Put it under a microscope"
    OR "Shine a light on it".

    Not BOTH.

    It's a METAPHOR, Chili,
    not the menu at the Golden Wang Chinese Buffet and Volunteer Fire Brigade over at MALL OF AMERICA.
    You don't choose 1 from column "A" and one from Column "B".

    Next time just stick to answers you might be able to handle.

    Things like... "Yes".

    Or... "No".

    Or... "I'll have to check with Brett".

    Oh, and if you can actually get Narcissus to stop changing the play whenever he damn well feels like it, please come by my house because I've got some toothpaste I'd like put back in the tube and I'll assume you've figured out how to do THAT impossibe trick, too.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Having lived in the twin Cities for a long time, I think there's just a Swedish predisposition to malapropisms and mixed metaphors. My boss was certainly as bad as Chilly, and occasionally worse.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Man, for outsiders, 'Fargo' just pissed all over that region. That shit was funny.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    "Shine a microphone on it"???

    That sounds like a job for Mustache to take on. "Hello... ummmmm... is this thing on, helllooo?"

    Don't get gun-shy on us now Mustache.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Did you say "Adjustments", lobo?
    I think the only thing Lovie's capable of adjusting anymore are his undies and I bet he's lousy at that, too, and has jock itch.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Yeah Adjustments .. and now that I think of it..your right about Lovie..scary thing is when he adjusts himself he may even hurt himself too. Or he's looking at the Jumbotron to see if he got caught adjusting.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Jeff. Thanks for the oportunity to vent and keep our I on the prize.

    It has been for me the chance to get back connected to this team through the one's who bleed Navy Blue and Burnt Orange. I have been away for over 15 years from Chi-Town and being were I live I would always get info weeks if not month's later. Thanks each and everyone of you, much gratitude.

    So with that I wish Blessings on you and yours everyone. Take care.

    P.S. Dear Santa..Please donot place any coal or Christams turd in my stocking, I know our Bears have been naughty but donot make us suffer for their sins. Actually if there is a turd to lay place in BF's(Butt F!@#!@$er) stocking let that limp 40 year old arm be torn of and then have someone beat him to death with it.

    Thanks Santa

  • In reply to crowntheirass: word.. adjustments

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    has anyone been here?

    damn...some Bears fans are the WORST!!!! and watch next year, they'll sing his praises. i HATE hypocrites...SERIOUSLY!!!!

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Thanks FQD, got rid of my morning glory all over that site. Bums.

    Mark Who ?

    Minnesota : Favre gets butt-pumped family style in our house. Proud Bears show there's something in the locker and fire a warning shot to the NFL that we cans till roar when we want to. Just not every game.

    Cover-2 : A coverage, nothing more. Don't ever blame a coverage for a team's demise. Blame Lovie. Variations on a formation. Blaming the Cover-2 is like blaming triggers for gun deaths. Being a good DC means picking the right formation and coverage for the job. Because football players are generally dumb, they stick to one formation, but shouldn't stick to one coverage - and they don't. I saw them play single high safety, can't remember against who. But there it was for a game. But they do over-rely on the Cover-2. Yeah, it has its weakness in the seams, but name a coverage without a weakness. Even diamonds can be cut.

  • Crown when I read your posts I hear them in Dennis Green's postgame pissed off voice, slapping the podium every few sentences in an irate and irrational fit of rage. Brings a smile to my face every time. Thanks Pal.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Stache...GREAT VISUAL!!! and must agree 100% hahahaha

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Al...PLEASE NO on the 7-9!!! becuase this fu!#@!$ LDL.....WILL! make that rationalization and I can see him standing at the Post Conference and try to place a coherent sentence together. This will give him more foder that he is a brilliant coach and say "See I told you so". DAMN just thinking of that makes me want to PUKE!!!

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    I hate that I deleted a comment but I did. Football, guys. Football.

  • Mark my words. Bears will let go/give up on guys like Anderson,Harris,Alpalfa plus a host of others who'll soon resurface with other NFL clubs 2010. Pats, Bengals,Chargers and the like will take these players(on the CHEAP because we can be ripped off easily) and FIND what they do best. Used in the right schemes, all these xBears will find a way to come back and KILL US. Bears are where they are because of Angelo and that's a fact. How many times did JA trade down in past drafts? He did that to ingratiate himself in front of cheap ass Mc-Caskets. Tight wads who only care about sales of PSL's. Fans get screwed again.

  • That's why we take the damn field!

    Stache-you're chestdump, number 1s and 2s, comparing coaches to coitus positions like wookie somethings cracks me up and makes me come back for more bud. You are a legend in my book.

  • The Anderson Headline:
    Oh Brother, Jeff. That IS insulting!
    It makes it sound like poor Mark Anderson has languished on the sidelines, pining away for an opportunity. Please pass be the barf bag.

    The Narcissus timeline:
    It's fun to see it in black and white, even though the only people on this blog surprised by what's happening in the Great White North lately are those Viking Trolls who are no doubt checking in to see what's being posted but can only sit there and groan over recent events in Minne-a-no-place..

    The Cover-2:
    It has been well documented this season (and last) that THAT term is a MISNOMER for the defensive scheme employed by the Chicago Bears and that "COVER-WHO?" or "COVER-FEW" are both more accurate descriptions. Frankly, I am surprised that opposing teams don't just take a knee on first and second down because the Bears D has turned 3rd and 10 into a virtual short-yardage call.

    Vikings this Monday night:
    This strikes me as another "...and death is not an option" choice, no? It would be wonderful to watch Narcissus stink a bad as he did during his last trip to Soldier Field. On the other hand, that would also give Lovie a shot at 7-9 for the season and a cheap "we COULD have made the playoffs" rationalization to not send him on his merry way.

  • Totally. Watching Minnesota melt down is making my season. I can't wait til we're back chalking up two every season after the old fart dies ...

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