Mike Imrem, Column of the Year

Where oh where did Bears go?

By Mike Imrem | Daily Herald Columnist

Where are the Bears that a lot of us grew up with?

Where are the Monsters of the Midway, win or lose?

Where are the physical, aggressive, intense, tough and strong Bears?

Where's the blocking?

Where's the tackling?

Where are the Bears you had no reservations calling by
macho nicknames like Bulldog and Bronko, Super Crunch and Samurai,
Mongo and Danimal, Chico and Jimbo, the Galloping Ghost and the Kansas

Where are the blood and sweat to go with the tears?

Where are the Bears who autumn after autumn made even the bad times good?

Where are the Bears that would beat opponents up if they couldn't beat them?

Where is the tight end that runs over people and the running back that runs through people?

Where's the hope, false or otherwise?

Where are the Bears who would be at least competitive with a bad quarterback instead of noncompetitive with a good one?

Where's the head coach who speaks gibberish you want to hear instead of gibberish that drives you nuts?

Where is the head coach who terrorizes officials?

Where indeed is Papa Bear?

Where is Iron Mike?

Where is the draft part of draft and develop?

Where is the develop part of draft and develop?

Where's Bear weather making a difference, really or mythically?

Where's the kick returner who was the best ever before becoming an ordinary wide receiver?

Where's the reckless defense with a supersized tackle called Fridge or Fat Freddy?

Where's the ability to stop the run on defense and run the ball on offense?

Where's the head coach with the audacity to clear out a deadbeat's locker?

Where's the Bears team that you could like in victory
and respect in defeat, rather than respect in neither and dislike in

Where are the Honey Bears you could both like and respect?

Where are Dougs like Atkins, Buffone and Plank?

Where's the vim?

Where's the vigor?

Where have you gone, Walter Payton, a city turns its lonely eyes to you?

Where are the players who symbolized people in seats instead of suites and standing room only instead of personal seat licenses?

Where have the days gone when Bears football was a game
where you could buy a ticket from a street scalper instead of a
business where you can buy one from an online broker?

Where's the head coach with an appreciation of timeouts?

Where's the Bears team that makes you feel proud and
privileged to sit in the stands with the wind blowing sleet in your
face just to cheer on their effort?

Where's the Bears' pride in anything these days?

Where's the same page and the single heartbeat, for better or worse?

Where's the fire?

Where's the brimstone?

Where are the executives who will tell it like it is, or at least like they think it is, instead of trying to fool fans?

Where is the owner hesitant for whatever reason, financial or friendship, to fire the head coach or general manager?

Seriously, where are those Bears that we grew up with?



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  • Walter's six feet under, the Honey Bears probably weigh 300 lbs apiece, and the rest are firmly sequestered up Mike McCaskeys' ass. You need a break, man. Seriously. This could become a suicide watch. Hold onto something positive. Like Mr. Suh becoming a Bear. Somehow. I don't think he can jump out of a pool though. And one day we'll have the legendary Juaquin Iglesias to look forward to ... once he's received his bubble screen training.

  • This list really resonates with me. I know I keep asking myself all of these questions every time I watch one of our games now and for days afterword. I know that all the folks on this 'blog and tens of thousands of die-hard, dedicated, ridiculously loyal Bears fans around the world are asking these questions too. What the hell happened to our Chicago Bears?

    I was always proud of our team and proud to be a fan. Even when we've had very bad teams, they always played the game hard. They always made sure the other team knew they were in fight with a tough opponent. Our Chicago Bears were never out of any game until it was over. Period.

    It is hard to be proud of this team today.

    If anyone in the Bears organization is reading this 'blog, please, pay attention. It is not just a few folks on a blog somewhere. It is not just a few annoying journalists looking for column inches. This is about legions of loyal fans who live by this team and it's history.
    YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING. Something big. It starts with a new head coach, but it should not stop there.

  • In reply to mikev:

    very well said Mike! Please Mike and Virginia... please listen to us loyal fans who just want our Bears back. We deserve our Bears back after so long. Please do something... now.

    ...now if you'll all excuse me, i'm going to go cry into my coffee.

  • In reply to mikev:

    Dmband..I do not think Imren is just about the 1985 bears as much as the essence of the "Monster of the Midway". The foundation that was built by Papa Bear himself and hoisted to the rafters for all to see. Yes. I am tired to of looking in the past, but when you have a franchise that is rich in history you need to start somewhere.

    The problem with all of this is that we are living in the past, contridictive I know but as we have seen LDL is living on borrowed time from the past TB and the Rams are a perfect example of why this organization needs to let this past DIE!!!!

  • In reply to mikev:

    As a third-generation, die-hard Bears fan, I've seen a lot of really bad teams that seemed to always lose 17-14 games. Even when they were going 4-12, 5-11, etc., I always watched and rooted for them. Usually when they lost, they didn't have the talent that other teams had or they lost hard-fought games. I haven't watched the Bears play for weeks now. I had to remove myself emotionally because I can't stand this team or organization right now. Like everyone else, I can accept losses, even the occasional beatdown by a top team. It happens. What I can't stand is the absolute joke of coaching that's taking place and the always trying to feed us a line of BS all the time. This team has dropped to new lows in just about everything you value in an organization and team. There's no accountability whatsoever. There's very little communication. There's all kinds of indecision over which players should play what position (high school coaches can figure that out). I've never been so angry and disappointed with the Bears as I am right now, and I've never heard the same thing from so many other Bears fans. If management doesn't respond now, then there's no hope.

  • In reply to mikev:

    A Classic I was wondering the same where da hell are da beloved?
    Until LOVE SHACK and the rest are gone Im done with this team!
    Go ILLINI Basketball

  • In reply to pankster:

    Go Badgers hoops. How about that Duke win?

  • In reply to mikev:

    I had to watch the Cardinals and Eagles games with non-Bears fans - just so I could try and laugh the pain away. At this point, humor is the only thing getting me through the season. Yes, I drank the kool-aid this year. I had high hopes. I never have expectations for the Bears, and I realize now that I never will again. This has been the most painful season in recent memory.

    I find myself not minding losses at this point. I can't get the heart into it anymore - and it makes me wonder why I'm still a fan after all the hatred I have for this front office.

  • In reply to JohnGalt:

    I stayed at my folks an extra day after Thanksgiving to watch the Vikings game. Me and the old man got drunk and laughed our asses off at the team, making fun of all the stupid play calling and piss poor effort.

  • In reply to JohnGalt:

    so i was talking about this with my supervisor at work....just stay with me on it for a 2nd:

    we're all salivating at the chance of getting a legit coach, so let's assume (and dream) for 1 second they pick up cowher. cowher's a 3-4 guy, so we would have a serious look at our Chicago Bears in a 3-4 defense. picture it for a second:

    NT - Anthony Adams (switched w/ Tommie Harris, Marcus Harrison & Izzy)
    RDE - Alex Brown (switched w/ Jarron Gilbert)
    LDE - Wale (switched w/ & Gaines Addams)
    LOL (left outside) - Pisa Tinoisimoa (switched w/ Mark Anderson)
    LIL (left inside) - Brian Urlacher (switched w/ Hunter Hillenmeyer)
    ROL - Lance Briggs (switched w/ Nick Roach)
    RIL - Jamar Williams (switched Tim Shaw/another backup)

    and keep the secondary as is.

    now seriously (barring that Tommie will get hurt/Wale's contract won't get picked up), with a few free agent moves, who could SERIOUSLY see this happening? and if it did, wouldn't it be so ridiculous? it would shut down the middle (mark is fast enough to play in space & would probably excel in this), and it would create more bodies to come up w/ exotic blitzes (a new version of the 46...don't know where ppl are coming from). a man likes to dream, but this may not be far off

    *also you can switch any of the personnel w/ who makes more sense, but you should get the general point i'm making

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    the only reason i bring this up is b/c we're a speed defensive team, not power. 3-4 takes advantage of speed (look at the packers). thoughts?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I like it. I'd love to see us go to the 3-4. Nice group of starting linebackers we'd have, need some depth obviously, HH sucks, not sold on Roach either ...

  • In reply to mikev:

    Fuck Lovie Smith, right in the asshole with a rigid object....


  • In reply to mikev:

    classic column. damn near column of the decade concerning Bears ball.

  • I've been quiet awhile, but these guys just don't give me the motivation to get excited. It seems that medicarity is ok. It seems that when you look at the record and consider that we are only one game ahead of the Raiders and three games ahead of Detroit, how can there be any hope in this situation, even if we get the new coach, how long will it take for them to get to know his system? If they do right the ship will we have lost Cutler by then and or will he be too old by then. Will he have the gumption to withstand this potentially long rebuilding process?

    All is a question mark and what Miami did is not the norm, so here's to hoping, hoping and praying.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Or will Ginnie have the gumption to dump the Gump ? ;o)

  • This is exactly how I feel. This team doesn't make me feel anything, and hasn't for a while now. I was even a little disappointed how being at the NFC championship game didn't excite me as much as I thought it would. Compared to being in the stands for the White Sox game 2, it wasn't even close, and I'd say I've always been a bigger Bears fan.

    This is the larger problem the team has - it's on a course to alienate all but the most bored, one-dimensional football fans. The Packer loss the other day was maybe the first loss in my life as a Bears fan where I didn't give a shit. I really didn't. This team is made of people it's frankly hard to root for. I hope this changes next season.

  • That is one tremendous article. I wish somebody had answers to Mr. Imrem's questions...

  • Can someone email Mr. Imrem and ask him what Bears team he has been watching since 1985? With the exception of 06, this team has been mediocre to bad more times than not. 5 playoff appearances in the last 19 years. 3 of which ended in first round knockouts. This is nothing new guys.....Im sorry, Im pissed, and Im tired of clinging to old Bears teams...I want sustained excellence now. Im sick of talking about the previous Bears teams...Im fucking sick of it...


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