Merry Christmas, Bears Fans



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  • First...

    Merry Christmas!

  • All I want for Christmas is a new head coach, a new head coach, a new head coach.... That's my song this Christmas season.

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    Your wish will be granted on 1/4/10. (Less then 2 weeks away, brother.)

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    Even when he's smiling, Dick Butkus still scares the crap out of me.

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    Perhaps he will suit up for Monday Night Football??? Please?? I've been a good Bears fan all year!!!

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    So THAT'S what a real Chicago Bear looks like.
    I agree with Shady.

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    From Jeff Dickerson's Blog:

    CHICAGO -- Another one bites the dust.

    Add Mark Bradley to the list of former Bears' high draft choices currently on the street, as the Chiefs cut the wide receiver on Tuesday. Bradley made six starts this season for Kansas City, catching 24 passes for 320 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

    Not to rub salt in the wound, but the Bears draft record in the first three rounds since 2005 is...well....not good.

    Mark Bradley (2005 / 2nd round) - Released Tuesday by Kansas City.

    Dusty Dvoracek (2006 / 3rd round) - Waived/Injured on August 31, 2009 -- Fourth season ending injury in four years.

    Dan Bazuin (2007 / 2nd round) - Out of football.

    Michael Okwo (2007 / 3rd round) - Our of football.

    Jarron Gilbert (2009 / 3rd round) - Inactive 10 games. Zero tackles.

    Juaquin Iglesias (2009 / 3rd round) - Inactive 14 games.

    If you think that's bad, this list doesn't even include Cedric Benson (released) or Garrett Wolfe (274 career rushing yards). Benson went on the much better things in Cincinnati, and Wolfe is an excellent special teams contributor, but neither made/is making a huge impact here in Chicago.

    Great teams reload every year through the draft. The Bears are 21-25 since the Super Bowl. Any coincidence?


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    Shady...he probably had that same smile after he hit someone on the field.. He'd smile that smile and then think "Yeah I hit you so hard that your ancestors felt that". I wish are team had half the HEART AND PASSION as #51.

    Merry Christmas DB

    Thanks for the inspiration Jeff!

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    our not are DAMN! sorry

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    I was researching the Bears top three picks in each of the last five years as well as the next 3 or 4 players taken d at the same positions that the Bears drafted. The thing that jumped out the most was that Vincent Jackson was available when the Bears selected Mark Bradley and that Greg Olsen being selected in the 1st round was in my opinion one of the worst picks the Bears made in the last 5 years. I noticed that nobody else selected a tight end until the end of the 2nd round of that draft. Boss, Celek, Zack Miller and a couple of other highly productive tights ends this year went as late as the 5th round in that draft.

    In looking at the Bears picks it became obvious that the Bears suck at being able to fill the teams needs via the draft. The Olsen pick is the most baffling to me for two reasons.
    1)With the exception of the Zona game, Olsen has pretty much been sucky to mediocre.
    2)Did the Bears really think they were drafting another Mike Ditka when they selected Olsen?

    I also get the feeling that the Bears are selecting what they consider the top talent available instead of focusing more on filling the teams needs first and foremost.

    Believe it or not but last year may turn out to be one of the better ones if they ever solve their O-line issues.

    Have a Blessed Christ Mass guys, keep the Faith.

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    When I say last years draft, I'm referring to Forte, Williams and Bennett in particular. I really do think that Williams will pan out nicely if they keep him at Left tackle and he is able to add some strength to his legs and upper body.

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    I agree - I also think this year will end up being an anomalous one for Forte. I think the guy is still nursing injuries from preseason but they cannot afford to take him off the field since RB is so slim. Save him for next year and start Bell out there the rest of the season.

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    Yes, they definitely need to find out who the keeps are for the remaining two games. I would love to see what Inglesias can do. Did I spell that right?

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    no N

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    Looking back, it all started with "Rex is our QB". The stupid stubborn stumblin Lovie was revealed to me with that statement. Rex was so bad after the Arizona game in the SB season that EVERY reasonable person wanted him benched at least for a game so he could get his head together, but nooooooo. "Rex is our quarterback". Lovie's inability to adjust was demonstrated right there. Sure we were desparate for a QB and Rex looked the part but he kept getting hurt. Orton played well in his stead but as soon as Rex was healthy he came back. And he did well, for a few games. Then Arizona showed everyone how to beat Rex, (pressure his slow short ass), and the jig was up. But Lovie couldn't adjust, (make Orton the starter, or at least sit Rex for a few games so Rex could adjust). No all we got was "Rex is our Quarterback" over and over. Lovie's inability to adjust is what has us in the position we are in today. Rex had no competition for WAY too long. Olin has started WAY too long. Mark Anderson started for WAY too long. Tommie has provided no pass rush WAY too long. Whether it's defensive strategy, or bad assistant coaches, or weak players, or poor performing high draft choices, Lovie sticks with them WAY too long, because he just cannot adjust. Fire his ass and Bear Down!

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    I feel your pain.

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    Happy birthday baby Jebus ! Merry Christmas Jeff, Dick Butkus and everybody on here for providing a place to rant, curse and be obsessive about all things Bear-related. And most of all, seasonal greetings to Virginia - it's not your fault you were born a girl, but do the right thing cos your father is turning in his grave. Airlock the lot of them.

    We got our Christmas present in April, thanks Santy. I guess we get the batteries next year ....

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    OK - so now reps of both Shanahan and Cowher have made it public that their guy is interested in the Chicago job.
    It is INEXCUSABLE if we do not hire one or the other this offseason.
    And that should put the nail in the coffin of any arguments that "we'll never get a big name; who'd want to take on our baggage?"
    Guess what? We're still the goshdarned Chicago Bears!

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    Nice informative story. She gives all the right reasons why Shanny should be the next Bears coach immediately. The question is...are the Bears willing to step up and give their fans what they deserve???

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    Merry Christmas everybody! Welcome back Spanish Bear, also a VIVA sighting!! We really need to buck up and come back to support this blog (myself included). So all the old posters, COME ON DOWN!! Irish, maybe if I understood your intent with the Jebus thing I could get comfortable with it. Today IS the celebration of His birth for many of us. Whachu talkin about Willis?

    MikeV, taking issue with you again sir, there's been a few stretches in the draft where experts were perplexed (Garrett Wolfe was one of them), but in general guys you mentioned were all ranked where we took em. You can't overly blame them for missing on players that other teams would have also taken. Cedric Benson is another good example. So why do they not pan out? Some can surely be attributed to bad luck, the rest --- COACHING. (or lack thereof)I remember being very excited about the Greg Olsen pick, all of us AND the experts thought it was a can't miss no-brainer. But I'm in agreement with the ultimate negative conclusion about Greg - he's turning out to be not great.

    MikeBrown, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! (sho got that right) Two great coaches want to come, you want Shanahan, I want Cowher, POTATO POTAHTO they're both spuds (studs)

    GIMME ONE OR THE OTHER - but regarding that choice, I still can't really see why everyone doesn't have Cowher first. He is just such a perfect fit for our franchise, isn't it as plain as Ditka's stache?

    Would also KILL for Jeff Fisher. I know our Jeff would too (I'm remembering right, no?)

    Merry Christmas Jeff! Thanks for the blog!

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Phil. Not sure what you are disagreeing with exactly. Ced Ben was a beast but the Bears did not need a running back. Thomas Jones and Anthony Thomas were more than doing their job at the time Benson was drafted. Sketchy play at the QB WR positions were the main issue heading into that draft. That is a classic example of what I was trying to say in my post. Greg Olsen is another example. These quys actually thought Olsen was the next Mike Ditka when they drafted him. Vernon Davis Olsen is not. Dez Clark was filling the position well and there was absolutely no need to draft a TE in the first round of that draft. I dont know, maybe its just me but the Bears have not filled their needs well over the last five years or we would be at least competing for playoff positions. I am no saying that coaching isnt bad either. Thats probably the main reason the Bears suck.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    MikeV, if you want to argue we didn't need a tight end in the first round, I'm okay with that concept - I think that Jerry was trying for a can't-miss offensive skill pick. What I am arguing with is the fact that Greg Olsen was highly touted out of college as a first round-worthy pick, and the only tight end in the draft that was. That he hasn't panned out to the extent we wanted is not the fault of Jerry, we got good grades from everyone on the pick. I

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    just think that these college players are all thrust into a system filled with inept coaches who virtually ensure that they will get worse, not better. But I agree with your overall concept, I think Jerry's recent drafting has been absolutely terrible. That's why I've changed a long standing position and now feel like he's part of the problem too, and I want new blood picking our players. We didn't need Dan Bazuin when we wasted a second round pick on him, didn't need Garrett Wolfe when we wasted a third round pick on him, and when we do draft for need we seem to either pick the wrong guy - or pick the right guy and proceed to ruin him immediately with crap coaching.

    Either way, management/coaching is to blame. And I think we agree on that!

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Phil, that was exactly my point. I think there has to come a point in time that an organization has to have a healthy balance concerning picks when it comes to filling needs, planning for the future or just drafting a guy because he's the most talented available on the board. It was not my intention to dog the pick because it didnt pan out, I was down on it because its obvious to me ex post facto that the Bears seem to at times draft wants instead of needs and thats why I think this organization is in big time trouble.

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    This story sounds like a plant from Halas Hall.,CST-SPT-bear25.article
    They're testing the waters to see if we'll rise up in revolt over a "no-name" first timer again.
    I want Shanahan or Cowher.
    I do NOT want the next coming of Charlie Weiss.
    No thanks.

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    As OC, yes. As the Head Coach, no.

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    If this is true it is embarrassing. "The Bears have never hired a head coach with previous NFL head-coaching experience in franchise history."

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    Time to break that streak Virginia!

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    Fisher has that team from 0-6 to 7-7. They most likely won't make the playoffs but that is scrapping until the end which is all I ask instead of packing it up early. He would be choice #3. Shanny sounds better after that 1st article about Elway and Young saying they didn't become Hall of Fame QB's until Shanny. Our team dynamic has changed with Cutler and I don't mind us becoming an offensive juggernaut. Still giving Da Chin the nod. But any of those 3 guys would be great. Frazier and Harbaugh are the only 2 that haven't been head coaches that are intriguing to me so far. Not sure about Russ Grimm.

    Heading up North into a blizzard from Florida for 9 days with my 2 year old daughter tomorrow. It sounded like a good idea a month ago for some reason. I will be cheering with my Packer friends against Brett Favre Monday night. That will be fun to see. Sweet.

    I think Lovie's fate has been decided already. How about win this one to hammer Favre and the Vikings and then lose to Detroit to finish Lovie off properly? Does that work?

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    In anticipation of a CHI win monday night (hell, if we lose, Lovie is gone), so:

  • In reply to salcantar06:

    MBP..Sad to say common sense never has made sense for this organization(after Finks'of course).

    I swear everyone else see's it and it is so bright but or management seems to in the dark.

    God it just tears me apart to see us shoot ourselves in the foot and then blame everyone else for us pulling the trigger

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    I think my last comment here was when the '09 schedule was unveiled (it

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  • In reply to alott96:

    This isn't good news:
    Bullocks is a complete loss at either safety spot (although I'd rather see him at FS than SS, especially when paired with "I can't cover my own face" Steltz).

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Wow. I think that can be classified as one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    I have a bad feeling about Monday night - and our starting safeties haven't exactly set the joint on fire this season.
    Afalava is a keeper, I think. Payne - not so much, but unlike Steltz, he's at least athletic enough to get to the point of attack. Steltz is a gamer, but too slow. Bullocks is just a warm body (and I'm not entirely sure about that).

  • LOL! Priceless man!
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
    Allways love "my" Bears!

  • Murph, I agree about Vanisi. Totally don't agree about Angelo. I don't remember anyone saying Haynes was a good pick at the time. Okwo and Wolfe were taken at least 2-3 rounds early. Who was calling for Bradley when he was taken in the 2nd round? Angelo has a history of taking guys with prior injuries and all of them have been injury-prone with the Bears. Also, David Terrell, Rossevelt Williams, D. Manning, Dusty and Harrison. All of the players mentioned are at least 3rd rounders or higher. Everybody misses to some degree but this list is way too long. Granted, Lovie and staff couldn't develop a Polaroid picture but the talent Angelo has provided has been sub par to say the least.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I forgot to mention his stellar work in free agency. Archuleta, Pace, Omiyale, Miller. Tait and Des were good signings. Ogun trade was a push. He has extended Vasher, Hester, Tommie and #54. All of those look like mistakes. There was no reason to extend any of them at the time. Devin is the only one where we've gotten any return. Vasher had 1 good year. Harris was still under contract for a couple more years when he was extended and had injury problems. #54 was signed for 4 more years and was declining. Why extend them? Who gives a rats ass if they were spouting off to the press?

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has the best X-mas ever.

  • Murph..point well taken..and I do agree 100% with LDL and his piss poor work with talent.

    I have said in previous threads that his coaching philoshpy is shit. He could'nt coach his way out of a paperbag(even with instructions).

    I am not totally sold on Angelo (was it just him? on JC) and must agree with the JC trade was brilliant!! I will not throw JC under the bus, because I think he is just like WP in the late 70's he is by himself at this time.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    What I meant by everyone else was other teams in the NFL. not within our team.

  • In reply to nicholsra:


    from that fu#@$%@4ing article...

    Heimerdinger's compensation will be at the bottom of the scale because he has no previous head-coaching experience. That could be a huge factor for a cost-conscious Bears organization that will be required to shell out $10 million to send Smith on his merry way.

    Instead of landing a big-name head coach, it might make more sense for the Bears to attempt to land the next big name because the coaches most in demand might not be interested in overseeing the roster re-seeding that the Bears must undergo. Someone who never has been a head coach is more likely to take on the challenge the Bears face.

    This is a perfect example of placing one's head up one's ass. (sorry about this on Christmas)

    Man.. why do we always go for $$$$? rather than thinking about the franchise. I know it's Rhetorical but WOW!!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Especially "the coaches most in demand might not be interested in overseeing the roster re-seeding that the Bears must undergo"....
    REALLY?!?!? Shanny and DaChin beg to differ!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    That article might have been okay if Neil Hayes had qualified it right at the beginning by enumerating the many reasons why a big name signing of a seasoned coach was the ONLY move that makes sense for the Bears - then by stating BUT if the McCaskeys were unwilling to pony up, here would be a good cheap choice.

    But to argue that this guy is the best choice is of course moronic. How does anyone know whether this good coordinator is any good at running a franchise? We've moved up THREE STRAIGHT "good coordinators" and WASTED CLOSE TO TWO DECADES OF OUR FREAKING LIVES because NONE OF THEM WERE ANY GOOD at the next level. The latest edition of The Peter Principle has a whole chapter on Chicago Bears coaches.

    Hayes also tries to weakly prop up his premise by stating "big name coaches might not want to face the roster rebuilding" - something like that - now that reports are out mentioning both Cowher and Shanny as interested, doesn't that give lie to that comment?

    My own view of that column was Neil Hayes is acting solo here in the hopes that he could get a snowball rolling that he could claim to have started.


  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Just a public service reminder; Jerry Angelo didn't draft David Terrel or anyone else in 2001. He was hired after the draft was over in May or June. Mark Hatley drafted David Terrel. Thanks.

  • In reply to alott96:

    Sorry 'bout that. However, not including Terrell doesn't change much on this dubious list. I left off the trading of Jones and Harris so now we're back to about even.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Merry christmas everybody, I'm down visiting the fam in AZ. Gonna watch the game monday with my best friend who by the way is a fucking queens fan. God bless Jeff and all the rest of you guys who keep this site interesting for me to enjoy every day. Merry Xmas and GO BEARS!!!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    In North carolina POPS is here from OAK PARK Merry Christmas BEAR NATION GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  • In the 20 years before Jim Finks arrived in New Orleans, the Saints twice boasted 8-8 records; the other 18 seasons were all under .500.

    Finks went to New Orleans 1986. From 1987 to 1993, the Saints also boasted two 8-8 seasons; the difference was the other years were all above .500, including four seasons with double-digit wins. 12 wins in 1987, 11 in 1991 and 12 in 1992. Their overall record was 77-50 (.606) with Finks [not sure he did so in 1993, but I included that 8-8 year], and 183-325-5 (.364) without him.

    Jim Finks died before the 1994 season. The Saints did not have another winning season until 2000, and had not won as many as 11 games until this year.

    Not sure what "tear things up" means Murph, but Finks' record speaks for itself. I'm not going to debate the comment on good coaches, although I won't call Bud Grant and Jim Mora "bad" coaches.

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