Losing to Rams Could Be Final Straw

Picture the scene.

Sunday at around 3:07 Central.  The Soldier Field faithful - having spent a cold afternoon avoiding the play on the field with a cunning use of Old Style - stare at the scoreboard.  With a minute to go in regulation, the Bears have a 17-12 lead.  Kyle Boller and the Rams have the ball and they're moving.

17 seconds remaining.  16...15...14...

Boller drops back and finds Donnie Avery crossing the back of the end zone.  He's uncovered.  Boller is unhurried. 

Touchdown.  Rams fail to convert the two-pointer (they're still the Rams).  18-17.

The fans reign a chorus of boos down until every single Bears player and coach has entered the tunnel.  They then stay a few extra minutes just to remind the organization that the 1-10 Rams have just won in Chicago.

Would part of you, even that part that considers the Bears your favorite thing, be rooting for the success of that drive?  Wouldn't a successful drive there mean a sure-thing firing of Lovie Smith?  Wouldn't a loss to a 1-10 Rams teams place the punctuation mark at the end of this hierarchy's sentence?  If the McCaskey family is not currently convinced that things need to change, wouldn't Sunday provide a perfect stage for the rock bottom drama?

If the Bears dominate the Rams, what would it matter to anyone?  It would not bring me the slightest bit of joy.  If they pull out a squeaker, we'll have to deal with the "good for our football team to get a win" bullshit.  I've never rooted against this team and I won't Sunday.  But if the Rams win at Soldier Field, Lovie Smith's job security will elevate to a national story.  The silent McCaskey family will be forced to speak.  The ground would crack open on Lake Shore Drive.

How can that be a bad thing?


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  • Jeff, If the fans start cheering for the Rams in the fourth quarter, and booing the bears, I will be the first to donate for the statue of You beside GSH.

  • Second ! Due to distinct lack of enthusiasm and respect from The First ....

  • my bad..

  • We'll destroy the Rams, things ain't that bad ....

    Nah. Couldn't really care a jot what we do for the rest of the season to be honest. Lovie and Jerry and Ron can all wrench the little tummy handles off each other in a bijou hot tub in the center of Soldier field during all the remaining games for all I care.

    I'd like to see how many of our defensive tackles we could rotate at full back just for the hell of it. I want to see Marcus Harrison kick extra points. I want to be entertained, because I don't remember being entertained this year (apart from the Steelers - that was good). I'd like to take the record for most penalised team in the NFL off the Packers. I don't want them to beat us at anything. I'd like to see unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct flags thrown around like confetti at a Mormon wedding. I'd like to see both of our lines get meeeeeaan, man. Play a little dirty and take everything out on the opposition. Play with some pride for the first time this season. Audition for their jobs. Everybody. Where the hell is the Pool man ? Where's Jarron Gilbert ? Jumps out of a pool but can't get off the bench. Where's that little jockstrap Iglesias - the guy I hate already and don't know anything about, keeping Rideau off the squad ? D.J. Moore hello ?

    Aye aye, here comes Ted Philips in his Speedos carrying a bottle of coconut oil ...
    "Hi girls, any room for another c**sucking motherf**er in that tub ?"
    Angelo : "Oh Ted, you know there's always room for another a**hole in here ..."

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    In case you're wondering what happened underneath all of those soapy suds ... Lovie, Angelo, Turner and Philips all pounded the glutes off one another, and then Harry Hiestand and the groundsman turn up with jars of vaseline and Class A stimulants. Da Coach's moustache can send you PDF files of what happened next ....

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Kinda like the time you polished all the O-linemen's knobs and let them drizzle their spooge all over your face when you were a sophomore in HS. If the Bear's O-Line could open up a hole as big as those boys had your brown eye stretched open that day, even Forte could gain some decent yardage!

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    We'll kick the snot out of the Packers ....

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Lovie's Mission statement, remember ? Not winning the Superbowl mind you, but beating Green Bay ....

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I am going to be more intrested in how many empty seats we see on Sunday.The only way to get a change,is getting in their pockets.

    The thing that i think bothers everyone is the way we have lost games this year. When we needed Cutler to shine he has failed. The defense has sucked against poor teams,and been non-existant against the better teams.

    Almost every team in the league plays some form of the cover 2 during a game.Prevent defense, what ever you want to call it.

    We have blitzed,and blitzed,and blitzed some more. We get burned no matter what.

    The league has changed and we have not changed with it. You need to score 35 to win consistantly now.Saints,Colts,Vikes,go down the list.We need an ass kick offense,and a respectable defense to win.

    Nobody on this team,or coaching staff should get a pass at this point.That includes Jay Cutler,all these picks has got to stop.

    Play the kids that have been sitting on their asses the next 5 games we need to see what we do or do not have.Can it possibly be any worse than what we have seen this whole season?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Nope. No matter what, I would never cheer for another team to beat the Bears. Not under any circumstances, nor for any bigger goal. Not gonna happen.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I can't believe this, Jeff writing a column about how losing to the Rams could be a good thing and me agreeing with him... how the hell did we get here?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I remember the 2005 NFC championship game vs. New Orleans. I was there and it was one of the best football games I had ever attended. It occured to me then as I watched Urlacher raise the NFC Championship trophy above his head that it was the Defense that carried that team to where they were. Sure Rex had his moments and when he was running hot he was red hot. But did I think once that Lovie Smith got us there? NO WAY. Even then it was clear he was carried just as the rest of the franchise was, by a determinied unyeilding defensive squad that played awesome.

    The Superbowl vs. Indie told us the terriblke truth. Lovie was not a good coach. He was totally out coached that game and he failed, totally, to adjust at all to make the changes needed to beat Indie. Ever since that let down I wanted Lovie out. Season after mediocre season and now this. A crap season.

    Do I want the Rams to win Sunday? No. But to even say the Rams have a chance vs. the Bears and that idea being a true reality...to even say they "could" win, is the final testiment to the era of Lovie Smith. How low does the fan morale have to go before something is done?

    I plea to the front office to give us the change we want...we need. Give us a glimmer of hope that you care about winning and care about us...the loyal fans of the Bears. You give us that hope and we'll rise as one with a mighty roar and cheer our Bears again. This I can guarentee.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    my name is FQD, and I approve of this message

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I agree, but hasten to add that on Rivera was part of that disaster too. Don't give him the pass, fellas.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    ok jeff...given that this season's a wash, what's your offseason plans? pickups? coach (unless "The Chin" is a given)? etc.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Even tho I'm a STH, I want the Rams to win. I want nothing to chance to get Jerry and Teddy and Lovie out of town. this team needs to be blown up and start from scratch, just like in 1982 when papa Bear brought in Da Coach. I would love to see the seats half empty come halftime. Bear fans, DO NOT go to the remaining games. Its the only thing the McChumps will recognize....lost revenue! STL 31, CHI 14. Love it!!!!

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Hey, now we have Cato June, anyone care? didn't think so

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    I know the players have a really hard time with this concept - because they are competitive by nature - but to the fans the season is already over. The players talk of salvaging the season without relaizing it can't be salvaged.

    If they somehow won the last five games to finish 9-7, they would be proud - and we would say SO WHAT? Why not do that when it counted??

    In fact, a win streak now would only make matters worse - false hope. Plus exposing that the talent was there but somehow was not motivated or not used properly.

    No - the season is already over. I think we'd all be willing to forfeit the last games (well, maybe not GB and 'Queens) and get on with fixing this.

    But since we can't, we all know that winning now makes things worse, not better. The players can't be expected to understand that - but it's true.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    I mean i dont want my team to lose but this year is a bust. I just want the coaches fired, PERIOD!

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Seems like a repeat of 07 to me. Lovie claimed then he wanted to end the meaningless, non-playoff season on a winning streak to build momentum for the next season (like the Packers did the year before he claimed). We did that with Orton. Then we were pretty much the same mediocre team in 08. Had a shot at the end of that season thanks to ALL of the cards falling right in the last two weeks, but as usual, shot themselves in the foot in Houston thanks to a crap defense. Traded for Cutler, and suddenly Bears Nation (including me) thinks we're rising above mediocrity for a change, but instead we freefall to even worse depths than before.

    This ballclub must somehow be allergic to success. We saw it in 06. The team got cocky when the NFC teams were clearly less talented than the top several AFC teams. We would have lost that SB to NE, PIT, SD (see 1st game in 07), maybe others, but this team thought it was the best ever. Those teams are still successful. We got kicked in the teeth the next season and dropped to the back third of the line.

    I'm not worried about any kind of last-ditch winning streak building false hope this year...this team quit on Lovie long ago. That BS isn't going to work anymore. They might beat the Rams. Not sure if they can win in Detroit now or if they even care if they win or not. I don't. They will get blasted once again by the Pack and Queens IN SOLDIER FIELD. The Cards PANTSED this team at HOME, and they don't despise us like our division rivals, who would love to kick us when we're down.

    Nothing will save this season except for the firing of Lovie and staff and the hiring of a legit head coach who will bring in quality assistants. Then I won't consider this season such an abysmal failure.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Ah. The infamous "should we root to lose" discussion. Somehow, I knew this was coming. I cant phyiscally root for the team to lose. I dont think its in any of our DNA....

    Personally, in my opinion, if the ownership, or whoever gets the call, is letting a loss against St. Louis, or Detroit, for example, determine the fate of the franchise for the next few years, then they are as imcompetent as we all think they are. Bottom line, if they should be more concerned about being able to secure a PROVEN, SuperBowl Winning coach to help turn this thing around...

    You cant fire someone for 1 particular incident, you fire them for being consistently bad...which has been the case here for now a 3rd straight year. This win/loss should be irrelevant to the final decision.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I agree that it is too hard to root for the Bears to lose. The easy solution is to just miss the game entirely. That is my plan.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Amidst all the angst here, I thought you guys might find this (painfully) funny, while sadly true: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYlTpX9bNIs

    BF, I

  • While a loss to the rams would be pretty damning to Smith, I don't think it will be necessary. Remember that we have to play both the Vikings and Green Bay at Soldier Field. Both will embarrass this team, count on it. Those two losses are the ones I hope would be more hurtful.

    That said I'm still rooting for them to crush Farve to dust and spoil Green Bay's playoff hopes.

    I think we should all just Bear Down and enjoy some football, and pick who we are going to root to beat the Vikings in the playoffs.

  • Bears Paradigm to Come:

    2009: Bears finish 5-11. The lost season is blamed on injuries and Smith lives to coach another year.

    2010: The Bears finish 3-12. After another lost season the Bears front office tearfully releases Lovie from his responsibilities as Bears Head Coach. Unfortunately Cowher and Shanahan are no longer available and the Bears scramble to hire a replacement and announce Mike Martz as the next Head Coach for the Chicago Bears and announce Rod Marinelli is being promoted to Defensive Co-odinator and that Jerry Angelo will remain the G.M.

    The first thing Rod does is shitcan the cover 2. The first think Martz does is sign Kurt Warner after he is cut from the Cardinals.

    2011: The Bears trade down their first two picks and draft a top notch tight end in the 2nd round after Desmond Clark retires. The offensive line is finally addressed in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds, however, when the season starts, none of these picks even make the practice squad. The Bears finish the season 6-10.

    2012: The World ends and we no longer have to endure any more of this drama.

  • The HoosierPappa guy had it right:

    Empty Seats. Empty SKYBOXES.

    Move the wheelchair up to the glass. Let Virginia see all that emptiness.

    Oh, and NBC announcing Sunday Night Football schedule and not including a SINGLE Chicago appearance, as a little fucking payback for the Lovie/Full Organization snub of Howard Cos... errr... Bob Costas.

    Virginia's wrinkled shriveled old hands will start to see the coins slipping away, the gold doubloons of her youth on a Pirate Ship.

    Goldman Sachs lawyers can tell you how fall the Rams value has fallen since the Kurt Warner days. They are trying to shop that team for $900M and there are no takers. Back to LA with you!

  • Mike V -
    Sounds about right.

  • In reply to BillW:

    I might as well get a good laugh. The last couple of times I got to enjoy watching the bears was when they came back on the cards during the super bowl run and beating the saints in the playoffs. With the exception of those two games, it has been painful to watch the bears for every other contest. With the exception of the blowout against san fran in 06 I honestly cannot remember a game where all phases came together from the start to finish of a contest.

  • In reply to BillW:

    can anyone tell me the last time the Bears dominated in all aspects of a game? I'm thinking San Fran in '06. Thats about 1 in 40 games by my account. The Bears have sucked since the 80's and early 90's. Lets face it, I say trade of fire every non hacker and start from the beginning. There is no hope unless the Bears face the hard facts and start playing every person on the roster to find out who needs to go. They need to do it and do it now.

  • lmao.....Warren Sapp telling #54 to shut the fuck up.


  • Good post FQ.

    Listen to the Warren Sapp (whom I've always liked as a bad ass) piece.

    Listen to the parts about the coaches D scheme and the brotherhood of a team.

  • If Lovie is too pussy to call out da d-bag, then I'm glad someone took the initiative. Shut the fuck up 54. Your skills have been waning at a dramatic pace the last 3 years, you have not been the best linebacker on this team the last several years, and you might not be worth a day 1 pick. Anyone who thinks the linebacker core will be magically healed if Urlacher is back next year (tagged w/ Pisa who is also a question mark) is living in '06. Can a 32 year old Urlacher still drop back and cover the middle of the field in the tampa-poo? I don't think so. Remain a ghost unless your going to club that shit up and I don't give a fuck how messed up your wrist is. Maybe the motherfucker has osteoparosis.

  • Regarding the seats and skyboxes...

    The concept of the boycott would be more of a symbolic gesture...which could work...

    They wouldnt really lose any money (outside of the concessions, which Im sure does generate a ton of cash), but the seats and boxes are all sold out prior to the season beginning...Regardless of whether or not people show, they still get the money.

  • Urlacher Rap

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    Like Ma Bell, I've Got The Ill Communications


  • If we are down at halftime to the fucking rams we should bring Lovie out to the 50 yard line and light him on fire.

  • or a forced make-out session with Virginia.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:
  • In reply to gpldan:


    Nice mouth. I'm sorry... No I'm not.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    A loss to the Rams on Soldier Field better get Lovie fired.

    The phrase "we had to burn the village to save it" seems to come to mind.

    Hell, Lovie might even want to get fired so he can cash out early.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    "Final straw"?

    I'm afraid that is just more wishful thinking, Jeff.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Tiger's lawyer: "That message is being taken completely out of context....and was referring to..uh...his passionate desire to win...at...all-night Monopoly games. And sometimes marathons of poker..no my mistake...bridge games. All night bridge games."

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Regarding Mr. Urlacher I know I'm repeating my cliche's but this one's too dead on:

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt." - A. Lincoln

    #54 never was the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to public relations anyway.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Losing to a 1-10 Rams team led by the immortal, Kyle Boller.

    At Home, no less.

    That would be sooo Bears.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ha! no fucking way he said that! can you imagine that coming out of the mouth of Dave Chapelle's version of Tiger Woods? i'm dying of laughter right now in the middle of my office thinking of that.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Crown that pic of Virginia is hot! Of course I watch the golden girls with my pants around my ankles with my dork in my hand, so maybe thats just me...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Halas Wars: The Forte Strikes Back.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Thought you guys might find this Q&A from Brad biggs interesting if you haven't checked it out already: http://blogs.suntimes.com/bears/2009/12/four_down_territory_dec_1_all.html

    He makes some good points and sure as hell doesn't sugar coat. Sure doesn't make me feel better about our situation. I think we all just need to hope to Jebus that the McC's take their finger out of their collective bums and shock us again with another huge move(s). If not we're screwed with Lovie and JA's pathetic tallent choices and FA pick ups.

    BTW, Mustache, THAT was funny.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Bowlen owes Shanahan 11M over the next two years.

    It's possible to structure a 3-4 year deal with Shanahan whereby he essentially coaches for free the first two years, to deal out the pain of having to eat Lovie's contract.

    Houston is flirting with showing Kubiak the door, so perhaps you could reunite Cutler with Shanahan and Kubiak. That's probably just wishful thinking.

    But look at this way - Notre Dame's administration is looking down the barrel of $40M to get rid of Weis. His contract plus assistant buyouts plus the cost of recruitment of a new coach plus the cost of signing that coach. And all Weis' firing did is insure that a Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer never go near the golden dome, it's a career killer. the Irish have taken such a deep shot on this blunder that they will quietly approach the Big Ten about joining it once the NBC contract ends.

    If Golden Gal Virginia wants the Bears to be an elite organization, she is going to need to authorize some creative thinking contract wise. If you gave Shanahan GM power and showed Angelo the door, that would do it.

    The downside is that Shanahan can't draft for shit.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    BaM..I hope JC is not falling into that LDL Coma.. I could care less if BU and JC get along.

    look at the love fest that Da Coach and Buddy had..I would love to see a fist fight with this fu!#@!ing team. maybe we would get a heart beat out of this team.

    If I were JC I would of told BU "Hey Fuckhead you been stroking that monkey with the non cast wrist for so long that that lump between your shoulders is not getting enough blood.

    Then I would go over to his locker take a dump and say " This is what I think of you opinions and stick to you side of the ball dipshit."

    Then I would get into RT's face and say" Get the fuck out of the way and let me have my team so we can win"

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I know most of you guys are through with Urlacher...But was he COMPLETELY wrong? Have you guys not said the exact same shit while watching these games? You guys have taken some of the shit he said out of context as far as "that formula worked for us". Saying "that was soooo long ago." Was it? We talk a lot around here about "Bears football" We have drifted so far from what that once meant it is disgraceful. I wasn't as butt hurt as all of the media kooks and apparently, you guys are about his comments. This team SUCKS, and it sucks harder WITH Cuntler than it has in a loooong time. So take JC's cock out of your mouths and start eating all of bullshit predictions and expectations you posted since the day we got him and come back to reality.

    I called this shit when we got him. I said he is not going to make the impact you all wished for and he has a lot to prove and a lot of growing to do. I live in San Diego and I saw this D-bag play more than most of you guys being that Den. played the Chargers twice a year and regional TV forced us to watch Broncos games. He's a bitch until proven udderwise.

    A lot of you guys are talking blasphemy about one of the key players who had a HUGE part in getting us to the big dance while standing by some asshole who hasn't done shit for this team besides break records in the category of SUCK. Nice loyalty. Bear Down Bitches.

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    to say that we suck more with cutler is a really stupid comment. also we posted predictions like that because no one could have predicted just how badly Omiyale would be at Guard, just how terrible kreutz would continue to be, that ALL of our Linebackers would get hurt, 2 of them in the first game, etc. A whole lot of people thought the only weak spot this year would be safety and possibly, possibly, the WR's. This has proven to not be the case. People (read:us) thought the running game would be at least comparable to last year, this has not proven to be the case. there is no way that you predicted the items above, and if you by chance did, then pick my fucking stock portfolio for 2010.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    ps - Urlacher was a punk for saying that shit at this point in the year. to a fucking yahoo sports beat writer no less, not even Arkush or Joniak or someone worth a shit.

  • In reply to hollywood1:


  • In reply to rodneyrhea1:

    Thanks for your thought provoking and insightful input.

  • In reply to rodneyrhea1:

    Sign the petition

  • In reply to rodneyrhea1:

    I couldn't agree more. If we win today, it will be like the Browns game. Not convincing at all. If we lose, then the organization needs to take a really hard look at itself and say somethings gotta change.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    That's the problem "French Toast", nobody considered the other aspects of the team. They (read:you) thought that our savior, Jay Cuntler would rise above it all and "make this team better" and "make his (mini)WR core better" and "Keep the defense off the field. He was going to magically turn Hester into a #1 and turn Johnny Knox into "the next Eddie Royal". I did not predict all of the shortcomings of our patchwork O line. (Over the hill Pace, 3rd String Omiyale, an aging Olin, Garzarbage, and the creampuff who never was supposed to play RT, C. Williams) But I sure did predict a sophmore slump for our over worked RB. You had to know that he was not going to get the crazy amount of carries that he had last year, which was the only reason he hit the #'s that he did.

    If you guys fail to realize that Urlacher going down in the 1st game was the ultimate demise for this season you are kidding yourselves.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'm down Matty... but I think he does deserve a legit shot at some action when we have a semblance of a line and some form of running game.

    Without a doubt he needs to grow the fuck up in a big way by next August and be a god damn leader. Grow a chin and some pride. I think he has the raw skills to do good things, but not as a mopey child who throws as many tantrums as INTs. Seeing what unfolds in the next 2-4 months should also bring some interesting factors into the mix.

    I'm also in SD by the way. Would be nice to see our fucking Bears have the kind of rebound season the chargers seem to do every year since they got the other turner asshole. Jesus.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I agree, the upside to this kid is unreal. But a savior he is not. Do you ever catch any games down at 710? I haven't been down there since I got the ticket. What a waste that turned out to be this year.

    I wish the Turner Bros. would just fucking hang it up already and quite trying to run (or should I say bubble screen) my two favorite teams into the ground. Nice to see what Chico has done with the D out here though. Nice move Lovie, one of way too many, now kick rocks asshole. Bring in Da Chin!

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    No, never checked it out. Been a busy year and haven

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You should try to check it out for a game next year. It is a pretty bitchin atmosphere. Bears on da Beach. The place is packed with Bears fans. They play (and sing) the fight song after every score. They do trivia for "Ditka Dollars" (money only good at the bar) and when the Bears win they give out free shots called li' Ditkas. Check it out bro.

  • In reply to MatthewIsMyForte:

    Nice. I will. Shit, guess they didn't give out too many lil ditkas this year.

    You'll see me there next year at least once. Thanks for the tip.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Coach, that comment was priceless.
    One of my biggest gripes, among many about Lovie and the staff, is that I don't think they ever have REAL practices, and it's evident on both lines and the tackling on the field. This is NOT a physical team. I don't get to Chicago often, but I've heard Hampton on the radio the last few years when in the area refer to practices and training camp as "Kiddie Day Care". When I've seen video highlights of practice, it's always the D lineman beating giant weebles. Beating a practice dummy with no arms or legs does not prepare you for game situations.
    When a Bears running back gets tackled behind the linemen, it's a 1-3 yard loss. When an opposing running back gets tackled behind the linemen, it's usually a 2-7 yard gain, especially Cincy and Arizona. The Bears will be lucky to win two more games this year.

  • In reply to gpldan:


    I just need to know how the Rams got to 12 points. It will help me finish the mental vision.

  • Yeah, that was very nearly as bad as Ditka playing Doug fucking Flutie.

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