Bye Bye Lovie

I believe John Mullin's reporting on Lovie Smith's future was most likely thorough and accurate.  I also believe - after sitting through this afternoon's utter disgrace of a football team - that Lovie Smith will be fired as the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

The quarterback is lost.  The receivers are lost.  The defense is the worst I've seen in my lifetime.  Worse than all that, the team plays without any passion.  They're deceased.  And so it the head coach's career in Chicago.

I've believed all along that Jerry Angelo would get to hire one more coach and based on today's comments, I believe he does too"At the end of the year, we sit down, we talk," Angelo said at Sunday's game between the Bears and the Ravens, according to the Associated Press.

It is no longer a decision.  The Bears are currently - without question - one of the worst teams in the NFL.  Lovie Smith should be fired tomorrow morning, if only to prevent Shanny from prematurely signing a deal to coach in Washington.  If this man is retained in Chicago, the organization is telling everyone who loves the team that terrible will be tolerated.

It won't be.  We'll have to find a way to show them that next Monday night.


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  • Harbaugh, Frasier! DaChin! Shanny! Little boy Blue! Who cares? Doesn't matter anymore, we need a change yesterday.

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    Change for the sake of change will take us down the same road we are on.

    Little boy blue and Leslie Frasier are not the answer.

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    Angelo, Lovie & Turner should be fired Monday morning!
    I don't think keeping Lovie past tomorrow has any benefit.
    The way the Bears are playing we probably will lose to the Lions.
    Firing Phillips can wait until the season is over.

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    I think we have a way to intervine and embarrass the McCaskeys with public pressure. The folks @ are trying to raise money to take out a full page ad in the trib the day of the viking game demanding change. Espn will have to cover it. I've donated, and I think you should too.

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    I contributed and passed this along to other fans.

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    Monday night get as many signs out there as possible.
    very simple:




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    Monday night on national tv, flood the stadium with tons of signs! Maybe Virginia will wake up.

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    I'm sure people have coughed up big doe for this game, otherwise I'd say the best message would be a half empty stadium!

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    She maybe already be stuffed...a dummy, wax figure!

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    Angelo must GO ....

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    you know -- I think Lovie's an OK guy, but, even with the injuries, these guys have given up.

    I want the new coach to give the same speach Ditka gave upon being hired:

    I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is we're going to win a Superbowl. The bad news is a lot of you guys won't be here.

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    Glad I didn't watch that. I hope we kick the shit out of the Vikings on Monday night though, rare a feeling as that is amongst Bear fans. Funny how Lovie seems to be the focus of everyone's frustration. Who can turn this roster into gold ? Father time perhaps. If Shanahan/Cowher came in tomorrow, they would have :

    1. Some good linebackers.
    2. A reasonable CB in Tillman.
    3. Nice uniforms.
    3. No draft picks worth a damn.

    And ehhhh, that's it. I left Cutler's name off that list for the first time this year. He didn't exactly prove himself an asset this year. I defended him on all fronts and to all comers. Regardless of the obstacles Cutler had to work against however, protection of the football is clearly not his strong point.

    Phillips and Angelo are :

    1. ...Going nowhere. Generally....
    2. ...the people responsible for improving our roster in the future.
    3. .. the people who have already proven they cannot develop talent even when they do find it.
    4. Proof that life is not fair.

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    Re: Monday Night - Instead of booing, cheering, whatever...just sit on your hands. BS with those around you...just ignore the game.

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    Can someone tell me why Angelo traded a second round pick for Gaines Adams midseason? I'm not completely writing off Adams yet, but with no first rounder in the 2010 draft, why would he hamstring the draft further? Adams isn't a dominant player, but couldn't we have found someone, at any position, to make more of an impact next year than someone else's busted first rounder?

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    Because Lovie and Mr. 0-16 Rod thought he could be great if they could coach him up, as if that has ever happened before. Angelo's not operating in a vacuum, which is why I agree with Hughes on giving him one more shot (gonna happen anyways). Lovie's as good as gone, I think Angelo is saying as much in GM speak.

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    I think the only reason Lovie is still here is because there's no one to take over in the interim and they know it. Turner? Rod "Pound the Rock" Marinelli? They're all going to be gone too (hopefully) and they'd make Smith look good enough to hire back.

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    oh it makes sense...considering this is the same Brain Trust that gave Arch Deluxe a job (and later let Chris Harris go).

    Lovie is too loyal to his ex-players (like Pace).

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    Could be a Ced Benson type - needs to hit the gym and we might see a different player. Gearing up for the 3-4 ?

  • Only 7 days, 23 hours until we get embarrassed at Soldier Field on Monday Night Football.
    All I want for Christmas is to see somebody other than Lovie on the sidelines next week. That and peace on Earth...either/or.

  • I'd also like to point out again that Corey Graham sucks, and the first two Ravens possessions should seal the deal on any more discussion of "we should see Corey get more snaps/he's a playmaker".
    He shouldn't and he's not - ESPECIALLY on the second TD he gave up in coverage.

    Fire Lovie.

  • Clearly, something has to happen. And something BIG. This team is getting embarrassed on a regular basis.

    What a shit season this turned out to be. I just hope we lose BAD the last two games...especially against the Vikings. Might be the last nail in the coffin with any luck...

  • ANGELO talks to the media like he's not even a remote part of the problem with this team! I don't get that. He says, "we'll evaluate this team in the offseason" WHAT? Where does Angelo come off thinking he's even qualified to do any evaluating anymore? This org. is on the verge of firing the second head coach on Angelo's watch. When does Angelo come under fire for not doing his job? Here's how we find out if he made a poor choice with Lovie Smith...... fire Angelo, hire a new "football" GM, and let him evaluate the problems with this team and the solutions. If he thinks Lovie needs to go, we've killed two birds with one stone! Again, McCaskey INC. is continuing to rear it's ugly head in the city of Chicago in the form of the Chicago Bears. Enough is ENOUGH!

  • I got an idea...Get a local bank to start a Bailout the BEARS fund and each fan will send a buck so the cheap ass Harvard Boy can fire Lovie Dovie Cover Who and STRUNZE Angelo !!!!!

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    Someone beat you to it ...

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    This is great! I hope they get the ad for Monday Night....

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    I love it ! This guy would be harangued and laughed out of an interview room at General Electric. What a bullshitter. From the same interview ....

    Q: Are you disappointed in the performance of the offensive line this season?

    A: I

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    You have to hand it to Angelo. I mean the guy could fall into a bucket of tits and still come out of it sucking his thumb ....

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    Oh, sorry.
    Took me a while to get my bearings and come by here for a post-game contribution because first my lovely wife had to get a difibulator and zap me back to consciousness from that coma-inducing performance by the Bears today.

    About the only nice thing I can say about watching today's game is, they sure make a great Bloody Mary at Stadium Grill.

    Despite a late charge this evening by, of all teams, the Vikings, and as already mentioned above, the Bears were CLEARLY the worst team in the ENTIRE NFL this weekend.

    Worse than Cleveland.

    Worse than Kanas City.

    Worse than Detroit.

    Worse than Oakland.

    Worse than Buffalo.

    Well, maybe I have to call it a tie because the Seahawks getting spanked AT HOME by the Bucs definitelty put them into contention for "WORST OF" this week.

    It was an even tougher choice than I thought it would be, especially considering that the Queens had a chance to put some heat on the Saints with a victory and that Carolina was functioning without their Starting QB, BOTH starting offensive tackles and their #1 running back. Still, the Vikings WERE in the hunt in the 4th quarter, long after the Bears had folded their tents. Nice to see it was Chris Harris, the safety we didn't need, putting the final dagger in the Purple People Cheaters tonight with a Redzone pick of Narcissus.

    Just askin', but...

    WHO thought it was a good idea to start the game AND the 2nd half by pretending to be Poland in 1939 while the Ravens played the part of the German Army?

    When did Jay Cutler forget how to throw a fade?

    Do you folks NEVER tire of have an opponent rack up "Career Bests"
    (Joe Flacco: 4 TDs passes in one game) against you?

    Why is Lovie Smith still here?

    Congratulations, Bear coaching staff! You have taken an up and coming, CONFIDENT, NFL Quarterback with PROVEN NFL-level skills and talent and reduced him to a QUIVERING MASS OF JELL-O!

    Cutler now regularly looks worse than Rex Grossman. The same Rex Grossman who, and I bet not coincidentally, got WORSEthe longer he toiled under your influence.

    I have give credit to Lance Briggs, among others on the defense, who were still flying to the ball and making plays and prevented an even more lopsided final score! Howver, I lament the fact that a more lopsided final score is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered and
    I also have to ask: Why does THAT kind of defensive effort and playmaking only come after we are down by 28?

    Oh, and nice to see you eliminated the "Let's use 2 timeouts on a challenge we can't win" call from the playbook.

    Yes, congratulations, again, coaching staff. There is not a single team in the league you could have defeated today.

    QUITE a list of accomplishments, no?.

    I wish you well.

    Oh, by the way.

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

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    "Cutler now regularly looks worse than Rex Grossman. The same Rex Grossman who, and I bet not coincidentally, got WORSE the longer he toiled under your influence."

    Back in August, I was talking with a guy about the Orton trade. I told him it would not surprise me in the least to see Orton in the Pro-Bowl before Cutler. He asked me if I was out of my mind, and then why I thought that way.

    I said it all comes down to one word - "coaching". I said that Ron Turner would destroy Cutler. But I must confess I did not expect Turner to be so thorough in doing so.

    If Turner has Cutler for another season you can write off the latter forever. In fact, it is probably already too late for "franchise" Cutler.

    I did chuckle about how easily Bears fan put him up on that pedestal, despite having done nothing at all. Such behavior is at least understandable given the decades of at best mediocrity at the position. To say nothing of 50+ years of inability to coach the position - the only reason McMahon was worth shit was because he didn't pay attention to the coaches.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Yep, it's the worst right now - ROCK freaking BOTTOM. I did laundry during the game. Watched closely at the beginning 'til we got down 14-0 - what a familiar score this year, seems to happen in every single game. Enjoyed about ONE MOMENT of that game, thank you Earl Bennett! When's the last time we enjoyed a punt return like that? It's been more than two years, right? Has there been any single bigger franchise-changing blunder than Lovie and crew's decision (ill-fated somehow sounds way too weak of a phrase) to ruin two phases out of three with one horrible move? It's now known as fact that Devin's transition to Anointed #1 Receiver (in Lovie's world the Naming is all that counts - a decision that can be made on a whiteboard rather than decision earned by play) completely ruined Hester as a punt returner. And another ironic twist here - he likely had a better chance all along to continue to be a world class kick returner which relies more on getting a head of steam and one good move rather than the close-quarters world of punt returning - but LOVIE TO THE RESCUE - can't use you there boy, we need to protect you so you can live up to #1 RECEIVER that I anointed you on the whiteboard in the 2007 off season!

    Fast forward 2 plus seasons - entered this season with a ruined punt returner, no better than average kick returners, and a #1 receiver that's (no offense to you Devin)a JOKE.

    I'm spending a lot of time on one decision, but amidst the floating stinking garbage barge of Bad Lovie Decisions this has got to be Stinker #1.

    When you fool yourself into thinking you have a #1 WR when you don't, it allows you to go into seasons with incorrect priorities. It allows you to determine that we can make do with castoffs like too-old Marty Booker, problem child Brandon Lloyd, Arena Rashied, or today's unproven rookies (who I happen to like but not enough to supplant the mistake of Devin as a #1).

    Back to a macro view - you realize, don't you, that this is NOT a team that's been decimated by injuries aside from linebacker? They are dancing with who they brung! That could be an extremely depressing thought, EXCEPT...

    I choose to look at it this way. The team we're seeing this year IS less talented than the teams of 2005 and 2006 - but only incrementally. The reason they look so dreadful is the ultimate seasoned outcome of having 3 years of ABSOLUTE CRIMINAL-LEVEL FRAUDS as coaches - at EVERY SINGLE COACHING POSITION short of specials. The only reason I don't say 6 years is because of Ron Rivera. But think about it - if you apply FRAUDULENT COACHING to steadily and incrementally declining roster, eventually them turkeys are comin home to roost, and you get -

    YOUR 2009 CHICAGO BEARS! (take a bow, gents!)

    Therein lies the source of hope for me, a completely disgusted Bear fan. Clean the house of coaches using only the best Industrial Grade Pre-EPA Cancer Causing Pesticides (these are some hard-to-kill vermin!), bring in someone responsible for everything (Jerry can be demoted to helping with contracts and money, something he is still good at), and let us enter 2010 with hope in our Bear hearts, because competence has returned to Halas Hall.


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    I told everyone on this blog that Jay Cutler sucked and you didn't believe me. His QB rating was 7.9 and he added to his league leading INT total which is 25.

  • In reply to bearfanindenver:

    Hey Kyle, You got beat by Oakland!!! So, STFU and STFD.

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    Fucking Neckbeard.

    Get lost.

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    If misery loves company, the ViQueens have decided to provide it and "Narcissus is alive and well in the Northland...

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    If misery loves company, the ViQueens have decided to provide it and "Narcissus is alive and well in the Northland...

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    I'm cautious about Shanny -- he needed a HoF QB, which Cutler isn't. Obviously we need a coach with a strong personality, a Parcells type, to get the house in order.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Little early to make the presumption that Cutler isn't a HoF calibre QB. He showed a lot of promise, and will prosper again in a different system. Going into the season he was considered the best young QB in the league by many experts.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I agree. We have to see him surrounded by a wealth of help before we bury his career. He's got the tools in his bag.

  • In reply to bearfanindenver:

    And Orton's rating is about 25 and his INTS about 7, so ? He still can't throw the ball more than 8 yards. By the way, you won't make the playoffs if you can't beat Oakland with their 3rd string QB....

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    What if JA's comments were intended to pacify us for the remainder of the season?

    I want Jim Harbaugh to coach our club. More importantly, I want Angelo to incorporate into any of the coaches he retains, an out clause, so we are never in this situation again. If a coach does not perform he gets the axe and his contract is null and void. Why not?

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    You heard it here first, bloody Marys at the Stadium Grill ....

    It is quaint the way the Bears make young quarterbacks giddy with excitement because they know they'll have a career day against us.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    My Xmas wish. Shanny. It's simple. He's the only person who can coach up Cut(me Mick)ler. This kid is totally lost and has zero confidence in plays that are being forced on him by Loveballs and that shithead of an offensive coord Turner. Boy needs a shrink and Shanny's the call. Bears have way too much invested in Cutler, The Human Pickoff Machine. Shanny can't possibly want to work for that assface in DC, Oye-ve Snyder. The man's a menace. Shanny...the commute to your Denver McMansion is much better from Ohare than Dulles Brah. Take Snyders offer and come to Granny Ginny and stick her up like redheaded stepgirl. Otherwise, this shitshow has no end in sight. DOOMED.....Hey Jerry, Domino's Pizzia needs drivers you #&*$#@*'re gone too rat bastard.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    OH SNAP..Just got a brain fart of a solution regarding Shanny/Cutler. Shanny takes head coaching job plus massive cash from former advertising boy Snyder in DC. Bears place a call to Shanny and say Cutler can be all yours for 2 first round draft picks in 2010 and 2011. Then Bears can be rebuilt,draft Colt McCoy and return to being better than a high school team. Other than that...I'm OUT of fixes for this mistake on the lake of a football team.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan: J. Int. Cutler + Urlacher. I love the Draft days!!!

  • In reply to slojim:

    from Peter King (WTF does he know, but still...)

    "8. Orlando Pace's Chicago career. It will end on the bench. Sad, really. But Pace's feet just aren't quick enough to play left tackle anymore, and the Bears seem prepared to sideline the 34-year-old Pace, the first overall pick in the 1997 draft, and go with Chris Williams (left) and Kevin Shaffer (right) at tackle for the rest of the season.

    9. Ron Turner's Chicago career. It will end unceremoniously unless the Bears' offense does something explosive against Baltimore, Minnesota and Detroit in the final three weeks. The most logical scenario with the Bears seems (and I emphasize "seems'') this: Keep Lovie Smith, jettison Ron Turner. A new offensive coordinator to replace Turner is paramount to the rebuilding of the offense's psyche. Seems justified to me. I don't care who's receiving the ball. The Bears have to get more out of Jay Cutler than a league-high 22 picks and more out of the offense than scoring 21 points of fewer in 10 of 13 games.

    10. The Rumor Mill. Getting hot. I can feel the pregame-show vibe Sunday already: Cowher to Carolina. Shanahan to Washington. Somebody to Buffalo. (Personally, I'd like John Fox or Mike Zimmer there, with Fox bringing Charlie Weis to run the offense if it's him.) Dallas? Let's let that one percolate for a while."

    #8 - Who gives a shit? Sad for us. Thanks JA!

    #9 - FUCK, are you serious? Jebus christ!

    #10 - It makes me so god damn sick that we're such a dogshit org now, that we're not even being talked about in the mainstream sports media as a team that needs, or is getting, a new coaching staff. We are worse by far, than any of those teams... maybe we're about equal to Buffalo. I am sick that I just wrote that, and even more so that it's true.

    Let that sink in gents, we're as 'good' as the Bills this year (and next if we don't do anything but replace Turner). FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

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    STRUNZE? Dad? Is that you?

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    Q: Just to clarify, the one thing you can't say, and again to address the speculation, is that Lovie will definitely be back next year?

    JA: All I'm saying, guys, is that at the end of the year we sit and we evaluate everything. That's all I'm saying. Where you run with that, how you talk about it, you're going to say what you want, you're going to spin it the way you want to spin it, I'm just telling you right now that at the end of the year, we will evaluate everything.

    Q: Not to be argumentative, but if you said he'll be back we couldn't spin that any other way.

    JA: You got the point of my answer.

    a ray of hope.

  • In reply to Sausage:

    But he didn't say anything. It was a rehearsed politician's answer - never answer the question asked of you. Interviews with Angelo are a joke.

  • In reply to slojim:

    Angelo trying to save his own ass. He is more at fault than Lovie in my opinion. He is the one that's drafted all these guys. Sure, Lovie probably has whispered in Jerry's ear and played a role in drafting some guys or getting certain free agents, but Jerry is responsible for bringing the talent in. Jerry is the evaluator and Lovie is supposed to coach.

    When I look at this team, I see a lack of overall talent more than I see a lack of coaching up talented players. Most of JA's picks have fizzled. His supposed knack for drafting on the defensive side of the ball is overrated in my opinion and we all know he doesn't know jack shit about offense.

    Yes, Lovie should go, but so too should Angelo. I see them as a twoofer package. I know the Cutler trade gave Angelo a couple extra years; but he deserves just as much of the blame for this debacle.

    Gaines Adams couldn't even run right. He was flopping around and looked as quick as Tommie Harris.

    The Cutler sabotaging games to get new coaches notion was ridiculous to me at first, but in the last couple games it looks to me as he might be doing that. It looked as if he had given up on some throws before even getting rid of the ball. I know his confidence is shook, but I also know he could have made a better effort on a lot of his passes.

  • In reply to slojim:

    Our gm sucks, our coaches suck, and our franchise player is an econo sized bag of dicks.

    have a good day.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Little Louis CK reference? Is that like a garbage bag of dicks all squashed together or is it more of a paper sack with the dicks arranged upright like baguettes?

    And I hope you mean Urlacher with that "franchise" comment... JC is the only thing keeping me from swan dives off the 3rd story balcony. I can blame every pick on a fucking butterfly flapping it's wings somewhere in China if it means I can have SOME sort of hope. Other than the possible potential of Cutler, I don't see much more to look forward to.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    McCaskey INC. ---> The Chicago Bears are family owned "cashcow". The priority is not with the TEAM! If more "fans" understood this, they'd do their part and not support McCaskey INC. any longer! I no problem supporting the Bears through good and bad, I've done it for 35+ years.........I just refuse to support the McCaskey's as they turn a blind eye to Ted Phillips and Jerry Angelo and allow them to continue their sub-par ways. Blame Lovie all you like, Lovie didn't hire himself and he doesn't fire himself! Bring in a football GM with some "stones" and let him decided Lovie's fate! This way, we get rid of Angelo and the new GM does what's right and get's rid of Lovie. WIN - WIN!

  • In reply to winstonchill29:

    By not 'supporting the McCaskeys' you don't support the Bears, which kind of defeats the purpose. I'm supposed to help my team by not supporting it ? It's time for us to throw ideas around as to how things can get better WITHOUT changing coaches,that's helpful. Speculating as to which coaches we'd like to bring in at the cost of the national debt of Ecuador isn't. A new GM wouldn't get the authority to decide solely on Smith - that's $35 Million to decide on a whim ? And before anybody mentions Ditka evaluating talent - he picked the Redskins tonight and they're 32 points in arrears. Man they look worse than us.

  • In reply to winstonchill29:

    The Bears should act swiftly in getting rid of Angelo & Lovie. Even though Shanahan is waiting to give Washington an answer to see what happens in Chicago, the McCheapskys need to act quickly.
    In order for Shanahan to come to Chicago, Angelo will have to go. Shanahan or Cowher would want the power and authority to build their team with the personnel they want to bring in. There would be a power struggle if Angelo was still here. Shanahan waiting like this for the Bears situation to evolve is a good sign that dispite the stupid bloggers comments that he didn't like Cutler is wrong. Shanahan wouldn't want to come here if he didn't like Cutler as his QB. Shanahan won't be cheap but his upside is that he is owed $7 million for 2010 by Denver, consequently you can offer a 4-5 year package with $7 million paid by Denver the first year. I think the McCheapskys are still too cheap and won't pay for an experienced head coach. Besides Virginia is still sleeping.

  • In reply to winstonchill29:

    And Ginnie forks out the $70-80 million to replace them ... ?

  • In reply to winstonchill29:


  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Take Action - donate to and get the message out to the McCaskey Family!

  • In reply to slojim:

    ESPN is reporting via Mortenson that a sleeper coaching selection to watch Bears on is Mike Heimerdinger(what a Fricking name uhh?)currently offensive Q down in Tenn. He coached "Cut Me Mick" Cutler in Denver for a while after Kubiak left for Texas. Yeah right, he'll leave Tenn to come coach offense for Bears. I live out here in metro NYC and we know all about Heimerdingbag. HE SUCKS. Get a life Mort. Dinger is a non starter. Hell, the fricking Jets passed on him after they busted out Hermie Edwards. Like LOVEBALLS,Hermie was another shitty head coaching "forced hire" by The NO FUN LEAGUE. One good thing on Loveballs, it least we don't have to go down that bad PC experiment road anymore. NEXT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Well, Tennessee hasn't been good for a long time. They can't compete for good players since they all end up at Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    ...and LSU. Tennessee is really an afterthought in the college football world (as far as I know, at least).

  • In reply to slojim:

    The statement made by Angelo to the press yesterday was a message to the available big name coaches who would be more interested in this franchise over others.

  • In reply to slojim:

    Bears would be an attractive choice for someone who wanted the lable "genius" added to their resume - in addition to Superbowl winner. By that logic, I can see Shanny or Cowher wanting in, even without the power.

    My fear is that one of them takes the job, begins to relaize the talent really IS bad, stages a psudo-coup to get rid of angelo and sign on as GM / coach - and since that rarely works out, we fall even further back.

    The IDEAL situation is for a football czar taking Phillips spot - get rid of Angelo as well as Smith etc.

    Won't happen. Whatever DOES happen, will not be enough. It will only lead to short term success followed by the usual disappointment.

    By the way - kudos to Mullin for forcing Angelo out of his bunker. I suspect his "source" knew very little - but he ran with it knowing it would for Jerry to actually say something.

  • In reply to BillW:

    The sad thing is...this Bears team has gotten so bad that any coach with a good reputation (like a Super Bowl win) would probably want to go elsewhere.

    Parcells went to Miami when they were horrible...but hell:
    1) Miami has warm weather for old guys like Parcells
    2) expectations couldn't be lower

    If Lovie or Angelo gets canned, it's because expectations were too high (too high as in...not sucking)

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Word 'Tucky. Coaches'll go with the sunshine and hookers everytime. And why not.

  • In reply to slojim:

    What a blunder this so called Pro team has become. It is embarrassing to watch them. Everybody is calling for Lovies head but Angelo needs to go too. Throw in who every is making the big decisions into the mix as well. All the big heads need to roll. None of them knows anything about running a football team. Boy do I feel for all the season ticket holders who were forced to get a personal licence seat. They had to pay extra to watch this semi-pro team play. Hey Chicago until we stop watching and spending money on these piss poor teams, nothing will change. Why should they put a winning team on the field? We Chicagoan's are dumb enough to keep following the Pro-less teams.

  • In reply to slojim:

    Don't know if this is PR Propaganda, or more rays of hope but it's better than "he's coming back":

  • In reply to slojim:

    During this Christmas week, all of you Bears bloggers should take a moment and remember one thing:

    The NFL is a meat grinder. It puts warriors on display like the Romans did. Wale got a fractured leg yesterday, think anybody wants his free agency contract now? Yes, it's voluntary, no they don't HAVE to play in the NFL. Except their entire society is set up to worship them if they do, when they are too young to know what the grind house is all about.

    Think about the Conrad Doblers on Christmas, and all the Earl Campbells out there. Even Rashaan Salaam lives in pain every day. They burden the health care system, otherwise strong and healthy men - because we grind them for our amusement. We put them in armor and smash them into each other and berate them for not running fast enough.

    Read this SI article:

    ...and remind yourself that your entertainment comes with a cost. I doubt Virginia McCaskey gives a shit about the NFL pension fund, but you can be damn sure she gets world class health care to outlive us all.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Gpldan, I'd swap my life for theirs any old day of the fucking week :0) Playing football for a living, are you kidding me ? That's a full on wet dream my friend. Better to be king for a day than a cave dweller forever. So Dave Pear hurts. Sorry Dave, Truly, but cry me a river. Life is hard. For everybody. Those who incorporate risk into their lives live more fulfilled lives. You could lug trash cans around for a living and end up in a jock. They've got drugs for pain, but we'll all be dead in our boxes long enough ...

  • In reply to slojim:

    So...I could not watch(didn't want to watch) , had other things planned

    1. Go out shaved the cat(put a JA mask on it)dipped in honey and let the Ravens in the yard take over

    2. Ran the dog over(dressed him up like Loveballs) but all he did was look up as if he was looking for a Jumbotron(Mirror) to see how good he looked after being run over

    3. Flipped Cow Pies (thinking there were Successful Bubble Screens and hoping one would stick).

    4. Spent a couple of hours watching two rabid squirrels do doggy style (Imagined it M McC's fu!@$!ing the fans and smiling about it

    My Sunday...Pricless!

    and last but not least read this from today;

  • Man, I really wanted to see a slugfest in the snow today.

    Instead, I watched a boring as all fuck game where even the 1 good play (Benett's TD punt return) was cancelled out by a fumble by Knox later on.

    Hell...I saw the Oakland Raiders beat the Denver Broncos at Denver when they were down to their expensive-as-fuck THIRD STRING QB (JaMarcus Russell).

    ...meaning the Oakland Raiders EVEN WITH JAMARCUS RUSSELL PLAYING are a better team than this year's Chicago Bears.

  • I hope its THIS MONDAY!

  • The only thing that made me feel good today is watching he Panthers beat up on the Vikings. They don't look like the same team the Bears played a few weeks ago.

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    As a man, I think Lovie is better than most. As a coach I think he has seen better days. Lovie has made his millions, coached a super bowl team so I won't feel bad for him if he gets canned.

    What I have seen over the last several years including the trip to the superbowl has not impressed me at all. The superbowl sucked, especially because his boy Sexy Rexy single handedly lost that game.

    Once again my complaint is directed at Lovie's bad decisions concerning player evaluation and his crappy draft picks.

    Based on how the defense has performed compared to Riviera's squad in San Diego should be reason to can him and can him now Virginia.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Yeah, it kind of grates when people say this and that about the Bears 2006 'super bowl' season. We didn't win a super bowl that season (and didn't deserve to) so we need to stop pretending we had The Right Stuff in 2006. We didn't. We had good defense and special teams. Draft picks are a concensus pick on the Bears - so ALL of our coaches get to show their evident lack of ability in selecting new talent right across the board.

    Interesting how Rivera keeps getting mentioned too - haven't checked out the stats, but the Chargers looked terrible on defense earlier this year, they must have improved out of all recognition. Weren't we just a better defense in 2005/2006 ? How does Rivera screw up that roster ? There isn't a coach in the world that would have gotten results out of our defense this year. Hillenmeyer as your MLB all season ? Tommie 'is it payday, yet ?' Harris. A rookie safety that blows hot and cold. Kevin Payne ?

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    OK, Jeff. How we going to show them that on Monday?

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Don't know, Boss. But I'm working on it.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Are you honestly going to blow money on these guys next week? I understand you only get to see them once in a while, but god damn, this is the worst team in a very very long time.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Glad I moved to the Philippines this year...

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Hopefully a pissed Viking asskicking on Monday night will seal the deal for Lovie, Turner et al!

  • BaM, I don't know if I'm feelin it man. I was, but I just don't trust they'll do what's obviously necessary. I've hoped and prayed and fucking preached... but I have zero faith in this management to get anything right any more. What a sad, pathetic season.

  • Word Doc, word. Especially if you're a Bears fan. And Kentucky, I think you're right about the Raiders being better than us. Hell, JH runs nearly three hundred fucking yards on Sunday for Cleveland.

    It just remains to be seen exactly how much of a ladyboy they'll turn Cutler into. He clearly wishes Turner would just die, feelings I share entirely, but Ron wasn't slingin' that rock where it's not supposed to go. Jay was. We put up with it because we know he's better(!) and that the goods were coming. Fuck that for a game of soldiers, or the postman got lost. Either way, our boy has some growing up to do - in a house full of clueless, drunken uncles, so to speak. Can't buy into the Rex Grossman trend that's coming around now though. Rex DID suck. Rex was around for long enough, with decent lines, backs and defensive + ST help. Rex be gone. Just need to school our boy and he'll be fine.

    I watched Drew Brees nearly have a cardiac arrest when he threw a pass that was nearly picked off (against Dallas). He couldn't believe he had actually thrown that pass. Neither could I. But it was plain to see how angry he was with himself. When Favre throws a pick you can see him mentally spit out a gloop of tobacco and go "Damn. Fck it, get 'em next series." But Cutler looked like he wanted to cry after throwing picks, nothing went right for him or the Bears team this year. After you lose Urlacher in the first 30 minutes of the season, deep down you know, here it comes ....
    ... Bear football. *Real* Bear football. Suckball.

    Now if you're Virginia McCaskey and the fans look to you to save the team the way they want it saved, you look at the following :

    * Buyout Smith's contract = $11 million

    * Replace Smith with likely high profile coach Cowher/Shanahan on a four year contract = $ 25 M

    * Buyout Angelo's contract = next 4 years @ what's his salary ? Say $5 M minimum = $ 20 M

    * Replace Angelo with new GM + 4 year contract = $20 M (conservative minimum)

    The cost of replacing Angelo + Smith ? I don't know what JA makes (it's theft anyway) but $76 million to get rid of the two as a conservative estimate ....

    Seventy six million. Or ... just do nothing and still make the same amount of money next year ?

  • If Angelo stays were fucked. He's at least as much of the problem as Lovie. That douchebag says the roster is talented. Where? He says the WR's are a position of strength. Who is he shitting? We have one of the least talented rosters in the league with coaches that can't get them motivated to play or develop a player with written instructions. The entire staff has to go. Phillips has a job for life due to the stadium deal but the rest of these fuckers should go down the road.

    Go Bears!

  • Maybe Grossman was just better than Cutler?

  • ...except the research for Ditka's replacement didn't seem to take too much thought ( or at least had lousy results)

    JAURON !


  • How did they miss out on Dawkins or Sharper ?

  • The Bears were never any good with or without Lovie Dovie

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