Bears v. Ravens Moved

Start time now 4:15 ET.

And for those of us who believe football belongs in the snow, Sunday's game just became memorable.


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  • I think the Steelers hold the title of most disappointing team this season....
    But anyway, I guess Comcast Chicago's John Mullin is reporting that he has two sources claim Smith is safe for 2010 and will be back. I certainly hope that isn't true. If it is true then that totally ruins my Christmas.

  • The Bears charter plane was supposed to leave last night but didn't because of mechanical problems. Now the weather on the east coast creating the problems. The last I heard the team was still in town with no estimated time of arrival in Baltimore.

  • In reply to Westerner:

    Even the Bears airplane is broken down.

  • In reply to Westerner:

    Lovie said the engine was fine. He likes the engine. "It's the Chicago Bears' engine and we'll take it from there. Week to week the engine's got to do what it does and be the engine for the plane."

    The engine's broken Lovie ....

    "No, no, the engine's there. It is what it is. We like it. It's there now and that's where it will continue to be, going forward."

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