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Chris Williams Moved to Left Tackle
Lovie Smith officially acknowledged today that the team has moved Chris Williams to left tackle.  Of course, in typical Chicago Bears fashion, they waited until Orlando Pace could be embarrassed and subsequently injured by the fierce Vikings defensive front.  Jay Cutler's blindside immediately becomes the only thing worth watching against the St. Louis Rams.

On a side note, I think Steve Rosenbloom is out of line in questioning whether Orlando Pace quit on Lovie Smith Sunday.  Pace is one of the greatest left tackles of the post-LT era and he's done more than enough in this sport to warrant a pass on being dominated by a player in his prime.  Rosenbloom loves the team, it's obvious in his writing, and he's disappointed.  But ease off on this one.

Jarron Gilbert to debut this week?
According to Jerry Angelo, he's fit and ready for action.  If this is the case, it's an intelligent move.  The next five weeks can become about a lot of players.  There is no reason that Gilbert shouldn't be worked into a rotation of Alex Brown and Gaines Adams as Adewale Ogunleye is worked out of the lineup.  The Bears also must give Jay Cutler a chance to throw the ball to Devin Aromashodu, a player he has been excited about since training camp.  Maybe a post pattern?  Something not a bubble screen or go.

Where is ownership? 

Mike Imrem writes a MUST READ column in the Daily Herald asking some very obvious questions.  Here's the entire open:

For years now my measure of upper-level leadership has been how Steelers owner Dan Rooney was described by Mean Joe Greene.

"When things go as planned, Dan is in the background," Greene said. "When things don't go as planned, he's in the forefront."

Unless I'm mistaken, six losses in seven games signals that things aren't going as planned for the Bears.

So where are the ownership McCaskeys? Where is club president Ted Phillips? Where is general manager Jerry Angelo?

All of them should be so visible these days that we get tired of seeing them.

Maybe Lovie Smith's $5.5 million annual salary is enough for him to be the point man taking all the hits.

Some really good stuff from a really good writer.  Click the link and read the rest.


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  • First ! Twice in one life .. yay!

  • Desperation brings change,it is now offically audition time for the 2010 season,so be it.The question now becomes who gets tossed under the bus at seasons end. Turner is the most likely candidate,but i truly dont think he has been as bad as most think.This team cannot block anyone,and they have an even worse problem with the defense,no matter what they do they cant stop anything,pass or run.

    O-line, D line must get addressed yesterday. The Saints,Pats game was a classic example. Both quarterbacks could have smoked a cigarette before they HAD to throw the ball. When they needed a few yards they RAN the ball.When the Saints put pressure on Brady he looked as bad as Cutler and threw a couple picks.

    The Bears need a quantum leap in performance on both lines before they will sniff even a chance at the playoffs, let alone a championship.

    It will be intresting to see how the kids do,then again maybe not.

  • In reply to Hoosierdaddy:

    "When the Saints put pressure on Brady he looked as bad as Cutler and threw a couple picks."

    Precisely, it even happens to the great Tom "50 TD 8 INT season" Brady. A great quarterback can only outplay a bad offensive line for so long.

  • I'm not even confident that Pace is really hurt. I think this is possibly a gentle way to save the reputation of a man who truly one of the greatest O linemen of all time. This way he didn't get benched in his final season, he was injured. I want to see the rookies too, and it needs to happen this week. Give them a warm up against a weaker team, don't just throw them into a Vikings, Ravens or Packers game.

  • Rosenbloom is not a beat reporter. He doesn't go to practices, up to training camp or go to games in person. He sits in his hole and blogs. No street cred at all. It's fine for us fans to sit and blog and watch the games on tv, but if you pass yourself off as a sports reporter, you'd better not just be another blogger with a blog under a newspaper's web site, cause that's fucking lame.

    Sometimes his outrage is humorous, but not any more so than anybody else here at this blog. I'd rather read him than Rock Mamowsky, but that's saying very little.

    I guess we'll watch the game Sunday to see how Williams performs at LT. I guess that's something to watch during the 3 and outs. I don't know why. The Bears are on free tv, I guess that's my only excuse for tuning in. If the NFL were a PPV package only, I would be pretty pissed. Actually, even if we had the 85 Bears back, I doubt I would ever fork over the cash to watch the NFL PPV only. It would irk me too much to know how much I directly contributed to Virginia's oxygen machine.

  • Like obanination said... Its time for a change! I said this a few posts back. I dont care if we lose all of our remaining games if it means getting rid of our coaching staff and gm....
    I would never cheer for the other team, just want change.
    The Bears Will Rise Again!! BEAR DOWN

  • I don't buy Pace quitting on Lovie either. I think he's just "done" and probably wishes he'd hung it up after last season.

    Rosenbloom throws a lot of stuff against the wall. Some of it sticks, a lot doesn't.

    A reporter? I believe he's just another blogger these days and doesn't really try to pass himself off as anything else.

  • Williams ..LT lets finally get a glimpse of what this kid is made of.

    Gilbert.. Another glimpse

    Again intresting that since, what was it that Tommie said.. "The walls against our back?" DUH!!! Shit It was so stupid I cannot remember it.

    And last but not least the proverbial analogy of our Bears Management "THE BUBBLE SCREEN" send out Double Duece and.. OH Shit no blockers...FUCK ME...

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    The Ron Turner trademark

  • Great article by Imerman, we need more of the media, websites and bloggers to call out management maybe then they will get a clue. Its ridiculous that Angelo, Smith & Cutler all turned down Costas interview one of them should have taken the mic and show some attitude. Hiding like cowards is just making this all worse someone come out and act like your pissed off for once at whats going on with this team.

  • Rosenbloom doesn't love the team, he plays a tired role of after-the-fact antagonist. For whatever reason Chicago eats that up. When things go poorly his pageviews triple. Sarcasm replaces wit in all of his articles. Just look at his picture on the site. It screams "little shit." Guy's a loser.

  • Da Coach..this is typical.. thats what pisses me off about it.. never standing up always hiding been the curtain like the Wizard of Oz.

    We wonder why are players have this attitude..Well boys in girls i does not take long to see look at the top and go down.. The shit is rolling down the hill.

    That fu!@#@#$ing stoic look they all have. I would love to reach through the screen and wrap my hands around their necks and squeeze. And see if their heads will POP OFF!

  • Jeff.. Did you see Tim Ruskeel is resigning? I get the feeling that may open up the doors for Holmgren to come back. If that is the case the Bears upper heads will miss again an interesting oportunity. Shit another one bites the dust.

  • sorry fat fingers.... cannot spell

  • I just was reading the post from yesterday and heard some clarificatioin regarding the Hub/Clayton Cowher discussions...

    Hub's source had told him that Bears front office people were contacting the Steelers with questions about Cowher...(to learn a little more about him, etc)...

    Clayton did not address that part of he really didnt dispute what Hub eluded to...

  • I'm looking forward to seeing the jumping pool man. I also hope Williams steps up his game at his true spot. At this point, I honestly would prefer watching everyone on the practice squad play besides Basinez. Could the pre-season beast Woodny Turenne work in a safety spot? Can Joe Clermond get any pressure on the QB? No one else on the team can. Can the 6-4, 300 lb big body guard Asiata block? A concept that is as perplexing to the current o-line as the theory of relativity. Can Will Ta'ufo'ou be as successful as Jason Mckie when running Wrong's favorite play: the fullback hand off up the middle? Let's hope not. Let me see some young and fresh legs, some new talent, let these guys grow now and see whose worth anything. Too bad this won't happen since Lovie's balls are danglin on the line.

  • On Chris Williams at Left Tackle:

    "He'll be fine," offensive coordinator Ron Turner said. "He's an athlete. That's where he has been, and that's where he figured he would be when he came in here. So, yeah, he'll be fine."
    - Ron Turner in Today's Trib.

    Hardly a reassuring assessment coming from a man who thought his offensive line's performance was just fine as recently as a couple of weeks ago.

  • I never thought Holmgren was an actual possibility just thought he was a good example of where I believe this team needs to head "ideologically". They need to change the infrastructure.

  • Jeff well thought out.

    I agree on the infrastructure.. I am just not sure if it will come to pass.. They all seemed to be imbedded in thier philosophies.. or again I had threaded sometime ago about my thought of "Plastic Bellybutton People"

    I think we are see the residuals from this concept.

    I hate where we are at


  • Crown

    I agree with you. We need to see what we have sitting on the bench. Get the future of the team on the field playing the postions they got drafted for. If Peanut can't play this week we need to see D.J. Moore. Get Aromashodu and Knox on the field together.
    Start: Chris Williams@ LT. Frank Omiyale @ RT. And Beekman @ Center.
    Try: Asiata @ LG and Louis @ RG
    Never know. These guys might be able to keep Jay off his back.

  • Ron Turner may not be the problem but I don't think he is part of the solution.

    The team cannot run block or pass block. This won't be any different next year (unless a key signing or two is made). Why would anyone think that next year will be any different offensively? It won't. Not unless some new ideas or new strategies are brought in.

  • Jeff, what do you think of this thought. Hypothetically, say the Bears get Shanny as head coach, a guy who knows how to run. Since the run game has recently changed into a RBBC style and we know how Forte runs, I think the Bears should roll the dice and go and get CJ Spiller from Clemson. Now before you jump to conclusions, CJ Spiller is a guy that is comparable to Chris Johnson and I think I was one of few people that new this guy would blow up (most called him a wanna be Reggie Bush). Now if CJ Spiller (runs a 4.3) paired up with Forte, that would enable to the Bears to finally run to the outside and with Cutler taking the snaps, I think defenses will struggle to decide what to do. We need a bold move but I doubt we will get any type of 1st round pick. I know everyone will say "No, we need to get the O-Line fixed first", but I have been saying this for years, WE CAN GET SOLID TALENT at that position in later rounds. Guys like Spiller dont come around as often. Just a thought to spark up our Bears football nature and that is TO RUN THE FOOTBALL.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    I'm seeing a lot of these comments around about Shanahan "knowing how to run:. Like its a mystery. As if there's three old hags around a boiling cauldron somewhere guarding the secret of the 34 dive. WTF ? Call the play, snap the ball, hand it off, run, block. Did I miss anything ?

    Nothing in football is hard. Look at the guys who play it. If you don't have the right people who execute well, shit happens. Bringing Shanahan in doesn't make Orlando Pace any younger or more able to deal with a small guy like Elvis Dumervil. It won't make Frank Omiyale a pro bowler and it won't empower Matt Forte to run through brick walls. P.S. Mike Shanahan is not coming anywhere near the Bears. Jerry Angelo is not going anywhere until around 2014 - people don't seem to be getting that. Shanahan wants GM control so he can draft the crappy teams he drafts. McDaniels got rid of 33 players off his Broncos. Why did he do that I wonder ?

  • It's so telling (and so like the Bears) that the players are facing questions and responding but not management. Urlacher spouts off, the players respond. Cutler takes responsibility in the last news conference and essentailly begs for help - including Aromashudu for the eleventy-fourth time - and yet Lovie and Jerry and Ted act like everything is just fine.

    Imren said it VERY well. A good CEO would fire this bunch. Potash in the SunTimes said it VERY well - raising his voice at halftime is enough for the Mccaskeys.

  • I can't drive...... FIFTY FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This from Yahoo! Sports:


  • In reply to CSauce:

    no fo fisher and here's why:

    1) he shackled steve mcnair and single-handedly lost the '99 SB w/ his conservative attitude
    2) he's a cowher w/o the "airing the ball out" (see Vince Young)

    do you see a running theme here? sure he's a defensive mastermind, but so is cowher. AND cowher said he's not going to coach for a team that DOESN'T have a franchise QB. we have a franchise QB and are a few years (player wise) of being a SB-contending team (only problem is the front office). don't fuck w/ the quasars....send over "Da Chin" NOW!!!!

  • In reply to CSauce:

    Bears just signed Dan Jiggetts to a 1 year deal to take over for Roberto Garza.

  • In reply to CSauce:

    Former U of AZ / NFL O-Lineman Glenn Parker and John Fina both work broadcast here in Tucson.

    Maybe they would like to suit up again?

  • In reply to CSauce:


  • In reply to CSauce:

    I think Jeff Fisher is a great coach. He has been a consistant winner for an awful long time with limited resources. He has also built and rebuilt that team several times over, often without great talent at the qb position. I think he's gotten a lot out of what he's had to work with, probably more then was there. He's also adjusted to the talent he's had as opposed to stick with a failing system despite not having the personel. (ala Jauron, and Smith)
    I think if the Bears decide to go with a defensive guy he actually makes more sense then Cowher because Fisher is a 4-3/46 guy and Cowher is a 3-4 guy. That may help shorten the turnaround time.
    And honestly Cowher has lost a super bowl as well, and has also had some trouble in the playoffs. So I wouldn't use that as a disqualifier.
    Having said all that, my personal preference is for an offensive minded HC. That means Holmgren or Shanahan. We've had nothing but DC's in Chicago for 40 years in Pardee, Armstrong, Wanny, Jauron, and Smith. Our best asset is Cutler and we need a coach who can maximize it.

  • In reply to CSauce:

    I hate to be a wet blanket here, but everyone's acting like Lovie's departure is a done deal.

    Its not

    Turner and a lot of the O staff will probably be gone but I still don't see us hiring a new coach next year.

  • In reply to CSauce:

    Good thoughts with logical back up AL. I can see your POV even though I'm a huge Cowher proponent. A few threads ago with Andrew Perloff

  • In reply to CSauce:

    Da Coach was a more offensive minded coach, even though he was never a coordinator. He was handed Buddy Ryan as a DC when he arrived and though it was an imperfect marriage it resulted in SB XX. I don't know what you'd call Halas...but he did popularize the T formation in the NFL so I guess he would be the offensive genius of his time. Seems to me that Bears' success would be tied to O minded coaches, particularly with Cutler onboard. If Lovie is going to go away, which I seriously doubt, then a Shanahan or Holmgren would seem to be the answer. Provided that they would bring a strong, independant D coordinator with them.

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    Halas f*cking invented football, so let's not got there ....

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    Mariucci ? Loser. The hair .... just the hair alone. Looks like a class A f*cking prick to me. A career loser. Sorry, you inherited the Ferrari, it doesn't make you a mover and shaker and a can-do guy, it makes you a fat, spoilt kid. With that hair ....

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    O.K. I ripped a fart in the church! Let it die. Sorry

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    It was not an SBD, my man.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Reminds me of this:

    An elderly couple was attending church services. About halfway through she leans over and says, "I just had a silent fart .. what do you think I should do?"

    He replies "Put a new battery in your hearing aid!"

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    I know... what about Tom Landry!
    maybe Chuck Noll!
    What about George Halas!
    Maybe Bill Walsh!
    yeah... that's the ticket... Bill Walsh.
    What will it take to get the McK's to get us Bill Walsh?

  • In reply to jdawg:

    To quote one of my favorite movies:
    "Not without some serious smelling salts and a heater."

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka: it's near christmas we all can wish. But bringing one from the dead ..might be a little out of the season maybe all souls day next time would be more appropriate.

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    I hate to think that they're actually reading our comments, but first they move CW to left tackle, discuss starting beekman at C and moving Omiyale to RT, and now they're finally going to make some progress on putting in fieldturf at Soldier Field.,0,4806236.column?page=2
    I've said several times, our team is built for speed, but between the surface and the OC, we can't take advantage of it.

    Oh, and doubt in my mind.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    No, we're just all smarter and less stubborn than Lovie and the rest of the O coaches. Ouch.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I dunno about less stubborn. My wife might take issue with that.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    The bears had better get on the stick by giving all their draft picks on the field to see what they can do. It is my hope that the bears defensive scheme goes back to power and strength and that they get off this small quick player make up. I want to see meanness and toughness show up on the field every week again. Not this bend and dont break crap that has been showing up for the last decade. Either you field a squad that can shut down opposing offenses or you don't. To me this style of defense sucks. It's time to start drafting men again and for the Bears to dominate the line of scrimmage.

    Is that too much to ask for?

  • In reply to CSauce:

    Hey..I am going to try again..

    I got no answer from it before so one of two things everyone thought my idea was a fart in a church or it was bypassed not sure.

    Well here it is.. it's out there so be gentle

    Steve Mariucci- he did get Faurve on track and he is passionate and Offensively minded.


  • In reply to CSauce:

    Don't know a whole hell of a lot about him Lobo, but my first gut reaction is.... yuck.

    So I went and checked it out quickly. Looking at his collective record ( he doesn't look like much of a winner. And he was fired from the detroit gig. Ouch.

    That's a no from me.

  • In fairness, we won a superbowl with Ditka - neither an offensive or defensive genius - not a genius at all. I think coaches get too much recognition. You can't win a superbowl with a bad team, or even an average team, you need a whole roster of good players to get through a season and still have the ammo to crazy at the end. It really doesn't take someone special to be the poster guy for a superbowl team. You don't need Ricky Bobby to drive your Ferrari down the road for you, somebody who won't shit their pants and crash it on you will do. We need a roster full of good players before we talk about superbowls. Ricky Bobby can wait. Cos if you ain't first ....

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