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Lovie Blames the Players
Interesting comments from Lovie Smith regarding his disaster of a defense:

"We have been in position to make some plays," said
Bears coach Lovie Smith. "It's still a playmaker's game and when you
have a situation to make a play, we need to.

"As far as why (it's happening), there is a lot of reasons why. That's why you're an NFL player - paid to make plays."

Translation: our defensive struggles are not my fault.  It is Al Afalava's fault.  It is Kevin Payne's fault.  But not mine.  But please, Bears players.  Keep defending your stand-up head coach.

Morrissey Hides His Best Point

I think I like today's Rick Morrissey column far more than I wanted to.  He nails my feelings perfectly with this brilliant bit:

Any good things that could happen to Cutler ahead would be greatly
aided by Smith's ouster. Now, if only we knew who makes the final
decisions at Halas Hall.

It's not very becoming to show glee over the possibility of a person
or persons being unemployed. I know this. It's not something that makes
me particularly proud.

I can't add anything to that.

DaBearsBlog in Chicago

I'm arriving in Chicago Sunday morning and will be spending all day and night at Rossi's on North State.  Let me know if you wanna stop by and say hello.


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  • So Jerry is leaving himself blameless by saying they have the talent. I hope Lovie spends his last days proving that to be false.

    And a point in JA's talk has been ignored. Someone asked if he'll be evalauated, and he essentially said yes, but that he'd be evaluating himself!!

    Going to give yourself a raise too?

    No one is in chage. Where is Ted Phillips? WHO is Ted Phillips? The man needed a search firm to hire a GM and came up with Angelo. The Bears need a president who is a football man.

    And yes, I realize that isn't going to happen.

  • Ted Phillips prides himself on the notion that he's a business man, not a football man. He says it every week. Jerry Angelo runs the football operation in their entirety.

  • And Jerry was not a reach hire by any means. He was the second in command at one of the league's most successful organizations.

  • i beleive during sun. game i heard "no matter how the year finishes lovie will remain coach at this time we're evaluating players"

  • Angelo spent 14 years as a glorified scout for the Bucs without being promoted. Tampa Bay had 3 playoff appearances in Angelo's 14 years there. If he really was a great talent evaluator, why didn't he become the Bucs GM? I'd say it was a stretch for the Bears to make him GM.

  • I won't say it was a stretch, but it WAS a failure to make Angelo a GM. He is NOT a good talent evaluator. I seriously believe most of us could do as well with a Sporting News Draft Day Speical magazine. For every mid round "find" he has an early round bust. His trades rarely work out. His FA signings are puzzling overall - again, there are some good ones but also some bad ones.

    And he may go down as making one of the worst trades in history. The only saving grace in this is that the Packers made THE worst trade - getting washed up John Hadl for a one, a two, and a one, two three. (Hence it was called the Lawrence Welk trade, after the big band leader from the 60s who started out every song with that countdown.)

  • I honestly believe that having played the game much of my life and having been a fan of high school, college, and pro ball during and after playing

  • It simply wasn't a stretch, guys. And through his first three years, we thought he was terrific.

  • Again, I agree it wasn't a stretch. But people are evelauated on results.

    After three years, I was NOT sold on him at all. Nor was I sold on Lovie. He made some good picks but the concept of trading down was his signature and I never saw that as being a net gain.

    However, I wanted to beleive Rex was good, and maybe he really was. Maybe the coaching wrecked him.

    So he gets another shot. I will agree that he deserves it after swinging the Cutler deal.

  • "It's not very becoming to show glee over the possibility of a person or persons being unemployed. I know this. It's not something that makes me particularly proud."

    Well, c'mon. He'll be unemployed, but with a $10 million severance. Not quite the same as people across the country losign their jobs, houses, dignity.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Finallly. About time Lovie showed some hudspa. I want names Lovie. Show no mercy because your ass is on the line. About time.

  • Amen.

  • Morrissey remains a tool of the highest order. He was on Cutler's back from day one, and it's far more likely that Cutler becomes The Franchise than doesn't. He compares Flacco to Cutler by saying Flacco had a far superior game. No shit sherlock he was playing for the Ravens, and that's ...uh ...yep, a different fucking team YOU TOOL! Should have checked him out in his other games where he blew balls....

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