Another Reason to Fire Lovie Smith

When the Dolphins were down, way down, they turned to Bill Parcells.  The Tuna, a Jersey guy who is inarguably the greatest evaluator of talent in the modern era, brought in his own general manager and dumped Cam Cameron after only one year.  (The Dolphins swallowed at least nine million dollars of Cameron's contract.)  They hired Tony Sporano.  They coaxed Ricky Williams off Marijuana Mountain.  They exiled Twinkle Toes Taylor to D.C. - where star defensive linemen go to die.  The result?  A division title against an albeit light schedule.  Now, in the follow-up year, they've handled the loss of their most important player (Ronnie Brown) and remained in the hunt.  The Dolphins are back for good.

It only took an off-season.  One off-season and an organization went from losing fifteen games and writing naughty things about Nick Saban on the bathroom wall to a division title.  One off-season.  That's the state of the current NFL.  
Here's a statistic.  In the Super Bowl era, only two coaches have ever missed the playoffs three consecutive years and gone on to win a Super Bowl for that team.  That team - in both cases - was the Pittsburgh Steelers.  (1) Chuck Knoll started 1-13, 5-9, 6-8 from 1969-1971 and then didn't miss the playoffs until 1980.  In the meantime he won four championships.  (2) Bill Cowher made the playoffs his first six seasons in Pittsburgh and missed from 1998-2000.  The Steelers kept him and he won a title five years later, his fourteenth with the club.  Do the Bears have that kind of patience?
So unless the Bears move their operations to Pittsburgh or are willing to wait another decade, the time for change is now.  The goal should be a title, nothing less.  There is no way Halas Hall should continue to employ a head coach they don't believe will bring them a championship and if they believe Lovie Smith will bring them a championship, they're more lost than any of us realize.  


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  • Jeff..preaching to the choir!!! I with you brother...What do we do?

    I have no problem grabbin a torch and when do we get together and kill this frankenstein!!!!!

    I beleive we can use the wise words from a classic Chicago movie..

    were putttin the band back together...


  • Lovie is so clueless, even if he was fired, he would probably still show up at training camp. Maybe the Bears just need to invest in some smelling salt and maybe just maybe, that would be just enough for Lovie to wake up and see what a shmuck he's been all year. Unfortunately, the organization is stuck on denial and there isnt a chance in hell they will ever admit that something is SERIOUSLY wrong. Once Lovie actually admitted that he believed that calling the timeout and then using a challenge flag was "the right decision at the time", that seriously should be enough to have a cardboard box waiting for him at this office.

  • It appears that the Browns are poised to take Mike Holmgren off the list of availables.

  • Other one year turnarounds:

    1. 1999 Colts went 13-3 after going 3-13 in '98.
    2. 1999 Rams did the same thing.
    3. 2004 Steelers went 15-1 after going 6-10 the year prior.
    4. 2004 Chargers went 12-4 after going 4-12 in '03.
    5. Last and not least, your Chicago Bears went 13-3 in 2001 after going 5-11 the year before.

    Besides the Bears, I noticed a theme with these teams. They all had upper echelon quarterbacks. This seemed to be the impetus for change for these teams or at least a major factor.

    Peyton Manning dramatically improved from his rook year to his second year.
    Kurt Warner turned things around for the Rams and Big Ben did the same for the Steelers. Drew Brees played a big role in changing the atmosphere from winning to losing in San Diego.

    We know we have a guy that has the ability to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. With his raw skills, I cannot envision Jay having another year like this.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I believe in giving credit where credit is due. You conveniently forgot to add a truly remarkable turnaround which occured in 2005. The Bears went 11-5 in '05 after going 5-11 in '04. Lovie did a terrific job in 2005 and 2006 in turning the Bears around.

    Here's another NEAT statistic regarding coaching in Chicago. The last head coach hired by George Halas was, of course, Mike Ditka. Since Ditka made the 1980s the most remarkable decade of Bears history (save perhaps the 1940s) the Chicago Bears have been coached into the ground. Do you know what the Bears' record has been under Wannstedt, Jauron, and Smith? 133-151. ELEVEN of those eighteen season have been sub-.500. Jeff's post today, and Jeff's post a couple weeks ago about Urlacher's statement about THAT particular brand of football working for the Bears is damn true. Since Iron Mike left there has been a culture of losing in Chicago. LOSING. SUCKING. BLOWING.

    Is there any change in store for us fans? ANY?

    I know members of the Bears organization read this blog. Answer me! Any change in store?

  • you guys should really lay off lovie, he's really nice to the players

  • It seems to me that the fact that the players seem hot to keep Lovie speaks volumes and is yet another reason to send him packing.

  • No worries Bam. Go to the office, you'll see Tommie Harris there. I don't believe he's come out all season. And, I fucking hate Rex Grossman!

  • I wish Jeff could include a poll here about Lovie's future.

    The media is doing a GREAT job - as I hoped several weeks ago - of exposing Lovie as incompetent and yet claiming he will stay.

    That's the ONLy thing the McCaskey's will react to - public ridicule. You see, if it's essentially established that he is not qualified, then they run the risk of major national embarrasment next year when they fail yet again when other teams succeed with new coaches.

    I doubt they will take that chance. My vote - Lovie will be fired.

  • How about this scenario for next year - a veritable "Dream Team" of coaches.
    1. First, fire Lovie, Babich, and Pep.
    2. Lure Dave Wannstadt from Pitt and make him head coach.
    3. Bring Jauron back as DB coach, and him and Marinelli could both be "assistant head coaches".
    4. Hire Blache as defensive coordinator and "assistant DL coach". With him and Marinelli, the DL should be twice as good.
    5. Make Terry Shea the QB coach.
    6. And the final piece to the puzzle - bring back Shoop as co-offensive coordinator or as a consultant. He can help Ron Turner work on the finer nuances of the halfback dive, the bubble screen, and three yard pass plays on 3rd and 8 (after two dives up the middle).
    Hell, maybe McCaskey can help Angelo pick up some brawlers for the lines, like Stan Thomas and Michael Haynes. Only in my dreams.....

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    But you forgot to fire Toub.

  • that's no punishment, he hands out ice cream and money in his office. there may be a masseuse as well, that's unconfirmed though.

  • In reply to Sausage:

    Happy endings confirmed coupled with sayings from Lovie such as, "You tried your hardest," "we'll get 'em next time," "enjoy the rub down and we'll go from there."

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Nice exchange... thanks for that one gents.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Jeff, I love the post, but there is no such thing as a light schedule in the AFC East. Not last year with Narcissus' Jets and the Patriots (albeit without Tom Terrific). I'm just sayin...

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Got to agree with you there Jeff and I'm glad you are calling out Lovie Smith.The Bears will not win a championship with Dummy Smith as head coach.The guy does not know what the problem is(at least that's what he says).

    The sun will rise tomorraw

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Bring back Ditka!

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Not unless you resurrect Jim Finks first.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Another reason for change is that since 2007 the only NFC teams to not make the playoffs at least once are Detroit, 49ers, St. Louis, and the Chicago Bears. Think about that for a second!!

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Go look at Miami's schedule last year. That division was granted 6 wins to start the season.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Granted six wins? If they were granted six wins then why did they start the season 2-4? Their first win of the season came in Week 3 When they shocked the Pats. On the contrary, of their first six oppenents, only one (the Texans) had a losing season and the Cardinals and Ravens both won several playoff games. The Pats without Brady were no pushover and the Jets started the season hot with Narcissus at the helm. After going 2-4 through six games, they ended the season going 9-1. That was a good team. A good Parcells team.

    I don't believe in "granted" victories. You have to work HARD for every victory, Jeff.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I spent an entire paragraph saying they were a good team. But they also set a new league record by committing no turnovers and played an easy schedule. You can dress it up however you want but the NFC and AFC Wests were dreadful last year.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Boys..Boys..Boys..(MB 30SD & Mustache) "Da Coach" ..."Da Chin" all I know is that there is fire and passion for this game running in those men, and I would love to see that back in the veins of "Da Bears"

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Here hear! Bring in William please Virginia.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I almost dare not say it...
    but Richie Incognito was dropped by the Rams. He is a nasty bastard of a Guard - a position we could sure use the help at.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I saaaaaw that MBP and thought the exact same thing. Fuck it! This soft sack 'o dicks o line could use a down and dirty nasty guy; Bring his ass in here. Damn, someone has to play Bears football around here (mean, not cheap or dirty)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    At this point, what's the worst that could happen? Someone other than Ol' Man River (Kreutz) needs to play with an attitude and protect our damn QB. It's not like Lovie is running a tightly disciplined ship anyway.
    Like you said - fuck it!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I like Incognito but he's a penalty machine.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Agreed, but part of me would rather see our OL get penalized for headbutts vs. the ol' Omiyale false-start/hold combo.
    It would at least be a change of pace...hahaha, pace....oh hahahahah.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    lol that's a good one sir. good one.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    The thing with the Dolphins, they didn't build a new offensive line in a year. They already had one. Yep, they lost Ronnie Brown after the bulk of the season was in the bag, and were lucky enough to have a guy who's just as good on the roster. Essentially, they changed their record by playing better. Personally I'm not a Chris Williams fan yet and our line is just a wreck. That doesn't get fixed any time soon. Rome wasn't built in a day. Free agency could *potentially* bring us a stud lineman, but one at the most. We *might* get lucky in the draft with a third round lineman, but he'll be a rookie. Kreutz will be older and even less effective, ditto Garza. Ergo still no running game next year, and Cutler is running for his life again (injury is never too far away for a lineman, or Jay). No reason we won't have a better record - we lost Dvoracek in pre-season who was a starter, and our two linebackers before the second half. Our secondary *should* be clearer in terms of personnel. Barring injury, we should be okay on defense and may even see the Man from Atlantis take the field. Again, free agency could bring us a surprise.

    Offense ? I've been singing from the treetops for big receivers. You can't have three Johnny Knoxs. You need a big receiver. The highlight reel shows us this every single week. Dink Orton hit Marshall 21 times to keep drives going. The fact that they were probably 21 bubble screens is irrelevant. It wasn't Eddie Royal he was going to. Big guys. Marshall will be available and doesn't like Denver any more. V-Jack, and I believe his 6'4 team-mate Malcom Floyd are available. 6'6 Ramses Barden anyone ? Mohammed Massaquoi ? We have at least 40 roster spots of trade bait. Two monster receivers. No more experiments with midget receivers who don't run a route to its finish, or know when to break it off.

    At best, Turner is thrown to the lions in the off season along with every coach apart from Lovie, Marinelli and Toub. At worst, maybe Turner and Pep Hamilton. I'd throw in Daryl Drake because I think our receiving practices are a joke. But we're going around in circles with talk of sweeping changes. The Bears don't do sweeping changes. The Dolphins are owned by pop stars and go-getters who 'get' change. Not so the Bears, and so it shall be.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I like where you're going with this but for some reason I just don't see the Broncos letting BMarshall walk. Isn't there something crazy with the collective bargaining agreement that could mess up the offseason and some players not yet accruing enough time to be UFA's? Regardless, I think they'll try and lock him up. He may say he wants out of Denver, but money talks, and the Bears aren't going to throw a big money contract to anyone.

    Last offseason all Angelo talked about was "it starts with the quarterback" blah blah blah. we have that now. GET HIM SOMEONE TO THROW TO THAT HAS PLAYED WIDE RECEIVER FOR MORE THAN 2 SEASONS.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    He may not go incognito, but.... never mind. I just can't do it.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I still can't believe we gave up a 2nd rounder for Gaines Adams. Yet another wasted draft pick for Angelo...

  • In reply to BTiff:

    Wait and see. I'm not exactly sure what the hell our DC is thinking most games, so Adams may not be bad, just completely misused.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    he aint comin' back Mustache...but Cowher would have similar results I believe. Like BAM and Crown and a couple others have said, he is our type of coach and this is his type of football.

    Let's see if we can turn the curse around, it's our time. it's been long enough for us all.

  • Getting Thomas Jones back would be AWESOME! I would buy a #20 jersey (cause Craig Steltz is a pussy and will give Jones his number back).

    I don't see Bennett on the team next year. They're going to get at least one person new at Wide Out (bye Rashied) and if they get two then Bennett one TD and a handful of yards isn't going to get Bennett a roster, he's YAC must be 0! He makes great catches, but gets tackled instantly.

    Also, I'm starting to think that Greg Olsen is another first round draft bust. He can't block worth a damn. This magical rapport he and Cutler were supposed to have didn't develop. I think I read something a few weeks ago that every TD Olsen has this season is from when he is split out wide...which is very interesting. Kellen Davis (who I think is a much better all-around football player) and Desmond Clark (possibly my favorite Bear) have caught TDs from the TE position.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost, getting rid of Bennett would be like getting rid of Bobby Ingram all over again. A brutal and costly mistake by the Bears. Bennett will remain on the Bears and is a solid possession receiver.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Receiving - Vandy
    2005 79 876 11.1 41 9
    2006 82 1146 14.0 77 6
    2007 75 830 11 54 5

    this chart alone says if you throw him the ball, as he is always open, and always catches it, that you will have success with him. If Cutler looked for Bennett in the SF and ATL game we fucking win. he was open both times on the same route that he scored on in the STL game.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Anyone know what Brandon Rideau is doing ? I hope he's not flipping burgers ...

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    does anyone need seakers, dunks, jordan shoes /?

  • umm...if we move Olsen to WR instead of going out and getting Matt Jones i will officially throw up on my computer. Olsen doesn't go after the ball, he doesn't run aggressive routes, he doesn't jump 47 inches in the air, etc...

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Bitches generally don't. Heh.

  • T.Jones... bring his ass back! I like Bennett, he's actually a closet stud. Shitcan Davis (R not K) and get rid of Iglesias Pinerider. Bring in Boldin and we're stroooong at WR. Trade that douche Olsen, why is he even a TE if he can't fucking block??? He's just a big slow WR in reality. If 54/55 and pisa, willams could stay healthy, could you imagine that middle... my god it would be very very scary to be opposing RBs and WRs.

    I think the best safety set we had this year was Major Payne and little rascal alfalfa, but we need a known entity that's a stud like a sharper at FS. OR we can bring in Taylor Mays to lay the wood. Get us some O line and I think we

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yessir ! Yes to all ! Santa, you fucker, can you hear me ?!

  • Here is why Lovie will be fired at the end of the season:

    1. Lovie was given a demotion (not in title) at the onset of the year. He assumed the play calling responsibilities of the Defense because his guy, Babich Patch, was not the answer. Lovie, and nobody else, hires and fires his staff. The only leverage JA had, after 2 dismal season following the SB run, was to demote Lovie, which he did, and fire the shot across the bow. Lovie refused to fire Babich Patch, so JA had to make the internal demotion. He did. (Not to mention the fact that Babich Patch also took an internal demotion to Linebackers Coach, but retains the title DC.) There are reasons for this, and they are not because Lovie calls a better game. For fucks sake Lovie Smith peaked as a defensive coordinator for a team that scored 50 plus points a game. Who couldn't do that job?

    2. This will come as no surprise to Lovie. He knows why he is calling plays. And he knew if this season went down the tubes he would, on January 4th 2010, be seeking employment elsewhere, and we should all hope that he finds work in the NFC North. If he does find work, then Virginia will not have to pay him the remainder of his contract. Hell, Eric Mangini was hired twice.

    3. Virginia did not pony-up for Cutler to see him get dumbed-down.

    4. I think Shannahan will be the guy they bring in, and I think Shannahan will maximize the talent on this roster.

    5. JA will stay.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    So that's $11 million down the puker for Ginnie to choke on, plus a guestimate of a four year contract, at say $6 million conservatively ... $35 million ... in an uncapped year ? I'll cough up a lung if she guzzles that kind of a hit.

  • Some NFC North news that makes me feel a little better:
    Johnny Jolly likes to get crunk on his days off
    and EJ Henderson's little brother can't get off the bench even with PED help

    Way to go, idiots!

  • My plan for Olsen would be to get as high a pick as I could for that Jesse, or trade him for someone we can use, like a Guard or a center. I like Kellen Davis at 6'7. He's a fkn wet dream for me. How would you miss a guy like that ? He's my starter. If he's on the field every down with Knox, DA and maybe a decent fullback, the sky's the limit. Bring in Hester occasionally to burn down field and ..... and we still have no offensive line. That's where KD's size helps too. It's all good with him, he can block too. Wouldn't harm any to give Ricky Williams a years' contract either.

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