About Last Night...

Quick thoughts because the hotel has a computer time limit and there's a greasy kid behind me itching to update his Facebook status.

  • Never been prouder to be a Bears fan than last night.  In what was essentially a meaningless game, played in frigid cold, the place was packed and loud.  People cared in that building and they cared a lot.  Makes me think doing this is worth it sometimes.
  • Player of the Game: Chris Williams.  He got some help with chips but he outplayed Jared Allen all night long.  If that's all we learned yesterday, that's fine by me.
  • I agree with what's being written in Chicago this morning.  This game in no way validates Lovie Smith.  His defense gave up thirty points in a half last night.  Have our standards really dropped that low?  It does - I hope - help Ron Turner go out on a high note.  Always liked the game, while not his play calls, and this was his signature win.
  • D.A., Knox, Hester and Bennett can be a receiving corps if the club finds a way to bring Anquan Boldin here.
  • Hi, Tommie Harris.  Good to see you again.
  • I don't know how it looked on television but Olin Kreutz was manhandled by Jimmy Kennedy inside the ballpark.  And that's Jimmy Kennedy we're talking about.
  • You know who gets a pass?  Robbie Gould.  Did you see how awful Ryan Longwell was on kickoffs?  Gould outkicked him by at least an average of ten yards.
  • You can't be great and fumble as much as Adrian Peterson.
  • Two guys I'll be sad to see play in another uniform: Alex Brown and Desmond Clark.
  • If the Bears were smart, they'd add a big safety this offseason and let Craig Steltz start next to him.  With the right coaching, he could be a breakout star in 2010.
  • Tip your cap to Favre and Rice on the fourth down score.  Brilliant pitch and catch.
  • Final thought: signature win of the 2009 season and surely something to build on for Cutler, D.A., Chris Williams, Greg Olsen and a few guys on the other side of the ball.  It should not save the coach's job.  But it should make this roster a bit more appetizing to a new coach. 


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  • Victory--greatest victory in human history--victory, victory, victory!

    /sorry, couldn't resist

  • FIRST?!

  • I didn't watch the game last night. Had friends over to watch District 9, something I knew I would enjoy.

    We can hope for a house-cleaning, but I would still be surprised if Lovie's fired.

    If he stays I hope he's neutered and some good coaches are forced down his throat and he's not allowed as much input into personnel decisions and agrees to quit fucking red shirt rookies.

  • You have friends, jdawg?

    Just kidding.

    However we DO have 3 flags down on you, jdawg.

    1) "Illegal procedure" for the non-first "First" post.

    2) "Illegal Formation" for having friends over to watch something besides the game.


    3) "Illegal procedure" for actually watching something besides the game.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Hahahaha... nice Al. And true Jdawg... you truely missed an amazing one man. Shoulnd't have coped to missing it here.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Dear Craig Steltz:

    You used your Plank karma poorly. You dropped your helmet on a teammate. You may have ended Tillman's career.

    Your punishment is a night in bondage fetish gear with Gary Fencik.

    I haven't seen that Tommie Harris since a MNF game in 2006 against the Colts where he sacked Manning 3 times. Truly, butter is hard when it is cold.

    Drop the finale against the Lions, I don't really care. the Vikings are in danger of having the lowly Giants come to the Metradome and finish the tailspin off. They are one and done in the playoffs, and I couldn't be happier.

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    LMFAO! Priceless, ALl priceless....

  • Had to go pick up a carton of milk this morning and what do you know?
    There was a picture of Jared Allen on the back of it that said "Have you seen me?"

    As nice as beating Narcissus for the first time on a Monday night was, and he is now a lusty 0-7 in games under 40 degrees since '05, seeing White Trash Allen get "rode hard and put away wet" was just as satisfying.

    The only sack the Queens recorded last night came when Allen DIDN'T rush the passer!

    YEEEEE-HAW! Rope THAT, you moron!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    So with you Al... on a nice gain to Aroma, all I was seeing was Chris Williams leaning on Allen's shoulders pushing his face into the turf. Bliss, dude. Paradise!

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    About last night...

    I was surprised Referee Gene Steratore didn't just walk over, give Narcissus a big hug and bend over and kiss his butt at some point!

    Yo, Gene, you are NOT there to either:

    A), Put the guy's shoulder pad back in his jersery


    B) Help his ass up after he gets knocked down.

    No, No, No, NO!

    That's what he has TEAMMATES for!

    Did he SIGN the jersey for you after the game, Gene?.

    That behavior from an official was an embarrassment.

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    It seems psychologically impossible for refs to call Favre for intentional grounding. One play in particular I remember...I think 4th quarter. No way in hell was he outside the tackles....unless a QB is allowed to run 7 yards straight backward and throw it away legally (i don't think so).

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Favre threw the ball to nice pile of dirt in the middle of the field...I can't recall any eligible receiver....with one or two Bears ready to sack Favre.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Peanut.. Ah damnit!! heal up buddy!!!!


  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    More "About last night..."

    Why didn't they just issue Tirico, Jaworski and Gruden purple Jerseys?

    Let's start with Mike Tirico. I've disliked this guy ever since it was reported that he was suspended not once, but TWICE for sexual harrassment at the out-of-control boys club that is ESPN.

    Harold Reynolds and Sean Salisbury got shown the door for that nonsense.

    Tirico GOT PROMOTED to the 4-Letter's #1 play-by-play job.

    Go figure.

    Ron Jaworski. I have always enjoyed "Jaws" and the unbridled enthusiasm he brings to the booth. But for him to say that 22 of the 25 INTs were Cutler's fault is JUST NOT ACCURATE! I don't know what film you "looked at" Ron, but Jay's youthful receivers have quit on routes that resulted in picksway more than just 3 times. Hell, I recall at least 3 aggregious pass interference "no-calls" that led to interceptions as well.

    A very disappointing piece of DISinformation from a guy a respect!

    Jon Gruden. Again, I thought Gruden was a good addition to the booth but for him to to use the word "Great" in any description of the coaching job done by Lovie Smith this season is just ASSININE!

    You're not a coach right now, Jon, feel free to point out poor coaching when necessary.

    It was the last Monday night game of the year and it sounded like
    all the pre-game preparation was spent researching differnt ways to heap praise on Narcissus' and they couldn't adjust when the Bears turned what they expected to be a rout into a game.

    Shame on all 3 of them.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    THANK YOU AL!!!! I was actually thinking of writing a note to espn about how disgusting and utterly shameful that display of insane ass kissing that was. Nauseating.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Last but not least:

    Don Pumpmyass

    Im not sure were Mc'C ass ends and your nose begins. Why don't you go with Larry Meyer TP,JA,LS and the rest of the minions and go have one big circle jerk at the 50 in Soldier Field.

    your an assmunch!!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I dedicate the following post to Jeff and anybody else with the STONES to actually BE at the game last night...

    Parking: $50

    Game Ticket: $150

    Refreshments: $25

    Quality, smuggled-in, distilled spirit for internal warmth: $20

    Freezing your butt off in weather that would send penguins and eskimos looking for cover while watching Jay Cutler beat Narcissus in a game of "Can you top this?": Priceless.

    PS: The numbers I used are strictly estimates as the last game I actually WENT to had Mike Phipps at QB and Walter at running back!

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    This is from ROSEY.. not a fan of him but this says everything about our Mangaement all the way down to the jock strap catcher.. We are incapable of understanding our TALENT!!!

    Jay Cutler started calling for Devin Aromashodu in training camp. Cutler didn't know how to pronounce the big receiver's name, using only his initials, but he was calling for him. Nobody was listening, and the coaches still might not be listening if Devin Hester had stayed healthy.


  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Maybe its time to seriously consider trading away Urlacher and Hester. I know 54 is the sacred cow of Chicago, but we can still get something for this guy. Roach/Williams/Briggs are doing fine. Hester, sorry buddy, but its time to go. DA and Manning/Knox just stole your thunder. Just saying, if we are going to get Boldin or free agents out there, we need to make a splash and trade someone while their stock isnt tanked yet.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    RC...The problem with DH is his head is FU!@$#!@ becuase of this orginization telling him he is a #1WR. No other team is interested in that head case. Sorry DH go back to making touchdowns in your natural position. YOUR SHIT LDL & JA

    BU..God thats a tough one ..I really beleive our heart and soul left with the release of MB and then BU going out in the first game of the season and emotionally we have never recovered. not sure about leting him go.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh sheite... might have forgotten one thing. Jay god damn Cuttler.

    With a little protection and a semblance of a running game, me thinks the Bears will win a SB very soon. Bring in Cowher and team!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB30SD..nice notes on all.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Lobo, i know its difficult to think about parting ties with Urlacher, but it would be interesting to see what type of trade bait he could be. For example, hypothetically, would you trade Urlacher for Boldin and a 2nd round pick in 2010??? Just saying...

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    RC. yes. I would let BU go, But no way do the Cardinals let Boldin go for that.

    Now HYPO.. BU and DH for Boldin...eh? but then again it aint going to happen, they should remember the last time DH was in their house and how he took it to them but then again that was a long time ago and a galaxy far far away

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    how about urlacher and Olsen for Boldin and a 3rd? (although I think we can get one MAYBE two very productive years from 54 still)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think we learned something huge from last nights game. When the O-line shows up to play we can ball with any team in the NFL. Do not lose sight of the teams needs. O-line, O-line, O-line. My only hope is that Lovehead doesn't look at last nights performance and think that the O-line is solid.

    Address the O-line, Secondary and D-Line in the off season and next year we can totally turn it around.

    Da, Bears.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Da coach said the same thing. Vanisi scouted Van Horne and Bortz and Hillenburg to build the team around.

    Say what you will, but that poster of the 85 Bears O'Line was just as critical as that amazing D. That line allowed Walter to break Jim Brown's rushing record.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    gpldan, I've been saying that all year. Yes the D has played bad over the last several years BUT when you don't have a time of possession style offense the quick scores by your team can hurt you because it caused the defense to spend too much time on the field. Even the year they went to the superbowl the Bears kept the defense on the field too long. KR TD's are great but it forces you to put the defense back on the field before they get a chance to catch their breath.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    For those who did not see the game like me until the 4th ...


    will be playing our BELOVED BEARS
    So we can all BEAR DOWN AGAIN..I may record it and place on the caption "The Season that should of been of 09"

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Attended last nights game. I was lucky enough to sit 13 rows up in one of the end zones. Aroma caught the game winner right in front of me. It was a great game no matter how you spin it...and easily the best memory I have of this turd of a season. Jeff is right, the crowd was in it last night big time.

    That said, Lovie still needs to go and changes need to be made. Thirty points given up in one half of football is bad defense period. Not to mention, the Vikings played very conservatively in the first half (good god is Childress a putz). Otherwise, I'm not sure the Bears pull that one off. I was also a bit perturbed that Lovie let the Vikings run the clock down at the end of regulation. The Bears could have used their time outs and at least had a chance to win the thing after the Vikings tying touchdown. Not sure if anyone else noticed that or not.

    Offensively, Jay and Aroma have an obvious chemistry. You can see why he likes to throw to the big bodied receivers...I only wish this organization actually put stock in what their $30 million QB is telling them. You have to expect that next year, Jay and this group of young receivers will be in sync. Still working out the kinks this year, but maybe the future might be bright.

    Lastly, safe to say that most of us were wrong about Favre. That guy can still play...I may hate him and the circus that surrounds him, but heck of a game from him yesterday. Honestly, if the Vikings coaching staff wasn't so inept, that team would probably be a one seed in the NFC. Just sayin.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Best Bears game of the season and I fucking missed it! I was stuck at the Greyhound Station in LA and guess what? those fucking LA people were all watching the Laker game instead of Monday Night Football..... PISSED ME OFF!!!!!!! but NFL network will replay the game on thursday.

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    Ca.... it is on wednesday!!!! a day earlier

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    As I said the other day, I watched the game down here in AZ with my best friend who's a die-hard vikes fan. Brilliant. Where have these guys been?

    Unfortunately my dvr is in Oakland. Does any one know if and when there will be a re-air of this game on nfl network?

    da brrrsssss

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    At least the Lakers lost though...

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    What a dumbass I am, the comment directly above mine answered my question. Cheers, Fresno. Go bears!

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    Last thought...I'd take Chris Johnson of the Titans over Adrian Peterson every day of the week. He doesn't seem to get nearly enough credit...can do just about anything and holds on to the ball!

  • In reply to Grizzly559:


    I believe that we can and should still hold out hope for a regime change this off season. Also, beside finding 3 very good players for the rotation next year (Williams, Steltz, and DA), and figuring out that the guys we have can play when they want to (sans 3 starting DBs and 2 starting LBs), AND that Turner is most assuredly gone regardless of any other sweeping changes. So we got that going for us.... which is nish.

    I really do feel change coming. And if it doesn

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    I'd like to give a little love to #78, Adam Scaffer. That guy did a hell of a job last night and I'll bet hardly anyone noticed, but I think his presence sure helped out what had been a horrible running game.

    It makes you wonder - D.A., Steltz and Shaffer all get the nod last night, and each respective group played better. Why haven't these guys been given the opportunity earlier?

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    No V.. In LDL's mind we are good on all fronts but we need a QB soon, maybe we trade our managing QB(JC) and go after one in the draft.DUH.... How about the first round DUH... OH SHIT!..TDUH..That's right...maybe, ah maybe,ah maybe,...DUH? Lovie asks' for a time out and then challenge's this.. DUH NICE LDL I cant' challenge at the DRAFT? JA said we could.. DAMNIT !!!! RT.. RUN oneup the middle....

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Agree Mike. We need to address the oline first and foremost.

    I'm just not sure the two are mutally exclusive.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Yep, agree shovel... I gave "Shet-field" the nod in my first post.

    I did want to harp on a point a couple of you guys brought up earlier that I meant to talk to yesterday, but my laptop was booting up then I forgot.

    Da Coach was the only one to chose HIS Bears last night. As I've said here before, you can still see he loves this team and what was this organization. His love for the Bears has never died and it made me proud to watch it. Those other tools all chose the Queens. Tommy or Key said that Da Coach would have to buy them all drinks at his resturant if the Bears won... Da Coach retorted, "Yeah sure, come by early in the morming when we're closed and help yourself."

    Hahahahaha. Nice to see Da Coach still has the Bears in his heart and soul.

    And here's an interesting piece about 'how Bears coaches get fired'

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Whoops... here's the link: http://sports.espn.go.com/chicago/columns/story?id=4744062

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Sorry for all the spam over the last 2 days guys. Last post for a while.

    BRIIIIIGGS!!!! http://www.chicagobears.com/news/NewsStory.asp?story_id=6446

    Hell yes. Deserves every bit of it. Well done!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB..din't see you as spaming..just clear thought about BEAR DOWNING!!!


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Retaining Briggs has been one of the few smart moves the team has made.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If you guys need a good laugh try browsing through some viking blogs. Hilarious. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The loss last night really got into their skin.

    Alot of people talking smack about wanting to trade AP because he can't hold onto the rock. Priceless. They seem to pretty much hate Childers too.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You know, for all the experts whining about the receiving corps, it seems to have gone unnoticed that the Bears have 4 receivers with 50 or more catches, and Knox has 45.

    In the past, ONE Bear with 50+ catches for a season is a lot. We can only GUESS how many catches D.A. has if he's been playing since game 1 like his QB and this blog have clamored for.

    By the way, Olson haters, Greg leads the team with 55 catches and 7 TDs and that's with RON TURNER calling plays pulled from his buttocks!Additionally, I refuse to question Olson's toughness after he came back for more after the two nasty, blatantly illegal helmet shots he absorbed against Pittsburgh.

    It bears repeating: Most people would have been calling for a stretcher, a sedative and their mommy after just one of those cheapies. Olson was calling for the ball.

    Bottom line: If the line blocked all season the way they did last night, the Bears have 4 guys pushing SEVENTY catches, Cutler's INTs are down and his TD passes are up (and not many Bear QBs have ever thrown even as many as his current 23 in a season in Chicago boys and girls) and the Bears would be fighting for a wild card berth.

    In real estate it's "Location, location, location".

    In football it's "Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line".

    The Colts have played without major parts of their defense all season, but Peyton Manning's uniform is only laundered monthly because they are dedicated to keeping him upright.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Just look at these clips of Olsen, Al. Pictures speak louder than words. He is not playing professional football here .... it's skipping ropes and tea parties for Sindy and Barbie.


  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Speaking of the Colts...

    A great big "F.U." to Colts' Head Coach, Jim Caldwell.

    I WAS rooting for you guys to go 19-0 because, as opposed to Narcissus, I think Peyton Manning's a class act who also happens to do hilarious commercials and I'm tired of those poor sport '72 Dolphins rooting against anyone threatening their sacred cow, 17-0 mark led by ex-Jailbird and publicity hound, Mercury Morris.

    Now, I hope the Chargers TAKE YOUR PANTS DOWN in the playoffs.

    What you did Sunday was absolutely, positively, UNacceptable because...

    A) You owe it to the rest of the league to make an HONEST EFFORT when the team you're playing is dueling with SEVEN OTHER TEAMS for 2 playoff spots.

    B) You owe that same HONEST EFFEORT to your fans who pay good money in a CRAP economy to come see you play. You might as well have gone to mid-field in the middle of the 3rd quarter and given them the finger when you so obviously ran up the white flag. I applaud them for BOOING you and if I was a paying cutomer I'd be demanding a rebate for that performance.

    C) Spare me the "Well, we need to rest / protect our key guys...blah,blah,blah" pablum. That theory is bunk. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Tony Dungy took his foot off the gas once too and your guys couldn't get the engine restarted in time to prevent a playoff disaster. Weren't you paying attention?

    D) Manning, Reggie Wayne and basically the rest of your team wanted NO PART of what you did. While they have all been politcally correct about it with their "Coach knows best, yada, yada, yada" homilies to the press they have also made their true feelings known. Way to take a PISS on your OWN TEAM!

    E) CBS pays over ELEVEN FIGURES to televise your games. Yes, sonny, over a BILLION DOLLARS!!!! I realize that's chump change to a senator or congressman, but if I'm CBS I'm lining up at the rebate window as well.

    Shame on you, Jim Caldwell.

    And while I'm on a roll, SHAME on Roger Goodell, whose silence on this issue has been deafening!

    Roger, you should have been quietly passing this message to Mr. Caldwell:

    "This is the NFL, Jim.

    Not the NBA.

    Not the WWE.

    If you DARE to make a mockery of our game you'll wonder what FELL on you!"

    Damn! Where the hell is my blood pressure cup?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I could not agree with you more. The "honest competition" part really pisses me off.
    Sad, sad, sad.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    That decision cost them the Super Bowl.


    It deflated that team.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Now we don't know that yet. It could very well deflate that team, but we won't find out until Sunday. If they come out flat, then yeah. I'd have to agree with you. I've always believed you have to BUST into the postseason...destroy the Week 17 opponent and hit the playoffs on the run.

    Jim Caldwell may have cost his team their mojo. But maybe not. It's up to the players to come together and overcome a bad coaching decision.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Irish, nice posts. Classic. You 'speak gud American' for an Irishman sir.

    You guys know where I stand on Olsen. Guy has been thrown to more than friggin Mike Piazza... he damn well better have a shitload of catches and SHOULD have many more TDs than 7! In fact, if Jay didn't try to force about 50 throws into him he probably would have had 5-10 fewer INTs, and Bennett (who always seemed to be WIDE open in those situations) would have saved some games for us (ATL, GB, Philly, etc...)

    The net Al is that he's just not that good at doing what TEs are supposed to do, block first, catch second. He's not a WR. And I'm not making a 'tough guy' call one way or another, I'm looking at blocking skills and catches, that's it. I would much rather have KD or Dezzy in there, because if Jay threw to them as much as he does Go, I bet they

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    i think Olsen showed some toughness this year. he took some huge hits on some of those catches and got right back into the mix. he runs WR type routes a little better than a rough and tough TE type game that others play. let's use his skill sets. slants and drag patterns instead of him trying to muscle around with LB's and settle patterns that Turner loves to run.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Those 3 TDs put the Bears back in that game but Ed hochuli and his crew of bandit zebras had decided it was over and that Bear receivers were not worthy of the 3, blantant P.I. fouls they chose to ignore.

    I respect your take, Irish, but we'll just have to agree to disagree on Olson.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Blood pressure 'cuff' is what I think you meant, Al. I always love your posts but feel like these last few have been spot-on. I'm not giving up on GO just yet. There's good reason for him being a popular target.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Albert, Let me start off by saying that I agree with you concerning the O-line, however I highly disagree with you concerning your props to our Passing game. As far as I'm concerned almost all our passing stats are bunk because they were compiled during garbage time or when we were so in desperation mode trying to play catch up and had abandoned the run. What I hate is that this team has had no balance strickly because the O-line has been an utter failure this season with the exception of Monday nights game. What everyone I think is upset over is the fact that the Bears mismanaged the O-line roster all year. Trading for Pace was a huge error due to the fact it gave the coaching staff a false sense of security going into the season. Our frustration is that overall Olsen and the WR's have not been in sync with Cutler and the amount of poor execution relating to finishing routes.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Please, Please, Please pay attention. Lovehead "will be our head coach next year". To suggest anything different is not being realistic and is a total waste of ink. This does not mean we have to like it.

    Word on the street is that Cowher is seriously considering the Buffalo job. As fans, we have done our job by voicing our concerns and I get a genuine sense that the organization is finally hearing us. I think the veil of ignorance has been lifted and Lovie and JA are starting to smell the coffee brewing in Bear Fandom. Having said that, I think we will definitely start seeing some positive changes with our starting lineup.

    These guys are now fighting for their jobs which is a good thing.

    Next year I think we will definitely see a huge improvement as far as wins and losses are concerned.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Based on a post in this thread, I checked out The Daily Norseman - a very good Viking blog. Found it intresting to see what their fans had to say. Easy to forget, but they haev suffered in many ways worse than us. Sure, they've been successful, but never a SB winner. And that's what it's all for. I read comments from fans that remember the four SB defeats and then never getting back for all this time.

    A lot of complaining about the refs but actually one reasonable person pointing out that the hit at the sideline was legal, that there is no excuse for AP fumbling even if the facemask was pulled, and that Favre could/should have been called fro delay of game for spiking the ball.

    And they are REAL upset about Childress (who they call Mr. Noodle) being given an extension based only on Favre being so good. They point out they are 1-3 since then - and this whole controversy came after that. In other words - it sounds like Chilly saying "Trust Me, I'm the Head Coach" as the team slowly sinks.

    Good stuff - misery loves company.

    By the way - that Minny guy saying Childress is a good coach - still think so?

  • In reply to BillW:


    Mister Noodle!!!!



  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Mike V's response is the reason I asked the question. I think Lovie will be back. Its not that I want him back, but I think he'll be back.

    Turner and the O coaches -- gone. Who do we bring in?

    Also, if next year is uncapped, wave goodbye to any FA signings.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Great game last night. Thought we'd lose for sure when it went into OT. I'm not trying to defend Lovie but by all accounts Steltz and Bullocks royally suck. Did anyone notice any drop off from Payne, Manning or Alfalava? I didn't. To me that says JA has given us crap for Safety's for the last 3 years and tried to pass it off as good young talent. Oh well. Glad we beat the BiQueens. Haven't noticed any trolls today. Just like I posted yesterday, lots of noise when they're winning, invisible when they aren't. I hope those douchebags are one and done in the playoffs. Other than the Saints, I think I could actually pull for the FudgePackers in the playoffs. At least their fans aren't a bunch front running turd burglars.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    This is the same team that didn't see talent in Chris Harris or Brandon McGowan. Both are starting safeties on other teams. It is hard to understand where the problem is talent or coaching. You have to find the strength of players and use them based on that so many other teams are able to get more out of players. The Bears staff regresses any talent.

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Gotta agree but McGowan could never stay healthy and when we had Harris he routinely took bad angles and was the trailer on plays. He finally figured out the NFL is way faster than college ball but he was in Carolina by then.

    Not to defend this staff but they did develop Orton to the point where he was good enough to get traded.

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    I was on ESPN's NFL North site today and it's great reading all the douchebag fans' sour grapes and whiny-ass complaints. They were crying about Peanut's PI early in the game (it was) and Bowman's facemask penalty on AP's fumble (marginal). What they didn't talk about were the PI penalties that weren't called against them. Also, Favre getting away with grounding a couple of times and the one cheapshot by Kevin Williams. The Bears got called for a false start and he chipped Cutler. I can't remember anyone on the Bears ever getting away with that one. Oh well. I learned a long time ago that the refs may kill you on a couple of plays but they are rarely responsible for the team losing.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    CB...It's becuase their FU!@$#!$ING King FARVE lost
    BOO FU@!#$!@$#ING WHO

    So sick and tired of how he can walk on water...he's an ASSMUNCH in my book..So when their King loses they all wine like little trolls..shit I think I'm going to PUKE!!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    whine not wine..Shit!! where is that F7 tab when you need it.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Best line from "About Last Night"

    Yeah. Ring this bell and it'll play Jingle Bells.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    The game last night was a prime example of a 'spirited win'. The Bears got the 'spirit' from multiple sources. And it snowballed into a win. The first source was the D-line. Tommie and Co. gave up nadda on the early GB drives. The second source was LT Williams whose quick feet and huge size kept that Minny DE hillbilly off balance all night. The snowball got bigger when DA's tall fast ass got way up and snagged that Jay Cutler pass that sailed high over the middle. The snowball of positive vibes after that catch was too big to ignore. It fired up the whole team!

    Lovie Smith being slow to adjust is why we had to wait until GAME FIFTEEN to see this snowball grow. All the things that happened for the first time Monday night, could have happened BEFORE we were eliminated from the playoffs if Lovie could just adjust his thinking quicker. We all saw Pace get abused by quick DE's all season. We all know neither Knox nor Hester even sniff that ball DA snagged last night. That LG Oh-mi-gosh or whatever his name is sucked early! We would have made changes. Lovie didn't make any. Not until forced too by injury or playoff elimination. He needs to be held account able for this ruined season. A metaphorical public flogging is in order. Either fire him or humiliate him by firing his inept cronies and making him accept a new staff.

    Lovie is probably a good man, to those that know him, but I can't stand the sight of him anymore. Just like Rex. Their faces remind me of bad times with the Bears. Maybe if he was humbled by his bosses and got us to the 2nd rd. of the playoffs next year I could forgive him.

    Bear Down!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Williams handled Allen well all right, but man of the match on offense has to be Shabba-dabba-doo. I mean, he was our offense - he dropped a 25 yarder that would have been a 175 yard day, 1 TD. Not bad. While Olsen was trying very hard to balls everything up again ... Shabba was getting open and running by people and catching the ball. Then on defense you've got Izzy. A strip and a blocked XP. Crucial contributions. Twice.

    Favre and Rice on the fourth down score ? It was an identical play to the third down pass ! Different receiver. D should have smelled that out....

    Crucify the defense for giving up 30 points in the second half if you want, Jeff, but we shut them out in the first. This is one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL that came in to one of the worst defenses (26th against the run!). The Vikings have a QB, RB and WR (Rice) who are most likely pro bowlers this year (haven't seen the selections yet). We faced them missing two starting linebackers, a startin DE (Wale) and our starting DT (Dusty) and then eventually Peanut. Steltz made his first start. I'd say we did pretty good all things considered.

    Random thoughts in the wake ...

    Way to handle your critics Lovie. But kicking FGs on second down and not taking shots at the endzone when your QB/WR are hot ...

    How did none of the trolls ever latch on to 'Gay Cutler' as a putdown. I'd be all over that if I was a Packer fan. Never seen it on any posts anywhere. How can you miss that ?

    Tommie .... who dat ? Dat you boy ?

    Congrats to Jay Christopher Cutler for validating our collective man crush on him. Orton could hear the zing on those passes from a Mile high up in Denver. And here's maybe what contributed to Cutler's mental decline this year. He read his own press and believed it. His interceptions in the Green Bay game week one were cocky interceptions, a confident gunslinger pushing the envelope against the old foe - a Bear fan himself growing up, he KNEW he had to beat GB. It's expected. The knives had been sharpened since April. And then he threw 4 picks. Then the articles (written in April?) started. Cutler must have read - and believed - the articles of doubt. Public admonition from peers. Comments by people who should know better. Martz, Mora, Dungy. Urlacher. Riduiculed for being immature and whiny and blameful of his team-mates - all completely untrue accusations - he was always the first to adopt all blame there was to absorb, even whn it wasn't his fault. Last night was his redemption on national television. Favre was 5-0 against the Bears on MNF, no one except the coach and few of us die-hards could smell victory in this one. With a ccouple of TDs next week agaisnt Detroit his TD/INT differential should even up, same as Favre's last year. Good for you Jay.

    Anyone see Turner last night when the camera takes him by surprise ? Camera cuts to Turner up in his box.. He's sitting slumped forward, looking forlornly into the distance, chin supported by a limp wrist. He looked like a man with problems. Big problems. Then he must have seen himself on a big screen and he suddenly sits upright and pretends to be studying his notes intently - like a lazy secretary when their boss has just walked into the office. Absolutely priceless !

    Gruden said of Lovie that he does an excellent job of disguising coverages e.g. the moves from 8 man fronts last night back to cover two etc. He hasn't been watching has he ? He also highlighted Bennett's TD - "the skinny post is all about timing and is unstoppable ... Sid Gillman ... Don Coryell ... you cannot stop the skinny post." Might have dialled that one up a few more times during the season Ron, Cutler's timing with Bennett has already been in place for years.

    Izzy Idonije - Defensive MVP. Your table is ready Sir. Crucial strip. Crucial blocked XP. A starting position is long overdue.

    Olsen cost us 8 points. He caught one in the endzone. Meh.

    Chris Williams comes of age. Welcome to the Chicago Bears.

    Is there a better prowler of the back line of the endzone than Dez Clarke ? Does he score any other way than tiptoeing along that thing ?

    Hunter Hillenmeyer - we'll see if we can get you a table, but we're not promising anything. You didn't disgrace the position for the first time this season. You might yet prove to be a capable backup for Brian if you get in the gym sometime. But we need to draft a new Brian.

    It must have been amazing to have been in Soldier Field last night. :22 remaining, and the whole stadium resonates in unison "Let's go Bears ! Let's go Bears!". Anyone know when that happened last ?

    Don't bust a vein worrying about why we didn't play like this all year, be thankful that the rebuilding won't take as long as we thought it might. Still need to trade some dead weight for picks though, hope Peanut's all right ....

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    We will not know how much dead weight we have until we know who are new staff is, and what system they want to run. We have the LB Corps (with a healthy Pisa (need to resign, I think) and BU back) to run a 3-4 D.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Looking at the list of Pro Bowl selections, there are two guards available in FA : Logan Mankins & Jahri Evans. If you innisit on hanging aroud Jerry, go fetch. Both of them while you're at it.

    Two of the veteran safeties he didn't think worth bringing in, Sharper and Dawkins, both have Pro Bowl years. Quelle surprise.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    David Haugh voiced everything that I have felt all season. Chucky is a clown. He stated that Tommie Harris was playing this year like the best ever guy anywhere. Come on do some homework! And yea as previously mentioned. Come on Jaws, 23 of 25 int's Jay's fault, if he was going to say that then he should have done a count on Jay's "almost" int's too so he could be even more negative on a fellow QB. Wow! If it hadn't been for Brett Faverah's dick in their mouth maybe you would have been able to hear someone talk about how many "almost" int's that he threw, a couple that would have even ended the game prior to going to overtime. Again, wow!

    There were some great things to see in that game, there were also some really unpleasant things too.

    -Get off the fucking field in 3rd and long situations. Especially 3rd and really long!
    -DA should have been on the field at the least sprinkled in since day one against the Packers and if not there, by game 6 or 7. WTF!
    -Our D allowed 30 in the second half.
    -We need to see more of K. Bell, I am sure he is the second coming of Mike Alstott given the chance on the field.
    -I still think that change needs to come badly and I hope the wool isn't pulled over their eyes or ours either.

    And hey Max, you ready for this week? It was a tuff road to get this far, but man at least we have enjoyed the FF during this awful Bears season.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Izzy I's blocked PAT won the game.

    Otherwise, Farve's heroics win that game 31-30. Simple as that. When he blocked that PAT, I was like "that will be important". And it was. It won the game for them.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I did see that Ron Turner doubletake. Classic!!!

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Cup, cuff..whatever.
    Surprisingly, my BP does not yet actually need regulating DESPITE spending the last 40+ autumns follwing the ups and downs (and downs)of the Chicago Bears!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    This time next week we will be wondering which of the many Rooney Rule induced interviewees will be named Da Coach.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


    I think a #3 IS a more realistic possibility.

    As for Olson, why? The Cards have 3 tight ends, led by ben Patrick, that they happily use to good effect.

    Plus, I'm not ready to discard Olson.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Olsen got namby pambied out of a TD pass in the endzone (again), though he called for pass interference. He's good at calling for pass interfeerence, i'll give him that. On another drive, he failed to go the hot route, didn't turn around and we sewttled for another field goal. Two crucial third downs and he faisl again. It's his self-destruct down and he's been doing it all season. Add to that the fact that he cannot block, and doesn't attempt to sometimes and you have to wonder, how many years grace does he get ? He's not a rookie. Yet he hasn't got the rudimentary fundamentals of blocking down yet. Pass. We need draft picks not ballast.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    NY, that's exactly the issue. You hit the nail on the head. We never bring in coaches with real talent and a proven resume for driving success... rather the McCeapskys would rather get the best bargain they can and watch their grand pappy

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    In this order, I'm rooting for these NFC playoff teams -
    Anyone except the Vikings

    Why GB? Because Favre acted like a jerk to the team even though the Packers made the right move in letting him go and playing Rodgers. If Philly or NO can't win it, I'd rather see GB than Arizona or Dallas. But I'd rather see ANYONE except the Favre in that game.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Canada, hold your tongue sir. I will be pulling for the Eagles (my usual 'pick' team) and the saints since I like Brees and Payton and Sharper... and they deserve some love.

    But I will assuredly look for GB to lose gracefully in game one

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    Not only did we beat the Queens, but everybody except the blind announcers saw them do it in spite of Smith and Turner who did their best to blow it. It was a good birthday after all!
    The only question left is Angelo, and watching yesterday, I don't think it's the talent he's getting that's the problem. It's that they regress under Lovie, and neither he nor Turner can call the right play to save their lives.

  • In reply to ImissButkus:

    We played so well last night that I am still excited about it. If we can obtain a few linemen and d-backs we will be just fine next year. I run a sports blog, and I did a running diary last night during the game, check it out


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB30SB....ooooooohhhhhh!!!??? thats an interesting angle.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I've been a loyal reader of this blog and comments since right before the trade for cutty this year, and Jeff i must commend you on the excellent writing.

    Been a bears fan since i was 4 years old and now at the ripe age of 27 got to attend Soldier for the first time this year. First the Steelers game, and then last nights piece of magic.

    I've waited the whole year to comment on this team, and they havent failed yet to drive me absoloutely insane and still have me completely in love. I hold them in the same place in my heart as my wife.

    Last nights game for me just makes me wonder where this team was all year?
    All we heard from training camp was how much JC loved DA and we waited until week 14 in the season to actually start him?
    This staff MUST go.
    Where was this dominant defensive line?
    Where was ANY offensive line, let alone one that looked respectable enough to stop that hillbilly beast Allen?
    Gould misses a kick in overtime,and they actually have it in them to bring the vikings to a 3 and out?
    Bubble Screen - it was still there last night.
    Was that Rashied Davis actually making a catch? WITH HIS HANDS?!?
    Olsen is going to stay around, and he is going to get better.
    D.A is a legit #2 wide reciever next year, with Boldin being number 1.
    If we sign Boldin, our offense is going to be scary.
    When did Tommie Harris decide to stop playing like TAMMIE Harris?

    I love to be optimistic everyone, but our Bears are still 2-3 years from being a legit contender.
    Im not going to give up on them, but Lovie will probably be back and dig us in a bigger hole next year.

  • In reply to pizzatime7:

    pizza...welcome to insane asylm and watching us all bleed Navy Blue and Burnt Orange and cussing this coaching staff and the CLUSTER FU!@$!@#$ that they do!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think I saw somebody say this earlier, but I've got to give props to an continually unsung hero on the Bears Defense.


    This guy almost never starts, but he is a GREAT backup. Whenever he is on the field good things happen. I honestly believe he is the best Defenisve Lineman the Bears have. He's versitile and he gets sacks and stuffs.

    His blocked PAT unwittingly saved the day for the Chicago Bears. If they made that single point, then Narcissus and the Viqeens go home winners.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost, great take on blocked XP. Was thinking that myself this morning. That really was HUGE. Overall the whole team played great and for the first time all year I was pleased with all aspects of the game and outcome.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Anyone notice that Brad Palmer predicted a Bear's victory - and his reasoning was quite sound (primarily that the Vikings are very ordinary on grass and in the cold.

    (That is, if you can call that stuff at Soldier Field grass.)

  • In reply to BillW:

    Brad Palmer (The Professor on ChicagoNow) has been dead on all year. He's been around forever, and along with Hub Arkush form a fantastic knowledge base about the Chicago Bears. Give the Prof some love on his blog site and maybe he'll be around next year!!!

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost - great callout for Izzy. A very under-appreciated Bear that plays his heart out every snap in my opinion.

    Can't say the Bears woudl have lost without the block though. They would have gone for two on one of the TDs and I'm sure RT has some GREAT 2-point conversaion plays.

    Oh wait - they WOULD have lost!

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Ghost.. Right On..

    This idea was posted earlier and that is this coaching staff has no idea about talent and how to use it.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    He also gives a great interview.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Urhlacher for Boldin AND a #2, Reality?

    I can hear the Cardinals laughing from here.

    You couldn't get Boldin STRAIGHT UP for the declining #54.

    Brian's trade value at this point is minimal.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    we might be able to get a 3rd round pick for him [bu].

    i'm in favor of trading olsen and tommie.

    lemme back up a bit. i would love to keep tommie as long as he shows up like he did last night. lovie make sure of this, obviously. so if a tough coach is brought in that can put him in his place and get him to show up, then i definitely want him staying. if lovie is here next year, or we bring in a coach that cannot get him playing, tommie needs to go and we need picks in 2010 for him.

    as for olsen, there's still a fair amount of hype around him. he's one of the bigger names in the league despite the fact that he's never really put up good numbers. jermichael finley and brent celek both have better stats than him, and this is olsens best year by far. watching him, he seems to quit on routes a bit, and definitely does not like getting hit. if we could get a second round pick for him, or trade him for boldin [bad deal for them, i know], i would take it in a heartbeat. then get a tight end in the 2011 draft once desmond is 50 years old. or if kevin brock pans out [exact same size as greg olsen] maybe we don't need another TE in 2011. who knows, but it's my feeling right now that his production isn't living up to his name, and a lot of people know and respect his name. might be a ripe trade.

  • In reply to Sausage:

    In Greg's defense, only idiots like getting hit.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Albert, I agree completely and thats why I say trade him now or we will be stuck with him as he continues to decline. Patriots have a ton of 1 and 2nd round picks and they could use a LB. The Bears are known for keeping people past their prime and this will probably be the case again. Even if Urlacher was healthy this year, I dont see how it wouldve changed them into a playoff team. Still too many turnovers and poor coaching decisions. Maybe an extra win, thats about it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Can't go back on what I posted yesterday. I did want them to lose. Lovie is back - I'm sure. Maybe even RT. We all know how inflated these guys get over s strong performance like this.

    It proved that the coachign staff is inept - and yet it will be used to show what they are all CAPABLE of doing. And that will be enough for the McCaskeys.

    I've seen this movie too many times. A loss to the Vikings was a necessary and sufficient final nail in the coffin. Now - it's a sufficient reason to keep them on.

    What feesl so good now will not feel very good the week of 1/4/2010 when JA says somethign like "why should I have a press conference to announce that the head coach - under contract - is still the head coach?"

  • In reply to BillW:

    BillW..felt this way on the previous thread and now this one too. I am know that we are all afraid of this also.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    If the result is that Turner is kept, I would rather we lost 100-0.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Here's a question I haven't seen addressed....
    Don't most teams have a buy out clause on long term contracts with their coaches? Is the Eleven mil the buyout on Lovie or is that what he would make if he were to coach the next two years? I know this is the Bears management we're talking about, but I'm just wondering.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    Realitycheck, you need one, man. So we trade Urlacher for maybe a second rounder, and our middle linebacker - the defining position on the Chicago Bears, the touchstone for our team... is .....? Hunter Hillenmeyer ? And his backup would then be ... ? You see our point ? Brian would have been an animal for us this year with all that extra size and muscle and his back feeling better ...

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    i'm sorry guys but we can't give HH a pass for his performances this year just because he had a good game. He consistently underperforms and makes no impact. he is not a consistent NFL linebacker. If we are going to hold people accountable like Lovie, Angelo and Turner and say that they can't keep their jobs because of one game then we have to be honest with ourselves about Hillenmeyer. That guy has been killing us for years and we keep letting him play. Steltz also does not belong on the football field in the NFL. He is the white Bullocks. I applaud HH's heart but this is not a summer camp confidence building exercise, it's the NFL and i want badass, aggressive, consistent linebackers.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I don't "hate" HH, but last nights good performance aside (and yes, he made a fantastic strip of AP), he is not starting quality MLB material. He IS, IMHO, a great plug-in at any of the three LB spots at this point in his career. I'd rather see Jamar Williams at SAM next year, with HH coming off the bench - OR if we switch to a 3-4. I think he's rangy enough that he'd be effective as a 3-4 OLB.
    Steltz is a gamer, but we're in trouble when he's starting at Safety. Bullocks isn't even a gamer. Anyone else enjoy his whiffed tackle in the 4th quarter of Greg Lewis? That's another one for the JB highlight reel.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    HH is a capable backup i guess but i'm thinking 3rd string. Pisa, Briggs, Urlacher, Jamar, Roach and Cato would be my LB corps. Believe me, Cato is the real deal and i hope we keep him.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    HH is a crazy overachiever. Simple as that. He's a great college linebacker playing his heart out, getting every last drop out of his talent.

    But he doesn't have enough physical talent.

    index: see Chris Speilman

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Too late, he got cut to make room for another OL, I believe.

  • In reply to hollywood1:


  • In reply to hollywood1:

    it's hard to give Olsen a pass. Of the 7 TDs, 3 of those were in a blowout loss. The rest were spread over quite a few games where he'd have like two catches and one would be a TD. He was targeted 14 times inone game by Olsen and came up with the ball twice. His actual contribution to games was minimal and in fact detracted from our ability to keep drives going, his drops - especially on third down - killed us all year long. He was Cutler's best buddy and Cutler kept going to him, to his detriment.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Agreed, although the day after I complained about him he decided to show up.

  • In reply to RealityCheck:

    Just saw that we may actually see Juaquin Iglesias on the field vs. the Lions, with Jackass and Hester both likely out.
    I sure as hell hope he doesn't drop any passes or I have trouble believing he'll see light of day for another full season.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    If that isn't intentional grounding I don't know what is, he was in the grasp and then basically drops the ball forward intentionally. Pathetic. But we won. yay !

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    David Haugh: this morning

    Intersting Article

    Two things come to mind with the pic and then the article:

    1. Did LDL see himself on the Jumbotron and get excited that he could jump that high and have excitement for a reaction like that?

    2. I hope this is true in the respect that LDL must go just for the simple reason your shit when it comes to understanding the talent you have and how to use it.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Williams: agreed. 2 weeks ago he was manhandled by Packer rookie Jarius Wynn, and I thought, "we've gotta watch Williams get burned by this guy twice a season for the next 10 years?"

    Steltz - who knew?

    Hillenmeyer - wasn't fast enough to cut AP off at the corner but what a great recovery and punch-out

    Back-to-back sacks in OT? What team was that?

    And did Cutler throw some pretty balls or what? The OT TD was money. And the way he stands his ground and throws over and around oncoming rushers while seeing right through them.

    The play action bootleg where Cutler faked with his left hand, transferred the ball to his right, with his back to the line and while rolling to his right and transferring the ball to his right hand - that was a well-designed play fake which I'd never seen before, especially by a Bear QB. RT has to get creativity points for that one. And for calling more roll outs. Cutler was one INT away from a faultless game.

    The protection, the pass rush - the lines were so solid I kept rubbing my eyes.

    Great win. I hope it doesn't validate Lovie for 2010. But it was refreshing to see the team play with passion. Hope Peanut and Knox bounce back. They may as well sit out the last game anyway, since their health for next year is more important.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    The pic also reminds me of Steve Martin in "The Jerk' yelling

    The new phone book is here!! The new phone book is here!!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Could you believe he was helping him put his uniform back on? What the hell was that?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    not to send the site into an uproar, but what do people here want to see happen if Lovie is here next year?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    NFL Replay is showing the game tonight at 8:30 CST...just for all interested parties.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Sighting! Poolboy was on the field. He's not lost on Lake Michigan after all. Oh, and call off the search for Tommie Harris. Where's that swagger been all year Thomas? Hope Peanut is not hurt too seriously. They had a breathing mask on him as he was wheeled off the field. True Warrior....

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Wow, what a game! I haven't felt this good about a Bears football game since the NFC Championship. Don't get me wrong, there are still a daunting amount of kinks to work out, but last night, for a brief moment, we Bears fans saw what kind of talent is at certain position on that football field.

    Game Ball: Chris Williams & Devin Aromashadu. Williams had a GREAT game, possibly the greatest football game that kid has ever played...Jr. High, High School, College, and Pros. So did D.A. Last night was yet again verification that the Devin Hester Wide Out Experiment should come to a close. He should be put in on slot plays and the like, but I think he would benefit this organization as the fulltime punt/kick returner.

    I love Jay Cutler. He may have 26 INTs, but he's going to be a great great leader for the Chicago Bears: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/12/29/cutlers-big-night-might-have-included-a-middle-finger/

    I love the vinegar this guy has! His attitude and his unjustly maligned leadership ability.

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