Who's Safe?


QB - Jay Cutler

RB - Matt Forte

WR - Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett

TE - Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark, Kellen Davis

OL - Chris Williams, Josh Beekman

Notes - Orlando Pace is incapable of protecting the blindside at his age.  Roberto Garza and Olin Kretuz are serviceable players but also easily upgraded.  The offensive line - as a whole - needs to be the focus of management during what will be a long offseason.



DL - Alex Brown, Israel Idonije, Gaines Adams

LB - Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, Pisa Tinoisamoa

CB - Charles Tillman

Safety - No one

Notes - This unit needs serious attention and it needs serious improvement.  The Bears can not enter the 2010 season without a capable player at the safety position and they must find a way to generate a pass rush from the front four if they're going to stay in this defensive system.

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  • To me this is the stongest case for mass changes. I mean look at this list! The Bears have holes on every level of the team and it seems to me it'll be hard for a one year turnaround with this coaching staff. Might as well start over with a new direction.
    Great interview with Troy Aikman this morning on 670 the score. He is very subtle but I think he makes the case that the Bears don't have the playmakers on the outside and haven't fit their offense to fit Cutler. However he doesn't really excuse Jay from his mistakes either: http://www.670thescore.com/mully-and-hanley-interviews/3596918

  • Could be exciting: http://www.chicagobreakingsports.com/2009/11/nfl-network-source-says-bears-texans-would-excite-cowher.html

  • I'd add a couple more to the Safe list (and Al, don't tease me about Cowher coming here next here...it's going to be brutal if it's another season of Lovie Dovie as is):
    CB - Zack Bowman (really liked the pick vs. the Eagles; that was a veteran play)
    QB - Caleb Hanie (they've invested too much time in him as a backup - not that anyone actually wants to see him taking snaps)
    DL - Anthony Adams (signed through 2010, plays any position they want, has a motor)

    I think we may be shipping one of our TEs out for tradebait once the offseason hits, and while I wish it was Olsen, I think it will be KD b/c GO and Cutler are BFFs. And I imagine that Shaffer will either be starting at RT next year or our plugin guy at both tackle spots. I don't think they're going to let him go anywhere.

    I think the first thing we should do is sit Pace, move Williams to LT where he will play the rest of his career, start Frank the Tank at RT where he belongs, put Shaffer in at RG and leave Beekman at LG. Olin isn't going anywhere until he decides its time, for right or wrong.

  • The Bears should also keep a few more of their DB's. The unit has not been good this year, but all the players are young. We have to keep Bowman, and probably Manning and Graham also. They are all young players and it's a rebuilding unit. Give them time to develop, like the receivers. The Bears have been too impatient in this area, so we are constantly rebuilding every other year. I think the Bears have some decent DB's, but there is no pass rush, AND NO AGGRESSIVENESS ON DEFENSE! Creativity regarding this coaching staff is NON-EXISTANT!

  • I'm not saying that other players won't be around...etc. I'm saying those guys are above will be on this roster next year, without question.

  • Goods, Bads and Uglies:

    After watching the game a second time yesterday having gone through this season's usual post game depression from another "shoulda-won" game. I've come up with this:


    -Peanut and Briggs looked great and the overall D made lot's of plays at key times.
    - Cutler wasnt so bad last night, he's a little gun shy right now with all the INT's and the running for his life in the framework of Ron's sterile offensive scheme and telegraphed play calling.
    - Kahlil Bell reminds me a lot of Mike Alstot. Why hasnt this guy been given a chance by now when we've had RB problems since like game 2-3 this season?


    - The D as well as it did still allowed the two key plays that provided TD's for the Sean Brothers. Especially the 10 yard TD run at the end of the game.
    - Ron Turners predictability.
    - Olson's not making the TD that touched his fingers, they kept saying that was Jay's fault, to me that one was on Olson.


    - The O line.
    - The missed sure TD's
    - Hester's ass
    - Blocked field goal
    - Penalties
    - D is guaranteed to allow 3rd and long always. Our 3rd down efficiency vs theirs 3/16 7/15. That alone.

    Solutions (don't really know how, just what):

    Ron Turner
    New talent scouts
    The whole team is playing tight and not having fun anymore, look at Minnesota, they are having a ball and it's making me even more sick.

    Obviously they can't evaluate talent when a guy like Kahlil is on your practice squad and you never have given him a shot yet. This guy needs to be on the field.

    Does anybody really think there is a chance for a new coaching staff next season. Maybe after the embarrasment we are going to face next week?

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Yes, Cutler was bad last night. Very bad. I want him to succeed as we all do. When he sucks though, we need to call him on it. Better days may be ahead for him, but Sunday's performance was a stinker.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I agree with Jeff about the OLINE. This needs to be priority number one in the offseason. We don't even need a great line...just one that is consistent enough to give our qb a fighting chance and our running backs some holes once and a while. Oh, and how about a line that doesn't get flagged for false starts off of a time out or at the worst possible times imaginable...that would be nice.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    This sounds like an excellent Christmas list.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    From what I read in that article Shon, she's the voice of truth and reason. I agree 100% with her pretty much all of her perspectives. They are a little painful to read, but that's because they ring so true.

    We all know what Cutler CAN be, but whether we all admit it or not we're all worried about what he's become this season.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Word MB. I like Isaacson, she talks sense and she doesn't blow smoke up your ass like say a Morrissey who should f**k off and just write about baseball.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Glad someone mentioned the one true untouchable on the Bears, their best player. Robbie Gould.

  • Who the hell is she??? WTF?!?


  • In reply to shonbear:

    Damn. Wish she would tell us what she really thinks....

  • Whither Robbie Gould?!?!?!

  • Shonbear - Cutler over threw 4 receivers by a combined distance of about 20 yards. They were the most wildly overthrown passes I've EVER seen. Three were easy TDs. Any one of them connecting and we had the win. Olsen should have made more of an effort on his, diving catch Greg ? Bennett DEFINITELY should have caught his - but you could see it on Knox and Hester's face for theirs, they were gone, as open as could be. So yes, Cutler was bad last night, mostly. There is a reason McNabb had a word in his ear. Nuff said.

    Players I'd keep:

    Offense :

    Cutler, Bell, Forte, K. Davis - solely for the 6'7ness, Knox.

    Defense :

    Alex Brown, TH - even at 80%, Briggs, Tillman

    Special teams : Shaw, AP, Devin Hester. And solid Gould.

    That's 13 dudes off the roster. Unlucky. Marinelli can stay, but everyone else, including the pitch, can f*ck off. Notable absences ? Everyone on the OL. Apart from the obvious tools (Kreutz, Pace, Williams), Beekman blocks NOBODY on screens. He blocks fresh air. Hit someone fatboy, anyone. Garza gets a pass, but he's too average-mean-normal-old to take with. Now how in the name of snoopy do you rebuild that team with no picks and the McCaskey's purse strings? Answers on a postcard please to Jeff's blog.

  • In fact the more I think about it Cutler had a terrible game. His mechanics were mostly non existent. I lost count of the number of passes he threw off his back foot, staring receivers down, the margin of error on the overthrows to Hester and Knox in particular.

    Classy of McNabb to have a word with him ....

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