Time to Move On

I had a dream last night that I was attending some kind of sports charity event at Radio City Music Hall and Jerry Angelo was giving a speech.  During the speech, they showed headlines of his accomplishments on the monitors throughout the place.  When he mentioned his "friend" Lovie Smith, I stood up and started booing. 

I'm telling you this because it's important to verbalize - even if only over the magic box - one's own levels of dementia.  And also because after a lengthy conversation with a particular New York City bar owner last night, I came to a conclusion. I think I want everyone fired.

That means Ted Phillips.  Jerry Angelo.  Lovie Smith.  Ron Turner.  The guy who parks the cars at Soldier Field.  I want them all fired.  Because I'm beginning to think that the 2010 Chicago Bears are not going to be better than the 2007-2009 Bears.  They have plummeted from the heights of a Super Bowl run into an organizational funk that has led to shoddy play-calling, mistakes on both sides of the ball and blown victories late.  They lack confidence and fire - which can be easily linked to their bland-faced, fireless head coach.

All that and worse.  The Bears are now something they should never be with the amount of talent on their roster.  They're terrible.  That's right, kids.  They're awful.  They seem to select a different thing to be awful at each week but they are awful nevertheless.  They could enter into the 2010 season with the same regime, instituting a playoffs-or-bust mandate and reading Haugh's weekly hot seat updates but what's the point? 

The coaches are available now.  The real deal coaches who can stabilize an organization's sideline and front office.  Mike Holmgren.  Mike Shanahan.  Possibly Jeff Fisher (my dream coach for over a decade).  Hell, even Super Bowl winners like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. (I'd be willing to take Gruden if only to get him out of the Monday Night Football booth.)  Guys who will relish the opportunity of coming to a team with this kind of history and fans, this core of offensive talent and a supremely gifted quarterback.  Holmgren made Favre a real football player.  Shanahan loves Cutler.  Fisher, though injured at the time, was a member of the 1985 club.  If the Bears play the waiting game with their leadership, they'll end up with a second-tier assistant next year.  How many more decades of that can we really handle?

It is time to move on for the Chicago Bears.  Maybe they don't realize it yet but I think there are a couple ballgames against Minnesota and one against Philadelphia that might prove the point.  Move on.  And save the 2010 season from becoming an ugly repeat episode of 2009.   


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  • You are likely right, it is time to move on. As someone who wanted Lovie brought in as Bears coach immediately as early as following the fluky 13-3 2001 season, the last couple years have been a huge disappointment for me. For me, the failure is due more to a lack of talent on the roster than it is due to coaching or play calling. The lines on both sides of the ball are inadequate. The offensive line is mostly old while the defensive line only shows up when playing against other weak offensive lines. It is extremely difficult to overcome that in the NFL without loads of Pro Bowl talent elsewhere. The Bears just don't have the quantity or quality to do so. There are some very good players on this team. Again, there just aren't enough of them and they are not good enough. Angelo's had more than enough time to make this team into a consistent winner. Instead, it appears the team is just holding steady at the level of mediocrity established by Wandstadt 15 years ago. That's just good enough to contend for a playoff spot up to the final week of the season each year.

  • I only have two things to say....


    & Fire Ron Turners Dumbs Ass.....

    the defense played better this week but it still wasnt good enough to win. Gore never should have never scored that TD.

    I wouldnt mind having Shanahan for our head coach.... I liked Ron Rivera for denfense. I would also take any coach who was apart of our great 1985 bears. Teach these kids what real football is all about!

  • Anybody see this?


    I agree 100%

    Get your head out of your ass & Take charge JC .....Be A Leader!

  • What's with this continued love for Ron Rivera? I tend to think coaching is vastly overrated in most cases, but, Rivera has loads of talent to work with in San Diego and they aren't exactly the best defense in the NFL.

  • In reply to snley:

    It is just that too many Bears fans think anyone associated with the 1985 Bears is great. Rivera, Singletary, whoever.

    The worst of it, of course, is Ditka.

    He did not do jack shit once Buddy Ryan left. The facts speak for themselves.

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    But don't forget that Buddy Ryan wasn't that great when he got to coach his own team in Arizona.

    The combination of Ditka+Ryan + ridiculous amount of talent made the Bears great.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    and of course Ryan coached Randall Cunnigham in Philadelphia.

    Ryan's career record as head coach: 55-55-1

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Yeah, except that the Bears defense got better under Vince Tobin. Fewer points and fewer yards allowed.

    Just because Ditka didn't win 4 Superbowls doesn't mean that he "wasted" the talent on the roster. When your starting QB spends half the time on the IR, and you have injuries at other positions, and you're transitioning from the greatest RB of all time to a successor, there's plenty of things to go wrong.

    Ditka does not walk on water, but I think he gets waaaay too much crap from people who think that anything short of a "dynasty" is an indictment of Ditka as a coach.

    And you know why people revere the 1985 Bears? Because they were more than just great athletes--they were (and are) smart, effective leaders. Leslie Frazier pretty much made Trinity's program, and is now the coordinator for one of the best defenses in the league. Rivera is no slouch as a coordinator, either. Fisher is consistently one of the best coaches in the league. Singletary is a leader, period.

    No one's saying "Hey, let's find Henry Waechter and see how good a head coach he'd be!" or "You know, even though Fridge is in a wheelchair, he'd be a great defensive line coach!"

    But guys who demonstrated exemplary leadership on and off the field (e.g., select members of the '85 team) and have strong ties to the Chicagoland area should be given a close look.

  • In reply to snley:

    I agree Jeff. I get JF is a good coach, but not that good (see his teams record this year). I know I've said this a few times before, but my belief is that Cower would be the perfect, proven coach for the bears. He's equal parts fire, teacher, system/dynasty builder and bigtime leader. And he coaches smashmouth football... which is what being a bear is all about. I'm all about Cower... can some one start the site WWW.cower4bears.com?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Excuse the typing... still trying to get used to my Droid

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Jim Harbaugh will be the HC of Da Bears in '10. Mark my words. If I am right, Jeff, can I get a weekly column?

  • I dont love ron i just want a consistent defense! I dont care who coaches just be consitent every week or get out of town!

  • If indeed the BT has decided to move on, and I am not sure they have not, now would be a wise choice to do so, if their next guy is available. Why not give our next HC a chance to evaluate the talent on the roster for the remaining 7 games? Of course this would mean that they would hire someone who is now currently not involved in coaching (Gruden, Shannahan, Schotenhiemer, Cower etc.), but if the decision is made to move on and they are looking at some up and coming talent, then they will wait on the Stanford season to finish, and hire Jim Harbaugh. They can pay him on the cheap for the two seasons that Lovie is still being paid...

    Ron Rivera is not the answer.

  • Just bringing in another coach is not the answer. There needs to be entirely new leadership.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Agreed...for all the stated reasons. But what Head Coach/GM worth his salt is going to work for the McCaskeys???

  • Alas, Jeff. Cogent points all. But if you think it's going to happen, you are STILL dreaming.

  • What is wrong with the 09 Bears?

    1. Discipline - Blown Judgment
    2. Discipline - Blown Assignments
    3. Discipline - Blown Opportunities

    Thinking back - these Bears are no different then the 07 and 08 Bears. (Remember Tillman in OT against Tampa last year). Lovie's time has come, because if you can not instill discipline - you can not lead men.

  • Lovie Smith peaked as a Defensive Coordinator on a team that scored 40 points a game. (St Louis Rams - aka the greatest show on turf...)

  • Jeff, I have a better idea and one I'm proud to state is THE ANSWER. The McCaskey family MUST be forced to sell this team asap for Bear fans to have any hopes about playing in future Super Bowls. This body rots from the head on down. Lovie,JA and all the other jackasses are body parts..no more..no less. Cut the head off and be done with it. Yo Virginia, time to cash in sweety. NFL moved past well run MOM&POP organizations awhile back(of which Bears are not one) Due to PC restrictions, The Lovie experiment is also now over. That's behind us so lets look for competent leadership starting with selling club to a company/business group that knows how to win at all costs. Chicago demands better as does the overall health of entire NFL.I'd personally like to take a 2x4 to Mike McCaskeys skull as he exits Halas Hall for the last time. His pockets lined with cash he married into the scum bag bastard. Chop the head off and move on. Dreams do come true Jeff...

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Jerseyflyer, I agree that new ownership, or at least leadership from the owner's box, is needed. However, I have to correct a couple things for you. One, two of the currently most successful organizations in the NFL, the Giants and Steelers, are "mom and pop" organizations that, like the Bears, are owned by a family that has little business interests outside their NFL team. Two, Ed McCaskey was Virginia's husband. He had little influence on the on field product. Mike is their son. He's the scumbag who tried to prove his acumen by taking over the Bears in the 80s. You have to hand it to Virginia and Ed, few parents would have been willing to fire their own son. Let's just hope he doesn't have cart blanche when Virginia passes.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    How in the world are the problems we are now facing an ownership issue? Virginia ponied up for Cutler, Hester (when he held out), Harris, Urlacher (when he threatened to hold out), Tillman, Vasher, Briggs, and Lovie Smith (when he threatened to hold out, a strategy he did not come up with - it was his agent, who is a better strategist then his client, bye the way)...

    They have made mistakes with some of these guys, but those were not ownership mistakes, unless Virginia is now responsible for evaluating talent.

    The product that is taking the field needs new leadership, and the owners need to be willing to eat a contract, something they are not known to do. We have all witnessed how the ownership has evolved over the years, and I would not be surprised if the McCaskeys buy-out Lovie.

    By bringing in a new coach you bring in a new system, and yes Jeff, that is the answer, so long as it is the right coach and the right system.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Why the love for Fisher. His record as a HC is 135-114. He's winning at a whopping 53% clip. BFD. My first criteria for a new HC is that he has a history of winning everywhere he was previously and he brings a certain skill set to the party. If he has Chicago ties that's a bonus. If not, who cares as long as he's a winner.

  • As much as I agree with the McCaskeys getting out of the Bears organization, Mike McCaskey didn't marry into the money...he's Virgina and Ed's son, and GSH's grandson. He is a douche, though.

  • Les Frazier would be a good choice. Knows the queens and the North division, doesn't do the cover who, and is a young hungry coach. 85 Bear part of his resume could bring too much media grief...but what doesn't these days.

  • Guess I messed up on Hals/McCaskey family crap. New Jersey has several Halas spawns out here. I'd tell you about their problems but this space is limited. What a freak show. Mo money, mo problems. Mara's and Rooney's maybe best run family ownership but they all took in outside money(word up Snely)in the form of Tisch family(Giants) and Thomas Tull, James Halsam and the Paul family(Steelers). So I'm right on that one. Bears are done and we all get to watch this ship burn down to water line. This flaming hulk that soon will roll over on it's side and head to the bottom. Move on people...nothing to see here.

  • Even after all this, I am still a fan, and will watch the rest of the season - but a change of mindset has been necessary.

    I am a Cubs fan too. I cheer when they do well, I am bummed when they lose, but I pretty much expect them to screw it up somehow and they never disappoint. This year's Bears team has made me a winter Cubs fan in some respects....love the good plays, but.....

    I don't know the answer to the Bears woes this year. Coaching? Too much bashing by the press? An overall lack of desire? Who knows. Whatever it is, they're not meshing and we have a long season ahead of us, Bears fans. So sit back, crack a cold one, and cheer for the good stuff when you can. Wrigley Field or Soldier Field, this year it's all the same to me.

  • Here are the things that can get the McCaskeys to get off their old asses and do something:

    The pocketbook.

    Bears TV ratings are plummeting, and therefore the value of the team is plummeting.


    The Bad News: When Virginia dies, it's now easier for Mike to take over:


    The Bears value is 1 billion. The McCaskeys are going to hold on to this team for dear life. So forget a change in ownership, but as tv ratings plummet the McCaskeys draw revenue sharing based on the value of the team.

    So - if you want to hurt the Bears and force change - stop watching. Stop buying Bears gear. That includes all the stuff at Kohl's that has licensing money tied to it. Just tune out the rest of the season, or watch all the games on justin.tv where the ratings won't show up.

    That's how you get the ancient to wake up from her nap and tell Teddy to fix it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Some good points, but watching the games on justin.tv means nothing. Unless you are a Nielsen family, no one knows what you watch. So 99.9% of us could boycott the Bears' broadcasts, and the ratings would never change.

    You know what would actually be effective? People picking up a piece of paper and a pen, and writing a letter to Virginia telling her that Bears fans expect better out of the coach and GM, and though the organization might eat millions of contract dollars, they stand to lose a lot more when we're not buying navy & orange zubaz pants--like we would if the Bears were a better team.

    Not only would Virginia actually understand and sympathize with a letter-writing campaign, the logic of the revenue lost vs. contract money eaten will have an effect.

  • Lovie and JA will be here next season. Turner and most of the O coaches won't. Maybe Weiss gets canned at ND and we get him?

    Anyway, I may have missed something here but I'm not seeing a lot of mention about talent. Let's go over this:

    QB: huge talent but either a head case or poorly coached
    RB: good
    FB: non-factor in this offense and becoming a non-factor league wide.
    WR: green as grass but getting better -- compared to other units in the NFL? C-minus
    TE: Not as good as we think
    LT: bad
    LG: below average
    C: below average
    RG: OK
    RT: below average

    DE: OK, although I love Brown
    3T: good to shitty, depending on Tommie's mood and knee
    NG: average
    WLB: Great
    MLB: average (I'm talking HH, not 54)
    SLB: average and green
    CB: one is OK and the other is below average and green
    FS: average
    SS: average and, depending on who's playing, green
    P: good
    K: good
    PR: good
    KR: good

    Notice a pattern here? This is an average football team in terms of talent.

    Here's my fix:
    1) sign a FA CB and move Peanut to FS
    2) sign a DE who can make a difference
    3) sign a mauler LG
    4) move Beekman to center and cut Olin
    5) move Williams to LT and sign a mauler RT
    6) bring in a veteran WR
    7) sit Cutler the next time he throws more than 3 picks. If Reid can do it to McNabb Lovie can do it to Cutler.

    Hom much is this possible? Who knows?

  • Nothing scares Mom and Pop football teams more then the government. The Inheritance tax is 50%. If the G values da club @ $1 Billion when Virginia dies - Mike will have to cough up $500 Million.

    The St. Louis Rams are in this very predicament now...

    Talk about ugly.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    You don't think that the McCaskeys are smart enough to circumvent the inheritance tax? Hell, all you have to do to avoid that tax is to put the assets into a durable trust. That also gives you the side benefit of the inheritor not being able to easily sell the assets.

    My father-in-law's farm didn't get taxed a dime when his father died, because it's in a trust.

    If a hick farmer can figure out how to avoid the inheritance tax, so can a billion-dollar professional sports franchise. Which is why the inheritance tax is so ridiculous--it doesn't do much to the people who can manage to avoid it, and it hits more liquid assets (i.e., cash) that people who aren't swimming in money (and lawyers) tend to inherit.

  • Yesterday a 79 year old guy called up a Chicago talk radio and show and just wondered about JC's diabetes. He has to get injections at every break time during games, I understand. So this is just a wild ass question since JC is moving towards historic pick #'s in the red zone. Also I hear his stats are worse for night games. So here's the question. Does he have night vision issues because of diabetes? If he did, would he admit it, when millions are at stake? Is he seeing the field different than we are? Because, man, you see how some of his passes are right on target. Lasers. Perfect. And then, wham, another INT into the middle with 3 red shirts right there. maybe....?

  • In reply to ButkusKickedButt:

    I've wondered something similar re: his diabetes, and his Jekyll-and-Hyde performance in day & night games.

    I'd imagine someone would have done a pretty thorough physical on him by now.

    And honestly, vision problems are not the first complication of runaway diabetes. The way he's been getting abused this season, he wouldn't be able to walk (bruising that wouldn't heal) long before his vision would be effected.

  • In reply to IBNO:


  • Cowher (and now Tomlinson) benefited from really good, supportive owners. Fisher has coached a team that hasn't been very impressive on paper, yet most of the time exceeds expectations (who expected Tenn to even be better than .500 last year?). I think Shanahan is terribly overrated, as is Gruden. Holmgren, though... I don't think Farve was a HoF QB when Holmgren got him, but he certainly was HoF-caliber when Holmgren was done with him.

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