The Process of 2010

The Chicago Bears didn't play a terrible football game last night.  They committed too many penalties.  They missed too many open receivers.  They allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to convert way, way too many third-and-longs.  But those things are going to happen to mediocre teams and that's what the Bears are.  They're a mediocre team.

The next six games have to be intelligently about the 2010 season.  Here are things I would do this week.

Relieve Ron Turner.  I don't blame the coordinator for all of the team's offensive woes but his predictable play-calling and pedestrian scheme does not serve the talent currently on the roster.  Every game this quarterback plays under Turner will injure his future with the team.

Play Kahlil Bell.  Have you watched the Minnesota Vikings?  When Adrian Peterson doesn't have a hole up the middle, he turns and bursts the run outside.  Matt Forte doesn't do that.  Forte lacks any burst at all these days and last night Kahlil showed one and energized the entire running game.  Give the kid a shot.  Find out if he's got something.

Start Gaines Adams over Adewale Ogunleye.  Ogunleye is not going to be with the team next year so it's about time the organization work Adams steadily into the rotation.  Let's put that second-round pick out on the stoop and see if the cat licks it up.

This is all very depressing.   


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  • Good ideas, Jeff.

    Now, how many do you think this regime wil ACTUALLY implement?

    AND, not that it really matters anymore, there are no "gimmes" left on the schedule anymore. Frankly, as we have so PAINFULLY discovered, there never WERE any.

  • Pretty sure that 4-6 means this team is BAD, not average. Last night was one of the team's better efforts this year and they STILL found a way to lose. (Finding new ways to lose) + (4-6 record) = bad team.

    I've been asking for a RB who runs with purpose all year. I wanted to give AP a shot last night but the Bears went with the fresh legged Bell. Then, for whatever reason, decided that success was too much to handle and began running the lovely bubble screen again. And again. And again. With the success the bears had with the RB screen from last week, why did they wait until the 3rd qtr. to run the play? Ugh.

    Gaines Adams is garbage right now. He's an undersized DE who doesn't have the explosiveness to speed past tackles. Not a good combination. Make this guy live in the gym for the enite offseason (ala Joakim Noah) and hope he figures it out. I know JA is hoping he figures it out, or else both could be looking for work in the near future.

  • My "over and under" of how many of Jeff's suggestions become a reality is: One-half.

  • RIP. Turner will be gone, and I'm ready for a new head coach or GM as well.

  • I'm not making excuses for JC; but I do want to know how many of those "over thrown" balls thrown last night would have been overthrown if our receivers weren't running in quicksand?

    The playing conditions were atrocious.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    um, it's the field they have access to practice on all week, all week.

  • I want RT gone but it won't be until the end of the season.

    Fixing this thing is all about talent. When Lovie had talent in 2005 and 2006, especially on D, we won. Tommie was a monster. 54 was DPOY, Mike Brown was Mike Brown. Peanut and Vasher were benefiting from the havoc cause by the DL.

    Anyway, we need help on the D line and in the secondary. I think 54 and Pisa will be back next season and will make a difference. Move Peanut to FS and Manning back to nickel.

    Get a RT who is a mauler. Same for G, although I liked some of what I saw from Beeks.

    Get a new O-line coach and a new QB coach, along, of course, with a new OC.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    only bad thing there is if you move Peanut to FS... who plays corner?

  • In reply to jdawg:

    A safety measure suggestion for you, Ghost. I always copy my posts before I hit "post comment", just in case of some internet anomalies which I am accustomed to since, at home, I use aol dial up service. Copying has saved my butt from re-typing epic length (not to mention, CLASSIC pearls of wisdom)posts on multiple ocassions.

  • Had to drop this one in. The good old "badass" kicking days. Watch Fridge light up Stump Mitchell at the end. Nobody in NFL fears The Bears anymore and that hurts the most for this fan. Need a complete change in team direction/attitude.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    I hear you. I dread how hungry the Vikings will be to play my beloved Bears next weekend. We are not feared, we are belittled at this point.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    2 things would make this season complete put Brett's ass on the ur or their ap on Ir and fire ron turners ass I will turn all my emotion towards illini basketball at least they play with heart!!

  • In reply to tkfay:

    This stupid fucking website! God damnit! I had a beautifully worded post all typed up ready for your reading and the fucking website deleted it because I needed to log in AGAIN!

    Serenity now...

    Basically, what I wrote was that Gaines Adams got owned last night, and while I think he should be worked into the rotation, I do not believe he will unseat Wale.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Lovie says you all still have a chance at the playoffs- if you correct a lot of things.

  • In reply to MrARodgers:

    BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... nice screen name asshat. Hahahahaha.... thanks for the chuckle douche.

  • In reply to MrARodgers:

    LOL, MrARodgers, you crack me up. You are soooo funny!

    Oh, BTW, just how far in the playoffs do you think your cheeseheads are gonna get this year? Apparently, you have not yet heard that you get go finish the season WITHOUT Al Harris and Aaron Kampman?

    Laugh it up, funny boy and then have seat over there in the IGNORANCE IS BLISS section with ViQueen poster, John.

    Here, educate yourself...

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Non-Bear fans, shoo. You're the spittle on the casket, unwanted and unneeded and a shame for your chosen teams.

    We need to look for quality at the offensive line and new players for the secondary, things we knew by week 2 this season. Last night's game was painful, but it showed us why teams pay through the nose for talent. Watch the Bear Linebackers get swamped by defenders and lose their gaps. Watch a stop-gap RB Draw more life than an injured star with loads more talent.

    What we need are healthy playmakers and new faces.

  • In reply to AfroCelt:

    Quality Olinemen and Secondary were what we needed at the end of last season, by week 2 of this season we just confirmed that we didn't adress any of our biggest concerns.
    Last year ended, we all knew we needed:
    1.) a true #1 WR
    2.) a true FS
    3.) a couple of good O-lineman
    4.) a consistent edge rushing DE
    but Angelo got so proud of himself for signing Cutler he forgot about getting the needs addressed and so here we sit with... the exact same fucking list.

  • In reply to AfroCelt:

    They don't need Kampman & Harris anyway - they're way overrated!

  • In reply to AfroCelt:

    We need someone like Vasher and Al AwfulAwful

  • In reply to AfroCelt:

    Did you ever notice Cutler looks just like the older Damien Thorne from The Omen.

  • In reply to MrARodgers:

    Dude, honestly split.

    Go back to writting slobbery blowjob fan mail notes to rogers (notice no caps for his name)you little slut. Jebus, you're like a 14 year old having her first period. Pathetic.

  • In reply to MrARodgers:

    I think I

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have to agree with the many others on this blog and the lack of emotion felt going into the game. I wasn't even excited to watch. I expected them to lose but I did have one high during the game with Bell's long run. I cracked up at Hesters ass pasted on the TV and the response from the commentators. Check out the pics

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey, the Bears could still make the playoffs! It would just take a series of Saturday night plane crashes of about a half dozen NFL teams because of a freak meteor shower injuring most of the players on board during emergency landings.

    Sadly, I was right in pre-season about Favre making an old-Joe Montana impersonation. least they're not undefeated.

    This season has been so putrid that I decided to go to sleep early yesterday instead of watching the game against the Eagles.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You bear fans really are something else.. The littlest things send you people into a psychotic frenzy. Get a grip!

    I thought that was funny that one you referenced JS Online too. That has to be the WORST Packer blog around.

    Well, well, well.. Looks like your D came to play last night, but the franchise QB didn't.

    Can't see any fault in Turner for over-throwing those wide open WRs. Orton under-threw the WRs on the deep ball, and now Cutler over-throws them. The difference is that Cutler's balls look so pretty even though there sailing over peoples heads, so he gets a pass by bear fans. His mechanics are pretty bad, and man is his attitude bad, but again he gets a pass by bears because boy that ball look pretty coming out of his hands.

    If you guys want to see a real QB, turn on a Green & Gold game. Maybe Rodgers can teach Cutler a thing or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5...

    The bums still suck & I LOVE IT!!!

    GO PACK GO!!!

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    God you're pathetic. I can't even fathom wasting precious time scouring the web to try and find a packers blog, and then wasting everyone's life posting Bears smack on it. Holistically vacuous.

    Anyway, you are right douche, cutty should watch rodgers... to see how to run for his life with a bit more intensity. Why don't you and that other douche who posted here get together to giggle while you pen flowery little love notes to your absolute faaaaavorite packer, start quarterback, and team leader Aaron

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    WOW?!?! You definitely have some issues that need to be checked out by a professional. Seriously, I'm concerned for the peoples well being that have to come in contact with you on a daily basis. You should be monitored at all hours of the day, because you definitely are a threat.

    Everytime you respond to my posts concering an actual football topics you show your complete lack of knowledge to the game. Spare me your high & mighty territorial bull shit routine. You might need to go read " Matt is my Forte's " first post regarding my first post, because I'm pretty sure that he was directing it towards people like you.

    Jay Cutler-- 235/381...61.7 Comp%...2,524 Yards...15 TDs...18 INTs...75.4 QBR...20 Sacks

    Aaron Rodgers-- 221/341...64.8 Comp%...2,788 Yards...19 TDs...5 INTs...102.6 QBR...43 Sacks

    Aaron Rodgers currently plays with the worst pass protecting line in the ENTIRE league, but yet he trumps Cutler in EVERY statistical category. So yes, Cutler could learn a whole hell of lot from Aaron Rodgers.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    It's true. Cutler could learn a thing or two from Rodgers. He's impressive for sure...enough so that you can see why the Pack let Favre go for jerking them around every offseason when they knew Rodgers was waiting in the wings. As for your terrible line...Rodgers is part of the problem too from what I've seen. There are times when he does hold onto the ball too long. I think you'd probably admit as much.

    As for the Bear fans giving Cutler a pass...yeah, we have to a degree. That said, our offense is a mess for a lot of reasons, but yes, Jay deserves his share of the blame.

    The potential is there though...and his career is far from decided. Maybe you should come back to this site and gloat in another couple of years if things don't work out with for now, worry about your own damn team. You guys just lost two starters on defense, I'd hope that was a little more important to you right now that the quarterback troubles of the Chicago Bears.

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    Rodgers has been playing in the same offensive system for how long? who was his mentor? and also, look at his WR.

    Cutler is playing with a new system, new WR, and new team. Its ok to think that Rodgers is better now but Cutler has more potential and more talent than Rodgers... Cutler didnt sit behind Elway for four years and learn the playbook. Cutler has grown on his own.

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    Two statements of the obvious, and one stunning no-no. Gaines Adams ?? He sucks. Period. The world and his wife knows Turner has to go. Kahlil Bell HAS to play - regardless - we're missing our 2nd and 3rd string RBs for the season !

    I don't care who comes in as OC. I've said this before, calling plays is not rocket science, this is football. Hell, let Cutler call them, that would make more sense, it's his offense. Look at the guys that play football - you can't make it rocket science because they just won't get it. I don't care who comes in as long as there's a basic philosophy behind what they're doing, as long as they are conspicuous by their absence from message boards. I don't care if there's only 20 pass plays and 20 running plays. That's all there should be anyway if they're well-conceived, everything else is BS and for show. Executing plays correctly is all that's required. That's what's effective. Expecting players to absorb things and perform just because your playbook looks like the Encyclopaedia Britannica is futile and smacks of egotism. You can just imagine some of these tobacco-spittin' coaches going :"Yup, ah got 500 oh-fensive plays in he-yuh." and looking for reactions of awe and wonderment from the observer. "WOW ! 500 !!?"

    Define your philosophy. Practice. Execute.

    Cutler has gone from over-confident to no-confidence this season. The overthrows - I counted 4 or 5 really long overthrows - were more than just overthrows. They were statements. He's terrified of throwing interceptions now and the drunken Chicago 'fans' that booed him are idiots. THEY are ruining his mind-set. He's shellshocked. He's relying on Olsen too much, expecting him to make catches when the guy is just not a very good receiver - has anyone seen him dive for a ball yet ? If you don't drop it on the money he doesn't want to know. There were 3 clear TDs in the overthrows. Any single one of them being thrown by a happy Cutler and we're all excited about the playoffs right now. As it turns out we have a 7% (historically) of making them. Quite apart from the frankly embarrassing idiocy of Turner's "offense", Cutler had the tools to overcome the suicidal play-calling, but just hadn't got the confidence to be zen-like in his passing - he's thinking too much now instead of just trusting himself. I've never seen overthrows as long as that. He's crushed, you can see it in his face every time he walks off the field. It seems like there is no one in the organization who has his back, he needs to talk to a sports psychologist because Pep Hamilton is not and has never done his job well. Cutler's young. He's got the tools. McMahon didn't have the tools, but made up for it with self-confidence and moxie. lots of it.

    I'd love to know what McNabb said to him. I wouldn't be surprised if apart from the confidence-boosting he said "Look, Turner's a joke, you know it, everybody knows it, he'll be gone - don't worry. Just keep your mouth shut or you'll get crucified."

    BTW - Hunter Hillenmeyer is terrible. A career backup and not even good enough to do that. The last TD was all on him. I'd say he looked like a rookie not controlling his gap, but that would be an insult to rookies. Seeing that play in slo-mo made me want to puke - that was the game right there. Heartbreaking. You can't replace a player like Urlacher.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    The difference between NFL players and college stars is typically that the smarter ones make the big leagues.

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    You get the responses you get because you're not talking football Max, you

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You lost any bit of respect when you immediately attacked me for my state of the Bears post on the Eagles thread. I thought I was stating the obvious & I don't think I deserved some of the responses that I got from that.

    Yes my first post was bold, BUT I didn't insult any of you until you classless fucks attacked me. I was talking football, but I guess I didn't suger coat it enough for you thin skinned pussies. If you don't believe me then go look the shit up.

    " Anyway, I have fun talking smack to dolts like you Max. But why don't we put down the weapons and you can either leave (all of our preference), or come with educated points of view that add substance to the discussions... "

    Tell you what.. If you can explain to me your logic behind the beneath post & also give factual evidence that proves your post to be true then I will leave. If not then I guess your shit out of luck.

    " Opening night.... we beat ourselves against a MUCH WORSE team that got lucky. Congrats. "

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    Sadly, with Hillenmeyer as our MLB that is entirely possible.

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    yup. peterson is gonna run all over our LBS and Safeties... Our Dline is gonna have to step up majorly......

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    And Troll, you're dead right. Rodgers trumps Cutler in all categories (except pro bowl appearances) and most notably in sacks. Favre had the same offense basically and didn't get sacked half as much. Cutler takes chances, yes. So did McMahon, so does Favre ... but Rodgers is afraid to let the damn thing out of his hands !

    Like my man MB says, you just talk smack - we've actually got some guys on here who actually make coherent sense. Let's try some of that. Or are you Rock Mamola and you're pissed because we don't hang out and drink coffee on your blog ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    The Pro Bowl is all popularity, so thats horse shit reasoning on your behalf. If you what the fuck you were talking about then you wouldn't even have brought that up. Rodgers was definitely worthy of a Pro Bowl appearance last year. Him & Cutler were both losers by a win standard last year. They both had good stats that trumped a lot of the league's QBs. So what was the difference between them that one got the invite & the other didn't. Rodgers actually had better stats then him last year also other then total passing yards... & the reasoning for that was Cutler threw the ball over a 100 more times then Rodgers. Which roughly puts him at around 500 yards more then Rodgers.

    Rodgers is afraid of letting the damn thing out of his hands? Again more horse shit reasoning. Favre had a line that was the same from start to finish almost every year. Rodgers has had lines both this year & last that resembled musical chairs. Also, Clifton & Tauscher are on their last legs & in out of the lineup frequently. Rodgers has had lines that lack any bit of continuity.

    Rodgers RARELY makes mistakes & if thats not considered a strong for a QB then I think you may need to learn a thing or 2 about the game. Rodgers is going to take sacks when almost immediately after the snap he has a defender right in front of his face. A lot of his sacks he doesn't even have the chance to break the tackle box to get rid of the ball because thats how fast their getting in... but according to Irish he should chuck the ball up for grabs. DAMN IS THAT HILARIOUS!

    ..Save your drivel for your " man " or should I say boyfried MB. Your last sentence was just as worthless as your football knowledge. Was that " coherent " enough for you?

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:


  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Pretend there is a bridge between the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

    Mad Max lives under it. Ignore him.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Two thing that really piss me off about this team.
    1) the coaches
    2) Jerry Angelo and the way he pisses away our draft picks...

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    Rocawearsky, the Pack and the Bears are both mired in mediocrity. Rodgers is wasting his talent on the Packers because you guys always find a way to fuck it up just like the Bears. Always. Cutler is a young talent that will thrive in Chicago just like Rodgers will thrive in GB. It doesn't mean that the teams will thrive along with them. Our 2 LB's getting hurt was a huge blow just like losing Kampmann and Harris will hurt you if they are out. Pack will be just as irrelevant as the Bears are as they drop the next couple of games. Mediocre Packers and Mediocre Bears.

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    this is a game of inches... The Bears can easily be 8-2. We are almost there people lets grind it out with our Bears.

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    If it's a game of inches, then the Bears are about 4 miles away from being an 8-2 team. Even with Urlacher and Pisa back .. we're missing an O-line, safties, a good corner and a beast receiver, not to mention the depth required to make title run ....

  • In reply to MadMaxRockatansky:

    Don't feed the trolls

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Seriously, don't feed the trolls.

  • In reply to MrARodgers:

    MB - good call on Cutty to Olsen. Earl Bennett is a solid receiver and if the Bears don't ship him off like Bobby Ingram then we'll have a career possession receiver on our hands. I love that guy. He catches everything you throw at him.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    PS - Packers suck

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I agree that Bennett looks like the real deal. Not spectacular, but I can see him being very steady for a long productive NFL career.

  • In reply to AfroCelt:

    And you never really see those 2 together at the same time hmmmmm......

  • In reply to tkfay:

    I see little hope for this team until coaches Ron Turner (OC), Harry Heistand (O-Line), Pep Hamilton (QB), and probably Rob Boras (TE) are fired. Darryl Drake (receivers) seems to warrant another chance.

    The defensive side of the ball is a little less clear to me, so I'll let others comment on that.

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