The Optimistic Approach

The Bears defense is a wretched, flaming mess.  They've got a defensive tackle with a host of seemingly incurable mental disorders.  They've got Alex Brown trying to generate a pass rush on his own, excepting Adewale Ogunelye's twice-yearly dominance against Detroit.  They've got second-stringers starting at linebacker, third-stringers starting at cornerback and Vivian Stringer starting at safety.  They do all the little things right as long as tackling, gap discipline, communication and coverage are not considered "little things".  The head coach took over the play-calling and instead of instilling a sense of urgency, instilled a sense of complacency.  An argument could (and should) be made that this is the worst defensive output in over a decade.

And still they're 4-4.  They've won as many games as they've lost.  They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It just doesn't make sense.  I looked at the standings this morning and the Bears are only chasing Atlanta (5-3), Philadelphia (5-3) and the Giants (5-4) in the wildcard race.  Maybe that says more about the mediocrity of the conference than anything else, but it also says that the Bears will have an opportunity to make something of the 2009 season. 

Will they?  There's no way a realistic football fan can look at this team and answer "yes".  Can they?  Is it worth being a fan of the team if you don't wanna believe so?  Hypothetical.  The Bears win Thursday night in San Francisco.  5-4.  The Eagles lose a game they'll be favored to lose in San Diego.  5-4.  Giants are 5-4.  The Bears - your shitty 2009 Chicago Bears - will be tied for the final wildcard spot nine weeks into the season.

So I'm leading the Lower Your Expectations Campaign and carrying the "Just Get In!" banner.  We don't have a first round pick.  We've got nothing to lose for.  It's time for the Bears to play violent and angry on Sundays and if they're going to lose, lose in a rage.  Leave everything on the field.  The Bears don't need the league to crumble to make the postseason.  They need to win football games.  And they need to start Thursday night.

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  • Mostly agree with this but I'd argue that the window on Lovie Smith leading this team to playoff success is over, and losing may expedite finding his replacement. I am an Angelo fan but I can understand why people aren't bullish on him either - you'd think the Bears would have great depth on defense, and they don't. I think talk of the Bears being cheap is overblown and I do think Angelo will throw Lovie under the bus if it looks like they'll be both fired in a package deal.

  • Seriously, when's the last time you've seen this D play 'violent and angry' (excluding Tommie punching out the guard)? The brass making the roster decisions are more to blame for this than anyone. You overpay for a few players who had a season or two of success - and then expect them to carry a defense full of undrafted FA's and 5th round picks? I'm sorry Jerry HandJello, but there's got to be a better way of doing this.

  • In reply to CSauce:

    I disagree. I have to think it's the coaching. How else do you explain the success of so many former Bears? This staff gets its share of talented players and just can't develop them. You see guys like Tommie Harris flash simply because of their immense athleticism, but it never lasts. The staff just can't do it. The only position our players don't seem to be regressing or underperforming is at WR. All the other coaches are just getting nothing out of their guys.

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    You can go to the score website, click on podcasts, and then the postgame show is on the far right. It has both hours of his show with OB, and no commercials. I usually listen to it before going to bed or first thing the next morning. He WAS going nuts, and rightfully so. The Bears gave up 31 or more points in the first half only 5 times in 88 years, and have now done it twice in 21 days.

  • I've typed and deleted for like ten minutes now. After the last three weeks, I just don't know what to say anymore. This is one time where I really, really wish Pissed Off would come back for a swan song.

    Anyways, the Bears suck. We all know it now. But, there is still half a season to go. Let's just enjoy it for what it is and move forward from there.

    And....Larry Johnson blows. No way in hell.

  • We don't need another mental case. One per year is mroe than Lovie can handle with his enabling ways. He can't get tough until its too late (Benson, Tank, Tommy Harris).

    Come on - I've watched and understood pro football for over 40 years. It's not tough to see that Lovie cannot right this ship. But the dumb thing so many teams do is kid themselves into thinking it will all be OK.

    Neil Armstrong makes the playoffs in a contract year and the Bears are stuck re-upping him. Same with Wanny. They screw over McGinnis (who woudl have broguht Martz over with him) and we end up with Jauron - who has a fairy tale season in a contract year and we're stuck re-upping him. Then we get Lovie making the SB and he gets all full of himself ("trust me") and fires Rivera and screws up the defense. And we should keep him???

    A year from now the clown will sneak into the playoffs somehow and the McCaskeys will want to re-up him again. Why can't anyone in that organization make a FOOTBALL decision??

  • I'm all for the optimistic approach. I would love for the Bears to enter the Viking game 6-4 with a full head of steam, but the truth is they don't have the defense to pull it off. McNabb's gonna go wild and Favre's gonna follow it up by tossing seven TDs in the first half.

    I'm with you BearDown, I don't know what to say anymore. As for Larry Johnson, I don't want to see this team spend another dime on offense. Yeah, the O has sputtered this year, but there's a hell of a lot of promise there that we're starting to see in bursts. Hester's rocking and Olsen had a big game on Sunday. All I want to hear about is how they're going to fix this defense.

  • Get aproven winner - like Cower; not a promoted coordinator that may or may not turn out to be a good head coach.

    Is it too late to re=promote Babich? Not that I like him, but Lovie can't do both jobs. Since he won't be fired from the main job, at least take away the defense.

    Marinelli has completely ruined his own career.

    And of course we'll hear everyone talk about the injuries as though that's a new thing in football this year. Hey - that's why there is a FIFTY THREE man roster to fill 24 positions.

  • And, yes, put Williams on the left side where he belongs and bring in a stud RT. I don't understand why you'd waste a No. 1 pick on a guy and then make him play a different position.

  • OK - sorry for the triple post. But there more I think of it, this half a bye week coming up is perfect timing for Angelo to do something drastic like orchestrate a coaching staff shuffle. Give the D back to Babich, fire Huber Humphrey or whatever his name is, and put the fear into Lovie and Tuner that it's on THEM.

    OK - I feel better now.

  • Its important to note that we will likely be on the wrong side of the tiebreaker with two of the three teams we are chasing, plus Green Bay.

    But as I posted on the previous thread, in order to make it through the season with my sanity intact, yes, lower expectations...At this point Im going to settle for them being competitive for an ENTIRE game...

  • We would only be on the bad side of the tiebreak with Atlanta. We'd have no chance to do anything if we didn't beat Philly.

  • Why did we draft a guy and put him in a different position? Becuase Lovie brought in another has been Ram. Orlando Archeletta. So Williams plays out of position and Omigod plays guard instead of RT and Adam Pace - who is too old to bend down by his own admission, takes up space. And Lovie keeps his job??

  • I mean, technically, we COULD still be in it with a loss to Philly....thats what I was saying...we COULD finish 11-5 or 10-6 with tiebreaker losses to Philly, Atlanta, and best case, a split with Green Bay.

    But yes, I agree, realistically, we'd be out of it...

  • Jeff,

    I love to be optimistic. BUT we HAVE TO be realistic as well. The reality is:

    1.Our Defense can not stop a good passing team and can barely stop a good running team.

    2. Our coaches on both sides of the ball need to GO.

    3. Based on the rest of the season, except the RAMS, our season is done. Jesus Himself would have to come down and play Cornerback for us for the Bears to have a chance at the wildcard.

    4. IF BIG CHANGES don't happen with our coaches you can expect more of the same next year with or without Urlacher. Poo stinks and so does the Bears.

    Smelly or not I still love them and I'll try to keep the hope alive. BEAR DOWN!

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Clarification on point #1: Our defense can not stop a mediocre passing team or a mediocre running team. Rookie Matt Stafford tore through our secondary for 296. Arizona's running game was historically bad before they hung 180 on us...

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    WTF is wrong with Tommie Harris this year? He ACTS like either he:

    1)made bad real estate investments and is about to declare bankruptcy
    2)has woman problems
    3)has early-onset dementia

    Seriously, WTF? Is he avoiding practice to prevent getting tested for performance enhancing drugs? (If smoking crack can be considered "performance-enhancing")

    Cedric Benson got cut for less.

  • In reply to Reichwolff:


    I did not post yesterday because I had to calm down and gather my wits before posting an Id (as in Freud) soaked, lizard-brained rant of mumbled profanities. I have gathered said wits and coupled them with thoughts about what we

  • In reply to Reichwolff:


    I did not post yesterday because I had to calm down and gather my wits before posting an Id (as in Freud) soaked, lizard-brained rant of mumbled profanities. I have gathered said wits and coupled them with thoughts about what we

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    3. The Coaches
    a. Lovie is a pussy. I

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Some other random observations, then I

  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    Some other random observations, then I

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  • In reply to Reichwolff:

    I actually agreed with a few commentators before the game who stated that if the Bears sit back in soft zones, they will be carved up by Warner. What happened to this defense after the third game? They seem to play nothing but vanilla defenses now. The run defense was a complete embarrassment. Can someone answer these questions for me:
    1) Do the Bears ever practice tackling or proper tackling techniques?
    2) Do they ever have REAL padded practices during the week, especially the O and D lines?
    3) Do the Bears ever have real practices in general, or is it like "Kiddie day care", as Dan Hampton calls it?
    I could rant on and on, but it comes down to basic blocking and tackling. I'll bet the Cards had over 200 yards after first contact. At least make the other team have to work for their scores. The safety concerns before the season is showing it's ugly head. They seem to be non-existent. Enough ranting.
    News alert - Tommie Harris checked into a psychiatric ward today, then escaped. He was last seen in a befuddled state walking down a highway in nothing but a hospital gown.

  • As far as playoffs are concerned: it's over. The team's regressing in November, not getting better.

    Let's hope for respectable showings in the divisional games and NOT losing to St. Louis.

    And Lovie will get to save or lose his job in 2010.

  • I have seen the following coaches for the Bears - and in this time only two were any good. Halas, Dooley, Gibron (at least he was funny), Pardee (decent), Armstrong, Ditka (great), Wanny (worst), Jauron, Smith. The only time we weren't laughing stocks were the Ditka and Pardee years.

    Aikman said "the Bears are not a good team" - this after saying - after two false starts in a row - "I thought they played HS football on Friday nights."

    You can get angry at snide comments, but the Bears are deserving of such derision.

    Jeff - I respect you and am happy this blog exists. But you are not seeing the forrest for the trees. This is a poorly coached team. I see no hope of them winning more than 2 of the next four - putting them in the dreaded 6-6 and still in contention spot when reality says they are not even close to contending for anything worth acheiving. (Second WC with maybe a 9-7 record after these disasterous games that don't go away? Please - I'd rather not.)

  • Thanks Jeff for keeping the hope. I just don't see it even if the NFC picture is muddled. Not with a d-line that can't shed a tackle or get a hand on the QB. A hodgepodge o-line that was better yesterday, but nowhere near average. A secondary that plays 10 to 15 yards off the line and can't play zone. Small receivers that don't create much space or go up for a jump ball. A running back in a bad sophomore slump, hopefully. Bad coaching, bad play calling, I could go on and on.

    As hard as it will be for me, I am not going to watch the Niners game Thursday. I won't watch my team until they show heart. Until they show they will hit someone back, until they show they care, until they get their physicality back.
    Call me a fair weather fan or whatever. But I'm banning this garbage until not only the performance proves, but more importantly until the attitude and demeanor changes. The Bears are soft, and in my opinion that's the worst characteristic to have in this league.

  • BillW - Great posts, but if the Bears get a second WC spot with a 9-7 record, I'd be thrilled beyond belief. With the way this D is playing right now, they'll be lucky to finish 8-8.

    By the way, yesterday sucked, but who wasn't the slightest bit consoled at watching Green Bay get beat by Tampa? Hehe.

  • Fuck it. I'm as hopeful and optimistic about the Bears as anyone and I won't let that optimism be blinded by a few embarrassing losses.

    If we're going to be optimistic, let's go balls out.

    I think Lovie rights this ship and the Bears win eight straight and go 12-4 to clinch the North, along with a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

    That's what I'm hoping for.

  • Bears-4-Ever has it right. I hate to say it, but this team is finished. 7-9 at best. A win over the Rams at home, MAYBE wins at Detroit and home against GB, judging by Packers loss to TB. I predicted a 31-21 loss yesterday, hoping that at home the D might put up a little resistance, but what a joke that turned out to be. We'll get more of the same in the Philly game and both Minnesota games (40+ points and ridiculous passing numbers from McNabb and Favre).
    As far as the offense is concerned, Cutler had some time on some of his throws, but when it really mattered, they couldn't move the ball or score consistently. How does the offense go 90 yards for a TD in like 5 plays and do nothing else for 2 quarters? How does Cutler finish with 369 yards and 3 TDs in a 20-point loss? Oh wait, we have Lovie Lollipop for a head coach. I'm guessing Lovable Loser led an ice cream social after the game to help raise morale.

  • I live in Indy, so I can't help but look at what the Colts have done over the past decade and just cringe when I look at the Bears. Look at the Colts D this year. Yesterday they played a tough Texans team with 1/4 of their starting secondary. Gave up 17 points and won. We got torched by that team to the tune of 31 LAST year, and our D is worse this year. How does that happen?
    Management and coaching, that's how. Bill Polian stocks that team with quality draft picks and smart free agent pickups. The backups produce. The coaches adjust the scheme to fit the players they have for any given week. That's how you win consistently. And don't just say they have Peyton. Peyton scored 20 yesterday, not 40. The Bears need to look around and get new management and coaching, because until they do, yesterday's game will become the norm. OK, enough negativity for one day.

  • We Shall Return - that's how bad this season is hitting me. I can't even enjoy the fact the Pack sucks! And then Fair weather Favre jumps ship to be with a winner in their own division becasue he wants revenge even though no one can see what the Pack did wrong. I was rooting for the Pack in the 2 games against the "queens. I thought they deserved better. Coudl you possibly imagine Payton playign for the Vikes or Pack just for the chance at one more SB?

    bearsfanatic - yep, Indy is a great example. Another closer to home is the Saints - look where they are 3 years after that NFC championship game versus us.

  • What kills me the most is we havent been able to put toghether a good 60 minutes of football ONCE this season. I think this team got so used to getting 2-3 turnovers a game on defense, they forgot it takes 60 minutes to win...

    And the arm tackling and stripping attempts have to stop. They need to get back to learning how to tackle first, then go for the ball...some of those tackles are pathetic.

  • General comments coming, but I did want to say something I've been wanting to say this for a while... and it's not only directed at you Murph - so don't take this personally.

    Who gives a shit if you're first to post. Seriously. And if you must post a giddy "First!", at least add something of value for Jebus sake. Leave a real comment. Ok, sorry. Had to get that out.

  • "Sunday" comes EARLY this week, boys & girls!

    Can this group of defenders, who came across as totally lost/bewilderewd/befuddled/whipped in the post game comments I saw, regroup enough in 3 days to avoid being GOREd by Frank in 'Frisco?

    It would surprise me if they can.

    Wait a minute....The Cardinals just converted ANOTHER 3rd down.

    Oh, Tommie Harris just apologized for his actions yesterday.

    Whew! And to think, I thought he didn't care.

    Guess that closes the book on that minor, inconsquential, harmless, little infraction because it seems to me if the Bears were going stomp on him with the suspension he so richly deserves they would have announced something by now.

    And some of you actually want to bring in ANOTHER head case in the form of Larry Johnson?

    What a LOVELY set of bookends he and Tommie would make.


    MD30SD, regards your rant over "First" posts I say, "Bravo".
    I hope you have better luck than I did in trying to eradicate that form of pestilence.

  • I agree with that point, dmb. The lack of a complete effort is disheartening.

  • Jeff-

    Honestly, who's more at fault for that, do you put that on the coaches, or players? On one hand, they look extremely unprepared for games, on the other hand, they look extremely over matched, which is a personell issue..I mean, if guys just arent that good, thats one thing..

    You know its a bad season when you dont even know who's more deserving of the blame!


    It would probably be a worse punishment for Harris if the Bears DON'T suspend him, but just fine him and make him suit up and play.

  • I think its finally hard to disagree that Lovie needs to be replaced. Give me one solid reason why we should keep him?? He tried, it didnt work, time to move on. I can give 2 sh**s that he is a nice guy, doesnt yell, etc, but in my eyes his new name is LOVIE BAKER. Have the talent, dont know how to use it. The Bears are 20-19 since the Super Bowl, thats unacceptable. I'm sorry, but with Lovie calling the plays, I have never seen a defense that looks like they are playing two hand touch more in my life. You can always say hindsight is 20/20, like we shouldve had Singletary, kept Rivera, etc, but its time to make a move. I just hope that by picking up Cutler was a ploy to have Angelo and Lovie say, 'Well we have made some moves to improve this team" and that works because, the Bears of 2008 are better than the Bears of today. Pretty sad. Good thing we got rid of all of our top draft picks too.

  • I hope our defense wakes up and plays with passion these next 8 games. I feel like our defense is without a leader who can inspire greatness in each other. Someone please step up and lead!

    Don't give up the fight, Finnish the game. Destroy all doubt and play with confidence. We need a spark of pride and passion to set ablaze a true defensive effort on every down.

    We know when our defense is giving a true effort , we saw a small glimpse of it in the forth quarter when our team finally believed the could make a comeback and win... That small spark didn't last long enough to Finnish that game, but we have 8 more opportunities to set a blaze.

    Rekindle the fire every time you suit up and play bear football, be the monsters of the midway ... BEAR DOWN!

  • In reply to BEARSFAN78:

    And people thought Briggs was the guy and not Urlacher.

  • In reply to BEARSFAN78:

    That's five times in 1,234 regular season games before this year, and twice in three weeks this year. Hopefully they show some pride on Thursday.

  • I personally think that if you want to make a statement with Harris, have him dress, and sit on the bench.

    Lets be honest, sending him home, or cutting him, is pointless. Its like giving the guy vacation...he gets paid regardless.

    Its like sending a kid to his room with PS3, a computer, and a indoor basketball net...

    Thats no punishment.

  • A guy like Tommy is more embarrassed having to sit there, fully dressed and not play.

  • Doug B. was very underrated at the time for having played next to a legend but I never heard Abe Gibron call him anything except BUFFOON!! LOL!

  • My son also brought the Bears flag in in the middle of that game - he wanted to burn it. He's young, so I forgave him, told him to get that flag out front again pronto! The thing is, being a Bears fan transcends bad seasons, bad teams and bad coaching regimes - and fellow Bear fanatics, WE ARE ENDURING ALL THREE RIGHT NOW!!!

    Jeff, God bless you my friend, you are trying... but one sees the supreme effort required. Agree with Max, we're at lowest of lows right now - with a (little) bit of silver lining -

    Remember in 2007 when we still had a defense but had shit for offense, and the dawning realization that we may not have one starting quarterback out of three (again) - forget the fact that we were wrong at the time about Orton's promise - that was a pretty bleak feeling, knowing that we had a short window on the formerly great Chicago Bears D.

    Well surprisingly, I am a little less forlorn right now in the reverse situation - we may not have the O, but we have the QB - and we've lost the D. And I mean lost it - it ain't anywhere to be found right now, and to me that means we're more than just a few missing pieces away from being good. But I believe that it's easier to shore up a defense than it is to find a bona fide franchise quarterback - and I still believe we have one in Jay Cutler.

    As much as it is counter to common sense and commonly accepted strategy, I really wish we could fire all the coaches save Dave Toub RIGHT NOW (or as someone said, better would be after Thursday night's game with a mini-bye) - and bring in our next team. Screw the disruption, like we're really going somewhere this year? But we DESPERATELY need coaches in here who can evaluate talent so we can see what we really have on this roster - especially on offense. Someone who has a freaking clue about O lines - we need that NOW - we have a bunch of players about whom I guarantee you no one currently coaching the Bears has any idea as to who is good and who is bad - who would be better at different positions - THEY DON'T HAVE A CLUE.

    WE NEED PROFESSIONAL COACHES. Not buddies. Not Lovie's personal support system.


    Here's wthe nearly unabridged list of who I would like to keep on our roster - the rest can leave.

    Jay Cutler
    Matt Forte
    Devin Hester
    Greg Olsen
    Kellen Davis
    Earl Bennett
    Johnny Knox
    Josh Beekman
    Chris Williams

    The rest on offense can leave. Notables who MUST leave are Olin Kreutz, Roberto Garza (come on folks, how long can Kreutz and Garza keep getting passes?), Des Clark is unfortunately DONE.

    On D, I'll keep

    Lance Briggs
    Brian Urlacher
    Israel Idonije (gotta love him)
    Alex Brown
    Charles Tillman for sentimental reasons.

    The rest can leave.

    Those who MUST leave include the Incomprehensibly Idiotic and Underachieving "AMERICA'S NEXT TOP SOONER BUST" Tommie Butter Harris. And ALL BEARS SAFETIES who are a DISGRACE to the safety greats who came before. And ALL BEARS CORNERS not named Peanut. (and even Peanut sucked yesterday). I'm sorry, Bowman = Not Great Corner.

    That's 14 I'll keep. Everyone else can leave. And Dave Toub gets to stay, althought WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO OUR KICKOFF RETURN TEAM? We're TERRIBLE right now at that - Dave, you're on thin ice too.

    I'll close with a New Classic by Bears-4-Ever


    Can't wait to tell my son about that one!!!! Thanks B4E!


  • He is losing his shit - it is hilarious.

  • Max, doc... not a big deal just personal whatever the hell you want by all means. Was more out of frustration than wanting to punish Max.

  • If someone had told me Olsen would have 3 tds, and Cutler would pass for 369 yds, and we'd STILL lose by 20 points, I would've said you're nuts.

    It just flies in the face of everything we thought we knew about this team over the last few years.

  • Hmmm. Optimism. Hope. Admirable qualities. The time for those little uppers was after game one I'm afraid. However they are quite unapplicable to this team. Post game one. When every single Bears fan was thinking "WTF!?" Then was the time for optimism, 'let's see what happens against Pittsburgh before we write the season off'. But we've had 8 games to watch the Bears decline and the results are in. THE EMPEROR IS WEARING NO CLOTHES. Not a stitch. And that's okay. Acceptance is more important to a Bear fan than hope. Acceptance that as long as the McCaskeys walk this Earth, then the Chicago Bears will be a sporting holocaust - as they suck in the TV revenue and plough none of it back into the team.

    There was a lot of smoke and mirrors evident regarding the Bears' roster, but the glass is broken now. The woeful attrition of the offensive line when the season opened was warning shot number one. But we still had that defense right ? Urlacher and Pisa were removed from the equation straight away. Say it ain't so Joe, we'll get through this, right ? We're the Bears ! We're bigger than any one player on that defense, right ? Maybe. But, not bigger than two it seems. The walls came down, the rush came through, and it was just hard to play offense. Just like old times.

    The weakness at the receiver position was lightened only by the revelation of Devin Hester's maturity. Tommie found God. Greg Olsen forgot how to play football. Receivers were quitting on routes, or just plain didn't know the routes. The boo birds were out for Cutler, you could hear the sound of knives sharpening for his public execution. Running and gunning for his life, literally, the Broncos were being touted as winners of "The Trade". Still, we had the Marinelli-inspired, Harris-healthy, Lovie-play-calling D to get us through the season, just like they did during the Ortman years ...... or did we ? Look how we were terrorizing the opposition with our fearsome defensive line ! Look how we were brushing aside the mighty offensive lines of the Packers/Steelers/Browns/Lions !! And then Aaron Rodgers becomes The Running Man, along with Fat Ben. More warning shots echoed. And then came Mike Turner and the game we should have won. And then came Ced Benson and the game we never played. In subsequent weeks, two ex-Bear RBs looked like the most explosive backs in the game putting up video game numbers for the Bengals and Jets (both teams are rumored to have offensive lines).

    Somebody should write a book called "The Seam - the hole in the Cover-2 defense" - I think someone already has, and passed it around to Bears' opponents and rookie quarterbacks everywhere. I have a terrible feeling that even Alex Smith will have a career day against us next week using Vernon Davis, Bruce and Crabtree. That's career day as in 'good'.

    I thought we were going to win the Superbowl this year, at least get to the show. In spite of the insane management. We got to the show with a good defense and Rex. This year would be a cinch. Urlacher had worked out all summer, he was 10 lbs heavier with muscle, new OL, Pisa .... smoke and mirrors. Suddenly there was no 'over-rated over-the-hill Urlacher in the middle. And how they ran against us. And how they passed. And how the opposition did whatever they pleased when the wheels came off the Lovie train ... and the lack of talent combined with Bubba's inability to adjust in-game just makes you want to puke and die early. The first squeak of a wheel coming off the defense for me was in the Detroit game. Calvin Johnson is running amok on the Bears and I'm thinking Steve Smith playoffs. Bubba reveals his masterplan after the game. "In the second half .... (drum roll) .... I put Tillman covering Johnson." Rounding of f**king applause for the genius! And that's when it hit me. He waited a whole half of football to do the obvious. He waited a WEEK without making sure Tillman was on Johnson the WHOLE game.

    Hope ? Playoffs ? We're already a tie-breaker down to GB and ATL. Philadelphia have a ST/defense and an offense that can score at will seemingly. SF are quite capable of kicking the shit out us. Excellent secondary + Patrick Willis. If we don't stop Gore, Gore will stop us. The only chance we have of winning that game is the historical direness of Alex Smith. Even if we win, we need five more just like it. Assuming (ha!) we get two wins from the Lions and the Rams, where do we find four more pray tell ? Answers on a post card please .....

    Christmas present idea :
    As Cutler battles Marino for greatest QB never to get a ring, Christmas approaches, for your loved ones get them Tommie Harris' new biography - "The Man That Wasn't There".

  • I was at the game on Sunday where Losie Smith robbed me of $250. I have never been more disgusted by the team in my entire life. And since my life has spanned the Wanny years that's saying something.
    There is no optimism, there is no hope for 2009. There is only January. A bright day in January when Espn will break in to sports center reruns and declare that the Bears have fired head coach Lovie Smith with two years remaining on his contract.
    I'm consumed with this thought so much I'm considering rooting for a Bear on Thursday night. A real one. Not the ass clowns that currently disgrace the uniform. A real one; Mike Singletary.

  • Truce Murph. Not hiding just venting at the wrong target. Mea culpa

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah I hate "first" commenters on most sites, but it's a tradition here at Da' Bears Blog, one of which I'm guilty of taking part in.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Flying the "Just Get In!" flag here at work, good work Jeff.

  • MB30SD - way to go man ! Bring it on. None of that blind loyalty bullshit. Word. Halas hall is a nursery for pussies. A bunch of spoilt jocks, waited on hand and foot their whole lives, sitting around Kreutz thinking "Wow, I've heard you're tough". But they're not tough, it's plain to see. At first I thought it was just Olsen and the receivers (except for Hester) that were weak - but it pervades the whole team except for Cutler, maybe Briggs. Cutler's probably the toughest guy on the team. Unless Favre falls under a bus (can we arrange that?) this season is done for Bears fans. Fuck it. Maybe we can get a good OL together within three years and give it a run(if Cutler is still around the Bears slop bucket). Receivers might have some hair on their balls by then ...

  • Got news for ya, Irish. Receivers are the team's strength right now.

  • O.K..... I know I am new to this blog as in adding comments but I have been enjoying it for two seasons now. Thank you Jeff. Seeing I a live a long way from "Sweet Home Chicago" I have to tell all of you how I was able to get out of the funk.. Pulled out the VCR yes..The VCR and tape of the 85' season (Why my Dad and I taped the season is beyond me but for some reason he new it was going to be speacial). I sat my to children down and showed them why we bleed Navy & Burnt Orange if they cut us. A smile and heart pulpitaion came everytime our defense "SMASHMOUTHED SOMEONE" Then my son saw those eyes of one "Hall of Fame" Middlelinebacker "Samuri" and I told him we will see him on Thursday. Even though he will be in Red and Gold he will always bleed "BEAR COLORS". I wish he was are coach. Just a parting thought seeing our season is with (L)imp(D)ick(L)ovie. Remember 83' when Da Coach came in and cleaned house? I beleive it is time again.

  • Well, Neckbeard pissed away that game. 2 crucial interceptions that killed the Broncos chances. I don't care what anyone says. I'll take Cutler any day of the fucking week over Neckbeard. The broncos should be 5-3 after this loss...those lucky motherfuckers. A fucking cat could throw the ball in the air for the Beast to catch, break 3 tackles and sprint 50yds for a TD. If you want to crown him and say the won the trade you can blow me. media are pussies anyway.

  • waffle, it's not a debate. orton won't be starting in two years. anywhere.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    i know, i'm just pissed that we brought in a gunslinger and Ron is trying to hide the bullets...or doesn't know what blanks are.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    it would be absolutely frightening to see Cutler armed with Josh McDaniels playbook.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    It would be more frightening to see him with Denver's offensive line.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Ok Bears fans, now that we all know that this years team is'nt Super Bowl bound, how about starting to look for improvements.

    I have been saying for weeks that our D was the problem. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to that idea. A bad bears D, But our D stinks and that just makes it impossible for our team this year. This is tough to swallow for a team that we had such high expectations of at the beginning of the season. But once you do get over it and get a rant off your chest. Look for improvements, look for areas of improvement, it makes the game fun again. There's still nothin wrong with a Nov Sunday cheering on the Bears hoping for a win or in some years a close game. BEAR DOWN

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    ...NICE Neckbeard last INT with 14 tics left in the fouth... Josh hows that Managing Quaterback... look 28-10

  • Oh besides Cutler, Angelo blows. Here is the Steelers 1st round drafts since 03:
    Troy, , Ben, Timmons, Heath Miller, Ziggy Hood, Santonio Holmes, Mendenhall.


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