My Heart Hurts

Literally.  It hurts.  I pretended not to believe but I did.  Because I come from a long line of fools called Bears fans. 

We got a nice effort tonight.  Nothing to fire Lovie about.  We shall talk tomorrow.

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  • Season over.....hopefully we can spoil a few playoff hopes for others in the last six games. Turner needs to be gone I can no longer accept his predictable play calling.

  • Well now we get to play"who stays an who goes on this roster" I so tired of playing this game for the last 3 seasons.All I can say is try an enjoy what left of this season because the the off season is a long wicked bitch

  • Goodbye, Jerry Angelo. I won't miss your terrible draft record and your complete ignorance of the OL and WR corps. May you enjoy a fruitful 2010 draft of D-linemen in rounds 3-7.

    Goodbye, Ron Turner. Maybe it's tactically sound to run the WR screen several times a game when it's netting an average of .5 yards. Maybe it's smart coaching to run Forte up the middle when he gets stuffed repeatedly. But if it is, that's not a sport I'm interested in watching.

    Goodbye, Brian Urlacher. The Bears missed you more than I thought they would, but you're still way overpaid and taking up tons of cap money that could go towards the offense. I truly hope you make it to the Hall of Fame, but the last 3 seasons don't look so great on your resume.

    Goodbye, Jay Cutler. You're the most talented QB I've seen wearing a Bears uniform since...McMahon, maybe? I feel sorry for you since you're playing for a franchise that curses its QBs. But I'm also sick of watching your sour personality and lack of interaction with teammates during games. I hope that the Bears bring in someone that has the courage to tell you that you're playing like an idiot, gets the most out of your talent, and makes you realize that a QB has to lead with more than just his arm.

    Goodbye, Devin Hester. I've watched you grow from being the best return man in history to a bottom-rung WR. Probably the greatest dropoff for any Bears player I've ever seen. I hope someone has the guts to tell you that you'll never be a good receiver and that you're able to give us one more season of great returns and field position.

    Goodbye, Jason McKie. I'm wondering - what purpose are you supposed to serve during a game?

    Goodbye, Orlando Pace. I have a feeling that the next time I see you on TV will be at your Hall of Fame acceptance speech. It shouldn't be in an actual NFL game anymore.

    Goodbye, Olin Kreutz. You were a kickass player, and a true Bear. I can't tell if you're over the hill or just a victim of bad teammates on the line. My gut tells me that it's both.

    Goodbye, Tillman, Briggs and Alex Brown. I feel bad for you guys.

    Goodbye, Lovie Smith. I won't miss your Cover 0 defense, your terrible press conferences, idiotic clock management, or that squint-eyed, open mouthed look you have when something goes wrong during a game.

    Goodbye, 2009 Bears. I'm taking a knee on my first Bears season since I started watching 26 years ago. I suspect that if you guys haven't already, you will soon.

    Back in 2010.

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    You forgot QB guru Pep Hamilton an the pro bowl qb's he has turned out.

    An good ol' Rod an his"Rushmen"

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    Ron Turner is terrible and Jay Cutler can't be as stupid as he seems on some of his passes (the overthrows and the almost pics). He must be calculating in his mind to get Turner fired. He can't possible really think he can throw through helmets and multiple defenders so often. He really must be doing it on purpose to demonstrate and draw attention to Turner's lameness. He might even be attempting to get Lovie fired so that he can get Shanahan as his coach again.

    I'm sick. (again)

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    Go into your backyard with a football, better yet a barrel of balls. Get a hula hoop, set it on the ground about 30-35 yards from you.

    Now stand there and try and hit inside the hoop. Not so hard?

    Take a 3 step drop, set your feet, and try it. Little harder, not much harder.

    Now try it while in backpedal, and release while moving backward off your planted leg. That got a fuck of a lot harder, didn't it?

    And there, you see, is the problem.

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    None of us are NFL quarterbacks for a reason. Jay Cutler is and he is also a very well paid one at that. He should make those throws. Period. Let's stop making excuses for the plays that are clearly on Jay...bad offensive line or not.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Look gang, we do have hope for the future. Yes, Jay made a few bad passes last night BUT they all do once in a while. Even Elway, The Mannings, Montanta, Marino, they all have/had bad nights.

    Jay is a danm good quarterback, didn't you see how well the ball moved when they went no huddle? Why? Because Jay was calling some of those plays, hell he was on the sidelines with Knox and Bennet with the chalk board trying to do something.

    I have confidence in Jay, I have zero in our coaching, we are literally WASTING talent in some of our players because our coaches do not have any idea on how to use them to the fulliest.

    If we get rid of Turner and I hope Lovie as well and bring in some smart and INTENSE coaches I have very good feelings about 2010.

    Hey Collinsworth! EAT MY ASS because it's going to taste better than the words you'll be eating next year you shit!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    This is tough.....when NBC showed the graphic that teams in 2009 were 29-0 when holding a +3 takeaway margin, I knew we were done. I new we wouldn't finish at +3, and saw a pick coming. Again, on the interception just like the SF game, Bennett was open for the first down over the middle and Cutler didn't look his way. Frustration doesn't describe how I feel anymore. Peanut gave an individual performance for the ages, and it was all for naught. Lance was all over the field, playing with fire that apparently he can't ignite in his D-line. I guess what makes it so tough as a fan is pouring yourself into these guys and this team, and hurting after a loss like this, but seeing the smiles and hugs and handshakes at the end of the game and realizing that maybe these players don't feel the way we do. That's maddening for me. OK, moving forward, there were some good things coming out of last night. Johnny Knox is exactly what I thought he would be in April, and I posted this at the time on the old sight, he's the steal of the 2009 draft in the 5th round. Watching him run down Khalil Bell(who really impressed me with his effort to drive for the extra yard, I like him and Forte as a 1-2 punch going forward) to throw blocks to gain an additional 20 yards on that run was sick. He'll just get better. Bennett has decent hands, he just has to get a better sense of where he is on the field, and quit falling down after the catch. On the O-line, it's time to see what we've got. I completely agree with Urlacher FTW, it's time to see what we've got and what our real priorities are in the off-season. Sit Pace, and play Williams at LT and Schaffer at RT. As far as Lance Louis goes, I've been high on this kid since the draft. I think he's a mauler, in the model of a young Olin, and think he can really help us in the run game. Play our young lineman, get them some experience and use the next 6 games as a springboard to next season. I think we can help our draft status by trading Hester. He's got to be worth a first and second or 1st and 3rd. The most glaring needs to me are Center and Safety at this point. I could go on for days, but I won't. I'd like to see us switch to a 3-4 because I think we have the personnel to pull it off, especially when we get Pisa and #54 back next year. This is blasphemy, but I wouldn't have a problem trading Urlacher and Hester for pics or young players. Just as long as Angelo is running our draft. Shanahan, Cowher, Leslie Frazier, Cincy's D-Coord. That's my short list to replace Lovie. I'd rather see us rebuild and suffer a sub-par 2010 than stay with the status-quo.

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  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Now is the winter of our discontent, motherfucker. -Samuel L. Shakespeare

    Cutler has lost all confidence in Wrong Turner. In his O-Line blocking. In his ability to scramble. In his receivers.

    His attitude is starting to turn around. He's on the sidelines talking to his receivers. He's not being aloof anymore. He is pissed at the core with this organization. He wants change.

    His technique is shit, even his accurate throw for a TD was from the shotgun with an unblocked blitzer bearing down on him. It's not too often you need to throw off your back foot falling backwards from the shotgun. Only when your line is the biggest joke in football. Kreutz can't long snap and then actually block anyone, and everybody in the NFL has seen this on film and is taking advantage of it.

    Gaines Adams looks like a NBA player dressing as NFL for Halloween. Marenelli is an idiot, he took the Lions to 0-16. He wanted this guy? Simeon Rice my ass. Say goodbye to a perfectly good 2nd round draft choice that a real coaching staff and GM could have made hay with.

    Alonzo Spellman once famously said, "we're 0-4 now, but if we win the next three, we'll be 8-4." We need some of that math here now.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Here are the next three receivers drafted after the Bears selected David Terrell in the 1st round from Michigan:

    Santana Moss
    Reggie Wayne
    Chad Ochocinco

    Get it? None of this changes until McCaskey sells this team.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'd also like to point out...

    Mike 'Who Let the Dog Out' Vick ran for 34 yards on us, right up the middle - WHEN WE HAD NINE MEN IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!! NINE!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I say that the story of this season starts and ends with that patchwork offensive line.

    Donovan McNabb had, what, 4 seconds to stand there and hit DeSean Jackson for 6 (and even then Afalava totally misplayed that ball)? Cutler only gets that much time to look downfield if you total up THREE dropbacks. Sometimes FOUR dropbacks.

    He is shell-shocked. He was sacked 12 times ALL LAST SEASON. He's been sacked and whacked more this season than he had been in his entire career in Denver and now he's playing scared because there is NOBODY on that offensive line he can count on from one play to the next. The confidence that won the Steeler game has been STOMPED out of him in the last 8 weeks.

    If they had an offensive line that could even be called AVERAGE their record is at least reversed.

    Orlando Pace: False start at crunch time, again?

    Olin Kruetz: Whiffs on a cut block instead of standing up and taking the guy head-on resulting in a 13-yard sack.

    Roberto Garza: Getting blown off the line and into the back field.

    Chris WIlliams: Standing around WATCHING when a screen pass play comes back to his side and could have gone somewhere if Mr. Williams had HIT SOMEBODY near him (who eventually made the tackle) instead of taking the play off because it was designed to be run away from him.

    Josh Beekman: Made 2 good blocks on Kahlil Bell's 73 yard dash. How'd you get in here?

    And does anybody think Mr. Bell MIGHT have come in handy a little earlier in the season.
    Does anybody think Garrett Wolfe makes that run?

    ANOTHER benchmark for the MYSTIFYING / INANE /LUDICROUS personnel choices that are the Legacy of Lovie Smith's tenure.

    Lastly, did iut look to anyone else like Bell attacked the line of scrimmage with a lot more gusto that Matt Forte. I suspect some of Mr. Forte's confidence has been kicked out of him by this offensive line as well.


    "50% of this game is 90% mental" -- Yogi Berra

    Oh, and Chris Collinsworth, if you did more than 5 minutes preparation for this game I will be stunned. You sounded absolutely IGNORANT regarding the Bears.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Say what you want about coaching. I would place the blame of this season on Angelo. He is responsible for bring in quality players in order to win. Lets say fire Lovie today. With these players, do you think that any coach can come in and win Now? I don't think so. Any one can coach but a Coach need players in order to win.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    My heart hurts too... but I think it has more to do with the food and beverage consuption from last night. I accepted the fate of this '09 team in San Fran, and probably even before than in Cincy.

    Anyway, things need to change for the Bears. The same mistakes and the same issues have been rearing their ugly heads for too long now and it's becoming more than unacceptable - it's becoming an embarrassing indictment for this organization.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yes, Al!

    Bell definately hit the hole at the exact right spots at the exact right times. I want to see him play more before I develop a real opinion of his ability, but last night he was on fire. I watched the Comcast postgame show and they believe that he is playing with more gusto than Forte because Matt has been forced to slow his game down...churning his feet until those dopes on the O-Line can open up a hole. That has thrown Forte out of rythm and he isn't breaking away like he did last year. Forte also looks like he has gained 10 or 15 pounds and whenever he DOES break one, he looks like he's pulling a wagon and gets caught from behind. Bell does not yet have that problem.

    Hey, let's see how Bell does over the next six games. If he does well, then cut Jones and make Bell compete with Forte...why not? A little competition is always a good thing...

    ...unless you are Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    "My heart hurts"?

    Hell, my BRAIN hurts.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Albert i think you're falling into the same trap as this whole fucking town is. The O-line blocked decently last night, Cutler is the one who fucked us in 2 hole last night, and the week before, and in green bay. Facts are we traded our future for a shit bag QB. We are fucked for years to come. I'm going to a squash fan site now...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I agree with you, Mustache. I'm a Cutler fan, but whether it's INTs or missed throws, he can't seem to get it done. A few of these losses are squarely on his shoulders. Everybody in Bears nation can whine about the O-line and the D and everything else, but if Cutler hits those throws we're celebrating a win. Because it wasn't just one big play he missed on last night . . .

    They'll get better.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    I'm sick of the coaching staff, especially ron turner getting the blame for Cutler sucking balls. What plays can you call when your team can't run, and your quarterback fucking sucks? Kinda limits your options. Last night was completely on Jay. he sucked. Plain and Simple, he was fricking aweful. Orton, Grossman, even Craig fucking Krezel makes at least 1 out of those 3 TD's that he missed on. So sick of this shit, i'm going to start following proffesional bowling, or curling or some such shit, cause this team rips the soul out of my body and wipes their furry bear ass with it. Fuck.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Here ya go Coach. Something for your Penthouse Forum language to wax poetic on:

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    Bottom line is that if Jay hits 1,2 or all 3 of those passes then he ends up with 260 yards, 2-4 TD's and no picks. That kind of game gets you laid in the limo on the way to the club. It's the little things that kill. He will get better, the Bears will improve if they address the now glaring issues they have and the sun will rise tomorrow. Step back from your ledges boys.

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    We now have to go 5-1 just to finish above 500.
    How's that sound?

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  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Great great comments on this thread, at least we got that going for us... especially loved westcoastbear's opener...

    How does a QB go from being accurate to being inaccurate? This season, Jay has shown the worst of Rex Grossman and last night, the inaccuracy of Kyle Orton. Do I think that's coincidence? No. Is there some sort of Bermuda Triangle of Lost Quarterback Skills hovering over Soldier Field? No, because it doesn't seem to affect the other teams and it follows us to other stadiums. Is it the NFL form of a Billy Goat curse? No... What else could explain the sameness that we get regarding quarterbacks NO MATTER WHAT THEIR PEDIGREE COMING IN??? It's coming to me... Oh, yeah, COACHING!!!! That's it!!!

    Can we start a poll? We know there's going to be firings. There's actually only two choices - we already know Turner and his little friends are going to be gone gone gone. That one'll win you $1 if you bet $20, and you don't even get free drinks while you're waiting in the sports book. But the real question - will the Bears eat the $10MM and bring in the new head coach? I think they will! (which translates to I hope they will)

    There were a couple of bright spots last night - Peanut, you were beautiful, a return to your old form. Briggs, you were great. The D line was showing signs. Special teams seemed to regain a spark, with some good returns. Robbie Gould, you're brilliant - just wish you could play other positions too. Someone a few threads ago had suggested an offense where we just play for field goals - and it looked like RT listened! That strategy almost won us a game, as horrible as it is to watch! On O - well the only thing I can think of is Khalil Bell, right? Was there anything else to cheer about? Maybe a Kellen Davis sighting?

    I can't get that mad at offensive players who get worse over time - because it happens to EVERYONE on the Bears - all quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, o linemen - EVERYONE - so guys, I just have to say, I don't think it's your fault. Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, you guys will get better - AS SOON AS YOU GET NEW COACHES. And on the flip side, Khalil and Johnny Knox, don't get too excited boys, if the coaching stays the same, you'll get worse next year - it's sadly inevitable! Enjoy the moment while you can!

    Let the polling begin!!
    LOVIE GETS THE AX - 1 Vote in the box!

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Charles Tillman gave it his all last night. Were it not for his excellent play, the score would have been worse. Much worse.

    Yes, now I am down to rooting for individual players....

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    What a fucking disappointment this season is. For the first time in the last 4 years I watched this game fully expecting to lose. This team finds a way to lose every week. Whether its holding on first down to kill drives (that happened like 3 or 4 times) or shit play calling (que bubble screen to hester) or missed wide open WR (3 times) or dropped passes (3 or 4) or... there's lots.

    This team is not good. I have faith that Cutty can develop into a better QB, he is still young. I have zero faith that this coaching staff can maximize that development. These are the same guys who ruined Hester, D. Manning, and generally suck.

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    Devin is apparently so elusive that he lost his OWN jockstrap.

    Sorry - this season has gotten so out of hand that I must continue with the mocking, else lose my mind.

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    I have to vent, this thing is to disturbing.

    This team is a laughable joke and I don't know what can be done. There likely won't be enough free agents on the market to make a difference for next season and the damage that has gone on inside the psyche of the players for the last three seasons can only be repaired by a "real" winning streak of like 4 or more. Winning streak opportunities for the post super bowl three seasons have been blown.

    Bear with me folks, I have to vent stuff you all know already.

    2007 (7-9) Year two of an exciting Devin Hester


    MB down in the first game at SD which was a more than winable game. Allowed LT to a live demonstration of his commercial that was an embarassment to all Bears.

    Allowed Detroit to sweep us and score 34 points in the 4th quarter of the week four game.

    Began the Adrian Peterson takes over where Barry Sanders left off with making the Bears D look like a highschool second string team era.

    Year two of the Devin Hester era setting the stage for false hope, though it was exciting, we were still fresh of a SB run from the previous year so we thought things will probably go better.


    The dreaded QB competition

    Dropped 3 games that were ours with seconds remaining, ATL, CAR, TB and two that were there for the taking Ten and Hou, probably would have played GB better with a less rusty rex after the Ten game and allowing Orton one more week of healing from the high ankle sprain.

    Theme of the season, where did Hester and Urlacher go? Why can't we win a game that means something?

    Now bring in 2009

    The year of Jay Cutler:

    It's earily similar to the previous season in that there are clearly four games that were ours to have and yet it's the same ol same ol with these guys, to me when it comes to these kinds of losses it probably should be primarily on the coaches.

    Let's look at Lovies post Super Bowl method of assessing a season (with my projections of two losses to Min and a loss to Bal)

    1st qtr


    2nd qtr


    3rd qtr


    4th qtr


    Total record 23-25

    If three years isn't enough time to find out that your team is not going to get any better, but only decline I don't know what to look forward to.

    I'm happy with Jay, but if he doesnt fix his mechanics and start doing what he is capable of regardless of Ron Turner and the O line. It's on him to take matters into his own hands if he is surrounded by mediocrity. I really think he is just biding his time to get a new offense and hope for free agent talent to arrive.

    My mind is open, but wow, this thing is off the rails man!!!d

    Vent complete (for now)

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    yea that was basically a moon to the fans that have been watching a Bears team that has looked like ass all season long. Or even better even the last three years.

  • In reply to westcoastbear:

    So close, sclose. Quelle dommage. Although Cutler was off tonight, there really is no point in having a QB with his arm, the speed of Hester and Knox, and then proceeding to throw bubble screens ad infinitum. And Ron, there is nothing in the rules that says you have to run it up the middle on first down. I think if you played Madden on one of those electronic entertainment devices you'd lose to the computer. A pox on your children, and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your genitals, in this and all future incarnations of your lice-ridden form. Get thee hence to endless night and never darken decent company again.

    Angelo, get your smarmy smug bastard face as far away from my Bears as possible - I hear it's warm in hell this time of year.

    Kahlil, hello and welcome to the Chicago Bears. Looking forward to seeing you back on special teams full time Mr. Hester.

    Hard luck Peanut, Turner gave you monkeys. The fat lady approaches ......

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Didn't see the game but followed it on the internet. Really brutal. Turner has become John Shoop and Cutler has become Craig Krenzel. How the fuck does that happen? In 2005-06 we were an over acheiving team getting the breaks. Now we're an under acheiving team getting breaks and doing nothing with them.

    It appears Cutler has totally lost his confidence. With the way the media and "fans" crucify QB's in Chicago this is starting to look like Rex part 2.

    One way to get your confidence back is to get into fantastic shape. Cutler looks more than a little soft. I'm not saying he has to look like Mr Olympia but at least look like you've been to the gym this decade. Other than that, there's no one on this coaching staff that has a clue how to help him. If we don't get rid of Turner, Hiestand and Hamilton this off season, we're screwed.

    Let's hope we can play spoiler and at least go down swinging the rest of the season. Fuck me, is that depressing.

    Go Bears!

  • So, I'm the first to blame this tragedy we call a defense...

    And I know our OL is total shit and blocks about as well as I figure skate (i.e. not at all)...

    And I know our receivers are constantly giving up on routes and short-arming balls and misreading defenses...

    And I know Ron Turner sucks and has all the playcalling ability of that guy in your office who draws up plays in a little notebook for his weekend touch football league...

    And I know that for the most part Matt Forte has run this season like he's playing Thanksgiving football with his ten-year-old nephews...

    And I know that in general everyone around him is poorly coached and the only thing they do consistently is make bad decisions...

    But Jay Cutler worries me more than anyone right now. The man we mortgaged our future for is single-handedly losing games that this altogether awful football team has somehow gotten themselves in a position to win. And it's killing me. He appears to have all the mental toughness and decision-making skills of Kanye West... I want so bad for him to be the answer, but so far, he's been quite the opposite. All I'm looking for in these last six games is for Cutler to pull it the fuck together and play football like he gives a shit.

    Oh, and if you're looking for silver lining, it's this: if Lovie and his joke of a staff aren't all fired at the end of the season, at least the Bears have sucked so bad all year that they won't put us on national TV in 2010 and those of us who don't live in Chicago won't have to force ourselves to watch them bumble to another 6-10 finish.

  • Chris Collinsworth is an incredible ass.

  • Oh brother what a brutal game, but I was almost happy in the end. I mean in reality, at least Philly has a shot at the playoffs right? This team can't beat Minnesota, Green Bay or Baltimore so thats four more losses anyway, since we'll go 6-10 they might as well get something out of the deal.

    I hate being right sometimes, I mean I am happy we upgraded our Civic QB to an Accord QB but we payed for a BMW QB. But all around him we have the same shit sandwich of a horrible line, receivers and Ron Turner. I said all along Jay would look just as bad as KO throwing those horrid plays and he does. I said all along that without the other pieces Jay wouldn't make us better and he hasn't, maybe even worse. Even I thought we made the trade because he could actually hit the deep ball though, I guess I was wrong about that.

    We need to trade Hester while there is some legend left in him. We have Knox and Bennett with the flashes from Aroma we won't lose much and he hasn't been ridiculous in a long time.
    We need to move Williams to LT and Schaefer to RT now. We need to know what we have to have going into the draft, hell bring up Lance Louis for all I care, talent evaluation can start now as the season is done.

  • Cheered my ass off from the last row of Soldier Field last night. What did I get for it? Got to hear Eagles fans recite Fly Eagles Fly after the game winning TD and Cutler's pick to seal it. Enough said.

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