Hub: Bears Ownership Considering Changes

Thanks to Shady for linking the podcast in the comments of the last post.  The podcast itself can be heard here.

Today on The Score, Hub Arkush has made sure-to-be ballyhooed comments regarding Bears ownership "considering the possibilities" of making changes in both the front office and on the sideline of the Chicago Bears. 

Arkush makes one point that I would consider most valid.  Of all the teams that are are going to be possibly looking for head coaches (Panthers, Redskins, Bills, Browns, Raiders) the Chicago Bears will be the most exciting destination because they provide a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback.  The Bears have "identified their best asset" - according to Arkush - and that asset is #6.

All of this may mean nothing but it also may mean everything.  I believe it means the Bears are not committed to Lovie Smith in 2010 and have tired of letting down their dedicated fans. 


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  • Wow, Jeff and Shady. Tremendous find!

  • I thought Al made a very insightful point on the last post:

    "Call me crazy but I do believe they would/will do this. The Cutler trade changed everything. That was such a big investment that they cannot risk having it fail. If Cutler fails and washes out of Chicago this franchise will be down and out for a decade. The money, the multiple draft picks that would be wasted would be catastrophic. That is not an option. They must must protect their investment, and to do that they have to bring in the guy that will get the most out of him. And that guy is not Lovie Bear, or Ron Turner."

    The trade changes everything. While I personally think they'll give Lovie 1 more year (if things don't completely go to hell for the rest of the season) this organization knows it's tied, for better or for worse, to Jay Christopher Cutler and if these coaches can't get the most out of him, they'll find someone else who can.

  • YES! this is the highlight of my football season!!!!!
    Max- bout fucking time somebody restarted the "FIRST" routine... for a minute i thought it was forgotten...

  • Well if we do get a new coach which I hope w do...

    I would like Holmgren, he seems to make a good quarterback, what could he do with an already good quarterback??? That and his knowledge and mind for the game has spurred plenty of important coaches under his teachings of football. That shows his pedigree above other coaches.

    I think Cowher is good, but Dick Lebeau and an always well run organization helped him out.

    I like Cutler's old coach in Denver, but not sure he can create and keep a good defense capable of winning a title.

    That's my opinion.

  • Bears now denying report. Nice. Let's put the pressure on.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Bowlen denied he was firing Shanny up until the day he did it. Shanahan found out he was fired from a reporter.

    This is McCaskey SOP here. Read nothing into it.

  • Jeff where are u reading that at?

  • I want the bears to hire a young Head Coach.

  • Out with the GM and Lovie. Getting rid of Ron Rivera showed me everything I need to know about the man. He hires over the hill friends.


  • Do you really think this team is going to eat Lovie Smith's contract and then pay premium $$$$ for a coach like Cowher or Shanahan? Furthermore, do you think there's any way Angelo brings in a non-cover 2 coach? He only knows how to scout personnel to play in the Tampa 2.

    Sadly, I don't think this team will make a significant change in philosophy until they can cut Angelo's contract. And that won't be for a few years.

  • And I'll also add this:

    remember how bad this team became when Angelo took over and dismantled the team Jauron put together? He shunned the types of linemen that kept blockers off Urlacher for the upfield pass rushers the Tampa 2 required. That development tore apart a top defense in a couple seasons. Granted, he was able to build the defense up again once he had a Tampa 2 coach in place (Lovie), but I fear that if the team went to a coach that didn't run the Tampa 2 (like Cowher) it would be a disaster. Unless, of course, they also ate Angelo's contract. And that's just not gonna happen.

  • Here's what you should have on your Christmas wish list: a new offensive coordinator. This team will give Lovie one more chance to turn around the defense, and will bring in a new offensive coordinator to turn around the offense.

  • Interesting that Hub mentioned Shanahan destroyed the Broncos with his drafting, and Holgren was GM of the Seahawks and couldn't to squat. More interesting is how we could eat $20 Million of contracts just by cutting vets we don't want.

  • It becomes pretty clear why the Bears are where they are and who should be held accountable by taking a look at this link. Be careful...depression may ensue.

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    On that list, here are the real pissers:

    The Bears dealt Chris Harris to Carolina before the 2007 season.

    The Bears failed to apply the franchise tag to Bernard Berrian.

    The Bears have gotten NOTHING out of their top four selections in 2009: Jarron Gilbert, Juaquin Iglesias, Henry Melton and D.J. Moore.

    Those hurt.

  • In reply to SpawnOfDitka:

    denver radio just said shannys not interested in chicago because ownership dosn't want to spend the money to TOTALY rebuild the team his way!

  • you have to do it to get better. simple as that. shanny wouldn't touch our offensive talent. they're cheap and they're talented. he might want some different linemen but there's isn't a coach alive that wouldn't.

    on defense, SOMEONE SHOULD CLEAN HOUSE. i'd cut harris in january. i wouldn't resign ogunleye. the bears are strong at linebacker and decent on the defensive line. but they have been killed this year by not having a safety on the roster. it's actually the team's biggest hole right now.

  • We're whining and crying and pissed off and not being constructive - the following is perhaps naieve and perhaps could not even work, but little snowballs can turn into .. eh ... big snowman torsos .....

    Green bay fans own their team, right ? I know they took over like 80 years ago whatever and it's not all legally cool exactly, but isn't that legal precedent to do it again ?

    ....How much would it cost to buy the Bears ? I have no idea. Anyone got any webspace they could donate ? We should get a petition website going, something like or whatever

    Basically it would start off as a petition, you leave your name and email address and how much you'd be willing to invest, just $5 or whatever, up to you. After time, no doubt, this would add up if Bears fans felt suitably motivated etc. Not that we'd ever get close to a Billion dollars, but it might give somebody closer to the city of Chicago an idea to put the wheels in motion to get the fans, not just Chicagoans, but fans everywhere to buy out the McCaskeys. A couple of high/low profile monied up fans could stump up millions each for bigger shares and combined with all the little investors, you and me, who knows .... ? Bill Murray, Vince Vaughan, Jon Favreau, John Cusack, random businessmen who are Bear-crazy etc. If I was the McCaskeys and someone offered me a Billion reasons to sell up (or whatever it would actually cost) I'd definitely have a think about it. Not drunk, not high, just throwing it out there ....

  • Naturally, the Bears will deny, deny, deny.

  • By the way...I know a lot of you seem to be out of Chicagoland Bear fans. Hub Arkush is a staple on Chicago sports radio 670 the score...and in my opinion, maybe the best analyst Chicago has to offer. It is worth going over to and checking out what he has to say from time to time.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Agreed, I hardly ever miss a segment he's on. The podcasts are great.

  • JUST LOVIE?? Sorry, I want the whole package gone! I want someone to answer this for me. What good does it do to replace another head coach and retain Jerry Angelo? By bringing in another new head coach and allowing Angelo to hold back progress in his own unique way, it's like putting a band-aid on things here. Angelo will NEVER bring a head coach into the fold who might pose a threat to his job. Meaning, we'll never get a coach who knows football because it makes Angelo expendable! It's so obvious, yet, it get's overlooked by everyone it seems like! It's time to drop the McCaskey mentality and start instilling BEAR mentality back into this organization. There's a huge difference between the leadership of the McCaskey clan and the leadership of a bonified NFL franchise owner. The Bears are no exception to the rule....EVERYTHING RISES AND FALLS ON LEADERSHIP!!!

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