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For those of you who have frequented this site over the last couple years, you know I have one simple rule about being an NFL fan: you're only given sixteen games a season.  That's it.  Sixteen.  So you better enjoy the hell out of each one because there's eight months of arid land on the horizon. 

The Bears have played nine of those sixteen games and while their season should be over, it's not.  Even Sportscenter classified the Bears last night as "In the Hunt".  Are the Bears in the hunt?  Yes they are.  They are in the hunt for guts.  They are in the hunt for some damn heart.  They are in the hunt for fifty-three professional men who are capable of delivering a complete game effort.  If they can't find those things, they'll be in the hunt for a new head coach and front office.

Still, Sunday night's game does matter.  Not just symbolically either.  If the Bears can show up and beat the Philadelphia Eagles, without Brian Westbrook for the second straight year, then they'll step into the wildcard discussion.  They'll step in quietly and without fanfare.  


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  • Jeff...I think the only thing I am looking for in the Bears right now is respect...for themselves. Have heart..something. I beleive they have the capacity within, but not sure they beleive in it. When you have a coach that is a limp-biscut it is hard to get motivated. I love when you have your coaches saying things like "I didn't think JC was forcing the ball in the game" RT Shit! RT Our quarterback is doing what ever he can to WIN!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE START A FIRE UNDER THEIR AS$@#!@$. I am not even looking for post season..until we get into this season first!!!

  • If we're looking for a new coach Gruden is out of the picture.


  • In reply to JWilson:

    Guys a clown anyway ....

  • Major problem for Bears even before Sunday's game starts. It's at night. Cutler must not be able to see very well under lights. Hope his pickoffs are few in this one because it's really "last chance saloon" us Bruins. Lose this and turn out the lights(their flickering now). McNabb will throw it all over the lot. What, he went 35-55 for 450 yards yesterday out in SanDog. Plus he loves coming back home to stick it to Chi-Town. Have no idea what Bears team will show up...

  • I'm looking for everyone from the top to bottom to be accountable. Management to ball boy. Be accountable for their job! JUST DO YOUR DAMN JOB! They all do that, we'll win some damn games.

  • When you have today's Sun Times column from Mulligan basically being an apologist for Cutler, that's how low it's gotten. He dissects Cutler's picks and only puts two of them on him. BFD. The picks he threw to Hester? Joe Montana would know that players had been slipping on that part of the field and brought the ball down from where Cutler put it, so if Hester slipped it would sail right to the DB.

    The pick where Hester ran into the ref? Joe Montana would know Hester's limitations, he would have seen that ref and maybe not put that ball up. Montana would have seen Bennett wide open at the end of the game and not tried to drill it into Olsen with two guys on him, because he's his drinking pal.

    Jeff keeps getting disgusted, saying it's over - then calming down mid-week and saying 'wait, we can turn this around'. Jeff, you're like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football from Lucy. You keep telling yourself it will be ok, you won't get screwed again.

    Problem is.... Wrong Turner is Lucy. Lovie, well he's Pig Pen. Can't clean up his mess, is blase about the fact he looks sloppy.

    The season is about evaluating talent for next year. Cutler needs to develop some rappore with Hester and Bennett needs to stun us all and go deep once in awhile. Knox needs reps, and to learn some of the finer points of getting in a CB's head. Olsen needs to learn better run blocking skills. Forte needs to work on his top speed, or just survive long enough to heal that knee for an off season speed program.

    I'm watching the rest of the games on DVR. Just going to FF through all 1st downs, because I damn well know Turner is calling Forte off-tackle and it's going for 1 yard. You know, to ESTABLISH the run. Whatever.

    On D, it's who shows some freakin heart. Butter is supposed to get hard when it gets cold. We'll see. I say the melting is in his head.

    Alfalfa and Payne and Manning and everyone - it's about if they get to be back next year. Vasher is playing his last season as a Bear. Peanut might hang it up from injuries. Bowman will come back.

    Urlacher needs his contract completely overhauled, and when he does come back, he needs to go into a OLB role. Maybe special teams as well.

    It's going to be a grind to watch these games, even on DVR. Esp. when the Vikes come in and steamroll the run right over us.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    "Montana would have seen Bennett wide open at the end of the game and not tried to drill it into Olsen with two guys on him, because he's his drinking pal."
    FINALLY!!!!! Someone has acknowledge the obvious! Bennett WIDE OPEN AND in the ENDZONE AND moving his way in front of JC's bitch...Olsen

    That's what's making me think twice about Cutler and his decision making process...the camera shot behind Cutler was clear as day, and yet he needs to give his boy the ball...WTF!

  • In reply to URkillinme:

    Coach him up! This is his third year as a starter. He's going to make bad decisions. He's going to miss open recievers. He's going to go with intended reciever sometimes when he he shouldn't.

    That's what Pep Hamilton is for. The cocksucker needs to coach Cutler into making the proper reads and firing at the appropriate time. It's not too late. Cutler can and will get better.

    He's not Joe Montana...he's not even Peyton Manning...but he's got great talent and we have all seen what he can do. Just look back at the Gaints preseason game.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    If Grossman and Orton are any indication, Pep Hamilton is not the guy to teach anyone anything.

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    I hate them more than any other NFL team.

  • In reply to sjvl:

    More than the Cowboys?

    That's Unpossible.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Clearly you don't reside in Pennsylvania, or you would feel the pain. Yes, gpldan, much more than the Cowboys. More than the Cheese, although only slightly - that's about a tossup.

    Philly's gotta go.

  • In reply to URkillinme:

    like my father always says: "it's the quiet ones you watch out for."


  • In reply to URkillinme:

    Wow, gpldan! You nailed it!

    Why didn't I see this sooner?

    SHAME on Cutler for not being able to FORSEE THE FUTURE and know when his receivers are going to slip, bump into officials, stop running their patterns or get run over by defnsive backs and not have blatant and obvious pass interference called?!

    How DARE Jay have the absolute TEMERITY and unmitigated GALL to not be CLAIRVOYANT!

    Anybody know if Nostradamus played any QB whn he wasn't predicting the future in those those cryptic quatrains?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    It doesn't have to be Nostradamus. I'd settle for Nick Cage in one of those bad movies where he plays a guy who can kinda see into the future. I think there's about 20 of those movies.

    Everybody told us Cutler was a gunner, and the Denver football press told us 'get ready for a lot of bad decision making.' That was always the knock on Cutler. What we are seeing is all those bad tendencies get worse because he has an O-Line that he can't even make a 5-step drop behind.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah, Denver has done and is doing a lot of bitching about Cutler being gone. I wonder why that is. We all know why that is...


    The kid takes a fucking beating and keeps fucking getting back up. When a fan base cheers when you leave, you pretty much suck. When a fan base bitches and whines about you and how much you suck months after you are gone, then they are distraught that you left.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    These blogs are nice to vent... but what are we accomplishing! If things continue to suck for us change must come soon!

    Now for my offensive venting......

    Well I would love to see JC take more of what the defense gives him, on every play... Find the open man... In two games on the last play when things mattered most I have seen him miss. Once in Atlanta when he tried a throw to Clark when he wasn't even ready to catch the ball let alone open...Hester or Olsen on that play were better choices.... then again as already mentioned above to Olsen on the last play when Bennett was open... These plays where he is trying squeeze in the ball where there are better choices on the field.

    To some up what I expect to see Sunday....
    1. Our Defense Shows Up With pressure & Dominates... get a few turnovers & def touchdowns!
    2. Better play calling on Offense...
    3. JC protects the ball and goes with the open receiver & still has 300+ yard game with no interceptions for once!
    4. Our O-line gives JC the time he needs...
    5. No more bull shit up the middle crap on first down or on the goal line.. Use Forte to the outside and pass him the ball when no one else is open.

    6. We Win Sunday Night! No Excuses!

  • In reply to BEARSFAN78:

    Let's see...

    1. No

    2. No

    3. No.

    4. No.

    5. No.

    6. Maybe.

  • In reply to Shady:

    LOL! Well if we win that what matters

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Bad decision making can be improved. It seems to get worse at night,strangely.

    BTW - I cannot wait for the 21st December 2012. The day after the end of the world. I'll have a party dedicated to the Frakkin Mayans and The Rapture of the Bible Yada yada - you were all wrong and now look silly for eternity. yay religion.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I forgot we have to wait until night to see the Bears get there tails torn off. Guess it will be an early night. The Bears blow at night games then add this seasons nightmares. Going to be a long boring game.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    HAHAHA had the chance to see LDL after practice today (Bears Site)says in his LDL tone " We have been in this situation before...I have said the same thing before, we did some good things out there. WHAT?????? YOUR A FU!#@!$@$@#ING broken record LDL.. It is like see a drug addict or an alcholic try to explain why it is o.k. with what they do. It's passive attitude the way he explains that it's o.k. THAT WE SUCK!!!!!!!! PLEASE SOME ONE SEND ME HIS ADDRESS SO I CAN SEND HIS SORRY ASS A YEAR LONG PERSCRIPTION OF VIAGRA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    In the hunt? really? Normally I would say we're in the hunt for a good draft pick, but Denver's in the hunt for that pick now, not us. We got Cutler instead. 2 # 1 picks. Nice move Bears brass. He may not be worth 1 of my # 2's. I really, really hope i'm wrong, but all signs point towards Jay "Jeff George" Cutler. The only hope we have in this game is if the same Iggle team that lost to the raiders shows up, and even then it'l come down to the end...

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I'm really torn right now. I want to root for the Bears to turn it around for Cutler's sake and I want to enjoy an however brief playoff run. However I think I want Lovie gone even more. Because 2010 with Smith as coach is just another wasted year and means we missed out on some great coaches....

  • In reply to URkillinme:

    "Anybody know if Nostradamus played any QB whn he wasn't predicting the future in those those cryptic quatrains?"

    Yes...oddly enough, he predicted the Bears would win the Super Bowl in the 2012 season....DAMN YOU NOSTRODAMUS

  • In reply to URkillinme:

    Quarterbacks don't have eyes in the backs of their heads. Cutler was on the run 35% of the time, you can't see every open receiver when you're running for your life. See Sanchez throw it to a linebacker who was literally three feet in front of him ? I can't believe the guy was able to cathc the ball ! Shit happens. He's the best thing that's happened to this club since 1986 and all people can do is whine and bitch. I remember when Troy Aikman sucked, Vinny Testaverde ...and Brett Favre (who is not a young man) threw as many INTs as TDs last year did he not ? The camera shot was clear as day ? Since when do QBs have access to camera shots, WTF ? He's playing football, not Madden on the PS2 !! You take the frakkin snap behind a line that can't protect you and see how you fare! Frakkin armchair QBs ...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    No, Urlacher needs to go back in the middle.

  • Guys, what's the love affair with Gruden? Just asking.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Precisely. He's a tool. No way he should be allowed near my Bears.

  • Dan Grossman anyone?

    Let's discuss:


    "Obviously, the last 20-something quarterbacks that have played in Chicago have not all been complete failures as quarterbacks," Dan Grossman said. "They obviously played somewhere before Chicago in order to be on that team. And several of them played respectably well after leaving that team. To me, there's an inherent organizational problem with the quarterback position."

    Can't really argue with what he's saying, but that doesn't mean his son is anywhere close to as talented as the Bears current QB Jay Cutler. This organization has made the correct 1st step in acquiring a franchise QB, but now they have to work on getting the talent around him (OL and/or #1 WR) and finally getting the right coaching to put him in a position to succeed.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Interesting, I'm worried he may be right. To me the bottom line is that we've had exactly one offensive coach in the last 30 years in Mike Ditka. And even the coach wasn't a offensive coordinator or qb coach either. To me that the problem.
    Also I will say that this "legend of bad quarterbacks," has also taken on a life of it's own. We've actually had some pretty solid qb's over this time that seem to be forgotten because they either didn't last or were just run out of town.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Lobo..We're all Drunkard Bear fans. That's why we come back for more pain week after week. I quit the booze 17 years ago and I'm still getting loaded just by freaking watching my Bears. After SF game when we self destructed, I felt dizzy...then I realized that Bears make fan base all FACKED up. Had a bad headache next day too. Never needed/attended AA but I might want to start saying shit like "My name is Bill W". Bear Down PLEASE!I can't face EGGGLES FANS IF WE LOSE AT HOME.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    As a proud Chicagoan living in Pennsylvania, I could not agree with you more. IGGLES win = a living hell for me.

  • In reply to Shady:

    He is right, this is exactly what many people have been stating on this blog for a while. As I sit at home watching the game I can probably guess 80+% of the time what play (run or pass) they will run on any given series. It is way too predictable and they try to run inside on 1st and 2nd down without the line to do it. How often do you see Cutler go outside on bootlegs and pass out of the pocket except when he has to scramble to make something happen?

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Good point about moving the pocket and bootlegs. The brass has been talking about it for 4 weeks now and we STILL have yet to see it... Even in the redzone where it would probably be most effective! Unbelievable.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Plays for designed rollouts and scrambling rules apparently were never addressed in training camp. There's a shocker.

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:



  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Word, MB. Word. We got the QB, now we need to build. But how ?!

    O-Linemen - What I'd like to know is how they're going to rebuild the OL though. Can't get good linemen on Ebay, not going to get them through FA. Have to draft them, and we don't have the picks. Major problem.

    D-linemen - Pass rush !! A smaller fast guy please. Picks, picks, picks. Don't have.

    Receivers - we need a 6'4 monster go-to guy - possible through FA. Angelo Frakked up there this year. Marshall and Boldin are dying to move. Is Calvin Johnson going to happy in Detroit ?

    Linebackers - I said this before the start of the season ... what if Brian goes down ? Where's our roster, our up and coming guys ? He's a year older next season and MLBs don't grow on trees. Any studs available will be first rounders and no one will be on the market. We should have thrown Patrick Willis in a laundry bin and brought him back to Chicago.

    Secondary - we've already screwed the pooch by getting rid of Mike Brown, not beefing up with Sharper/Dawkins. Tillman to safety ? Again, picks ... short of.

    RBs - we do not look good at RB. Teams are moving to committees in the NFL, the days of having a single stud in your backfield are over.

    Management/coaching - Ted Philips. I want him to die. Say what you like about Lovie/Turner/Angelo, but Philips has them there, he's the boss. It's his bag. Get thee hence to endless night ! We need a tough coach. The softly softly approach does not work with big children. They need an angry daddy like Ditka to keep them in line and up to their responsibilities. Cowher has had success and fits the bill. Ditka for G.M/President/whatever ....

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    "O-Linemen - What I'd like to know is how they're going to rebuild the OL though. Can't get good linemen on Ebay, not going to get them through FA. Have to draft them, and we don't have the picks. Major problem."

    John Tait. Free Agent.

    Maybe if we hadn't given up on Marc Columbo, we wouldn't have needed Chris Williams.

    OL is probably the EASIEST area in the NFL to address via Free Agency.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Grossman was

  • In reply to Shady:

    Fuck off Mr. Grossman. And you're son is a bell-end.

  • In reply to Shady:

    In other news, Cedric Benson's mom says the Bears running back coaches suck.

    Justin Gage's uncle says the Bears WR coaches have systematic problems.

  • Well Grossman = Drama so as long as he doesn't line up in a Bears uni I'm all for it.

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