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  • Nice touch Jeff....

  • nice song choice. who knew jeff had soul lol

  • I'm upset Dez isn't going to be playing Sunday, he's a pretty tough dude so the injury must be serious, but I'm pissed off at Garrett Wolfe going down for the rest of the season.

    Damn it.

    What the hell do we have in that guy?!

    He obviously can't be a 3 down back, and behind this line he doesn't stand a chance being run up the gut. The Bears need a guy who can pound the ball and maybe break a tackle every once in a while. Forte and Wole are shifty backs who can run the ball behind a good line and juke a man in space, but the ability to break a tackle and THEN get yourself into space is what separates running backs in the NFL. Perhaps he's a bit banged up and not 100%, I mean his rookie season this offense was basically Forte so he can't possibly be fresh. Adrian Peterson is a tough runner, I honestly wouldn't mind using AP more in the run game.

    Forte's Forte has been catching the ball in space and THEN running upfield. If you can avoid running him up the middle where he isn't successful why not let AP grind out the tough yards? Of course blocking usually makes up half of the equation anyway, but I want a RB who can pound the rock and break ankle tackles for the extra yardage.

  • I'm a Vikings fan but I actually hope you guys win tomorrow. I want you Bears fans to get a false sense of hope you might actually make the playoffs so next week we could crush those hopes into smithereens in the dome.

  • In reply to John:

    Hey fuck-O. Why don't you piss off asshat.

    No, seriously man, just go away. Why are you here again? Jebus christ... go molest one of your favorite farm animals you fucking hillbilly. You

  • In reply to John:

    Don't feed the troll

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    SC, as I've alluded to in two previous posts now...

    My username is MB30SD, and I'm a troll feeder. It is my therapy, it is my outlet. I enjoy it and I can't stop... I won't stop.

    And I cannot force myself to be as collected or witty as either Jeff or Al (as brilliant as those responses were), my form of therapy only arrives as the vehicle of a low-brow smackdown.

    I am MB30SD

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK MY COCK MCNABB!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to John:

    the "I'm black and I'm proud" comment is definitely from The Commitments

  • a John go fuck yourself

  • Hey..ViQueen..What the hell are you doing here? Go back to your ButtF!@#!$@!$NG Purple pussies.. ASSMUNCH.

  • False Sense of Hope, noun, singular. A person or persons who believes Brett Favre won't throw their season away in the postseason.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Always the gentleman

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Also, for you Holmgren fans:

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Love that damn song.

    I'll be at the game tomorrow...plenty of tailgating in my future. Gonna be a great night for football. Might be the first time I've gone to a Bears game and not frozen my ass off. It will be strange to have a beer without the foam freezing to the cup.

    Enjoy the game everyone. Go Bears!

    Oh, and fuck John and his fucking dome. What a shit hole that thing is. The Twins and Univ. of Minn. were smart enough to get out of there. Maybe the Vikings will too...all the way to LA.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    John, John, John.

    You are living proof that ignorance is bliss.

    Talkin' smack as if the playoffs were starting tomorrow!

    Guess what? If they were, the road to the Superbowl goes thru New Orleans, not Minnie-a-no-place.

    Ahh, but the playoffs DON'T start tomorrow. They start in January.

    Until then, I suggest you beware of these 'serpents' in your little Viking Paradise:

    1) Who knows how long Narcissius' surgically repaired, 40-year-old shoulder will continue to function properly. His NEXT throw could be his LAST. Without anyone laying a glove on him he could cut one loose and you might hear "Snap...Crackle...Pop" and it won't be your Rice Krispies talkin'.

    2) Just for fun, NOW he's dealing with groin issues.
    With a 40-year-old-groin. Speaking as someone who has had a 40
    year old groin, this is NOT good news.

    3) Adrian Peterson continues to build on his legacy as a
    Hall-Of-Fame.......fumbler. You can get away with him laying
    it a couple times against the Lions but try and picture it
    in the post-season.

    4) Fox Sports was illiciting suggestions for nicknames for your
    defense last week. How about "The Purple People Cheaters" in
    honor of those two fat slobs who've been dodging a well-
    deserved 4 game suspension. Guess what? The possibility STILL
    LOOMS that the suspensions could happen this season.

    5) By the way, last I saw, that defense was giving up rushing
    yards at better than 4 yards a pop.

    6) Ziggy Wilf just extended Brad Childress' contract to 2013.
    A coach whose scalp you folks were howling for not too
    recently. Sounds like a "Kiss-of-Death" if I ever heard one.

    So, why don't you absorb the above 6-pack I just laid out for you and crawl back to your little Vikings blog, eh?
    That place where your hoser intellect burns like the Northern lights in comparison to the rest of the ice-fishing neanderthals there.

    Down here you are just a 4-watt utility bulb.

    Face it, John, as Jeff so succinctly demonstrated in 22 words,
    if this were a war, you would be FRANCE. In total retreat and just looking for a railroad car to go surrender in.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    What's great about front-running fans like John is the mess they leave behind when the train catches up with them.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I'm actually somewhat optimistic about tomorrow because:
    1) If J-Cut doesn't throw 5 picks, we beat the Eagles going away,
    2) The Eagles defense has major problems at linebacker,
    3) the way that the Eagles blitz, Cutler will have a field day with hot reads to Forte and Knox. I expect a big day out of pumpfake and go long, son!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    and Jeff - thanks for the Sam Cooke.
    Much appreciated.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Boy Al. You really laid the wood!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Very off topic, but I saw The Blind Side last night. It's good. As a football fan, I recommend it.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I'll be waitin all day for tonight I hope these fuckers that call them selfs professionals EARN their paychecks this evening and spoil donavens homecoming!Bear Down And Sam Cooke 4-life nice pick JEFF!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Very, very nice Al. Loved the French reference (the only thing wrong with France is the French). Excellent.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I would be a "don't feed the trolls" camp but that is an awesome response. Thankyew and thankyew again!

  • In reply to Albertintucson: your earlier post absolutely agree with all. AP will never be a star and Forte is the better player but AP is pretty solid and gives 100% even when others obviously don't. As for Wolfe at least we won't have to watch Turner run our smallest RB up the middle on our own 2 yd line.

    Forte does VERY well with running after the pass either designed pass play or outlet. AP blocks well protecting the QB and is a good outlet receiver as well.

  • Kudos on the return Jeff

  • The Commitments

  • I'm figuring The Commitments...

  • Nice touch Jeff. If you guys (and ladies) dig the song buy Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club. There isn't a bad song on it and it's a great party record. King Curtis plays sax on it and between his playing and Sam's great pipes, it will blow you away. There is another live Sam Cooke album (the name escapes me) but it's pretty lame.

    Speaking of lame, I'm glad to see John the troll is back. It's comforting knowing his life is so empty and shallow he has to go to other team's blogs for kicks. Other than that, being a BiQueens fan is really rewarding.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:
    For those of you who want to hear previews and are too lazy to dig up this record on your own...

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Thanks for posting the link. I went through all the reviews. Apparently I've got the original recording and not the newly remastered one. Lots of complaints about the new one bringing out Sam's voice and pushing the band and audience to the background. Oh well.

    Go Bears (and Sam Cooke)!

  • James Brown used to sing that in about every other song. You'll have to give us the answer later.

    Go Bears!

  • "Are ye takin' that horse in the lift ?"
    "'Course, sure the stairs'd kill him ...."

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