Five Things That Have To Change

  • The Chicago Bears can no longer employ Tommie Harris.  Today
    was Tank Johnson's gun house and Cedric Benson's boat ride.  I don't
    care if he goes to another organization and leads the universe in sacks
    and tackles-for-loss.  I don't want him anymore and I think if you
    polled fans, over 90% would agree with me.
  • Al Afalava can not start.  The guy is lost on blitzes and a terrible tackler.
  • Lovie
    Smith must be put on notice publicly by the organization.  Either Jerry
    Angelo or Ted Phillips must come out and state to gathered media that
    Smith is not maximizing talent and hasn't out-coached an opponent since
    the 2006 NFC Championship Game.
  • Chris Williams should start at
    left tackle Thursday night.  If Williams is really the future at the
    position, the Bears can ill-afford to waste eight weeks of
    development.  It's best now for both he and Cutler to get the
  • Gaines Adams should be worked regularly into the
    rotation.  Adewale Ogunleye should be worked out.  The frugal Bears
    should play politics and keep Ogunleye from building the stat sheet in
    meaningless minutes.  Put him on the sideline and maybe they can get
    him to stay for a few less nickels in March.


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  • And just think! We only have to wait until THURSDAY to see MORE!

  • i'm almost starting to feel the way i did during jauron years. i just wanna seem them play hard.

  • I never understood the excitement of bringing in Rod "0 for 16" Marinelli as a coach .. also, does Lovie call the defense these days? Isn't he supposed to hire someone to do that? This team badly needs an offensive and defensive line

  • O-line can't be judged on this game.

  • And think about this, as well. The Cardinals embarrassed the Bears with one hand tied behind their back. Boldin didn't play...just think how bad it would have been with him...more scoring quicker says I.

  • Watching the defense look completely lost for the entire 1st half was one of the most painful experiences in my entire Bears Fandom. How could you NOT double-team Larry Fitzgerald?

    And then the refs jobbed us the entire second half. It was pathetic.

  • And just what is wrong with Hester at WR?

  • In reply to StarkyLuv:

    Hear, hear! I'm totally with you. Hester at wide receiver is the best decision of the past three years, save signing Robbie Gould to a big contract (he being of the very few Bears that has not decided that a big contract is an excuse to suck).

  • In reply to StarkyLuv:

    Saw the last 3 quarters of the game. We stink on ice. No effort from the D in the first half. Lovie woke them up at half time but it was too little, too late. The refs totally screwed us but we would have lost either way. At this point I don't care if Tommie ends up on milk cartons. What a Fucking Loser! The coaching staff is bad but our players are nothing to write home about. Lack of effort and lack of execution. I see 6-10 to 8-8 at the best. WONDERFUL just Fucking wonderful!

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I would absolulutey not let lovie play the cover-2 ever again,it just sucks with the players we have.better yet fire lovie,turner,angelo(who has he drafted for our future?) and start over again for the 25th straight year.oh,by the way lovie,how close did you say we were at the end of last year,the year before that,and the year before that???? this close..............HA now i go to the Bulls & B-hawks 2 1/2 months early, oh well,maybe next year. maybe means w/o lovie and turner

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    it just sucks that GB, SF and the Giants all lost. This would have been a good day to make some headway in the wildcard race. We've got some serious problems on D but i don't even know where to start except that losing Urlacher and Pisa really fucking hurt man.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    The difference in technique at the corner positions between 06 and now is one thing: they were jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage and not giving them a free release off the line.
    I think that's what Bowman was meant to do and it's really how little work he's getting at it. Anybody heard what the story is with the injuries, particularly Tillman and Volcano (who I vehemently disagree with Jeff on - he can tackle, but he's falling into the Lovie-trap of trying to strip the ball first).

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I had just finished telling my son that the beating was getting so bad that the 'game ending injuries' were sure to follow. Sure enough, Peanut (who was just getting torched all day) hit the dirt with a 'shoulder'. I never thought he was a quitter, but when things get this dark you find out all kinds of things about the team...some that you really don't want to know.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I've said it before. Tommie will end up on another NFL team next year...come back and destroy us. Yeah, what he did yesterday was VERY stupid but when he left field, intensity went with him. There's something VERY WRONG in the locker room and front office. Defense was running around field all day like they had no clue of what was coming at them. Coaching situation is perfectly exemplified through one simple picture. That of Lovie looking wistfully towards heaven with no facial expression. Dude is fricking clueless as to what's happening right in front of him. He's lost the entire team..... NO ONE SEEMS TO FEAR HIM OR ANYONE ELSE on his staff. Clean house and start search for new coach. NOW!

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Tommie Harris does not have the ability to destroy anymore. He is playing on 35 year old knees and is in denial about it. I think he punched that guy yesterday because he knows he will never again be the Tommie that this city expects and doesn't want to keep facing the media about his playing performance. He is trying to shrink himself in this city, unfortunately he did it yesterday in a way that set a horrible tone for his team.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Picture say's it all! There's that dumb-ass bewildered look on Lovehammers face for all to see.,0,6873547.column

  • In reply to tkfay:


  • In reply to tkfay:

    You forgot a 6th change, Jeff. Get Ed Hochuli out of the NFL.

    Pay attention. ext time you see Mike Carey's crew work.

    Flag on the play. Carey has a brief word with the official who threw it and makes the call. Elapsed time: 10 seconds.

    By comparison, every time the Hochuli crew makes a call there has to be board meetingwith 3 to 5 officials before that preening, blow-hard announces it. Elapsed time: 30 second to a minute.

    Hochuli could referee NBA games with Tim Donaghy and if you haven't read the xcerpts from Donghy's book on deadspin, you need to.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    You forgot a 6th change, Jeff. Get Ed Hochuli out of the NFL.

    Pay attention. next time you see Mike Carey's crew work.

    Flag on the play. Carey has a brief word with the official who threw it and makes the call. Elapsed time: 10 seconds.

    By comparison, every time the Hochuli crew makes a call there has to be board meetingwith 3 to 5 officials before that preening, blow-hard announces it. Elapsed time: 30 second to a minute.

    Hochuli could referee NBA games with Tim Donaghy and if you haven't read the xcerpts from Donghy's book on deadspin, you need to.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Mea culpa on the double post.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    I'm tired of hearing the term "the ghost of George Halas"! The man left behind a band of parasites that have been infecting this organization every since he croaked! I believe with my whole heart that Halas and his pompus self purposely left this organization set up to fail after he was gone for many generations to come! Why else would his family continue to hold on to this team and infect it the way they have?? The BEAR FANDOM needs to rally in the streets and demand these clowns relinquish ownership!

  • In reply to tkfay:

    I don't remember a 3 game span where the Bears got so physically owned and beat in the mouth. And 2 of those games were home and one was a victory. Teams are teeing off on us and we are not even getting up to return the gesture. We are giving up. There is no heart on this team, no fight. Offensive linemen are Lovie/blank starring at Cutler while he is on the ground after taking a beating, opponents sidelines are yelling and screaming at our guys after we get popped and we're just taking it. It's not a coaches or players issue, it's both.

    After the Cardinals 4th or 5th straight TD yesterday, they showed Briggs on the sideline talking to Lovie. It looked like Briggs was telling Lovie what to do and Lovie just nodded his head yes. Briggs looked sorry for Lovie, like he had lost control of this thing and like he needed help coaching.

    I want Cowher, Shanahan, or Chucky. Unfortunately with 2 years at 5 mil per left on Lovie's contract and with any of those guys asking around 5 mil per, the Bears are not going to eat that money. Lovie is too expensive to cut, so they will waste their money on Angelo free agency picks.

    I want a coach that is on the sideline communicating with players and coaches when things aren't going right. Who is talking, trying to figure out the problem. Once in a while maybe get in someone's face to try and turn it around. Lovie, on the other hand, becomes a statue when the going gets tough. He goes into his shell and doesn't come out. This is not solely coaching rather than personnel issues, its both. But, the Lovie demeanor has spread to the way players are playing and it makes me sick.

    Fuck stats or chasing the wild card. Until the Bears follow one of the most basic tenets in football they will not be any good: Go hit someone harder than they hit you. If you get hit in the mouth, the next play you go hit someone in the mouth harder.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Jeff, I agree with you on every item except starting Chris Williams at left tackle. Don't get me wrong I know what you're saying being such a high draft pick and the future of the position, I just don't think he's ready yet. He's having enough trouble on the right side and there's no way that's going to improve going to the left side. I say give him at least the year at right then try the switch next year after a full year going against NFL talent.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Nicole said it best in the first post - Lovie should be afraid for his job. If he isn't, then there is somethign seriously wrong. I know it's a short week so he gets a reprive - but another stinker Thursday - to Mike Singletary no less!!! - and Angelo CANNOT stay silent. There has to be ACCOUNTABITY and as one columnist said today - if Lovie isn't accoutable, then who is?

    NO sense of urgency fro all three games since the bye. What in the world is going on there? It's the kind of thing where a LEADER steps up. Lovie is NOT a leader - PERIOD!

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Two things:

    Start Corey Graham moving forward.

    Second, regarding Tommy Harris, I think Mr. Singletary's words sum it up best:

    "Cant play with him.....Cant win with him.......Cant do it".

  • In reply to tkfay:

    As tough as things are right now, I still see some good things happening with these '09 Bears. Hear me out. We've got skill on offense with Cutler, Forte, Knox, Bennett, Hester and Olsen. I think C. Williams moves to LT now. Smart for the future, and the pressure is off at this point. We've got a few guys I'd like to see get some time on the o-line, first and foremost is Lance Louis. The guy is a brawler, plays angry, and could bring some fire. Not sure what to do with Pace, maybe RT but I doubt it. He's done, but he's too proud to admit it. The point is, our D gets better next year with #54 and #59 back. Will anybody give us a #2 or #3 for Tommie? If so, I say do it. I'd also consider trading Hester for picks or straight-up for Boldin. With an angry, athletic O-line this offense will be sick(with someone else calling plays-hopefully Shanahan). Focus on one side of the ball, the one we happen to have the most talent on, and this team gets good in a hurry. It's time to see what we've got, and cut old dead weight. We are what we are on D, and I don't see things getting better this season. I'd like to see us work a no-huddle, pass-happy attack and let Jay call the game on the field. I'm rambling, and looking for bright spots.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Also, I figured everyone would be throwing in the towel this week, but I think its more important, if you plan on watching this train wreck on a weekly basis, that we just simply re-evaluate your expectations for this team and look for something to hang your hat on. I would like to believe that these guys are professionals and are not just going to give up. So, as we have done SOOO many seasons here, pick something on this team to watch for any approach each game with a positive when you are out of it, its much more relaxing...

    Chin up Bear fans...we've been through this before.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Can we start booing yet? Or do we still have to wait? I only ask because I have seen were some Bears fans/players were upset that some fans booed. Or must we keep cheering on a loser of a team? The performance of the Bears in the last three weeks was horrible. As it stands right now, we are a few years away from having a contending team. The O-line needs to be replaced. And from the looks of it all of the defensive players need to be replaced. And finally the coaching staff needs to be replaced as well. I am sick of watching emotionless Lovie on the sidelines. Looks like he lost his team.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    We have a Virus and it is called L1S1..What it does is slowly puts you into a coma and a state of is a discription of it "the cause of coma is not clear, various investigations (stupid play calling, medicore attitude, taking full responsibility) may be performed to establish the cause and identify reversible causes. Coma usually necessitates admission to a hospital and often the intensive care unit. do you see how many of our players seem to be getting hurt.. AGAIN it is the frame of mind that our coaching staff is placing on our players. We NEED TO SURGICALLY REMOVE LOVIEFEST or L1S1.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    Hey maybe you guys can watch me play tonight. Win or lose my team is better than yours.

    Love, Kyle Orton

  • In reply to bearfanindenver:

    Yeah that was great Kyle, Three INTS and no TDS against Pittsburgh tonight. A team Jay managed to dissect with no offensive line, receivers or much defense to speak of. When the rest of Denver realises you can't get the ball downfield, the fun will really start. At least you broke 200 yards ...

  • In reply to bearfanindenver:

    I agree with Bill W on this one. I don't recall seeing Rock on here posting anything before and the one time he does it's to advertise his own blog. Kind of lame. I miss the old site.

  • In reply to tkfay:

    I agree there are some things that need to be changed....but firing anyone is not the answer.

    Here's why in The Rock Report on


  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Tommie Harris is a cancer, an idiot, and any other stupid ass name one can come up with - I'd love to see the team do what Tampa did to Keshawn Johnson a few years ago - Don't cut him, just deactivate the bastard and let him rot on the bench!

    Here's the problem - Look what has happened to the defense in the two games he has missed - Cincy and Yesterday!

    He doesn't have stats that show up in the box score, but obviously he does something when he's in there. So basically we are screwed, in a catch 22 or whatever we want to call it.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Here a snippet from Alex Brown that makes me wonder
    "We keep saying, 'Go home and soul-search and look at yourself,' but I don't know," Brown said. "There might be something more. There might be a little more than that."

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    decatur, that quote is my post tomorrow. i'm researching.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    When Lovie and his good pal, Tony Dungy sit around the coffee table and talk football:
    "We have some things we need to work on, Tony"
    "Yes, Lovie, your Quarterback's attitude needs an adjustment; he needs to look at his priorities and ask himself if he's doing the best job he can do"
    "Thanks, Tony - I'll have to talk to Jay and maybe we can do some yoga before practice - calm his soul a little."
    "You're welcome, Lovie - care for some more chai?"

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    larry is a paid stooge. he is the PR arm of the Bears.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    The Bears are only chasing two teams for the wildcard, one comes to Soldier in two weeks. Just sayin....I can't quit.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    True, Jeff, The Bears ARE still .500 and in the thick of the Wild Card chase with several other teams that include the Giants, 49ers, Falcons and Packers.

    Mr.Aikman pronounced that "A Wild card team is not coming from the NFC North" .

    Oh, really, Troy? Why? Because you still overrate the VAUNTED NFC East?

    The Eagles lost AT HOME tonight to your Cowboys (who folks were playing taps over a couple weeks ago) which makes a nice bookend for their putrid performance in Oakland earlier this season.

    The Giants just crashed & burned, also at home, for their FOURTH straight defeat, after folks, such as yourself, were calling them the NFL's best.

    How about the NFC South? After New Orleans I don't see any powerhouses there. Atlanta doesn't look like a world-beater to me and Matt Ryan looks pretty average lately.

    That said,I don't see any "fixes" available for our team.
    Other than MAYBE Williams to right tackle, what can they realistically do?

    The Bears are like the word KAYAK.
    Even when you spell it backwards you get same damn thing.

    And contrary to what you may think, I actually feel WORSE about the Bears in light of the Packers and Giants woes because they merely underscore a golden opportunity lost for the Bears.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    What annoys me is that this week, the offense was actualy quite good. If the defense had actually come to play, the offense would have probably delivered a win. We can not put this one on Ron Turner or the offense because in almost every facet of the game, they came to play....

    The defense OTOH..... injuries? Perhaps.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    It has been many years since i can remember the Bears being totally dominated,asses kicked,blown-out at halftime,twice in three weeks.

    Losing when you know we have a poor team is one thing,getting your ass handed to you week after week by middle of the road teams at home and on the road is sickening.

    I think the shit is ready to hit the fan as far as Tommie Harris goes,what happened to this guy,from pro-bowl to whining head case.

    I agree that gutless performances fall on the coaching staff,but i dont see anybody getting fired-yet. 4-4 dont get you fired.

    A month from now when its 20 degrees and Soldier Field is half full because of no-shows then you will see somebody fired.

    What a shame we have to FEAR every team in the league,thats how bad it is.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I don't think the outcome would have been any different but the score sure should have. 2nd and 25, Warner throws out of the end zone while pressured.. to ... noone within 10 yards. How that wasn't a grounding safety I don't know. Would have given our O the ball in an 11 point game. I still think we blow it defensively anyway but the call should have been made.

    The good thing is that Im sure Bears tickets are going to be way more available now, so I can afford to go freeze my tail off and watch them play with no heart. That was such a weird loss, the way our Oline protected, got push on 3rd and short, ran scrrens effectively and even ran the ball well early just to watch the D take it's turn in pissing one away.

  • Are you kidding Me? It's not Lovies' Fault? The words "The Buck Stops here" needs to be expressed. This Limp DICK in a whore house I am sure sang Kumbaya in the locker room after the game. Dali Lama or not THIS IS A VIOLENT GAME!! and damn it it should be played that way. He is uninspiring and his players play that way. OMG If I were coach I would of had a baseball bat and beating each and every player to grow some BALLS and PLAY THE F!#@!#@#KING game with some passion!!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    I'm sure Lovie gets mighty heated behind closed doors.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    The chicago bears have given up 31 points in the first half of a football game exactly 5 times since 1920... prior to 2009. FIVE FUCKING TIMES. This season we have done it twice. This D is awful. It's awful with tommie harris in, and its just shy of embarassingly fucking awful with him out (see cincy and yesterday).

    You aren't going to win many games in the NFL if your opponent doesnt have to punt ONCE in the first half. how does this happen twice? Its like during the bye week Lovie decided to teach this team how to suck. Nothing has changed since the steelers came to town. Same players, coaches, etc. WTF is going on?

    just a shame. We actually have a good offense, but Turner can't call a great game. The D is lost. I mean just terrible. This is a sad sad time for chicago bears fans.

    i am pissed.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    losing urlacher and brown this year really hurt the team. seems like there is a huge leadership vacuum in the locker room and those two really held it together.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    Face it...Lovie is just like some of our players.

    Meaning, after signing a fat contract, he decided to take it easy. He always looks like he doesn't give a shit...whether on the field or in a press conference.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    The scary thing is...considering this is a league that still has Dick Jauron as a head coach (Bills fans must want to shoot themselves in the head by now), another team would probably pay Lovie more money than the Bears management since he made it to a Super Bowl.

    Which is an additional reason for Lovie to NOT GIVE A SHIT and why he hasn't changed his defensive scheme or drafting in years, even after teams learned to adapt (or his players became ancient and aging)

    (Of course, who could have expected the train wreck of no Urlacher and the WTF happened to Tommie Harris this year? But the bad secondary...that's your fault Lovie)

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    You would think there would be some clause in all nfl contracts regarding gross negligence. I think after firing Rivera for Babaich, demoting Babich for yourself, and bringing in the biggest loser coach in the history of the NFL to save you Dline problems, and all of those things having progressively worse impacts on your W-L record; it would qualify as negligence. This is assuming the Bears go 6-10 - 8-8 of course, which is completely doable for them.

    And I am pretty sure there is no wild card team coming out of the North... have you seen us play defense? Have you watched the Packers play? They lost to Tampa fucking Bay under a new coach and a rookie QB, they are just as bad as us, worse on the Oline. Rodgers has taken like 34 sacks this year, more than double what Cutler has had.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    I don't care Murph. If I wanted to hear what he had to say I'd go over to his blog. We were a "family" here on this blog for several years now - I discovered it in the Super Bowl year (that seems so long ago now). He's got to earn his audience - and not by hijacking this one.

    Does Jeff post links to this blog on other sites? If so, I will apologize and be quite surprised.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Lovie is a nice guy but it is time to remove him the Bears players...oh boy do I miss Ditka and some proper ass-kicking! Turner needs to sail away too; maybe they can go away on the same boat. Tommie Harris should not be on the roster anyway; he seldom plays and whines and mopes and groans. Tillman is worthless. Hester and Forte doing fine...Knox is coming along and all three of them seem to be team players. Cutler should give back his money and grub hot dogs from the cheap seats in Denver. Are these people gambling (betting against the Bears)?? Sumpin ain't right.

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    RoCk "Giant MoHawKed DoUchE" Mamola

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    speaking of cheap and classless...

  • In reply to rockmamola:

    but true...

  • The Superbowl caliber D from 06 is no longer in 09. The D that could win games on their own is gone. They're most of the same guys but they don't play like they used to. Besides Briggs, they are all on the tailend of their careers, reached their peaks, and will not get it done together. The offensive line is horrible and no one can tell me otherwise. Our recievers are small, cannot go up and catch balls high, look like high school players, and they have been one of the only highlight. The defensive line is one of the worst in the league. I want another head coach. Someone who can get a team prepared to play on Sundays, someone who doesn't look like a statue on the sideline, someone who won't let his ego and stubborness get in the way of doing his job. This organization is way below par from tope to bottom. Season over. Developmental stage. Improvement will be the buzz word in the media the rest of the season. Makes me fucking sick.

  • I just want to add... VIOLENT!!!! I remind all that this Thursday we will play a team that is coached in a PASIONATE TONE.... by one of the most violent Middle Linebacker's to play the game.If we could only give 1/100th of that passion to this team. I have to tell you watching JC's post conference on the NFL could tell he was biting his lip. I am sure he could of said what he really thought of the game but the media would of ripped apart even thought everyone was thinking the same thing.

  • Jeff, your analysis is spot on.
    Where did the Bears learn how to tackle? If you want to create a turnover, you hit someone hard. You don't run up and grab him around the shoulder pads.
    When a team gets blown out like this, it's a lack of fundamentals. The Bears have done this twice. That is an obvious sign of piss poor coaching.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Exactly!!! Discipline and fundamentals are what this team is lacking and that is a direct indictment of the Head Coach and his staff. Watching D Manning try to tackle the ball while the target gains another 10 yards is getting very tiring to watch.

  • Lovie had better be updating his resume...

  • As we speak I am sending a polo shirt with three letters L..D..L located on his right upper left side for LIMP DICK LOVIE and I think all the players should have it placed on thier jersey's so we all "THE BEARS ARE WHO I THOUGHT THEY WERE!"

  • I finally saw a snipet of the post conference with Lovie and did I see all holding hands and singing Kubaya? again LDL

  • The '09 Bears are like Britney '08. Every week, it just gets worse. Who's going to be wheeled off in a gurney before the season ends? Tommie Harris is already exhibiting serious signs of mental instability...

  • In reply to BearsChick:

    Hey Bears chick ! You're like the elephant in the room no one wants to acknowledge. Love, way more fun than the boys. Not too many Bears pics up there though !

  • This season's theme was coined by Troy A. in the fourth quarter. He had been being positive about the Bears on the SCORE in the last month, but after reviewing film over the week going into calling this game, he stated. "The Bears just arent a good football team."

    I cannot agree more, but I would put it differently, they are a lot of good players that are not geing coached into a good team.

    The talent of the athletes has long masked the lack of talent on this coaching staff. The question is when will it be enough to matter or even be noticed by the bosses to do something about it.

  • OK, I'm very upset with our defense. Tommy you really fu***d up and there is no excuse for your poor sportsmanship. I can't fathom why we didn't double cover Larry Fitzgerald... what does it take to get our defense to play with a little passion like i saw a small glimpse of in the second half?

    On the offense I liked our first series but why in our second series did we try the reverse play with Hester? Another stupid dumb ass call from RT. Our Oline is not protecting Cutler and they look horrible out there. What are we going to do? I can't stand to see our team get demolished every week on both sides of the ball.

    I was also very suspicious of several of the penalties called by Referee Ed Hochuli and the lack of penalties called on the Cards. Every time I see him calling a game he is always calling bullshit calls. Almost every time we made a good play today, a flag was thrown against us. I want this whole group investigated and fired for doing a horrible job. I really feel like the refs were biased against us... Am I the only one who saw this????

    Referee: 85 - Ed Hochuli
    Umpire: 31

  • I think Hester looks great at WR, what are you talking about? Maybe he's not a bonafide #1 but he looks really good...good hands, speed, moves, everything.

  • Rock - please leave. It's cheap and classless to use a popular blog like this to pump up your own. I might suggest that Jeff disallow links for a while.

    I have a question for the general public here. I'm looking for NON-FINANCIAL reasons that Lovie should not be fired. I got nothing, but I'm open minded.

    But let's say that his contract was up. Would Jerry fire him then?

    And if so - then what does that really say? Either the guy is a good coach or not. He's not a good coach just because he has two years left on his contract, but a bad coach if his contract were up now.

    Angelo needs to have the authority to put him on notice. Teddy Bear needs to tell Jerry "you have the authority to say that all phases of the team - including coaching - is being evaluated closely during the second half of the season. We ill make decisions based on what is gives us the best chance to win. NOT based on financial considerations.

    Then, if I was Lovie - I'd cut someone to get everyone's attention.

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