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A bear did this.


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  • FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! offense better turn it up today and defense needs to attack and pressure warner all day.

  • god please give the chicago bears the strength to win today. I beg you lord please give us the real monsters of the midway. lord please give ron turner and lovie smith a more thing my lord BEARDOWN!. AMEN

  • great first comment. bear down.

  • Boldin is expected to play. Let's play some aggressive defense today. It's noon in Nova Scotia, time for a vodka cranberry. Gotta get my game face on. Hopefully I'm stumbling home a happy drunk at about 4:30 after some celebratory tequila shots.

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    Hey Nova Scotia! I'm watching from Ottawa!

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    its on fox in the east

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    Tommie Harris needs to be off this team.

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    lol...well at least tommie had ONE good play before fuckin' up....smh

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    Looks like we're going to need to score today. A lot.

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    Stupid play but who cares. Tommy Harris is irrelevant.

  • Need to see these guys looking hungry today... Go Bears!


  • I have absolutely no clue what to expect today and I am not alone.

    The PLAYBOOK NFC guys (NFL NETWORK'S Sterling Sharpe & Joe Theismann) picked the Bears to win today.

    Fox Radio's "Pick the the losers" gang with John Fricke and Chris Landry picked them to lose.

    Being in Tucson, we see a lot of the Cardinals. TOO much when you consider how many good match-up we don't get on local TV because they HAVE to show us the Cards. I have no idea if the team that has gone 1-3 at home shows up, or the one that's 3-0 on the road does.

    Of course, 1-3 on the road and 1-3 on the road, after today, has a nice symmetry to it don't you think?

    Then again, which set of Bears will appear? The rough tough defense and efficient offense that knocked off the defending champs or the clueless bunch that the Bengals used a doormat and looked bad against a god-awful Browns team?

    Lookout: Last season, Big-play-Larry Fitzgerald had TWENTY catches of 20 yards or more and averaged a healthy 14.9 yard per catch.

    THIS season he is averaging a full 4 yards less per catch at 10.8.

    Can't help thinking that's like having a live grenade in your hand and not knowing when the pin was pulled.

  • Albert, I'm home rewriting my second act. Game on national television. And I'm terrified.

  • I hear you, Oh Master Of Da' Blog.

    I see where Bodlin will not play. All I can imagine now is a headline along the lines of "Steve Breaston has career day in Chicago".

    As the game is on locally and a trip to the Sports Bar will not be required, I will taking the game in at my brother's on his brand-new-this-week 42" HDTV!

    I can only hope the Bears have the decency to christen it with a victory!

  • Any web links?

  • SOME good news. The Cardinals play a good old 4-3 defense, not the 3-4 scheme that they seem to struggle with.

    Another time bomb?: Kurt Warner has only 2 completeions of more than 30 yeards so far this season.

  • Ola Bears fans! The game that defines the season in less than 10 minutes

  • Hallelujah to that Doc. Common Bears.

  • Fucken a Tillman


    Radio Link for those who can't watch... Fucking Redskins

  • Boo yah (as they say)

  • I think this team is definately in an identity crisis. Tommie just ruined any momentum we might of had by playin at home. If the fuckin offense comes out and lays an egg this game will be over. I just don't think this is our year. Nice catch devin!



  • just beautiful. pitch and catch


  • You know what... did you see that fuckin rocket?!?! My jebus, if we can just get the cutty sark some time consistently.

  • Well, well, well... I might have just mispoken. Nice fuckin passing Jay. And a great catch Greg. Now lets try and keep it goin.

  • Tommie Harris needs an intervention (again). Oh, and the Columbus, Ohio Fox affiliate made the brilliant decision to run "Daddy Day Care" instead of this game (which they were scheduled to run). Idiots.

  • Alex Brown is going to make some big plays today. He's flying off the line.

  • Hey, thanks for that link, MaineBearFan. It's decreasing my rage.

  • I wish Joe Buck would just shut his pie-hole.

  • I REALLY don't like how weak the O-line and D-line are, with no draft picks on the first day next year.

  • I didn't need to hear it. I'm watching it. May take 40 to win today.

  • No confidence in this team's ability to stop any team not quarterbacked by Derek Anderson.

  • And 2 td's on 16 plays... defense is going to be tired.

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    Defense? What defense?

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    Really not liking how football announcers rely on the passive voice am I. Hating Joe buck sounding like Yoda am I.

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    LOL shady... well the 11 guys that are on the field.

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    Why, why,why? Why the fuck do you call that shit Tuner. FUCK!!!! he needs to fuckin go!!

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    I never want to see a handoff to Hester again. End-arounds & reverses & wildcats with Hester fool NO ONE.

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    That reverse call just made me wanna turn the television off. Why the fuck can't we acknowledge what work?

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    Turner thinks he's sneaky and everybody on the d, no matter what team it is, knowss what he is going to call. Stay with what works and pound that shit. What is so hard about running the ball, throw some RB screens(not WR)and Play-action. Simple stuff. this is week nine... he should know that by now.

  • Right, cuz it's not a talent question. It's a matter of this coaching staff being able to get the best out of players. And they clearly cannot.

  • I'm starting Hester, Cutler, Olsen, and Fitzgerald on FF today, and sitting the Bears' D and Boldin. Sadly, my FF team is going to do 1000x better than the real Bears.

  • You are watching the worst coaching display in Chicago Bears history. And I don't think that's fanbole. This is some defensive game plan. Blitz on every down and leave Fitzgerald single-covered. Wow.

  • Wells up the "middle" of the defense for a ton of yardage ... longest run of the season for the Cardinals. That says it all ... the Bears defensive front four is awful. No pressure on the QB, can't stop the run, can't tackle worth a damn. Oh yeah, thank God Lovie took over the play calling for the defense. I can handle a lethargic Bears offense, but I cannot except a piss pour defense that doesn't play with heart.

  • Tillman got toasted again ... 21-7 Cardinals. This is going to be another beat down on the Bears today just like the Cincy game a couple of weeks ago.

  • Rashied Davis, special teams "ace" blew that.

  • Nice run "finally" by Forte and good blocking by the line. If the Bears have any chance of winning this game, they have to dominate in time of possession with long, time consuming drives.

  • Way to go Bears ... 3-yard pass play on third down and 15. Unbelievable!

  • 5 for 5 on third down... BEAUTIFULL!! This game is over.

  • Marc A and Gadams are in the game... this is sad.

  • 5 for 5 on third downs, this defense is sickening to watch.

  • I'm having visions of the Wanny years now.

  • you said it murph... very sad. 6 for 6 on third. our 05',06' defense is old and weak. Keep the boos commin fans they deserve all of it.

  • No pass rush, no run D. Might as well fold up the tents and head home. This is going to be an ugly 2nd half of the season.

  • Aikman finally said something right. EMBARRISING!

  • Lovie is so damn clueless ... he needs to be bitch-slapped!

  • This is the kind of game that costs people their jobs.

  • With MN running away w/the division... our season is over. There is no way we can beat them. I have tickets to the game at the Dome on the 29th and i think i'm going to give them away. Not sell them, give them away.

  • Haha... holy shit. 'Zona is gonna hang 50 on us today.

    Honestly, I'd rather be where we were 3 years ago, with a dominant defense and a totally hapless offense. At least we stayed in games. This is depressing. It's like every week I know it's over after three drives (with the exception of last week's game against Cleveland HS).

  • So Vasher is in at safety, and Peanut and Volcano are out with shoulder injuries. So the D has all of 4 starters left.

  • I want Lovie Sith and his entire coaching staff fired right now. I don't even want to see another game with this incompetent coaching staff and terrible talent evaluation. We suck, I can't even stand to watch this and I'm already drunk. Thanks a lot Lovie for ruining my weeked. You cockbag fuckstick. I hate you.

  • My all time low was watching Benson gain a career high 189yds.

    This team may be a finalist for the all time low for me. And actually they started the game looking like they came to play hard for a change. They just are a really bad football team with equally bad coaching.

    As I have said the last 2 weeks...6 wins max but 5 is more likely and 4 a real possibility. Only positive I have seen other than Cutler is Forte running harder.

  • Game over ... 28-7. The Bears have now attained the same status as the Lions, Bucs, Chiefs and other NFL bottom-dwellers. Please, please fire Lovie and Angelo.

  • now that we have an offense the defense wont come out to play....defense is just plain pitifull....

  • I am down at a bar in Dallas. With my Bears shirt on. I thought they would be running smack to me. Do you know what?

    Do you know how people are treating me?

    Nice. With pity. "It's ok, the Cowboys had years like this." Somebody bought me a fucking beer. To cry in, he said.

    The Monsters of the Midway. So fucking bad that Cowboys fans feel SORRY for us. That bad.

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    You know it's bad when you get the Detroit Lions treatment.

  • Another shame sunday...Nice...very nice...NOT!!!!!
    Fire Lovie Smith & Ron Turner NOW"!!!!

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    i have been saying this for the past 2yrs....they are pitiful

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    I've been watching the 1985 season on DVD lately, and I think I might bail from this game to watch the NFC championship game. I bet if the '85 Bears suited up, they'd give the current team a beating, even with Fridge and Marshall in wheelchairs.

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    31-7 people.... in the first half. I thought the Cincy game was the worst i've ever seen. I think that was only because of the shit talkin by 85 and the fact that benson ran for 185. But 31 pts in the first half. this by far the worst game i think i have ver seen.

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    Seriously, I hate Lovie Smith. I hate the defense as a whole. My entire life I've never beenembarassed to be a Bears fan, even during the Wandstadt years, but I can offically say I am now embarassed. Between the Bungals game and now this I have never seen worse football played. Granted I didn't see them in the 70's and have heard stories about how bad they were, I am disgusted and couldn't be more disappointed. I'm going to visit right now.

  • They need to just throw it fuckin deep every play... if we turn it over, fuck it. the def will let them score and we can try it again.

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    your rite throw the ball deep....with olsen,knoxx,hester on the field go deep....but these 2 idiots of turner and smith have in there dumb heads that were a running team....damn

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    Packers seems to be improving as our Bears decline!!!!!

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    You can't even blameRon Turner for this one. When the defense knows you have to throw the ball it makes the game pretty simple for the other team. Have I metioned I hate Lovie Smith.

  • Wait a minute...I went to Purdue!!!!! They win more than the Bears and right now they might be beter than the Bears.

  • Tom, my all-time low was the 1994 Halloween game vs. the Peckers. Let's not catastrophize; this team is nowhere near as bad as the early-90s Wanny teams.

    Of course, there needs to be a complete purge of the coaching staff... except for Toub.

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    Can't dispute that. But I had those memories purged from my cerebral whatzit. Right now I might be ready to have Wannshit back. At least you got to see him rant instead of an empty gaze at the sky.

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    This shit is a disgrace!!!!!!!! The Bears are awful. I feel like an idiot for talkin' shit before the season about how good we were going to be. Hell, Peter King picked us to go to the super bowl in S.I. during the pre-season. There awful. I hate Lovie Smith and Ron Turner. Why the hell are we still running the cover 2? We dont have the same defense from 05-06. Ron Turner has proved it doesnt mater who our QB is, his offensive strategy/play calling still sucks! Man I'm fuckin' pissed!!!!!!!!

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    320 yds for Az in the first half!!!!

    More than 20 1st downs.

    Wow. Just fucking wow!

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    Look on the bright side. This stretch of games gets the Bears closer to being a good team down the road. Going 9-7 and fighting for a 6 seed doesn't get Chicago Bear coaches fired. Going 6-10 does. Write this season off and clean house the minute this season ends.

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    3-man rush beats 5 O-linemen? Cutler was hit by 2 guys. That's ridiculous.

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    I'm offically done. takin my son to play fome real foot ball. Luck is all you get BEARS. See ya all next week.

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    Bears have to know AZ will run the ball. 3 straight runs: 15 yards. Coaches (Lovie) have to take the blame, but the players have to do better, too.

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    Zaidman just said Cutler may be hurt..."in pain on the sidelines"
    We have been saying this line would get Cutler killed. PLAY HANIE AND SAVE CUTLER FOR NEXT YEAR when hopefully we have a different coaching staff.

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    Troy Aikman shows once again that he took too many shots to the head, saying that the Bears would be better off had they got Boldin. Duh. Too bad they didn't have enough draft picks to offer to AZ, which is why they didn't get Boldin!

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    Is it a coincidence that the Bears get blown out every time Tommie Harris doesn't play?

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    Tommie Harris is irrelevant. He barely gets double-teamed anymore. The Bears get blown out because they are a wholly below-average team that tucks its tail between its legs when it starts to get beat.

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    Since we have no chance of winning, I'd like to see Gilbert and the guy from Tampa we traded for playing on defense. They can't do any worse then the personnel we have playing defense now. On offense, start sending Knox and Hester deep on every play.

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    I was considering turning this disgrace off but I'm going to watch every fucking play to see if there is at least one Bear on defense with balls.

    Lovie's worst mistake may have been making himself defensive coordinator.

    Angelo's worst mistake....extending Lovie's contract.

    My worst mistake... thinking they might be decent this year. I never thought they would be a contender but I was thinking 9 - 7.

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    adding insult to injury.....Fox just left the Bears game here in Dallas, giving me the Pack vs. TB. Their thinking is it's a more competitive game. That's the part that hurts the most. Our coaching staff is glaringly ill-equipped to be competitive in the NFL, but the players are just as much to blame. I'm staring at a 5 year rebuild. Our best move is to put a Juggernaut Offense together and let the D catch up to them. We need a bad-ass line to get where we want to go. If I'm calling the shots, I take the best lineman on the board with every pick we have in 2010. Pace and Olin are done. For that matter, so are the 2009 Bears. Time to plan for the future. As much as I hate to say it, it's true.

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    Kreutz ... you were a great player once, but now you are well past your prime. Do us all a favor and retire after this season!

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    FOX dumped the game here too. Said "we switch you to a COMPETITIVE game now".

    That is right, straight up right: The Bears are not even competing.

    They are laying down. Rolling on their backs in submission.

    It's disgusting. Cutler had his face planted in the dirt and looked like his bell was rung.

    Put Caleb in the rest of the way. Ask the team if anybody wants to fucking play some ball.

    Oh - and Gaines Adams looks like shit.

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    Thanks, Fox (first time I've ever said that)...for putting me out of my misery.
    When you switch to a Bucs game b/c the Bears are completely out of it, the season is over.

    I thought the Bengals game was awful, but this is worse because it's a f-cking repeat.

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    Screw Fox. As bad as this game is I still want to watch it. Thanks, MaineBearFan for the link.

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    Post-game press conference:

    Lovie Smith: "It was real bad out there today. But we're a good team. We've gotta execute better, but we'll get it fixed. Ho hum."

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    For a bears fan living in arizona, this is the worst. This "team" is just plain awful. I never thought Lovie was a good fit and this year confirms this.

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    Denver will be getting a high first round draft pick next year! I like Cutler and will remain hopeful he is our QB for the long term. However, this team will never be anything other than below average as long as Lovie and Angelo remain at the helm.

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    Who is our backup center? Two mis-snaps, holding call on Kruetz. Good grief!

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    Singletary and the 49ers must be licking their chops to play the Bears next week. Gore will run for 200-yds, and Alex Smith will look like a pro bowler against this defense.

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    The Defense holds 'em to a field goal in the 3rd and we're still down 27 pts...what does that tell you about how bad we are?

    Lovie needs to go now. Not in 2009, not in 2010. Now. I have a feeling Turner will be the sacrificial lamb in a couple of weeks, or maybe even after we lose thursday.

  • In reply to bearsfan28:

    Jesus, they're trotting out Leinart.
    Sing, fat Lady, sing.

  • In reply to IBNO:

    Lmfao. FOX put us out of our misery, switched to the GB/TB game... At least we don't have to watch that garbage anymore.

  • In reply to IBNO:

    Yay! They can't even figure out how to snap the ball anymore!

  • In reply to IBNO:

    Two in a row! This team is really coached well!

  • HaHa...lmao! Robbie is our best tackler!!! blocked field Goal. I'm done.

  • The way this defense is playing, the Bears should just go for it on 4th downs. Seriously, anything on the Cards side of the field the Bears are better off keeping it in the hands of the defense.

    Is it me or has Ed Hochuli gone from one of the best refs in the league to one of the most long winded and annoying?

    Start Robbie Gould at MLB??

  • In reply to Shady:

    Keeping it in the hands of the *offense.

  • Wait, what did I just say? Fire Toub, too.

  • Goddamn Turner ... how about running a 4 WR set and a no huddle so we have a chance at opening it up for Cutler ... jesus christ!

  • In reply to ColoradoBearsFan:

    your rite about huddle so turner can keep his stupid plays to himself and let cutler run the offense......

  • LA 01 & 04 ??? Sorry but means what.

  • Key difference being that we had Lach and Mike Brown last time.

  • Hey! We're only down 3 tds!!!

  • Dare I say, comeback 2006 style? haha

  • I would love to see it. I really would.

  • Nice to see Cutler and Olsen connecting today. Unfortunately ... to olittle, too late.

  • What the hell happened? I had to grab laundry.

  • No way will they leave Leinart in now.

  • the day i decide to sit jay AND greg....25 pts. each. smfh

  • A defensive bright spot! Come on Cutler ... strike quickly!

  • It's a 13 point game! we are officially back in it. I know I'm a dreamer, but Fox should NOT have cut away. They suck.

  • Outstanding throw by Cutler and nice route and catch by Olsen. If only the defense can step it up and stop the Cardinals!

  • BIG offensive penalty.

  • Fat lady is on nutrislim!

  • NICE SACK! Let's DO this!

  • Time to BLOCK A PUNT.

  • .........

    Kidding me.

  • Ken Wisenhunt can kiss my ass.

    I challenge his manhood.

  • lol

  • Hester time!!!


  • FOX just ran "We are who we thought they were".


  • Cutler picked.

    The fat lady just downed a bowl of pasta with alfredo sauce.

  • Now, we have to have a forced fumble. down 16 with 5 minutes to go would be impossible.

  • We gotta score quick ... Come on Turner, no huddle, 4 WRs, spread the damn offense for Cutler to go to work!

  • The Cards watched the Bengals film. They run right over that right side again and again. Wale and Roach get stomped every time.

  • Get Clueless off the T.V. screen!!!

  • another brilliant job by our defensive coordinator.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Did we not have a challenge left?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Cards + Warner = TD.

    The fat lady just ordered an ice cream sundae with extra marshmallow.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I don't blame Cutler ... had to take a chance and hope for something good.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It's 41-21 with 4 mins left, but go ahead Lovie - leave Cutler in there. I'm sure it will be fine.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    no sense of urgency or anything.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    If you're going to run the entire GOSHDARN PLAYCLOCK down, why in the name of god is the franchise still on the field???

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    F U C K

    that O line can't block for shit. I mean seriously.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Why is Cutler in, getting his butt kicked, with 3 minutes left and down by 20??? RIDICULOUS.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Fire Lovie now.
    Fire his entire staff.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    welp....the signing side in all of this is that a complete overhaul will be made in the offseason....hello mike shanahan

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    and WHY THE FUCK IS CUTTY STILL IN THE GAME?!?!?!?!?! SOMEBODY this week....smh

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Where's that douchebag Rock Mamola?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Here's where we run a draw play.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    the Cards could make a run. If they get in as Wildcard, they could pose real problems to a Saints or Vike team that plays indoors.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Less than a minute left, down by 20, Cutler is still getting killed. Fire Lovie Smith

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    And the season is toast.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Lovie, once again, has demonstrated he is not an NFL caliber coach. Fire his ass, along with bud Marenelli (sp?), Turner, etc. Lovie is a complete and utter simpleton! As for Angelo, thanks for developing our beloved Bears into a goddamn laughing stock. Virtually every team we play can score on us at will. I was impressed with Cutler's competitiveness. Unfortunately, he has to play the cards he is dealt, and we have no offensive or defensive line. The Bears better pull off a "Redskins" and be active big time in free agency next year. My only concern is with how pathetic the Bears look, will anyone quality free agents want to come to Chicago?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    well....GB fuckin' Tampa Bay. lmao

    takes a little sting out of the wound....

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Let's play for the draft now, oh wait we've been doing that and we have no fuckin picks.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Ok, I have had enough for this year. Even though as a true Bears fan I will continue to watch them throughout the rest of the season, this will be my last comment. As I said last week, a bunch of high schoolers pretending to be NFL players played for the Bears again this week. They have proven all season that they can not play a complete game. Yes the offense played pretty good today but the rest of the game was a joke. You all can blame whoever you want but the responsibility rests on one persons shoulders and that is the head coach (I won't even say his name I am so sick of him). He is the one who has to make sure this team is ready to play each and every week. And each and every week he has proven that he can not accomplish that task. He stands on the sideline with that stupid expression on his face all game long. If he even grimaced just one time I'm sure half the team would faint with the show of emotion, not to mention most of the fans, but no he just stands there like he is watching a game of golf. As a Bears fan this season has been more agonizing than any I can remember (yes even more than the Grossout or Cade McClown experiments). Let me know when Mike Singletary takes over as head coach because he pitys we poor fans. Adios til next year.

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