Bears Must Fire Lovie Smith

Eat the eleven million dollars.  

Show the millions of a great city and hordes of us elsewhere
that you understand the value of this prized possession, the Chicago Bears. 

Today Lovie Smith said this:

"We were 9-7 last year and weren't able to get into the playoffs ...
10-6 normally gets you there. So it's only fitting to look ahead to see
what's still left in front of us, if we take care of business this

Playoffs?  He's talking about...playoffs?  Today, for the first time during his tenure with the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith made me a bit sick.  I've always known (and written) that he is a stubborn coach, blindly loyal to a silly system and often-ineffective players.  But today stubborness gave way to delusion as a man stood in front of the gathered media and attempted to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge.  The Bears are double-digit underdogs this week and are coming apart at the seams.  If they win four of their final six games, the end of this season will be a success and the club will only be 8-8.

Bill Parcells was famous for his Psychology of Results.  You are what the record says you are.  Lovie Smith practices the Pathology of Reflection.  The Chicago Bears are never as bad as they play in losses to Smith.  Apparently they are brilliant practicers but I think most teams would look brilliant practicing against the Chicago Bears.  If you don't agree with the coach, you're just a naysaying media member or unintelligent fan.  Here are the facts.  Three years ago the Bears lost the Super Bowl to the Indianapolis Colts.  And at the end of this season, they will have been a losing team since. 

These are the Chicago Bears.  And this should not be tolerated.  The coaches - the big time coaches - are available.  My guy is Mike Shanahan, the perfect choice to reboot the running game and mold the quarterback.  With him might come Alex Gibbs, the best offensive line coach in the world, and the first offensive-minded system in many-a-moon.  The other guys, and you know the names, are viable options too.

It just can't be Lovie Smith in 2010.  The Bears can not go to Bourbonnais with these coaches and system and expect to make the leap to championship contender.  We've seen too much evidence to the contrary.  The Bears shouldn't require a disaster to make a change.  They shouldn't have to hit rock bottom.  Make the change now and send a message inside the locker room that hovering around .500 is not good enough on Lake Shore.  Hovering around .500 is what they do over on W. Addison.

Lovie Smith is not the guy.  Some guys are not the guy and Lovie Smith is not the guy.  Go get the guy, Chicago Bears.  He's out there.


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  • First ! I'd like to thank my parents Mary Lou and Noel and every body who knows me. I couldn't have done this without you guys ....

  • Perfect post! Perfect!!

  • Ahem, that's not childish in any way ....

    Turner needs to go first - in fact if I had become the owner of the Bears five minutes before the Eagles game I would have fired him on the spot and told Cutler to call what he liked. Lovie didn't draft this team. Lovie didn't do anything wrong during the Philadelphia game that I could see. Called it pretty well on defense. Lovie does look oxygen-deprived at birth, but that was Cutler's crashed confidence and Ron Turner's bang-your-head-against-the-wall play calling that lost that particular game. That was HH missing an easy tackle on McCoy to save the game. That was Earl Bennett not raising his hands to catch a ball. That was Greg Olsen making an 80% effort to catch a ball in the endzone. That was Hester showing his arsehole to the world, well .... maybe not. That was Beekman running into space on screens and not blocking anyone. It was Pace being Pace. Kreutz being Kreutz. If we had sensible play-calling on offense then Lovie starts to look way better. And nothing has changed regarding the playoffs, 10-6 could still get us in if everyone else has a meltdown. Parcells famously stated the obvious - as sports people are wont to do - "You are what your record says you are", but look at Tennessee ! Are they an 0-6 team ? Not any more they're not, they're more like the 13-3 team they were last year. look at Denver. They have got no excuse with that OL and defense, sorry. So we're screwed in all tie breaks - but GB just lost Kampman and Harris. Let's see how good they are now. Unfortunately it looks as though the Falcons won't miss a beat with Snelling at RB. Knowing the Bears we'll probably go and kick the sh*t out of the BiQueens in the dome (and then obviously lose to them at Soldier field). But that's our lot in life. As long as the McCaskeys are there we will go through this every year ....

  • Somebody call Leslie Frazier and ask him if he could take over the BEARS, what he would do first? And then, send Cutler to a shrink, he looks awfully confused on the field....does the guy have a woman? Is he "mad" at somebody.....what is it? If Chicago would try one season or two to focus on a QB/WR team i.e. Brady/Moss, Warner/Fitzgerald, I wonder if the def and off line would have something to work for? Bell is young and so is Forte...let them gel while you go get a REAL WIDE RECEIVER OR TWO

  • If the Bears fired Lovie now, that would tell me that they want to appear as if they care about winning...

    If the Bears fire Lovie, and then hire some eager coordinator to be our low budget first time head coach... it will tell me that they care more about saving money, even at the cost of being an average football team for the foreseeable future. And it will tell me that they fired Lovie to appease the media and fans and to buy a few more years of mediocrity under the guise of a "transition."

    If they fire Lovie and hire a Cowher or a Shanahan, I'll be a proud Bear fan, even if we lose out this season and suck in the transition year next year, I'll be a very excited, proud Chicago Bear fan. And I'll boast of our future to the hoard of loudmouthed Vikings and Packer fans I see every day. I'll hold my head high knowing that a great Chicago Bears season is on the horizon.

    Every fan deserves to be proud. I spend hundreds if not thousands every year on tickets, jerseys, satellite TV packages, and anything else I can find with a Bears logo. Those purchases, that I'm sure most of us make, put the McCasky's in private jets and luxury cars... they owe us our pride in return.

  • More than likely, I bet Smith stays but Turner is gone. However, if we did fire him, Shanahan would make a lot of sense. I imagine a lot of folks will dig the Cowher angle.
    Problem is, let's say Smith stays for next season and is then fired. Will there be any big name head coaches available? Maybe we will rehire Jauron...ha.

  • Lovie Smith peaked as a Defensive Coordinator, on a team whose offense routinely scored 50 points a game. (St. Louis)

    I like Jim Harbaugh, one of his strengths is coaching kids up, but the fact that Bill Cower has made himself available to us is very intriging.

    Virginia is right now asking herself, "How in the hell do I make Lovie quit?"

  • I have always been a Lovie defender, but I think I am seeing the writing on the wall. I agree with Kidron - it would be great to be a PROUD Chicago Bears fan (an arguing diehard I am, but having the ability to back it up would be nice).

    Let's all send Virgina a dollar or two, in a card wishing her (and us) a Happy New Year!! She can pay off Lovie's contract and give us back our Monsters of the Midway.

  • Guys..Guys..Guys... I hate to be the one who puts coal in our stocking for a bad Christmas gag. My gut says they all stay and the grinch shoves the roastbeast up our asses. I could not get on the blog for the last couple of days because this hurts just too much. I am cringing on all aspects of this team. If Tommie Harris and Lance Briggs sad this game was for the coach..well you saw the results they all have (L)imp(D)ick(L)ovie Syndrome a symptom that again lulls you into a coma!!

  • In reply to nicholsra:

    You're a mean one, Mister Grinch!
    Shoving Roast Beef up the ass!
    Showing you have no class!
    Talking with Packers fan sass!

  • Yah I don't know how much of this is Lovie's fault except the part about him having to do two jobs because he hired his BFF to be a defensive coordinator with no other merit. Some people are just good at one thing, Lovie is good at being a DC but imho he lacks the right type of leadership to be a head coach: no I don't mean his stoic attitude, I mean he trys to be friends with everyone. Landry was stoic, walsh was stoic, but do you think either of them would put up with the stuff Lovie puts up with, players deciding not to practice or punching people after the play, um no. Lovie is too nice in terms of what he puts up with, he puts too much stock in "athletic ability" and not enough in specific position ability (Daniel Manning, Henry Melton, Devin Hester at WR all good examples here, and he can not evaluate talent; someone has to get hurt to see what a player can do. Those are all things that really hinder his job as a head coach but don't really affect the DC as much. So you don't necessarily have to eat the 11 mill just demote him to DC and have an overpaid DC. Lovie would be just fine there and he would get to keep his friends on that side of the ball. The new HC would just have to understand he would be limited to bringing in a new offensive staff and deal with our current defensive staff.

  • i've been reading. jes havent been posting lately, but im here. never left. anyway....

    Issues as i see it, and i'm gonna start every one with an "anytime time u have....." like our fearless leader does with every fucking lame "answer" he doesnt give:

    1. Coaching staff:
    "Any time u have...." former first round picks competing for an nfl mvp award with ANOTHER TEAM, as well as many other high draft picks either being complete busts (ex: bauzin), or even just having much more success away from ur organization (ex: Columbo), u have an obvious lack of development. How r these coaches not held accountable?, and thats just the tip of the iceberg with these fuckers. they lack passion. they dont call good plays. they refuse to switch a defensive system that has been obsolete for two and a half years. etc.... keep taub and marinelli

    2. Quarterback:
    "Anytime u have...." 5 REDZONE INTs, including one to JOHNNY FUCKING JOLLY, there's a problem. Look, this is the guy. I believe in Cutler. But this kid needs to be built AROUND, not up. Those throws he missed were layups. Inexcusable. This, however is like a reboot of a rookie year for him. The expectations for year one have been way, way to fucking high. Im surprised he isnt having to carry his own crucifix on and off the field. Hes not a messiah. Hes a 26 year old kid who gets overpaid to throw a ball. Plus, Jesus didnt start his ministry until he turned 30...

    3. The Running Game:
    "Anytime u have...." this line, u lose. Our #1 problem area, as far as straight up lack of talent is concerned. Barring some help in the secondary, this should be the focus of the offseason. These guys are old and awful. Williams and Beekman are the only ones safe.

    4. Ownership:
    "Anytime u have....." an 80+ year old WOMAN who obtained ur favorite team the same way u got ur receeding hairline, ur fucked. This bitch needs to die. This team needs to be sold to someone who cares about winning.

    5. The Secondary:
    The past three years, i've been begging for the Bears to draft a Safety like Nelson or Phillips in the first round. They havent. Our safeties are CFL players. The CBs have been fine. Jeff, I dont know how u couldnt say Bowman is safe. He has been playing, smart, hard, physical, and has quietly had a pick in the last three games. We need 2 safeties.

    The one good thing about not having any draft picks until what seems like 2015, is that everyone on that field will be playing/coaching for a job. Call me a blasphemer, but I hope we get obliterated by Minny. I want to see this coaching staff get embarassed by Walter Matthow and Jack Lemon. Ooops, I mean Chilly and Favre.... I want their seats lava hot.

    Here is our cheat sheet for the next 9 months:

    I've got bad news for u... This is going to be a near complete overhaul with JC as its centerpiece. ....and thats the way its needs and should be. Unfortuately, this is going to be a MINIMUM of 3 years.

    Get ur earplugs out this weekend (so u dont have to hear that stupid fucking horn they have 100 times), put ur bias aside and include Minnesota in ur parlay. It's gonna be a long sunday....

    ...and a long time b4 this this is put right. Beardown...

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Really bad juju when you advocate people dying. Virgina may be lousy at putting people in charge but by all accounts has been a classy person her whole life. Wishing death on her and calling her a bitch is way out of bounds.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    With all due respect Canada, the McCaskeys have seemingly on purpose tried to drive the number two market share team in the NFL to the very depths of hell. Pittsburgh is tiny. They have six superbowls and that's not right. Call me selfish, but I want six superbowls as a Bears fan and I'll kick, bitch, scream and pull hair until I get them. Bear the f*ck down !

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Geat post Diggler, and totally agree about a certain bitch dying ... but the spawn of the bitch still walks the earth and clearly has Satan's semen in his loins to keep him here for a long time. I would just about sh*t myself if we could buy out the McCaskeys the way Green Bay did it there ...

  • correction. I meant to say: I dont know how u couldnt say Bowman ***isn't**** safe.

  • If Lovie Smith were a sexual act he would be a hand job.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Nah, rimming.

  • more like a dry hump....

  • The odd thing is I can't get upset over Cutler's terrible performance. If we had a coaching staff I beleived in then I'd say he's a bust. But somehow it just seems his only fault is lack of confidence in the scheme - which leads to lack of performance.

    Now clearly that's an issue with Cutler - you're a pro and you should care enough. But again it just seems he's playing down to the level of this staff.

  • I have decided I will not watch the Bears-Vikings game on Sunday. This will be the first Bears game I will have consciously missed since 1998. The Bears will lose to the team I hate more than any other in the league and with that loss the Vikings will clinch the NFC North. I won't watch that happen.

    I have never been one to root against my team or hope that my team loses football games for draft position. We have no draft position. Pick #1 went for the NFL's interception leader. Pick #2 went for a retarded DE who Jeff thinks is going to supplant Wale Ogunleye. The rest is inconsequential. But I believe the time has come for us, as Bears fans, to unite against this coaching administration. We must demand a change in leadership when proven Super Bowl talent is so readily available.

    You may disagree with me, but right now I do not care to see the 2009 Chicago Bears win another game. I predict they will got 6-10, but they could just as easily go 4-12 as the Rams and the Lions are looking a little tougher now that they have no reason to win. Perhaps then the ownership and front office would realize change is necessary.

    The Bears MUST fire Lovie Smith and Co.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    You know they won't Halas. Please, please God, let the BEars be floated publicly - why don't they cash in on the BEars ? They clearly don't care about football.

  • Pretty interesting perspective from The Bus:

    "* If I'm a coach and could bench anyone in the league I would go with Jay Cutler. (Keep in mind, I considered Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez, too.) It seems like after every incomplete throw, every bad pass, Cutler is turning on someone and complaining about a route or something else that a receiver did wrong. Clearly this guy's not on the same page with everyone in Chicago. He's deflecting blame. He needs a timeout to get his head straight and he needs to check his ego. The guy's so headstrong and so confident in his ability to throw a football that it puts him in trouble. He needs to re-evaluate his game, start from the bottom with his raw skill set, and work his way back up. At some point he has to accept some blame. Look, Jay: If you smell s--- everywhere you go, it just might be you."

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    And he knows what he's talking about because ... ?

    Also, that total weenie Eastabrook (ESPN TMQ) talked about Cutler overthrowing Olsen by a wide margin (total BS) and Cutler whining about a new contract until the Bears caved. I read more Bears related articles than the avg fan (pretty pathetic, actually) and not once have I read where Cutler was whining about a new contract.

    Where do they find these jag offs?

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Have you ever seen another coach in the league besides Lovie that never says a word to his players? Tommie Harris punches someone and gets ejected from the game after 4 plays a few weeks ago and Lovie just stands there. The officials don't call pass interference when Davis clearly gets nailed on cutler's 4th pick and again Lovie just stands there and says nothing. Everyone is so quick to point the finger at Cutler, and don't get me wrong, the guy has been playing like a glorified Cade McKnown, but let me just say this...Yes, he has horrible footwork, and he tries to force some throws that are il advised, but has anyone heard of this future hall of famer that we all like to despise named BRETT FAVRE??? Didn't this guy build a hall of fame career doing exactly that! Cutler is ever bit as talented as Favre, but hes regressed in a system that my 3 year old cousin could predict. It all comes back to Lovie and his loyalty to players that just don't cut it anymore, and coaches that have never been able to cut it. Remember some guy named Ron Rivera? He left town cuz he didnt see eye to eye with Lovie and Lovie didn't like that he wasnt willing to go along with his system. What a great decision that turned out to be! Lets fire Lovie, Turner, and anyone else that Lovie brought into town and take advantage of the fact that there are several very accomplished coaches available right now.

  • In reply to jdg0185:

    In fairness, Rivera's defense sucked ballz all year and played like a bunch of girls ...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Or it could be your team-mates and coaches that are all covered in shit .... which seems to me more plausible. He was in a pro bowl remember ...

  • Wake up, Jeff, you are dreaming again.

    "Eat the eleven million dollars."
    I'm not disagreeing, mind you, but that's easy to say when it's not your $11 Million.

    "These are the Chicago Bears".
    This statement contradicts the first one and exhibit A that they will not be making a meal of the last 2 years of Lovie's deal.
    You might as well tell them to eat the Hancock building.

    "Mike Shanahan, the perfect choice to reboot the running game and mold the quarterback."
    Totally accurate assessment but do you honestly believe that Shanny or Cowher or Holmgren or any other established head-coaching talent is going to submit themselves to working for MIKE McASS-KEY when they can get the money they want from another organizatiom that is actually committed to putting the best product on the field?!

  • Hey folks so now we know that the obvious is out there for all to see. The bears are an average team at best. Thats it!!! In the near term Minnesota and New Orleans look like they are the NFC powers for some time to come. On Sunday missed passes and tackles lost us the game. The unit as a whole is not functioning and despite all the talk of a new coach or a super coach that probably is not going to happen.

    Ask yourself if you were a winning coach like Cowper or Shanahan why would you come to Chi-town? We have no draft picks of significance for years, most positions need a major overhaul and the availability of a wallet to make that happen is questionable. If you were them would you risk your record and pride on a situation that looks futile for a few years???? I hate to say it but unless we develop our own talent and get lucky with our few draft picks in the next few years it looks pretty lean out there thats for sure.

    The Bears have always been a team that execute fundamentals extremely well. We tackle low, we run hard, we pursue the ball and arrive angry, and we execute. We play rock solid D and these fundamentals allow us to strip balls and excel at special teams. You can't skip the fundamentals and win consistently. Unfortunately that is what this years bears are doing.

    Still a fan, always will be, just depressed by how things have shaped up.

  • In reply to CanadianBear:


  • In reply to CanadianBear:

    Olin Kreutz needs to shut up and retire. I used to love that guy, but now he's embarrassing himself and the Bears. Remember when Rex used to fumble the snaps and we'd think, isn't this the NFL? Then we got rid of Rex and Orton fumbled some snaps. Earlier this season Cutler fumbled a snap. Guess who the common denominator is? Olin Kreutz. Three NFL QBs all have problems holding on to the football. Three NFL QBs fall down as they are backpedaling. No, three NFL QBs got horrible snaps from a center who can't snap the ball, steps on the quarterback's feet, and now can't move the pile AT ALL. He has to resort to cut blocking and was abysmal at that. Even my wife laughed when his man simply side-stepped him and got a free shot on Cutler. It's pathetic. How is he still playing? Because he has a good name and was respected around the NFL, that's why. Same reason Pace is playing.
    I'm sick of Lovie and all his BS assistants. I'm sick of Angelo and his busts. I'm sick of Chicago being the place where EVERYONE goes to die.

  • Hey Tucson

    Looks like you and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to the coaching issue.

  • Honestly, Jay hasn't been the 'brat' that so many people say he is. Off the field, in press conferences, during games, he has exceeded expectations in my opinion. Most of the 'complaining' I've seen is as you said, toward the refs after what have been some blatant missed calls against us this year (when it rains, it pours I guess). As for deflecting blame, he's blamed himself plenty. What more do you want a guy to say?

    I think the Bus is just taking the easy Cutler is a brat angle to make up for his minimal skills as a talking head. Not too surprising.

  • truths and rumors reports Cowher would be "excited" to coach the bears if the position becomes available.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    We would be excited to have him.

  • "These are the Chicago Bears". That's how Mikey McCaskey feels. And not in a proud way - not in a way that makes him want to win. Rather in an arrogent and conceited way. The way that made him honestly think the city woudl give him everything he wanted in a stadium deal because they are the Bears. The way he honestly thought McGinnis would take the coaching job without any contract details being discussed because they are the Bears. And that's why he'll decide that Jerry and Lovie will stay - despite all logic - because they are the Bears. And NO ONE tells the Bears what to do.

    I really am questioning why I'm a fan of this team. They have become what the Blackhawks were.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Have any of you naysayers actually done any ANALYSIS of what you're saying? Where does the Bears' payroll rank in the league? Did not Lovie become the highest paid coach in the league when he got that contract? Didn't Tommie Harris get the biggest DL contract ever?

    Is it a lack of commitment of the big bucks? Or rather a lack of *judgment* by picking THE WRONG PEOPLE to give those big bucks to?

  • If Cowher were a sexual act he'd be a M

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Mustache, I love your sexual act comparisons. Handjob. Menage a trois.

  • including the 70's cliche porn-stache....

  • Favre on a cart = Happy Thanksgiving to Me.
    Not a game ending, nor a season ending, but CAREER ENDING. Sorry if this offends, but I have had about all of him I can take for one lifetime.

  • In reply to sjvl:

    How about hypnotizing that gay cabaret hillbilly fu*ck jared Allen into doing it Manchurian Candidate style. Preferably slamming him onto the Gatorade table for comic effect.

  • What can I say, CanadianBear, other than

    "Great minds think alike".

  • If Lovie were a sexual act, I think he'd be a Dirty Sanchez.

    Cowher's a donkey punch, for sure.

  • You know, I've never been a lovie hater, and I think he's probably a good DC. But you don't demote your head coach to DC and hire a coach, it just doesn't work. If we could get a kick ass OC to replace Ron, maybe we could make it with lovie still the head coach. Overall though. I'm not opposed to his removal. In a side note I no longer have any faith in this organization to fire anyone they logically should. I know everyone is assuming that at least RT will be fired at or before the end of the season, but we all felt the same way following 07, and RT survived somehow. I'll believe it when I see it ... and I'll throw a party.

  • New owners??? Be careful what you wish for. I would rather have the McCaskeys than Dan Snyder. I am a Bears and Redskins fan, born in DC and lived in Chicago for 10 years. Love them both, the Bears are my favorite Chicago team and I like them all. Yes I like both the cubs and sox. Blasphemy I know, but you have 2 baseball teams we had zero in DC when I was a kid. I digress....Redskins fans are some of the most optimistic and forgiving fans in all of sports. But at this point Snyder has alienated and slapped Skins fans in the face so much that open revolt is on the horizon. I know you all could care less about the Redskins but on paper Snyder sounded like a perfect owner: Self-Made Millionaire, Native to the DC area, Big Redskin Fan, Young, Energetic, Great With Money. You know, everything the McCaskeys are not. Well maybe they are Native to Chicagoland. But be careful, Virginia means well. Danny just wants to make money and has no respect for Skins fans. And have you forgotten that her daddy George was one of the cheapest, stingiest owners in NFL history? He would let players go because he would not pay them an extra $500 per season. As Da Coach said "..he threw nickels around like manhole covers." Trust me, all Redskin fans would gladly make a straight trade Snyder for the McCaskeys.

  • In reply to BearsFaninDC:

    Virginia means well ? So did the Wizard of f*cking Oz and look where that got Dorothy. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It's all about Lombardis and championships, nothing else.

    I nearly forgot .... f**k Jerome Bettis and the horse he rode in on.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    What the hell.

    The Wizard got Dorothy back to Kansas in his balloon, after being convinced he was being a dick. A tornado put her in Oz.

    And Jerome Bettis is the cowardly lion. Gaines Adams looks a lot like Tin Man. And there is a whole town full of straw men in Chicago.

  • If Ron Turner were a sexual act he'd be a blumpkin.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    You just had to go there. Well, I'm glad you did because you are right.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Ron Turner ? nah. He's a stuttering virgin, pre-mature ejaculating, halitosis-suffering closet-case. And a c*nt. Sorry, all this losing is bringing out the verbal rudies in me ... c*ck !

  • "Make the change now and send a message inside the locker room that hovering around .500 is not good enough on Lake Shore. Hovering around .500 is what they do over on W. Addison."

    As a Bears fan who watches the Cubs in his spare time, this line struck a chord with me. Cubs fans have had to tolerate mediocrity and down right suckiness for eons. Bears fans should not have to. Halas would not have tolerated the unemotional bullshit that Lovie passes off as coaching.

    And calling Turner a blumpkin is an insult to the term...he's more of an Angry Dragon.

  • "Make the change now and send a message inside the locker room that hovering around .500 is not good enough on Lake Shore. Hovering around .500 is what they do over on W. Addison."

    I feel compelled to respond to this unnecessary dig at the Cubs...

    Given the last few seasons, I think the Bears are a much better example of medicority in this town than the Cubs. And, hovering around .500 is what this team has done for the last two, going on three seasons...Just sayin..

  • Couple things...

    1. Demoting a head coach? Need to provide real opinions here guys.

    2. Wasn't taking a dig at the Cubs. But you can't ignore the fact that the Cubs were a tolerated mediocrity for decades.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Jeff, lifelong Cubs fan and I can't argue your point.

    I still don't see Lovie getting the ax this year no matter how it plays out. Turner, Heistand and Hamilton on the other hand, C-ya.

    I'm coming around on your preference for Shanny but it won't happen here. Same with Cowher. Holmgren wants to be a Prez/GM more than a coach. Won't happen here.

    Who do you like for a new OC? Martz or Weiss? Do you think Lovie will hire a DC this off season?

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    Denver... man, the all caps is brutal to read.

    I have a question: I've heard Weiss's name called a few times for OC by a couple of you guys. I know literally nothing about the man except that he's not a very good college coach and an, excuse the term, FSS (fat sack a shit). What

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I agree MB, I don't get the connection. Jeff mentioned Norm Chow, and he has definitely worked with great QB talent.

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:


  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:


  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    Give the caps a break. People will skip your posts for that reason alone.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:


    He's actually sitting at his bowling alley and lounge, or in his poker room, or in his video-golf room, or on his racquetball court and a shuffleboard table... and that's just in the basement, on his absolutely insane 34,927-square-foot Cherry Hills Village ranch.

    Here's the whole spread:

    But alas, a competitor is a competitor by birth and coaching is in his blood. All the square footage in the world isn

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and as one of the Als posted yesterday, Cower has already turned down the Fubalump (Buffalo) gig, and said the Bears opty was "exciting".

    Nothing more nothing less

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I say NO NO NO to Charlie Weiss....NO NO NO. He's worthless...All you need to do is look at the dropoff offensively after he left New England....Yeah...There was none. He turned to the Irish into bascially a joke... He's another arrogant Bellichek protege...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Regarding the CBA negotiations...

    One unnamed owner says an agreement is closer than one might think
    because the players realize that an uncapped year,which also means a year with "no floor" NOT a good thing for them at this point.
    The owners would seize upon that opportunity to DUMP unattractive player salaries, and therefore players, without having to be concerned with "Capology" or "salary cap implications" or how much of a "cap hit" they take if they release somebody. It will just be a wholesale slaughter on anyone perceived as overpriced or deadweight.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Demoting the HC and still getting something out of him for the 11 mill is the only hope... they are not going to pay Lovie 11 mill, add on 8-10 million for a new premiere HC, another 5 mill for OC and DC and clean out the whole nest of defensive coaches they just fucking hired (which would have to happen if they fired Lovie.) that is not an opinion it's a pipe dream. Their hands are tied at the very least for one more season, there isn't an owner out there that would blow over 20 million dollars just to unseat a coach a year or so early without some epic failure (see Detroit '08)that would be ignorant. Demoting him to DC would only cost you an additional 3-5 million over what youd pay for a good DC anyway for 2 years ad it would keep the newly hired staff and players that "love" him happy. Look I don't like Lovie and would like him gone altogether but that simply will not happen even if I were Jerry Angelo, it still couldn't happen; it would simply cost too much in cash and team morale.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Yeah, and I'm sure Lovie would be willing accept the demotion. Are you kidding me? There would be several teams interested in his services as a HC should he become available, there is no way he turns down those offers to be humiliated in Chicago.

  • In reply to Shady:

    good. let him go voluntarily then

  • In reply to dutsami:

    This is where the media has to do its job. I too have no real thought that the Bears will fire Lovie and bring in a coach that has won before. I also doubt that a decent coordinator will come here - Lovie won't want anyone who could be "interim head coach" assuming next year is bad. And it's unlikely that a decent OC would come here over antoher place that would have a fresh head coach.

    So we are stuck with this regime until the end of next year. Unless they make the playoffs next year and McCaskey reups Lovie yet again.

    This is a noghtmare that we can't wake up from.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I meant "nightmare". And I meant the media has to contually expose the organization as being thoroughly incompente - as Mark Potash in the SunTimes did last week.

    By the time the year is over the media has to make it "conventional wisdom" that the Bears have a bad staff but refuse to do anything aobut it.

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    o.k.he wants back in but will they pay the price. and like i said earlier can he leave the team alone,but geuss he has no choice since we don't have any picks coming soon.

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    my name is FQD and i approve of this post.

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    Shanny wants back in. He's told everyone who'll listen.

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    To be honest, Shouty, I'd take 13 of this roster and airlock the rest .... axing and execution is what we need ...

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Man, if you think that Cutler won't get along with Cowher then throw Cutler off the bus. That guy is expendable. If it came down to it, and Cutler had that much of an attitude problem, I would take Bill Cowher over Jay Cutler. Unquestionably.

    And Weiss as OC would be good too.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I can't see Bill Cowher throwing those deep outs too well Coach ...

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Two AFC Super Bowl champs coming in to reshape the Chicago Bears...I like that idea.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:


  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    man -- I may have to eat my words but I don't see Lovie getting fired. The ownership likes him and owe him a shitload of money.

    This is all about talent. You can't waste the picks we have wasted in the past and expect it not to come back and bite you in the ass. We don't have to go over the list again, but I put a lot of this at the feet of Angelo.

    Thank God for FA. Here's my solution:
    Move Peanut to FS and put Manning back at nickel
    Sign a decent CB
    Ship out Ogun and see how Kampman's knee is
    Cut Olin, or convince him to retire and coach
    Put Beeks at C and sign a good LG
    Move Williams to LT and put either Shaffer or Omiyale at RT (Omiyale's a shitty guard, but may be a decent RT)
    Fire the complete O-coaching staff and pay Holgrem $2Million to coach Cutler. Bring him to work on a carriage pulled by last year's playmates if that's what it takes.
    Spray Lovie in the neck with a water bottle every time he says "and we'll go from there."

  • In reply to jdawg:


  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    he's a top four WR talent who is going to be a FA and was Culter's #1. We don't have a #1. Shit, we don't even have a #2.

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    I'm sorry, but who here thinks the Bears will fire Lovie? Also, Shanny is fine as long as he is not in charge of personnel.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    No way the Bears fire Lovie.

    I consider this a complete waste of quality blog space.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Here, fucking here. Let's quit all the Fire Lovie, Fire Angelo shit cos it's not happening. Vagina Turner perhaps, but no one else is budging.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    AND, hire which doormat next?????????????? Don't you people understand that as long as this ownership holds onto puppets like Phillips and Angelo, they're never going to land a bonified NFL coach like Cowher?!!! That's the last thing Phillips or Angelo want because if they actually did that, they wouldn't be needed around Halas Hall any longer! The next coach Angelo hires will be another "token coach" who bows down and kisses Angelo's pompus tailbone! Too much bureaucracy and not enough football expertise in the Chicago Bears organization! McCaskey's need to sell and take their family pet Ted Phillips with them. All of Phillips "fleas" need to accompany them as well.....Angelo, Lovie Smith and his entire coaching staff. Just get it done and lets quit pretending this will all magically work out! God, can you hear me????!!!!

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    One thing we have to keep in mind is if both sides can't work out a new CBA next year will be uncapped and all the 4th year players that would be going into FA will be tied to their teams for another two years. That would include Brandon Marshall, among others. I think both sides will work out their differences and get a new CBA in place but stranger things have happened.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to DENVERBEAR:

    Namdi Asomugha said he was the hardest WR in football to bring down.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    It's an attractive destination as long as we offer the cash. Cowher doesn't deserve ten million bucks. He won ONE super bowl and lost a bunch of title games he should have won. Shanny fits a particular purpose. Run game, Cutler. That's hiring a coach to coach OUR PLAYERS. He'd just need a terrific defensive coordinator.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Leslie Frazier, perhaps?

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    At least Corey Graham finally got some time, and I think played pretty well. I dont know what it took 10 games for this staff to see that...I've been shouting his name all season (see numerous previous blog posts supporting the Corey Graham fan club).

    But Jeff, your absolutely right...Lovie has to go, my fear is they are going to make Turner the simply CANNOT pass on the coaching class that's out there right now, an opportunity like this wont last long, jump at it.

    We are in a much better position than the majority of teams out there looking for coaches because we have some stability at the QB position for years to come. This is a much more attractive destination than say, Buffalo.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Honestly, isn't "mediocrity" a bit optimistic for the last 40 odd years of Cubs baseball>

  • Excellent, thanks for the good info Murph. Didn't know any of it.

  • Fuck team morale. These guys know they're not good enough.

    You can't demote a head coach, FTW. What league do you follow? I'm not being mean but you're not making any sense, brother.

    The Bears have more than enough money to eat 11 million dollars. They'd just have to fucking do it.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    They can demote him and let him keep some vague HC responsibilty to keep his contract the same, it isn't much different than how we demoted our DC this season to linebackers coach.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Shan-a-han, Shan-a-han! Bring Mike Shanahan back home to Sweet Home Chicago. Mike is a 1970 Grad of East Leyden H.S. in Franklin Park! He can reunite with Cutler and bring us out of the cellar. Music to my ears! Your the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears BEAR DOWN!

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    denver radio reports shanny don't want to come to chicago because the owners won't spend the money to TOTALLY rebuild the TEAM his way

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Fire Lovie and the whole staff...At this point, ANYONE can do better than they are doing now. Hell get the local H.S. coach and his staff to take over. Wouldn't have to pay them much and not much would be expected. As it is, we are overpaying, expecting too much, and not getting jack out of that staff/GM. It is after Thanksgiving and the Bears need to have their own fire sale...Call in Lovie and the rest of those worthless m.f.ers and give them the Vince McMahon...."YOOOOOOOUUUUU'RE FIIIIIIIIIRED!!!"

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Lovie Smith is far from the biggest problem with the Bears. He has proven he can win when he has talent to work with. Q: What does Smith have in common with supposedly great coaches like Bill Cowher, Mike Holmgren and Jeff Fisher ?

    A: If Smith is able to guide the Bears back into the playoffs in 2010, he wouldn

  • So here's a team exercise:

    In your minds, who are viable OC and DC candidates for us next year? What are your top choices for each position?

  • And there is an owner...Pat Bowlen...who ate 21 million dollars to cut ties with Shanny. It's happened more often that you'd think in the past, except now we make a big deal because the money is higher. But the revenue is also infinitely higher so it's actually not that big of a deal.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    exactly. if this had been 10 years ago, would eating a contract been a big bitch-a-thon? no b/c there wasn't a financial crisis going on. but the Bears are an organization that has nationwide fans in huge followings, so they always will have money coming in (not to mention the overpriced seats at Soldier Field that damn near 1 game could pay for the orgs fiscal year salary.

    this is nothing more than "are the McCheapsky's" too cheap to invest in great personnel or just willing to ride this contract out, piss off loyal fans, and essential say "FUCK YOU" with another potential mediocre season. only time will tell, but it's anyone's game (i kinda hope we have a losing record...something like 6-10 b/c then there will be a VERY visible need for change). b/c face it: if fans don't get what they want, then ppl stop coming to games. when that shit happens, revenue gets fucked up; they're not gonna have that shit.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    the mccaskeys are paying a coach 5.5 million dollars right now. that's a lot of money.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    WSCR 670 & Hub Arkush are reporting that the Bears have all ready reached out to Shannahan, Holmgren, and Cowher and told them not to make any other moves without seeing what the Bears do first. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good news!

  • In reply to alott96:

    are you serious? don't play with me. that would give me a woody. seriously?!??!!? they said that?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I'm serious I've been listening online and he started out with it. I guess they wanted to know how much it would cost, how much control would be needed, and if they were interested. podcast should be up soon

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    i'am with you on that and if they actually got any of them i'd pop a nut

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Eat it up folks:

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    lobo. the last thing the bears want to do is leak a coaching change that won't happen.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Exactly, the legend of "remember the time we coulda had Cowher," would haunt the fanchise for decades.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    It could happen. The McKaskeys have done it before despite their reputation. As bad as it sucks sometime, I live in Michigan, and the Bears could be owned by William Clay Ford. Which is why the Bears' recent performances scare the shit out of me, the Lions used to be a storied franchise too once upon a time.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Call me crazy but I do believe they would/will do this. The Cutler trade changed everything. That was such a big investment that they cannot risk having it fail. If Cutler fails and washes out of Chicago this franchise will be down and out for a decade. The money, the multiple draft picks that would be wasted would be catastrophic. That is not an option.
    They must must protect their investment, and to do that they have to bring in the guy that will get the most out of him. And that guy is not Lovie Bear, or Ron Turner.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    BaM... I am so with you on this man. Jebus, did you listen to that mp3 (thanks Shady)? My goodness, I am salivating right now.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Also, did you guys see this shit:

    "Brad Humphreys spends a lot of time studying the economics of professional sports. It's his specialty, and the University of Alberta economics professor says there's a good reason why there is no NFL team in Los Angeles. "Leverage," he said. Since the Raiders and Rams left in 1995, Los Angeles has been the NFL's boogeyman, an illusory threat to markets that don't sell enough tickets, or won't subsidize a new stadium -- illusory because Los Angeles has traditionally had the same problems that plague other troubled markets. Suddenly, however, the boogeyman is real, and the Minnesota Vikings are in his sights. Not only is relocation a real threat, it seems to be the Vikings' only real leverage as they push for a stadium they deem vital to the health of the franchise -- a new home built on the Metrodome site estimated to cost at least $900 million. Developments Thursday indicate the team is ready to play hardball.

    St. Paul Pioneer Press"

    Holy cow! Can you imagine the tears and gnashing of teeth in Minny? I think I can say that we would all so love that move.

  • In reply to alott96:

    Funny thing is, I'm really confident a change is coming. I don't think Jerry Angelo like Lovie Smith. I think Jerry Angelo believe - and I actually agree with him - that the talent is underperforming its ability. I think he's persuaded Teddy and the family to let him have one more coach.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    All the guys that we use to indict Lovie Smith (Columbo, Benson, etc.) were found by Angelo, so giving him one more chance with a new coach may not be too terrible. Heck, I'd take Leslie Frazier if he had two not just proven, but GOOD, coordinators to help him out.

  • In reply to number1ninja:

    Angelo found who ? Yeah, and check out the rest ..

    First Draft...2002

    1. Marc Colombo 2. Roe Williams 3. Terrance Metcalf.
    4. Alex Brown. 5. Bobby Gray. 5. Bryan Knight.
    6. Adrian Peterson. 6. Jamin Elliott. 6. Bryan Fletcher.

    Second Draft 2003

    1a. Michael Haynes (could have drafted Troy Polamalu!!, Dallas Clark or Larry Johnson 1b. Rex Grossman. Yay.
    2. Charles Tillman. 3. Lance Briggs. 4. Todd Johnson.
    4. Ian Scott. 5. Bobby Wade. 5. Justin Gage.
    5. Tron LaFavor. 6. Joe Odom. 6. Brock Forsey.
    7. Bryan Anderson.

    Third draft 2004

    1. Tommie Harris. 2. Tank Johnson. 3. Bernard Berrian.
    4. Nate Vasher. 4. Joe Leon. 5. Claude Harriott.
    5. Craig Krenzel. 7. Alfonso Marshall.

    Fourth draft 2005

    1. Ced Benson (Could have picked Cadillac Williams, Jamal Brown, Derrick Johnson, DeMarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman) 2. Mark Bradley. 4. Kyle Orton. (Got us Jay Cutler in the end. Yay !) 5. Airese Currie. 6. Chris Harris. 7. Rod Wilson.

    Fifth Draft 2006

    2. Danieal Manning. 2. Devin Hester. 3. Dusty Dvoracek.
    4. Jamar Williams. 5. Mark Anderson. 6. JD Runnels.
    6. Tyler Reed.

    Sixth Draft 2007

    1. Greg Olsen. 2. Dan Bazuin. 3. Garret Wolfe. Michael Okwo Josh Beekman Kevin Payne Corey Graham
    Trumaine McBride Aaron Brant

    Seventh draft 2008

    1. Chris Williams 2. Matt Forte. 3. Earl Bennett.
    Marcus Harrison Craig Steltz Zack Bowman
    Kellen Davis Ervin Baldwin Chester Adams Joey Laroque Kirk Barton Marcus Monk

    Eighth Draft 2009

    Jarron Gilbert Juaquin Iglesias Henry Melton
    D.J. Moore Colin Brown Johnny Knox Al Afalava
    Lance Louis

    7 Derek Kinder

  • In reply to alott96:

    I was listening on the ride back from work too.

    Hub said that ownership (the people above JA and Phillips) put feelers out there to Cower, Shanny and Gruden - not Holmgren to see hwat it would take. They never actually spoke to the coaches, but it was more of a our people talk to your people kind of deal. Another example of the Bears starting to "get it" and due their due diligence.

    That being said, I still think Lovie is going to be around next year and officially on the hot seat.

  • In reply to alott96:

    Al.. do you really beleive this.. or is just prapoganda that the minions in the Bears Management are leaking... Shit I find it hard to swallow that Shan or Cow would come to this organization with all the strings attached to it. It also could be a way Angelo ties their hands so tight that in two years he comes back and says " See LDL was not so bad."

    This is a fraternity of assfucking dirtbags and as long as they are running the show-
    Michael "Canary Sweater Boy" McCaskey
    Ted "I bent Daley over" Philips"
    Jerry "Two Step Tango" Angelo
    and last but not least LIMP DICK LOVIE
    oh I forgot RT " Thank you sir may I have another" (quote from Animal House)
    These clowns are in one big circle jerk and no one wants to release their GRIP!!!

  • In reply to alott96:

    Don't believe it. Why would they release that info even if it was true, and especially half way through the season. This is 'the media' we're talking about, and 'reports' of this or that happening are as trustworthy as Chinese milk powder.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:


  • would I miss the Packers? Yes.
    Would I miss the sad-face Lions? Yes.
    Would I miss the Vikings and their lame-ass fanbase?
    Absolutely not.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    We could just make Notre Dame into a pro football team. Save them the humiliation of crawling on their knees to get into the Big Ten.

  • OMG.... am I hearing this correctly guys? If this does happen change my name from lobotobear to TRIPOD!!! I am very skeptical guys!! PLEASE JEFF keep this on the post if you here more. This is my life blood for NAVY & BURNT ORANGE.. again I am in the land of HOW BOUT THEM BOYS...and THE FU!@!$#@$ING BRONCOS.

  • Yeah, I HATE the Vikings. Every Bears victory over them is a tremendous boom for me. Every Bears defeat at the hands of them is depressing.

    I hate the Packers, but I respect them and I love our rivalry. If the Vikings moved to L.A. and the Rams joined the NFC North I would be exceptionally happy. Plus I would LOVE to see the look on those dopey Minnesota fans who are suddenly robbed of a team.

    As far as Bill Cowher changing up the defense, I'm all for it. I have long been a proponent of the 4-3. But why not try a little 3-4? The 3-4 offers a wider variety of packages to use and I'm just about done with the Tampa 2.

    Now listen guys. If Cowher or anyone else comes in it will NOT be an overnight thing. This isn't Gruden in Tampa, Tomlin in the Steel city, Switzer in Dallas, or Marz in St. Louis. 2009 and probably 2010 must be formative years for the Bears. Start over. Trash the old and start anew. Make [insert new coach's name], Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, and Lance Briggs the cornerstone of a new football team.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    If we went to the 3-4 I'm guessing Gaines Adams would be a DE/LB. After listening to the podcast I still think Lovie stays and Turner, Heistand and Hamilton go but at least it makes me feel better knowing someone is at least kicking the tires.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Cower or Shanny would put Gaines Adams on the bus out of town. Go hang out with Maranelli, he's the one who wanted to Dirty Sanchez the guy.

    Eat the 2nd rounder, get a free agent DE. Resign Wale. Anything but that guy. He looks like Patrick Ewing dressed up as Dan Hampton.

  • A Charles Martin type dealie ? Who could we get to perform the dirty deed ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Mark Anderson.

    His pissed away potential at being a pass rush specialist would be suddenly forgiven, and we would hold a ticker tape parade for the guy if he broke Farve's legs.

  • I've never really heard Cutler put the blame on anyone but himself. Even when it was a game where clearly the D fucked up, or one where it was his buddy Olsen playing like a bitch etc. Judging by NFL players Wonderlic scores, especially at the RB position, Bettis' opinion is only as valid as any random punters'. Just because somebody played in the NFL doesn't make them some kind of genius with insight. 95% of these guys are complete momo heads.

  • Minnesota has a huge Scandinavian community. Thus, the Vikings.

    I guess if the New Orleans Jazz can go to Utah, home of zero black people minus Karl Malone, then anything makes sense. The Lakers because Minnesota is land of 1,000 lakes, go to LA where there is one dirty reservoir full of dogs.

    Sure, the LA Vikings. I'd love it.

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