Bears at Vikings Gameday Thread


Can the Bears recognize a longtime villain and send him to the sideline?


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  • With our season screwed, there is little left to root for other than the death of Farve (if he can't spell it so it makes sense I will). I would prefer that he die while being crunched by multiple lineman as he lets go of a game ending pick 6. If death is too lofty of a goal I would settle for something having to be amputated. The bare minimum would be career ending. How in the heck we will still be within 6 points of the Queens with this team at the end of the game I have no clue. Miracles happen. Yes, it's obvious I am channeling my inner downer negative Bears fan personality. It just comes natural. It wasn't supposed to come at all this year.

  • It is a tough choice for me,Farve getting busted up or that steroid pumped stumpjumper Jared Allen. Or how long i can stomach the Farve/Allen suckfest that i will have to endure by whoever is calling the game.

    I can only hope that the Bears play with some guts today and dont get blown-out by half-time. What a sad situation.

    I will however watch and hope for the upset. While i listen to that fucked-up horn blow all afternoon.

  • If that funeral pyre at sea is for anybody, it may be for Lovie Smith. If his team lays down and the Queens are up by 21 in the 2nd Qtr, and we end up losing by 21 or more - expect something to happen.

    Chicago is a town that can handle middling .500 teams that win a couple, lose a couple. But an extended losing streak where we get embarrassed week after week is not something we will just sit around for. This isn't Detroit. We don't watch the team get steamrolled week after week and then wait to read Mitch Albom write some witty repartee about it. Fuck that.

    This town is on the edge of revolt against this team. Maybe it's still a bitter taste out of being humiliated for the Olympic bid, or whatever - but we wanted a winner and we got handed shit. We thought we built a Porsche 911 GT3 and we ended up with a Kia Sorento.

    Here's to hoping for Zack Bowman on a blind side blitz drops his helmet into Favre's lower vertebra and he twists and pops like the Theisman-Taylor shot heard around the stadium. Goodbye Super Bowl Minnesota, go go Saints.

  • I think I dislike this Vikings team more than any Packers team I can remember (granted, I'm in my 20s). If Lovie can't get his guys ready for this one, I think it's worth swallowing the $11 million he's due after the season to get him out. You can't have a coach who no one listens to. It doesn't work.

    Bear Down.

  • Why wish for Favre to get injured?

    I want him to be sacked, stripped, and pick-6ed into oblivion. Tonight. And *again* on 28 December. And if by miracle we make the playoffs, we can injure him then. Of course late in the 3rd quarter after he's gifted us three more TDs.

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    well, today I mean

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    SC, that's the farve of old m

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    Oooook, no more phone posting... piece of shit. Sorry gents.

    SC, I was trying to say that the pick 6 Farve hasn't really shown up this year save the Steelers

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    I want Favre's face to be as bloodied and bruised as Tiger Woods.

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    Love the Pic Jeff....I'm just hoping Cutler and the boy's can pull off a it what you want but a win. I still like "Waffle Farve", only because he refuses to give up the ghost and go down swinging. Why not? And today would be a good day to go down "Waffle"!! Bear Down Bears!!!

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    I'm not going to miss a single play but I'm not expecting anything but more humiliation. The Queens are very good and if we look like we might win some Minnesota Judge will file an injunction preventing the Bears from tackling.....Oh wait - they can't tackle now.

    6 ponits???? Is that the line? I haven't seen it. Should be 36.

    This is hard to say but I don't want

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    fucking thing posted out of cyberspace!

    To finish...

    Hard to say but I don't want Turner to pull one of his - 2 times a season - "great" game plans out of his ass. I want the fucker gone. Lovie too....and Angelo. We are looking at 3 years best to the next winning season IMO.

    Guaranteed bet...we will see Lovie gazing up above. I sure would like to know WTF he sees up there.

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    btw, this game looks absolutely frightening on paper:

    BUT... this is te NFL, and on any given Sunday. BIYP!!!

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    The Bears are going to fucking destroy the Vikings today.

    Farve - dead
    Peterson - dead
    Allen - dead
    Childress...aka John Waters...aka Sid Grossman...aka the Pedophile - dead

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    Jebus, tough night last night. I meant LES Grossman.

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    oh, and to get everyone in the mood for the game... the odds are about the same for today's game as they were in this clip.

    5 fakers shooting blanks against 30 heavily armed, trained terrorists:

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    Firs, Jeff great pic. I know you take pride in finding just the right one each week, and I think this week's is the most apropos.

    Second, at the beginning of the season I was SURE Farvendouchen was going to be out with xyz injury and we'd be at the top of the NFCN. Well, it hasn't panned out that way, at all. So all I ask the football gods (Jebus included ) is for that sashays to snap, crackle, and pop something today. I have to admit that I don't wish death on anyone, but I do hope it's career ending. I can't take another farve off season drama series for fuck sake.

    Lastly, did any of you notice that childers looks EXACTLY like Sid Grossman from tropical thunder. "I'm going to.... FUUUCK YOOOUUU UPPPPP!"

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    Sashays = asshat

    My Droid makes some strange auto-spelling choices that I don't always catch. Sorry.

  • eeeewwwww

  • Hey more from Hub on the rumors of a coaching change:
    It's Cowher.

  • I want the bears to win but I want them to lose so it can give me more assurance of Lovie and his crew being fired..

  • The human fumbling machine did it again...go (their) AP!

  • fucking WR screen

  • Ron Turner is a fucking pecker-head ... how many times do we have to telegraph the WR screen and we either lose or get zero yardage. Asshole!!!

  • A defensive player not reporting to the official when he comes in on offense. Sound like poor coaching to me.

  • Three and out again. Totally inept offensive play calling by Turner. No push from the offensive line and Forte gets shutdown for no gain. God how I appreciate the days of Payton when he would average 4-5 yards per carry.

  • Berrian wide open and burning the Bears once again.

  • Nice sack by Afalava (sp?)!!

  • Would it be a safe bet that our d line leads the league in offsides and neutral zone penalties?

  • Wow you guys are far ahead of my webstream, knew the play before i saw it, lol

  • I hate the Vikings and Favre, but that was a nice throw and catch. It only reminds me how inept the Bears are on both sides of the ball. We have 18-yards of total offense through the first quarter ... pathetic!

  • Offense can't do shit.

  • Yeah right, #500 has to come against the Bears...depressing...

  • Game Over! We can't move the ball so their won't be any answering back and is the West Coast Offense that hard to figure out? Slant pass, Screen Pass, Pass to the running back out of the back field.

  • YOu Beauty!

  • A whole qtr before the Queens score. Pretty amazing

    1Q Bears...8 plays. Assqueens 22 plays.

  • that is what happens when you run vertical patterns with Knox and Hester. you test the defense and make them make plays. fucking TD, now you will not see that play the rest of the game. Turner just checked it off the list.

  • O.K., get rid of Hester as WR, and start Knox and Arambishoudo (our however you spell his goddamn name). Arambishoudo made a hell of a catch on that drive, and Knox made a good catch off a evern better throw from Cutler!

  • That touchdown was for all you fuckers who were saying to bench Cutler.... GO CUTLER!!!!!!!

  • GREAT throw and great catch ...#6 to #13....I am fucking amazed at that drive.

  • Yeah Crown. This is where Turner puts his head back in his ass.

    Unfortunately we are probably without Alex Brown and Briggs. Our 2 best.

  • Christ, come on D, smack that little shit down

  • MVP @ 40, why not?

  • Max but where was the fucken LBS? that is there assignment.

  • Pick fucker (Lovie) and Pig Vomit (Turner) need to get a fuckin clue! Put your people in a position to succeed

  • Well that didn't take long. Good thing Lovie went to the defense and told them to step it up before the drive.

  • Way to fuck things up Bears

  • umm, why is lovie challenging that play?

  • Trying to figure out why they would put J Knox back there right after D Manning just ran it back to the 46. Why? Because they're the Bears DAMN COACHING STAFF.

    Oh, and nice challenge Lovie - we didn't need that extra time out anyway.


  • Brad Childress-
    "We don't need Favre to do everything we have AP". Um who's the MVP of that team.

  • I can deal with the fumble better than the stupid challenge. Lovie sucks at challenges

  • Lovie is such a loser ... everybody watching this game saw that Knox fumbleded, yet he loses another Challenge and burns a timeout. God I hope and pray let this bumbling idiot go after the season.

  • A Tommy Harris sighting!!!

  • Now Come on Convert a 3rd down for god sake

  • Red zone Jay strikes again

  • Damn ... the Bears were driving. Too bad for Cutler as he was throwing the ball well until that pass!

  • Bollocks


  • pass interference again. what the fuck. that is the second interception based off of a fucking pass interference. i fucking give up.

  • Jay's lead in int's grows, that one not his fault.

  • this is ridiculous. we should be only down 3 at the half. instead we get fucked by the refs and our shitty defensive play-calling can go into the half down double digits.

  • if bowman fucking turns around he knocks it down, that was a fucking terrible pass by favre and he gets blown regardless.

  • bowman, if you played for the Vikings you would have turned around and knocked it down or intercepted it because it was the worst fucking pass ever. instead Joe Buck is sucking the shit out of Favre's cock. i truly give up.

  • Favre is dissecting the Bears defense as expected. Game is over by half-time!

  • when referees make mistakes that turn a 17-10 or 17-14 game into a 24-7 game is there some sort of review board that says you fucked up on that call and you get fined or does Joe Buck just blow Farve, swallow and hand bang Aikman at the same time?

  • I'm done guys. For the half and perhaps the rest of the season.

    It's annoying watching Cutler fight for his life, get no pass blocking, and I can see the quit in the eyes of guys like Hester and Forte.

    So, no more of this shit through the Christmas Goose. This team has quit on Lovie, they are all playing for spots on next year's team. And plenty of guys have just mentally quit.

  • Well, not sure what else we could have expected with this Bear team against this Vikings team. Just a very (recently) typical Bears first half - we can't follow up good play by more good play, whether it's a good D stop followed by getting carved up all down the field, good offensive drive (unfortunately which now requires 100% passes) followed by a pick (see previous comment on 100% passes), good special teams runback followed by voluntary player substitution and a turnover. Even Maynard now plagued by the Upsy Downsies. Just a completely inconsistent effort by an extremely mediocre team. And did I mention the poor coaching effort?

    Da Bears Blow.

  • Wow. I see the Dough Boy is up to his old tricks with two picks already. Is it just me or is Jay-Jay putting on weight? He's got a funny shape to him. Scary thing is the Bears get to play the Vikings again!!!!!! Yikes. Don't worry Bears fans, you have the draft in April to look forward.....oh, wait!

  • Wow. I see the Dough Boy is up to his old tricks with two picks already. Is it just me or is Jay-Jay putting on weight? He's got a funny shape to him. Scary thing is the Bears get to play the Vikings again!!!!!! Yikes. Don't worry Bears fans, you have the draft in April to look forward.....oh, wait!

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    double posting because your girlfriend or wife is fat and no one wants to sleep with her is just plain gay.

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    Hope we make a 2nd half comeback, otherwise let this be another nail in the Lovie era.

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    Bronco Loving Mama says: JAY CUTLER IS OUT OF SHAPE AND PUTTING ON WEIGHT. YIKES - Too much insulin will do that to be fair about it but still - CUT DOWN ON THE CHICAGO HOT DOGS JAY!

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    fucking shocking, our O Line must be the worst in the league

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    pace sucks, runs off the center on first down suck, the pass no call on the pass interference sucked, pace letting Jared Allen run past him really sucks.

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    fire everyone!

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    Knox return to the 8...and we get a lousy 3 farking points....we suck.

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    Forte into the line for nothing (Turner's back) and downhill from there. Dumbfucks.


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    Third down defense is killing the Bears. Same theme for the past 2-3 seasons. This defense is awful, and is clearly evident it is time for this organization to go in a new direction. Lovie and his bumbling coaching staff are gone after this season. I only hope Angelo gets his pink slip as well.

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    The Cover 2 defense exploited again. First and 20, no problem. Favre throws a 22-yard strike in the middle of the scheme (the weak point) for a first down. Jesus Chris Lovie, you are one stubborn MF.

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    OMG ... I can't believe that call. No breaks going the Bears way at all.

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    fucking hillenmeyer you fucking pussy ass faggot. get his pussy kicked so hard he ends up facing away from the play and out of bounds and touches the fucking ball. you fucking cocksucker.

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    Lovie Smith mentions "turnovers" when he talks to Fox at halftime. Turnovers? Are you fucking kidding me? Turnovers? You aren't concerned with the 300+ yards of offense and the Vikings moving up and down the field at will? The O-line has to be one of the worst in the league with an old ass left tackle that is washed up. This is Lovie's defense and it sucks ass. Lovie needs to go.

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    cool, Berrian still a Bear...prevents Vikings TD...

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    forte is offically a fucking pussy. our practice team guy shows more fucking heart than that faggot.

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    What a horrible three and out for the Bears. Good play on first down, a screen to Forte who runs into the defensive back vice cutting and gaining an extra yard or two for the first down, and then we can't even get 1-yard on a QB sneak.

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    Put Bell in the game. He seemed to hit the hole harder and run tough last week. Why haven't we seen him this game?

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    If they convert another third and long I am going to shoot myself

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    3rd and 10, they get 20. 9 for 12 on 3rd down conversions. yay!

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    First Bears game i am shutting off...tonight

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    I called the 15-20 yard pass down the middle. You knew it would be open.

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    Good God, there's still 14-min left in this game. The Bears have given up on both sides of the ball. Wait, nice hit by Williams ... looked like the Bears "D" of old for at least a second.

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    Vikings 475-yards to the Bears 169-yards ... that says it all.

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    I think we all know that the Bears getting their asses kicked like this only benefits the cause of getting the coaching staff canned. But I have to say it hurts like hell. We only get 16 of these a year and the hope is that we get something to root for.

    Guess what...Favre is about to have his career high in passing yards. Another record against the Bears this year.

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    Nice block Davis, I don't think you even laid a pinky on Allen.

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    Icing on the cake, the fucking redneck Allen gets to do his thing.

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    O.K. ... I can't watch anymore. I have and always will be a Bears fan, but this team and coaching staff are just terrible. I need some anti-depressents!!

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    I never, ever, ever want to hear about how Corey Graham should be on the field more.
    He gave up big play after big play after big play in coverage and he's too damn small to play safety.
    Oh, and Hunter Hillenmeyer, you're officially on the shit list too.

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    This game is just what the doctor ordered. Fire everyone from the GM on down. Most yards against the Bears since 1982. Lovie sure knows how to call a game. Impressive.

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    Mybe if the bears coaches would get there head out of their asses, they might win a game. FML

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    This crap is getting downright comical. Looking forward to Lovie talking about being 9-7 at the end of the season.

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    Ok, Queens leave in Peterson to rub it in, I would offer a bounty on his leg. $20,000 to anyone if they snapped it and then put that smug ass team in their place. Game is over, put in the practice squad guy, and if you don't, this is what happens.

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    Bronco Lovin' Mama says: Well, another steller performance by Jay "Dough Boy" Cutler although basically you guys suck all around. Thanks for the draft picks and personally I think the season ticket holders are due a refund. Maybe Jay-Jay and his 50 million can help! Till next week Bears fans its SO LONG from BRONCO LOVIN' MAMA!!!!!!!

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    Well I said Queens by 36. It could have been but they held back near the end.

    This team is now a broken horsie and they will be ridden every game from now on. Anybody see a game they can win? Detroit you say. Don't bet on it.

    It would be best if Ted Phillips fired Angelo and relieved Lovie at this point. Put Taub in charge as Temporary head coach.

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    2nd Half 12 plays and zero first downs.
    Analysis- Lovie is the one who calls the defense, The vikes continous dominate the cover2 and Lovie keeps callin it? why?
    The offensive line is terrible. Forte and Cutler cant do shit.
    We need a fucking real big sized possession WR.
    Ron Turner you still suck.
    This game should finalize the decision on firing the coaches.

  • the good:
    - No Jared Allen Dances
    - AP not a big factor
    the bad:
    - the score
    - 300+ yards of offense in a half
    - turnovers
    - the score
    - play calling
    - the score
    - dumb instant replay review
    - the score

    #4 took a seat at the beginning of the 4th last week against the Seahawks, can the Bears at least avoid that?

  • NOW I really know what a "Franchise Quarterback" is after watching Jay "I'm indespensible" Cutler play today. I had no idea you could be this bad and get 30 million $$$$$$$. Nice work if you can get it huh? Jay's got a nice long highly paid vacation coming in a month. Don't think he doesn't know it!

  • When was the last time the Bears actually "won" a game? Anybody know?

  • Yeah I know. But this little voice in my head says "Give up all hope ye who enter 2009 Bearfandom". Or something like that.

  • Here's why it'll be very hard to get rid of Lovehammer early. Obama/Jesse Jackson/Roland Burris/Al Sharpton/Oprah. He's got 10mil left on contract but these creatures will make sure Lovie gets an extra REAL NICE and proper big time extortion payout...or they'll soon begin to picket Halas Hall. Knew this was not gonna work. Experiment was doomed from the get go. Big deal we went to Sup. Completely outcoached because Dungy was the smartest guy in The Tampa Two. Lovie's just a dunce. Dumbass farking clueless wearer of the headset. His D let up over 500 plus yards to Minny and Turner will never work in NFL again. What a pair. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND. Put em both in the fountain. Run the credits... this movie's over...

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