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For Safety's Sake
You need to look no further than the loss to Philadelphia to understand that the biggest hole on the Bears defense is at the safety position.  Between Danieal Manning's embarrassing missed tackle of Mike Vick early and Al Afalava's Roy Williams impression on the Desean Jackson touchdown, the Bears have proven over ten weeks that they did not have a viable professional safety on this roster at the start of this season.  Fans said it.  Media said it.  But the head coach disagreed. 

David Haugh Makes Theatre Reference
In his dismantling of the Mike Martz rumors, David Haugh makes a full-fledged reference to the legitimate theatre.

Hire Martz and the Bears might as well book a stage at the Goodman Theatre for all the drama that would create.

Read his article.  It's worth it.  But I'm pretty sure this is the only football column this year to mention one of the country's most important regional theatres.

Briggs Likes Comic Books, Hughes Doesn't Give a Shit

I made a rule a long time ago that I wouldn't write about the private lives of players, out of respect, and I wish the newspapers would adopt the same rule.  Christopher Borrelli's silly, pointless story on Briggs belongs in US Weekly and not in the sports section of a major newspaper.  I add this: stop trying to sell me these players as sweet and lovable.  They're not.  Briggs has a long history to prove it.


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  • First!

  • So the question is:

    Who do we get in the off season or in the late draft to fill in our badly needed Safety spot?

  • Here is the 2010 Free Agency list...interesting.

  • When they let Mike Brown go, I hoped they would consider bringing in Sharper so we had at least a little bit of stability at the postion. Looking at it now...they probably could have had both of them for cheap. Sharper is having a great season and Brown looks to be holding his own for a crap Chiefs team. On top of that, we could have kept Manning at nickel and kick return where he is most comfortable.

    But, what's done is done. It is however another example of bad personel decisions made by Jerry and Lovie on the defensive side of the ball since the super bowl. Rivera gone, Anderson over Brown, extending Vasher too quick, Archuleta...all quite troubling. From what I've seen of Gaines Adams so far, I'm not optimistic that was such a good move either, but I'll give the kid some time before I crap on him.

    I do think that Afalava and/or Payne could develop into serviceable strong safeties. Free safety is another story. Manning has all the tools to be a playmaker at the position. Unfortunately, he clearly will never put it all together despite his impressive skill set.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Gaines Adams comes pre-crapped on. What's amazing is that Bubba brought in Archuleta having known him inside and out, and STILL brings him to the Bears.

  • I doubt he will be free, but Darren Sharper is going to be a free agent. I'm sure the Saints will resign him...but if he didn't...has anyone noticed how electifying the Saints Defense is? They ain't the Aints anymore!

  • I get letting Brownie go, I don't get doing it without a plan to improve the position. I really wanted Dawkins but Sharper would have worked too.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    The safety position is kind of like the offensive line. It once was a position of stength, but after years of neglect it has been a serious issue for the past 3 seasons.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Because I forgot to check for a new thread:
    Ghost reminded me of something that was really bugging me about the Eagles game...namely, our Offensive personnel are built for speed at every single skill position, and even the OL are not grinders.
    The turf conditions are so bad that they negate the one tactical advantage that our #1 receiver, #1 TE, and #1 RB have. Not size, nor shiftiness, just flat out straight line speed. It's no wonder Cutler managed to overthrow the two fastest guys on the field Sunday; their cleats would probably have worked for aerating my lawn.
    Martz wouldn't want to be OC in our mud-slogging conditions..and I don't particularly want his smarmy mug looking down from a booth either. But his scheme would fit well with the attributes of our skill positions.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but here's my solution:
    Sign a CB and move Peanut to FS (maybe Rodgers?)
    Sign a LG and move Beeks to center, make Olin a coach (or at least director of target practice) Sign Evens?
    Move Williams to LT and see if Shaffer or Omiyale have what it takes for RT. If not get Gather or see if Lance Louis can pretend DLs are his girlfriend.
    Replace the OC, QC and O-line coach.
    Sign Kampman
    Sign Marshall at WR, make Hester a 3rd down back/WR and put him back returning Ks.
    that is all

  • In reply to jdawg:

    I basically agree on the changes to the OL.
    Move Williams to LT, Omiyale to RT, Shaffer as backup T, Beekman at LG, Garza at RG, and draft or sign a nasty, smart, dirty Center as a FA. That would go miles towards solving our current problems on the line. Too many pieces are plugged in the wrong spots to accomodate ol' Orlando.

    Our receivers will look a helluva lot better when JC isn't throwing off his back foot to them.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    D. Manning has blown from day one. I mean look at his biggest plays as a Bear; letting Reggie Wayne go uncovered in the Super Bowl that turned that game around, and his pathetic "tackle," attempt on Adrian Peterson in 2007. He's another athlete that isn't a football player.
    I agree with Jdawg about moving Tillman to FS, it's been his natural position from day one. Playing safety will allow him to be around the ball more and help create turnovers.
    Personally I'd go get Brown back this offseason to be SS and provide leadership on the defense. I think a large part of what has happened to this D this year has been due to the lack of BOTH Brown and Urlacher. The Bears are week up the middle now, and have not always played with passion and intensity.

  • In reply to alott96:

    Tillman goes to FS and what happens at corner ? Two semi-weak corners ?

  • In reply to jdawg:

    If Mike Brown where around to coach our secondary I think he would quote the greatest sports film of all, not Brian's Song, not Hoosiers, not Remember the Titans...

    Dodgeball. Patches O'Houlihan: "You've got to get angry! You've got to get MEAN! If you want [football] victory you have to grab it by it's haunches and HUMP it into submission. That's the only way."

    Okay, maybe I'm paraphrasing what Mike Brown would say. But you fellas get the jist.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Danieal Manning: "But I'm not an angry person"

    Mike Brown: *Kicks Manning in the groin* "Are you angry now?"

  • In reply to Shady:

    Exactly, Shady. Exactly!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Can't remember who posted this guy's breakdown of bare-arsed Hester (thanks for that), but he seems to be a self-professed swami as well:

    Jebus we can only hope!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I love my boy Roy, "Bring in the Chin !"

    Hester has not got a pretty arse by the way. I'm still not right after seeing his butt cheeks, didn't need to see that. At least it wasn't TH's ....

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I'd bet that TH has the raincloud Care Bear tattooed on his.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Man this really sucks. All the build up and hype. We all thought it would come down to these two Minny games for the division, now they are meaningless, I remember in 07 when we swept the pack but they went 13-3, yah they were victories but they were empty. Now these two Minny games are pointless as well. We came into this season thinking 13-3, after 6 games we were resigned to 11-5 and a wildcard chance, now we are all stoic in our acceptance of the season being over on Jan 3rd and talking about FA moves we should make before 2010. I hate this, I hate defeat and acceptance of defeat before Sunday comes is even worse.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I disagree. Sure the victories over Green Bay in 07 proved to be meaningless, but boy they were great. Without them the Pack would have gone 15-1. That last victory in late December when the Bears completely owned Favre and the Packers...beat 'em like 34 or 37 to 7. That was nice. I think victories over the Packers and Saints late in that season helped launch the initial success of the 2008 season. The Bears just couldn't sustain that.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Oh - and before we go toasting Al Alfalfa, or Falafel-Lava as I call him...

    DeSean Jackson is probably the fastest wideout in the NFL. An insanely dangerous threat, what we all WISH Johnny Knox could become with alot more work. But he's bigger and much better at jump balls than Knox can ever be. I'll take the Pennsylvania Tens for my two wideouts, Jackson and Santonio Holmes - for my team thank you.

    So "You can call me Al" had no fucking chance on that coverage. He was flat footed, probably because he was running through some overly complicated set of checkdowns in his head. He had no help against a guy you double up on, if you even think he is running stop and go.

    That was not bump and run, it was all zone, and players fucked that up. But Al is the closest we have to a serviceable safety. Compared to Craig "Archuleta" Steltz, he's a god send. Leave him in there with Manning. It's the best hope we have. Vasher at nickel back, maybe he can do something.

    Peanut and Bowman are good CBs in the NFL. The whole secondary is really badly coached. Those 4-5 guys should be getting calls from the FS, not the LBs. The problem appears to be lack of a scheme everybody gets.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I have another theory as well....

    DeSean Jackson just owns Afalava. Is totally inside his head, doing a dirty sanchez on the walls of his brain. It's been that way since college.

    From the Daily Californian in 2006:

    The defensive backs are locked in physical, tight coverage. Oregon State coach Mike Riley instructs his secondary to bump him right at the line and push him off the ball in an attempt to slow him down and allow the safety time to give help over the top.

    It takes Riley less than 10 minutes to realize the strategy is futile.

    With 5:52 left in the first quarter and Cal attacking at the Beavers' 27-yard line, DeSean Jackson knows it is time to attack. He lines up wide, salivating over the physical coverage.

    Immediately after quarterback Nate Longshore receives the snap, Jackson sheds the cornerback and darts to the inside with a quick juke that gives him a step on the defender. Longshore's pass is right on the money. Jackson hauls it in at the 10-yard line for a first down but smells paydirt.

    OSU safety Al Afalava stands squarely in Jackson's tracks. Undeterred, Jackson gives a quick, subtle fake, remembering from a film session that Aflava often gets off his feet and out of his stance to make a tackle, leaving him vulnerable. Jackson has a rule that he will always score if there is just one man between him and the goal line. Precedence was not about to be broken.

    The move sends Afalava stumbling to the ground, helpless and flailing. With no other obstacles to overcome, Jackson saunters into the end zone. It is his seventh-consecutive game with a receiving touchdown, tied for the nation's longest streak.

    "We were on the sidelines screaming like 'dang,'" says Cal linebacker Mickey Pimentel, recalling Jackson's touchdown in last week's 41-13 win. "That was a Reggie-Bush-type move. The defender slid, fell. He probably got turf burn."

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hey, to everybody in DaBearsBlog-land...have a happy turkey day tomorrow; I know I will!
    Go Lions!
    Go Gia...wait, I can't root for them, and I won't root for Denver. Shit.
    Go Lions!!!

  • In reply to dutsami:

    WTF ? We're giving up already without playing them ? Are we going for it on 4th and 2 from our own twenty because if we punt, the Colts will just score anyway?

    If we beat Minny on Sunday (and I'll have two cents on Cutler/Hester/Knox/long bombs - no more fkin bubble screens - against their secondary) then we could logically beat them in Chicago. Apart from that we'll beat STL, DET and certainly GB. That's 10-6. If .........

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Here are some people to consider for FA.

    The Bears may have to go to the top of the salary cap list just to stay competitive. Call it stimulus money, you need to spend more money to get some production out the team due to questionable draft picks and bad coaching/development.

    Logan Mankins, New England Patriots (27)
    Logan Mankins has been a very consistent player for the Patriots since he was drafted. That type of consistency is difficult to match, but with free agency inflating the value of offensive guards, the Patriots may end up letting him walk if the price isn

  • In reply to jdawg:

    If they are insistent on having Hester on offense then I'd like to see him at RB. He doesn't appear to have the necessary smarts to play WR. As a scat-back he'd be interesting ... either that or just use him route one as a receiver.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    c'mon man, Running Back? He is a kick returner that we don't even run deep anymore. This is pro football. Even 3rd down running backs are tough little motherfuckers that can withstand punishment. Hester is not a RB, never has been, and would literally die on the field if hit by a linebacker head on for more than 2 plays in a row.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    guys, i can't stand watching the offense anymore and the reason why is because we have 2 of the fastest WR's in the league but we don't have them run routes that illustrate their speed and elusiveness. we run standard fucking comeback routes and settle routes instead of crossing routes, deep posts and flags, the types of routes that make the defender run their asses off to cover. Our guys run fucking 4'3 40's for God's sake. WHAT THE FUCK? WHY DON'T WE RUN THOSE PLAYS?

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    b/c our turf sucks, our Offensive coordinator sucks, and our QB has no time for those routes to develop.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    check out this video break down of Bells run. The interesting part is at the end with the laziness of Hester compared to Knox running his ass down the field to pick up the block. Had Hester blocked Samuel that would have been a TD.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    happy turkey day to all da bears blog fam. hope the "turkey bowl" is as entertaining as the nightcap will be (and i can't WAIT to see the broncos get bludgeoned).

    bbl for Bears commentary

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    For the first time in a long time I am not looking forward to the upcoming Bears game. I fully believe that they will again be embarrassed and dismantled in front of a national audience. It sucks that it has to be by the Vikings. I am thankful this game is not today since I don't want my Thankgiving ruined.

    A few more embarrassments like the ones the Bears have experienced this year will be the only thing that forces managements hand to make changes to the head coaching position. I think Ron Turners fate is sealed but Lovie needs to go as well. He was brought in to build a successful defense but they have been destroyed and unable to stop several teams this year. There are too many good coaches out there to be had and they will not be available at the end of next year. It is time to pull the trigger and eat the 11 million dollars they owe Lovie. Think of it as backpay for 05 and 06 when Lovie was among the lowest paid coaches in the NFL.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Brett Favre: "Tommie Harris has still got the quickness".

    Yeah Brett, QUICK to pout, QUICK to disappoint and QUICK to underachieve.

    NOT looking forward to Sunday. Game's not on local TV so I will have to go to the Grill and do my "Bear Fan Pennance" and watch what figures to be a trip to the woodshed in the midst of Purple People Cheaters fans.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    "You need to look no further than the loss to Philadelphia to understand that the biggest hole on the Bears defense is at the safety position."

    I've got to go with MLB. Just watch McCoy's TD again in slo-mo, overhead cam shot. How HH misses McCoy I do not know. HH was in the right gap ! It's something you'd slap a kid in the head for doing. One of the worst whiffs I've ever seen. I haven't seen much of HH in pass coverage to be honest, but man he is terrible in pursuit. We love you Brian, you are badly missed my brother. Get well soon.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    So I'm sitting here at work on Friday morning watching the Broncos-Giants game with a little TVants window open in the corner of my monitor, thinking about everybody in America and their Turkey dinners with all the trimmings, when it hits me out of the blue.[drum roll]

    We become a winning team with Brandon Marshall.

    There's been all of this talk all season about our coaches, our playcalling, no picks, the O-line yada yada yada ... we're doomed for years blah blah - and I'm looking at Orton. He's throwing his little dinks and dunks, when he needs to go downtown he puts his inaccurate brick up there ... and Brandon Marshall justs sprouts wings and goes up and snatches them out of the air one-handed. The QB in their situation is almost irrelevant. You put the ball in the general vicinity of The Beast, and he goes and gets it. Period. Cutler is throwing to dwarves (and until recently was handing off to one), receivers that CANNOT physically go up and grab those errant passes out of the air. [Olsen isn't a dwarf, but neither is he a football player, nuff said.] He was well covered on all occasions but still comes up with the ball. Throw in the fact that Lac, Pisa & Dvoracek aren't out there, and the fact that we p*ssed away quite a few games we were well capable of winning this year and things don't look so bad .... if we had our very own Beast. To **** with the coaching and ownership. We could win ball games and be dominant IN SPITE of those guys. We just need Marshall. Teams can't kick our ass if they don't have the football. We have to stop being the 'three and out Bears'. Mr. Angelo bought the Ferrari but left off the new tyres. Go do your job in the off-season JA, get us The Beast. Then I'll take the pins out of your effigy ....

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    from Irish Sweetness:

    "Angelo found who ? Yeah, and check out the rest ..

    First Draft...2002

    1. Marc Colombo 2. Roe Williams 3. Terrance Metcalf.
    4. Alex Brown. 5. Bobby Gray. 5. Bryan Knight.
    6. Adrian Peterson. 6. Jamin Elliott. 6. Bryan Fletcher.

    Second Draft 2003

    1a. Michael Haynes (could have drafted Troy Polamalu!!, Dallas Clark or Larry Johnson 1b. Rex Grossman. Yay.
    2. Charles Tillman. 3. Lance Briggs. 4. Todd Johnson.
    4. Ian Scott. 5. Bobby Wade. 5. Justin Gage.
    5. Tron LaFavor. 6. Joe Odom. 6. Brock Forsey.
    7. Bryan Anderson.

    Third draft 2004

    1. Tommie Harris. 2. Tank Johnson. 3. Bernard Berrian.
    4. Nate Vasher. 4. Joe Leon. 5. Claude Harriott.
    5. Craig Krenzel. 7. Alfonso Marshall.

    Fourth draft 2005

    1. Ced Benson (Could have picked Cadillac Williams, Jamal Brown, Derrick Johnson, DeMarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman) 2. Mark Bradley. 4. Kyle Orton. (Got us Jay Cutler in the end. Yay !) 5. Airese Currie. 6. Chris Harris. 7. Rod Wilson.

    Fifth Draft 2006

    2. Danieal Manning. 2. Devin Hester. 3. Dusty Dvoracek.
    4. Jamar Williams. 5. Mark Anderson. 6. JD Runnels.
    6. Tyler Reed.

    Sixth Draft 2007

    1. Greg Olsen. 2. Dan Bazuin. 3. Garret Wolfe. Michael Okwo Josh Beekman Kevin Payne Corey Graham
    Trumaine McBride Aaron Brant

    Seventh draft 2008

    1. Chris Williams 2. Matt Forte. 3. Earl Bennett.
    Marcus Harrison Craig Steltz Zack Bowman
    Kellen Davis Ervin Baldwin Chester Adams Joey Laroque Kirk Barton Marcus Monk

    Eighth Draft 2009

    Jarron Gilbert Juaquin Iglesias Henry Melton
    D.J. Moore Colin Brown Johnny Knox Al Afalava
    Lance Louis

    7 Derek Kinder"

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Holy Crow Irish... Are you actually Irish, or do you just live in Ireland?

    Anyway, not sure that getting a Beast or a Boldin would cure all that ales (sorry had to throw that in since you are in Ireland) us, but it damn well wouldn't hurt to go along with our new head coach Bill Cowher and a new coaching staff! Again, a girl can dream.

    Btw, did you see this useless shitbag, his big mouth, and his pathetic 300 yards for the season (even though what he says is true):

    "Defense used to be a word synonymous with the Chicago Bears. But the Bears' D has fallen on hard times, and its intimidating reputation isn't what it once was. "I think it is gone," said Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian, who played for the Bears from 2004 to 2007. "People being intimidated about who they got around there, that isn't working for them anymore.

    St. Paul Pioneer Press"

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I was kidding about actually being Irish btw.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Anyone have a list of the contracts that are up on the Bears roster? Who can we dump ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    the ones worth noting are Wale & AP (gotta keep AP tho...special teams monster)

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Mark Anderson, Wale, Danieal Manning & AP will be free agents. Other mouthwatering prospects, these guys are interesting and mostly young ...


    Demeco Ryans, Thomas Davis, D'Qwell Jackson (we need a player with an apostrophe), Kirk Morrison, Barrett Ruud. [Demeco Ryans please]

    Receivers :

    Vincent Jackson (yes), Brandon Marshall(yes), Miles Austin(yes), Steve Breaston, David Clowney (Jets fans love this guy). Malcom Floyd9tall), Davone Bess(money), Jason Avant.

    Tight End :
    So long and thanks for the fish Greg !

    Tony Scheffler, Owen Daniels(yes), and by the looks of it 90% of the TEs in the NFL ...

    Corners :

    Tramon Williams or Richard Marshall please. Usama Young (RFA)

    Safety :

    O.J. Atogwe, Atari Bigby, Nick Collins, Sharper at 33?
    It would be nice to take somebody away from GB ...

    O line :

    Jahri Evans (yes), Logan Mankins, Daryn Colledge.

    D line :

    Julius Peppers or Elvis Dumervil at DE please. Vince Wilfork, Casey Hampton, Richard Seymour, Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly.

    Running back (deep!):

    Ricky Williams on the cheap (32), Ronnie Brown (restricted FA),Pierre Thomas (RFA) Leon Washington (yes), Lendale White9yes), Mike Bell (yes), Jerious Norwood, Darren Sproles.

    Who's on your Christmas wish list ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Pretty sure that list of free agents isn't entirely correct. Once the CBA expires at the end of the season, most of those UFA will become RFA making it easier for teams to keep the talent they already have but at the same time making it more difficult for teams to aquire new talent. Unless the player had been under contract for at least 6 years, he will become a RFA unlike in years past. That includes guys like Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson and other top tier would-be UFAs. Not good if you're JA looking to add talent to a team that has traded away both their 1st and 2nd round draft picks.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Agreed; this "uncapped" year isn't going to be conducive to the Bears making a big splash in Free Agency, although some of that will be offset by teams taking advantage of the lack of a salary floor to dump big contracts w/o much of a penalty.
    It is much more advantageous to us if the league and NFLPA get a new CBA signed.

  • In reply to Shady:

    McDaniels went on a profanity laced tirade against the Broncos and the NFL Network actually picked up the mic and a portion of it got on air.

    NFL Network isn't happy about that - but all I could think was - at least he acts like he gives a shit. Lovie would just stand there and say nothing with his arms crossed. It's like the Cosby show.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I was half watching the game while doing some other stuff and did a double take when he dropped the f-bomb. I had to rewind the DVR just to confirm it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I was thinking that too, about shouting at your players sometimes. I don' see NFL Gameday that often, but it's commonplace for HCs to get somewhat emotional, when say the OL are playing like scared girls. Lovie ? Looks up at an imaginary scoreboard and does that 'tard face where he tries to divide a six digit number by the log of its square root. Bah !

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Show 'em all on Sunday, Cuts. Screw what the OC has in mind (bubble screens!) and go downtown my son, and often. Crappy secondary versus Hester/Knox and Cutler's arm ? It ain't rocket science - c'mon Jay !

    Anyone see the most annoying hillbilly in the world, Jared Allen on Gameday ? He was up a tree in camo and facepaint ... and speared a deer. I kid you not. I don't even know what to say about that, it's disturbing on so many levels. I hope Orlando Pace falls heavily on that cracker with near tragic results. Go Bears !!!!

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Jared Allen is an embarassment to cracker ass crackers everywhere...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Jeff - hope you had a great thanksgiving, man...can't wait to talk to you guys tomorrow during the game; I live in Neb and my family is trying to time their drive back to Illinois in time to catch the game on The Score as they hit the quad cities, so you guys better be here.
    Much love to the whole dabearsblog gang, and if we only win one more game this year, my god, would I love it to be this one!
    Bear DOWN!!!!

  • In reply to Shady:



  • In reply to hollywood1:

    now as i'm sipping sorrel (jamacian berry drink...very good shit) and watching this, i think everyone has looked over this in a nonchalant way, but this is GLARING for why a new regime in management needs to come in this offseason. let's do number crunching:

    number of pro-bowlers since '02 - 3
    number of pro-bowlers we passed up on - at least 20 (seriously...check the numbers); but if you want to be conservative, call it 10.

    what the fuck has angelo done besides nut up in the draft every year? the only credit he can make on this team is:

    1) Lance Briggs
    2) Robbie Gould
    3) Jay Cutler

    besides these THREE players, who the hell else do we have/have we had since the angelo years that's worth mentioning for more than 1 year? it's time for his ass to go too (and for next draft, we have NOTHING to work with). luckily, free agency is going to be something serious this year, so we'll have a chance to do a little remodeling. but for fuck's sake, i hope we SERIOUSLY hit this free agency like a draft.

    this figure might have changed, but as of Feb. 8, our salary cap is $19 million. that's a lot of fuckin' money to play around with (and i think coaching is not affected by salary cap). they need to go ahead and stop being cheap and get some of these additions. just look at the free agents out there via Al (i think):

    that's a LOT of ppl that are pissed at their teams for squandering them w/ the money. break open the piggy bank, cut losses, and make it back by getting a good team (how many good teams are complaining about money)? BEAR DOWN!!!!

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Peanut Tillman, Lance Briggs, Devin Hester, Johnny Knox to name a few.

    Don't forget Gould was an undrafted free agent.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    I'm not sold on Beekman. He's okay when he doesn't have to move, but once he gets mobile he doesn't block anybody. Patching up a crappy line my moving the crappy bits around is not what we need. We need top linemen and we don't have the wherewithall to get them. Our line will not be good for years, so deal with that. About the only coach I'd keep is Marinelli. The players are impressed with him and that's good enough for me. We don't know who the best coaches to bring in are, because people who read/write blogs don't know shit about coaches and have no personal knowledge of who can teach and who can't. There could be a local high school coach who may be the best teacher in the business. Coaching seems to suck everywhere on the Bears except at DL.

    I'd be cool with the Beast, anyone TALL for starters. Hester back on ST, agreed. But the O-line will be a major problem with no short term fixes really possible unless the McCaskeys go crazy on the FA market. But with the crap they have on the line now, who trusts anyone on the staff to pick the talent. They can't ! They've clearly proven that.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Obviously, I have a bias...however, I think I pointed out last week that while we miss Brownie, the KC fans are absolutely not in love with him. They've thrown mud on him for several of the losses this season DESPITE the game-sealing picks he's made. The vociferousness of the comments was really surprising. I would love to bring him back for a one-year contract next year to coach up Afalava and Graham (please stop the Manning experiment - trade him already).
    I have more faith than Jeff that Volcano is going to get it. I don't think the Jackson touchdown reflects poorly on Afalava. There are maybe two or three safeties in the NFL that would've been able to stop that play once Jackson was halfway into his route. I don't think I'd even want Troy Polamalu having to cover DJ that deep one-on-one. That was a horrible defensive call once we didn't get any pressure on McNabb on the play.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    The combination of letting Mike Brown go without doing anything about Dawkins and Sharper is a real head-scratcher. Before the season I was asking if anybody was worried that we had no good backups at LB. Brett Favre said the following ... ""I think Hunter (Hillenmeyer) has done a heck of a job. I still think Lance Briggs is one of if not the best linebacker in football. And Tommie Harris has still got the quickness.'"

    Two out of three anyway Brett ....

  • I'd take Kyle back as a backup ... he knows the offense .... Denver will realise what he is soon enough.

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