Audibles From the Long Snapper

Seriously?  Rex Grossman's dad?
I like Fred Mitchell a lot but his column with quotes from Dan Grossman should be the last football piece he writes this season.  Nobody cares what this man thinks about ophthalmology (he's an ophthalmologist) let alone how a pro football organization manages the quarterback position.  The Bears stink at developing quarterbacks.  I get it.  So maybe the Bears need to bring in a coach who is good at it.  Like a Charlie Weis.  Or a Norm Chow.

Bears not sending a Pro Bowler    
According to Brad Biggs, the Bears have almost no shot at being represented at this year's Pro Bowl.  Lance Briggs, the only starter on either side worthy of consideration, is fifth at linebacker.

Move Hester Back to Specials
Every quote in Vaughn McClure's Devin Hester article reveals the receiver's lack of focus and instincts when it comes to playing the position.  Hester is a kick returner, his greatest asset being a remarkable ability to recognize a hole and sprint through it.  He altered the way teams approaching the Bears in the kicking.  Stop this terrible experiment and utilize your most exciting weapon.


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  • FIRST!!! Rex had a dad? and come on Dan your comparing Rex to Jay, put Jay in the 2005 or 2006 Season and what would happen. Someone should make a "what if" comic book about that story.

  • Sorry but I don't think Devin is the greatest kick returner anymore, there was a moment there where maybe he could have been had they not likely messed it up by making him a receiver. Since then you are seeing guys make Devin Hester-like plays all the time throughout the league.

    I might think so if there were more flashes of the old Hester, but I havent seen it enough to think he could ever return to that type of form again. Before he played like the Last Samauri (no mind), which was the best for him, now that he plays "with mind" it's too much for him.

    He won't be useless, but he won't be "extra special" anymore either except from time to time. So I will love those times when they happen.

    Making Devin a receiver is similar to the following choices made by our coaches and Jerry:

    - getting rid of Chris Harris
    - releasing Mike Brown (some people thought it was time to cut the strings not me, not with the lesser options in the secondary and then BU going down really brought it home for me)
    - Waiting so long to get Aromashodu on the field
    - Jason Mckie is still on this team, Polite was better
    - Taking so long to make sure Alex Brown was a staple in the D
    - Rash Davis is still on this team, why?
    - Please put in some of your own, I could go on and on.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Devin doesn't return kicks, so I don't know how anyone could know that's declined. Punt returners don't really have a chance to be as explosive, I don't understand why he was ever put doing that if he was only going to do one of them. He was the greatest at what he did, that talent doesn't just disappear - but he has other things on his mind as a receiver and has been diluted down to a mere mortal.

    Rash is purely there for ST. Other annoying and insane decisions ? Thomas Jones being airlocked. Madness. If it was possible and life was perfect, imagine having both him and Benson in the backfield. No need to draft Forte and we could have drafted a big stud lineman. Ouch.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    O.K. here is a question I hope of you may know the answer..
    Do you know what a plastic bellybutton people are?

    I will give you names and you figure out the description
    Ted Phillips
    Jerry Angelo
    Lovie Smith
    Ron Turner
    the list goes on

    DO you know? Well do you?

    Answer will be my next Post?

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Simple...isn't it.

    A Plastic Bellybutton person is one who has their head so far up their ASS that the only way to see out is the plastic windshield in replace of their belly button. Obviously BEARS MANAGEMENT and their minions have this placed on them the day the start working for the McCaskey's. SHIT!!! I just hate the stupidity that this Administration runs.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    lobo -

    Lay off the weed.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Regarding Devin as WR - you can't unbake a cake, and you can't undo whatever mental damage has been done to Devin.
    He has shown dramatic improvement this year in his route running, minus the bizaare plays versus the 49ers, and he is going to be playing wide receiver for us until he isn't on the roster.
    Whatever damage was done to his frontal lobe in the process of learning routes isn't going to be undone by anything short of a sharp electrified probe in the eyeball region.
    He was an idiot savante and that's over now.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Albert, your right about the pro bowl. Hall of Famer Dan Hampton only made it four times. I don't care what anyone else says, he was the best defensive player on the Bears throughout the 80's, and he did it with TWO bad knees. I hope Tommy Harris can mature some and learn to play through pain, because he could be a totally disruptive force ala Hampton and vastly improve the defense - take double and triple teams, mess up passing lanes, and create opportunities for others. It's probably a wet dream, but he's young and may grow up and earn his money.
    When Hester was dominating on special teams, Ayanbadejo and Idonije? were kicking ass on special teams, along with Tillman and other starting defenders, especially on punt returns. Hester was unbelievable, but he had a lot of help. The Bears aren't that deep anymore.
    BTW - Albert, you brought up some good memories for me with the Nellie Fox remark. My old man is probably about your age, and he gave me his "Nellie Fox" 1956 glove when I was a young kid in the 70's. That was the best, most worn out glove I ever used, even though live drives in the palm hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. When I got older and played catcher, I still always preferred really old gloves with no padding over newer ones - when I felt the sting, I knew it was a good fastball.
    Sorry for changing the subject, I'm trying to hold back on my Cutler comments for the end of the season. Let's hope he pulls a Drew Brees next year, with a better OC.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Based on past experience, the top seats at Soldier's Field are owned by corporations and business interests, not real fans. Over half "of them" are never in their seats more than half the game. Here's a good way to get rid of Lovie Smith and the entire coaching staff before next season, and pay for it -
    Raise the ticket price $100 per game for the best 10,000 season ticket seats, including preseason. That comes out to 10 million dollars. Problem solved.
    The Bears obviously don't care about the average upper or lower middle class fan. Proof in point - if you sit in the end zone, rush to the bathroom at half, you will still miss part of the third quarter. Pathetic.
    I hate to say it, but I went to the first game at Lambeau, and I was able to take a piss, smoke two cigarettes, drink a beer with a friend, and still not miss a play. That is impossible at Soldier's Field. TWO bathrooms for the entire north endzone. Complete joke. On top of that, you have to pay a fortune to get into a tailgating parking lot, unless you park a couple miles away and take a bus to the stadium.
    This is my rant about the fucking McCaskey family. This is just one example of how they treat the die-hard fans like shit. Fuck them. I wonder if Mike McCaskey wipes his own ass, or if he has "handlers" do it. He might be too good for that.
    Jeff is right, the Bears need a complete overhaul. That's my way of stating it, in a round-a-bout way.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I guess I agree with many of the gripes over the last week, regarding regime change, starting at the top.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    One more comment before I go to bed.
    Look at the stands when the 3rd quarter starts against the Eagles. I'll bet over 60% of the "fans" between the 20's are not in their seats and ready to cheer the Bears on.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Al, I just look at the "first" as tradition so I go with it.

    Irish, you may have a point on the Devin kickoffs, but initially they did have him doing both and he wasnt doing well. They stated that he should be able to handle it, then later he commented saying that it's hard to do more than just be a receiver, then they pulled him off kicks.

    The timing of the loss of Ayobanjo was proabably a big contributing factor too.

    At this point I am ok with him as a receiver, but he would definitely fair better with a true number one on the field with him. The coaching staff needs to stop acting like it's an experiment now and saying he needs more time under his belt, he has done it long enough for them to know what he will be capable of.

    Lastly, I've often wondered in my own mind and the minds of my fellow bloggers, what are your thoughts on what kind of a DB he would have made? With our secondary, is he a guy who would have made them better? My feeling is that if route running brain gas exists, then how does that play if he had brain gas as a DB, would he be burned a lot?

  • In reply to shonbear:

    "In 32 games with the Hurricanes, Hester started six times. He finished his career with 33 tackles (24 solos) with a 4-yard sack and two stops for losses of 7 yards. He intercepted five passes for 57 yards in returns, deflected six throws and blocked a kick on defense."
    I don't think he was ever destined to be Deion Sanders.

    from his draft profile on Fox Sports

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Some traditions need to be retired, Shon. The fact that you really can't tell if you actually ARE first should be reason enough to make the "FIRST" posts history.

    NOT, btw, unlike the Bears clinging to the delusional tradition that they are still a "running team".

    Cormonster, I can see my 1963 "Little Nell" topps baseball card as I sit here.
    It's in a frame paired up with a "Little Looie" Aparicio card sitting on the same shelf with my Sayers, McMahon and Butkus Starting lineup figures.

    Nellie Fox. 1959 American League M.V.P.
    Best known for choking up on the bat and that ever-present huge wad of chewin' tobacco in his cheek.

    Shonbear, I would say that the "Dave Babich over Ron Rivera" fisaco
    qualifies for your list as well.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Oh yea, there it is, another one I couldnt remember during post time. Good one Al, how about the QB competition of last season? Maybe Kyle would have done even better had he started the pre-season as the #1 rather than splitting snaps. Especially since it seemed like they were going that way already.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    First of all Jeff, you're wrong about Briggs being the only one worthy of consideration. Robbie Gold is the best player on the Bears, period. Brad Maynard is probably second.

    So far as Hester is concerned, Cormonster is absolutely right that the Bears special teams are just not so good any more. With the players out there now, Hester would be doing no better than he is whether he played receiver or not. His comments about focus were just his excuse for not scoring return TDs after spoiling us for a couple years. You did not *really* think that would go on forever, did you?!?

    Hester is the best receiver on the Bears. Johnnie Knox is just the new toy under the tree that has everyone all excited.

    Devin is #5 in the NFC in receptions, and tied for 10th in first downs. His average per catch is somewhere around the middle of the conference, higher than Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Houshmandzadeh (for example). And second on the team after Earl Bennett.

    So exactly what is wrong with the Hester "experiment"?

    I am sooo tired of that bullshit.

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    I think you're right, Dave. The experiment is not a bust...but I think relying on Hester to be the a number 1 reciever is naiive to the extreme. He's a good kid but he will never be what the coaches want him to be.

    I agree with Jeff that he should concentrate more on special teams. How many games has Devin Hester won as a wide reciever? Maybe the Seattle game this year.

    How many games has Devin Hester won as a return specialist?
    Arizona '06
    New York '06
    St. Louis x2 '06
    Kansas City '07
    Denver x2 '07
    New Orleans '07
    I'm probably missing some...

    Everything the current staff wants in Devin Hester as a wide reciever Johnny Knox can do better. Refocus Hester on special teams...he's nearly broken a couple this year and would have one return TD without that blocking penalty.

    Trade for or get a good #1 in free agency during the offseason. Also, play Aromashadu more! What the fuck has that kid been doing on the inactive list? Did you see that sideline catch he made late in the game?


  • In reply to Mastodon:

    From the "Don't shoot the messenger" department.

    We'd all love to "move forward", CanadaBear.

    However, reason we have to rehash things like questionable / mind-numbing personnel decisions is that the Bears insist on repeating their bad behavior, time & again.

    "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

    There. 2 cliche' quotes for the price of 1 post!

  • In reply to Mastodon:

    Green Bay.

    Another reason the NFL has replaced baseball as "The National Pastime".

    If the NFL were run like MLB, Green Bay would have ceased to exist as a home for a franchise decades ago, the Steelers would never have emerged from their pre-1970s "doormat" personna, Dallas would be looking for THEIR 27th Super Bowl Championship because Jerry Jones would cherry pick any/every free agent he needed/wanted with have all-pros as Cowboy back-ups and the Bears would be irrelevant, annually, by Halloween.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I agree with your post but beating a dead horse (another cliche) gets a little old. Totally agree about MLB vs NFL.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to Mastodon:


    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the NFL is going to be the MLB, and teams like GB are really going to have a hard time when the revenue sharing goes away along with the CAP...

    I hope you are a big NY or NE fan, because its going to be exactly the same as it is in the cap...big markets will attract big names and outbid other teams...

    Its sad really...but I guess good for us?

  • In reply to Mastodon:


    Look at this exceprt from JJ....he was fined 100K for these remarks, but at no point did they say the comments were false..

    ""On Sept. 4, Jones, while trying to help make a push for public financing of a stadium in Minnesota, said he expects the new CBA will not include NFL teams sharing revenue:

    "Right now we are subsidizing this market. It's unthinkable to think that you've got the market you've got here, with 3.5 million people, and have teams like Kansas City and Green Bay subsidizing this market. That will stop. That's going to stop. That's called revenue sharing. That's on its way out."

    Get ready, the league is going to change a lot.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    It's unthinkable to think?

    Nice one Jerry.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Totally doubt that will happen. They don't share all of the income already. Most owners wouldn't give Jones the time of day. They know they have the golden goose and they aren't going to kill it. Both sides will figure it out and things will go forward.

    Edward Bennett Williams used to own the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Redskins years ago. He was quoted as saying, "You could take the dumbest NFL owner and he would be smarter than the smartest MLB owner." I think that says it all. MLB is still somewhat popular because of old farts in corporations. Once they all kick off, MLB revenues will keep declining.

    It's corporate dough and a crazy tax structure that makes all of this possible. If they would get rid of the tax deduction for advertising, all of the corporate BS would disappear. Of course, so would free TV, newspapers and magazines. As long as corporations can write off all this stuff they will control the best seats, suites, etc.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Ownership issue again comes into play. Bears vs. Steelers(Steelers have taken in outside money already so their not Mommy/Poppy run outfit anymore),CST-SPT-neil18.article Food for thought.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    One last thing on this thread. Anybody notice that Hester is up to his old tricks that he got away with back at the U? What I mean is when he fields punts he gets impatient, spins around and goes backward. Talk about Attention Deficit Disorder. Devin...look for the fricking hole and go. This doodle dandy backward crapola only loses yards. Special teams play is a major problem for Bears right now. Is Toub signed for only this year? Rumor had it they wanted him back in ILLY.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    OK just a few comments. I'd like to see Hester "occasionaly set up at WR but put him back to what made him really shine, kick-off returner. I'd say he'd surprise those who think he's lost his edge. Punt returner should be one of the back up RBs, They can take a shot if need be and may or may not break a few here and there but it's not really a postion that leads to a lot of break outs.

    Secondly, I think we need to pick up a few experienced O-linemen who may be on the street next year and or pull a few from the late draft. This also goes for the CB corps. If we can get a better line we can make some holes for Forte and protect the pocket better for Jay. Everyone knows our secondary sucks so it's obvious on how to beat the Bears at this point if you have a god pass attack.

    Third, the coaches. Do I really need to say anymore. If 1 and 2 happen I think we have a good chance next year even if 3 is not changed. If 3 is changed but not 1 and 2 then I don't think we'll see much improvement over all.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    One thing everyone forgets about Hester. Do you really think he would have re-upped with the Bears if they didn't let him try to develop as a WR or DB? There's no way the Bears would have given him the second contract amount as just a returner. They could have franchised him a couple of times and had a player with a case of the ass.

    Also, comparing Soldier Field to Lambeau Field is ridiculous. Chicago is the 2nd largest market in the NFL and there is only one team in this market vs 2 in NY. Green Bay is Hooterville. I'm not trying to insult Green Bay because I've been there and really liked it but ... Chicago should have more corporate dough than ANY NFL team (if the dopes running it were smart enough to cash in). Green Bay probably has the least corporate dough.

    Hey Guys (and Ladies), enough with all the past misdeeds by this regime. We all know them by heart. Let's try to focus on this year. Even the media is starting to dredge up ancient history (Grossman's dad popping off). What's done is done, let's move forward.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Kansas City Chiefs Safety Mike Brown was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week...

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Nice find Ghost.

    As my username denotes, I was and am a huge fan. He's a monster... I only wish he wasn't so injury prone. Great job Mike. I think I speak for all Bears fans who wish you the best of luck and wish we still had you on the team to lead a very lost D unit.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    The Devin Hester explination is simple really; Devin wanted to get paid like a WR so they made Devin a WR. The Bears (or any other NFL team who take themselves seriously) were't going to pay Devin WR money to only touch the ball a couple times on special teams, they wanted to let Devin touch the ball as much as possible on offense as well.

    To me it's clear Devin Hester is not a #1 WR and will most likely never become a #1. But to the Bears, it doesn't really matter becuase A. They paid him like one so he wouldn't hold out and B. They don't have anyone else on the roster head and shoulders above Devin to stake claim to the #1 role.

    I'm not trying to bash Devin here as I think he can be a productive WR, but putting the label of a #1 NFL WR on a guy who was a DB out of college is not only unfair to him, but unfair to the guy throwing him the ball. The Bears did him a great service by bringing in Cutler, a QB who can make all the throws, but Devin also needs the help of a better OC who can help put him in better situations to succeed. He also needs time to develop a better rapport with Cutler to become more effective when opposing teams blitz and Jay can look to Devin to find the holes in a zone coverage. Right now it looks like Jay is thinking one thing and when he's ready to throw it in a certain area, the receiver is on a different page and in another area.

    While I think most fans expected an improvement from Hester because of the new QB, I think most fans expected Greg Olsen to be the go-to guy. So far, he has disappointed. The past two games we've seen Jay and Greg connect on a few drives that makes fans believe they are coming together, but for whatever reason (Ron Turner anyone?) they can't seem to find any consistency.

    Again the Bears are going to try and tell fans and media to have patience and wait for things to come together on offense. But you know what? They also told us to wait for the line to 'jel', they also told us to 'trust' them, well whatever trust Lovie and JA have built up from the SB appearance is running out quickly, and if we don't start calling a spade a spade this lack of accountability could be extremely damaging to the entire organization.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    SC, I didn't say Lance was the best player on the Bears. Robbie just doesn't have the numbers, distance, clutch kicks to be a Pro Bowler. Neither does Brad.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    So, let me get this straight...a Dad defended his Son?!?!?!? What a shocker...Jeff you're right...this is a terrible piece by Mitchell and quite frankly, lazy reporting...its a NONSTORY.

    Second, regarding Hester, it never made sense just having him return punts instead of kicks..he needs more space than you typically get on a punt return..if anything, have him just return kicks instead of punts, plus, IMO, you're more likely to both fumble and get hurt on a punt return as opposed to kick return...

    Its classic idiotic stubborness by the coaching staff...

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Green Bay is to be envied. The team is publicly owned, ergo, no periodic demands for a new, tax-funded palace coupled with "or-else-we-move-the-team" blackmail threats by ownership.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    Oh yea and I meant to mention the Thomas Jones thing on my list too because that that was a major one, thanks Irish.

    Apparently my mind went blank with too many responsibilities as a receiver, punt returner and kickoff returner.

  • Jeff, what is wrong with this site, I called first, refreshed like three times and nobody was in front of me, then I look again like 20 minutes later and Do is ahead of me. 1800wah, what the hell...

  • Personally, I think Hester has actually performed pretty well this year, or at least, much better than I thought he would Problem is, the Bears put all of their eggs in one basket with the whole #1 receiver garbage. I think Hester would work just fine as a second or third option. That's just me though.

    That, do I miss the good old days of Skunk running wild on special teams.

  • Norm Chow would definitely be a good hire - Jimmy Mac/Philip Rivers/Carson Palmer/Steve Young. Charlie Weis never coached quarterbacks. TEs, RBs and WRs, yes. Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen don't exactly jump off the page at you.

    Hester is where he is. He's been our best receiver this year by far (save for the nightmare in SF, 2 picks were his fault). Our WR corps is so bad that returning him to ST duty alone would leave us and Jay dead in the water. Now Devin at scatback would be interesting, he needs to be dangerous in open space, and if we can't pass it to him .....

  • Further evidence that the inane "FIRST" posts should be put to rest already, Shonbear.

    The pro-bowl is a joke. I could care less who makes it.

    Good list Shonbear. And don't forget, the Chris Harris situation was compounded because he was dumped because they went after ADAM ARCHULETA!

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