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So Nobody Can Ever Be Fired?
David Haugh makes the argument that the Bears will fire neither Lovie Smith or Jerry Angelo because of the time left on their respective contracts.  Here's a question: why are contracts for coaches and management guaranteed in the NFL while player contracts are not?  Why doesn't someone write an expose on this fundamentally unfair practice by the league?

"Still Believe We Can Pull It Out"   
Ted Phillips thinks the Bears' season is not dead.  Let's call this one of several things that Ted and I disagree about.  The Bears needed their team president to come out on Monday morning and show respect for the organization by denigrating, with authority, the performance of his coaching staff.  Right now, defensively, this team is far closer to a league doormat than a world champion.


If you want to know why Mike Singletary never became a coach for the Bears, here it is.  It broke my heart to read it then and it breaks my heart to read it now.  How could this organization let a non-entity like Dick Jauron keep 50 from putting his colors back on?

Tommie Harris: I Hate Him More Every Day
I read Brad Biggs' piece on Tommie Harris and I would have blown it off if not for Tommie's claiming that Cardinals' offensive lineman Deuce Lutui did "some unnecessary stuff during the game".  The game was three plays for you, Tommie.  Three total plays.  I'm now fully convinced that you're an emotionally unstable moron.


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  • Jeff... I am sick to my stomach about that article about Samuri but I guess the phrase "Stupid is as Stupid does" THATS BEARS MANAGEMENT

  • I beleive Phillips and Lovie need to put down the Kool-Aid and step back from the table.

  • Didn't the Captian of the Titanic say "Full Steam Ahead" Duh.

  • Dick JauMORon is a piece of shit....fuck him. if i ever saw him in life, i'd beat the shit out of him wearing samurai's jersey.

  • I hate that Samauri Mike called the Bears first, and Jauron couldn't find him a place at the table. What I think I hate more is the ambivolence that Singletary seems to have for the Bears. I would think Chicago would have a special place in his heart, as he does in all of ours. I also can't believe that the decision to bring Singletary on in 03 was solely in Jauron's hands. How the ownership let the decision be made to pass up on him is gross negligance to the history of the Bears. I want a head coach that is skilled enough to call his own plays, and skilled enough in judging ability in others to bring in the best defensive mind available to handle that side of the ball. The more I hear and see of him, I think Gruden wouldn't be a bad move. He's matured since the Bucs, and he understands the game better now and wants it more since he's been gone. He'd be great for Cutler, and brings that fire we all desperately need to see from our Bears.

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Gruden? No. He was beneficiary of the Tampa 2 before teams knew how to shred it. Plus he had the sickest defense that year he won. Didn't show me anything else that would warrant a head coaching job above the other talent available.

  • Ditka on Tommie penalty:

    "I can honestly say Tommie that's the first time you've hit someone all year."

  • I still think replacing the head coach is premature, for several reasons.

    But for the sake of conversation...

    There are but two men out there I would justifiably entrust this franchise to. Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan. There is nobody out there better...not Jon Gruden...not Mike Holmgren...not Bill Parcells if he left Miami...not Joe Gibbs if he unretired again.

    Cowher is the best coach out there. He built up the Steelers after the Chuck Noll era ended and created a perrenial playoff contender. Chicago is the kind of environment where Cowher would thrive, methinks.

    Shanahan for obvious reasons. Prime Cut thrived under his tutelage and he also led one of the best teams in NFL history to two consecutive Super Bowls...even though that was more than a decade ago. The price to pay with Mike is defense. A new trusted defense coaching staff must be installed because Shanahan was never a great defensive mind. But goddamn he could find talent in obscure places.

    With both Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan I think they must do away with Jerry Angelo. JA has had a great year, but he isn't worth keeping instead of either of these guys.

    Now, I don't think ANY of this is going to happen. The Bears are going to keep Lovie and his broken system for another year while Shanahan and Cowher get jobs somewhere else and must once again scrape the bottom of the barrell for someone halfway worth a shit.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Seriously, are you a member of Smith's family? A few weeks ago you actually called the guy a "great coach," and now this! Do you require 4 seasons out of the playoffs, or maybe three blow out losses? WTF?!?!

  • I'm not fully convince that Tommy pulled that shit to make sure that we wouldnt be able to see a continuation of his lame body of work this season.

    this HH story on Da site is kind like: um hello? seriously? You guys are just starting to think that way now, this has been a problem for a lot of years, maybe back into the 90's.


  • Of course Jauron said no to Singletary, but it's probably not that idiot's fault.

    1)if I were a crappy head coach, I would not want a local legend breathing down my neck for my job in a few having to get rid of a guy on the staff who already owes me for her hiring him

    2) Jauron got fired later that year, so maybe he knew he was a dead duck or fringe guy to remain anyway

    3) Isn't the FINAL DECISION for hirings made by the BEARS MANAGEMENT, meaning by the GM and ownership (a decision that only sometimes is in collaboration with the current coach). I doubt Dick freaking Jauron had much pull with the organization.

    The most likely scenario is that Jauron conveyed what the BEARS MANAGEMENT told him to tell Samurai.

    If it came strictly from the GM or whoever, this wasn't mentioned in the newspaper article, and even if Bears organization flat out told him that they didn't want to hire him (at least before getting coaching experience elsewhere), than MIKE IS PROBABLY TOO SMART AND CLASSY TO LET THIS DIRTY LAUNDRY OUT IN PUBLIC ANYWAY.

  • Lovie's not going to get fired at the end of this year. His problems with defense (though not really true) he can blame on Urlacher being out for the year and Tommie Harris going crazy.

  • Even though Tommie Harris is starting to look like the next Alonzo Spellman, let's give him the rest of this year to prove himself. He was paid way too much money. He's a weak-minded person, but maybe he will finally grow up this year. Wait til next training camp, and if he's still a pussy, then cut him to make an example.
    Lovie Turner, and upper management, is the cancer to this team. Football is like a game of chess. The general (coach/coaches) need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, and vice versa. The Bears show no ability to change game plans when getting their asses kicked.
    When talking about regime change, I've heard all the familiar names: Cowher, Shanahan, Gruden, ex great Singletary, Fisher, etc.
    How about another ex 85 Bear who has a good resume, the shut down corner Leslie Frazier? He was the DB coach for the Colts in 2006, coached under Mike Tomlin at MN, and is now the defensive coordinator of the Vikings. I think he has a pretty good resume.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Interesting notion. He should at least get an interview, don't you think?

  • sorry, he didn't coach under tomlin, he took over for him as defensive coordinator of the vikings.

  • I'll bet one thing will be crystal clear after the first snap Thursday Night with 49ers. Samurai's boys will punch us in the mouth(without getting caught)and lay heavy wood on us all night. Bears will be on the other side of that great quote issued years ago by No 99 DANAIMAL. "Ya'll better gas up that cart...gonna be alot of bodies on the field today". Man, do I miss the old days when Bears would crush the life out of opponents and laugh while they did it. Somebody call Dougie Plank over at the Jets organization and see if he wants head coaching position with Bears.
    We see some hitting then...

  • I'm lost on Tommie. He was phenomenal for a period of time. It was way more than potential, it was Pro-Bowl level production. He has totally disappeared for a few seasons now. I have no idea what to do with him.

    As far as Singletary goes, I wish we had thrown D coordinator at him when we got rid of Rivera. Maybe we tried, who knows. I think he's a good head coach, but we should remember that 49ers have a worse record than we do. I'm not saying he isn't good or even preferable, but he's not a coaching god yet either. He's unproven potential.

  • In reply to Rancid:

    Tommie was a badass but he disappeared because Marc Colombo leg whipped his knee cap to shit a couple years ago and the Bears are too embarassed to admit that they gave an enormous contract extension to a guy with a degenerative knee injury.

  • In reply to Rancid:

    I don't know why everyone thinks every '85 Bear would be a good HC. Great players usually aren't great coaches. I love Samurai but he really hasn't proven he's a great coach. He might end up as a great coach or he might end up a mediocre coach.

    We aren't getting rid of Lovie or JA this year. Deal with it. Everyone knows the Bears are way too cheap to eat those contracts.

    Most coaches on a second contract (Jauron) would have the final say on their coaching staff.

    I'm not trying to defend Lovie or JA. I used to always say that Lovie's teams never quit on him. They have 2 out of the last 3 games. JA has some hits and a lot of misses. I'll give him credit for making the Bears mgmt structure way more professional than it was and for getting us to a SB. However, this is a "what have you done for me lately" business and he's come up woefully short on that front.

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Thirty fourth ! Yay. Walter Payton.

    Leslie Frazier is apparently doing pretty well as a DC. I'd like to see him at the Bears, with an OC that does the simple stuff and takes the best parts of all philosophies. It's not fucking rocket science, it's calling plays.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Talent on the defense ? There's no talent on the team. Seriously, you're starting a franchise and you're allowed take who you want from the Bears. Who would you take ? I've got Cutler, Hester and Briggs. I'd take Forte on a lot of workouts and figure out if he's 100% physically, but that's it. Three, maybe four guys. I'd take Angelo and Turner too, but I'm not sharing my plans for them. Let's just say sound-proof room and a bucket of hot tools.

    And I agree Gpldan (I love looking at Mac in a swimming cap,priceless) - our defense is too small. Bubba has a bunch of fast LBs in his head flying to the ball, but it just ain't that way. It's not 2005. It's not 1985. But let's not forget that we've been decimated by injuries - none more so than Tommie. Brian and Pisa are gone - that's huge, who else is missing two starting LBs ? Dusty Dvoracek could have been great for us inside this year. Tough Breaks. So let's go kick the f**king snot out of San Fran.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    By the way, why is everybody calling for Samurai Mike ? He's been a pretty flaky coach to say the least, don't any of you guys watch what he does ? The games he's lost because of his weird conservative weirdness. See that cross around his neck on Monday's conference ? That means he's putting stuff in "God's hands". Beware people like that, it means they don't take responsibility for their actions or the consequences of those actions. They are reactive, not pro-active people.

    The way he publicly chewed out Davis last year ? Not good. Not professional. Imagine the consequences of doing that to Cutler when he's just thrown a pick. That could get out of hand very quickly. The book is still out on Singletary as a coach. He hasn't done shit yet, and I don't want anymore unproven coaches like Lovie at the helm. We need coaches, leaders of men, not guys who are only good at Xs and Os. Lovie isn't even any good at Xs and Os.

  • In reply to Rancid:

    The D is weak up the middle and injured. We are missing 2/3 of our starting LBs and there's a clusterfuck going on in the secondary. Unfortunately the ONLY way for the D to recover is for Harris to play the rest of the season like it was the first half of 06.

    Yes, I'm still hopeful that we make the playoffs but I'm approaching watching Thursday's game like Frodo going into Shelob's lair.

  • In reply to Rancid:

    Haugh's article riled me up. I'm sick of the sportswriters being aplogists instead of conduit for the fans. The issue isn't if he WILL be fired. The issue is whether he's a good coach or not. I'm simply not reading anyone claiming he is. Instead we get these dumb stories saying "tough shit fans, you're stuck with him. Now shut up."

    Also - read an interesting take ont he comments to Haugh's article. Look at all the players that JA drafted doing well for other teams. I think THAT'S on the coaches too.

    THAT'S what should be written about.

  • In reply to Rancid:

    Not that Lovie has done a great job or inspires confidence (see decision to not double Fitgerald every damn play)..but from what I've seen, it just looks like we don't have enough talent to be a good defense. If you think about it, the defense really hasn't added any new playmakers since 2005. Not one. Here are editions I can think of that haven't made significant contributions: Pisa (not his fault though), Archuleta (Puke..that's on you Lovie), Anderson (flamed out after one good seasn where he had some phantom sacks at times where he just didn't get blocked period), Harrison (decent), Anthony Adams (serviceable), Darwin Walker (gave us nothing), Gaines Adams (early reviews...I'm not so optimistic, but we'll see)...there may be more, but you get the point. Oh, and don't forget, that we also traded Chris Harris. Whoops.

    On top of that, our three technique 3 position is played by someone who is a shell of his former self. Our ends are not good enough to get pressure consistantly on their own without Tommie causing problems in the middle...and what makes that even worse, we must be one of the worst blitzing teams I've ever seem. Not sure why, but our blitzers are consistantly eaten up at the line. Lovie said that the job of a blitzer isn't always to produce pressure, but to allow the dline to have one on one match ups. Well, they aren't winning those match ups. It's almost like we are screwed if we stay in cover two or if we blitz...because either way, we don't get enough pressure and fail miserably as a result.

    To make matters worse, our linebackers have been killed by injuries. Hunter, Roach, and Williams look like nothing better than back ups from what I've seen. And the secondary is full of holes. I actually think Afalava may develop into a decent strong safety (granted, he played terrible vs. the cards...but even more importatnly, we haven't had a ball hawking free safety in a long, long time.

    Personally, I think the effort has been there. It just looks like the time may have passed for this group of core defensive players...and perhaps it's coach.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Hillenmeyer is not even NFL caliber. He's probably a nice guy, a smart guy who knows where he needs to be and what he needs to do. He just can't do it. He's 235 lbs, about 6'3". Same size as me, about 10 lbs more muscle than I have. That is get killed size in the NFL unless you are QB. He can't shed blocks, and his speed is sub-par. He has busted ribs. He's a doormat out there.

    The reason Roach got pulled is because he couldn't make the reads and his voice is very soft, so he couldn't get the calls yelled out.

    I say pull HH and leave 5 dbs in more often. Leave Briggs and Roach out there, use basic calls that Briggs can make. Leave Vasher in there and nickel blitz like crazy. Vasher has lost his speed, but it's way better than HH.

  • I have counter-arguments regarding the coaching and management staying put based on money. Most of us know that Superbowl teams usually have a slumping season after playing in the dance. But, most teams who win a Superbowl get back to the playoffs within 2 years of being in the big game. If there are no miracles this year, that's THREE years w/o a playoff appearance since being in the Superbowl. The last team to not make it three years in a row after making the Superbowl was Al Davis's Raiders a long fucking time ago. That's really bad and I hope Ted Phillips knows this. Lovie is owed 11 million. If we get everyone in Chicago and the surrounding areas to throw in a buck or two we can pay off the kid lost at Disneyland coach.

    Angelo is singed for four more years and most think that he earned himself a couple years of breathing room with getting Jay. But, getting Jay could afford him his job. By getting a perennial QB and still struggling the way they are, it magnifies the weaknesses of JA's picks at defensive line, the secondary, offensive line, and all his othersupposed 5th round brilliance. Getting Jay might be thedemise of Angelo as it has highlighted that JA's free agents and picking ability especially on the defensive end where he has been touted as having special skill are overrated.

  • I wrote some time ago that I was hoping that Dusty was going to be the new Mongo. He even kind of looked the part. Too bad about him; maybe that kind of effort would have embarrassed Harris into giving a shit.

    Gee, and *Doc* talks about being myopic...

  • Was Mike Ditka not a real Bear ?

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