A Change in Philosophy

I have to admit it.  I'm fascinated by Thursday night's game in San Francisco.  The Chicago Bears are only a few inches from plummeting off the cliff of the 2009 season and now, on only a three-day turnaround, must ignore the media's call for accountability and fans' call for pink slips to provide a major effort in front of a national audience.  The much-hyped Chicago Bears are underdogs against a team that just lost to Vince Young.

What can we expect from the coaching staff, specifically on defense?  Without a full (or even half) week of practice, Lovie & Co. will have very little time to address the issues that plagued the pass rush and secondary against the Bengals and Cardinals.  (And by "address issues" I mean stubbornly refuse to deviate from a pre-determined plan even after steady and consistent in-game failures.) 

What can we expect from the players, often the chattiest bunch of underachievers around?  Will Adewale Ogunleye show up?  Will anybody show up in the middle?  Will the young linebackers stay in the right gap?  Will any defensive player do anything mildly productive? 

The truth is that the Chicago Bears need to begin operating with the knowledge that they can't stop anybody and that places the pressure squarely on Jay Cutler and the offense.  Starting Thursday night, the game plan must shift to "outscore everybody".  That means the old-timey, antiquated ideology of running the ball and controlling the clock needs to be thrown into the trash along with the fade route in the corner of the end zone, the end around, the wildcat formation and the bubble screen to anybody not named Devin Hester.  Shotgun formation.  Toss it around.  Endlessly.  Because unless the Bears have a two-score lead with under five minutes remaining, they are not safe.

It is Jay Cutler's job to save the Chicago Bears season from Lovie Smith.  Simple as that.  And if that means casually mis-hearing the play calls, I'm all for it.  


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  • Check this out from Peter king. Interesting...

    e. Lucky Vikings. They had the best bye a team could have. I'm sure they thought they'd be two games up on Green Bay and Chicago when they returned to work today. But they're three up, thanks to horrible Sundays by Chicago and Green Bay.

    f. I never thought Lovie Smith was in any real trouble until yesterday. But this is the defense he's calling plays for? The defense that laid down in Cincinnati and gave up 45 points? The defense that gave up five touchdown passes to Kurt Warner?

    And from the, THAT is exactly what we need in a coach column:

    5. I think Marvin Lewis is going to get serious coach-of-the-year consideration from me. I remember seeing him in HBO's "Hard Knocks'' show rail at his team after a preseason loss to St. Louis, lost when the ninth-stringers were on the field. And I thought: This guy's making it very uncomfortable for his team to lose. And the Bengals have gone out and played like that.

  • BTW, interesting thought Jeff. Not sure it will happen, but last week was a vast play calling improvement. Let's hope it happens.

    Oh, and Doc, Murph, Max... I'm not even going to say it. ; )

  • "And if that means casually mis-hearing the play calls, I'm all for it. "

    I agree...they should also implement a no huddle series at least once in the first half.

    That being said, I have a real hard time with the concept that if your defense sucks, you dont try to keep them off the field as long as possible. The only way to do that is long, sustained drives.

  • Gored! Gore up the middle, Gore around right end, Gore around left end. He'll get 125 yards minimum on Bears with 3 days prep. I've been invited to a friends house to watch NFL Network game Thursday. Can't go. TOO Embarrassed to show my face and don't want to be on wrong end of the mock fest....

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    I too have received an invite from a 49er fan friend and I too declined. I never thought I would be embarrassed to ever watch my Bears play in public or in private but I am and I am sad about that.

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    Yeah, fuck the 9ners.

    I always get strange looks when I tell people I'm a diehard Bears fan. "Tough few years since '85'" I always get... oh really, Fuck you douche!

    Must be tough to be a fair-weather fan for some flash in the pan shitbomb team (Titans), or a perennial powerhouse (New England) that's not hard to bandwagon because they always win.

    The real fans are the ones who grind it through the tough years but believe in their team's history and legacy. You guys should go.

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    You tell 'em MB. I am right there with you. Any Bears fan who is too embarrassed to go watch the game with niners fans is a loser anyway.

    I fully expect the Bears to win Thursday and have placed a friendly wager with my favorite 49er fan. Win or lose, I am a Bears fan every freaking day.

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    nbc banking on us not losing this week.

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    Off topic, slightly, but I cannot remaian silent.

    You may now stop all of the ludicrous snickering, gloating and kidding yourselves that The Bronocs are better off at QB with Kyle Orton.

    Not that I needed it but, last night's game against the Steelers IN DENVER is now "Exhibit A" in my "THAT is why we traded for Jay Cutler" case.

    I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE you if Jay is at the helm for the Broncos last night, with the way their excellent defense was playing, Denver wins GOING AWAY! Cutler stood up to the Steel Curtain and drove the ball MULTIPLE TIMES against them for a win in Chicago. Kyle (and remember, I have always been a Kyle fan) unable to extend plays to much effect, wilted under the pressure the Steelers brought against him and put his defense into holes from which they could not recover.

    Good luck the rest of the way, Bronco Fans, but as far as Cutler vs Orton goes, if the trade were offered again tomorrow, we would make it in a heartbeat and you would NOT so feel free to SHUT UP about it!

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    Totally agree. I'm guessing the Donkey fans are starting to sweat a little bit over that trade. Kyle's 43 QB rating last night after a 65 rating the week before isn't making them feel too confident. I also like KO as a standup guy but he's a very avg QB.

    Go Bears!

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    Very well said, Al. As usual.

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    Speaking of mockfests.. I'm goin straight to the center of one as I'll be representing this blog on thurs night, I've been staring at these tickets for months. I contemplated tearing them up this last sunday out of disgust as I'm from AZ and used to the cards being the cards, hate to see them stomp my Bears.

    I don't think this game has been decided as so many of you do. these niners are very beatable. It seems like it's been the explosive passing attacks that we've struggled with so far, and I don't think that's what Alex and co. are all about. Just need to stop Gore.


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    I dont think NBC wants Chicago to ever not be terrific. None of the networks do. The ratings for these games are through the roof when the Bears are good.

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    Albert - my thoughts exactly during the game. Look at what Jay did Sunday when everyone on earth knew he had to pass. Granted, it wasn't the Steelers, but look what he did against the Steelers. EVERYONE alsways said Kyle was effective but coudl not win games - just avoid losing them. Last night was further evidence. They had no chance of coming back once the Steelers went ahead.

    MUCH rather have Jay for the next 10 years or so. The rest will get fixed by Jerry and the new coaching staff.

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    Except for the Falcons game last year. How soon people forget...

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    FIXED BY JERRY !! Wow, that demanded capitalisation ! How in the French fillies do you suppose Angelo - the man who has us where we are in terms of a piss-poor roster - will fix anything ?! He's been pouring petrol over the Bears for years, now you want to give him the matches too ? Everyone has to go for change to happen, from Ted Phillips down. Anything else is just cosmetics.

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    Jeff, nbc may not be banking on us losing, but I am. I was at the Colts-Niners game a couple of weeks ago. Niners lost by 3, but it was a slugfest in the Colts' building. They're not dominant at the skill positions (except for Gore and Vernon Davis), but that's a tough, physical, punch-you-in-the-mouth kind of team. Come to think of it, that sounds like the Bears I used to know. The Bears will be broken by a much more motivated team Thursday night in a nationally televised game. The Niners may not have the horses to put up 40, but I expect them to out-hustle and muscle the Bears, as much as I will hate to see it. This team has no heart, no will whatsoever, and apparently no plan to get it back. Tommie Whereis is the epitome of what's wrong with this team, and I would love to never hear or see anything from him again. The Bears need someone who will grab people by the facemask and hold them accountable (youtube singletary...great clip of him getting on a fellow linebacker in the huddle for not paying attention). Obviously Lovie's out, and I haven't seen any player who has that presence since Mike Brown. Trying to keep the faith, but it's getting harder every week.

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    Gotta agree with your last sentence, bro. I suspect after Thursday's humiliation, it will be impossible.

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    I hate the Vikings. Everything about them. Jarred Allen. Brett Favre. Brad Childress. The Williams'.

    They're the #2 seed in the NFC and they're still being threatened with blackouts. God damn...if the Bears were 7-1 the whole state would be clicking.


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    "antiquated ideology of running the ball and controlling the clock"

    Funnily enough, that's how we''' beat the Niners. We know Singletary. The guy Buddy Ryan referred to as 'Stupid'. He will do exactly what was drilled into him in Chicago. Run the ball, control the clock. That's how the Steelers beat the Broncos and that's how SF will fail on Thursday. The Niners are missing their two starting tackles !! Alex Smith will have a nightmare on Thursday night and have no time to pass the ball against a defense that is sure to be fired up and taking names, especially if Harris is playing. So let's see. We're playing a team that will have a good running back, no QB and no OL (their OL was bad before losing two tackles). In other words no offense. We should have no trouble outscoring the Niners. This is Alex Smith running for his life - we can't beat that ? I think we can still shut down Gore and that gives Alex Smith big problems.

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    F**k. What's with Bears fans on the boards who want to see their team get pantsed by the f**kyniners. I've hated them since they peed all over us in the eighties and nineties. Sad to see that there are fans who want to see us lose. Losing just puts us further up a draft board we don't have tickets for. Losing is depressing and it's habitual. It's Niner football. They haven't made the playoffs in 7 years and I don't see why the Bears should help them change that. Why should we roll over and play dead ? The Niners have an occasionally healthy running back, a good secondary, Patrick Willis & a conservative, fiery, but not-too smart HC. That's it. Put the smack-down on Gore and this game is a W. They have a DIRE QB - a Niner-fan friend of mine called him the worst QB in the NFL. He will be on the run come Thursday if he's missing two tackles.

    Phillips and Angelo are safe 'til 2013. Lovie is good for another 2. Wrong Turner is irrelevant. Basically, no one is going anywhere soon, this is the curse of the McCaskeys - that's your lot as a Bear fan. So to want your team to lose is just a horrible way to be. I don't expect us to make the playoffs, but it would be great to beat the Vikings, twice would make the season worthwhile for me (and gives us a fair shot at the post season.) Their secondary is questionable and we have Jay Cutler. If Olsen has finally pulled his thumbs out of his ass, and Knox and Hester get turned loose, then Tommie Harris might actually pull his head out of his ass and start playing. Is it a coincidence that Harris was missing for the two blow-outs against the Bengals and the Cards ? Let's remind Samurai Stupid that he's on the wrong team, slap the Niners upside the head and try and save this season before it's too late.

    There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal, and there'll be a few sore Bears looking for some early turkey Thursday night.

    BTW - good article from Melissa Isaacson :


  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Let's not call #50 'Samurai Stupid' though. He is forever a Bear.

  • In reply to BearDown1982:

    Yeah fair point, Sorry Samurai - it's just hard to see him as a Niner, of all the teams ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I'm totally with you on this Irish. The teams we've had major problems with have ha e great QBs and WRs and sleeper running games (for lack of a better way to describe what happened on the ground last weekend ). I think if we stop gore and our D doesnt have a psychotic breakdown on the field we'll pull off the W tomorrow night. BIYP

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    The way to beat the 49ers this season has been to just stay close and wait for them to melt down in the 4th quarter.

    Of course when 2 of your last 3 games have been essentially OVER by halftime, staying close until the 4th quarter presents quite a challenge for the Bears.

    The mission that would seem to be the most viable is for the Bears to drive the ball and keep their defense off the field.

    No big surprise but, according to NFL Network's NFL TOTAL ACCESS tonight "The Bears have no interest" in Larry Johnson.

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    More from tonight's edition of NFL TOTAL ACCESS...

    49er tight end, Vernon Davis, TOTALLY TRASHED the Bear D-line and linebackers.

    Among other things he opined

    "I think we can tear those guys up"

    and went on from there.

    He all but unzipped his pants and peed on them.

    It is so nice to watch TOTAL ACCESS and not have to sift thru NBA, Soccer or other meaningless scores & highlights.

    And better still, Chris Berman never shows up!

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    And according to HH, Davis is probably right!

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    I don't disagree with anything Davis said...but why kick a team when they are down and give them any motivation? Especially when your own team has lost 4 games in a row. Probably not smart on his part. Then again, if I was a pass catching tight end...I'd be pretty happy about facing the Bears at this point.

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    To be honest I actually want the Bears to lose every game from here on out. That way you can almost guarantee Lovie to be gone BEFORE the start of next season. If the Bears rally and actually do decently we're stuck with the crap we now have at the coaches position. Maybe even get rid of Angelo...

    How many more chances do these worthless pukes get??? If the Bears get smashed the rest of the way NO ONE can ignore a change is a MUST.

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    One more thing...I was totally saddened by the Singletary interview about asking for a job with the Bears. Perhaps we can get him back in the Windy city in the next few years if San Fran would give him up.

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    Even if the Bears lose out, Lovie and Angelo will remain in place. I agree with the Haugh article - the Bears organization won't eat that much money.

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    I say "Amen" on the Bears and eating contracts in ANY climate but especially in THIS economy.

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    What happened to safety or corner blitzes? The defensive line can't get through, the linebackers can't get through or are supposed to cover, our D ends can't touch the quarterback (Wale especially). I remember Manning getting to the quarterback early in the year when they tried it. It seems to have disappear from the playbook?

    On a side note: I love Alex Brown. He hasn't had his greatest year but he is always a stand up guy and leader in the locker room. He is one of the only guys that talked to the media the last couple days and took total accountability from the players side. He had no comment on Tommie after the game or the next day. He was asked if Harris is still embraced in the locker room. He indirectly said yes but one could tell that wasn't the case.

    If Harris isn't suspended for Thursday (which I already thought he would be), I think we see him give his absolute best effort. He has heard the media, he is embarrassed, and I think he is a prideful guy. Plus, I think a lot of the players who are also his friends are turning on him in the locker room.

    With all that said, the question remains can he be affective anymore on this level with his old man knees. So far, all signs suggest no, but I think this his last chance to start and prove everyone wrong. If he gets through Smith and the league, I think you see Harris go 110% balls out even if both his knees blow out.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Alex Brown seems like one of the few guys on the team who actually HATES to lose.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Alex Brown and Lance Briggs are the only defensive players on the field right now that deserve to play here in 2010. I hope our new coach sees that.

  • In reply to Shady:

    By the way, both Jauron and Wanny were fired with 2 years remaining on their contracts. This will happen, Haugh is just trying to protect his sources, and has been taking himself far too seriously since he landed his columnist duties full-time.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    They have been trying the Manning blitz all year...it just always seems to get picked up now though. Honestly, we have not had a good blitzer since Colvin left town.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I saw some of the comments on Alex Brown and I have to say that guy is awesome. I heard him on the 4 letter "Afternoon Saloon" show and he took it like a man and answered the questions honestly....NOW that being said, I have a REAL problem with some of the things I have heard FROM THE PLAYERS yesterday...

    I keep hearing, "The defense needs to BELIEVE we can stop people.."...and "its something bigger"...and "one thing goes wrong and guys fall apart"...

    Guys...these are actual quotes from Brown and Hillenmeyer. QUite honestly, that scares the CRAP out of me...tell me you were out of position, tell me you were unprepared...but when you tell me that guys dont BELIEVE they can stop people, thats a much bigger concern....see..because that type of CRAP doesnt get fixed in practice..

    I dont know, maybe Im overreacting to that, but I that was concerning...

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    crown, i'm laughing at your profile pic right now.

  • The game this week is going to tell us a lot about the players and coaches on this team. If the Bears decide to show up on Sunday and come out with a win, they're back in the wildcard discussion. but if they come out and get dominated by what should be a highly motivated Mike Singletary coached team like they were against Cinci and Arizona, then I might just start protesting anything Bears related. It's one thing to lose a game and go down fighting, but it's quite another to call it quits after the first 1st down and have the other team mocking you on their sideline for the rest of the game. This team, this defense, (if you want to call it that) needs an attitude change. If Lovie can't figure out a way to rally the troops on Thursday and come out angry and come out fighting... Look out below. Right now this defense is playing with little to no confidence because they don't trust each other. If there is no trust, there is no communication, if there is no coimmunication you have 11 players working as individuals and not as a team. This is a serious indictment of a coaching staff which has let a once proud unit fall to new depths. If the Bears hope to preserve any shred of dignity they might have left in Chicago, they need to come out and hit people in the mouth like they acutally mean it (no, not literally Tommie). The Bears need to give opponents a reason to fear catching the ball across the middle and fear running the ball up the gut like this once proud defense used to instill. Now, the unit is a laughing stock and has the gall to actually celebrate a punt late in the 3rd quarter which happened to be their 1st. You look at oppenents on the sideline and they can't help but smile about how easy it is to score on Chicago. If the Bears have any pride left on defense, they'll come out swinging on Thursday and at the very least go down fighting. However if the Bears come out flat and get steamrolled again, any plans I had for attending a game or purchasing any Bears merchandise is goiong down the tubes - just like the Chicago Bears' season.

  • From Brad Biggs:

    The question came up, too, whether or not Harris understands the sentiment that his time is running out with the Bears.

    "Not from my viewpoint,'' he said. "I continue to just be Tommie Harris, 91 for the Chicago Bears and continue to keep representing this organization. I know I didn't do a good job last week, and I apologize for that, but I continue to carry it out in a positive manner."


    Tra-la-la-la-la. On my way to the bank to cash that paycheck. Hey, I heard Urlacher skipped out on his team to go to the World Series. Maybe I can do that!

  • Whooooa there Doc. Settle down big boy. That may work with the chicks, but...

    I doubt you're my type anyway tiger.

  • I want WINNERS!

  • I just want to see inspired football by this defense. Rod Marinelli better have these guys fired up and ready to go. The short week combined with a trip out west often leads to slow starts, something the Bears have struggled with recently even at home. If you look at how the Bears have performed in SF historically, it's not pretty. They've been outscored by somelike like 200 points. Does anyone have the statistic? Cause it's not pretty.

  • Great Melissa article, I agreed with everything except her take on special teams - Knox may have been an early "revelation" on kickoff returns but has been horrible the last 3 games - may not be his fault though, the blocking looks terrible.

    I agree that you can't root for the Bears to lose, but let's not pile on there - we can all understand the motivation behind that comment - if the Bears lost the rest of their games, is there any real doubt that we would have a new coach next year? And that is certainly a worthwhile goal - I think I may slit my wrists if we DON'T have a new coach next year.

    There is a common penchant on here to talk about the McCaskey's as if everything is a fait accompli - of course they're not going to spend money on real talent, of course they're not going to eat two years of Lovie's contract - and really, that's a bunch of crap. The myth of them not spending money has already been debunked - we would have to be in the bottom rung of teams' payrolls, and we're not. And as Al pointed out, two other crappy coaches have been fired with two years on their contracts. I believe that if the Bears don't make the playoffs this year for the third time in a row, Lovie will be fired.

    At this point in the season, what are we seeing with this team? We are seeing PROOF POSITIVE that Lovie is not a good coach. In fact, I believe he is a TERRIBLE coach, not just not a good one. A terrible coach is one that cannot coach around obstacles, can't coach up players, can't provide a system that fits the players, can't make good play calls during a game. We talk about injuries - the reality is we have one unit that's been affected by injuries - only one - linebackers. All other units on the team have been relatively injury-free. But the complete disarray shown on this team who has had relatively few personnel roadbumps this year - TWO 30 PLUS POINT FIRST HALVES AFTER FIVE IN THE CENTURY PRECEDING THIS YEAR - a supposed Pro Bowl tackle committing Suicide by Ref three plays into a game just so he doesn't have to play - allowing our new Franchise QB to be abused like a Raggedy Ann doll in Anger Management Therapy Group -

    that is a terrible coach.

    And folks, this isn't the first time we've had evidence that Lovie's a terrible coach - it actually started in 2006, our Super Bowl year - that was the year of "Rex is our Quarterback" and "We get off the bus running" - and history will ultimately show that our appearance in the Super Bowl that year was much more a result of the players on the field than a superior coaching job.

    2007 was the year that Lovie completely lost control of this team -and he hasn't regained it since. If you think back to that year - the QB carousel, the personnel choices - that was a TERRIBLY COACHED year. And a 7-9 record. Remember that year was actually 5-9 until Orton came in and the team won a meaningless 2 games at the end.

    Last year was only better because of Kyle and Matt and an improved Oline effort and the always outstanding special teams which we know for dang sure has nothing to do with Lovie Smith. The defense still stunk and 9-7 didn't feel that much better than 7-9 - no playoffs.

    And this year, well, the wheels have come off. At least from a coaching perspective. The few guys with heart on this team including a notable one at QB will generate more wins, but it sure as shit won't be due to our Terrible Head Coach.

    One more thing - I know everyone wants Jay to throw and throw and throw. But my opinion is that we abandoned the run too early in that game. Forte actually looked like he was going to be able to do something in that game, yet as soon as we were down by two touchdowns the Rat Bastard RT pitched Forte in the trash. We do not have good enough receivers to go to a completely unbalanced attack. A team like the Cardinals could do that - we can't. And Forte's poor season this year has a lot to do with being eliminated from the game plan early in games and poor play calling and a piss poor line - due to a bad personnel decision and holding on to two veteran players who should have been gone.


    GO BEARS!!!!!

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    I'm sure if Turner came out and ran the ball down 30 points you would have been OK with it...

    Lovie is not a terrible coach, he's just average.

    Eric Mangini and Tom Cable are terrible coaches.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Bear fans (especially us lifers)have every stinking right to be pissed off at how team is being COACHED! See...us folks have seen this all before. We all want Bears to win every game that comes up on schedule. NO matter who it's against. It's just that we've become so tired of the same broken record. Lovie sucks and everyone here know it. Stop fooling yourself. JA and Lovehammer will be around way too long for anyone of us to do anything about it. As the Latrell Spreewell said while taking all that dough from dumbass NY Knicks "Dis Ship be sinkin". Move along people..nothing to see here.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vernon Davis for flapping his gums so bluntly regard the Bear defense in general and front seven in particular.

    It is painfully obvious we cannot count on Lovie "Dovie" Smith to fire up his troops.

    If Mr. Davis' incendiary sound bite does not light a fire under these guys, then we can all relax and put the proverbial fork in the Bears because we will know, in no uncertain terms, they are done.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    By the way, "boo bad" on me, I had no idea Wanny and Jauronstadt were cashiered with 2 years left on their contracts.

    I strive not to be a source of disinformation and clearly fumbled THAT handoff.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Phil from SATX, this was brilliant: "...allowing our new Franchise QB to be abused like a Raggedy Ann doll in Anger Management Therapy Group..." LMAO!
    Amen on everything else you said, too!
    IrishSweetness, I sure as hell hope you're right about the wounded animal comment. As for me, I'll believe it when I see it. If they had any fight, wouldn't they have shown it by now? Weren't they wounded after the disgraceful beatdown Cindy put on them? They took their time and didn't look good in the bye week that was the Browns. And we saw how they played against the Cards. That was a wounded animal all right, but rather than come out swinging, it tucked its tail, curled up into the fetal position, and whimpered pitifully for all but about 5 minutes of that game. And the comeback that wasn't only had a chance because Arizona called off the dogs and put in Leinart, who promptly threw a ridiculous pick. As soon as Warner came back in, they scored another touchdown to put the exclamation point on the beatdown. I'd love to see the Bears play angry, but until they do it against a quality opponent, they're the second smallest kid picking on the smallest kid for self esteem, and to me, that's a disgrace.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Something has been nagging at me for a couple days. So after I told her to shut up and do the dishes I started thinking...

    Has anyone else noticed the response that Bears coaches have been giving when asked by the media if such a short week is good or bad? Well if you haven't, they have basically said, "I think it's good because with only one day of practice it is going to be better for the guys to just go out there and play football."


    What Lovie and the coaches are saying is, "We don't have a game plan for Thursday night so it's going to be more like a preseason game where you just go out there and play ball." That is a TREMENDOUS admission of incompetence! If what the coaches say to the media is true, that means that they are incapable of creating a gameplan on short notice going into Candlestick Park.

    I think I will remember this as the exact moment when the Lovie Smith Chicago Bears imploded.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Maybe that's what they WANT you to think... Or maybe not.

  • Agreed on Peanut Doc! I think he is still a pro-bowl caliber corner. If the line could get any pressure on the opposing QB rather than letting him sit in the pocket for 5-7 seconds every play, people would be calling him a shut down DB this year. Ocho did get the best of him, but that's because Palmer had as much time as he needed to wait for him to create space. Fitzgerald had a huge game, but Tillman only allowed 60 some yards of his 120+ and 2TDs before getting hurt, Bowman and Manning gave up the rest. The guy can play on a high level and I'm glad he is healthy for tomorrow.

  • Lance Briggs had 15 tackles this past Sunday. He is definitely going to the pro-bowl again this year. Sadly, he might be the only guy. But, still a half of the season to go.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Crown, I read all of Banks and King's and all the other schlock

  • Look don't go off the handle...I for one wnat the Bears to win every game. Of course, we all do but the only way I see the coaching staff changing at all is something BIG and Horrible has to happen. A Horrible rest of the season in my opinion might be the straw the breaks the camel's back. That or old lady MCCasky going to heaven, selling the team to an owner that actually wants to spend the money to win or put the tools in place to do so.

    We need BIG change and we won't get it if the "Business as usual" at Halas Hall. I'd love to see the Bears rise up and make the play-offs...but it's not going to happen this season. Not with what we have.

    Hope? Yes I still will carry it for the Bears, but it's a sack of boulders at this point. Just like the hope I carry to see Lovie and Turner on the street looking for jobs.

  • C'mon, Phil. Don't hold back like that. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

  • Can't do it!

  • A moment from REAL life this Veterans Day, if I may.

    I would like to recognize the gallant and courageous men & women of our armed forces around the world who put their lives on the line on daily basis to defend this country.

    Thank you, one and all.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Hear hear!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Case in point (from that assbag Don Banks):

    San Diego Chargers (5-3)
    The Chargers pass rush has finally returned, and credit to defensive coordinator Ron Rivera for getting it going with some creative blitz packages. San Diego has totaled 15 sacks in the course of its three-game winning streak, with Shaun Phillips and Shawne Merriman -- remember them? -- doing most of the damage. Phillips has five sacks in the past three games, and Merriman has logged back-to-back two-sack games after being shut out in his first six games. Good thing the Chargers didn't send him packing at the trade deadline.

    Chicago Bears (4-4)
    I know injuries tell part of the story, but the disintegration of the Bears defense has been truly spectacular in Chicago's past two losses. The Bengals scored the first seven times they had the ball in that 45-10 rout, and the Cardinals got points on their first six drives in a 41-21 win last Sunday. Chicago gave up as many as 41 points only once last season, and that was in a win over Minnesota. Have things ever really been the same on the Bears defense since defensive coordinator Ron Rivera was let go after the Super Bowl season of 2006?

    Any chance that we can trade Lovie for Rivera? Please?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Interesting turnaround for the Chargers. Their defense looked like girls a few weeks ago - maybe the Bears could figure what the 'x-factor' is that they're all missing ...

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    His name is Rivera Irish. And we, well, Lovie already let him go.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    And check this out from King:

    I'M INCLINED TO DECIDE IN JANUARY. From Joseph of Chicago: "If you're the Chicago Bears' management, who are you more inclined to fire, Lovie Smith or Ron Turner? On the one hand, Turner is clearly an ineffective offensive coordinator. On the other hand there's Lovie Smith, who, after making himself defensive coordinator, has coordinated not much other than the decline of the Bears defense that was the entire reason they got to the Super Bowl in 2006. On top of that, Lovie has demonstrated a complete inability to draft, and his profligate trading away of draft picks for marginal talent (see: Adams, Gaines) further mires this Bears defense in its current state.''

    First, Smith is not the drafter. Jerry Angelo is. Is it a teamwork thing in Chicago, and does Smith have a major say? Yes. But don't lay the draft failures at the feet of Smith. Lay the failures on defense on Smith. Lay some of the disciplinary failures (Tommie Harris acting up, and subsequently being only a shell of the player he once was) on Smith.

    Having said that, I knew there'd be trouble when Brian Urlacher went out for the year, because the Bears were going to use Urlacher as a pivot for everything they did on D, and he had come back healthy and in the best shape he'd been in since the Super Bowl season. That was a killer loss -- like the Steelers losing Troy Polamalu and falling to Cincinnati and Chicago.

    When I watch the Bears, I think the offensive line is a major problem. The running lanes for Matt Forte aren't there, and the pocket too often collapses around Cutler. What I'd do is see if Smith can get the team playing more competitively. If not, I'd consider firing him and the staff and starting over in January. But now? Now is not the time to be knee-jerk.


  • al, thanks desert storm vet here and life long bears fan hopefully less practice will result in a asskickin fest in the bay I pray so so with that bear down!!!

  • Pankster (and other vets) - Thank you and God bless you for your unselfish service.

    Phil - I think I'll cut and save your post. You nailed it. They have been poorly coached and poorly run by Lovie all along. The line that will get replayed was his "trust me" crap after firing Rivera. It will be his "all the pieces are in place".

  • In reply to BillW:

    Sorry to be a grammar nazi Bill, but the Wanny quote was "all the pieces are in PWACE".

  • In the NFC anything is possible. Unless you're under .500, you're in the race.

  • Doc Nitty, you're right - that's like Rush Fatbaugh coming on the radio and saying he supports Obama -

    THAT is the sound of rats fleeing the building...

    But good to know Larry Mayer actually has a pulse and perhaps even a brain! I always thought those were computer generated answers. There was some real personality shown there! Unfortunately, though, that burst of personality also represents the death knell for DA BEARS

    And I'll too throw out a God Bless and Thank You to all the veterans. And a shout out to my friend and poster Bill from SATX who is in Afghanistan - Bill are you out there? Still okay? Still logging into the blog? I'm praying for you and your family! Come back whole brother!

  • Does anybody else feel like a battered wife/girlfriend watching the Bears this year? They treat you like crap, make you feel like garbage and yet you come back for more just because you love them. Watching this team makes me feel like shit yet I can't wait for the next game just hoping that the next game is when they put it together.

  • In reply to jbenton:

    I bet our buddy getting his own personal halftime show doesn't feel that way.

  • In honor of Veterans Day, I believe I have found a quote that explains Lovie's new defensive strategy:

    "We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction."
    - General Douglas MacArthur

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Very Lovie-like Al.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Fellas. I've said it before. The McCaskeys will pay for players... becuase they have to. What they NEVER pay for is a coaching staff w/experience who is worth a damn. Was Marinelli in high-demand anywhere else, Tampa credentials be damned? Who else wanted Lovie Smith as anything but a D-coordinator?

    We play a defensive scheme that has won TWO Superbowls (Tampa, Indy), with undersized players, and one of those Superbowls included Peyton Manning. If you don't have a Dwight Freeney, or a Simeon Rice (in his prime), or a Warren Sapp, the whole scheme doesn't work. It's too dependant on quick, star players. We need a scheme that can match up with a big offensive line; we need players with bulk. Why in the hell we run a speed-defense on the worst turf in the NFL is beyond me. I'd love to see Cowher, or Holmgren, or (the pain, the pain) Shannahan take the helm, but it ain't gonna happen. The McCaskeys will sign some slap-dick assistant, to butt heads with Angelo for another year, and then replace him with another slappy, and the whole mess starts all over again.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Speaking of our D scheme, did you see some of the formations the Steelers throw down on D?

    Holy shit, it's absolute brilliance. Only one lineman in a 3-point and everyone else threatening to either bumrush the show, or bail out into coverage, attack attack attack. Wouldn't it be great if we tried it.... did you see Harrison, Hampton, Kiesel, Woodley, Farrior, Timmons, Palamalu, Clark play it... oh, uhhh... never mind.

    Man that's depressing.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, Dick LeBeau and BubbaGump Smith are like Tom Landry and Ralph Wiggum ....LeBeau's clipboard is full of Xs and Os, Ralph's just has a big X.

  • Tom Rathman should have been a Bear ! I like it ! yeah, I hated the Niners more than anybody for kicking our ass whenever. But I think Joe and Jerry were the best at what they did. There still isn't anyone as good as Joe out there .... I look forward to the day when Cutler doesn't need an OC and just calls it as he sees it like Jimmy Mac.

  • Go to Sports Illustrated and check out the Bears articles circa 1985 - it's in one of those. Ryan had initial problems with Singletary and his assimilation to the NFL. He wasn't a smart guy, he had to work harder than everybody else. He referred to Singletary as 'Stupid' because it took him two years to get his head around pass coverage, and he wasn't allowed on the field for obvious passing situations during that time. What's strange is that a lot of people want him coaching the Bears when he has done nothing so far to show he'd be any good. He has a losing record and has shown very poor adjustment skills in-game. Ra-ra motivation is all well and good, but I want a bit more vision and less conservatism from my HC.

  • Let's do our own ! I'm pretty confident after the depression of last week - I mean this week !

    Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week ?

    * Alex Smith is playing.
    * Nate Clements and Joe Staley aren't.
    * Tommie Harris is going to tear someone a new one, or my name is Shawanda.
    * Jay Cutler is playing.
    * The Niners have lost four in a row and got beaten by the Titans. The worst pass defense in the NFL, or one of, contained Alex Smith.
    * If we score 24+ points ... we win.
    * Vernon Davis had to go and call out the whole defense. Tsk tsk. I really wish Urlacher was out there for this one ...

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