Not Ready To Be Good

I could spend the entire morning listing everything I disliked about the Bears' mistake-laden performance in Atlanta last night. But really, is it worth it?  On a night when the defense held a terrific offense to twenty-one points, Cutler & Company buffooned their way around the field and threw away a chance at victory.

We can start in any number of places.  Interceptions?  Cutler's ill-timed crossing route to Devin Hester on the opening drive tossed away an opportunity to seize the game from the Falcons.  Fumbles?  Matt Forte seems to have trouble penetrating the invisible force field that is the goalline without first placing the ball on the ground.  Penalties?  After playing a pretty damn good game at left tackle, Orlando Pace committed just about the worst false start penalty you'll ever see on fourth-and-one as the game was expiring.

The New England Patriots have learned how to win, so much so that they can overcome early-season struggles by dropping 59 on the Tennessee Titans in a blizzard.  The Minnesota Vikings, while charmed, do the things that ultimately translate to victories and a two-game division lead before Halloween.  The Chicago Bears are not ready to be good yet.  They're talented enough to be in every single game they play this year but they're just not ready to deliver the kill shot.  With winnable games at Cincinnati and versus Cleveland coming up, they have a tremendous opportunity to fix the issues that are currently plaguing them.

Because the problems this club faces are not physical.  It's not about talent.  It's about not acting like fucking morons.  Not throwing the ball to the other team.  Not fumbling in the red zone.  Not jumping before the ball is snapped.  If Jerry Angelo and the folks at Halas Hall don't have the coaching staff to get the best out of this roster, then maybe it's time to get a different coaching staff.  Because the 2009 Chicago Bears are on-pace to equal the 2008 Chicago Bears' most definitive stat: games they should have won.   


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  • Disgusted after Sunday night shit show?? No even close. Our coaches have no imagination down at goal line. QB sneak? Too complicated. Why not let Cutler take one snap and sneak in on 1 yard line? Dumbfounded! McKie sucks. Why is he even on field/team? Stacked backfield(Olsen?) looking like a high school football team. Olsen CAN NOT BLOCK. He's a freaking wideout period. Sorry to say this but Olin is done. Dude is getting blown out. Look at the film. However,did like it when he got smashed backward near end of game and he tried to yank DT's arm out of it's socket. Nice job O. Love Hammer on sidelines looks completely perplexed and unaware of what's going on. Turner? He's GONE after this season is over. Atrocious. Bears give Collingsworth all the ammo he needs to skewer us on national TV. Pass rush? Stayed up at O'Hare. Bright spots? Easy schedule coming up. Take nothing for granted. We deserve better.

  • I was thinking the same thing last night. The mental mistakes made last night were the kind of that 8-8 or 9-7 teams make. Just good enough to compete, but stupid enough to be a middle of the road team and piss away winable games.

    Quick thoughts: clearly, it is time to ditch Frank and give Beekman another shot. At least that guy has some tenacity that this line seems to be missing in the run game. Forte is not the same. Fumbles aside, there were some runs last night he should have busted even with the piss poor run blocking. Red Zone turnovers are a killer. We came up empty 3 times inside the 20, terrible. Tommie Harris is done...the middle of our defensive line seems incapable of getting any push at all. Maybe we should have traded for another dtackle instead of an end? Cutler is very good, but that pick on the first drive just can't happen. You gotta get at least a field goal out of that, no need to force it in there. The fumble Briggs failed to jump on or pick up was a killer! The ball wasn't even spinning around on the was literally just sitting there and Lance missed it. Kind of figured at that point it might not be our night. Pisa will be missed...that stand up of Turner was pretty sweet.

    Okay, I need to end on a positive note. Dez Clark, helluva a game! Kudos to the rest of the receivers too...Knox and Hester played well and Bennett with a great catch in traffic. Olsen, better, but he needs to be tougher (see Tony G, that guy is a stud). Let's hope the boys get their heads on straight heading into Cincy, and we start a new winning streak.

  • This will be short and sweet...

    1. The Bears have enough talent to win every game on their schedule. There is no game that we should be blown out of no matter what SI or ESPN or NFL network or our own shitty beat reporters say.
    2. When we were shutting down their run game notice the ways that they got the ball to their running back. The short and mid range passes that we use to shred teams in our 2 minute drill was used on us perfectly.
    3. Our defense only gave up points when we had no fucking clue what we were supposed to be doing out there. The Falcons knew it and that is why they tried to stay in the no huddle the whole game.
    4. I don't want to hear anymore of the following:
    a. Fire Angelo - that was a retarded comment i saw
    b. Bring back Benson - another comment that makes no sense
    c. Bring in Shawn Merriman - what the fuck would that do?
    5. Comments i do agree with:
    a. Beekman needs to be in the game
    b. can't force the ball on the opening drive when you
    have driven down to the opponents 10 yard line in the
    first 3 minutes of the game. get the points!
    c. no imagination on the goal line. run was getting
    stuffed and our go to plays were not utilized
    d. Dez, Johnny, Bennett, Hester and Olson had good games,
    we just need to find creative ways to keep getting them
    the ball.
    Overall, i was frustrated with the mistakes but the boys showed that they have the skill to make this a good season. We will make adjustments and will have a good record. my only fear is that this is the one year that good teams don't make the playoffs.

  • Felt like "Deja Vu all over again" to me.
    Virtually the same Sunday night "shoot yourselves in the foot" performance we saw in Green Bay.

    You don't have to be a genius to see that this is NOT a playoff caliber offensive line. Win or lose they are getting WHIPPED on the interior more often than not resulting in basically zero ruunning game. Adding Beekman to the mix is not going cure ALL the O-Line ills or maybe not ANY of the ills but for heaven's sake, do SOMETHING to shake it up.

    Alas. Ryan felt some pressure and coughed up a couple bad throws but, still, no sacks.

    Saddest sight seen: Pisa a la cart.

    Forget "easy" as far as parts of the schedule go.
    There are NO easy games or sure wins.
    For more information on that concept, ask the Eagles, Deadskins or the Jets.

    Oh, by the way, 4-Letter Network, in case you missed it, your pet division, the NFC East, which some of you mopes predicted would have an aggregate total of 40+ wins this season just went 0-3 this weekend including losses to 2 of the laughing stock franchises in the league.

  • I'm still sick to my stomach and I just got up. Lots of empty yards and missed opportunities to score left out on the field. I agree Beekman gets his chance this week. I was also calling for at least 1 QB sneak on the goal line when Cutler had already gotten some 1st downs on 3rd and shorts earlier. I can't tell you how many times in the past I have watched the Turner led offense call a half back pitch on the goal line and get stuffed. Why start your RB 4 yards behind the line a scimmage and hope that all blocking assignments are picked up? If you want to run to the corners why not just give the RB directional hand-offs to the left or right and allow him to srart his run closer to the line of scrimmage. The half back toss in goal line situations must die. Turner, haven't you learned anything from your mistakes?

  • Jeff, why are we talking about firing the coaching staff? Those are mental mistakes by the players. If Briggs falls on the ball, take away! False starts and line getting pushed backwards are not the coaches. And Beardown 1982, Tommie was blowing up the middle forcing them to move the pocket! I was actually looking for the dreaded FB blast, instead of two HB runs. If you are going run that play, you must change the snap count. Speed it up!!!!!

  • In reply to worm0922:

    hmm...Tommie was blowing up the middle forcing them to move the pocket? I'm not sure I remember that..might have to check the tivo though, in case my frustrations were blinding me from the obvious.

  • Almost forgot.

    Congratulatuions and welcome to 3rd place in the division!

  • 5-2 in two weeks. Mark it down.

    They've played five games and if they clean things up, they'll be fine. Last year's losses came on full defensive meltdowns. Allowing teams to move up and down the field at will. This year it's about the offense needing to stop turning the thing over. We had a running game last year but we should all stop pretending it was a great running game. It was average at-best.

    If they stop with the bonehead mistakes, they'll get it together.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    They will be 4-3. Two AFC match-ups including the Benson-Bowl.

    I don't see:

    A. This O line improving at this point. The bye week was the time to install new trap blocking scheme, or go call Alex Gibbs up and get some damn advice. Gibbs made Fritz Shurmer piss his pants in the Super Bowl, taking 260 lb. guys like Mark '40 Operations' Schlereth and Tom Nalen and pushed the Packers Gilbert Brown around and confused him, and made Terrell Davis into a HOF candidate, despite being a completely average back.

    We need that kind of O line coach. HH isn't that guy, because the I-formation isn't fooling anyone. McKie can block, he's not the issue. The guards are the issue.

    B. The LB saga not ending this season. Pisa is probably gone, Hillenmeyer has two broken ribs. It's Roach and Williams the rest of the way, unless you fuse some adamantium into Brian's arm and get him to come back early.

    Again - I go back to the Fins at the end of Marino's career. A competitive team with sub par talent all around made hay because they ran their entire offense out of the gun. The Bears need an offense that works primarily from the gun. Screens, slants and draws. Because all those two guards can do is pass block, and they are only mediocre at that. But they CAN pick up the blitz, I saw them do it last night.

    They just can't drive anybody off the ball. Forget it.

    This is a 8-8 team guys. Pack and Vikes in playoffs. Let's concentrate on positives, but this team simply isn't stout enough to play with the big boys. In Chicago, getting out muscled in the trenches is fucking embarrassing. But it's also the truth.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Guys, we could always go the route of the St.Louis Rams of 1999 and 2000. i'm dead serious. They couldn't run block for shit but they had a running back that could catch out of the backfield like no one else, we have 2. They had 3 speed receivers that could take it to the house on every play or make the hard catch. We also have 3. We even have 3 tight ends that can make the tough catches. The Rams didn't have that. They had a gunslinger and so do we. The had a brilliant offensive coordinator who called imaginative plays and used his weapons to perfection while exploiting other teams weaknesses and hiding their own. we have...RON TURNER!!!! Regardless,It could still work even though that stubborn ass would try to ruin it. We shred teams to pieces in the 2 minute drill and can drive up and down the field. Are we ready to toss it 60 times a game though? I say yes because 15 of those throws would essentially be running plays designed to get between 4 and 10 yards.

    Posse - i think with Pisa hurt a little more seriously now you might see a Derrick Brooks signing or someone that has experience with the scheme that we run. can't see it being Merriman.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    oh, and i really fucking miss Brian Urlacher. Not that Roach is terrible but Urlacher knows the calls, covers the pass and overall is just a solid Mike. We only fucked up on defense when no one knew the calls.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    We are a pass-first team that won't acknowledge that until it's too late. The failure to run is creating obvious passing downs, collapsing the pocket and forcing bad plays. It ain't complicated. Shotgun, three and four wide. Play.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I refuse to bad mouth Pace and Roach either. They both played extremely well besides the one major mistake each made. Roach got burned by a misdirectional move that a HOF TE made on him right before the half. But, he had really good coverage on Gonzalez the rest of the game and helped to stop the run game. And Pace had the worst penalty of the game, but was pancaking Abraham most of the night. On Pace's false start I'm pretty sure the bears were in a running package. Was looking forward to what they were going to dial up. Boith guys played their hearts out and I am still proud to call them Bears.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I agree, early in the game Roach was playing very well. Once the Falcons switched to the no huddle he looked a little lost. That is probably a combination of coaching and inexperience at the position. Even though he has a few years under his belt he is a rookie calling the shots at the middle linebacker position. With time and experience I think he will be fine.

    Here are a few images for you, just right click -> save as and add to your profile

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    We don't have to sneak anywhere. There's a whole bunch of teams at 3-2 right now and 3-2 would get someone into the playoffs today.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    More like under the radar then. I would just like us to determine out own destiny this year instead of relying on 3 team combos at the end of the season to try to get in.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Thought's on Pisa. Loved his jack up on Burner Turner run in between right guard/tackle play in first half. Bet Turner knew who Pisa was after that hit. Squared him up perfectly. Next thing you know Pisa's back on that freaking golf cart...way too early. Really started to like his physical play. Hope he can come back but from the sound of reports, he might be done. Aside from Briggs mistake on picking up fumble, he's an All-Pro. 1985 LB unit was joy to have witnessed. Strongly feel Lance could play on that unit no problem. Man can he lay heavy wood on people. How bout that hit he delivered on Norwood? He's now out with Briggs induced hip flexor. What about Bears decision to not pick on new Falcon cornerback who came in for Brian Williams at 6:18 left in game? What do we do? Why go to other side of course. Wafs is right. We can't run it like we want to with this Oline. Anybody scream last night for a "no huddle" by Cutler towards the end? I know I was all over it. Another thing. How about all the seconds Bears allow to melt off clock at end of games? Bellicheat uses each and every second to give his team all the time it needs to a pull game out. Clock management is poorly lacking. Brooks might help but he's 36.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I am pissed! These mistakes are killing us. Its unacceptable! Our O-line needs to step up and open a few holes. On that last play I felt like Culter threw the ball before Dez was ready and I could of swore Olsen or Hester were in a better position to catch a ball thrown there way. Way to many mistakes...

    I still believe in our team and highly disagree with comments like "This is a 8-8 team guys. Pack and Vikes in playoffs. Let's concentrate on positives, but this team simply isn't stout enough to play with the big boys."

    We are a good team and we will pull our heads out of our asses and take care of business. Playoffs are still within reach.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I think you and I have a different definition of "They'll be fine," Jeff. They are not third place in the division after bone-headed losses and don't have much of a shot to make the postseason now.

    Barring a terrible (yet joyous) collapse, Minnesota should win the division. That means that it will come down to two NFC Wildcard spots. The top conteders for that spot right now are Green Bay, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco/Arizona. It just so happens that we play all of those other teams this season, and we have already lost to the two best.

    About last night...
    I thought that Orlando Pace played his best game of the season. He owned John Abraham most of the time including several beautiful pancake (or as we used to call them "sandwich") blocks. That false start was fatal, however. I figured Omiyale or Williams would do something like that. Never the hall of famer.

    Nick Roach is a back up Middle Linebacker, and that's all there is to it. I think he's good...he has enough talent at the position. Keep in mind that this is also his second career start and the third game he his played full-time. His youth and inexperience can excuse the terrible decision making for a brief time. A very brief time.

    Lastly, is Matt Forte suffering a sophmore slump or is it something worse ala Anthony Thomas? I cannot say for certain, but I know that he isn't getting enough blocking and he's suddenly having a hard time hanging onto the football. When the Quarterback leads the team in rushing it is NEVER a good thing...Bobby Douglas or not. Garrett Wolfe was a bright spot and I think they should have played him earlier and more than they did. Forte wasn't getting anything going on the ground, so give Wolfe a try for a while...what have you got to lose? Except the game, the season, and your job?

    It'll get better this season, but the future looks bleak. These guys have the ability to go 11-5 or better, but I think they still miss the playoffs.

    "Oh Ghost, you're a jackass! We still have 11 games!" Mmhmm.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    They are third place in the division based on tiebreakers after the fifth week of the season. Minnesota should be 3-2 but they've won games on a hail mary and a missed forty yarder at the buzzer. They're not a great team. If they lose at Pittsburgh (they're underdogs) and we beat Cincy, we're a game out without having played them.

    The future looks anything but bleak. They have a QB, developing receiving corps, great tight ends. They're weak in the middle of the offensive line right now.

    And I'll add again. In two weeks, they'll be 5-2. We've lost two games, on the road, to good teams.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Minnesota should be 3-2?
    Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Get over it. The Vikes are 6-0 and on their way to another division crown. If anyone got lucky, its the damn Bears cause in the steelers and seahawks games the opposing kickers forgot how to kick a damn field goal. The Bears should 1-4.

    Regardless, how are we not a great team. Our offense is unstoppable. We have the leading rusher in the nfl and Favre is shredding defenses who load up to stop peterson. Yes, our defense played bad in the second half yesterday, but that was without our #1 and #3 cornerbacks. Any team will get scored on if they are putting their #2, #4, #5, and #6(our back-up safety) corners out there. With the way AD plays against you guys, and our new explosive passing game, I think we could drop 40 points on your defense easily.

  • In reply to John:

    Who let the douchebag in? Split kook. You're more than lucky to be 6-0 assbag, and as soon as Farve breaks, tears, strains, or pulls something your more than lucky mediocre team will start dropping games like flies. We'll see you in November clown.

  • In reply to John:

    Two weeks to get the O-line and running game in order and they couldn't do it. The coaches weren't ready for this one. Toub's got to make sure there aren't 12 guys on the field. Lovie needs to get the defensive plays in faster and should have been more prepared for the no-huddle. I'm doen talking about Turner. I don't blame him for last night, but he sure didn't impressed me once again.

  • In reply to John:

    lol get your clown ass out of here. baltimore is the toughest team y'all played and y'all let a 30-17 lead go midway in the 4th. unstoppable? hardly.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    No more sky is falling bullshit fellas.

    Even with all the ugly bullshit last night, it was still our game to lose. We owned the dirty birds. We should have slammed the door shut in the first quarter with another TD, when out D shut them out on 3 or 4 consecutive possessions.

    The real back breaker was that 60 yard kick off return after we tied up the game. just awful.

    I'm over it. This is a talented team on both sides of the ball. We just need to clean things up a bit. Don't worry, the vikings aren't going undefeated. In some ways this team gets better every week. Jay cutler, regardless of one dumb pick and a less sharp game, is so much better than any QB we've had in my lifetime. We are in every single game...

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    im not arguing with minnesota's record. im arguing against this team being anointed a division champ. let's see them play the tough end of their schedule.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    The worst thing that game created for us - For the rest of the season Forte is going to have a huge bullseye right on that football for the rest of the season. Everyone that we will play will watch those two plays and mentally prepare all week to put thier helmets right on Forte's hands.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Oh, and the more i think about our mistakes the more i think about one of my favorite Mike Ditka quotes. "Games are not won or lost on Sundays. Games are won and lost during practice."

  • In reply to Church:

    I agree with da Coach. The Bears need to have a practice this week strictly devoted to short yard situations and scoring in the red zone.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    That is a very true statement enderwiggin...and Mike Ditka.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    This just in........Bengals DE Antwan Odom and DT Peko hurt in Sunday's loss. Odom leads NFL in sacks with 8. Tied with Bronco Dumb-er-ville. Injuries are starting to effect Cincy Bengals folks. "It's an Achilles injury," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said in his postgame press conference, "and I think it's probably pretty severe." Odom left the stadium on crutches. The Bengals announced Sunday night that Odom had torn his Achilles, a likely season-ending diagnosis. Cincinnati also lost defensive lineman Domata Peko in the first quarter when his ankle was rolled during a run play. Peko has started every game this season for the Bengals. Olin. Second stringers should be blockable...
    The absences of Odom and Peko came back to haunt Cincinnati on Sunday -- Houston put up 472 total yards in a 28-17 win.

  • I think that "Crown Their Ass" is one of the funniest screen names i have seen. it makes me laugh every single time that i see it because i can go on youtube and watch Dennis Green start off answering the reporter's question calmly and clearly and then you can see that he is so angry that they lost in that fashion that he just freaks out. i watch it every couple of weeks because watching him try to be politically correct in the interview is hysterical. i'm actually laughing out loud right now at work just thinking about it.

    Crown Their Ass - i love you man.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Crown - you have to get a picture of Green up on your profile. you fucking have to.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I'll work on figuring it out Johnny Waffle. We let em off the hook! I have a crown their ass t-shirt my friend made and I got skunk to sign it. Wear it on gamedays sometimes. I agree Jeff, I think we are 5-2 after two more. We could have finally recieved some national attention and respect if we won last night. Now we will have to fly under the radar and just win games, which I'm fine with. The Bears don't seem to be a prime time kind of team which is ok as long as they're silently winning games.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Crown. I too love the handle. Know a friend of mine out in San Diego that goes to the same church as Green. Say's he's actually a pretty good guy and all. But like Mora's "Playoffs"? rant, Green will have "Crown Their Ass" linked to him forever. Get a pic of Greenie. All wacked out screaming and shit. Priceless. You have to find ways to laugh on Monday mornings after Bears rip your heart out...again! Thanks Crown.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Crown - here is an image for you

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Thanks NY. I'm a little slow with the tech stuff. Do I cut and paste this link in the Userpic line?

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    When Sanchez threw 5 picks yesterday i could see the talking heads at ESPN and NFL Network furiously brainstorming ways to take back all of the accolades they were throwing down on him after having a good first game. Then i thought of Denny Green. then i laughed. then i got sad again because we beat ourselves and Falcons will get the credit. It's a long season and a couple of bounces might go our way just yet. The Falcons might drop an easy one down the road, the Packers might lose a key player, Favre might retire mid season. There could be another hurricane, Philly may riot and burn down their stadium after losing to the Raidas. the point is...anything can happen. we just have to man up and play like Bears, fix some mistakes, cover up some glaring weaknesses with some of the great talent we do have and we should sneak into the playoffs like a thief in the night.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Why bring in Merriman (who I think is an idiot, FWIW)? BECAUSE EVERY FRICKING LINEBACKER WE HAVE is either a) injured, b) borderline idiot, or c) Lance Briggs! Until we perfect human cloning, we need linebackers who can move AND spell their own names.
    Other than Lance Briggs, none of our current LBs can do both.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Good comments so far. Most glaring negatives were the oline - no push and not even any good turning - there's more than one way to create a running hole. Lots of positives I thought. If Falcons are playoff caliber, we're close. Not sure how fixable the oline is though.

  • I would have been happy with the sneak there. Cutler has proven that he is tough enough to get the inches in short yard situations. I wish they would have tried a sneak at the goal line when it was getting them 1st downs erlier in drives.

  • Fun with Trivia Time!!

    I heard several comments that Frank O is the worst guard in 30 years of Bears history. Time to put up or shut up!

    Rank these guards in order of worst to best:

    Todd Perry
    Chris Villarial
    Rueben Brown
    Steve Edwards
    Mike Gandy
    Rex Tucker
    Frank Omiyale
    Roberto Garza
    Todd Burger
    Mark Bortz
    Jay Leeuwenburg
    Tom Thayer
    Kurt Becker
    Jeff Williams
    Noah Jackson
    Revie Sorey

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Steve Edwards is slightly worse then Omiyale but they are basically the same player.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    But it is Omiyale's first season as a starter...he could get better. I do however wish Josh Beekman was starting.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Lovie just said no major changes in regard to the offensive line. Although, we don't know what classifies as a major change...I'd imagine this means more Frank and no Beekman.

    Seems like Pisa will be out for an extended period of time, if not the rest of the season, but he still needs to get an MRI. If Hunter can't go this week, I wonder if they will sign someone. If he can go, you have to expect he will be in the middle with Roach sliding back over to strong. More 'rumors' spreading about a possible trade for Derrick Johnson from the Chiefs...I doubt it though and they aren't based on anything substantial. We have nothing left to give and he usually plays weak side like Briggs, not strong side.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Olin is done. Time to draft another center.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Okay, so we didn't exactly get beat up. We beat ourselves up - but the givens remain.

    1. Olsen needs to be benched - blocking hasn't shown up, dropping too many damn balls.

    2. Omiyale - OH MY GOD !!! Get thee hence to endless night.

    3. HH / JA / RT / LS - you may all take your testicles in hand (if you possess them) and remove them with razor blades.

  • Well said Jeff, minus the specifics the bottom line here is that the Bears are a stupid football team. They make make dumb mistakes at critical times, and often they are unforced mistakes. And for my money that comes back to coaching.
    I also think this hardon for Omiyale also comes back to coaching. How many times do the bears have to learn that handing jobs to guys who didn't earn them doesn't work? He is officially the 2009 version of Quasim Mitchel and/or Terry Tetcalf. This guy blows and must go, now.

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