Jay Cutler Signs Extension

I'd add my two cents to the Bears signing Jay Cutler through the 2013 season but Dan Pompei does a damn fine job:

Signing Cutler to the extension now has benefits for the team. It
allows the Bears to apply a portion of the deal to this year's cap, and
the Bears had cap space to burn. It also allows them to get Cutler
committed before the price of a franchise quarterback goes even higher.

In the offseason, three quarterbacks signed bar-setting six-year deals.
First came Matt Cassel of the Chiefs with about a $10 million average
per year. Then came Eli Manning with a $15.27 million average from the Giants. Finally came Philip Rivers' deal with the Chargers that gives him a $15.3 million annual average.

Cutler's extension calls for him to receive an average of $15 million
for 2012 and 2013. But the deal has other benefits for him too.

Cutler's original contract is scheduled to pay him $20 million more --
but none of that money is guaranteed. He is scheduled to receive a $12
million roster bonus in 2011 -- but there is a chance that labor issues
could stop the 2011 season.

Now, he is scheduled to be paid $50 million over the next five years, with $20 million guaranteed.

Plus, he will only be 30 years old when his new deal expires, still plenty young for another big bite of the apple.

The money the Bears are spending on Cutler could impact their free
agent budget in the offseason -- which is significant given that the
team already is without a first- and second-round pick. The Bears will
be more dependent on free agency than usual to fill holes.

We're going to look back and remember this as an absolute steal.

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  • wow....that's pretty slick Mr. Angelo. props given where props are due.

  • Jeff - it's Wednesday, technically...you know what I'm saying...

  • Yay Jay

  • This is a day for celebration for Bear fans - not that I didn't think we'd be doing this, just that it happened earlier than I thought it would, sparing us of potential angst. Great job Bears front office!!

    Since it's the wee hours of the night, I'll just whisper to whoever's listening - very interesting all of the resounding local media thrashing being given to Lovie and crew. And although it stirred some of us up a little, there was a little bit of false debate about "idiots who are calling for a mid-season's firing" - I don't think anyone actually called for that, it would be idiotic. But I also believe that no one around here actually truly believes in their orange and blue heart that Lovie has the stuff to lead this vastly improved team to a Super Bowl (by vastly improved I'm talking about one position, THE position). We've all watched him over the past 5 1/2 years. We had hopes as the team was climbing up to reach its culmination in just his 3rd season, and then those hopes have been dashed to smithereens in the ensuing two. The coaching changes made this year represent improvements, but NOT ENOUGH. In fact, you and I both know in our hearts it will NEVER be enough. The articles posted today about "coaching down talent" and former Bears players who succeed in other clubs - that was severely damning stuff, and almost certainly and undeniably true.

    So are we going to win a Super Bowl this year? If we do, it won't be because of Lovie or Ron Turner or Harry Hiestand or Bob Babich. It'll be because of Jay Cutler and Dave Toub and Rod Marinelli.

    If (when?) we don't win a Super Bowl this year, Jerry will make his checkmate move - bringing in an entirely new coaching staff that is (probably) offensively oriented (Dave T stays of course) - and ushering in the new era of Chicago Bears football - one where division titles are routine and expected and the question isn't whether the Bears with the big one but how fast and how many.

    It'll happen. IT WILL HAPPEN.

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    Wow. I couldn't disagree more.

    In fact, I'm so confident Lovie is isn't going anywhere I'm willing to make a little wager with you.

    If Lovie is fired at the end of the season, I'll change my name to "shady doesn't know shit". If Lovie DOES stick around, you change your name to Phil "I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about" from SATX. Deal?

    You honestly think no one around here thinks Lovie can get to the Super Bowl? How about the fact HE'S ALREADY BEEN TO THE SUPER BOWL?! WITH REX FREAKING GROSSMAN! It was Lovie's defense that carried the team to the big dance, and there's no doubt in my mind he can do it again.

    How stupid can the Bears be if they actually think firing Smith would be a good idea, but they would wait until the end of the season to actually make a move? Do you see how ridiculous that logic is? If you really believe Smith can't coach, you might as well fold up the tent now because what's the point if you really believe he can't get it done?

  • In reply to PhilfromSATX:

    You know, in a city that is so emotionally unstable as Chicago (with a win we're singing super bowl and a loss we want heads to roll) I think the level headed Lovie Smith is the perfect guy for the job.

  • Well deserved. Now LET HIM THROW THE BALL!! Matt Schaub decimated the Bengals last week. We should be doing the same.

  • Hopefully any smart head coach would know that.

  • And the most important lesson to learn from this game is that when Z says to bet the farm on the over, don't listen to Z. That is all.

  • Signing Jay to an extension, already?!


    Apparently, somebody at Halas Hall realizes they are staring down
    1-4 or 0-5 at this point without the franchise's efforts to date.

    I think the Bears would have to go 8-8 or worse before the Bears even THINK about paying off Lovie ad the end of this season.

    On the other hand, while I think the Cutler extension definitely turns up the heat on Ron Turner, it's Lovie who keeps espousing the
    myth that "We get off the bus running.".

  • Great extension when you look around the league and see the type of money upper echelon QBs have gotten recently. I know he's only 5 games into his career in the Chi but this is a kid I would confidently invest in until 2013 if I were a GM. This move might stay under the radar for a while, but I think it will be one of the best moves in NFL recent history.

    I was listening to Izzy on some radio show on 670 the score last night and he talked about the play where Briggs didn't recover the fumble. Izzy said that Lovie coaches the D to be an "offensive defense" where their goal is to score on every play. Lovie wants Briggs to do exactly what he did in that spot. Try to scoop the ball and run it back for a touchdown. I have no problems with that and don't think Briggs made a bad play. Regarding fumble recoveries, I have seen just as many guys try to fall on the ball and lose it as I have seen missing the scoop while trying to make a return. I'm glad the D is being coached up to have the mentality that they can score just as much as the offense.

    While I would like to see Lovie exude more confidence and passion on the sideline, I cannot call for his head just yet since he is the only guy to get my team to da dance since I was a little kid. And while I can't stand when he looks like a kid lost at Disney land when mistakes are made, for some reason I still trust this guy.

    To me, a successful season this year will be making the playoffs. Period. Once we're in, anything can happen. If Lovie gets us in to the playoffs with the improved NFC and all the new pieces at secondary, receiver, injuries at linebacker, and a new quarterback, then he should stay another year.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Have to agree with crown here. We do need at least a Ditka type assistant head coach to yell at people and keep the discipline/fear of slacking going. 2 fumbles in a row? Ditka-type yells in his face coming to the sideline and after a few quarts of spit are wiped from your face you go over to the stoic coach who says we still need you son. Go back in there and get some. If everyone is too laid back, the team will end up too laid back IMO.

  • Why did you predict that we would lose by 7?

  • Derrick Johnson, Brooks, Merriman. Sign or trade for someone. How many years into the future can we trade picks from?

  • Folks

    This blog daily rails on about the offense and potential changes and or adjustments that need to be made to get it on track. Granted Sunday night was not a steller effort but it certainly is a dramatic improvement over the last couple of seasons where we closed our eyes and hoped everytime the o went out on the field. Now we expect a touchdown on every touch of the ball.

    The problem and one that has become readily apparent is that our once top rated defence is in decline big time. Our secondary leaks and the linebacking crew needs renewal. Yet all comments are o driven the o can do this, the o can do that, or the o should do this this or that. When did we suddenly forget about the back bone of the bears for decades, its defence!!

  • In reply to CanadianBear:

    But the D is getting older and are almost all locked into big contracts. What can we do with the D right now? We need the O to carry more of the load. With big contracts come big expectations.

  • In reply to CanadianBear:

    When you hold one of the most explosive teams in the league to 21 points and cannot win, when you have ample opportunities to score touchdowns in the red zone at the 1 yard line with one of the most talented QBs and cannot do so, and when you can't run the ball after Forte exploding his rookie year, people are going to talk about the O. That doesn't mean the D is not the backbone of this team, because they are.

  • In reply to CanadianBear:

    Forget Merriman.
    Have you watched him lately?
    He's lost without the banned substances.
    He can barely stay healthy enough to play.

  • In reply to CanadianBear:

    This team has weaknesses it needs to address, but we could still win the division this season with what we have. Where does all this worry come from? Panic can set in when the Bears enter the second half of their season 3-5, with the Vikings still undefeated and Green Bay suddenly looking like the Super Bowl team Ditka thought they would be. Until all those things come to be, we should all be optimistic about where this team is headed. The Bears can still go over the top this year. They've got a winning record and have played far from great ball against tough teams. There's a lot of football left and I can't wait to see what happens.

    I'm glad they took care of Cutler. Now he can go take care of the Bengals and anyone else who wants to stand in his way to the Super Bowl.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    It would be great though if Cutler didn't have to run for 2000 yards this season sideline to sideline out of the pocket to survive and make some acrobatic play out of a tsunami of defenders coming to decapitate him and we gave Forte 1 or 2 holes to run through before the season ends. With no more help to be gotten on O-line except for practice squad payers and FA's, we all know the 1 move they can try to see if it helps. Beekman for Omilaye. When you do something because it is tradition or expectations instead of doing it based on results or past performance, you are kinda dumb. We really are a G, a S and a true #1 WR from being really nasty for a long-time and I like it.

  • In reply to mikemuadib:

    i would add healthy linebackers to that list

  • No. Your right. I even convinced someone on here to change their prediction so that it showed the over covering. When you have to force something, it usually isn't going to end up right. The messin' was deserved. I also didn't watch the game live when there was no good reason not to and posted opera man when only Jeff should be doing that. I violated 3 superstitions. Actual questions about our football team based in reality to follow shortly.

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