Injury Updates and THE PICKS!

Brad Biggs reports that Desmond Clark has made a terrific recovery and may play Sunday. I think he shouldn't.  Take the extra two weeks to rehabilitate the ribs and come back flying in the wherever-the-Falcons-play.

Hunter Hillenmeyer and Pisa Tinoisamoa are highly doubtful for the Lions.  This means the starting corps of Briggs-Urlacher-Tinoisamoa will be Briggs-Roach-Williams this week.  Some would say thank God it's the Lions but I don't and I know the Bears don't.  We've been hearing about Roach and Williams for two years and I'm excited to see what these two guys can do for sixty minutes, especially Williams.

ProFootballTalk reports that Kevin Smith practiced (limited) and may play against the Bears.  The only way the Lions can steal this ballgame on the road is if they find a way to dominate with the ground game against our inexperience at linebacker.

As for the picks, I apologize for another 1-2 week (3-5 overall).  The odd thing is that I'm at about 67% with my overall selections and sending all my crap picks your way.  Recovery.  This weekend.

Cincinnati -6 at CLEVELAND. The Bengals should be 3-0, if not for the flukiest fluke play in a hundred years.  They're solid defensively and developing a rapport in the passing game, with Carson Palmer slowly adding Coles and Caldwell to the arsenal.  The Browns have the worst coach in football and a disgruntled fan base that will make this feel like a road game. 

Tampa bay +7 at WASHINGTON.  Don't sleep on Josh Johnson.  He may not look like much more than a MAC quarterback but he's accurate underneath and will keep the Bucs in this game.  The Redskins should never have lost to the Lions but their short-yardage running was atrocious and Jason Campbell simply misses too many open receivers in the flat.  Take the points and don't watch the game unless you're paid to.

Dallas -3 at DENVER.  Some teams are just hard to believe in and the Denver Broncos are the team this year.  They beat the Bengals on a flukey flukerton and managed to hold down the two of the league's worst.  Dallas will have a skizophrenic season but I don't imagine them skydiving from contention until, well, when they always do.  December.  Dallas big. 



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  • First pick ~ right on
    Second pick ~ right on, except i think the game will be worth watching. I like to see two crappy teams play. Its not quite like two awesome teams, but close.
    Third pick ~ I have to go the other way. I like Orton, I hate Cowgirls. Denver 4-0.

  • In reply to Church:

    just because you hate the cowgirls (and i share w/ the same sentiments) doesn'tt mean the ponies are really going to win (seriously....who have they played besides the bengals)? Cowgirls are about to tap that ass....24-10

  • In reply to Church:

    It makes too much sense NOT to play The Hunter, Tino and Dez when the bye in week 5 affords the chance to turn 1 more week off into 2. Besides, is this not the perfect opportunity for a Michael Gaines sighting vs. his old teammates, both at tight end AND as the lead blocker in the so-far-ineffective ground game?

    Wow Jeff, your picks this week include 3 teams of the "...and death is not an option" class. I think all that's missing are the Chefs and Da Raidas.

    My 2 cents?

    It would be just like the Bengals to have a let down after beating the arch-rival Steelers. The conventional NFL betting wisdom says take the home dog. Isn't it about time for Cedric benson to lay one down? I'd have to take the 6 points.

    The Redskins have had trouble SCORING 7 points, let alone LAYING that many plus, I believe I saw milk carton with Clintion Portis' picture on it. I'd have to take the points here, as well.

    Ride'em Cowboys? I don't know. Yet ANOTHER "Home Dog". The Broncos
    have been taking a lot better care of the football than Carolina does. The Cowboys couldn't put the Panthers away, at home, until a 4th quarter brain cramp by Steve Smith produced a pick six. To his credit, Steve Smith took full credit for that INT. Lately, Dallas OT, Flozell Adams, has given new meaning to the term "kicking game" ,but I don't think that will help him stop Elvis Dumerville from visiting Tony Romo's blind side. I'm being redundant but, I'm taking the 3 points here, too.

    Speaking of Mr. Adams, this is the 2nd consecutive week and the THIRD time he has been fined for the same flagrant foul.
    C'MON ALREADY, NFL! Flozell is NOT getting your message so he should be SITTING his fat ass and lethal feet this week!

    Oh, and while we're on the subject of dirty offensive linemen...

    Mark Schlereth, feel free to SHUT-THE-HELL-UP and don't have the temerity to tell me "they could call that on every play"! Serve that crap-on-a-cracker hors deurve to someone else. That's like having Conrad Dobler lecture on sportsmanship. You were part of some of those renowned dirty offensive lines of the Broncos so your opinion on this matter is 100% BIASED and totally INVALID.

    JUST LIKE your "former Bronoco" opinion on the way the Jay Cutler situation went down in Denver. You sounded like a true philosopher on that matter. His name was "Homer", too.

    But wait, THERE'S MORE! YOU were the guy who told us on NFL LIVE that there was "nothing to" the Tom Cable jaw-breaking rumors in Oakland because "your guy, your bro'" Tom Cable told you so...RIGHT BEFORE ASSAULT CHARGES were filed! Nice friend of yours that Tom Cable.

    If credibility were measured in monetary units, Mark Schelereth's would be would be made of copper with a picture of Lincoln on it.
    No wonder DEADSPIN hates him.

    His son, Daniel, is a relief pitcher for the Diamondbacks so Mark should be able to grasp the concept of "One, two, three strikes you're out!".

  • I would be loath to make you angry, Nicole. Columbia is close enough for you to drive down to cuff me for it.

  • Albert. Spot on regarding Stinkhead Schlereth. That's his nom de guerre since he was born & reared (ended) up Alaska way. Shortened to just plain old Stink as time(and abhorrent behavior) wore on. Marky Mark used to piss on sidelines at Broncos practices. Like a yard animal. Forget going to the head. Too far to run. Stink hates Bears for robbing Broncos of their former ALL-PRO QB. Let's face it. We committed grand larceny on Denver when we hijacked Cutler's Prime Rifle arm. Dallas will beat them Sunday with walk away win (31-13). I heard Stink leg whips Stuart Scott in the lunch line at ESPN HQ. Yo reek!

  • my picks...
    Bears over the Lions my gimme
    Miami over Buffalo Miami can't stay winless and Jauron is
    bound to falter.
    Browns over Bengals my upset

    I know I must be crazy but Anderson went to the pro bowl a couple years back and both teams aren't too far removed from kicking posts so I think Cleveland can give em a run.

    I don't get how some of these awful, awful teams can have so much talent and still suck. St. Louis is a great example.. Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger, how scary is that backfield and yet zilch. KC has Cassell and Johnson with Bowe to throw to, jeez this is a weird season.

  • Man BDG am I right there with you, I felt sick to my stomach the whole 4th quarter the last 3 weeks. I love the Bears but sometimes it is more fun to watch all the other games that I don't care about so I can just enjoy good plays.

  • Another 1-2 week coming up. There is no way the Bucs cover against the Skins. How fired up will the Redskins be to keep Zorn's job, and how terrible are the Buccaneers? And I don't see Dallas covering. This is an 8-8 team, and teams like that lose on the road. Denver's coming in for a rude awakening, but not this week.

  • Urlacher FTW, I think you answered your own question. The Rams have Steven Jackson.....period. Bulger was OK when he was healthy but he hasn't been healthy in more than a season and with what they are passing off as an offensive line he doesn't figure to be healthy much in the near future. I believe they have O-line issues in KC as well, even Larry Johnson needs a hole to run thru, which again demonstrates how important control of the line of scrimmage is to any team's success.

  • Guys, i know we want people to be completely healthy but we can't overlook this Detroit Team. It is not the same team as last year. Every win counts in this league as evidenced by last years absolute tragedy of each lost game ruining our chances of going to the playoffs. Pisa is another story. I want him back soon because our depth at LB is now gone. Detroit is susceptible to the pass and pass we will. The 3 amigos at WR will make us proud. Fucking Jay Cutler!!

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    that was one of my more incoherent posts. i started out with a statement that we need Dez to be in the game but made the exact opposite argument why we should keep Pisa out to get him healthy. I erased the whole damn thing and have decided to leave work and head to the bar for the rest of the blackhawks game. Cutler threw 4 picks...i threw a shitty post out there. it's a tough game.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    On a completely unrelated topic - I think the NFL really needs to change the fine system from a flat amount to a %of salary amount while they are restructuring everything. 5,000 dollars to someone who makes 5 mil a year is like 60 bucks to me. If I could cheap shot the people in my office and it didn't cost me anything but 60 bucks... I'd have em form a line. But if it was like 1% of my salary, not so much.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    This just in from Copenhagen. Chicago lost Olympics due to poor field conditions at The Soldier Field.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    This just in from Copenhagen. Chicago lost the olympics due to Jay Cutler's facial expressions.

    (I stole that from the score, I have to give up a footnote)

  • In reply to hollywood1:


    is there anyway that after we click on a hyperlink that it can automatically bring it up on a new tab/window instead of us having to do it manually? (if it can't be done, don't worry about it, but it's a pain in the ass to click a link and have to go back, losing your places w/ articles)

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Get off Internet Explorer and install Mozilla for one...

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    already on mozilla (fuck internet explorer and fuck PCs). now looking for jeff's response instead of jeff's stand-in.....


  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Shit, if you're on Mozilla, right click on the link and select Open Link in New Tab...that's how I roll.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    that's what i'm doin' now, but fuck it i'm lazy ^_^

    just tryin' to see if there was a way to get past all of that, but it's whatev

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    that's what i'm doin' now, but fuck it i'm lazy ^_^

    just tryin' to see if there was a way to get past all of that, but it's whatev

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I'm rooting for Neckbeard on Monday night. Denver reminds me of the 2005 Bears team(great defense), but with a much improved 2008 Orton instead of 2005 rookie Orton.

    (Plus another Dallas loss now could be potentially useful for the Bears down the road).

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    This just in from Chicago: Even most of CHICAGO didn't want the Olympics.

    LOL for your "have'em get in line" analogy on fines, Urlacher FTW!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    That's not true, Albert. It was about half and half.

  • lol now that's funny

  • Mike Phipps, the numbers I heard this morning on Dan Patrick said 47% NO to 45% YES.

    Anyway you look at it, it was hardly overwhelming support.

    Plus, South America has a compelling argument: In over 100 years of Olympic competition, they've never hosted.

  • I ALSO see by that link BDG posted that the NFL has, in fact, told Flozell Adams that they will be happy to suspend his lazy butt if he doesn't knock off the cheap shots. Too late for me. If I were King, he'd be a spectator this weekend.

  • More Olympics..

    If I'm Rio, my argument is simple: "Hey, even the wonderful folks who brought us World Wars I & II have had the Olympics. TWICE! Not only that, have you SEEN the babes on our beaches and how little they wear?"


    Off topic, but the Bears coaches need a good dose of this kind of mentality. You drop a pass, you miss your assignments, then the bench is your new home until you get it together. For years now the Bears just leave guys in games when they are failing to execute. Sporatically they will take guys out, but overall this has been the norm. How many subpar offensive line games does it take before they take Omy out and put Beekman back in? Why after seeing TE Davis perform like a probowler have we not seen him again?

    These are things that run through my idle mind while awaiting the next game.

    Watched NFL-Replay of the game and when you see Forte's production in the quick paced version of the game, it seems to be true that he is a miniscule away from breaking some of what we saw last year. Thus my point about Beekman vs Omy. Hope that Omy steps up, but if not then I think after the bye they should consider it. Problem is that the overiding thought of not messing with the growing offensive line "meshing and timing process" will take over. It still goes back to Beekman should have been the starter in the first place and maybe they would already be meshed and timed right, right?

    Go Bears.

  • A telling point about the Bears running game that I think makes the point I have been trying to make all season. I will keep taking the wins off Jays back, but I want to see a continued effort in improving this stat. If they had more commitment to this, it would improve an already decent passing game even more. In addition, it would limit our suspect secondary and wide open defensive middle/slant pass route opportunities by keeping them off the field.

    "Good running games are about quantity as much as quality. The Bears rank in the bottom third of the league in rushing attempts (76) this season."

    From ES?? NFC North Final Word.

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