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I didn't do it a week ago.  We lost.  Now it gets a full day on the site.


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  • first, and bear down!

  • By the way Jeff, I consider you a journalist. Probably my favorite.

  • Yes, ODIN was missed.

  • i don't know about you guys but i am really excited to see what Cutty, Knox, Hester, Bennett and Olsen will show us this week. I have to believe that Ron Turner is aware of the criticisms of his gameplans.
    My brother in law from Arizona keeps asking me why we don't focus a little more on the short and mid range passes that we seem to dominate teams with. He also asks why we don't utilize Forte more in the short passing game like last year. He said it would help our struggling O-Line because the short Forte pass would net about 5-6 yards, similar to a running play without the chance that Omiyale will be thrown to the ground and Olin will be blown back into the off tackle RT loves so much.
    If a college English professor from Arizona can diagnose our strengths and the fact that we are not using them and our OC can't? Well, that is just plain LUNACY.

  • From the last thread, I too read that Dan Pompei article and was very impressed with his journalism, as well as a little persuaded. Dan put a lot of research effort into the piece and it was really sports journalism at its best, analysis that "coached up" the readers as it also provided and supported a contrary opinion. Keep it up Dan, major kudos! I really haven't had a beef this year with Turner except for severe disappointment in the offensive line, which we must remember is under him too. I'd like for Dan to turn his skills toward the Matt Forte issue - why aren't journalists trying to figure out what's wrong with him? Instead of just commenting that he's inexplicably sucking? I have not lost an iota of faith in Mattay, I just want to know what the hell's going on.

    Johnny Waffle, I have to agree that when we start those quick hitch passes our offense looks SO EASY. No one can stop it. I know you can't keep running the same play over and over again - there is overarching strategy being played out from one play to the other to set up things later in the game. Defensives are paid to figure out your tendencies, and if they can guess what's coming, they have upped their percentage of beating the O on that play by a huge amount. We fans see the game one play (one move) at a time, but real coordination has an eye to the next play and a play 10 plays later. So again, there's a reason you can't run successful plays over and over again, unless you happen to have a huge advantage in line play. BUT - with Jay Cutler at the helm, a quick pass is the equivalent of a free throw - he'll make it every time and it seems to guarantee 4-5 yards at least. And when you're throwing to someone like Devin or Johnny K - any one of those can turn into a game changer. His accuracy should also allow many more seam routes, between the zones - if we can run the route correctly Jay will get the ball there (ala the throw to Olsen that moved field position at the end of the ATL game).

    Really looking forward to seeing what Gaines can do, but I still can't figure out how we will be better on any play with Alex B out. Wish those two could rush together - maybe we will. Although Alex hasn't been as dominant this year as last, at least so far. But Wale has fortunately picked up the slack, until last week's game. Wonder if Adams is a candidate for the inside?

    Should be fun tomorrow! Got to bring it against the Bengals!!

    4-2 by 6:30 p.m. CST!!


  • Its time to shine BEARS! Show us the MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY! Lets kick some Cissy ASS on Sunday! BEAR DOWN

  • That's going on my Facebook page.

  • Howdy all, Megan here
    I am going to the game tomorrow in Cincinnati. If any of you are going would love to meet up for a frosty one? My husband bought me the tickets for my birthday so he is going as well.
    Born and raised in Cincinnati, he has been a Celtics fan all his life! (yes, I posted this twice)

  • Boy, that UConn-WV game was exciting! Almost makes me miss college ball...almost.

  • i just spit beer out of my nose reading that. you snuck that in nicely...i fucking love Denny.

  • I love this rendition. After the Bears win tomorrow I expect to see this post every Saturday.

    Bear Down!

  • Here, here Doc. They should go back to the Forte screen this week, especially if running trhrough the tackles continues to be a struggle. It can be another form of the running game. Short screens to the flat for Wolfe and Forte. The onus is on the offense to score some points versus this banged up Cincy D. 4-2! 4-2! 4-2! BEAR THE F DOWN!

  • Watching this video on Da Site is now a Sunday morning (or Monday post-dinner) tradition with my daughter.

    Bear Down!

  • Thats a great shirt Jay

  • Johhny Waffle, which college is the in-law at?.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    born and raised in the shadow of Camelback and now is getting his doctorate at U of Chicago and teaching...

  • eeeeewwwww...

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