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  • First!

  • Long time reader, finally got a first. Go Bears tomorrow!

  • I hope the Bears learned from the mistake they made last week by taking the Seahwaks lighly and getting off to a horrible start. I do not expect much of a challenge Sunday but I do know that in the NFL anything can happen. That being said, I have a few keys other than a win that I would like to see against Detroit:

    1) No injuries....every week we are losing a starter, this CANNOT continue, period.

    2) We need to change the way we get #22 involved in the offense. Dive plays up the middle are not working...I want to see more swing passes, tosses and draw plays. I would really love to see him follow Olsen up the seam and catch the ball in the open space left by the Linebacker and Saftey chasing Olsen.
    3)I want to see more of Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett and Devin Hester....I cant't get enough of watching Bears WR make plays!

    Bear Down!

  • Bear the fuck down indeed. Finally a noon start so I can get my Bears mojo (drinking) started early.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Damn straight. I'm starting to get my mojo going right now. Hughes, I love reading this blog.

  • In reply to Shady:

    And don't worry, I am not taking the Lions lightly. Off to Busch Gardens with the kid.

    Go Bears!!!

  • Sunday Schedule:

    5am- Feed whining hound dogs.

    5:05am - Let hounds out.

    5:10am- "Stop that howling and come back in here, both of you"!

    5:11am- Back in the rack.

    8am - Walk the hounds (2 bassets)once around the park.

    8:30am - Off to Circle K for the Sunday paper.

    8:45am - Read paper. Sports page, funnies, do frame games in USA supplement. Check store ads. Browse features. Front page? Screw that.

    9:30am. -Decide what Bear's shirt and which of my 6 Bear caps get worn today. Home game means blue. Still too warm for long sleeves here. I'm not a game jersey guy. Probably the polo with the "C" on it.

    9:45a- Head for the bar, stake out a spot and wait for reinforcements to arrive. Bears are on locally so it'll be a smaller crowd than last week.

    10am -Ahhh. First 10am start time of the season! I LOVE 'em! if it were uup to me EVERY bear game would start at 10am.

    10:01- "Bloody Mary, please". And a Bears TD before I finish this drick would be nice, thank you.

    10:25a - "Why yes, my dear, I'd LOVE another Bloody Mary, thank you."

    11am - "Fat Tire, draft, please."

    11:30am - 2 minute warning. Flag down the waitress and order lunch.

    11:45am - 2nd half. Ice tea, please.

    Noon- "You gonna finish those fries?"

    12:50pm - "Check, please!"

    1:05a - Back home. HOPEFULLY, after the Bears have taken care of business and covered that 10 point spread.

    the Cardinals are bye and Fox has the double-header this week. That UNclutters the local NFL TV situation here in Tucson and Bears-Lions will be the early game on local Fox afffiliate, KMSB.

    So, I COULD stay home and watch but NOOOOOO. I will be at the Stadium Grill to watch with fellow Bear Bleeders. Local bars HATE when the Bears are on on local TV. You can see it cuts down their traffic.

    People ask me "You're a big fan, why don't you get the NFL package on Direct TV?". Well DUH! If I could ALWAYS watch the Bears at home, I would have no reason to go to the bar where attractive females wait on and clean up after me. Also where I do not scare my dogs when yelling at the TV. And I just can't watch enough football to justify paying $300 bucks. I'd rather spend considerably less than that on food and drink watching at the bar. Plus, I'd have to switch from DISH Network and, frankly, I have no gripes about their service since I dumped Comcast Cable several years ago.

    BEAR DOWN! We're ready for a "laugher" and the appearance of a running game, please.

  • I see ODIN came back to sing this week, Jeff.

  • Anybody have any leads on internet streaming for the game tomorrow?

  • Ive been using this site the last couple weeks and have had zero problems. The stream doesnt cut out, the quality isnt bad, etc.

  • Well, with "little nippers" to train as up and coming football fans, I fully see the value of The Ticket, Doc. Tell the Misses I hope she was entertained and I said "No offense" the she laughed at me. I've been laughed at by experts, including MY Wife!

    I AM a little jealous of you since the left coast gets 10Am starts YEAR ROUND. Since Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, the 10am kickoffs become 11am when the rest of the country goes back to standard time.

    In case anyone is not aware, we don't observe DST here because when it's 105 in June, you don't really want any more daylight than you're getting on Standard Time. We were still hitting triple digits at the beginning of the week. Not that I'm complaining, I'll take 105 in the summer here over the crap that passes for weather in the winter back east any day!

    As for jerseys, while i don't wear 'em, I am certainly no snob about thwem as one of my regular bar mates sports a Butkus jersey and my grown daughter has an Urlacher and I THINK a Hester.

  • here's another:

  • up early for a cause!
    walkin' for diabetes in Buffalo Grove this mornin'!
    then it's game time!!!
    BEAR DOWN BOYS!!!!!!
    3-1 into the bye!!!!

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