Destroying the Myths

It's going to be popular among Bears' fans and media types to drift down Melancholy Boulevard since it is the default road-of-choice during times of any turmoil.  What happens after mistake-laden losses is myths begin to develop about a team while fans (because most lack emotional distance) and writers (because there's a necessity to fill daily space) harp on those myths until they become the accepted opinion.  I'm seeing some in the comments and reading some in the papers.  And some of them simply are not true. 

Myth #1 The Bears are out of the NFC North
Please just think about things logically for one second.  The Vikings now travel to Pittsburgh and Green Bay for what is arguably the most difficult two-game stretch of their season.  Meanwhile the Bears will play angry and beat both Cincinnati and Cleveland.  Say they make up one game in the standings, just one, they'll be a game back in the division with two-to-play against Minnesota.  I'm not predicting they'll win the NFC North.  But to believe that Minnesota will run and hide is just foolish at this point.

Myth #2 Nick Roach can't play middle linebacker
All I read, in the aftermath of Brian Urlacher's season-ending injury, was that the Bears were going to be gashed by opponents' run games.  It simply hasn't happened.  Yes he misread the Ryan-to-Gonzo touchdown pass in the back of the end zone last night but one bad play in coverage doesn't end a career.  And I've got news for those Urlacher worshipers: tight ends have been owning 54's middle turf consistently for the last three years.

Myth #3 The Bears need to focus on fixing the run game   
This is a football myth that is perpetuated everywhere.  You need to run the ball successfully to win games!  Except for the fact, of course, that two of the worst running teams in the league last season played in the last game of the year.  The Bears didn't need a better run game to win last night or in Green Bay.  They needed to understand the run game is ineffective and put the offense in the hands of the unit's best player: Jay Cutler.  Once Forte fumbled on second-and-goal, the team should have dropped Jay into shotgun and let him throw on third.  They didn't because this coaching staff stubbornly refuses to realize that sometimes it's more important for a team to acknowledge/avoid what they stink at instead of beating it into the ground.  The Bears are a pass-first team with a great pass-catching running back.  Once teams come to fear the pass game, the Bears will be able to use the run in the right situations.

Myth #4 DaBearsBlog will not have t-shirts available for sale this week
A very close friend of the site has produced the shirt and I'm in love with them.  Official announcement, pictures and purchase information will be coming on Wednesday.


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  • First?


    I didn't see "Turner is a great Offensive Coodinator".

  • Not sold on Turner either, but had half the unforced errors not happened, we woudl be happy beating a tough Atlanta team.

    Forte's lost fumble was "forced" in my opinion. In the owrds of Tiki Barber - he got "blowed up".

    here's a thought - maybe falling into Jeff's myths though - the Bears are rebuilding and yet are still competitive. Think about it - our emerging stars are young and on offense (Cutler, Olsen, Hester, Knox, hopefully Forte); need anoverhaul on the OL that will take a while; the defense will get worse before it gets better but it's above average still in my opinion.

    The main point of Jeff's that I agree with is we are a passing team and Turner has to acknowledge that in his goal line play calling. The second run with Forte was stubborn. In the Vikings game Dierdorf said "Being an O-lineman I'd want to run this in to prove we can do it". Favre then through a TD off PA. Diredorf said - of course I'd be happy with 6 anyway we get it.

  • LOL on the last "myth" Jeff. Though I believe Urlacher was a better cover Mike than you give him credit for. That game sucked last night but I continue to be astounded at how good our QB is. Just stinks that other factors let him down.

  • Very excited about #4.

  • Any word on Pisa? Naturally, I expect the worst.

    Cincy is hurting too.

    Up & Coming pass rusher, Antwan Odom, will not face the Bears.

    Mr. Benson came back to earth with 44 yards on 16 carries against, statistically, one of the worst run defenses in the league in Houston.

    Mind if i tuck a myth in between #2 and 3 , Jeff? how about...

    Myth #2A "We get off the bus running".
    Lovie needs to stop kidding himself.

    Finally, do SOMETHING to shake up that offensive line! Beekman for Frank "O-my-what-an-alley" or throw Kevin Shaffer in at guard for max protection but DO SOMTHING!!!

    "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
    -George Santayana

    Yo, Bears! LEARN!

  • NFL Live today.

    Surprisingly, Merril Hoge is effusive in his PRAISE of Jay Cutler and the Bears offensive future. He basically says, once Cutler gets to really know his receivers (adding even after 5 games he can't yet know them too well) LOOK OUT!

  • I agree with the above. I think Minnesota loses some of its shine in the coming weeks as Favre wears down. Rodgers is lights-out but also getting destroyed week-in and week-out. By no means are the Bears out of this...

    But it doesn't look all that promising right now. Jeff, your last post is dead-on. I don't think this is really about physical talent. I think it's about accountability. When's the last time you really believed this team was angry with itself? Or playing with anything that looks remotely like urgency? When they're getting beat, they all walk around with the same Lovie Smith dazed expression on their faces... And then they go back to the locker room and say, "Well we did what we could. We'll correct the mistakes." And that's it. Who's gonna be the new Mike Brown?

  • Myth # 5, Cutler is not a "Big Game" quarterback. I walked into work this morning and my boss, who's a packer fan, was giving me crap about how Cutler to use his words "shat the bed" in prime time again last night, just like he did opening weekend. I honestly think he played pretty well. Would Orton have had us in that game? Doubt it, with this running game I don't know if we have 1 W with neckbeard behind center. Truth is I don't know if JCut is a big game quarterback, because we haven't played a big game yet, those come in december and January. Hopefully we find out this year, I think the Gaines Adams move will help us get there more than people think.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    It's amazing. I don't know where this comes from but EVERY TIME Cutler throws a pic, it's like Armaggeddon! Ryan threw two picks last night but you'd never know it.

    Cutler CARRIED THE TEAM. He always does. He's an excellent QB that never gets rattled. In the second half, you'd never had guessed that he threw 2 INTs in the first half. He was BRILLIANT in the second half.

  • Cutler played great last night. He made three or four absolutely remarkable plays. The red zone pick was his only "mistake". Bad throws I don't mind.

  • very very excited about #4. can't wait to see the design.

  • o and myth #6:

    Frank Omiyale is a starting LG.

    we all know he sucks to the high heavens. while it's still early, we need to insert Beekman in to see what happens (hey....he started all 16 games and Matt DID rush for 1,200+ last year....right)? or was that a figment of my imagination?

  • I've been away for a few days.......because I had a suprise case of freakin' appendicitis and had surgery Saturday morning. Recovering at home this week, so it's not all bad to have your appendix yanked out. At the beginning of the season, I had last night's game as a loss. Yeah, it's disappointing to see one that we could have won easily fall through our fingers, but it still doesn't hurt us long term, in my opinion. With 2 head-to-heads left with the Vikes and 1 more against the Pack, we still control our own destiny. The biggest move that needs to be made right now is Beekman for Omiyale. It's taken 5 games for everyone(even the coaching staff) to be sure Omiyale's terrible and hurting or run game and pass protection. Roach will get better with time, he's doing a fine job in the middle. Bowman will continue to get better, and I see more pics out of him as the season progresses. Ron Turner needs to take this approach: I'm gonna scare the shit out of defenses with Jay throwing the ball all over the damn field. Then, when they fully respect our receivers, I'll get Forte his chances to gash them for big plays. That's all I got, need to lay down and take more pain meds.

  • Jeff,

    Here is my rebuttal to Myth #3.

    From the Atlanta Constitution:

    The Bears were threatening the entire second half. They had a chance to tie the game at 14 late in the third quarter. But defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux caused a fumble by Chicago running back Matt Forte, that was recovered by linebacker Coy Wire at the Falcons' 2-yard line.

    Babineaux said he was tipped off by the Bears' offensive linemen.

    "On the goal line, people usually are in a tight stance." Babineaux said. "But they had a little gap, so that gave me kind of a read that it wasn't going to be [an inside] run. I just got my head up and saw it tossed out there."


    Counter Myth to 3:

    If you don't fix your run blocking, you can't run screens either. If you can't credibly fool the opponent with the little things, like stances and alignment, you will get crushed. DEs will stop doing anything except trying to launch off and turn the corner. They'll know when you try and catch them over pursuing, because your freakin O line is so badly coached that they will tip them THEY WAY THAT THEY LINE UP!

    I am all for just rebuilding the playbook around the gun and the wildcat. We saw one wildcat play, let's see more. I think Forte has a decent arm.

    On that note - thanks for this blog. It's a good place for Bears fans to hang out and your posts are excellent gristle for the stew.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    To follow up to myself:

    I will get a T-shirt for sure.

    Also, can the byline get changed from "Chicago Bears News and Views" to

    "It is what you think it is."

  • Let's deal with Myth #3. I HATE this myth. If passing is your stength, PASS THE DAMNED BALL. Passing the ball is the Bears' strength. I have no idea why it takes them being behind in the 4th quarter for them to let Cutler loose. Do that in the FIRST quarter.

    Let the pass open up the run. Even when the Falcons KNEW we were passing, they couldn't stop it. Throw the damned ball! It works for the Patriots. It's working for Pittsburgh. It's working for Houston. PASS THE BALL!

  • The Bears DOMINATED the Falcons. They truly did. The turnovers kept the Falcons in the game.

    Out of all the mistakes it was the 62 yard kick return in the 4th qtr after we scored that killed us.

  • lol jay mariotti is a fuckin' dick. he gets on ATH while they're talking about the game in the "Showdown" part and was spewing this (paraphrasing from memory):

    "Jay Cutler was 2/9 with a INT and TD. Matt Ryan was 4/5, no INT, and a TD. Ryan has the weapons and is playing clutch while Cutler is not playing clutch and doesn't have the weapons to produc...."

    Tim Cowlishaw - "You can't blame that completely on Cutler. Forte's fumbles were very critical & the penalties killed any chance of Cutler establishing rhythm."

    can we have sportswriters outside of Chicago to write about the Bears? i'm so sick of this shit....

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Cutler had a MUCH better game than Ryan. What game was Mariotti watching?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Myth #2 - I know I'm beating this horse to death, but the reason I am dumping all over Roach is the Roddy White TD, not so much the Tony Gonzales one. He's the one responsible for not getting the adjustment made to the shift.

    Myth #4 - FANTASTIC - I am stoked!

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    As pissed off as all of you guys probably are (as am I), be thankful we were in the game at the end despite all the stupid ass shit we did. I mean, redzone turnovers, fumbling int's, Briggs half ass scoop up of Turner's fumble, GODDAMM OFFSIDES and FALSE STARTS!!!!!!!! Even with all that, we had a shot to send it to OT at the end. All im saying is this : ALL IS NOT LOST. Be thankful we're arent Eagle fans. They lost to a team that The U could probably beat.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Myth #5 Jay Cutler was paired with a rookie, 2nd and 3rd year receiver to make a run at the Super Bowl this year.
    Repeat after me: he is not here to win the SB this season. Wait till next year. Any success we have this season is gravy.
    Next year Favruh is 41 and the Williams wall is a thing of the past
    GB may be better, if Rogers lives to see next season.
    Detroit is at least 2 seasons away.

    Don't despair.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    No reason the Bears can't win the Super Bowl this season. The defense is actually play really well. Without the short field the Falcons got off of turnovers and that last kick return, they score 10 points, maybe.

    Just let Cutler THROW the ball with running as an option. Turn into the 2007 Patriots and the Bears can go to the Super Bowl.

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    I don't know why everyone is saying Cutler played well last night. Sure he made some good plays, but even not counting the interceptions, he was way off on his throws way too many times. Overshot it on almost every throw more than 10 yards. I think he has played great the past few games, but last night was nothing more than "average". And considering Cutler is a great QB, average shouldn't be in his dictionary.

  • In reply to Dayman123:

    What game were you watching. Cutler DESTROYED Atlanta in the second half. He carried the team on his shoulders. Hell, he was even our best RUSHER. Seriously, what game were you watching?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Roach is simply awful at MLB. He has good enough speed, plays his gap well against runs, and can rush the QB well.... all things an Outside LB needs but he can't get the plays changed in time and he is dreadful at playing the middle of the zone. This isn't the first game he's been beat up, he was standing around too shallow watching passes go by for 2 TDs in the middle of the end zone against the lions too, he is simply lost back there. I was against moving Lance at first but now I just really think we don't have much choice we can't run a cover 2 with Roach at Mike.

    At least it was a total team loss, defense really fell apart on the last drive, then the offensive line goes penalty crazy. It was a very frustrating game to watch but only the last 10 min or so.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    Thank God, a voice of reason on this issue! I re-watched the game and Roach had more blown plays then just the TD before half. He blew the coverage and the tackle on the wr screen touchdown to White. And he missed a tackle/got run over on Turner's game winning touchdown run.

  • In reply to alott96:

    That makes 3 of us.

  • Matty Southside. Left my appendix in Cleveland Ohio way back in the dark ages of 76. Mine almost burst which as you know is major trouble. Try to stay away from people that make you laugh. Hurts the stitches. Cutler makes Bears so much better even with the untimely picks. Last night was a coulda/woulda/shoulda game. Forget it and move on. Bangles are BANGED UP good on D-Line. Two Ohio teams= Two victories in Two weeks. Oh, Jeff...where do I get my shirt? Rods or Boathouse. I'm a buyer..

  • Exactly what teams are you referring to that adjusted to the Bears passing? Game? Name that team? Seriously, I'm waiting. What team has stopped the Bears passing game?

    What teams has Cutler not annihilated? Particularly in the second half? Name this team?

  • I agree with you Jeff... Its time to pass the ball! I understand we claim to be a running team but this year our running game is horrible. Our O-line needs to play better...
    But Now I love the idea.... Lets make the opponent fear the pass! I like that more considering I highly doubt any team right now is afraid of our running game.

  • It's not just that the running game is horrible, it's also that the passing game is great. Who knew the Bears had so many weapons?!

    And for the guy that said Cutler didn't have a good game, here's his highlight reel from yesterday:

    Again, in the 2nd half (as usual) Cutler was destroying Atlanta.

  • You're off your meds if you think we don't need to fix the run game. Because that's the OL and we definitely need to fix that. A little pass protection would be nice too. Unfortunately rebuilding a line takes years and Jerry Angelo is the guy drafting (for some reason), so more of the same ....

  • Football 101- if you become a 'passing' team that can't run the f$^%#ing ball you are a one-dimensional and therefore easily stoppable team.

  • And blah, blah, blah. I think you people spout this "wisdom" that's been pushed out for so long, you accept it without question.

    And Irish, just because you yell and curse doesn't make you any more correct than anyone else.

    Learn this life lesson and apply it: Accentuate your strengths, know your limitations/weakness.

    The Bears' offensive strength is passing. Their limitation/weakness is running. You're sitting here in front of God and witnesses saying the Bears should continue to focus on their weakness just so they won't be labeled "one dimensional".

    Continuing to force the run just for the sake of it is stalling our offense. Passing the ball is turbo-charging it. Have you thought, even for a second, that continuing to go with the pass may open up some running lanes? By having a defense expecting a pass we may catch them off guard or in a pass defense? Ever thought of that?

  • stating the obvious... Kyle Orton is a good QB!!

  • Football 101 lost the 2008 season.

  • The conventional wisdom now is you pass to set up the run, not the other way around - so I'm tending to agree with Jeff on this one.
    You dance with the girl that ya brung, and J-Cut thus far is our girl. Matt will get his, but it's going to be when we get linebackers to quit crowding the LOS by getting Olsen, Davis, and Dez involved in the middle of the field. Notice that Forte finally went off against Detroit - not because they're a bad run defense, but because we started killing em in the air.

  • Still waiting to hear about Pisa - he is this years Mike Brown?

    Guy is a beast and I wonder how the D would've looked on that last Falcons possession had he not been in the locker room.

  • "So you're saying I got a chance..."

  • "Overshot it on almost every throw more than 10 yards." It is really hard not to overshoot or make bad throws when you have to snap the ball and run for your life to get the pass off.. If you give Cutler the 8-10 seconds that Orton now has in Denver, Cutler would be 41 of 42. Unfortunately the only plays he gets to make down the field are when he is rolling away from the constant pass rush of the other team.. Even with the pressure he still threw some pretty darts to Olsen and Bennett to set up scores. When he is on like that, I always say God help the other team..

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