Bye Weekend Thoughts and THE PICKS!

  • Dan Pompei's love letter to recent draft classes feels a little premature.  I'm a big fan of Jerry Angelo but let's see more than four games before we start believing statements like, "Before camp started, the Bears didn't know if they could count on
    Afalava, Bowman, [Kellen] Davis, Knox, Bennett and [Chris] Williams. Now they don't know
    if they could keep winning without them."  I'm not saying the ability of all these young guys doesn't bode well for the future of the organization.  I'm just not ready to raise the 2009 championship banner yet.
  • Courageously, Mike Martz waited until three consecutive terrific performances to apologize for his silly comments that followed Jay Cutler's week one press conference.  I'm not going to post his comments here but click the link to read the backtrack.
  • Bears v. Bengals has been moved to 3:15 CT on October 25th and is now being affectionately referred to as "Benson Bowl".  Now this is a rivalry I can get behind.  One day I hope someone from the defense admits that they injured Ced on purpose in practice.  If he goes over the century mark, somebody should get cut.
  • It's six o'clock in the morning and I'm watching the DVR'd debut of the UFL.  In Doug Flutie's opening rationale of the league, he cited one player: J.P. Losman.  You're going to need more than that to sell a professional football league in this country.
  • Kordell Stewart is a UFL sideline broadcaster.  During his first sideline report, two players just walked right in front of him. (Jim Fassell is dressed like he's going bowling.)

I hope none of you are using my picks for gambling purposes because they've been awful.  Another 1-2 last week, bringing my total to 4-7 on the year.  Three more comin' at ya.  While I'm at it, I'll weigh-in on some hot topics.

New England -3.5 over DENVER
I don't know where I stand on the "protecting the quarterback" issue, which hit it's 2009 peak in the Pats/Ravens game last week.  I hate the idea of babying these guys to the point of restricting defenders from any serious contact.  At the same time I agree with Mike Francesa's belief that the game is simply horrible when the quarterbacks are no good.  (I believe we know that quite well.)  I think it's an issue that's easy to act manly about without considering a league the ramifications.  Patriots 27, Broncos 14   

ST. LOUIS +10 over Minnesota
Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to own anything he wants if he has the
money to do so.  I've never agreed with a word the man has said but
isn't this still America?  Vikings 30, Rams 23

Atlanta +2.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
Let's just hope that Samurai's boys put a beaten on Atlanta.  49ers 14, Falcons 13


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  • im sure rush limbaugh agrees that he should be allowed to own anything he has the money for. so even if you dont agree with anything he says he agrees with you on some things

  • strange that in an article about the last two years draft picks Matt Forte wasnt even mentioned

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    The article was about late draft picks and wasn't Forte a second round pick?

  • In reply to Jokey:

    The article mentions Chris Williams, our 1st roud selection..

  • In reply to Jokey:

    Probably because Forte is considered an established guy...unlike those other guys, which I guess is the author's point for this article: "Hey, these guys who weren't big contributors before and maybe even guys you've never heard of could be the key to this season."

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    guys, click on the link that Jeff provided regarding Martz and then read the post by

    By MSBearsFan on October 8, 2009 3:30 PM -FUCKING CLASSIC

    "Did they do this interview on bar stools at midnight?

    I remember they used to talk about Martz and needing veterans to understand his highly complex passing offenses. Maybe it wasn't the offense that was complex.

    Maybe instead of saying "if the corner is covering the in-routes, run an out"

    he said "It's not a big deal, you know if you come out and you know the issue is the character on the other side of the line is so-to-speak appearing in press coverage, don't get the wrong idea, but bad things might happen if you let it show that you might run to the outside. It would be unfortunate if you know, you couldn't so-to-speak run toward the outside. Unless, you know, that's not who you are."

    Martz is a tool

  • I kinda like not having as many noon games this year. I can enjoy my morning and a game or two before the Bears come on. Then again, the Bears could play at 7am every Sunday and I'd still be up for it anyways.

    Limbaugh might be the only hope STL fans of keeping the team in STL...he is from MO, so I imagine he wants to keep them there.

  • BDG, the UFL is on VERSUS. I realize that probably is no use to anybody because the big V has so little penetration. I only have it free for 3 months on DISH, courtesy of the on-going pissing contest between them and DirecTV.

    Strange, I have 2nd tier service from DISH which, thankfully, includes THE NFL NETWORK but, mysteriously, does not include VERSUS? Like Versus is sooooo desirable a channel? Go figure.

    The sooner the FCC stops kow-towing to the cable & satellite outfits and mandates "a la carte" service, the better. I don't know about you, but I don't need even ONE shopping channel, let alone 20 or 30.

    The picks? My only deviation would be that the Rams have given no indication that they are either capable of blocking White Trash Allen or scoring anywhere close to 20 points in a single game.

    You'd think the Vikings would be ripe for some kind of letdown
    after Monday night, but I can't see it making any sort of difference, even IN St. Louis.

    Regarding Limbaugh & the Rams,

    A) Rush is just an entertainer. I doubt he or Glenn Beck actually believe half the stuff they espouse on their shows.

    B) Conspiracy theorists still believe Carroll Rosenbloom's death was no accident and think Georgia had him elimanated.

  • a little off topic but look at the first frame of the video:

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Most excellent, thanks for sharing jdawg.

  • In reply to jdawg:

    Jay Cutler is our QB. Sweet!!

  • Those stupid shopping channels probably subsidize the rest of them. I have to believe they pay to get on cable/satellite. Totally agree about a la carte. Until last year I was able to buy the Bears games individually. Last year it was the whole pkg (which I refuse to pay for). I get about a half dozen games free, go to a sports bar for about 4-5 and I'm working for the others. Not gonna touch the Limbaugh thread.

    Go Bears!

  • Gotta agree. I think part of the problem is newspaper journalists (I use the term loosely) are worried about their jobs and are stooping to the lowest common denominator (not unlike TV/Radio). I also think that's why some of the best commentary is on blogs. I don't exactly agree with Pompeii about this article (too much, too soon) but at least he's usually looking for a positive spin, unlike some of the other jackasses.

    Go Bears!

  • A la carte. Music to my ears.

    The Cable and Satellite folks CRINGE at the thought and claim it's impossible, technically.

    Yeah, right and Favre didn't come back to stick it to Green Bay.

    I get about 250 channels.

    I actually WATCH somewhere in the neighborhood of 20.

    I've worked in TV production for over 30 years. When the industry first started talking about having FIVE HUNDRED CHANNELS (oooh, 500) my response was. "Yeah, and 400 of them will be shopping channels".
    After midnight, that's not that far from the truth.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Totally agree. If they can put a guy on the moon I'm pretty sure they can figure out a la carte. Total load of horseshit from Cable/Satellite. I think they would make more money if they would let us buy the games individually at $10-$12 a pop. They would get at least $50 from me each year vs $0. Most people are fans of 1 team and those are the only must-see games. I'm sure all their marketing says otherwise, but everyone I know won't pay for the entire pkg. Oh well.


    The start time for the Bengals game has been "flexed" to 3:15 Central.

  • 1. I like Samurai's niners over ATL.
    2. New England over Denver (hopefully this will stop the comparisons between KO and Jay although they never should have started in the first place.)
    3. Upset: Tenn over Indy. To me, Tennessee still looks like the same kind of team they were last year minus the wins. I think they chalk up a W somehow Sunday night against Peyton.

    Bears notes:
    I have been happy with D. Manning on D and am not complaining yet, but why hasn't C. Graham got any time at nickel this year. I thought he was our best defensive player last year.
    Tommie Harris should not be allowed out of town during the bye. I would put him and his knees in a hyperbaric chamber or something to get some life back in that one leg. Most of the time, it does look like he is playing on one leg.
    Enough with the speed of the ball boy. Chicago sportswriters should be writing about what's going on on the field rather than on the sidelines.
    Excited to see this Gilbert kid get some time on da D line. It sounds like the coaches think the kids ready to get some reps in the next couple games.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Graham played well last year but not as well as Briggs/Tillman/Brown

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Almost put Briggs in my comment as tied with Graham. Agree that Peanut and Briggs played just as well. Regardless, I'd like to see #21 get in the defensive rotation either at CB if Bowman struggles or at nickel for Manning. The guy seemed to be a ball hawk last year and was in on A LOT of plays.

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    I would go:
    Carolina beats the Skins (If the Panthers contain Portis, they win)
    Atlanta beats the 49ers (no Frank Gore = loss)
    Patriots beat Denver (Tom Brady knows not to test Champ Bailey 13 times, and on 4th down - lined up against your 3rd string WR, and he knows when it is 4th down)

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    FDQ1911, Chefs over Cowbums would make my weekend!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I would enjoy that too, but Cassell has really started to look like a QB who didn't even start in college and Rex I mean Tony Romo usually has a bounce back game after a bad one.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I don't gamble on sports, but I have a hard time understanding how ANYBODY would wager on the Rams this season.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    (against any decent team, that spread should be 15 points)

  • In reply to luftwaffle:

    Pretty sweet article about Dave Toub...

  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    Thanks for posting the article.

    Go Bears!

  • From trhe Trib:
    "Bears defensive tackle Israel Idonije walked the hallways of Halas Hall on Thursday without crutches, three days after having arthroscopic surgery on his left knee."

    Izzy a wonder or what!

  • Apparently, "Idonije" translates into English as "Bionic".

  • picks:

    Chiefs over Cowgirls: 20-17
    49ers over Falcons: 24-20
    Redskins over Carolina: 28-26

  • I think the Broncos will upset the Pats only because it's in Denver. People don't make a big enough deal about the altitude change, and 90% of New England's players are over 50 years old, so it will be even harder for them to adjust (much less remain living) with the oxygen change.

  • Last year, Peanut did have his 2nd most in career tackles with 81, tied for most assisted tackles w/ 12, tied career high w/ 4 forced fumbles, 1 interception td, and 1 fumble recovery for a td. I do think his shoulder and off the field problems did affect him, but not too damn shabby. That's why he is one of my favorite players on the squad. He is a gamer, evidenced by his start against Green Bay this year w/o any practice time.

  • I agree, BDG. Giants can take Oakland without Eli. The Raiders and Rams are this seasons "..and death is not an option." choices.

    Colts have had issues at Tennessee in the recent past and the Titans are DESPERATE for a win..

    Hard to pick against the Pats, but then I would have figured Denver at 2-2 instead of 4-0 so what the hell do I know.

  • AlbertInTucson, what do you mean by A la carte? I read a rumor that next year I will be able to pay-per-view games that are not on locally. Is that what you are refering to?
    Oh, and i just can't see Tennessee beeting Indy. Although it would be nice.

  • what the hell is beeting?

  • Ender, when I refer to "A La carte" I mean mean being able to select ONLY the channels you want from your cable / satellite provider, instead of the current "tiered" service that requires you to take a bunch of channels you don't need or want in order to get the ones you do.

    My first tier of DISH service was about 120 channels, but it didn't include some channels I also wanted, Turner Classics and NFL NETWORK among them. So I have to subscribe to the NEXT tier which bumps up to 250 channels.

    Did I want another 130 channels. No! HELL, NO!

    But the FCC allows the providers to cram the extras you don't want down your throat in order to get what you DO want. Cha-CHING!

    Screw that.

  • gotcha, they are bastards.

  • Bye week....

  • Did anyone else notice that Wale got fined for his hit on Stafford?

    That's a load of horseshit. How long until the NFL is a two hand touch league?

  • i know he has about 30 tackles and a sack this season but every time i see a highlight of a touchdown pass against the Chiefs i see Brown a couple steps away. don't know if it is ever his guy but since KC has no pass rush who knows. I know they gave up a young talent for him to start so i would imagine he is playing ok. i love that guy and i hope he has a solid year with no injuries. he still have some good football in him if he makes it through this season unharmed...or as unharmed as a pro football player can be.

  • and by the way...i fucking hate bye weeks. this weekend is kind of a letdown without a sunday cookout and the boys over to watch Cutty shred defenses and the 3 amigos making plays at WR. Good to have PISA back!!!!! Briggs, Pisa, Jamar and Roach is a good rotation. even a little HH once in a while.

  • Evidently, he's the 2nd leading tackler on the Chiefs this year (somebody earlier said 27 tackles credited)...
    Yeah, I've been bitter about Lo Neal and that b/s for 2 years now. He sure nutted up tho - and nursing an achilles tendon problem myself, I can only imagine what a full tear feels like. Mine's just inflammed and it's brutal. It's not your ankle, it feels like your calf is going to snap.
    That guy's never been one to sit and whine when he gets hurt.

  • As I recall, the Bears complained that Dusty Dvoracek got taken out for the season with dirty play in thatgamne as well as Mike Brown.

  • And...

    While a freely acknowledge the necessity of the bye week, it DOES, in fact, suck.

    That necessity is also why I oppose an 18 game regular season.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Totally and completely off topic but.

    What's the the death sauna in Sedona?

    We might get snow in Chicago this week while it's over 100 in AZ?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    So agree! 18 game regular season is a colossally stupid idea.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    "Death Sauna' = Native American "Sweat Lodge" ceremony.

    Makes me wonder how they ever beat Custer.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    From the "Who in hell made up THAT list?!" department:

    Watched some NFL Network this evening.
    It was their hour on the "TOP 10 ROOKIE SEASONS".

    Now, WE all KNOW the top rookie season of all time, right?

    All together now:

    "Gale Sayers - 1965."

    Very good, class.

    You KNOW what's coming because if the NFL NETWORK had put Gale at the top of their list, I wouldn't be posting.

    So, guess where they put him?

    No, not second.

    Uh-uh. Not third, either.


    Yup. They had the unmitigated GALL to put Gale Sayers and his 22 TDs in FOURTEEN GAMES as FOURTH on the list of the 10 greatest rookie seasons of all time.

    That's not just IGNORANT, it's downright CRIMINAL.

    So, who is ahead of him on the list, you ask?

    3. Lawrence Taylor - 1981.

    Say WHAT!? He didn't even have his big sack year (20.5) until 1986. Pro Football Reference has a blank space for sacks in his '81 stats so I think that was the year before it became an official stat. How do you even quantify THAT choice?
    No, sorry but "He played in New York" is NOT a reason.
    That choice is plain stupid.

    2. Eric Dickerson - 1983. Don't make me laugh. OK, so he rolled up 1800 yards and 20 TDs...WITH the benefit of a 16 game season and the narrowed hash marks! It took him 16 games and 441 TOUCHES to score 20 TDs. Gale amassed his 22TDs in 222 touches. He averaged a TD every 10 times he touched the ball.
    That choice is plain moronic.

    1. Randy Moss - 1998. 69 Catches with 17 touchdowns. Yeah, it's a nice average, but it's still just 17! Hell, even erstwhile Browns pass-dropper, Braylon Edwards, had a year with 16 TD receptions. Plus, Jerry Rice had already reset the standards for receivers with multiple years in the teens and a high of 22 before moss even came into the league. Before 1965 NO ONE had ever scored as many as 20 TDs. 2 players did that season. The guy Sayers edged out to set the record was some "nobody" named Jim Brown. Oh, and 6 TDs in one games is regarded by enlightened observers as the greatest single day any player every had in NFL History.
    That choice isplain ridiculous.

    Excuse me, genetlemen, but, what part of 22 TD in FOURTEEN games is WAY better than either 20 or 17 TDs in SIXTEEN games ANYWAY YOU SLICE THE BALONEY! I won't even dignify the Lawrence Taylor choice with a response. On second thought, if you want defensive player on the list, here's one I CAN quantify:

    Dick "Night Train" Lane -1952
    He only picked off FOURTEEN passes.
    A record that STILL STANDS.
    He set it in a TWELEVE GAME SEASON!!!!!
    He didn't even MAKE THE LIST!?!?

    Sayers scored TDs, rushing, receiving, returning punts AND returning kickoffs and, oh, by the way, he was 2 for 3 with a TD as a passer. And he only started 12 of that seasons 14 games!

    Game, set, match to Mr. Sayers.

    If this were a gunfight, NFL Network, I'd be stading over your dead carcass on the street.

    If it were a boxing match, the ref would have stopped it in round 1.

    If ignorance is bliss, the folks who concocted this list are one happy bunch.

    But if brains were dynamite, they couldn't blow their noses.

    Moneypenny, take a letter, please.

    Take your "Top Ten Rookie Seasons" list and STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!!!!


    Albert in Tucson

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    WOW! I'm beyond shocked. I didn't think that would even be up for debate. I was a teenager when Gale did that. He and Dick Butkus were my two favorite players at the time. Walter has since joined that list. Whenever someone says something to me about Sayers career stats and why is he in the HOF I just laugh and say, "You obviously never saw him play before he was injured." I always say he was the greatest running back I ever saw and Walter was the greatest football player I ever saw. Butkus is my all-time fave Bear because I love the D.

    Go Bears!

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